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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Clearly Mitt Romney has decided the only way that he’ll ever be able to fulfill his destiny of bringing about the third term of Bush/Cheney is to run for Bush’s first term—or President Obama’s second.

For anyone who remembers George W. Bush tripping over himself to agree with Al Gore, lying about his tax plan and rejecting “nation building,” Romney’s fey flirtation with the center is chilling—especially when you know Romney’s 17 Bush/Cheney advisors are stewing in the wings, tuning their war drums.

The difference in 2000 was Bush had nothing to prove to his base and spent a year running as a “Compassionate Conservative.” Romney is banking on six weeks of approximating sanity being enough.

Everyone points out what a brilliant strategic move Romney made at the first debate, as if it’s a good sign that we may elect a president whose expertise—along with avoiding taxes and exporting American jobs—is hiding what he’d actually do in office.

But you can’t deny the success of Romney’s deception.

The Obama campaign—as Romney ran to the right of Rick Perry and picked the author of the most anti-middle-class budget in recent history as his running mate—decided to brand the King of Bain with extremism. This turned his true flaw of “no core” into his greatest strength. He then shifted to the center with a deftness that shocked even the president.

Now, all Mitt has to do is survive just one more week pretending to be moderate and he has somewhat of a chance of winning and taking the country over right as the “real recovery” he’s promising begins.

But Romney’s one problem is that he can’t shut down the Republican Party until November 6.

Following the summer of Republican Senate candidate Todd Akin’s “legitimate rape” comments, we got Republican Senate candidate Richard Mourdock telling us that rape isn’t God’s will, but the rapist’s baby is.

What was Mitt Romney’s response? A statement saying he disagrees with Mourdock’s statement but will continue to support the candidate, allowing the ad he shot endorsing Mourdock to continue airing.


What’s dangerous for Romney about Mourdock’s comments is the “God” part. While most Americans are religious, the extremes of the fundamentalist agenda are exactly the kind of issue that keep Republicans from growing their base.

Here’s a reminder for the GOP: Jesus never mentioned gay people or abortion once. But he sure was pissed at people who didn’t help the poor.

Yet who does the GOP target with their righteous indignation? Gay people, women and… the poor.

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  • bcarreiro

    dont worry honey, god is a woman.

    • And boy is she pissed!

    • Philip Weigel

      Then why did Jesus say god was his FATHER?

      • landonthegr8

        I had originally wrote a post, but don’t feel like getting into this conversation. LOL! 🙂

      • Johntheoldguy


        Jesus was confused by that “Virgin Birth” thing.

      • So you were there?

      • jvaljon1

        Maybe (LOL) one of those MIS-translations for which the Bible is so justly famed?!

  • As a student of history, the real irony is the Republican Party was founded on the principal of a Strong Central Government as opposed to the States Rights pushed by the Democrats. My, oh my, how times have changed.

    • latebloomingrandma

      Exactly! The right loves to state that the founders were in favor of limited gov’t. But the Confederated States were inadequate for a united country.
      The preamble to the Constitution is a mission statement of a vision of a united country, and a strong federal gov’t. The Bill of Rights was added to ensure our individual rights, no matter how different or quirky each person is.
      The founders spent years on this document, so they must have felt that a federal gov’t was of sufficient importance. After all, we just went through a revolutionary war to rid ourselves of a monarchy and inherited aristocracy running everything. Today’s plutocrats seem determined to put this back in place. The founders would NOT be in favor of eliminating the inheritance tax on the wealthy, as Romney desires.
      This balance between the individual vs community is explained, historically, very well in EJ Dionne’s most recent book, “Our Divided Political Hearts.” (I think that’s the title.)

      • Ed

        Grandma- You forget that before the founders wrote the constition we were governed by the Articles of Confederation which made the States supreme to the Federal Government. It was the failure of that system which led to the Constitution we have today. Tis a pity our children are not taught Civics or history today.

        • latebloomingrandma

          I didn’t forget–just forgot to reference it. thank you.

      • FredAppell

        Thank you! A strong federal government does not mean a corrupt government. Problem is that when you give to much power at the state level you create divisions and that makes any unification very difficult. Precisely what we are witnessing now in America. There are 50 separate cultures that are not meshing very well. It goes beyond the two major political party’s.

        • jvaljon1

          Is that why, in a lot of schools across the country, kids don’t stand and salute the flag each morning anymore, nor do they say the “Pledge of Allegiance”? That DOES sound like something that today’s Republicans indeed, would want to stop:

          “I pledge allegiance….to the flag….of the United States of America…and to the Republic…for which it stands…ONE NATION…INDIVISIBLE…with Liberty and Justice for all.” (Emphasis mine)

          The “Under God” didn’t come about until 1954. The Republicans of Eisenhower’s day strongly hinted that, unless Ike did insert the “Under God” clause, he mightn’t get another term. His own Republicans hated him, imagine that! Before just saying, Republicans hate anything that isn’t old, white and religious, you might want to look at that a bit more:

          President Dwight D. Eisenhower created the Federal Interstate System, credited with beginning mass movements of individual people from place to place in this country. He started it in 1956, by authorizing the Federal Highway Act. And the Republican Congressmen (there were NO WOMEN in Congress at that time) and Senators both agreed that Ike had to be nuts.

          “That’s too much money!” they argued, “not even General Motors has the kind of money that it will take to build all those cross-country roads! How does uprooting Americans benefit anyone!?”

          Ike just smiled, and replied: “What benefits the American People, will (in this case) also benefit General Motors.” He smiled, then added: “And vice versa.”

          The Republicans shut up and quit bothering the President, and America soon had a road system that was then—-and still is now, in many places—the very best road system in the whole world; to be copied by any country that wanted to build decent transportation for its citizens.

          That’s what happens when Republicans shut up, go away, and take their own ugly ‘reality’ (that they are so eager to foist on the rest of us), away with them. America’s greatest achievements have always been at the hands of Democrats; open your American History books, if you don’t believe it. American’s saddest downfalls have, alas, always occurred at the hands of Republicans. All anyone has to do to prove that, is to number our disasters and then look at the party that was in power at the time.

          Republicans, for whatever the reason, are happy living in their own reality. For them, Wall Street collapses, bank failures; the recessions and Depressions that follow—those are the good times. Things like the Space Race, that we won (just barely)—achievements such as what put the very first men on the moon, bringing them back alive—-only Democrats could have managed those things successfully. Republicans live to deny the facts of the matter and even the matter itself, if they feel that they can get away with it.

          Who doesn’t remember the Republicans DENYING the fact of our Moon Landing in 1971? “It was STAGED!” they screamed, over and over and over, “It was FAKED! They didn’t land on the moon, they walked on a movie set! Wake up, people, the whole Moon Landing was FAKE!” They only shut up about the Moon Landing being fake, when the PLAQUES that the astronauts put up on the moon, received such wide publicity all over the world, and the satellites took pictures of them and beamed them back to Earth.

          These people are America’s enemies, first and foremost just tolerating the rest of the American people. If they feel that they can grab money from us—that, they don’t hesitate to do. If you doubt that, just think of the Bush tax cuts and how unconscionable those were:

          How quickly Republicans took advantage of America’s tragedy, using it to lie to people for eight long years, during which our budget surplus (provided by Clinton) was thrown out the window; two wars were put on America’s credit card (for our children AND grandchildren to pay off) and worst and most unconscionable of all—his first year in office, Bush instituted the most regressive tax system of all time! Slashing a tax rate that stood –in the 1960s to the 70s—at 95%, to what it is now at MAYBE 10%—if our super-wealthy even bother to pay that.

          THAT’S Republicans. Creating a world of misery that WE PAY for and WE LIVE IN, while they–the Republicans—-have robbed their SUPPOSED ‘fellow’-Americans and placed fully ONE THIRD of us, into Bankruptcy and bankruptcy-related conditions. Their most egregious actor, Mitt Romney, is now the Republican candidate for the US Presidency.

          If elected this year—what with all the practice they’ve had, in creating misery—Republicans would usher into this country, an era of pain so vast and deep, that not even Democrats–with all the practice that they’ve had fixing Republican economies—would ever be able to correct, any more!

          Thus, America would be lost to our enemies within–always and forever to be known as Republicans (or Teabaggers or whatever the hell they want to call themselves)—WE know them for what they are: the enemies of everything that Americans hold dear. The destroyers, of the most powerful, wealth-creating engine that the world has ever seen—-the American Middle Class.

          Gone….without a shot being fired.


          Most especially—think about THAT, this Tuesday after next!

          • jvaljon1, not that I am a fan of today’s Republican party, but have you forgotten that Ike was a Republican. Actually, you may be too young to remember, but politics used to be more civil many years ago and Republicans and Democrats actually managed to work together to get things done. Of course the Republicans have been the conservative party and the Democrats the liberal party, at least during my lifetime. I am not sure at what point the Republican party was taken over by a bunch of bully boys ready to thrash any lawmaker, even their own, who doesn’t support their agenda.

          • jvaljon1

            Yes! That’s what I was saying—sorry if I wasn’t clear:  Ike was one of the last good Republicans.  Actually, great—he built the Interstate system of roads that linked the East to the West Coasts!  Most of his party though, disagreed with him and thought him foolish to “waste” all that government money on roads for people to drive on.  That was when Ike made his famous statement about, if roads are good for people, they’re also good for GM!

