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Friday, October 21, 2016

The number of new claims for unemployment benefits dropped by 30,000 last week, marking the lowest level of jobless claims in over four years.

According to the Labor Department, jobless claims are now at a seasonally adjusted 339,000 — the lowest number since February of 2008, nearly a full year before President Barack Obama took office. Economists had expected jobless claims to rise to 370,000.

The number of people receiving unemployment benefits also fell by about 44,000 from the previous week, leaving a total of slightly above 5,000,000.

These new figures, along with the recently reduced unemployment rate, suggests that the labor market is continuing to get stronger. As economist Guy Berger told Bloomberg, the report “is consistent with a labor market that is gradually getting better… layoffs are at a low level and don’t seem to be going anywhere. Hiring is still very muted.”

Wall Street is reacting positively to the news, with stocks rising due to the hopeful signs.

Unsurprisingly, the right wing’s reaction has been more glum. Just as they did after the unemployment rate fell to 7.8 percent last Friday, some right-wingers are crying conspiracy in response to today’s good economic news. The current theory, voiced by Forbes’ Abram Brown (among others,) is that the numbers are so low because a large state — supposedly California — failed to report its quarterly figures.

In reality, as Business Insider’s Henry Blodget explains with the help of a source in the Department of Labor, all states were in fact included in this week’s jobless claims. It is likely, however, that some of the jobless claims in California were not processed in time to be included in this week’s report (which happens occasionally due to short staffing). Blodget’s source estimates this number to be about 15,000 to 25,000; these numbers will be added to next week’s report.

Even with the additional claims, the total number would be 10,000 to 20,000 claims below economists’ expectations. As Blodget concludes, “had all of California’s jobless claims been processed in time to make the jobless-claims release, this jobless number would still have been better than economists were expecting—but not as much better as it appeared.”

So it does appear that the labor market is making slow, steady gains. Still, don’t expect that to stop Jack Welch from speculating about Chicago’s latest attempt to steal the election by falsifying a sluggish recovery.

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  • From the point of view of todays Republican Party this is just more bad news.

    • But Lynda, they don’t believe it – so they don’t see it as bad news! It’s all a conspiracy, remember? Like every other positive gain this administration can lay claim to.

    • Of Course It’s Bad News They Have Been Getting Companies And Corporations To Stop Hiring Till After The Election!! You Even Got Owners Telling Their Employee That They Will Have No Jobs If Obama Wins!!!

  • Fox Business News is already reporting that the numbers were skewed by a liberal state not reporting accurately.

    • BDD1951

      Faux is full of sh**t.

    • Lying , Cheating And Stealing Is The Only Way They Can Win!!!

  • I feel somebody needs to hold the republicans feet to the fire, 2010 the republicans promised jobs, they got elected, and guess what happen, they created not one new job they stalled on all job programs. It is apparent that what McConnell said we want to make sure Obama is a 1 term president is all they working for.

    • jarheadgene

      They are UN-American scum that only care about themselves and their Ultra rich contributors and lobbyists. Like the TEA party, themselves, many Republicans LOVE America…..but they clearly HATE Americans. Like Boehner said in his RNC speech….
      “throw [them] out!”

      • Just Like I Have Been Say These People Don’t Give A Damn About America Nor The American People They Only Agenda Is Power, Control And Money And MONEY IS NUMBER ONE!!!!

        • Igbayirdbay

          Without jobs the middle class does not exist. Obama creates low-wage jobs, not middle class jobs. Buzz words like “invest in education” just mean more deficit spending. He thinks he can just keep spending until we are forced to raise taxes. He thinks he can convince America to spend itself into oblivion. I am hoping he is wrong. You envious, jealous losers who want to take from someone else instead of earning for yourself are truly pathetic.

          • If You Get You Ass Off The Computer Take Your Dumb Ass To School And Get You Some Skills And Stop Trying To Live Off Your Family You Too Can Have A Middle Class Job Asshole!! YOU NEED A JOB I GOT A JOB AND IT AIN’T WAITING ON NO WELFARE CHECK LOL NURSES DON’T GET THEM FOOL!! NOR DO WE GET FOOD STAMPS!!! WE Get Money Cause We WORK You Might Want To Look Into That You Know WORK JOB!!!

          • I guarantee you that to the unemployed, a low-paying job is much better than no job. There are no jobs because it is just not practical to commute to China or other cheap labor countries where the jobs have been shipped, just to avoid paying taxes in a Nation we claim to love.

