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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

This week President Obama removed all doubt that he deserved the Nobel Peace Prize by turning Republicans against war.

With polls showing majorities of Americans not in favor of any U.S. military action in Syria and the Tea Party’s entire existence being dedicated to being against anything President Obama is for, Republican after Republican has come out to say that they are opposed to a strike on Syria.

America has become skeptical of claims about weapons of mass destruction, skeptical that any war in the Middle East can be “won,” skeptical that the American government has anyone’s best interests at heart except the military-industrial complex that wins every time we fire a missile.

This skepticism can be traced back to exactly one event in human history: The Iraq War.

The premise, execution and fallout of the war that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney told us we had to wage in response to the 9/11 attacks turned out to be so faulty and toxic that it would be insane if America weren’t skeptical of another military engagement that had any similarities to Iraq.

Of course, any similarities are superficial and misleading.

Bush and Cheney spent more than a year selling America on the war. President Obama spent a similar amount of time keeping America out of Syria. There was no civil war or al-Qaeda in Iraq… until we invaded. A civil war has been raging in Syria for years with al-Qaeda and its barbarism becoming more prominent, as Syria’s Bashar al-Assad massacred tens of thousands of people around them. Reports about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction — especially its nuclear weapons program, which was the main justification for the war — were trumped up at best and falsified at worst. The evidence of chemical weapons being used in Syria is clear and leads to two simple questions: By whom? And why now?

But as the White House prepares to make its case that Assad has violated international norms and will do so again unless we engage in limited strikes, Karl Rove has a point to make.

LOL. It looks like .0000009 percent of America agrees, Karl.

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  • silence dogood

    On the issue of Barack Obama’s management of the so-called Syrian crisis, the American public seems split into two camps.

    Half the country believes he’s lying.

    The other half believes he doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about.

    Is it possible both sides could be right?

    After all, this is the same guy who closed Gitmo — right?

    And once said on national television that he was of the “Muslim faith,” until Democrat Kool-Aid drinker George Stephanopoulos had to remind him that he is a Christian.

    When he was trying to sell a book he said he was born in Kenya, and when he was running for president he said he was born in the U.S.

    Dr. Obama has said, among other things, that kidney problems require patients to have “Breathalyzers,” that the United States built the “intercontinental” railroad, and that if every motorist would just properly inflate their tires, the energy crisis would be over.

    Fifty-seven states.

    “Companies like Solyndra are leading the way toward a brighter and more prosperous future.”

    They speak “Austrian” in Austria. And Arabic in Afghanistan.

    “On this Memorial Day, as our nation honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes, and I see many of them here in the audience today…”

    He calls Hawaii “Asia.”

    Benghazi was caused by a YouTube video — a video by a Christian, naturally.

    The Cambridge police acted stupidly.

    He’s focusing “laser-like” on the economy.

    “I favor legalizing same-sex marriages and would fight efforts to prohibit such marriages.”

    “I am not somebody who promotes same-sex marriage.”

    The Keystone XL Pipeline will only create 50 jobs.

    He once bowled a 129 — “this is like Special Olympics.”

    His parents first met at the Selma, Ala., marches — five years after he was born.

    Al-Qaeda is on the run.

    Pre-Sandusky, his favorite college football team was the “Nittaly Lions” of Penn State.

    He’s a “South Side kid” and lifelong fan of the Chicago White Sox, but cannot name a single player, past or present, and thinks that the team plays at Comiskey Park.

    He says the nation must uphold “the ideal of public education” but sends his own children to private school.

    Dr. Abdul Nissan, slaughtering unarmed Americans as he chanted “Allahu Akbar,” was “workplace violence.”

    Under Obamacare you will get to keep your own doctor, and it will “bend the cost curve.”

    He would bring a new civility to Washington, while 
calling Tea Party members “teabaggers.”

    If you make $250,000 or less a year, you “will not see any form of tax increase.”

    On his March Madness sheet, he once spelled “Syracuse” as “Syracus.”

    “You didn’t build that …”

    No one is trying to take your guns away.

    His grandfather liberated Auschwitz.

    His father fought in World War II.