          • FredAppell

            I’m sorry it took me so long to reply but we just got our power back after dealing with hurricane Sandy. I do have one question for you though. You don’t think I am Republican do you? I am a proud Obama supporter and will be voting Dem all across the board on Tues. My statement was referring to the fact that our economic and educational systems are not nationalized enough. The same goes for Europe which is one of the reasons why the participating nations using the Euro are in trouble. They are all to concerned with their own autonomy or national identities that they lack any cohesiveness for true cooperation. That coupled with the fact that their banks were sold a shit load of our toxic loans thanks to some creative bundling. The Republican agenda scares the hell out of me.

          • jvaljon1

            No no no, Fred, I didn’t think you were a Republican! I thought that maybe I had been unclear.   I was up most of yesterday and last night—-I have 2 kids in Maspeth which thank God got spared.  I’m in TX, and we couldn’t get thru for hrs….so how are YOU guys doing?  Connecticut? Have you got your power back? You must  have missed NJ Gov. Chris Christies’ UNENDING PRAISE OF PRESIDENT OBAMA.  He praised the President to the skies yesterday all day long!  And the week before that, he was one of the Republicans yammering about how the President “doesn’t show leadership”.   Then came Superstorm Sandy, which hit NJ square on, and Obama was right there. Right there for NJ, NY and, I’m betting, CT as well!     This was Katrina-In-Reverse—-the Republicans’ worst nightmare.  That the President did everything that the former president had NO IDEA what to do, 7 years ago—they’ve been sitting and stewing over that for the past few days.  NOBODY but NOBODY—-least of all, Gov. Christie—was about to ‘play politics’ and be anything but thankful that there was an actual President on board when Sandy hit. I feel bad that I wasn’t clear.  I might also have been responding to someone else?   I voted straight Dem ticket too, last week during Early voting.   I wish you nothing but the very best, and I do agree with you that our schools and economic systems aren’t nationalized enough.   When we get rid of the disgusting plague of “privatization” that has kept this country down for over two decades now, then you’ll see a whole new America.   Just like during the 50s and 60s…and 70s.  I’m hoping and praying that most people are doing like us—voting straight Dem ticket. Again, Fred—–be well, you and yours!  Take care…

          • FredAppell

            Thank you for your kind and beautiful words. Most of Connecticut was spared and so the damage was bad but not on the scale of Staten Island and the New Jersey shoreline. My god, they look just like New Orleans did after Katrina. The death toll so far as we know is in the 90’s. Two of the saddest deaths were brothers ages 2 and 4. Most of the deaths occurred because of the flooding. There was a storm serge on a full moon which made the flooding much worse. The advanced warning system was amazing but I think a lot of us were to complacent for our own good. Please, please do me a big favor (for you too) and hug your kids tight tonight or whenever you can. You never know when your time may be up. By the way, I heard the same thing you did about Obama and I am extremely proud of him as our POTUS. I was actually a Howard Dean guy in the 2007-2008 campaign but when it came down to Obama as our candidate I haven’t had one single regret yet. You take care as well and you have a friend in Connecticut.

          • FredAppell

            I want to apologize for my reply to you. I didn’t understand the nature of your statement. I thought maybe you were under the impression that I am a repub. Thank you so much for your well wishing. We got off pretty easy in Connecticut but New York and New Jersey were hit head on.

      • I very much hate to say it, but while the founders meant well and I very much believe in the constitution and the Bill of Rights things were not so fair and equal in those days. For instance, you had to be a white landowner to vote and slavery was allowed, so while they talked about liberty and equality they did allow these things to go on. The founders did get some of their ideas from the philosophy that eventually brought about the French Revolution. They were pretty sincere about their ideas, but as usual, political compromise was probably the reason that the founding fathers allowed some of this stuff to exist. Of course now we don’t have to worry about that because even political compromise won’t mollify the Republican Party enough not to stone wall almost everything President Obama has tried to accomplish and then blame him because he hasn’t been able to fix the mess that his Republican predecessor caused. Hmm….

    • When the “Southern Democrats” moved into the Republican Party in the 60’s they eventually came to dominate the party and so what you see today is the return of Federalism. 5 of the SCOTUS are members as are most of the appeals judges and a great deal of the states Supreme Court Members. The “New South” has been quietly packing the courts and as many elected official positions as possible. If you listen to Robme he is all for turning things over (especially Federal Cash) to the states because we all know how much better they can run things. Of course if the Feds stopped giving the states cash well we know how all this would play out. Much higher states tax burdens and an inequality in services between states causing major population shifts to the more lenient revenue sharing states. What do you think would be the next result of that problem for those states? Amazing how some people believe that having 50 different programs is a better idea than having one program. I can also envision the richest person in each state “owning” the legislature of that state in perpetuity.

      • Ed

        Actually be like 51 different countries. We would return to the days when we were a “Confederation”. When the states refused to pay taxes to the feds for defense or any other governance.

      • FredAppell

        I’ve heard some economists explain that the real culprit for Europe’s recession is exactly what you just described. It has very little to do with their social welfare programs. Thanks for pointing that out because the right wants everyone to believe that Europe’s problems stem from entitlements. The real truth is that the Euro’s participating countries are all financially different. That is one the reasons why America should have limited states rights.

  • old_blu

    I’m not a real religous person, but if I remember my Sunday school teachings Jesus loved everyone and the ones that opposed him he loved even more.

    I doubt these God fearing Republicans can say the same. WWJD?

    • I don’t disagree with your comment but your last sentence should have been: I doubt these SUPPOSED God fearing Republicans can say the same. WWJD? Republicans are no more God fearing than the Devil…they only pretend to be. No God-Fearing person would say the self-righteous trash & lies that they constantly utter or push for such an anti-Christian agenda as the party agreed to at its convention. The GOP’s total focus of “money means everything, even more than the welfare of the poor, or infrastructure of the country, or longterm welfare of the planet” is not only offensive, it is downright unGodly.

      • old_blu

        You’re right I should have said “SUPPOSED” thank you.

      • oldtack

        These people are not God fearing. They are Self-righteous. There is a big difference.

      • emadis41

        Even the Devil fears God, he is just doing his job to mislead us.

        • DurdyDawg

          BS!! Everything that’s happening to us, we do to ourselves.. When are we going to take responsibility for our actions instead of tossing our emotional baggage onto the shoulders of others (real or imagined)..? Until we can take responsibility for ourselves we will continue the blindness of our own potential.

        • WillNeverVoteRepublican

          You are all TOO right!!

      • bwmconst

        They need to fear God, because there is not enough genuine love ( tolerance and compassion) in their hearts…Did Christ not say “love casts out fear”, so what did they, do to” fear”, perhaps their Karma ran over the “Dogma”…Ouch!!!

      • Where have I seen this before? Um…. Oh yes, the Antichrist, who seduces the world with pseudo-pious misrepresentations and brings on Armagedon.

        Not an end-times advocate myself, but it makes even this old-fashioned run-of-the-mill Christian wonder, doesn’t it?

    • Hey here is a question, can I still be republican and not have any affiliation with Christianity please?

      • old_blu

        Absolutely, but you would be a rare one.

      • oldtack

        You certainly may. That is one of your basic rights in this country. You cast your Republican vote and I will cast my Democrat vote. We will cancel each others vote – cheer for our Party and on November 7, 2012 we will continue our lives as always – until the next election. That’s what makes this Country Great.

        Have a nice day.

      • jarheadgene

        Sorry Robert, Not according to the current GOP. They choose to legislate morality. They choose to be of one wierdly blended Religous thinking group. They are, in a nutshell, Pro RAPE, Anti-Abortion, Anti-Muslim, Anti-Athiest, Anti -(thinking)Women, Anti -taxes for the Rich, Pro – War, Pro (judgemental – pseudo)Christian.

    • onedonewong

      He loved the SINNER not the sin. somethig the liberal left just doesn’t get

      • No! You don’t get it. Jesus never said that, some rightwing nut job did.

        • WillNeverVoteRepublican

          No Warren, it is in the bible. I just disagree with onedonewong’s streotypical comment that we liberals don’t get it. I get it, I’m just not a hypocrit as if I’ve never done wrong. A lot of republicans like Romney will lie trhough a campaign and a debate, yet oppose abortion and such. I oppose these things but I still show love to one’s who choose to do what they want. Out best witness for others is our own lifestyles. And then they said that he won the first debate, when one is an aoutomatic loser when he is full of lies. I wonder if his mormon bible teaches about “all liars having their part in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone?” My King James version bible does with nothing added and nothing taken away.

        • onedonewong

          Yes Jesus did, its your messiah that proselytizes that you love the sin and hate the sinner

      • WillNeverVoteRepublican

        @onedonewong-I am a Democrat and I do get it….I am not offended here, I just can’t believe that you would assume all Dems think alike. I am QUITE clear on that scripture and I am an Obama supporter but not on the abortion, gay marriage issues, etc. However, it is not right for gay people to be harmed or treated with any less love or dignity than hetorosexual or even celibate Americans. One can FULLY disagree with someone, yet still show them respect. I like Obama’s ideas of helping middle class and the poor so that every class of people can help themselves. The welfare system can stand to be reformed, i.e. drug testing and such to determine if the applicant qualifies and are not abusing tax payer money. I am an entrepreneur but I had to bust my hind-parts to get here and I do know what is is like to be hungry and homeless and Lord knows I have NEVER used drugs or abused alcohol. Everyone who is actually sriving for independence needs a boost to get up…..Not talking about people who have chosen such lifestyles due to drug use, alcohlism and such. People are poor for different reasons, some by choice, others are hard-working.

