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Friday, March 22, 2019

LOL Of The Week: Oops…We Just Made An Attack Ad Against The President

LOL Of The Week: Oops…We Just Made An Attack Ad Against The President

Fox News CEO and former Nixon aide Roger Ailes claimed late last year that his news channel had undergone a “course correction.” He no longer allowed Fox personalities to directly promote Tea Party events on the air, he cut back on the Palin, and he replaced Glenn Beck with five of the dullest personalities he could find.

Possibly reacting to the Gabrielle Giffords shooting – or the phone hacking scandal confronting parent News Corp – Ailes seemed to be trying to prevent his network from becoming a complete joke.

But as elections near, Fox News is like a werewolf beneath a full moon. Daily the channel has been morphing into a Romney telethon. Recently its producers manufactured a controversy to help Mitt Romney’s National Finance Co-Chair raise more millions. And then last week, all pretenses were dropped.

Fox and Friends — the morning show broadcast from an alternate dimension where Michele Bachmann makes sense and George W. Bush has Bill Clinton’s record — aired a four-minute attack ad targeting the President. Apparently a producer on the show worked on the ad “for weeks,” matching all the dishonesty of the Rove/Koch brothers’ ads attacking the President. But this particular dishonest attack ad aired in full for free on a national news network — twice.

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71 responses to “LOL Of The Week: Oops…We Just Made An Attack Ad Against The President”


    wow, and this looks like an Obomma / msnbc advertisement ..
    so much for truth in the news…

    is this the pot calling the kettle black ???

    • TruthSayer says:

      No, just the facts, ma’am!

    • carolknows says:

      ah need to grow up and face the facts,,and maybe move to ireland/they’re doing so well ye know..oh,by the way, using silly little ‘kettle black’ double-racist speak went out long ago..righties just can’t seem to move on into the 21st century.

      • PATRICK FINNEGAN says:

        Carol , do you knows that I am a union construction worker , deep into the Dem . party for over 50 years ?
        so, you grow up , and get YOUR information right before you make your opinions public … your just like the mass media, blast an opinion, biased , but printed …
        and thank you for the pulling the race card. did not see that coming, but the race baiters will not allow any / all oportunity to pull out the sacred RACE CARD… lol

        • Curt379 says:

          Can we please raise the level of discourse? This snarky, adolescent namecalling (repubie-hoodie?) and accusations of advertisement for a particular network or candidate seem way off the mark, to me.
          A. “The pot calling a kettle black” is NOT a racist remark in any way. It’s a very old adage about hypocrisy, nothing more.
          B. An article, from however biased a source, that finds fault with Fox News’ bias and/or truthfulness is NOT necessarily an advertisement for anyone else, except by contrast, and by someone who chooses to see it that way. But there could be a logical argument about hypocrisy, if it can be proven that there is a political bias at work in the article, and I would have to agree that the tone of the article is a wee bit too gleeful.
          Let’s all grow up a little.
          Lecture over, now was that so bad?

    • RichardPatrock says:

      If you go through the article you will notice there is no mention of msnbc. You would consider it a Zen advertisement for MSNBC, the sound of Fox clapping is by its emptiness an ad for MSNBC. As for being an advertisement for Obama, his name is mentioned once, whereas Romney is mentioned three times. As they say, just spell the name right, if name recognition is important, which it is in any election. As to whether this Internet site is under the same obligation to be Fair and Balanced, it isn’t. First, there is no attempt to masquerade as Fair and Balanced, as does Fox. Second, a Television Broadcast Company has legal obligations that internet sites do not since they have been given or sold at a song, the airwaves that give them their publishing power.

  2. carolknows says:

    what’s the matter repubie -hoodies? truth hurt?

  3. O12Puma says:

    Brain dead America is not interested in truth, they are interested in sensationalism, color, selfishness and how to hurt others. fox news is a joke and those who watch or follow are very sad and dead from their white neck up!!!!!!!! O12

    • I was right there with you Puma, right up until the reverse racism comment!
      There are many of us “white”, that are behind President Obama 110%!

      Please don’t stoop to their level. Thanks!