    In his memoir, he had a “composite girlfriend.”

    The sequester was not his idea, and it would cause complete paralysis in the U.S., or so “some people” falsely said.

    He was unaware that Rev. Jeremiah Wright was a radical.

    Let’s have a big round of applause for “Navy Corpse-man Christian Brossard.”

    There used to be a saying in the ’60s — “Would you buy a used war from this man?” Like the peace sign, it’s back, by popular demand

    • ray hale

      sure had a lot to say hope you got it off your chest, any criticisms of their dogs, feel the same way you do about obamacare and how AARP and the GOP under Busch screwed senior citizens on medicare with Rx coverage being mandatory…

    • D_from_Tennessee

      Your comment “silence dogood” is pretty much false. Did you copy that from an Obama Opposition Derangement blog site or from one of the Libertarian oil magnates’ media sites? One can only imagine where you came up with much of what you posted and it is not possible that it came from anything good. btw, the twisted tea party followers coined the phrase teabaggers. Seems you don’t know as much as you think you do.

      • silence dogood

        Other than leaving out additional examples of why Obama is an idiot,tell me specifically what is not true of what I wrote.
        Doesn’t matter where the term came from after the loons put a perjorative context to it.

        • Russell Byrd

          You left out the word “false” between “additional” and “examples.” There is no need to thank me. You are welcome. No need to thank me.

          And you are sooooo right about “teabaggers.” Really strange that the loons in the Teaparty would drop such a pejorative label on themselves. Really, it’s hilarious.

        • Butch Croan

          Well I was trying the resist refuting everyone of your leies, but you asked for more so here goes. The Keystone XL pipe line will only create about 50 additional full tiem maintenance jobs asfter all the construction is over. The pipeline is going to go to the refineries on the Gulf Of Mexico in Texas bypassing all the refineries it pappses in other states like Oklahome. I suggest you look at geography. I alos ask you to explain why it isn’t being built across Canada to the pacific as orginally propossed?

          I know you can’t because Karl Rove, or Rush Limpbaugh hasn’t tole you about that one. The Keystone Xl pipeline is about one thing making profits for the investors of the Tar Sands who would love to export the Diesel refined from it (which is easier to do from Tar Sand oil) to destination outside the USA where the price of Diesel is in mnay cases 50% to 100% higher. The prices in teh USa will only go up one the investors are nolonger required to sell this oil in the USA as a lower price.

          Just the facts you idiot. I also could go into the “Take Your Guns Away” comment, but that would require you understadning that this was only about Assault Rifles which were orginally banned until Dubya’s second election attempt which he needed the support of the NRA. The same NRA that only 5% of Gun Owners belong to. Teh same Gun Owners who overwhelmingly supported Balckground Checks, but the Tea Party morons showed up like Ted Cruz and enflamed the small minded NRA memeber who fail to understadn that the majority of the money to run the NRA comes from outside the memeber dues, and it comes from manufactures who want to imcrease their profits even at the expence of Public Saftey. Thsi scare mongering ahs been food for business as gun sales are at a record high, and prices at at a preminium. It’s just palin and simple business & marketing. Public Safety is going to suffer when all these untrained people who have been whipped up by the conservative media start shooting without justification.

          So much for one more of your facts.

          • Russell Byrd

            Great post Butch. I especially like the geographical observation. Since you brought it up, it would make a whole lot more sense to build it on the West Coast. They are going to sell it all to the Far East anyway, unless I have that wrong. Thinking about it, the West Coast probably doesn’t want the filth, nor does Canada. Texas seems to love wallowing in toxic chemicals.

            However, I wonder if the primary reason is the strong Repub business connections in Texas. Add to that fact the Pubs tout as their economic miracle. They have got to keep raking in all that cash from their little slice of heaven.

    • Mike Rodgers

      Sooo, I guess it’s safe to presume you don’t think for yourself much OR bother to looks for facts. Try looking for the *real* text of the speech that included the ‘you didn’t build that’ bit. You know, I could twist anything YOU say by picking specific words out of context. But then, I’d be just as myopic as you.