        • onedonewong

          Barak has done more damage to the middle class than any previous president, even Joe Biteme has said they have hammered the middle class. Barak has 1 focus ensuring that more americans are on the public teat so that they will continue to vote democratic.

          • grammyjill

            You are so very wrong. He has done alot to help us and with no help from the republicans in congress. The damage to the middle class came from the last president and his republican posse.
            You really should read history. This country has ALWAYS done better with a democrate in the white house.

          • onedonewong

            A lot to help us??? Hmm you mean the 23 million americans out of work, his war on women with more than 1,000,000 more unemployed after he took office? The $10 Trillion in new debt that he and his demorats have created since 2007? Record US casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan thanks to his rules of engagement that places more value on the lives of Moooslims than our own troops.. Those Things????
            Its not who is in the WH it has more to do with who controls congress. Clinton’s success didn’t happen until Newt took over running the country

          • grammyjill

            You need to listen to real news. What you are listening to is crap.

          • onedonewong

            Every number I have posted is FACT… I’m sorry that your new messiah isn’t infallible and like most colored can’t control finances. Think its a genetic issue with them

          • grammyjill

            So, your an open racist. That explains everything.Can’t stand that the black looking guy is smarter than you are. boo hoo!

          • govnosepicker

            No I’m pointing our your short comings, its not racism to call a spade a spade

          • grammyjill

            Racism Sucks!

          • WillNeverVoteRepublican

            THIS Democrat disagrees with you. I have NEVER been as successful in my life and I have worked my hind-parts off for years on end, and as a confident African-American woman, you can believe I have a hind-parts on me!!!! 🙂 I will be45 on Nov. 5th and as of 2 years ago, I launched a business that God encouraged me to start from scratch not a franchise and it is successful. Oh and by the way YOUR/Our leader’s name is PRESIDENT BARACK not Barak Obama. I just thought I’d help you out on the spelling or YOUR President’s name and as a reminder, he WILL BE YOUR/Our President for the next 4 years so get used to it!!!! Peace out!!!!

          • onedonewong

            Working at McDonald’s is a big step for you people, everyone of you should aspire to a job and will you value your efforts and serve as a role model for your kids.
            PS barak’s real name is Barry Soeto

          • WillNeverVoteRepublican

            This a waste of my precious time…..Have a blessed life!!!!!!

    • These People Are Only Use GOD For What They Want!! These People Are Far From Being Christians Nor Are They Patriots What They Are Is Low Life Devil Worshiping Demons!!! GOD Loves Us ALL!! These People Hate Everyone Different From Them!!! They Have Raged War On Every One Different From Them!!! Paul Ryan Own Catholic Church Has Said His Budget Bill Is IMMORAL, And Romney Still To This Day Is Ruining People Lives By Shipping Their Jobs Overseas For Profits!!! No Where In Any Bible I Ever Read Said Money Hoarders Will Go To Heaven They Love Of Money Will Send Them To Hell Cause It’s Not The Money It’s The Way They Made It!!!

      • old_blu

        You are absolutely right Fern, you can tell by the hate that they spew on these public forums.

        Good morning, my friend good to see you.

      • WillNeverVoteRepublican

        You are right Fern. I am a devout Christian and I can’t understand how most republicans lie, yet oppose abortion and such! I oppose a lot of what they claim to oppose, yet I show love to everyone regardless to their choices. I am what I call a “Conservative Democrat” but I don’t condemn and look down on people who disagree with me. However, the Dems’ goal to help the poor and middle class is the heart of a real Christians if we won’t to be Spiritual about it, not RELIGIOUS. RELIGIOUS people act like the typical republican, self-righteous and judgemental and uppity, bettr-than-thou people. Sad!!!

    • grammyjill

      Someone needs to tell them, Jesus is coming, and boy is he pissed!

  • ayayaboy

    A tax cheater like romney is cannot be truly Godly. Please!!!

  • adler56

    The fact that a lying thieving Eddie Haskell in the form of williard could be running neck and neck with President Obama unnecessarily validates my belief that Americans are the dumbest people on the planet.

    • Fubom

      Well said alder56. The United States of America is the most powerful nation that has ever existed on the face of the Earth, and it is populated by a bunch of morons who will vote for any monster with an “R” associated with his or her name.

      • neece00

        I really hate to agree with you guys, but you are right. This is the reality show mentality that we are living in. That is why Fox news does so well because it can tell them how to think and they don’t have to do it themselves.

        • And unfortunately, the thinking of Fox News is so distorted, that it warps the minds of those who chose to make it their primary news source.

          • Ed

            No, I believe that actually people watch Fox and listen to Rush because they reinforce their prejudices.

          • oldtack

            I agree with you about Fox News. However this doesn’t stop with Fox. This “virus” permeates all areas of Mass Media. There is the same “distortion” on the Liberal Stations.

            Advice: don’t listen to any news media “mouths”. Keep in mind the bottom line. These “talking heads” get paid multiple million dollar salaries, not because of their Political leanings but because they have that rare gift of reaching out and attracting viewers.

            A good viewer rating attracts advertisers. Advertisers pay billions of dollars to the Networks for advertising time.

            It all revolves around money.

            Go on line and pick up world news from various sites. Read then research and form your own opinion. Don’t let some gifted “talking head” form your opinions for you.

    • Ed

      For the last 31 yearsa large portion of Americans have voted against their own self interest, based on “wedge isuues” and prejudice. We now have a GOP pledged to the destruction of the country.

    • neece00

      Actually, Eddie Haskell was a better person than Mittens…


      Unfortunately America has become all brawn and no brain and that is not only very sad but also very dangerous, for us and the rest of the world!

    • DurdyDawg

      It’s our own fault you know.. The freedoms we have in this Nation applies to all..(disregarding the usual hoopla of a controller).. and our expressions of such, in our ‘perfect’ mind set, we do not imagine corrupt freedom.. yet AS freedom, it is as legitimate as our own, but corruption manipulates the whole and we are part of the whole and in fact the corruption targets us specifically through media, lies, money and power.. we as the obeyers of freedom (following the rules) are prone to confusion when faced with scams which makes the scammers that much more confident while the followers of the scammers see the obeyers as meek or sheeple because, although they’ve been beguiled already, they know THEY wouldn’t fall for it. So it’ not stupidity but blatant propaganda used to manipulate the masses.. And during attempts, some (again) fall for it while many do not but with each wave, we lose a few more. Hopefully the sleepers will awaken (I hope).

  • 12forbes

    Mitt is a Morman …He follows the book of Morman 1st ….the teachings of Joseph Smith a self proclaimed prophet.
    Joseph published revelations and other texts that are regarded as scripture by his followers. Smith is regarded as a prophet of the stature of Moses and Elijah
    Joseph Smiths teachings include unique views , to say the least ,about the nature of God.
    Family structures are paternal with not too much (if any) input from women
    There are teaching on political organization, and religious collectivism.
    Smith’s legacy includes a number of religious denominations One is The Church Of Latter Day Saints.
    Rommney is NOT a Christian in the traditional sense of the word…He does not follow Christ first.
    So the Religious Right which proclaims themselves as God Fearing Christians… are supporting someone who is deceiving them and making himself a chameleon to satisfy what the Right thinks is best ….look at who he is and what he follows and better yet his practices…

    • Are you aware that Joe Smith was being chased for being a thief when he supposedly found the tablets that form the book of Mormon? Which some belief was actually a manuscript for a novel that he stole? What Mormon’s believe about heaven are a total contradiction to what Jesus taught. I’m offended that they actually chose some years back to change the Church’s name to ” The church of Jesus Christ of ladder day saints”.. They no more believe in what Jesus taught than do any other church that is nonChristian.

      • neece00

        It is amazing that to this day, I don’t believe anyone, (someone may correct me) has ever seen the tablets that the Book of Mormon is based on. Even the transcription of the tablets from Joe Smith, was transcribed to someone from behind a sheet. Everything about the Mormon ,LDS, speaks con, scam, pervert or falsehood.

    • oldtack

      To add to 12forbes statement.

      In 1820 Joseph Smith, allegedly led by an Angel, uncovered golden tablets near Palmyra, New York. According to Joseph Smith, these tablets were buried there in 371 AD by a “Prophet” named Moroni. This was translated,by Joseph Smith under “Divine Guidance”, into the English language and was titled “The Book of Mormon”.

      This is the Holy Book of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Later Day Saints better known as the Mormon Church.

      This book replaced the Bible because, according to Moroni, when the time came in 1820 for these writings to be revealed to Joseph Smith the Bible would be too filled with errors and no longer the true Word.

      The Mormons do not use the New Testament at all in the Church and members are dissuaded from perusing it.

      Interesting to note in the book of Mormon – Jesus Christ was not the only begotten Son of God. He was only one of many sons including Lucifer whom we refer to as Satan.

      Seems like God wanted to populate the planet we know as Earth so he asked for a plan from Jesus and Lucifer. The plans were presented and when God chose the plan presented by Jesus then Lucifer became rebellious and was banished from heaven to roam the Earth to destroy his brothers’ creation.

      In the Book of Mormon God has many wives as does his sons including Jesus.

      This Sect is about as Anti-Christ as you can find in this world -yet- the Self-Righteous Evangelical Christian Tea Party Idiotss embrace the “anti-Christ” Romney as their “Saviour.

      How deluded can one be when it comes to Religion and Politics?

      • Cairndance

        2 weeks ago Romney met and prayed with Billy Graham and Franklin Graham.
        Afterwards The Grahams removed The Morman Church from the website listing for CULTS!