    • CPANY says:


      You write like an idiot. Blacks constitute only ten percent of the American population. Without the white vote, Obamam would not have been elected president.

      • O12Puma says:

        CPANY wrote, in response to O12Puma:

        You may be right at times I am an idiot however I was not referring to color but a way of thinking or mind set !!

        write like an idiot. Blacks constitute only ten percent of the American population. Without the white vote, would not have been elected president.

        Link to comment

  4. Kenneth Bailey says:

    When you see and hear so called “news” from Faux News a person of any capacity for thinking can quickly discern their true intent. As is often stated, “It is easier to ask forgiveness that it is to ask for permission” and it seems this is the low road Faux took. Too bad Ailes cannot be held responsible for campaigning for Mitt Romney which I believe is a violation of the FEC. I could be wrong with my assumption and it would not be the first time nor the last time I have been wrong. Being wrong is part of a sentient, thinking thing unlike sheep.

  5. Whatever happens to the old fashion honest reporters that reported the news without putting any spin to it?….
    FOX news have an agenda, MSN has an agenda, Cowboy Byte has an agenda and so do the National Memo
    Do they believe readers and viewers are soo stupid not to see thru the propaganda?
    Oh WAIT….they are!!!
    Oh Walter, how we miss you!!!!

    • EdC says:

      Old Fashioned news reporters have to report what the particular media requires, I.E. Fox you lose your job if you don’t report pro republican and anti-democrat, Yet MSNBC which the Fox follower claim is pure democrat, has report on the bad idea of Obamas to let the Keystone pipeline go through, for those of you who haven’t followed it, Its oil sand running though a pipe that bisectes the country. the key word is Oil sand. Never ending liquid sand paper running through a pipe twenty-four seven, three sixty five. I f you still don’t understand, borrow an electric belt sander, turn in on and set it on the hood of your favorite car, for about an hour should do it. they also got on his case about not getting into the BP oil thing any faster, which he was on it with in twelve hours, we didn’t have any answers yet but he was trying. You never hear anything said bad about Romney even though a big part of the Republican population really still doesn’t like him, they just won’t vote Democrat. Lack of Common sence has caused the demise of Old Fashioned news reporting.

  6. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    First of all, it’s the job of news media to report news. Not to present their ideological viewpoints and push their political agenda on the public. Americans are fed up with the blatant bias in news media today. Journalism today has become so biased, you can’t pick up a newspaper or turn on a TV channel without the feeling of being propagandized by come CEO with a political agenda to bolster. Enough already. Americans don’t need Big Brother Media to tell us who to vote for. We go into that voting booth alone and don’t need help choosing our candidates. We also don’t need daily pummeling by ideological extremists whose main scheme is to insure their misguided ideology is rammed down the public throats. Any American who doesn’t stand on their Freedom of Choice deserves to be spoon fed the garbage ideologues are so desperate to turn into the only thinking in the country.

    • William Deutschlander says:

      Agreed, however, DEMOCRACY is contingent on the voter informing himself of the facts, then to make an informed judgement and excercise the RIGHT TO VOTE, which is also an obligation to DEMOCRACY!

      Far too many iliterates allow themselves to be spoon fed poison and then cast a tainted vote.

      • CPANY says:

        No vote is tainted, because each of us votes according to his or her personal preference. There are no standards for judging the “correctness” of a vote.

    • Ed says:

      Eleanor, the “news media” long ago stopped reporting news. They have three subjects, sex, celebrity, and political controversy. And those are the networks that pretend they are doing the news. They love to stir the soup? For instance, can anyone explain why a local station on the east coast should have a report that a bodega in Oakland California was robbed this mornming and a person was shot? Does that mean there were no robberies or shootings in the local news area? Or if=s that just part of a media plan to promote the idea that we all should be very very afraid. A plan which seems to be working beautifully.

    • ChronologiC says:

      Eleanore Whitaker said, “First of all, it’s the job of news media to report news. ”

      Actually, it’s not. The job of news media is to make money, and lots of it. News media corporations are for-profit organizations. Folks seem to think that news media organizations exist to provide a service (i.e. reporting the news). They are under no such obligation.