      • silence dogood

        That’s all you can come up with……pathetic.

        • Mike Rodgers

          All you did was parrot a raft of BS from Faux News and/or Breitbart. You haven’t appeared to bother to fact-check ONE of the “points” you made. That’s what’s truly pathetic. Actually, I guess it’s just sad.

        • hilandar1000

          Your assertions are so ridiculous, they don’t merit response by an intelligent and well-informed person. No one here is going to waste their time going over all of your twisted and patently untrue or irrelevant points to refute them. May I suggest, however, that you take just a few of your “points” and check out their veracity by looking up several sources on each one. It’s quite obvious that you read or listen to only right-wing propaganda which supports whatever you WANT to believe. Quote your sources if you expect anyone to take their time to refute the wild and untrue assertions you make.

          • silence dogood

            Face it….your boy is an idiot. Most of this stuff is in quotes because he said them. The other points are pretty well established in the public domain.

          • hilandar1000

            Okay — so what you’re saying is that you can’t actually find any proof of anything you attempt to state as fact. Hint: A few scattered words and phrases do not make up a factual quote just because you put in quotation marks, not citing where you got your information and ignoring the context in which those words might have been spoken. Sorry, doggie, but your rant does not at all reflect on the President’s IQ, although it speaks quite eloquently regarding yours.

          • jackster12

            Thanks for saying it hilandar1000… saves many of us the trouble. Had I come across sd’s rant minutes after posting, I’d have to go through and knock him back into place, just to restore some balance to the universe.

            As for the title of the teaser that got me to this article, “Do [I] miss George Bush?”… I can only say, because I am not a comedian by profession, the answer is clear: “Hell no.”

            P.S. It is, however, almost fall-off-my-chair hilarious that twits like sd are out there and still quoting the “57 states” slip as though it were some sign of deep character weakness or lack of intelligence, rather than simple campaign fatigue.

          • hilandar1000

            How right you are, Jack! It is always amazing to see the extent that the extreme right goes to, in finding such unimportant little items of trivia to try to twist or enlarge upon in their never-ending effort to make it seem as if our president has some heinous character flaw. In truth, it only serves to point out to most of us that, in Obama, we have an unusually intelligent and articulate president. The GOP certainly has to scrape the bottom of the barrel and twist things to the point of being totally false in order to find something to criticize about him.

          • Russell Byrd

            NO, he did not. Now see, that was simple.

          • Butch Croan

            Otherwise you can’t give sources because they would all be from Fox Noise and make the point everyone such as Mike Rodgers is making.

            You are obviously a moron.

        • kanawah

          @ silence,
          Mike Rodgers summed up you babble very well.

        • Russell Byrd

          I guess you are just mad that Mike Rodgers told the truth in less than four lines, when you told 52 lines of lies. You wasted your time, and ours.

          I rather think that someone that lies as a pastime is the pathetic one.

          • silence dogood

            Whose Mike Rogers

          • Russell Byrd

            If that is the best you’ve got, no wonder everyone sees you as so stoooopid. I normally would never mention it, but you even spelled his name wrong. You are so stupid and tell so many falsehoods, you don’t even know who you are replying to or what ignorant thing you have said to them.

            Do they let you outside by yourself, or does someone have to lead you on a leash? Of course, after listening to all that Faux Noise and Limpballs, and reading that Not to Breit bart, you probably do need to be on a leash.

          • neeceoooo

            Shouldn’t that be “who is or who’s ” Mike Rogers.