        I don’t understand why this hasn’t been played up all over the news? Obama still has to defend his Christian beliefs almost daily, but this Bishop in the Morman Religion gets a free pass!

        2 days after the website change, a visiting Evangelical Pastor at my church mentioned the event, stated that he still considers the Morman church a CULT, BUT “I WILL BE VOTING FOR ROMNEY ANYWAY”!

        After 20 years in this church, I can no longer be a member!

        Thank you Oldtack for spelling it out so well!

      • Ed

        Well,it has long been apparent that the GOP does not believe in the NEW TESTAMENT>. As a matter of fact the VP candidate belived, as Ayn Rand told him, that “Jesus was a communist”.

        • oldtack

          So now we have a non-christian Mormon and a Catholic devotee to the writings of the Atheist Ayn Rand queued up to run this Country with the backing of unlimited funding from private sources.

          And the Self righteous Religious Zealots ,in their desire to usurp God and run this world in the manner they perceive to be better than God’s plan ,welcome both of these anti-Christ political hacks as their “Lord and Savior” leaders.

          Atlas Shrugged. GOD shudders. And we shake our heads in wonder at the stupidityof these misguided “Christians”. They are not Christians. They are Tares – Christ spoke of them often in the Scriptures..

      • jvaljon1

        They must call their angels “Morons” for a reason, everyone: remember that, when you’re in the voting booth next week!

  • Yes, the majority of the voting public border on total stupidity..The fact that any person could buy anything from the mouth of that snake oil salesman,Romney, is unbelievable..

    • William Deutschlander


    • Ed

      As Barnum said”Theres a sucker born every minute.”.

    • BDC_57

      you are right. asswipe romney will sell are country to china.
      obama/biden 2012

  • nobsartist

    Who better to deceive than those that already believe in fantasy?

    • Yes, it’s quite sad that in monitoring posts from the majority of GOP supporters, that one can easily see just how misguided and clueless they are with respect to reality. Fox News has so distorted the truth through its not only biased reporting but its censoring of news that’s not flattering to the right, that they’ve completely brainwashed those who have made the mistake of making Fox News their primary news source.

    • oldtack

      Good statement. Agree!

  • what would the anti-christ romney know about GOd ? for him being the anti-christ romney all he knows is the other side of GOD ((the bad side the root to all evil )))

    • All of this stuff about Romney being the anti-christ and the nasty comments about his religion when you are talking about politics is starting to sound dangerously like what those right-wing Christians say about President Obama. I am no fan of Romney’s. In fact I think that he is a liar who will say anything or play any part in order to get elected and if he does get elected he will keep playing that game for his first term at least and then who know what we will get. Could it get much worse? The thing is, let’s remember that we have freedom of religion or even lack of religion in this country. Let’s not descend to this level, even about Romney.

  • nobsartist

    What about those tax returns willard?

    What are you and ryan hiding?

    Mccain knows.

  • Mimi2kool

    God must be disgusted with the GOP. I know I sure am.

    • I couldn’t agree more!! And to think, that many years ago I actually voted Republican a couple times. But you can be sure, Reagan and the Republican ilk since have totally disgusted me…I didn’t think anyone could be worse than Bush, but I’m convinced now that Romney would be an even bigger disaster for America…which is scary because Bush was himself such a total disaster.

  • Romney vaunted as he began his quest for the presidency, telling voters in South Carolina, “Some gays are actually having children born to them. It’s not right on paper. It’s not right in fact. Every child has a right to a mother and father.” He even took steps to prevent gay couples to claim their own children on their birth certificates/// the anti-christ romney is a closet happy kinda guy . do you see how he looks at RYAN when thy both are on stage ? he stands behind him as he speacks and looks at him with the goofyest and queer look on his face . and ill bet what he,s thinking with his wanting to be RYAN.s butt kissing freind the anti-christ romney,s thinking from behind pauly >> hmmmmm i,d love for my mormon faith to let me have 2 wifes like we belive in if only the goverment would see there way to letting me have 2 wifes for then id ask my buddy paulie if he would marry me and be my 2nd wife . and as he,s on stage looking at his paulie buddy from behind with his goofy queer look on his face thinking of a way he can make paulie say yes . in the anti-christ romney,s mind he,s saying if he marrys me then the gay ppl. of the land might vote for us then paulie baby . so 2 birds with one stone and then we can live happly ever after in the house as the new kebler elfs of the land the fudge packing pair of nuts that swing in a bulls sack . and at this time ryans done talking with his speach and the anti-chjrist romney dosent know he,s done for he still there with his goofy queer smile on his face and is in his day dreaming land . and if you didnt snap the anti-christ romney out of his day-dreaming mode he could stand there for days with his goofy queer smile

  • You are Right bearreiro, God is a woman. Won’t all those Southern Baptists be surprised and speechless. when they discover that God is not only a Woman, but a Black one at that!!!

  • ya right rape is gods will . whats god thinking ? if enought ppl. rape women and thy have the baby then the baby might grow up to be a rapest too . ya ya thats it god wants the whole world to be made of rapers. that would be a great movie to watch all the time the world rapeing the heck out of each other . and ill bet those pair of nuts that swing in a bulls sake will say next to the women that had the babys from being rape (Gog,s will rape ) that the mouther should tell the babys all about their farther thy have the right to know . so thy can grow up and be just like daddy . its gods will and you have to do gods will of go to H*E*L*L where the anti-christ romney is the boss . but you may have to wait to talk to him he could be eather playing kebler elf with his paulie ryan wife of watching (RAPE GOD,S WILL ) PORN MOVIE or both with paulie his best kebler elf wife

    • The crux of the matter is………it is the women’s right to choose. If she decides to keep a child born of rape or incest (which is also a form of rape), then that certainly is her choice. Not the government’s. If she decides to place the child up for adoption, that again is her choice. Not the government’s. But if her mental stability is altered due to the rape or incest, then it again is her choice, her decision to abort the fetus. Not the government’s. Women must be treated equally to make choices which concerns their unique abilities. Not narrow minded men who have no inkling to what a women feels mentally due to rape. But please, please, do not ever think the child, that is born due to rape will grow up to be a rapist. That is quite ignorant. A child that is the product of rape, most likely, will never have contact with the male who forced his way with the mother of the child. Ivory, you set a bad example of a human being…….whether Democrat or Republican. If you are going to argue agaist rape, be sure you have your facts straight. Bad mouthing a politician’s wife and name calling isn’t productive, and makes you look quite foolish. I am a Democrat and I have already voted for Obama. I disagree with Romney’s politics but claiming he is the anti-christ is no different than ignorant Republicans calling Obama Hitler or a Communist. So I ask you ivory69690 to control your blathering offensive posts.

  • FredAppell

    The religious right and the GOP’s disdain for President Obama is so immense that they are willing to listen to a liar who has adopted President Obama’s policies on national T.v. that are quite different than the policies that won Romney the nomination in the first place. This is war and the GOP are the ones that declared it. Their war is on everyone who is not like them. That sounds a lot like the Taliban and the rest of the fanatical terrorist around the globe.

    • old_blu

      You’re right Fred, this is war, but their war is against anyone for Obama, because even Romney is not like them now, he’s flip and flopped on every issue and completly changed what he was nominated on.

      • FredAppell

        I wonder how long it will take before they turn on Romney (should he become POTUS) like a bunch of rabid dogs. I used to think I understood their thought process (I didn’t agree with it ) but now I’m perplexed. They are so radical, it’s as if their anger has been building for a long time. This has nothing to do with the economy because you’ll notice that they question the religion of every candidate we put up against them. That tells us that their issue is more cultural than economic.

  • AlfredSonny

    In GOP we distrust

  • SaneJane

    The religious right is wrong on so many levels. They are not right and their religious views border on blasphemy.

  • The 1% seriously believe they also “own God.” I was told that once as i returned from 3 years of military service to a “religious community” in NE. suburban Philly for a “General Assembly” just after discharge. One of the heirs to a wealthy clan generously supporting that cult told me:
    “Just because you served in the Army doesn´t mean you have anything to say. We do. We P………s pay for everything around here. The Cathedral, the campus. the teachers and priests salaries. Therefore, we own God.”

    “We own God.” That is the attitude of the 1% When I heard that, I left that town where my parent´s grew up, moved to Europe, and nevere returned. “We own God” was the straw that broke the Camel´s back. I mean capitalism alienates us from the means of pproduction and then from the means of reproduction- alienating from our own eros- which Hucksters like Playboy and the rest try to sell right back to us…adn the Bible thumpers – “put ten dollars in the collection plate and claim you´ve been saved by Jesus or yoú´re gonna go to hell” types… selling salvation – alienate us for the that which Produces Us.
    When i head those “We sown God” comments, I thought it would be wise to return to Europe and take a permanent holiday from hell. I have not regretted that decision one bit.

  • AlfredSonny

    Are GOP becoming KKK?

    • jvaljon1

      Name one KKK-er, who wasn’t also in the GOP.

  • 1bythebrooks2

    Way to go, Mellisa!! Keep making your point heard loudly and clearly, as you have so forcefully done!! Your a hero to all women!

  • Oh, was it 800 times the Democratic legislature in Massachusetts had to turn over Romney’s veto of the bills that acually helped the people of that state. Romney didnt’ want any of it. And, HIS God is not my God. Mine loves all souls. Romney’s only loves those who follow him. Strange. But definitely dangerous. Has he offered to PAY FOR THE BABIES OF THOSE RAPISTS?