          • Dear Igbayirdbay: European companies re-locating in America “invest in edeucation” and re-train workers so they can fill higher paid, better skilled jobs. The fact is, and Obama knows this, there are currently 2 million, skilled position jobs going unfilled because the U.S. doesn´t have the qualified people to fill them. That is what Obama means. Cut defense and invest in education means a more properous America. Investing in education never hurt. Just becaue you didn´t go beyond a high school don´t call other peo0ple getting a good educytion welfare losers.
            As fr “Socialist Europe” the buzz word of Faux News commenters- Socialist Europe with its mixed – public private economy is doing just fine. By heavily investing in energy efficiency and rewable energy measures- Germany, for example, has managed to slash its fossil fuel consumption by 50% since re-unificatio
            n in 1992. And it prospers because it burns less than half the money spent on fossil fuels per capita than the U.S..

            We can do this because we don´t have the Koch brothers!

            Not long ago, I had the pleasure of riding 1st class on state owned German Rail ICE high speed rail (180 mph) from Munich to Frankfurt (slept most of the way.) Then, hopped a commuter train out to Frankfurt Intl Airport and hopped on a partially state owned German Lufthansa A – 380 (the trains and planes are triumphs of European engineering.) and rode “business class” pullman overnight all the way to Shanghai China, took the German designed mag – lev train into the city… did my business and an a bit of touring, and came back the same way.

            Goodness, I am not fond of flying- and am very grateful for the German rail overnight pullman Service to Hamburg, Berlin, Amsterdam and Paris – where I also do business. Just take a five minute ride by excellent subway to Central Station, and hop the overnights- to grab a classic 1st class pullman (more exprensive than flying, but beats the hassle of getting up at ungodly hours of the morning to get out the airport and grab 6.30 A.M. redeye flights.)

            Oh yes, European “socialism”. Last week I went to the Bavarian State Opera House (subsidized by the state of Bavaria). on a Saturday night. (tickets were still not cheap, but just over 100 bucks). Next morning, had a good breaakfast at a sidewalk cafe bakery, and went to midday mass- and after that, just for fun, went to the Alte Pinakothek musuem to soak in loads of Ruebens, Rembrandt, and other late medieval and Renaissance art… entrance- only 1 Euro on Sundays.) Tonight, its a Munich Philharmonic concert- and tomorrow a visit to the Neue Pinkatothek to refress my memories of Van Gaugh, Renoir, Gaugin,- !. (only 1 Euro.) Might have lunch in the excellent cafe-
            Goodness, with all the excellent public transport and rail, it makes no sense to own a car, but I do. T he fuel efficient Audi 6 TDI station wagon is only for jaunts down to the alps for weekend skiing. (even diesel is expüesnive hee.) (Not a bad lifestyle for still working at 66 ex-pat.)
            (What Americans complain about “European” socialism doesn´t bother me a bit. As a matter of fact, I love it.)
            Oh yes, We Europens suffering with European “Socialism”- ho ho. As i walk down the tree lined cobblestone street in front of the apartment building where I live, I look at the cars- BMW 3, BMW 5, Audi A 4, Audi A%, Porsche, Mercedes Mercedes, VW Tuareg SUV, Porsche SUV, BMW 7, Merces, VW Passat, Audi – ad absurdem. We are really suffering. at only 2.5% nemployment.

            Goodness, we are not only suffering from “socialism”, we have a green problem as well, you right wing trolls.When I walk around town here , I notice all the solar voltaic panels on facades and rooftops- thanks to the German feed in tariff subsidy thing- (we just finished installing another 5.000 mwh in Solar p.g. this year- which cuts fossil fuel consumption.)
            The European Wind Association just announced 100 GW of onshore and offshore wind installed. Fancy that.
            Not long ago, I took a four hour boat trip out to the German island of Helgoland- midway between Germany and England.
            3 offshore wind projects are going in. One is small one- only about 350 MWh, another is for 800 MWh, and the HeWin project- 3.500 MWh… (wind turbines as far as the eye could see… and two big inverter platforms- each half the size of a football field- being put up on stilts 60 feet over the surface so North Sea storm waves can pass underneath.)

            And,oh itty gitt- Germany is exiting nuclear energy. State owned German rail announced it will be shifting to hydroelectric. Crisis makes inventive. So, German engineering came up with anchored, on stream-floating hydroelectric units, sort of like wind energy. On the Inn and German sections of the Danube rivers alone, over 2100 such units, generating 6000 MWh apieace.. will be putting out.. 12.600 mwh; the clean, green equivalent of 12 nukes. The Mosel Rhein Main Basin will be putting out about 24.000 MWh, the Weseer about 1000. That makes up for the loss of nuclear.

            And as for nuclear, German government sponsored research is now examining the feasibility of converting the nuclear capacities to dry, hot rock geothermal.