      This fact does not reduce the loathsomeness of Fox News in any way, nor does it excuse the behavior of so-called “democratically-leaning” networks. It is simply a fact. Draw from it what you will.

  7. deborah says:

    Alas, FOX has been in this “fair and balanced” mode for a long time: years. I stopped watching the deeper Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck went from tirade to pure nuts. I do not get any information from FOX because I know it is biased. I used to tune in to get some chuckles, but before long it ceased being funny and was just outrageous. I understand MSNBC is certainly biased towards the democrats, but with a few exceptions, their commentators do not go into the absurd; do not go into tirades of pure fiction, and at times are incredibly fair and balanced…and I might add they stay within the bounds of using civilized words. I have even heard other party politicians on MSNBC given ample time to be heard. I learned a lot about Governor Christie on MSNBC; I have seen and heard many Republican strategists there and once again the rhetoric is sane and respectful. I especially like Morning Joe: although Joe can get heated at times. Joe is an ex-Republican House member from Florida who is an avid conservative. I for one appreciate MSNBC model while at the same time I know they are prone to the Democratic side. Then I research facts myself and read books and Lord help us all, listen and read main stream media. Until a politician comes along who makes sense to me about remedies, I will continue to make decisions in this way and not believe one word until I verify. Then, unlike some of your readers, posted here for instance, I don’t come across as uninformed. FOX “news?” is a joke.

    • sonjad says:

      Very well stated Deborah couldn’t of said it better…And yes i like Morning Joe as well!!!!!!!!

    • Maybe you should broaden your information to Mr Roger reruns.

      • EdC says:

        MAYBE YOU SHOULD OPEN YOUR MIND, One of the MAJOR Conservative, (yes I said Conservative) Universities, stated that people that follow Fox News are even less informed then people who pay no attention to the news at all. Davey, study of what you speak, cause the direction you are going is going to take us all to your handles name sake.

    • Bruce says:

      Yes, I agree, MSNBC is also not “fair and balanced” either, but it is way more honest than Fox, and allows for differing opinions.

      • Gerald says:

        No, but they don’t claim to be “fair and balanced” like Fox News does. I sometimes watch Fox just to see how nutty they are. Unfortunately I know people that don’t have another news source.

    • RONALD B says:

      Debrorah, mame I agree with you I too watch MSNBC, because of their honesty and their truthfulness,I’ve started out watching Fox News untill I had to see for myself how phoney and how unconcerned they are with getting facts, I’ve been trying to tell ppl they MSNBC has like you had said republicans on thier show everyday and though they do attend to sway to the left they are also fair and balance, and for those who think other wise should watch MSNBC and see that they are a real news staion as for as I’m concerned. Listen everyone don’t have to agree with what I’m saying, but facts are facts, Rachel Maddow has always ask any repubilcans to come on her show so far she had afew but still wants to have more, bottomline is I will always watch that channel to get the facts and factcheck it first.

    • Virginia51 says:

      The problem is the Republican sheep watch it and believe every word. Couple that with the fact that the Dems are disgusted with the way Obama is handling the financial force majeure and we have an election by default. Obama needs to call a moratorium on foreclosures and evictions and face the fact that the Wall Street cartel committed fraud and designed a shadow banking process that has taken down our economy. His “la-de-dah” smile and glad handing needs to get serious and realize the way to win the election is to win the majority – not the banks’ affection.

      If he’d stop listening to his Goldman Sachs advisors and do the right thing he’d have a stronger shot at saving this election and not have to worry about attack ads.

      • EdC says:

        Sorry Virginia, he has tried several times, but the Republicans just keep saying No. The Romney has actually that the foreclosures should continue, lets hope that, that will resurface during the actual campaign. It is on tape.

    • Hal Fexer says:

      Wow …you just stay where you are…To say of Tirades on Fox? shame on you too..Bathe in your ignorance…suits you well.Oh the stench of “progressive propaganda”has your mind “Hook,line and sinker”…nuff said.

  8. AlfredSonny says:

    Greedy Christians are Christian Impostors.
    Will God forgive Reverend Mike Huckabee?