  • F R

    Sandy is going to deliver you POTUS’s birth certificate, his college transcripts and anything else that you wanted .Perhaps now you can use those five millions to help the residents of NJ.
    For those of Us (myself included) in Sandy’s way,be careful, be safe and may God keep US ALL safe.

    • FredAppell

      I’m in Connecticut on the shoreline which is do to get battered too so good luck my friend.

      • jvaljon1

        Good luck to you too, buddy: B careful out there!

  • puter_grams

    As much as I’m not for mitt and think he’s no more christian than Obama, your article claims that the Bible doesn’t say anything about gay people which isn’t true. He’s very clear on the subject in Romans 1. Does that mean that our president should not treat them as fairly as everyone else, absolutely not, but if you’re going to quote the Bible then I thought you should know it does address the gay issue.

    • FredAppell

      I have no quarrel with you but you must remember that the Bible was written buy man not God in a time when most people were ignorant and their information came from the clergy and from story telling. People had the same agenda then that they have today and that is to control the masses. I don’t even believe in all of the Ten Commandments. There are laws and religious edicts that are simply obsolete to fit in with modern society today. Religion holds you down, spirituality lifts you up.

    • If you look closely, you’ll notice that the bible only states that gay acts are unnatural; Nowhere does it say that being gay is a sin or ungodly. Being Gay is not something that has just happened. As you noted, Paul talked about it in some of his letters. If God really condemned being gay, do you really think Jesus would have omitted having said something about that in the commandments he gave us that were recorded by Matthew?? And the commandments as recorded in Matthew, are the commandments that we’re suppose to follow..not the ones given to Moses which are considered The law, and which Paul said quite clearly in some of his letters were superseded by the 2nd covenant brought to us by Jesus. But Jesus and Paul did say something very clearly: It is not our place to judge…Jesus, the son of God, never judged anyone..even those who were caught in outright sin. So based on what, does any true Christian think that he or she has a right to judge the way someone else lives???

    • hellowoman

      I don’t believe God makes mistakes, and as a human being, we all deserve love and respect from one another.

      This is something I pulled from regarding the misinterpretations of Romans 1:26 and 1:27. I’m not posting the whole thing, as it is too long. The fact of the matter is the early interpretations doesn’t match to what a lot of Christians are trying to interpret it as today. That speaks volumes.

      One of the popular mis-interpretations of Romans 1:26-27 is that its talking about lesbians in v. 26 and gay men in v. 27. I disagree with that view for five thoughtful reasons.

      I. Instead of interpreting Romans 1:26-27 as Paul blasting lesbians and gay men, it better fits the context of Paul’s argument against idolatry, to understand that he is describing female shrine prostitutes in v. 26 and male shrine prostitutes in v. 27. Both groups practiced idolatry in first century Rome.

      II. Early Christians understood Romans 1:26 to be talking about non-procreative heterosexual sex, not lesbian sex.
      1. Aristides, in AD 126, understood Paul in Romans 1 to be referring to shrine prostitution, as did Justin Martyr, around AD 150. Both men were native Greek speakers who lived within 100 years of the apostle Paul.

      They were intimately familiar with Roman culture and doctrinal beliefs in the early church. If anyone had insight into what Paul meant in Romans 1, it would be these two preachers and they understood Paul to be describing shrine prostitution in Romans 1. Have you given that dramatic fact the weight it deserves in your consideration of this important passage?
      2. Clement of Alexandria, around AD 200, Anastasios, around the mid 200s AD, Augustine, around AD 380, understood Romans 1:26 to be referring to women having non-procreative sex with men.
      Anastasios, an early Christian writer, wrote a marginal note in his copy of Clement’s book, Paidagogos, at the point at which Clement cites Romans 1:26.

      In his note, Anastasios clearly dismisses the view that Paul was referring to lesbianism in his comments on Romans 1:26. He says: “Clearly they (the females in v. 26) do not go into one another but rather offer themselves to the men.” -Brooton, Love Between Women, 1996, p. 337

      Augustine wrote: “But if one has relations (even with one’s wife) in a part of the body which was not made for begetting children, such relations are against nature and indecent. In fact, the same apostle earlier said the same thing about women. ‘For their women exchanged natural relations for those which are against nature.'” -Augustine, Marriage and Desire, 20:35

  • Melvin Chatman

    These “Clowns” are playing a very dangerous Game while pretending to be Christians!
    I would advise any person in close distance of these “CHRISTIANS” , to be prepared for Lightening Strikes – GOD has been known to get upset sometimes.
    Mittens (Lies Are Us) Romney is a “Prime Target” – just SAYIN!!

  • nana4gj

    It has been reported that the only time God showed anger was when he threw the lying, corrupt, greedy Pharisees out of the temple.

    Republicans cannot speak on behalf of God when they are liars, corrupt, and greedy, advocating for their own self interests. Even were they exemplary citizens and people, they could not; no one can speak for God.

    Civil government is government for all people based on civil laws. Some people do not believe in a God. They, too, deserve to have their civil rights protected.

    We do not elect holy men to national office. We elect competent managers, leaders, who have a semblance of honor and integrity, at least, as manifested by how they address the concerns of all people.

    • oldtack

      AMEN TO THAT!!

  • i really dont think romney is into religion at all if he says he is he is just plain lying he doesnt really know who GOD is he may pretend to just to get a few more votes but when he says he does god is looking down on him and vengence of the lord is terrible and when he does die i dont really think that anyone can pray his soul into heaven i dont believe this malarkey anyway but this is what all mormons believe in

  • I do not know what the Democrat leaning news, tv or journalists are doing. I see
    lot of emails from DNC every day outlining important issues why Mitt is not fit
    but do not hear or see the same thing on CNN.
    Romney got away with his tax returns. He got away with his changing position
    everyday. The next thing will just a week from now this man will alter
    importance of elections in America. I mean a only man who plays by certain
    rule. He lied to become president.

  • howa4x

    Republicans delude themselves into thinking they know what Jesus wants, and run around the country telling anyone who will listen. They shirk the image of Jesus in a leper colony and see him more as a greedy self absorbed person who wants to accumulate vast sums of wealth while denying any services to the poorest of Americans. They also see him as being overly obcessed by women’s reproductive rights and a polluter of the enviornment . They have managed through corrupt preachers who are more in love with money than anything else, to turn the words and image of their saviour 180 degrees around.
    Romney fits this well since he can pivot on a dime and change his image from a severely conservative hate the poor republican to a more moderate one who has compassion. Romney represents everything that is morally wrong with this country. He is completely self absorbed and has no convictions other than to be president. He will say anything to anyone that furthers this cause, and has accumulated a vast fortune by paying lower taxes than anyone I know and getting his money by vulture capitalism. He was so unpatriotic that he wouldn’t even keep his money in America. In his heart he has the same view as Murdoch and tried once to convince and women whos life was threated by a pregnency not to abort the baby. So have no illusions women about who this man is. This is not a compassionate conservative but down deep worse.

    • jvaljon1

      That’s the absolute BEST that I’ve ever seen the Romney baloney described—and I’ve seen some pretty good descriptions, right here on this site!

    • Yes, some of those right wing preachers think they can read God’s mind I guess. Now if most of us went around saying stuff like that, they would probably put me put us away or at least put us on lots of meds to make us more sane, hmm….


    • FredAppell

      You understand the message because you don’t have an agenda. You see what i’m saying. The religious right and the GOP have a vision for America that has nothing to do with God. God is simply a useful tool for them to take control of America. Believe me when I say that over 1/2 of Americans will not be welcome in their vision.

      • oldtack

        The President was blasphemed by the Religious Right when he made the statement that this was not a Christian Nation but rather a Nation of many Religions. This has proved to be true. In fact the majority of citizens do not even adhere to a Religion of any type.

        Now the Zealots (Evangelicals) want to put God aside and do “Gods” work here on Earth. They don’t want God to direct them. They aspire to become God and visit their Self-righteous wrath on all those they perceive to be un- Christian.

        And to full fill their aims – they wholeheartedly embrace as their “Savior” the anti-Christian Romney.

        • FredAppell

          Very well said. These zealots have a much higher sense of themselves (ego) then anyone ought to have. We aren’t telling them what to believe, all we are saying is keep it out of the public forum. I say, if they want to make public policy than the church should pay taxes like every other for profit enterprise.

          • Never a truer word was spoken. I think that these churches who preach politics from the pulpit ought to loose their tax exempt status and of course many of them do worse than that.
            From what I understand some religious bible study was showing some film called “From Communism to Communism” and it even went farther than calling our president a socialist, the same group or film said that he is a Muslem and that all Muslems are terrorists. They should loose their tax exempt status at the very least! Of course it is sad that people are foolish enough to swallow that stuff just because they hear it in a bible study. Wow!

    • BDC_57

      God loves all poeple. so why gop hate blacks.

      • Actually I don’t think the GOP hates blacks. There are many black Republicans and some of them are politicians or otherwise well known people. I do believe that some of the Obama haters are racists, but not most.


    The Reality

    The more he speaks, the more it becomes apparent that Mittens is a nut case, pure and simple. In fact, he has one leg in the real world and the other in fantasyland.

  • We must never be influenced by lies. Just check out how Romney and Ryan have lied all through this pre election phase. If Romney’s stance in the first debate is credited with his Presidential popularity today, I have to state that most people cannot read between the lines.

  • I do not understand Mitt’s “verbal philosophies”. The Mormon church condones plural marriages of old men to young girls. These young girls have tons of children, MANY OF WHOM DEPEND UPON THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT FOR THEIR TOTAL SUPPORT, so what is all o this opposition to the gay agenda really about? Do they really think anyone is NOT going to get married because they say so? Anyone who has time to dwell on who other people are going to marry, has good time!

