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Friday, October 21, 2016

In her Wall Street Journal column Friday morning, preeminent conservative self-satirist Peggy Noonan suggested that Mitt Romney needs to use humor to make his case. “Wit breaks through and sharpens all points,” Noonan wrote in her column Friday. “Another is that it is natural to him.”

Humor is natural to Mitt Romney?


Whether it’s dressing up in a police uniform, joking about layoffs or even cutting off a boy’s hair because it was too long to suit society’s conventions, Mitt Romney’s definition of humor makes as much sense to most Americans as this hawkish pro-Vietnam War protester spending the Vietnam War in a palace in France.

Just hours after Noonan’s column appeared Mitt Romney made what he later called a “joke.” Appearing at a rally in Commerce, Michigan, the soon-to-be GOP nominee said, “Ann was born in Henry Ford Hospital. I was born in Harper Hospital. No one’s ever asked to see my birth certificate. They know this is the place where we were born and raised!”

On Sunday morning, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince  Priebus reiterated that the this was Romney’s attempt to add some “levity” to the campaign.

Republicans are laughing the way that people in power tend to laugh – at other people. It’s the opposite of humor. It’s meant to demean and degrade. It’s the mark of a bully.

Since the day President Obama was inaugurated in 2009, there have been two distinct efforts to delegitimize his presidency. The Republican establishment organized the first. A group of congressional Republicans, including Romney’s choice to be his running mate Paul Ryan, met with Newt Gingrich and GOP message guru Frank Luntz to formulate a policy of complete opposition to everything this president proposed. The party of Nero was basically embracing a policy to reject any fire fighting or rebuilding. The philosophy was: if we act as if we’re the minority, we’ll stay the minority. So just reject everything

While despicable, this bullying did not differ much from the policy Bill Kristol famously suggested for fighting health care reform early in Bill Clinton’s administration: “Simple criticism is insufficient,” Kristol wrote in 1993. No compromise would be tolerated; instead he advisedan aggressive and uncompromising counterstrategy designed to delegitimize the proposal and defeat its partisan purpose.”

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  • Excellent piece.

  • How do we know that Ann and Mitt were born where they say they were? Because they are privileged and of the correct hue? I wonder if Mitt thinks about why folks don’t ask about his birth document? His meager attempt at humor fell flat just like most of his efforts to be one of the hoi pol-lol. The next view days are going to be interesting, but not earth shattering.

  • His birther joke was, in my opinion, unbecoming for a man who aspires to be President of the United States. Moreover, he is assuming too much, most of us don’t know where he was born, and would be surprised if his real birthplace was his Grand Dad’s Mormon commune in Mexico!

  • chisolm

    When all else fails resort to the race card! Millions of white voters supported President Obama in 2008. Many have decided hope and change wasn’t what they expected and now disagree with many, if not most, of the President’s policies. Were all those millions racist when they cast their votes? Get off the racist allegations and tell ask if the middle class is better off than they were 4 years ago.

    • I was one of those who voted for Barack Obama in 2008, and plan to do the same again in November because I believe that without his policies, vision, honesty and hard work the talk today would not have been about overseas tax shelters or MEDICARE but how to get out of a Second Great Depression. Bear in mind that Democrats are not the ones talking about racism, Republicans are exhibiting that quality every single day when they demand birth certificates, long forms of birth certiicates, college transcripts and just about everything they could possibly think of from the first African American president this country had. Where were the birthers when Sen. McCain, a man born in Panama, ran for president, and how come nobody is asking Mitt Romney for his birth certificate or college records. The reasons Barack Obama is the first president asked to produced those documents, and called a liar by an elected official during a State of the Union address being broadcast to the entire world, include many factors, ranging from extreme ideological beliefs that border in overt hatred, but make no mistake, while racism may no longer be what it was 50 or 60 years ago, it remains latent and it is the reason a lot of people feel and act the way they do. BTW, my two best friends and some members of my family are Republicans, and I readily acknowledge that not all, or even most, Republicans are racist but to deny that racism is still a factor is disingeneous.

      • chisolm

        Does this mean that you believe that not all those that disagree with the President are not racist? How about if they vocalize their disagreement, are they then racist?