            The fact is, the mixed public private partneership economies in Europe work quite well, for the benefit of all, thank you.

            As for public education. Europe has excellent systems for training and teaching. And, the public and private research and development budgets here leave nothing to be desired.
            That means we can stay competitive with Japand and China.

            We have a different phrase for the mixed public private economy. Ludwig Erhard coined the phrase- social market economy- and it works quite well, thank you.

      • Igbayirdbay

        You people are delusional. Owebama says he is for the middle class, yet he has done nothing to create middle class jobs. He speaks and you wet yourself. I’m sorry for you. We need jobs and we need them now!

        • Igbay…please contact your congressman and tell them to pass Obama’s job act. That bill alone has projected by neutral institutions to create up to 2 million jobs. Is that a bad thing or do you support the party of NO JOBS?

          • That would be nice, but considering the GOP went as far as filibustering the Veterans Jobs Act a couple of weeks ago I doubt they will do anything to help the 47%…

          • So true. That has been a pattern with them for the past four years.

        • Yeah You Do Need A JOB And A Life!!


        • Again, that speaks to the unprecedented opposition to the President of the United States. Also unprecedented is the level of disrespect towards this particular President. What America need to be asking, and rightfully so, is why is it this way? We had a President who not messed up the country, but the whole world is still reeling from his policies, yet you are ok with that? You have got to be kidding.

    • We The Smart People Of America Have Had Enough Of The Lying And Flip Flopping We Will Unite And Get The GOP/Tea Party Out Of Office!! The GOP/Tea Party Have Been Spending Their Time Working On Getting Obama Out Of Office Instead Of Working On Getting This Country On The Right Track!! We Are Not Being Fooled By Your Dirty Little Games And You Will Soon Find Out Come November The 6th 2012!! It’s Time To Clean House People!!!

      • Igbayirdbay

        Owebama could have chosen to listen to the voters, but he is no Bill Clinton. He dug in and refused to move to the center. You are one of the approximately 15% of Americans who are liberal and would do anything to break this country like Europe has been broken. All the TEA Party stands for is smaller government, more jobs (not the low-wage Obama variety), personal freedom and responsibility, controlling spending and getting the liberal socialists out of our country. I can see why you would be frightened by them.

        • You And Your Troop Of Assholes Can Go Back To Sucking On Romney And The Koch Brothers Asses You Little Tea Bagging Bitches LOL It Not Obama But It Is Your Mama Who The Problem In This Country, Cause She Should Have Gave Your Daddy Some Head, That Way You Would Have Never Been Hatched Bitches!!!

        • Sand_Cat

          And your post makes it clear that you hate America and everything it was intended to stand for. Get those people who dare to disagree out!

          I guess Washington, Jefferson, Madison, and all the other “socialists” wouldn’t make it today, either.

        • Dearigbayirdbay. Europe was taken in by a lot of Wall Street “bad paper” to pay for the U.S. war debt and oil import deficits which evapo9rated in 2008. it is slowly recovering, but recovering thank you.
          In the high tech country of Gemany- focused on “sustainability”, jobless rates are down to below 3% in areas where the clean energy sector is prevalanet. That is called “recovery”. it seems to me the TEA party is so far to the right it is borderline fascist. You really know nothing about the European recdovery from the Wall Street created “crash”, do you?
          Keep bitching. In the meanwhile, the country whee I live will keep selling the good ol U.S.A. Airbus Planes, Mercedes Benz, B.M.W.s, VW-Porsches, Audis, Siemens designer kitchens, and state of the art, energy efficient prodction lines for the re-industrialisation of America, and even re-locates production facilities there to give Americans jobs- thanks to President Obama. I voted for him.

        • I am horrified by the level of misinformation that is out there. In terms of the deficit, do you not know that the President could not spend one red penny without Congress’ approval? Congress holds the Nations purse strings.

      • kbcab

        Just when did the gop have a chance to get anything by that senile Harry Reid , Pelozi or Obama …you better wake up and smell the coffee…

        • Tell It To Your Mammie!!!LOL Look A Hear We Have A Over Flow Of Tea Bagging Cockroaches Just Invaded This Thread Would Somebody Please Call The Orkin Man So He Can Spray Their Asses!!! LOL

        • They never tried to work with the President from day one.

      • kbcab

        Good luck wasting your’s and every one else time , go cash your welfare check and support your muslim leader all you want ..Do you really think he gives a Damn about you or any other American…

        • Go back to Iran, or whatever rock you crawled out from under.

        • Dude you are stupid……..You just described every sterio type created by the far left.