  9. William Deutschlander says:

    Just the FACT that Ailies was an aid to Trick Dicky Nixon, who resigned in preference to impeachment, foretells greatly as regards his character and how he would lead any organization.

    When you put Ailes and Murdock together they make organized crime look like boy scouts!

  10. howa4x says:

    Fox should have it’s license revoked by the FTC. they have crossed over to become the republican party news channel or RPN. they should be made to refile under that station listing. The sad thing is that they are constantly part of a conspiracy to get the hard working middle class to vote against it’s own self interest, and the interest of their families. Before the health care law was even past, Fox began to give a voice to the newly formed by an old ally Dick Armey R Tex, the Tea party. When the act was passed there were 32 million that lacked any health insurance and 2 million were between the ages of 22-26,recent grads who under the old law were kicked off their parents policies. Most all were middle class.
    With Fox leading the way to reapeal the act, the tea party who now had power at the state level got Atty Generals to file against it. If the Supreme court strikes it down, through it’s conservative majority, these 2 million middle class young adults will loose their health care coverage. A direct attack against the middle class, but Fox is trying to convince them it’s a good thing by saying: We don’t want a government takeover of health care do we? We don’t want socialised medicine do we, like the French? Is the middle class too ignorant to realize this is an attack against them? That Fox’s lies will hurt them financially? On CNN this weekend Romney’s chief financial advisor said although Mitt passed the same reform in Mass. and over 98% of the population is covered, the states should decide how they want to cover their own and the Feds should be out of it. The now 50 million with out coverage didn’t bother him. When asked if we go back to the old system and insurance companies could once aagain drop people with high risk or for pre existing conditions would he be ok wiht that. He answered that we need to go back to a market based system. For those Fox watchers that means that the financial health of the insurers, big pharma and big medicine is more important than the health of the people.

    Now if this isn’t voting against your own family interest, I don’t know what is?

    • CPANY says:

      People seem to vote against their financial self-interest frequently. Why? I don’t know. It’s always amazed me that they do it.

    • EdC says:

      Yet as you have witnessed there are those of lessor intelingence or of lessor moral values that would stand for Fox news.

      • howa4x says:

        Fox and friends are paid millions to lie to the American people. Rush, Hannity, Coulter, O’Reiley, Palin, Beck are paid by corporate interests to mislead the middle class so that they will vote against themselves. One great myth that the middle class was created by the wealthy, is perpertrated by them when in actually it was the unions that built it.

  11. William Deutschlander – you call that CRAP from FOX Brainwashing news????? It’s all BS, I no longer watch any shows on FOX no matter what they are!!!!!!

  12. Cliff says:

    It’s great to read that all of you get your information from many different sources, but wouldn’t that mean that you should also get it from a source you do not approve of in order to get the whole idea for making a decision? It is wrong to call something a name and demand it be cast away because you think it is bad for people. If people are stupid enough to form their decisions from one source, then we need to deal with that, rather than eliminate news sources. I watch Fox news to get their slant. I don’t wear a Fox news T shirt.

  13. Ed1960x says:

    Fox News is the US equivalent of the Reich Ministry of Propaganda and Culture and Roger Ailes is the Joseph Goebbels of the operation. The stooges at Fox and Friends are the brown shirts that take their marching orders from Palin and the other idiots.

  14. joyscarbo says:

    Fox News is for those who are weak of mind and intellect. It creates and nurtures the conspiracy theory that has absolutley base in reality. Fox News is divisive and can hardly be termed a “news media outlet.”

  15. Jerpell says:

    Wow..It’s almost like watching CNN with their one sided analysis and viscous attacks on any GOP politician….But it really doesn’t matter what CNN does with their news, no one watches CNN, the worst ratings in all of cable news!

  16. The only reason to watch fox tv is to believe the opposit of the crap the spew from their direa filled mouths. The biggest liars on fox has to be Inshanity and O’reality.

  17. Bruce says:

    Any person with an iota of intelligence and common sense knows that Fox News is a “joke”, but it is potentially a very dangerous one. The bias and propaganda that it foists on the American viewing public is all too accepted by too many people who will believe anything you tell them.