        • Philip Damra

          People who oppose the president because they disagree with his policies are not necessarily racist.

          People who oppose the president because he’s an anti-colonial Kenyan Muslim Socialist who wants to take their guns and impose Sharia law are racist, and idiots.

        • SaneJane

          If they vocalize disagreement with his policies, etc., and state it in those terms, OK, but questioning his birth place, religion, parentage, etc. is racist. I live in Alabama so don’t try to tell me there is no racism.

        • I am fully aware that most of those who disagree with President Obama record and vision are not racist, but I know for a fact that some are. They may be a minority, but they are a very vocal and dangerous minority.
          When I asked a neighbor,who happens to be a Tea Party enthusiast, why are they going to vote Republican when their two children (30 and 32 years old) receive SSI and food stamps, her answer was: because the Democratic party is the party of n…..ers. I try to be as fair as possible, but when someone tells you something like that it is hard to believe that their voting decisions are based on an unbiased and pragmatic assessment of the incumbent record and vision.

    • neece00

      Your right, it is not all about race but the fact remains that we are better off than we were 4 years ago. We have a healthcare plan, we have more jobs for people who want to work, we have better relations with foreign countries, wall street was saved, and Barack Obama has made the environment and education a priority and I for one, am very glad that I live in this country. When George Bush left, we all said, “I will take years to clean up this mess” so give it a rest.

      • chisolm

        $16 trillion in debt and somehow this makes us better off? Somebody is going to have to pay this debt and you can bet it won’t be the nearly half of our population that currently don’t pay taxes. It may be the few of those deemed to be rich but all their assets could be confiscated and it won’t put a dent in the trillions of debt. That leaves the middle class that work holding the bag!!!

        • WhutHeSaid

          Stop lying. Everybody has to pay taxes, and that debt was mostly inherited. Things have been improving since the economic disaster of 2008 despite how much those who oppose his skin color like to lie about it. Don’t you ever get tired of telling whoppers?

        • SaneJane

          Do yourself a favor and research the actual makeup and function of the “$16 trillion debt”. Do you even know, or care, that it is investments in our Treasury instruments by pension plans, mutual funds, banks, credit unions, individuals, corporations and other countries? Our Treasury instruments are the safest investment in the world. Reduction of the “debt” pushes us back into recession and possibly depression. This does not operate like your home finances as you have been told. You have been spoon fed a steaming bowl of lies and misrepresentations and it would behoove you to find out why.

        • Chisolm, the $5T increase in the national debt was caused by (1) Bush’s TARP, which was signed on 10/1/08 and funded immediately thereafter. As you may know, the government fiscal year starts October 1, which means that the TARP appropriations appear in the FY09 budget. The GOP knows what happened, but they are not about to miss the opportunity to pin this on President Obama because of simple inaccuracies. (2) President Obama’s stimulus package, which along with Bush’s TARP prevented the collapse of the U.S. econmy and, very likely, a Great Depression. (3) President Obama’s emphasis on transparecy and his decision to move the cost of wars, MEDICARE expenditures from general funds and other items to the annual budget, where they should have been all along. (4) A dramatic drop in revenues caused by the Great Recession and increases in unemployment payments to keep fellow Americans from starving. (5) Increases in national debt interest payments.
          There are more reasons, but these are among the most important. While items 1 and 2 were, hopefully, one time requirements to prevent the unthinkable, the other items are not going to go away until something is done to address them, such as raising taxes to pay for them, or hiding the cost of our outlays the way former President Bush did to give the illusion that our deficits were smaller than they actually were. I reckon it does not pay to be honest…

        • jcbsdriver

          Yeah, so let’s give billions in tax reductions to the super rich. That will solve the debt problem.

        • Franca Zito

          Most of the 16 Trillion was initiated and persued by the reublican party, you know the party that professes fiscal responsibility. Check out some facts, do an analysis of how much debt was accumalated when rpublicans were in power versus democrats. Do you know who comes way at the top? Republicans. It is a myth that they are the ones to keep the debt down.

        • old_blu

          I am the back bone of America, I have worked at the same job, and lived in the same house for 30 years, I don’t have any loop holes, I pay my 33% and just hope everyone else does the same. That being said I think we are better off than we were 4 years ago.