    • charleo1

      Where to begin? Should I point out the dishonesty involved in the GOP’s asserting the Iraq war was not a mistake? And if given a do over, would ,
      or course, invade again? This, despite the fact we were not greeted as Liberators. The cost, and duration of the war. Which Americans were told would cost no more than 2 billion. And, those costs would be covered by Iraqi oil sales. Is now estimated north of 3 trillion dollars. And the war they claimed would be brought to quick end, in 6 months tops, had us still fighting there 7 years later. Plus the failure to find WMDs. Their number one premise the Bush Administration gave for going to war in the first place. Has today has morphed into, the GOP’s justification, that well, Saddam Hussein was a very bad actor. He gassed his own people. Therefore, we must assume Basshar Assad, is a dictator, a bad actor, and, has gassed his own people.
      But, just not to the level of even lobbing a few bombs at him. Much less, a full blown invasion. To stand up aganist heinous, but not heinous enough,
      crimes aganist humanity.
      No, in your down the rabbit hole world of Right Wing buffoonery, Obama is
      lying. Or, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. It could never have anything to do with Bush fighting the wrong war. and skewing, and cherry picking the intelligence, in order to do so. And by doing so, has now made Americans cynical, and mistrustful of any information brought to them by our security agencies. And, don’t kid yourself. America will be determined to be weaker for this. Unable, for lack of political, and public support, to respond to those instances where we should act on behalf of our, or an allies’ security interests. Because, just as there’s always been those, even as Hitler devoured Europe, who will say, it’s not our affair. Let’s stay out of it!
      Now, and for perhaps many decades to come, there will always be a lot more Americans, after Bush, that will agree. If I were leading Iran into the nuclear club. I would be very hearten by the recent events.

      • silence dogood

        This is gibberish….what the hell are you trying to say ? None of it connects to my points, by the way.

        • charleo1

          I didn’t think you made any points. So, it doesn’t surprise me,
          you have no idea what I was talking about.

          • catman

            Well said.

          • JohnnyZ77

            Don’t expect anything intelligent coming from silence dogood, he’s just another Neo-Confederate that’s full of Neo-Confederate brainwash he’s been fed ever since 1980. Fox Spews dead brainers like this say things like, “Obama blames Bush for everything,” completely avoiding the fact that Obama, along with the rest of us progressives, blames Reagan, daddy Bush, Bill Clinton (who stupidly singed NAFTA) and everyone that helped tear down the Roosevelt economy ever since Reagan and the Neo-Confederates infiltrated America’s government. Most right wingers don’t even consider the fact that America’s economic decline actually started with Reagan and the Neo-Con fascism, not with W. Bush and Obama. They can’t even study history enough to know that much.

          • charleo1

            You’re right of course. Bill Clinton also signed Wall Street
            deregulation, that tore down the last remaining legislative
            obstacles to the creation of the collateralized debt scam
            that crippled ours, and most of the world’s economies.
            Our history is replete with relentless assaults aganist the
            Roosevelt era, regimens of common sense supervision of the banking, and securities industries. Until at last, they were
            declared obsolete in a Country now competing in a global
            economy. So the Legislation written, promoted, and financed
            by Wall Street, repealed what was left of Glass-Stegall. Now, all semblance of firewalls, investment transparencies, or fiduciary responsibilities, were eliminated in a puff of smoke.
            It would be only a decade until these Captains of Capitalism,
            their free reign finally returned to them. Had the world spread out before them. A smoldering heap of financial ruin. They
            had neither the ability, nor inclination to repair. That problem would fall to us mortals, who still depend on such things as jobs, and a paycheck. What we see today is the result of victories Ronald Reagan, and those who shared a like vision,
            had been striving tirelessly for for years. But, people like our
            misinformed friend here will never see it. I guess the good
            news is, he doesn’t need to. But more people do need to learn the history of how we went from the largest creditor
            Nation, to the world’s largest debtor Nation, in the span of
            the Reagan Presidency. The undeniable sell out of American
            Labor, with the signing of lopsided trade agreements that put Americans in direct competition with third world wages. Minus, safety, environmental, wage and hour regulations,
            or the provision of retirement, and healthcare benefits.
            Who could not have predicted the collapse of the American Middle Class? And with it, our internal social contracts, the ability of Middle America to create financial security for themselves through work, and our economic leadership in the world.

          • Butch Croan

            Not to defend Clinton, but it was Newt following thru on Ronnie And Deregualtors. I suggest you rad about Brooksley Born who tried to warn everyone about these Black Box contracts the CFTC was aproving (which she ran at the time) called Deravatives or CDO’s. The Alan Greenspand crew which involved Tim. G. basically insulted her, by telling her she didn’t know what she was talking about. It was funny that years alter when Greenspan was shown to be an idiot that one congressman said ” we never understood anything he was saying so we just trusted him blindly”

          • Butch Croan

            Well put, but I suspect you know more about history than many such as dogood.