  18. I watch all stations of news.. For.. My reason is.. “Keep your Friends close.. and your Enemies closer ! “

  19. pogo_patti says:

    Ditto, Deborah! Their news casts are panned just like their Reality” shows…I call it the Cartoon Channel!

  20. Michael D Muoio says:

    Fox “News” actually makes people less informed than if they watched nothing…….Sad very sad.

    You should know that Roger’s original concept was GOP TV. He now has it thanx to the criminal Aussie.

  21. sheilab2 says:

    Wonder how much $$$ ailes is contributing to tea party candidates and romney? To pretend that this republican station is fair and balanced is like saying the snake would like to cuddle up to you and not bite you. Just think, if mittens gets elected (heaven forbgid), he can make ailes his communications director.

  22. Jon says:

    Fox News: The more you watch, the less you know.

  23. Iris Kern says:

    Until America realizes that race colors their perceptions – probably without being conscious of such – we will remain a bias and subjective people. The opposition if not to what the President has accomplished but to him as a person. Fox out to be held liable, in some way, for their biases in reporting.
    Dr. Iris Kern

  24. Joni says:

    I miss news and unbiased journalism

  25. Kevin says:

    Fox the most biased and unbalanced network in America!

  26. I could care less about FIX news and those hillbilly rednecks necks they have on the morning shows or that piece of Republican wife that we use toilet paper for called Mitt Romney that Old Broken down looking wife,who looks like a run down used tire.All You hillbillies seem to forget one thing Romney does not have in his favor to white the Independent and Black,so he can spend all the money white boy can muster up he still will not win the White House the things white people do and they can you all the smart race yeah!! you keep dreaming that your the minority race now!!

  27. Joyce says:

    Its like a dump at Fox. I listen to Msnbc, Cnn and Fox and compare, Fox is in a class by itself, phoney , phoney , phoney.

  28. daffodilly says:

    Will the investigation of Murdock U.S. holdings, including FOX News, start before or after the elections? If the hearings are before a Republican led House, don’t expect much truth or actual fact finding.

  29. Davekzy1 says:

    Too late! fox news is already a bads joke.

  30. LAWRENCEW says:

    Please spare us with the “Fox veiwers are less informed than other veiwers poll”.Fox News is watched by more people than any other network.Because they are closer to “Fair And Balanced” than the rest.The American people know who is fair and who is overly bias.The ratings bear this out.MSNBC is horrible except for “Morning Joe” and “To catch a Predator”.And I’m a longtime Democrat.I watch FOX News when I want to get closest to the truth.No Network is perfect,but FOX comes closest to “Fair and Balanced” than the rest.

    • Stella53 says:

      FAUX News is a train wreck and people love to watch a wreck. A lot of FAUX News viewers are not informed. All they hear is hate and lies from the FAUX News idiot hosts. “News” my be hind! FAUX News is the Hate Obama Network!

  31. John Grosklags says:

    How many words, paragraphs, and pages does it take to say “FOX News is dishonest and mean spirited”?

  32. PJD219 says:

    MSNBC is the joke! What idiots they have spewing the propaganda!! Big mouth Ed Schultz, Rachel Madcow, and then you have Al Sharpton who really needs to get the marbles out of his mouth so you can understand him…total activist…but that’s ok, right?
    Every now and then I watch just for a good laugh!!! MSNBC is in the bag for Obama & the crazy’s like the big mouth who never shuts up….Debbie Wasserman Schultz…Can’t wait until November!!!!

  33. PJD219 says:

    MSNBC i8s a joke!!!! What idiots!!!!

  34. Ollierogers2u says:

    We need to have ads on TV…having the Democrats in the Senate putting bills up for jobs , Dream Act etc,…Republicans all saying NO to EACH BILL and then showing MITCH McCONNELL saying on DEC 2010…OUR TOP PRIORITY to Make ObAMA a ONE time President…Then say The Republicans refuse our jobs at the cost of our economy…just to DEFEAT President OBAMA…at the cost of our country ! Who do you trust ? Who cares about this country…Really !