          I don’t think anyone of us would have wanted to take on the task that Obama did, (cleaning up Bush’s mess) now we have experts everywhere that think they can do better.

        • BDD1951

          Go to the Congrssional Budget Office website and see who put us 16 trillion in debt, if you have the courage. Or would you just like to blame The President for everything?

        • frogbath

          Chisolm, you appear to be spouting the Fox News(?)…far and balanced…view of the the world. Many people often vote against their own economic status…if you’re not a millionaire or a billionaire or a duped wannabee, you should probably review your position…

        • frank739

          Half of our population doesn’t pay Taxes? Hmmm, how about city,county, state and federal sales taxes,fees,etc. Oh, I guess only the richest among us pays all of them for us –in your dreams!

        • DurdyDawg

          We all pay this debt, even the poor pay taxes.. Even the welfare recipients pay taxes.. It’s not the taxes that we pay, it’s what the idiots on the hill do with it. What to do? What to do? Pay some of the deficit or buy 200 unmanned urban fighting machines for ten million dollars a pop? Decisions, decisions.. (another fun knee comic moment as only the mittwit can spew).

        • Justin Napolitano

          Chisolm, I suppose we should just shut down the Federal government and stop paying our bills. Most of the deficit spending is for obligations that have been previously made like two wars and a part “d”drug program. The Tepublicans had no problem with the spending under Bush but after the money is spent they have a problem paying the bills.
          I don’t care who is elected; well actually I do, but the deficit is not going away unless the rich pay a big part of the bill. They are the only ones that have the money to do so; the poor and elderly are tapped out.

          • chisolm

            If every asset owned by the “rich” was confiscated it wouldn’t put a dent in our debt. Our annual deficits are caused by politicians spending more than we have, mostly, in order to buy votes. If the “rich” are forced to pay more the political hacks will only spend more.

      • frank739

        So half of our population don’t pay taxes! I guess that is news to all Americans who pay city. county, state and federal sales tax, gasoline tax, etc., etc. Your statement of “fact” is just laughable!

        • joyscarbo

          that is the dumbest thing I’ve EVER heard!! You’re just talking about income taxes. Many poor and disabled people pay taxes. The still have to purchase goods and services and there are taxes associated those goods and services. The poor buy gas, have taxed utility bills and they certain pay rent (a portion goes to property taxes), as well as other taxes for sales tax.
          And the fact is that most people DO work and they DO pay taxes and contribute to social security.
          SHUT YOUR IGNORANT PIE HOLE!!!! It’s time the rich pay their fair share…LIKE ROMNEY and RYAN!!!

    • WhutHeSaid

      The ‘race card’ should be used when it’s warranted. This article is about the ‘birther’ movement, which is quite different from disliking President Obama’s policies. It’s about attempting to de-legitimize a sitting President with an accusation that is blatantly false. In spite of the proof of Obama’s birth in Hawaii, these ‘birthers’ would have us believe that the local newspapers printed a false birth announcement back in 1961 as part of an evil conspiracy to elect a foreign born President 50 years later.

      When people are willing to use such outlandish arguments against Obama, they aren’t even convincing enough for us to believe that THEY believe it. They aren’t opposing policies — they oppose the man. Why? Because he’s black, and they’re bigots. If you question Obama’s birth at this point you are both a liar and a bigot, and you aren’t fooling anyone.

    • frank739

      So half the population don’t pay taxes. I gues that news will be a “shocker” to all Americans who daily pay city, county, state and federal sales taxes, gasoline taxes,etc., etc. Your statement of fact rings hollow when compared to reality!

    • 101strac

      Why do people like you continue to lay the blame for our current state of affairs at the feet of our president, when It’s clear to any individual with half a brain, the fault belongs solely to the do-nothing, obstructionist, republican controlled congress. The president proposes, and congress disposes. I for one will be voting a straight Democratic ticket from this day forward. I have no desire to be taken (if romney wins) back into the dark ages.

