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Saturday, October 22, 2016

When Scott Brown announced on Friday that he will not seek the seat John Kerry is vacating in the U.S. Senate, Republicans immediately became so distraught that you expected Karl Rove to appear on Fox News telling us that it was premature to assume Brown wasn’t running.

The former Cosmopolitan centerfold is virtually the GOP’s only hope of a red Bay State Senate seat.

By Saturday, some Republicans were so desperate that they were floating the idea that Ann or Tagg Romney should run for the seat – even though Mitt lost the state less then three months ago by 23 percent.


Of course, Scott Brown’s brief, ridiculous ascendency to the Senate symbolizes everything that went wrong in the aftermath of the financial crisis.

Brown’s win was called the first victory in the Tea Party wave of 2010.

This oversimplified version of history ignores two central facts. Most of what the Tea Party got credit for was actually achieved by Fox News’ unprecedented decision, as the nation’s most popular cable “news” network, to actually organize on behalf of the Republican Party. Secondly, Brown owed his victory more to a flood of Wall Street cash than to any populist movement.

Though anyone who wonders why no executives are in prison for their role in the financial crisis and how we let the big banks get bigger than ever obviously forgets that the Tea Party movement was used to push Wall Street’s agenda, ensuring no banks or bankers ever suffered any real consequences for shattering the global economy. Without a political movement behind them, Congress and the Justice Department melted before the power of a banking industry that had been bailed out and allowed to continue lobbying without restriction.

Brown seized on the frustration of the worst economy in 50 years by promising to be the 41st vote against giving the rest of the nation Massachusetts’ health care plan. He failed in killing the Affordable Care Act but succeeded in the mission that will make him a very rich man.

Wall Street generally liked Obamacare, which mandates the purchase of a private product for a public good.

They hired Scott Brown to water down Dodd-Frank reforms of the financial system, and that he did.

The young senator used Ted Kennedy’s old seat to singlehandedly weaken one of the most important aspects of Wall Street reform – the Volcker Rule.

This rule limits banks’ ability to speculate in the risky investments that led to the financial crisis. To get his crucial 60th vote, the Senate let Brown rewrite the regulation exactly how the banks wanted it and then continued to shape it in their favor it once it became law.

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  • sunmusing

    It is still not too late to go after these “wall street criminals”..

    • Sand_Cat

      Who will do it?

      This administration is likely to pursue them with the same tenacity and skill it applied to bringing the Bush administration war criminals to justice.

      • ococoob

        It can be done. Just get rid of the Repukes and TeaTards. Obstructionists!

  • charleo1

    Since the days of Andrew Jackson, politicians, and patriots alike, have fought the influences of
    money on Congress, that inevitably results in bad public policy, and a corruption of democracy.
    By the very nature of a Capitalistic economy, those at the top receive the lion’s share of the
    gains. Where they will relentlessly pursue advantage, through the legal, and political systems.
    We know by studying our history, huge monopolistic enterprises, such as Standard Oil, and
    the railroads did in their day, what a Citicorp, or a Goldman Sachs does today. When our
    Theodore, or our Franklin Roosevelts will come to the Country’s rescue, we can’t know.
    Just that, come they must, to ensure the power given to government continues to flow from
    the People.

    • Countrybumpkin

      Power will flow back to the PEOPLE, as soon as we have public financing for all elections.

      • charleo1

        From your thoughts to God’s ear.

      • plc97477

        it would be easier to just stop voting for the pols with the most money just because they have the most money.

    • Michael Kollmorgen

      It is Un-Checked Capitalism which is destroying this country from the inside out.

      When only the top 10% of our society holds nearly 70% of its wealth, what do you think the left over 90% of the population is trying to do? Of course, we have to survive somehow on the left over 30% of its wealth.

      This was the exact type of situation that caused the French Revolution and the British Revolution during their day. Only though, during those days, it was the Royalty and their cooperating crooks that was holding all the wealth.

      The only change is the Title of the person(s) holding the wealth today.

      If things don’t dramatically change, call it redistribution of wealth, which is fine by me, a Revolution will happen here to. Just a matter of time.