  35. Dakota111 says:

    Beliefs are not facts.
    The study results speaks only to “beliefs” not factual misinformation.
    People watch what matches their belief system, they don’t gain their beliefs from what they watch.
    I watch FOX, and I sometimes watch MSNBC. I don’t always agree with either media outlet, but more often I like what I see and hear on the biased “FOX” than I do on the biased “MSNBC”.
    The media is not pure journalism, it is propaganda, realize this and watch the propaganda you like.
    In the end, don’t trust the media, trust real facts, and think for yourself.

    Those who watched Fox News almost daily were significantly more likely than those who never watched it to believe that most economists estimate the stimulus caused job losses (8 points more likely), most economists have estimated the health care law will worsen the deficit (31 points), the economy is getting worse (26 points), most scientists do not agree that climate change is occurring (30 points), the stimulus legislation did not include any tax cuts (14 points), their own income taxes have gone up (14 points), the auto bailout only occurred under Obama (13 points), when TARP came up for a vote most Republicans opposed it (12 points) and that it is not clear that Obama was born in the United States (31 points). The effect was also not simply a function of partisan bias, as people who voted Democratic and watched Fox News were also more likely to have such misinformation than those who did not watch it–though by a lesser margin than those who voted Republican.

    There were cases with some other news sources as well. Daily consumers of MSNBC and public broadcasting (NPR and PBS) were higher (34 points and 25 points respectively) in believing that it was proven that the US Chamber of Commerce was spending money raised from foreign sources to support Republican candidates. Daily watchers of network TV news broadcasts were 12 points higher in believing that TARP was signed into law by President Obama, and 11 points higher in believing that most Republicans oppose TARP.

    The poll of 848 Americans was fielded from November 6 to 15, 2010.

  36. I notice that my Conservative friends post stuff from their sources all the time …In emails and on fb . I don’t see my Liberal friends do the same, for if they did their conservative friends would tear it to shreads using facts and logic and the Lib who posted it would look and feel like a clown . Fox is the number one rated cable news in the Nation . They beat all the Clown Car Networks libs watch combined . They do this because they report fairly . CNN and MSNBC have people like Al Sharpton for chrissakes ..Libs get their news and talking points from Misogynist Moron Bill Maher ( waging War on Women ) Joy Behar , Whoopie Goldberg , Jon Stewart , Steven Colbert and Rosie Oddonnell . It’s no wonder that Pew Res Study showed Conservatives as the much better informed group …..Would one of you people have the guts to post this on fb so we can rip it up ? Please?

  37. Mimi says:

    White trash at it’s finest–Fox News should be taken completely off the air.

  38. Georgia says:

    fox news only mission in life is to promote hate and devision, the people who love that show, believe what they hear on the station because they are looking for a reason to bring all their hate out of hiding. I think there are a lot of people who hate anyone and anything that is different. The people that they are trying to reach don’t want to hear the truth, they want to believe someone like Sean Hannity and those other haters.

  39. Shirley says:

    Commentators such as Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and the other ilk just say whatever comes to mind, and people take it as gospel. Why wouldn’t they do this if the people are so stupid they don’t ever fact check. What I like about MSNBC is most of their statements are backed up by video. They don’t just throw something out there and expect you to swallow it, hook, line and sinker. I believe intelligent people can’t stand to watch FOX and those who are less fortunate in the “brains” department love it.

  40. lazycs says:

    LOL, too bad the state run media hasn’t apologized for the past 4 years of being the cheer leaders for the messiah

  41. ih8aloss says:

    Fair and balanced? Politics be dammed! Be informed and invest in a future with QUANTUM DOTs! .A choice that benefits all – See The Light

  42. Hal Fexer says:

    For Shame…those who believe this “Progressive Propaganda”The only reason to read this Ilk of reporting on “The National Memo”…should be to “Keep your Friends Close…BUT… your Enemies Closer”only an extreme lack of judgment ( an abundence of ignorance) would a person need to read this Propaganda,put forth within its pages. They are afraid of the popularity and Fairness of Fox to the extent of Bashing as their only way to get their lies accross to you…Wow For Shame!

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