    • Cairndance

      We keep hearing about the fact that we have “TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE” and we must keep it that way!
      Romney’s GRANDFATHER had 4 wives, 3 when he left America for Mexico to escape persecusion for polygamy, then married a 4th in Mexico!

      If Polygamous married is just 2 generations back in his own life, Then just how TRADITIONAL is Marriage?

      Romney’s Father was born during that time in Mexico (remember his Father went to Mexico to Escape American Laws) and yet he was able to run for the Presidency of the United States!

      I am so tired of the GOP making comments about Obama being UnAmerican. His birth certificate looks just like mine. We all know that McCain, Palin and even Hilary had this checked out long ago! It is time to put this stupid comment to rest!

  • peteserb

    Pretending to be a conservative is better than Obama pretending to be an American. No one but Obama could sit in the war room watching Americans under attack and refuse to do anything. Makes one wonder what his true agenda in Libya is. Three weeks of stalling and lying should be long enough to come up with a plausible lie. But unable to make a case for his blundering all he can say is wait and see what turns up. What a dismal failure. Even for a liberal.

    • Justin Napolitano

      Oh please, peteserb, only morons, at this time, still repeat that stupid comment about Obama not being an American. I mean, how do I know you are an American and not some guy from China shooting off his mouth? Maybe you are an insurgent trying to cause chaos?

    • vlcpolitics

      Your theory concern libya has already been debunked. But, please exercise your right to convince us all you are unintelligent. We will absolutely believe you there.

  • peteserb

    You are so right. When Obama was elected I felt Americans were the dumbest people on the planet. If he is reelected that will validate my theory.

  • patuxant

    Ever since Mourdock made his “God’s Intention” speech, I have been wondering how it is that this man was “chosen” by God to become His spokesperson. Did he have an apparition? A vision? A visit from the Blessed Mary? What vanity, arrogance, and self-aggrandizement! This is wrong on so many levels. If life begins at conception then a woman should be able to obtain a life insurance policy for the fetus as one writer recently said on this posting board a week ago. Also, while the GOP is at it, what about defending life after birth instead of stripping people of health care and other social programs that care for “the least of these”, God’s children? If these people win this election, God help us!

  • slickwilly43

    I’m with you 100% on the Republicans trying to claim Romney is God’s candidate which he isn’t but I have one disagreement with the fact that you say God does not mention gay people in the Bible. I believe they are referred to in Romans I think where a man burns for a man and a woman for a woman or something like that.

  • Doesn’t the media have ANYthing else, to write on?

    I dont speak for anyone but myself, but I am just as burned-out, on this election, as I was burned out, on Coca-Cola, for three months, after taking a stupid bet to drink only this, for a week.

    Just as I wouldn’t touch a Coke, for months, I doubt I will want to hear another word, about politics, after the election, until summer, 2013 (Yes, the world will, STILL, be here, in 2013.).

    As for the Republicans, their words have been repeated so very many times that I can quote their platforms, word-for-word, before each election cycle begins. American has known exactly where the Republican Party stands, on various issuess, for over 4 decades. Probably even much longer than that.

    In my opinion, as soon as the Republicans said things like “Pregnancy does NOT result from “legitimate rape”, and “All pregnancy is the will of god”, they lost the presidential race, right then and there.

    Since procreation is, atleast SUPPOSED to be the “heart” of the home, then pregnancy, caused by an act of violence, cannot, in my view/opinion, be “Gods will”

    Can IT????????????????

  • Jeff Bottaro

    G.O.P. = God’s Official Precepts. The things I am made to explain ! It is as if NOBODY EVER READ THE PAPERS !

  • The religious comments are very deceitful even about Jesus. love the neighbor like you love yourself, do the living God’s commandments and do what is right. This doesn’t mean your wicked neighbor will get everlasting life, or will he be forgiven, he will be destroyed. The last days are here and Armageddon will come like a thief in the night, so be prepared.

  • can’t we argue in peace?

  • Jeansees

    I am praying to God to not let this false preacher become our President to SAVE US and keep President Obama in place who does not STUFF his religion down our throats like Romney!

  • Jeansees

    Romney distorts and misleads… His own site states that he will not create all those jobs for 10 years and not balance the budge before 8 years.. He is NOT a cure for the economy HE will put this country into a DEPRESSION AND CIVIL WAR!!!!!

  • Jeansees


  • The gop speaks for God? Yea they speak for a god alright! Not the true living God!. If they did they would of ended abortion years ago when they could of at anytime in the past 20 years. They use the issue for political gain. They would tax the rich and made sure these babies and the poor had food, housing and a warm bed. DO I NEED TO GO ON??

  • emadis41

    The last thing we need is a priest in the WH who is telling us that God does not care for everyone even the 47% and the poor. Romney and his GOP supporters are deceiving the electorate with mixed messages, Romney want to play moderate for the next 10 days, while supporting GOP extreme agenda.

    • jvaljon1

      ‘Scuse me, but isn’t Mitt a BISHOP (in the Mormon church)? Or, so he claims to be!

      • emadis41

        In the general sense, a Bishop is a Priest (High Priest, that is)

  • God must be thinking ‘ How did I create these people who use my name to justify their wars, sins and prejudices How can they pretend that I speak to them ?

  • ez_web123

    How does religion come in this? First Romney cult believe that you can go to heaven without the help of Jesus Christ . So how come the Catholics and crowding around him? Is it because the Catholics believe that they can forgive sins? If so they don’t need Jesus Christ either to go to heaven. The others set of left wing so called religious zelots think that Romney might be the anit-Christ which would bring on the rapture of the church which means they are ready to be “raptured” so why not support him? Well I have news for them. Jesus is the only way to be saved. He is the only one that can forgive sins, and we all have a long time to wait for the rapture. God does not need help when it comes to that. He needs help reaching the people with the right massage. Romney cannot help no one. Also Romney hates the poor which is the dead opposite of Christianity.

  • Ed

    RAPE HAS LITTLE TO DO WITH SEX! Rape has to do with demonstrating power over women!
    On another note, Mitt was telling the truth when he said he was not planning on supporting a constutional amendment to ban abortions. He is counting on the Supreme Court justices he appoints to overturn Roe v. Wade. He is on record as planning that. Easier to convince seven that 180,000.

  • Mitt Romney would say anything to be elected President since the press fails to point out his lies, no matter how brazenly he devates from the truth. Could anyone name me any candidate for the Presidency who said something so false as when Mitt Romney went to Toledo, Ohio and said that he “heard that Chrysler is going to move its production of the jeep to China,” without a shread of evidence in support of this assertion. For a period of time, Mitt used language of a warmonger, but in order to gain the support of the moderates, he switched to being a fearmonger. Telling a crowd that they are going to lose their jobs 10 days before an elections could lead a stampede of people to vote for him since they sure as hell do not want to lose their job.
    I have a suggestion to Mitt Romney. He should go to Ohio and tell everyone that President Obama is planning to start testing nuclear weapons in Ohio. That way he could scare everyone in the state and the fear would be statewide and not just in one community.

    • Cairndance

      this morning Romney went online with a commercial about Chrysler moving the jobs to China! It’s been proven a lie but he will continue to repeat it because “if you repeat a lie often enough, many people will believe it’s true!”

      • jvaljon1

        People will be voting, who HATE LIARS. Some people will throw their political party out of the nearest window, just not to elect a known liar like Mitt Romney. Imagine people who hear Chrysler ‘moving the jobs to China’. Chrysler head himself had to come on TV and tell everyone that Jeep is staying RIGHT HERE.

        These animals are trolling for a few votes from each lie they tell. They hope that THAT will take them over the top—after all, it did once before, in 2000. But we all remember all the disasters that flowed from that time—from 9/11, where the president ignored all the warnings from all the people working the area, warning him about bin Laden, until finally we got 9/11 and he became the “War Prez’dunt” or whatever the hell he called himself. And did things IMPROVE from the Clinton years?

        Hell no, we all lost our jobs from then on! And when natural disasters came our way—well, who can forget Katrina??? And the ‘federal response’ to that?? (there was none—they’re STILL REBUILDING, and Katrina happened in 2005!!!!) Then in 2007 Wall Street collapsed, and shortly after that, the banks showed their Republican hands, and sat on everyone’s money until they saw who was going to be President—-then, they CEMENTED their behinds onto Americans’ money. Oh no, THEY weren’t gonna fail—-they were going to make sure that they consolidated their power into POWER! Bush committed Grand Theft America with that first bail-out—-now the banks had the perfect method, perfected with and by Bush, with which to blackmail the American people into allowing them to stay. We have till next week, to make sure that We The People know this:

        Banks, are Republican. I don’t believe that there is ANY banker, who would admit to being a Democrat! In fact, I don’t believe that there is any banker, who’s not a Republican! And most of us are hurting, so

        Vote accordingly, my friends. US Attorney General Eric Holder, has just batted down the last of those voter suppression ‘laws’ that unAmerican Republicans tried to pass—tried, but FAILED MISERABLY! That doesn’t mean, though, that they won’t try again. The only way that they won’t eventually succeed in taking away Americans’ voting rights—and therefore, taking away America as our Founding Fathers and we today, know it? The ONLY WAY? Is, to get to the polls each and every time, and LANDSLIDE the NON-Republican party, INTO POWER!