        • Sand_Cat

          What points? You have none, moron.

          • silence dogood

            You are like a 4 year old.

        • kanawah

          Makes more sense than your babbling.

    • kanawah

      @ silence,
      What kind of drugs are you on, cause I want to stay far away from them?
      Or are you a Transylvania tea bag TROLL??????

    • roguerunners

      Your “silence” would “do” a world of “good”!

      • Russell Byrd


    • diane ullery

      You are out of place with the others here who are talking with intelligence. Take you typical teaparty hatred some where else.

    • Russell Byrd

      You wasted all that time telling us what is entirely a pack of lies. I guess your right-wacko controllers had little trouble spoon feeding all that nonsense to you. You were gulping it down.

      Unfortunately, no one really cares to listen to your lies. So, I will be greatly surprised if anyone even reads past the second sentence. A waste of time and brain cells.

      DoNOgood . . . SILENCE!

    • latebloomingrandma

      Your skewed and half- truths diatribe, notwithstanding, this is really rich. We happen to have an articulate president, who has followed the one who gets the prize for the most twisted syntax. Of course, I do have some “W” favorites. People also misunderestimate me.

      • Butch Croan

        You left out NUKElear adn Deceiderer…LOL !!

    • Butch Croan

      I just don’t have the time to refite all the BullShit you have posted which have all been proven as either out of context or just Fox Noise Propaganda. It is very clear your purposes for being here are to sprad your conservatard Propaganda that Goerge Bush awas a hero. Take your lies elsewhere.

      I will address just one of your points, but I could just as easily disprove all of them. I really apologize for exposing you as an idiot, but it has to be done.

      The solar Panel industry was thrown on it back by the fact China underwrote the costs to attain world dominance. I suggest you look at what this did to Germany if you even care about the facts. I would also like to point out that Solyndra was orginally apporved duringt eh Dubya Administration, and they ahd already received approval. The initial funds were all they received as when they attempted to access the rest of the previously approved funds it was determined they were going to take this money and use it just for repaying the private invetsors witht eh government standing last in line and the ones to suffer the worst in the bankruptcy. I suggest you look that up moron, and STFU telling your lies. The fact Steve Cho was the first actual scientist appointed to head the DOE should earn President Obama praise not your slanerous lies. The fact Steve Cho actually stopped the losses at only a small portion of what they could have been is again note worthy. The fact Chian has escaped any sanctions like they did in Europe should tell you how much power Wal-Mart has in the Republican Party who all the time chants Free Market ewverytime someone opposes the practices of China. we can thank another Republican Criminal Ole Tricky Dickie for setting up trade with China can’t we.

      Piss Off Conservatard !!

  • Dominick Vila

    What Republicans – including Karl Rove – don’t seem to understand is that President Obama, a man who hates violence and prefers dialogue to solve problems, managed to get out of the predicament he was in after the Bashar al-Assad regime used chemical weapons by taking the case to Congress and encouraging the American people to get involved.
    The fact that most American are weary of war is not surprising. From Korea to Vietnam, from Grenada to Iraq, our inclination to get involved in the internal affairs of other nations has been influenced by fear bordering on paranoia, greed, intolerance, and the conviction that if our socio-economic system works for us it most work for everyone else.
    Deceit has been used time and again to justify wars that were not necessary. From the Pueblo incident to the shameful fabrications used to justify the invasion of Iraq, the ousting and execution of a former ally, and the use of a developing country to help the “Friends of Bush” and transform the pathetic President who ignored warning and allowed the worst foreign terrorist attack on U.S. soil in history, deceit has been the norm.
    Our international credibility is second only to the way we have sacrificed our young in the pursuit of chimeras that repeatedly turned out to be something just a bit short of being crimes against humanity.
    No wonder the American people are reluctant to get involved in Syria! Sadly, this is one case where we should intervene to prevent recurrences of the recent massacre carried out by members of the al-Assad regime, to ensure the forces that remain intent in de-stabilizing a part of the world of critical importance to the world economy do not achieve their goal, and to show the world the difference between a measured response to a crime against humanity and being responsible for one.