    • bruskis1

      They are not better off, because the republican party of NO, has been sure to fight tuth and nail every single proposal that our sitting president has offered. It does not matter what proposal came across the table, the republican party threw fits and made everything sound wrong. They are great at twisting and distorting everything our president says. Politics in this country has gone so far down the toilet, I am not sure if it can ever come back.
      Hey Romney, one question I still have not gotten a legitimate answer on, if universal healthcare was good for your state,(you pushed it thru your state govt), why is it so bad for the entire country?
      Big business has ruined our country, small business and the middle class are expected to pay for everything while the 1% continue to corner the market on wealth..
      I am not black but Romney’s mention of the birther remarks, are directed toward the rednecks that cannot beleive a man with a name like Obama, can be american. But if he was white it would be much more believable.

    • Chis, race has played a part. In my part of the country, the main religion taught racism as a doctrine until 1979. After being taught from childhood that the African American race was the mark of cain and they were inferior, those people did not suddenly become non-racist. And, in the South, ah yes, lynching and cross burning was done on a daily basis without law to protect African Americans. Like the people, in my area, they didn’t stop being racist overnight. It is residual. The South used to be Democrat until President Lyndon B. Johnson sighned the Civil Rights Act. People can be racist and not even admit it to themselves.

      Right after President Obama’s innaugeration, school kids, on a bus, in Rexburg, Idaho were chanting, “Assasinate Obama.” He had just taken office and hadn’t done anything good or bad, yet. In School District 93, in Idaho, the superintendent of schools refused to play the president’s message to the school kids. Not one parent objected. The superintendent was so pleased with himself, like the kid who passes gas in the lunchroom and giggles about it.

  • old_blu

    I think a sense of humor makes a Presidential Candidate alot better person, but it has to be one that dosn’t offend anyone else.

    On another note did anyone notice how mother nature don’t like tea baggers either? I think it would have been okay without Ryan.

    • Actually, what the hurricane shows is that the current Republican leadership is full of clueless people who can’t be trusted to make plans for anything. Tampa in August?! Really?!

      • Philip Damra

        We should ask Pat Robertson what the Republicans did to make god so angry…

        • frank739

          Could it be that the Republicans are about to nominate a Mormon, who will take the oath of office with his left hand on the Book of Mormon”?

          • neece00

            Romney who was a bishop of the mormon church should have seen this coming, you know he has a hotline to the heavens.

        • That thought crossed my mind…

      • Maybe the Republicans picked Tampa to show that even in difficult times, they can solve problems and not just blame Obama for the storm.

        • Or maybe not a single one of them had the sense Nature gave a goose. By the way, I sure hope they’re enjoying the publicly funded stadium, roadways, evacuation plans, and police officers this week.

    • I think his sense of humor is shallow and trite. Most people would only answer questions directed by another–not Mitt. This candidate is a pompous and arrogant. I find that very immature. Where Mitt was born and raised are not my concerns. He needs to answer that question to the one that cares. That is not me.

  • Romeny gives you his word, better ask his mother where he was born, I am sure he remembers that day, ask him.

    • frank739

      His birth is not the one we want to see. Remember it was, I think, his Grandfather who,” self-deported” to Mexico. Does any one know if he renounced his citizenship and/or apply for Mexican Citizenship? We do know that many of his relatives stayed as Mexican Residents. So, I guess the question is where are the citizenship papers when his part of the family returned to the USofA. Untill we know the answers to these questions, Mitt may not be qualified to run for the Presidency!!

      • neece00

        The reason why they were in Mexico was because he was living illegally with multiple wifes and who knows how many children.

  • The “joke” shows that he is willing to pander to racists, if not racist himself, as well as absolutely unwilling to look past his own nose and have any empathy for anyone else. All he had to say was something along the lines of “Ann and I are happy to be back home in Michigan. We were born in these hospitals…” It’s the kind of joke that reveals much more about the teller than the subject.



    If it’s color that bothers you we can always spray paint Obama white, but there’s no kind of paint that makes RoMoney truthful, intelligent, care about women, not avoid paying taxes, not be a rich fool, not know foreign affairs, not be droll, and not downright evil.

    • Romney Is About As Funny As Cancer!! Romney Will Destroy This Country Along With His American Taliban Backers!! You Think Bush Was Bad Wait Till You Get A Look At Hurricane Romney!!