        And remember—-if they ACT like Republicans, they ARE Republicans—no matter what Tea-bagging name they give themselves. They’re America’s enemies, pure and simple; never forget!

  • Jack Wormer

    Even if elected, by the time Inauguration comes along, a “President” Romney will have to pledge to “Uphold, defend, protect…” and all that jazz about the Constitution. As we have seen, what passes across Romney’s lips, is quite different from what’s cooking in his heart.

    Hence, we’ll be witnessing the first Inaugural Perjury…

    • Ed

      Not really, there have been several others before him.

  • LindaLeake

    Who do this man think he is he is not above God, for this will really strike him down, a it should be. They are playing with the wrong one now, God don’t like ugly & ugly & deceit is Romney’s way not God’s way. He is a pretender & a hypocrit in Gods eyes & he will pay. God says our ways are not his ways. God will put romney under & out, he want know what hit him, romney is not a believer just a 100% a lier.

  • all I can tell you that God will be watching on all of us on what we all do

  • Joe Narusiewicz

    Mitt Romney chose Paul Ryan as his running mate knowing he was very conservative and that if he was elected and died in office Ryan would be president. Ryan wrote a bill with Todd Akin and even tried to define rape on a very narrow level. Romney supports Richard Mourdock. You ride with outlaws you die with outlaws! Romney’s portrayal as a moderate just doesn’t resonate with people who take a closer look.

  • Here is something else to think about, Romney has cousins who were born in Mexico, claim it as their home country yet they are registered to vote in the Presidential election in Arizona. Why are they considered dual citizen people when they are the 2nd generation of Romney cousins to be born in Mexico and the first generation never left the country. Republicans are always saying that Obama is letting illegals vote so he can be elected what about allowing Romney’s Mexican cousins vote in our Presidential elections when they claim Mexico as their Country and consider themselves to be Mexicans, they are no longer dual citizens when it is a 2nd generation of them, at least they shouldn’t be.

    When a woman gets pregnant when she raped by Satan’s henchman, it is not a gift from God but from Satan and if she can’t live with the thought of having the rapist baby growing in her womb, she should be able to have an abortion no matter what Republicans like Romney, Ryan, Mourdock and the rest think, she should not have to be reminded of that rape or incest rape the next nine months of her life and relive the horror of her attack each day for nine months.

    • grammyjill

      And think. The rapist is now a father with parental rights. She will have that animal in her life for at keast eighteen years. How will she ever get over the attack?

      • I am sure that a rapists parental rights can be removed.

        • grammyjill

          Yes, but that could be another long court fight. Who would want to go through that on top of everything else. And they don’t take into account that the girl that is raped could be as young as twelve.

  • elw

    I do not believe Romney will win. Nor do I believe that the Murdock/Romney Christians are representative of most Christians in the United States. Most of the people who live in this Country are Christians and yet at least half (mostly likely more) are Democrats. There is no way that Romney can win if every Democrat goes and votes. So Vote. And, get one other person to vote as well. Anyway you look at it; at this point it is a numbers game. The more of us who vote the greater chance Obama will have a second term. Do not let the Republican lies and BS get you down. They cannot win unless you stay home.

  • blueindy1

    I am not a religious person, either, but I too, remember my Sunday school lessons. These Republicans are Christians of the self-proclaimed, self-righteous variety, and Mourdock exposes them for what they REALLY are. To use Christian terminology, and to put it plainly…they speak not for God, but for The Prince Of Lies.

    These men are not what they seem to be, they are not as they sell themselves. But they ARE the very best spokespeople for “THAT” for which a lie is the truth, and the truth is a lie. Elect them, America, at your own risk…

  • retnepracfrederick

    if the republican party speaks for god, they r religious about one thing power and money and the hell with the rest of the people

  • is this guy a Mormon or really just a moron

  • Romney is really a moderate but had to cowtow to the new extremist GOP to get the nomination. However, no one really knoes what he will be like as president. The new GOP will expect loyalty or they won;t support him in the next election. He’s between a rock and a hard place. He’ll lose anyway.

  • I’ve said this befor – the only reason the race appears to be close IS RACE. Otherwise it would an Obama landslide. Too many white Americans still can’t abide a black president eventhough he’s brilliant.

    • jvaljon1

      I’m Middle-class—big family and we’re all as white as a glass of milk.

      We ALL love and are proud of, our President Obama! In fact, we all love everyone who’s doing whatever, to try to help the American People through these multiple tragedies that we’ve suffered ever since 2001, right up through 2008, and now into the AFTERMATH!

      We love AND respect our President. The people who do otherwise, that’s their right of course. But we don’t have to like it, OR THEM—especially at the polls! Never…Never…NEVER AGAIN!!!!

      • BDC_57

        I also respect obama and what he has done. I will never respect romney for all his lies, and shipping jobs over seas.

    • While I think you definitely have a point, I think you are over simplifying the issue. It is much more complicated than that. I don’t think that most of the Obama haters are racists, although some of them are. I am constantly appalled and sickened when I read racist comments demeaning the president, but then I feel the same way about many of the other extreme lies the extreme right are spreading about him. It absolutely nauseates me to see some of their propaganda. It is one thing to disagree with someone politically, but it is something else to accuse a fine and honest man like President Obama of being a criminal. I got curious and checked out some of the far right propaganda and it falls into the category of serious libel. If there was an honest decent Republican running for president, even though I might disagree with him politically it would still be sickening to see that sort of thing. It is just so awful.

  • I’ve felt all along that the Romney’s like to broadcast continually about all they contribute to charity, how they do so much “mission” work and what great christians (Mormans) they are. I do not know a thing about Morman beliefs, but I do know my christian beliefs and my Bible. I’ve been taught that charity is given with an open belief and heart, not to be done for the purpose of notarity or bragging. I’ve been taught we are all brothers and sisters of God. I was taught there is NO COLOR in God’s eyes and that there should be no color in our eyes, or hearts. When someone is in need we help them, not for the GLORY but for the love we have in God. Only he can judge. I do not know of any religion that preaches people who have hit hard times, who have no money, who have no homes are lazy worthless 47% losers. But mainly, I do not find Romney to able to speak the truth or to even know the truth. He owes a LOT of donors, corporations and the Republicans payback….and that scares me because he will only do their bidding and cares NOTHING about the rest of us.

  • Someone whose opinion I value,and who is a life-long republican and Christian, once told me something that seems apropos – “If someone has to tell you he is a good Christian, he probably isn’t”. Seems like that pretty much says it all. for me.

  • If your site has a poll with no opt-out, then people will vote even if they don’t know what they’re voting for just to look at your article. Also, pop-ups are never a good idea.

  • BDC_57

    If they were so god fearing what happen to thou shall not bear false wittness.

  • The bottom line is that Romney agree with these guys thats why he has not distanced himself from them

  • David_of_Hawaii

    Depends on which god or God you are talking about? Satan is the God of this World.

    Jesus said, “By their fruits ye shall know them.” Matthew 7:20

    The Gods of Money, Greed and Lust beckons and chooses all who will listen.

    The Gods of Anger and Hatred have a strident voice and seem to get the biggest selection of people and It is followed closely by the:

    The God of War who chooses many people and nations to do its bidding often creating even more supplicants for the Gods of Anger and Hatred. It appears that this “god” has chosen the Middle East as IT’s favorite battle ground for at least 3500 years creating three major religions that have caused division, unrest and murder for centuries.

    The God of Peace has a small voice and is often drowned out by the din raised by the followers of the Gods of War, Anger and Hatred. Few there are who really seek this God of Peace and Love.

    If you read history including the Bible and other religious books, you will have noted nations and individuals who have chosen or been chosen by certain of these Gods.

    Unless you are blind, look at world politics today, and note that some nations and administrations have a propensity to find false flag reasons to lash out at their neighbors.

    If you look around you, you can see individuals who follow some of these Gods.

  • onedonewong

    Jesus never said anything about abortion??? How about thy shalt not KILL….

    But then again Barak has his own followers calling him the messiah just like Jim Jones

    • Pamela Irwin

      Actually, abortions were common in Jesus’ day yet He NEVER SAID A WORD. The common thought was that life didn’t begin until after BIRTH. Because he never mentioned something that was common practice, it is apparent that Jesus did NOT think an abortion was “killing”. Now, you may disagree with Jesus but many of us don’t. It is NOT your right to force your beliefs on others! I recommend you try starting with the things Jesus ACTUALLY TALKED ABOUT, like helping the poor, being nonjudgmental, pacifism, etc. BTW – thinking you know more than God & Jesus & bearing false witness about Jesus’ teachings is BLASPHEMY & is a SIN. You’ve confused religion with GOD. Stop worshiping your religion & stick with worshiping GOD!

      • onedonewong

        Thanks for the history rewrite, of course you offer proof to those who know your making it up and calling Bulllshit.
        Murder is murder no matter how you attempt to defend it or define it in your sick world. Even Hitler had more compassion that the left wing nuts

        • vlcpolitics

          It’s a shame your mother didn’t chose to abort.

          • onedonewong

            Yours obviously tried since your brain dead

    • Get off this site and don’t dare call the president by his given name, you little a**wipe. You know the adage, “Birds of a feather flock together”? Get into your own flock on a Fox News site where you’ll find plenty of others to agree with your views.

      Then again, perhaps you’ve been banned from such sites because even they know you’re crazy. Get a life. Get back on your meds and get off this site. I’ve managed to get your IP address. Disappear before I make a visit to you.

      • onedonewong

        Birds of a feather?? I’m not black so how would I know how they think or if they even do

        • You lack common decency…perhaps you should go work for Mr. Romney….birds of a feather and all….