          • He A Low Life Tea Bagging Bitch Who Thinks He Can Bully People Like Romney Stinking Ass He’s A Broke Ass Bitch Wishing The GOP/Tea Party Terrorists Will Trickle Something Good Down On His Low Life Ass But If He’s Into Golden Showers That’s All He Will Get!!! kbcab You The Fool That Needs To Smell The Coffee I’m A Nurse Bitch I Got A Great Job!!! Take You Own Advice!!! LOL Peteserb You Just Like The Cockroach That Seem To Take A Licking And Keep On Ticking Go Catch Up With Your Tea Bagging Crowd !!! I See You Come Out Of That Hillbilly Heroin Nod!!!

          • Sand_Cat

            What “far left”? Though I guess just about anyone sane and rational looks pretty far off from the wing-nut position on the spectrum.

            When John McCain is “too liberal,” it should have dawned on at least some of the Republicans that something was amiss, but of course it didn’t.

            Would Barry Goldwater pass muster? He seems to have had a severe case of that left-liberal disease: honesty. Could Barry win in today’s Arizona?

        • He cares as much about me as lying Mitt does about you. Romney is a member of a cult religion, called MORMAN. Read the Book of Morman.
          It is just as false as the Koran. I have read both.

          • Be careful, what I had to say about the Mormin church got Flag. but I recall a big deal being made of the church Obama attended. remember Rev. Right.

          • Sand_Cat

            Mitt is also a member of another anti-rational, deceptive, ignorance-promoting cult: the current day Republican party.

        • That Would Be Your Mother Check??? I’m A Middle Class Nurse BITCH I Got A Great Job With Great Pay With Money In American Banks With Great Money Invested Maybe You Should Be Talking To Your Moms!!! LOL Tea Bagging FAG!!! LOL

        • Wipe The Shit Out Of You Face Fool You Not Talking To Your Mother!!! What The Matter She’s Kicking You Lazy Good For Nothing Ass Out Her Basement!! Here’s A Clue Go Get You Some Skills And Get A JOB BITCH!!!

        • It is so stupid that everyone that stands with the President is being accuse d of getting a free check, you better check your statistics and see who is actually getting these free checks. Also, President is a Christian. Now, do you have anything to say about ANY Policies!

          • I was sitting in a bar talking to a mitt supporter. He was drinking the cheapest beer in the house, that is all the money he had, I was drinking a local minbrew that cost more then twice as much. He made the claim that all liberals were on welfair and didn’t pay taxes. I told him that I paid $26,000 in taxes last year. He looked at me and said in a low voice that was more then his wife and he made in a year. He is still going to vote for mitt. Facts do not help when you talk mitt supporters!

          • That’s Cause They Been Programed Now Their Brains Are Dead!!! Thinking Romney Will Rub His Magic Underwears And They All Will Be Rich, Or Maybe They Think This Time Something Might Trickle Down On Them Or Face The Fact They Are Just Racist!! Take Your Pick But Never Forget What Rick Santorum Said It Best ” We Will Never Have The Smart People On Our Side” What That Tell You!!! LOL Enough Said!!!

          • True. These are very poor uneducated racist. The vast majority of them cann’t give you one logical reason for their hate for the POTUS.

          • You Got That Right All Their Reasons Are Repeated Known LIES No Logic And Reasons But Out And Out Racists!!! Poor Broke Ones At That!!! Sad Real Sad!!!

        • kbcab, you are one stupid human.If only you would kisten to yourself you would realize that you are a CREEP and a IDIOT. Go back and complete the third grade and then we will talk.

        • First off – you really need to stop watching Fox News and start opening your mind to other points of views. Why do you believe that he is a Muslim? Have you seen him practice that religion or has it been documented with photographs and ministers that he and his family attend a Christian Church. Republicans have this idea that they are the only ones who work and pay taxes, only in your delusional world.

        • William Deutschlander

          kbcab – Your gross ignorance is evident!

          • Why is it that every time some one disagrees with such an extremist view is either stupid or ignorant? That is somehow very ignorant.

        • Dear KCB- I neither cash welfare checks nor do I believe that President Obama is a Muslim when he claims to be a baptized Christian and regularly attends Christian church services. Fact is, unemployment is going down. I already voted absentee for Obama – Biden, thank you. Your remarks are a code word for racism- (the racist stereotype being “blacks on welfare”. Goodness, you are so ignorant.
          I am a Nam Era vet, residing abroad ina “Clean Tech” area of Europe that has an unemployment rate of less than 2.5 % this year. Fancy that. A friend of mine is now down from London advising the German subsidiary of a major U.S. company – about certain difficult to solve I.T. problems. He also honourably served- since earned a PHD in DTP, and earns over Six Hundred Thousand Ejuros per annum because he has a 160 IQ like I do. And, like myself he is a MENSA, with an IQ of over 160 you miserable ignorant, under 90 IQ, uneducated, racist, redneck idiot.