      • charleo1

        Sure! I agree with your assessment. No one is exactly calling for revolutionary riots in
        the streets. But the system is out of balance. No doubt about it. And, I think you put it
        a bit better. And, there is plenty of history that demonstrates that unregulated Capitalism
        tends to skew itself over time. And all the things like competition, new ideas, or better
        quality products, and rewards to labor for more productivity, that make the Capitalistic
        system so dynamic, and inventive, are eventually lost as one or two companies corner the market. And the consumer ceases to have the choices that drove everything else.
        And it seems to me, that’s about where we find ourselves today. Whether we are fueling
        our car, or flying to our destination. Choosing a bank, or buying health insurance.
        Or just trying, and find a Mom, and Pop anything today. They control the markets, and the
        wages. And also they, or their representatives are spending everyday with the rule makers.
        One big social club. Where millionaire Congressmen, and billionaire CEOs spend all
        their days talking with one another, and making deals. Many I’m sure feel they are mostly
        doing the right thing for their constituents. (Whoever they are.) Right? It’s actually
        kind of a miracle things aren’t worse. Or there is any Middle Class left at all. But, one
        or two more catastrophes like we’ve just been through, and we’re toast! Then, I guess
        we’ll all be in the streets! Literally.

        • Michael Kollmorgen

          Think of it this way as well.

          There are at least 3 major gas companies; Shell, BP and Marathon. I’ll just use these three as examples and the price of fuel. I could use many more forms of commodities and they would fall within the same constructs.

          When the price of gas goes up, all three seem to know what the other one is going to do and raise their prices accordingly. Prediction?, Mindthink? I don’t think so.

          Is this all planned so they stay relatively the same? I think so.

          Are they all in communication to fix the price of commodities? I think so.

          This is why in America today, the little guy ain’t got a cold shot in hell of ever doing anything anymore. And, IF someone does, they better be prepared to kiss a lot of ass.

  • nobsartist

    republiCONs love to put morons on pedestals.

    In the great tradition of the bush crime family, the asshole mccain and the confused lyndsey graham, we have a loser that wore flannel shirts and drove a pickup 4 years ago ascending to 3 piece suits and Cadillac.

    Heck of a guy and as useless as they come.

    • amazonfan

      Who also supports torture. You can’t get more disgusting than that.

    • Michael Kollmorgen

      Well, you can’t say the guy is useless since he was one of the reasons all these banks got away with raping the american consumer.

      Most of these Wall Street Rapist should be doing hard time. And, its way over due.

      And, have you noticed, they are now instituting even more credit card fees and other hidden service fees, which the rest of us peons thought was going to be controlled.

      Hah, that’s a joke.

      So, maybe to the rest of the 90% of the american public he might have seemed stupid, he sure wasn’t to the top 10% – the uber rich.

      And, the Uber Rich, not us, are the ones that control the path and finances of this country. The rest of us just think we do.

      • kdisg

        Hey Michael: you said it my friend. He wasn’t stupid, criminals usually arent stupid BUT this creep and the wall street losers who decided to screw us 90% should be doing VERY hard time. Remembering that every single word that comes out of a republicans mouth is a lie, it’s always safe to assume they are looking to figure out a way to take away more benifits from the disabled, the poor and seniors. They have more than proven that over the last 4 years blocking every positive thing Obama tried to do to get the economy moving including JOBS.

        • Michael Kollmorgen


          Many years ago I used to know some serious real mafia members.

          To be honest, I’d even today, would put more trust in them than I would any Republican anymore.

          Sometimes a dirty-low-down? criminal is much safer to have around than most of the politicians these days. And, this is certainly very true for the crop of these latest Republicans.

          At least with the Mafia you knew where you stood and what to expect if you screwed up. With these Republicans, you never know where they are coming from.

          • kdisg

            I remember the good old days when we voted (in my family) anyway for whoever was best for the job. Now with tea party and people like Bone head bohner, and Mitch kill the middle class McConnel your MUCH better voting for the monkey on his ar then ANY REPUBLICAN because they hate us hard working, family raising, tax paying (and not only 14% either) regular middle class americans. UN-AMERICAN is what the new republican party is and that will be that way for many years to come. PLEASE vote them out next time around is what middle class, seniors, many woman and disabled are saying now. voe them out


      At least Scott Brown was smart enough to get out of Washington where he hung out with useless politicians on both sides..There is not one creditable person in the Senate, Congress or the Administration..Would you let Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, John McCain or Mitch McConnel run your family business? I wouldn’t. Our Country has been brainwashed and it won’t get any better for sometime..The Senate,Congress and the administration work for the American people not the Republican or Democratic party.That is a forgotten truth! If we told the lies or did the things they all do we would be fired, arrested or who knows what..It’s a sad time in America! When your mortgage, real estate taxes and insurances go up by 6% and your paycheck goes down by 2-3% (New FICA) I ask who is getting hurt by that? Some Family making $75,000 or a Family making $375,000? You would think by hearing what both sides have been saying the past few months that the Middle Class would not get hurt and the 11th hour negotiations we solely to help that class are so far from the truth! I am in the middle class and I am hurt and on a downward spiral..Our government is a joke everywhere you look..It your attitude about flannel shirts and pickup trucks that has taken over our Society that contribute to our downfall. Imagine this: What if Scott Bron was a Democrat? Would you be talking about flannel shirts etc?