  • desertdustoff

    Mark Twain, one of this nations’ greatest humorists, would turn over in his grave at nit wit mitt’s attempt at humor…you’ll notice it is always at some one else’s expense. And if you remember back to those school days, it was always the losers who laughed at the bullies. It is no wonder the gop is now being labeled as the rethuglican party. It is the opposite of humor, and is meant to demean and degrade. Ignorance is not bliss; it is a gop (greed over people) voter.

  • Listen all you ignorant democrats, Obama has done nothing for us. He is over his head in this presidential position. All he has done in the past four years is play a lot of golf and attend a lot of fund raisers. He’s history. Hasn’t done crap for us. Wake up and smell the coffee people!

    • Landsende

      Living in Texas during the Bush years I can tell you he spent almost as much time at his ranch “clearing weeds” as he did in Washington. He must have had a lot of weeds! Were you upset by all his trips to his ranch “clearing weeds” or because he’s a republican who destroyed the economy and got us in two wars with a lie he gets a pass?

      • ottokristen

        Hi Landsende,yes I remember that Mr Bush spent on his ranch almost a month after his inauguration.That was long time before some uninformed people called him the war criminal.

        • “uninformed people” know what the Geneva Conventions were and why they were initiated. If a war is started on out-and-out lies and thousands of people lose their lives, doesn’t that make the war-monger a war criminal?

    • ottokristen

      Hi Dave,what do you do for living?You are not a preacher,I can feel that.I am glad to come across well informed Republican as you.I don’t know how the coffee people smell.Tell us,please.

      • Otto, I think he lives in a rural area. His work is probably related to agriculture. Or, he is retired. It is probably heavily Republican. He might be evangelical. And, for a religion that claims to be Christian, they can sure spout a lot of hate.

    • Dave, you obviously did not learn what critical thinking is. Your learning came from strong biases at your mother’s knee. If you weren’t biased, you would know that no one is 100% bad unless they are a sociopath. I don’t think Romney is a bad person, I think he lives in a world of priviledge and doesn’t really understand the middle class. After all, he told kids to go to college even if they had to borrow money from their parents. Duh? If the parents had the money they would give it to their kids. Mitch McConnell said the number one goal was to make Obama a one-term president and the tea partiers have worked hard to see that it happens. The only republican who even came up with a budget plan was Ryan and that plan takes from the social programs to give larger tax breaks to the rich.

      Obama didn’t have to do anything, the economy is going great. It has to be, because the 2001 Bush tax breaks are still in place.

  • frank739

    There is a reason, Mitt is being referred to as MTW. Mitt the Witt is rather amusing as he continues to re-invent himself. On Thursday, we are to hear about his “warm and fuzzy’ side, you know his early, formative days as a “Community Organizer” for his church.

  • triumph181

    I have no idea why Romney is so despised, his whole life as a Mormon was dedicated to following the profit and adhering religiously to despising blacks, poor and non mormons. Later in life he became even more devout and left even his own country behind in his quest to find the profit. Now, after such a life of service he has taken on the added responsibility of denying others not qualified by his god to even attempt to reach a higher order. There is much to admire in Romeny’s single issue campaign, he satnds alone thank god.

  • I personally found it disgusting when Romney said that he was going to put Blacks back in chains. That was totally racist in every sense of the word.

    Wait – was it Biden that said that? It was? That sounds a lot more likely.

    Sorry for the insult, Mitt. I was sure you wouldn’t be a “bottom feeder” like Stupid Ol’ Joe.

    Hmmm? I wonder where all the Progressives are on Joe’s remarks. The silence is deafening.

    • Landsende

      Look up the meaning of shackle. Romney used the term first when he said Obama wants to shackle Wall Street. Shackle means to chain or cuff. Biden was using the same term Romney did. Instead of criticizing and listening to faux news try to educate yourself so you at least don’t sound so ignorant.

    • CrankyToo

      Had you paid any attention to what the Veep actually said, you’d understand that his remark was a reference to Wall Street putting the middle class back in chains. You would be well-advised to turn off Fox Noise before it turns you into a bonafide Repugnican dumbass (assuming it’s not already too late.)

    • politicalhack1

      You have just totally missed the boat. Or maybe you are just trying to take up space with your own brand of idiocy.