    • disqus_il6KG9d3VM

      “Shock and Awe!” Bush, Cheney, Romney, et al attacked Iraq and got Suddam Hussein when they were supposed to get Osama bin Laden, even though Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. Now people are so angry with America they don’t want to support any push back on atrocities that are committed by another evil dictator. Chemical weapons were outlawed many years ago for good reasons. If we stand by and let Assad kill children in that horrible way, then what do we stand for? The British Parliament said Iraq was the reason they voted against strategic strikes. They should be done because it is the right thing to do. We will see more horrible deaths from chemical weapons if we do nothing.

      • Dominick Vila

        The ramifications of inaction will go much farther than convincing the Assad regime not to use chemical weapons again. If Putin convinces Syria to accept a deal by putting their WMD arsenal under UN control, Russia will emerge as the de facto leader in that part of the world, and we will have nobody to blame for it but ourselves. Being weary of wars, and concerned about the probability of a sequel to the deceit used to justify the invasion of Iraq, is understandable, but we should be more mature and responsible than that. The American people, and members of Congress who should know better, should have understood the differences between what happened a dozen years ago and what is at stake today. The objective, besides the obvious moral imperatives, should be to preserve and advance our interests (geopolitical and economic), and preserve our privileged position in the world. We did not become the dominant superpower in the world because we were shy to engage our foes, we did it because we understood the importance of letting everyone know where we stood and how far we were willing to go to protect our interests.

  • Vincent Harriman

    Just after 911 the whole world was on our side.
    If George W Bush had gone to the United Nations and used the rule of law instead of war he would probably have gone down in history as a great leader. Instead he chose to listen to his advisors to use the opportunity to topple Saddam Hussein and denigrate the United Nations.
    We are the greatest military force in the world, spending more than the next five nations combined. But Bush made us the lone ranger, solving all problems with a gun, rather than taking a chance that under the rule of law, we might not get our way all the time.

    • Dominick Vila

      He also decided to grant Saudi Arabia, the homeland of 15 of the 18 terrorists that attacked us on 9/11, the homeland of the Al Qaeda financiers, and the homeland of Osama bin Laden, the mastermind behind the 9/11 attack, Most Favored Nation Status. By so doing, he came awfully close to committing high treason. As a minimum, he became the Judas of the 21st century.

  • kanawah

    I miss Shrub almost as much as I miss the case of shingles I had several
    years ago. (during Shrubs administration, may have been psychological
    efect of having him as president).

  • ridemybroom

    why is anyone mentioning Karl Rove why should we even talk about him.. thought he died… nothing like free exposure I guess… as for Georgie Boy.. he can go suck an egg…be good for his metabolism, maybe his testorone levels even… go get it up Georgie then beat the hell out of it !!… hope that answers your question if I miss him..

  • progressiveandproud

    I miss Bush about as much as I miss that bad case of diarrhea I had after eating some tainted food. As for Rove, the material I left in the toilet pretty much matches everything that comes out of his mouth.

  • Leroy Crume

    What person with half of a brain would long to have a a lying, warmonger like George W. Bush back at the helm? and tyrants like you, Karl Rove? We’ve had enough of you crooks.

    • Russell Byrd

      Apparently our Mr. doNOgood. He does qualify by having “half a brain.”

  • Teddy

    Obama has done what Bush did not do. He did not rush in and he has waited on the U.N.

    • Butch Croan

      You left out the little Bin Laden thing as well. Bush promised Mission Accomplished, but President Obama actually allowed the US Armed Forced to do their jobs, and accomplish the mission that Dubya promised but failed to deliver.

  • actionjacks7

    GW Bush and Dick Cheney did what AIPAC and Israel told them to do, Invade Iraq!!!! Ever heard of Paul Wolfowwitz, Richard Pearle and Rick Adleman, 3 Jews who pushed for invasion of Iraq.

  • Teddy

    Do not miss Bush. Feels great to have a thinker in the White House.