        • Did i hear right. if you check Wikipedia you will find Obama was born in Hawaii in 1961 after it became a State and you call him a Muslim shame shame

        • You wish dipsheet!

      • peteserb

        You have the bitch right, it’s the first accurate thing I’ve seen you post.

        • Your Opinion, Let’s See peteserb 239 Likes Fern 7414 Likes You Do Better To Hush Up And Try To Catch Up!!!

      • ~*PoetryinMotion*~:o)

      • We need to dump all those TEA Party members into the Boston, no make it the Hudson River, or even the Delaware River where George Washington had to cross to Trenton. It is not as clean now as it was back then.

    • Igbayirdbay

      Pull your head out of the sand. The Republicans have sent no fewer than 17 jobs bills to the Senate where Harry Reid has refused to bring them up for discussion. The Republican plans do not borrow from China in order to fake job creation. They unleash the private sector. McConnell said we need to make Obama a one-term president because it is clear he knows nothing about how an economy works. Even Democrat businessmen are frustrated with Owebama’s policies and Reid’s obstructionism. Democrats refused to acknowledge the message voters sent them in 2010. They dug in and blamed the Republicans we sent to stop them. We will sent them the help they need in January.

      • ralphkr

        The big difference, Igbayirdbay, is that Obama’s job bills blocked by the Republican Fascisti were for jobs for citizens while the Republican “jobs” bills were for more money for the top 10%… period.


  • Jack Welch should know about stealing elections. Remember Gore/Bush/Florida 2004.
    It is a slow recovery and these modest mean very little now, but it will take at least as much time to shovel out of the heaping shit-pile the Republican leading Bush administration gave to Obama. How convenient for these assholes to forget that.

    • Don’t Forget Bush 2000 !! Where The People Got So Mad The Threw Eggs And Rocks At Bush Ride To The White House Cause They Stole The Election Then Also!!

    • Igbayirdbay

      The mortgage programs caused the crash. They were Democrat programs. You have lied about the cause of the crash since Oweblamo was elected as an excuse for your own failures.

      • ralphkr

        What BS, Igbayirdbay, that you have been swallowing from the TEA party. Those mortgage programs were strictly done by dishonest brokers and banks (99% of whom are conservatives) who saw a way to fake paperwork and then unload the faulty loans on unsuspecting others (pension plans, foreign gov’t, fannie mae, etc.) before they crashed when it was discovered that the supporting documentation was false. There was never any law requiring that ANYONE give a mortgage to anyone who was not qualified unless you want to count Bush (he was Republican at last count) and his giving grants to low income people to help them make a down payment. I do find fault with the current regime for not putting a lot of bankers and brokers in jail for committing fraud that ending up costing us billions of dollars.

        • How Can Obama Find The Time To Lock Them Up With Tea Party And GOP Declaring War On Him When They Also Having All These Witch Hunts With All Democrats In Office??????

          • ralphkr

            Well, both the Feds and various states Atty Gen found time to take various entities to court and get fines levied but no one bothered to bring criminal charges even though a number of big shots admitted in court to committing criminal acts. The fines were laughable and to put it into perspective it was if I would go to the neighborhood grocer and steal $100 and the court would demand that I would pay a $20 fine while the court gave the grocer $100 plus interest out of the taxpayer pocket as well as giving my crime syndicate a nice bailout which results in me getting a bonus.

          • All Of That Takes Time That Obama Don’t Have Now Cause Of The War That’s Being Raged On Him!!

          • ralphkr

            No, Fern, it is not Obama who prosecutes them but lawyers of the Justice Department who should have gone after the criminal bankers. Unfortunately, the statute of limitations has now passed so all those bankers have had their feeling of invulnerability strengthened.

          • O Know They Now Have The Job Of Going To Court With All The Voter Fraud Crap And These Witch Hunts!!

  • nomaster

    Whatever the case may be it is good to hear. Sometimes it takes time and is harder when other are trying to be obstructive like the republican held congress.

  • The truth is anathema to the republican party – when things don’t go their way, it’s a conspiracy. When their rhetoric is called out, they change sides and reframe their beliefs to suit the audience.
    The only true words the american public has heard from Romney is when he was behind closed doors with his cronies and felt safe spewing his hatred for the 47% – many of whom will STILL VOTE FOR HIM.
    It astounds me that their supporters simply refuse to see these blatantly insulting acts perpetrated against them.