  • This man Mitt has NEVER done anything that wasn’t arrogant and bullying. You expect him to change now? Are you nuts? He loves pendering – especially to racists and anyone willing to shell ut millions tfor him. Doesn’t matter how stupid they are. He’ll do it if it gets money and maybe buys him an election. No ethics here. Look all you want and you won’t find any.

  • howa4x

    The birther movement is a side show to keep people looking the other way. Look at the self described leader Donald Trump. This man trades in wives like some of do cars, always looking for the newest, sleeker model, and he is the one taking the moral high ground? He goes bankrupt after he bulids his bulidings so he can pay his sub contractors 50 cents on the dollar. This is what he truly thinks of blue collar people. Look at the other birthers, like Michele Bachmann who thinks the revolutionary war was fought to free the slaves, Rush who is a convicted drug addict on his 4th wife, another one on the moral high ground. Now lets get to Mitt who loves his country so much that his company was a leader in out sourcing american jobs and parked his fortune in off shore banks in the Caymans Bermuda and Switzerland. so much for being born here.

  • trentwilder

    you people are pathetic preaching like your sensitive to every culture race and sexual orientation while you spew your hate speech.obama told the joke himself yet you people don`t have a clue what kind of man obama is.i bet none of you ever donate a minute of time or a dime to anything,if you bothered to learn about romney you would find he is a person of moral character unlike obama.only an idiot would believe a word out of obamas mouth

    • CrankyToo

      Partner, you’re dumber than a bag of ball peans.

      • ottokristen

        This friend trentwilder could have been a double for Jim Carry in the movie Dumb and dumber.

      • old_blu

        That sure is a mean thing to say about ball peans.

    • The joke is on Obama, so it is his to tell. Obama is responding to racists who are telling lies about him. Romney is encouraging the telling of racist lies. It’s not difficult, really. By the way, while I’m not a grammar Nazi, telling us we’re idiots with that style of punctuation is a joke in and of itself.

    • Trentwilder, how many of Obama’s speeches have you listened to. He is well educated – are you sure you can understand what comes out of his mouth?

  • Mitt Romney is an incredibly funny comedian. Every time he says something I laugh til I cry! However, I think his style of humor, that of exaggeration, absurdity and cluelessnes, will be just about laughed out come election day when people wipe the tears out of their eyes and vote responsibly.

  • Evasion of taxes is a crime. It’s not a crime to avoid paying taxes. That is a legal endeavor that is promoted by the current tax law and its extreme complications. It should be a crime to say that people who don’t have the income or the wherewithall to hire the tax gurus to help them avoid paying their fair share of taxes should pay more in taxes to support those who can can boldly say that they paid at least 13% taxes and expect the rest of us to just believe him while he attempts to raise most of our taxesa to twice that.

  • So, why hasn’t Mitt shown his birth certificate ?

  • B

    Mittensfiled Von Romneyfeller is a greedy racist.

    That description is all too common for the typical Republican.

  • ottokristen

    I went through all the comments and I feel like being in a good company.OK there are few morons who think the heaven about Mr Romney and there probably will be a lot of middle age ladies who say :”He is such a nice looking man and what’s more,Abigail, he is white”. You think,that I am kidding?I actually parted with friends of many years ,because this very thing,before Obama was elected,when one of my friends ,lowering her voice, said to me: “But he is a Muslim.”I was furious.Even if he would be,so what.Just to get her going I asked her if she red Mark Twain,she said,of cause.I said:So you like Jewish literature eh?
    I think religion should be completely eliminated from matters of the state.I still remember how humiliated and sorry I felt for Obama,when he had to comply to prove to be a Christian and to have a meeting with that fat, self proclaimed big mouth leader of the church,who thinks that he is better than Billy Graham.By the way talking about Billy Graham,he made his money and he gave to a lot of people, who couldn’t make it in show business, opportunity to make a good living.I don’t know how much he gave to charity,but I hope he did.But I liked Jimmy Swagart,he cried better.

  • perfect candadate…..for the gilliotine.