      • What an idiotic statement!

        /Ever hear of Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren????????????????
        /Blanket statements are for morons

  • Former Senator Scott Brown proved to be an empty suit during his tenure in Congress. To his credit, he had enough common sense to opt out. As for Ann Romney running, all I have to say is bring it on.
    What we need in Congress are leaders focused on policy conducive to stimulate the economy, lower our unemployment rate, reduce deficit spending and borrowing, and invest in the USA instead of wasting our tax dollars funding ridiculous crusades. We need people with courage, not afraid to confront special interests and determined to put in place effective regulations to prevent future financial and economic meltdowns like the one that hit us in late 2007.

    • Countrybumpkin

      Then we need to get MONEY OUT OF POLITICS. Public financing for all elections, from the small city major to the Presidency.

    • You think Ann Romney would be that person? This is a joke, right Dominick?

      • july860

        I think that’s why he said “bring it on”…

    • kdisg

      Dominick, after the BUSH nightmare and his spending us into a fake war, and giving away the surplus CLINTON accumulated and getting almost every other country to HATE and want to KILL americans then his party went on to BLOCK real changes Obama tried, I read the jobs bill the gop blocked and it took no prisoners and looked at real situation to invest and help seniors, unemployment and a ost of other serious issues BUT it didn’t give another tax break and lopole to the big oil and rich so the gop FILIBUSTERED IT. Which by the way was only one (1) of 400 blocking filibusters they threw up to block Obama and the help for american people. wonderul ideas to move this country forward but this harvard law grad SUMMA and awarded the law review had the wrong color for the republican party. Dont believe me, just look at the 19 new head of committes they put in after the election. No woman, No minorities, they willl never be leaders for all americans, too much hate in the hearts og repulicans. Like MITT ROMNEY said, were JUST 47% and cant be moved to vote any other way. well he was wrong, like they usually are because my family WAS going to vote for him, that was before he called us moochers, after working 55 years my dad got insulted. cant blame him can we now??

  • You have to give Brown some credit for knowing he’d get his behind kicked if he ran.
    When was the last time you heard of a geek going into a biker bar and calling the clientele a bunch of fat, dirty hogs at the trough?
    The guy who needs his fat behind and head kicked is Karl Rove.

  • sambilano

    Oh yes Ann and Tagg Romney will be welcome on the ship.This will be interesting game.

  • jstsyn

    We lose. Again.

  • ococoob

    Scott Brown is a whore for the banks. He prostituted his values and ethics for the almighty $$$! I wonder how he sleeps at night with his conscience.

    • Countrybumpkin

      Scott Brown is but one of 99% of all elected officials. As long as it takes MONEY to get elected, this will not change. We need public financing for all elections.

  • AlfredSonny

    Thank God, Scott Brown is not member of my family!

  • Brown won’t run for governor. Being in the Senate allowed Brown to just lie his way into office and then run off to schmooze with lobbyists and establishment Republicans. If he wins the governorship, on the other hand, he’ll have to stay in Massachusetts and put up with the people he conned into voting for him every single day.

    So don’t expect him to run for office again. Expect to see him whoring himself out on FOX News.

  • Pat Brown

    Sounds like Scott Brown is deserting the ship. He has what he came for — a cushy post politics job — and is more than willing to let the rest of the country sink.

  • bchrista

    The’res more of us than there is of them, yet we let them pull their shit and all we do is complain, the day someone with balls and name recognition stands up for the right of the people that is when you’ll see them back off and start working for the people again, but talk is cheap and they know it, also we the people have allowed them to have control over our armed forces, we need the Representatives on our side to take control of our fighting forces and use them as our policemen to arrest those Republicans and Democrats that have had their hand in the till, throw their asses in jail and appoint a new group of people that will follow the law, not their law, our law. At the present time they aren’t afraid of us because they know we don’t have a leader and they wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to declare martial law, however, with our legal Representatives behind us then we would be within our rights to exact change. If that time ever comes I think they will head for what ever country they are hiding their ill gotten cash for fear of prosecution. They know what they have been doing and don’t want to have to pay the Pied Piper. only time will tell who will win us or them.

  • Obama is the skidmark in America’s shorts.


  • whatever. So fed up with political nonsense.