    • I have often wondered about that too, why is it that people will vote for a party that has a history of screwing them over every chance it gets. I first noticed this phenomenon back during the Bush Era. I came to the conclusion that the answer is Racism. The Republican Party these days is known as the White Mans Party and there are people that will vote for them no matter what, based on the false perception that the Republican Party will look out for their interests because of their Race.

  • What is wrong with some people? who they have to believe and trust if they can’t trust the labor departement? The 2012 choice for me is like a coach who place a strong team in the field.If the team is playing well winning the game if everybody can see the result,there is no reason to replace the players.As my french teacher always like to said<>.So what? The unployment is getting lower,the economy is getting better,stock market is getting high.In my church we never cease praying for this country and we are very thankfull to God for the news we are receiving from the labor and market.Don’t change the team that is winning.

  • Lucylou60

    Hey, Fern! I agree it’s time to clean house! We ARE tired of the lying and flp flopping!

    Unfortunately we can only blame so much on Bush. We have no one but ourselves to blame for the unprecidented spending and debt creation over four years. Our entire congress should be overhauled for what they did ( spent).

    Can someone please stop the madness!

    • All I Can Say Is I Vote In Every Election Cause I Know Every Vote Counts!!! And I Will Always Vote In All Elections!! People Need To Wake The Hell Up We Need To Be Counted You Got To Vote All The Time In Every Election!!! Never Let You Guards Down Never Let Them See You Sweat!! Stand Up And Be Counted Cause You Better Believe The GOP/Tea Party Are Not Missing No Elections!!!

    • You’re right we have no one to blame for the large amount of spending and debt creation over the last four years but ourselves, not even Congress. Things that needed doing have been piling up for decades being kicked down the road by administration after administration. While we stood idly by. Finally we get a Leader who takes on these problems, however it’s going to cost money, more so since we allowed these problems to be differed for so long.

  • Lucylou60

    By the way, they reported on tv that the jobless claims were lower because on state had yet to report.
    Another “oops”! Just like the Lybian incident was not terrorism.

    • WhutHeSaid

      Truth and facts and progress — oh my!

      What’s a bitter Tea-Bigot to do?

    • jarheadgene

      FOX NEWS…..lying again. California may have missed some count and not had their entire count in, by their own admission that happens sometimes; however, it would only amount to 5,000 t0 10,000. Not much in the grand schemes of things.

      • What Fox Fake News Lying The Home Of The Dumb Ass Sarah Palin Who They Soon To Be Firing!!! LOL

    • OOPS! That seems to be what Romney keeps saying, he keeps back tracking. After all now he is not cutting funding to PBS, now he is not messing with women’s rights agenda. and now he cares sooooo much for the 47%. Get real Lucylou, if you are a real women at least stand up your rights, that so many have been fought for.

      • Not Only Fought Be Died For That’s The Same Way They Fought And Died For The Rights To Vote!!

    • ralphkr

      You conveniently forgot to mention that even with that states full report that the jobless claims were still well below expectations.

  • Lets see, 2008 President Obama gets elected as the entire economy of the nation and the world is crumbling thanks to reckless and unlawful actions on the part of finacial agencies from Citibank to HSBC and Country Wide Mortgage. Three and a half years later, the President has managed to somehow keep the nation from being completely swallowed into this abyss and the republican’s are now running down his efforts and touting a return to the very system of governace (top down) that put us in the hole in the first place. There is more missing to this puzzle than Romney’s tax returns!

  • emadis41

    Who conspired to stall the economy and caused the loss of US (A+A+A+) rating, just to get rid of Obama. Was it the GOP Senators since 1/2009, and the GOP Congress since 1/2011. Alook at the Statistics tells a lot about the patriotism of those GOPs who question the patriotism of everyone else.
    The office of Labor Statistics is not controlled by the Dems. or Reps. and their reports reflect the fact on the ground. what they reported is scientific finding, not politically motivated, and has nothing to do with election; then why it came too late after 90% of thevoters made up their minds, and not six months ago?
    Obama/Biden 2012.

    • That’s My Point Congress Help Lose That Rating Just To Make Him Look Bad They Don’t Really Give A Damn Cause Most Of Them Are Rich Already!! They Will Sellout The American People And Gut Out America For The Profits They Will Make!!! And We Are The Ones Who Will Pay The Price!!!! Time To Clean House People!!!

      • emadis41

        Thank you Fern, your comments are on the subject. I agree that we should get rid of these punch of no gooders. We should stop paying for them to get rich.