  • chisolm

    Trying to blame the failure and unpopularity of President Obama’s policies on the evil Republicans that have done nothing to support his policies is disingenuous at best. Democrats had a majority in both the house and senate during the first two years of his administration and used their majority to pass policies the majority of us disagree with. Now the President would like us to forget that simple fact and blame Republicans for pointing out his failure to improve the job situation and runaway debt and deficit. Obama proposes a budget with over a trillion dollar deficit each year that even his own party wouldn’t support and the Democrats in the Senate have refused to bring their budget to the floor for a vote. Somehow those pointing out the failure of his policies are labeled as racist merely shows the desperation of Democrats.

    • Chis, find out what a filibuster is. How is it used? What was its original purpose. How many times has it been used by Republicans compared to how many times in the past.? A majoritiy in the house and senate doesn’t matter is you have to have a super majority vote to pass anything. The night after Obama’s innaugeration, A group of Republicans met to see how to make sure he only served one term. This was so Americian of them. No, it was not American. People, like you, have made the party more important than the country. By the way, SA, The budget comes out of the budget committee. The president doesn’t make the budget.

      • chisolm

        Actually the President submits his budget proposal to congress to get the ball rolling. President Obama has done that and even his own party refused to support it. Apparently it is easier to have no budget, spend as much as possible and then threaten to shut down what litlle government we need if the debt ceiling is not raised.

  • Terry Rickaby

    The real Obama’s off tele-prompter Gaffe’s. Remember when you libs and the media would mock Bush relentlessly when he made a gaffe? Ahh, those were good times.

    The island chain 300 miles off the coast of Argentina has two names. The United Kingdom, which controls them as a protectorate, and the rest of the world call those islands the Falklands. Argentina calls them the Malvinas. Argentina has never owned the islands. Islanders are 90% British, descendants of the original settlers, and support their relationship with the UK. The UK has controlled the Falklands since 1830, and fought a war over them against Argentina in 1982 to keep them. But that didn’t stop President Barack Obama from attempting to use the Argentinian name for the islands. And he even got that badly wrong. President Obama erred during a speech at the Summit of the Americas in Cartagena, Colombia, when attempting to call the disputed archipelago by its Spanish name. Instead of saying Malvinas, however, the idiot referred to the islands as the Maldives, a group of 26 atolls off that lie off the South coast of India.

    It takes someone with a very limited understanding of geography to confuse the Maldives, a sovereign country near India, with the Malvinas, a political name attached to islands that are actually called the Falklands. For starters, the two island chains are in different oceans, more than 8,000 miles apart. The Falklands are in the south Atlantic; Maldives are in the Indian Ocean. Of more importance, though, is Obama’s decision to wade into a sensitive issue between two of our allies in this way. The Falklands war was 30 years ago this month. The Argentine government has been ratcheting up anti-British rhetoric, demanding that the UK hand “Las Malvinas” over, and threatening to invade again. In his summit speech Obama claimed that the US is neutral, which was our official stance during the 1982 war and is now, but attempting to use the name “Malvinas,” and then bungling that, can be taken to suggest that he isn’t so neutral and would side with Argentina against the British.

    This isn’t the first time Barack Obama has betrayed his geographical ignorance and political boneheadedness. In a recent speech in Hawaii, the president thought he was in Asia despite being born in Hawaii. Hawaii, a volcanic island chain 4,000 miles east of Asia, is not part of Asia or any other continent. In November 2011, Obama said that he was disturbed when Iranians stormed the “English embassy” in Tehran, which was actually the British embassy. England is one of four nations, along with Scotland, and Wales, plus Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom. Calling it the “British embassy” would have been accurate; calling it the “English embassy” was not. In another characteristic Obama gaffe, in 2009 Barack Obama invented a language: “Austrian.” There is an Austrian school of economics, but the Austrian people speak German. I suppose we should be thankful that he didn’t confuse them with Australians.

    This guy is a stuttering, stammering buffoon who can’t sting a coherent sentence together without his trusty teleprompter.

  • The biggest laugh Mitt will ever get is when he loses his bid to be POTUS. @PeggyNoonan should start writing Romney’s concession speech now. Titled: “I got ‘Bained’ by a socialist”

  • Only 24% of Republicans believe he’s a Christian. 34% is the number for the entire country.