  • ayayaboy

    That Romney supporter – Mr. Welch who is complaining about job numbers and polls is just a cranky whiner. He did not pay taxes at G.E. like romney didn’t. ROMNEY moved his family wealth from Michigan to California to New England to New Hempshire to Arizona than to Cayman Island and Swiss Bank and offshore.

    • That’s Why He Wants Obama To Lose Cause The Trickle Down Polices Let These Greedy Thugs Make Money Without Paying Their Fair Share Of The Taxes!!!

    • ExPAVIC

      One More

      Don’t forget about his bank accounts in Luxembourg that is rapidly replacing both Bern and Geneva, Switzerland, as THE place to have secret bank accounts.

      While certain reporting requirements are necessary for Swiss accounts, those in Luxembourg currently do not carry those requirements and hence the shifting of money there.

  • It truly is astonishing how the republicans (repugnicans for repugnant) are being allowed to rant and rave like they knew something nobody else knew. How they get away with lying right to our faces. Romney stood there at the debate and did his smirk full time, smiling away like he wasn’t lying straight at us and the millions of others who were watching. We have people to figure out the real numbers, folks, and THEY DON’T LIE.

  • Contrary to the doom and gloom we hear from Republicans, the economy is improving, unemployment is going down, comapnies are posting record profits, and the stock market is at near record highs.
    The big problem that nobody talks about because of its political pitfalls is the fact that on 1/1/13 the Bush tax cuts will expire, and the mandatory spending reductions imposed by the GOP as a condition to compromise on raising the national debt ceiling a couple of years ago will take effect if nothing is done to prevent it.
    Considering the fact that our economic recovery is far from being robust, a tax increase and huge spending reductions will – without a doubt – create a recessionary trend.
    In all fairness, the problem stems from intransigence driven by political ideology rather than not knowing how to reach a compromise. The Democratic party opposes middle class tax increases, elimination of tax deductions that benefit mostly the middle class, and reductions in social programs. The GOP opposes tax increases on income greater than $250K, opposes the elimination of subsidies and loopholes, and is against DoD budget spending reductions.
    Something has to give and without a compromise we are likely to end up with a mess bigger than the one we just left behind.

  • karinursula

    Do they really hate the President so much that they wish Disaster on us? I mean are they wishing that the American people should be suffering just to defeat Mr Obama. Is this treason?

    • WhutHeSaid

      It’s the bitter bigots in the Tea Party. You know, the same old cranks that used to freely display their racist attitudes years ago. They’ve learned to hide their sleazy dispositions behind lies and exaggerated patriotism, but they live in the same human sewer of racist hate that they grew up in decades ago. There is no reasoning with such vile and despicable people — you just have to slap them down where they belong until they all die off naturally. Good riddance when that day comes!

      • The Tea Party/ Talipublicans cann’t hide. They are like roaches and rats, they have a foul odor. Your are right they are all guilty of phony Patriotism. When Obama wins they will go stone crazy. Some of the stupid bast#rds will refuse to take a job because they will see it as taking a hand out from Obama. Pay attention to them when the next jobs report (it will be a good rport favorng the adminstration) comes out next month. The Tea Party will riot in the streets. They have really damaged the Republican Party but thats what HATE yields.

    • Yes they do, the real question is WHY?

  • Bob Williams

    According to the Department of Labor, there were 8,924,000 unemployed folks in 2008. In 2012, there were 12,088,000 unemployed folks. That’s over 3 million additional folks were were unemployed.

    There were also about 9 million additional folks who left the work force. So how did the unemployment number magically drop to 7.8 percent? The answer is “Chicago Math”. This is informally known as “Obama Lies!”

    • “There were also about 9 million additional folks who left the work force. ” This is not a fact, just sounds good. Obama does have control of these figures.

    • You seem to overlook the facts ( I think deliberately) that when any President leaves office, the things he does in his last year in office. Often carry over to the next administration. Also 8 years of bad economic policy’s would be difficult if not impossible to fix in 4.

  • kbcab

    Manipulated figures to accomadate the all-mighty muslim ruler in DC…

    • jarheadgene

      Wow….you must be an avid….Rush LIMBLAH…blah…blah….blah…listener.

      • kbcab

        Wow , you must be a stay at home , no-social life , Obama butt-kissing leftist Liberal that is on the dummy-box computer 24/7 , because I just wrote this 3 minutes ago..Go out somewhere and try to have some fun and get your mind out of the dummy box for a change…

        • jarheadgene

          No. Sitting on my PC waiting for my carpool to finish, so I can drive home.

  • It’s amazing that Jack Welch still receives credibility, after moving thousands of jobs overseas when he was CEO of General Electric. He was proven wrong, and some of those jobs are moving back here. Obama has done what he can within the existing international and national frameworks to make a level playing field for ALL economies in NAFTA, CAFTA, etc. If some choose to ignore regulations of pollution, human rights, worker rights, wages, etc., then they MUST be penalized. It is time we stopped being the only ones playing by the rules.

  • Well, in order to prevent Romney from getting an unfair bounce in the next debate after a bunch of lies he is gonna tell us, pollster shall give the participants a chance to verify the answers given and then only then conduct the polling. They should also have a polling about who ‘lied more”, who had one position a year ago and now has a different position. I think if woult be very fair. To those who hate Obama, remember what I have asked you before: 1) you do not have to like or respect Obama, you can hate him, BUT BE FAIR TO OBAMA AND BE FAIR TO OUR NATION WHO DESERVES A BETTER PATH TO THE FUTURE THAN MORE TAX CUTS FOR THE RICH THAT ALREADY FAILED DURING REAGAN AND AFTER BUSH 43. MAY GOD BLESS YOU

  • ccarsman

    The comments re: the new job numbers are appalling. What is with this Taliban mentality that has come to the surgace in this country? Is their racism so deep that they can’t even understand that a vote for Ryan/Romney is a vote against their own interest? I thought we defeated the Nazis 60 years ago.

  • ey, Issa, you criminal ,scum-licking bastard of all bastards, see it this report shows you your upcoming investigation into BLS numbers is another witch-hunt and makes you look like the bafoon you really are.

  • blueclouds123

    I was just listening to the Rev on MSNBC and he was interviewing 2 women about the stand, remarks and rape report that Ryan with Aiken put together. It is time for women to stand up and say enough is enough they talk about rape of women as if we are too stupid to know if we raped or not raped. I for one am sick and tired of being treated like a second class person by men who have some serious problems and have no regard or respect for women. Would he talk like this to his wife if she was raped, would he understand that she did not encourage this to happen or would he think his wife “asked for it” like he has insinuated. It is time to put a stop to this insane treatment of women. Ryan and the republican party have certainly presented themselves to not respect women. I really do not understand why the Republican women have not stood up and disputed the rape issue and also display their distain of this rape issue. Changed the issue from jobs to rape, sorry, but the interview made be angry that men who want to run the country show so little respect for women and their rights as humans, women also were made in the sight of God.

  • Come on, Mitt won the debate, and he had a cheat sheet. Now they cry foul on real good news . Don’t be sad be glad your own words,”the American people need jobs.” The same thing that makes you laugh will make you cry!!!!!

  • bwmconst

    Jobless claims dropped because people’s unemployment ran out, they went from the unemployment line, to pushing shopping carts and living under bridges…But I’ll say this the GOP will never help this…Ever.., why help when you can stuff your own pockets some more…Anyone ever notice that the people we elect, deliberately write bad laws we can’t or should not vote for…yep, DELIBERATELY !!!!!!!!!!!!!! America used to have a conscience, now for globalization, they are killing it off, and America’s middle class…It is really important to condition people that they are less than the top…Look how well that is working in India, we’ll have an untouchable class next……….

  • Charles2051

    One Term should be all of DC personal, maybe our country wouldn’t be in this big mess we in. You like to see Change well we got it, all to the bad. lets move on, time to switch and try this again.

  • peteserb

    The article forgets to mention that the jobless figure is for 49 states.(not fifty for you libs)

  • The Republicans will scream conspiracy. They can not accept that Obama’s policies are working in spite of all the things they did to prevent his Presidency from being successful. Their main goal was to prevent him from being re-elected. They blocked his every move and proposal. It should be called treason. And for the record I have worked since I was 15 (58 now) never been on welfare. Go team Obama!

  • I guess Paul Ryan did not read articles like this prior to the debate.

  • dljones

    Obama campaigns and the country retains in sluggest crawl mode upward. This means the tanacity of Americans are struggling on a best effort possible despite Obama’s part time job participation. No budget, no jobs plan, no energy plan, 16+trillion debt, and economy that remains under water.. Obama continues to stay on his Socialist track by endorsing the Federal Reserve agressve stimulus to ultimately inflate the economy and another U. S. credit rating down grade.

    In the mean while Air Force One is on the runway with Mr . Holly Wood ready to attend another pat on the back event. Gag!!!!!

  • That the right would yell “conspiracy” is only to be expected, but a bad joke.

  • I think we needs to get larger shoes for Romney and Ryan for their mouths. Maybe my 16inch shoes will do.

  • No matter what GOP does to undo the economy, America still improves. How ironic and resilient we Americans are. God Bless America and I hate to admit that we vote for Democrats in November 2012.