          • onedonewong

            Lizzard that’s where we differ I pay taxes and you and your ilk don’t

  • blueclouds123

    Mr. Romney I wish I could become a Mormen, then I could lie like you and bear false witness like you, I could be just like you, a liar, a bearer of false witness, no love for anyone poorer then you, I could be rich on the back of others like you, I could fire people just like you like to do. In my bible it states that Thou shalt not lie, Thou shall not bear false witness, and we were taught to treat others as you or I would like to be treated, and we were taught not to think we were better than others, and to have pity on the poor and not ill treat them. I think your most horrendours trait is the way you lie and repeat the lies just to win. Shame on you.

  • I may be mistaken but his charitable contributions to the Mormon Church, at least in the returns he disclosed, may have been greater then the taxes he paid into the Treasury, (and the deductions from those religious contributions, actually caused the government, in effect, to fund a religious cult.)

    So if Romney wins, will his loyalties lie with his religion, or his country?

    • Neither…I would have to say with his personal wealth and paying back those SuperPac guys….

  • suziebaby

    I can’t follow the whole problem of why religious views should be hammered on the general population. Recently in Ontario our Superior Court of Appeals, this past spring, supported the rights of “sex workers” with the strong statement of “philisophical rights” (religious views) do not over rule “individual rights”. I do not understand why this approach or logic has not entered into this election cycle.

  • ridemybroom

    Mourdock better be God Fearing….when God gets finished with him hes gonna wish he was….you dont lie on God and get away with it…God will get his vengence….he said it and i believe it…Like the Bakers,Jim and Tammy, they lied and lied and lied and God saw fit to crumble their house of cards…and when you lie on God…he gets even….!
    what I would really like to know is whats the problem with the Des Moines Register newspaper…?…they decided to throw their weight to romney …what for….?…becuz OB is a black man….they judged OB by the color of his skin…not by what his character is…shame on them !…playing the racist card…talk about crooks and politics….i have never seen so many be so damn mean because of a man’s color…sometimes i think im living in soviet russia…wish someone in this country would give me an open spot on tv so i can tell all these white hating Americans what i really think about them and no it wont be pleasant….what a frigging joke most of them are…!



    • THS_Warrior

      Some Mormens also believe the Republican Mitt Rmoney is a prophet, which means to them that Rmoney is equal to Christ Jesus? Hahahahahahahahaha!!! Not.

  • THS_Warrior

    This closer bears repeating here:

    “Here’s a reminder for the GOP: Jesus never mentioned gay people or abortion once. But he sure was pissed at people who didn’t help the poor. Yet who does the GOP target with their righteous indignation? Gay people, women and… the poor.”

    All of you real Christians now in the GOP know in your secret heart of hearts that Morman Mitt Rmoney is no closer to God than any Muslim is. Why? Because Muslims and Mormans do not accept Christ Jesus for who He is: the only Son of God, our only Savior, Redeemer and the One God incarnate on earth, who came here and died on the cross for us so that all real believers would have everlasting life.

    The snake is still trying to deceive you into thinking it is OK to elect a Morman…; Not.

    • Actually, Mormons, or “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints” do believe that Jesus is the Son of God….there are MANY admirable Mormons….Mitt Romney is NOT one of them.
      OBAMA 2012

      • THS_Warrior

        If you will re-read my post you will note that I said that Mormans do not believe that Christ Jesus is the ONLY Son of God. That’s because they believe Christ Jesus had “brothers” who lived here in America (apparently on Wall Street) and who begat the Holy founders of the Holy Morman religion. Gag.

  • I do not condem the rich, Its how they made the money, Rommney became rich by destroying peoples lives. Does mitt rommney have a conscience, Iwould say NO!!, other wise he could not live with himself. In my little world, I am asking forgivness from God, for
    the all the little things that I might have done or said to anyone.

    Then here comes rommney, he has a history of profit above people and their lives, his history is making money by destroying anything that gets in his way. The lies that comes from his mouth should SCARE ANY PERSON THAT WORKS FOR A LIVING. He only wants to be president , to be president. If HE WERE COMMANDER IN CHEIF, HOW FAST OUR COUNTRY WOULD BE AT WAR!!! PLEASE THINK BEFORE YOU VOTE!!!

  • How many members of the Republican party say they’re Christians, they believe in God, Jesus, and the bible. ?
    How many member of Congress, both parties, are millionaires.

    New Testament
    Matthew 19;
    “16 Now a man came up to Jesus and asked, “Teacher, what good thing must I do to get eternal life?”
    17 “Why do you ask me about what is good?” Jesus replied. “There is only One who is good. If you want to enter life, obey the commandments.”
    18 “Which ones?” the man inquired. Jesus replied, “`Do not murder, do not commit adultery, do not steal, do not give false testimony,
    19 honor your father and mother,’ and `love your neighbor as yourself.”
    20 “All these I have kept,” the young man said. “What do I still lack?”
    21 Jesus answered, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.”
    22 When the young man heard this, he went away sad, because he had great wealth.
    23 Then Jesus said to his disciples, “I tell you the truth, it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.
    24 Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”
    25 When the disciples heard this, they were greatly astonished and asked, “Who then can be saved?”
    26 Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”
    27 Peter answered him, “We have left everything to follow you! What then will there be for us?”
    28 Jesus said to them, “I tell you the truth, at the renewal of all things, when the Son of Man sits on his glorious throne, you who have followed me will also sit on twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel.
    29 And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or fields for my sake will receive a hundred times as much and will inherit eternal life.

    How many actually think they have any chance of getting into heaven with their attitude to their own money?
    How many of them actually believe in taking care of the people that need it the most.?

    One thing I’ve NEVER been able to figure out, is why so many of the hard core super conservative Republican, that say they believe in God, that Jesus is the son of God, and that the
    bible is the word of God are millionaires. ? That’s not flipping a coin, that’s trying to be both sides at the same time. That’s totally impossible.

    • Rape is in the minds of evil men. They have no considerstion of anyone else.

  • bwmconst

    Mitt Romney speaking for God is like, Dick Cheney speaking about honesty…Something about “a rich man and heaven”, “faith without works is dead”, by their fruits (deeds, actions) ye shall know them…Sorry Mitt, the Nicene Council and Constantine are dead and gone, honesty, integrity, genuine concern for all of life and respect for the human Soul are coming in…There isn’t any way left to fool all of us, yes, you can still fool “some of the people some of the time”…I do not fear God, because I repect what the Creator has done and given me, and all of us…, and it wasn’t to sell to the highest bidder…We have a beautiful planet and have never paid for a damn thing, including Mr. Shallow here…Worship is not by words but deeds, “actions speak louder than words, and I’m sure Spirit is listening 24/7…It is not the faith we are in, but ” the faith that is in us”….Love by Christ was “unconditional”, so let’s all learn a little, and Romney will not be “The Teacher”…

  • Ray

    I didn’t know that mormon worship hebrew god satan !!! why else recraplicans legitimize RAPE by saying God meant that rape to happen !!!

    • God does not mean for rape to happen. Mormons do not worship Satan, but their beliefs are different than Christians like Southern Baptist who hold to their One Bible and not to an additional Bible. I have a copy of the Mormon bible which I have never read. I am sure that rape [Proverbs 5:15-21] is mentioned but not the exact word.

  • William Heiland

    Rape is assault and battery, a felony crime! All Americans must treat it with the full revulsion that it deserves. Any pregnancy that may result from it, is totally up to the woman who was raped and NO ONE ELSE!

  • WillNeverVoteRepublican

    Look now! If we Dems or the republicans agreed with EVERYTHING that our candidate believes in, then our candidates would be perfect! I have never read ANYWHERE where Jesus Christ ran for POTUS!!!! 🙂

  • Ed, I really like your direct comment: “For the last 31 years a large portion of Americans have voted against their own self interest, based on “wedge isuues” and prejudice. We now have a GOP pledged to the destruction of the country.”

    Americans believing the lie that Republicans are Godly because of their positions against abortion and other hot button issues blamed on the Bible, have flocked to the Republican party thinking that some of the image of wealth would come to them. The very people that saved their money and invested in mutual funds that turned around and invested their retirement potential in a stock market that is designed to keep the rich even richer. While they thought they would be alright if they became bigoted (self-righteous) on “moral” issues they were financing their jobs to be taken away by corporations moving to other countries to avoid paying them what they deserved. It is sad that so many, even after loosing so much in 2008, still do not realize who stole their savings. I can guarantee you that the theft was not accomplished by God believing people but by the enemy of God that the 1% wealthy serves.

    I am an American with an Irish heritage that happens to be Black. I believe and trust in all Godly principles. I do not agree with every aspect of the Democratic Party and I certainly do not trust the Republican Party. We all make choices. I choose to pray for all people and leave the business of sin declaration to God where it belongs. Another person’s sin is never my business but my earnest prayer for understanding. There is no political party that can claim to speak for God. Indeed, there are few organized religions that are qualified to speak on behalf of God. I have a personal relationship with my Lord and Saviour and I pray that all will come to the true knowledge that I have obtained after living on this earth for well over one half century (actually 66 years). True Christians will vote with their hearts and place their trust in God by not vilifying anyone.

  • As Garrison Keillor put it over a year ago with his satiric bumper sticker:

    “God has already chosen the Republicans; Why haven’t you?”

    First the Stars and Stripes becomes the exclusive property of the Republican Party, now God himself. Where will it all end?

  • Where have I seen this before? Um…. Oh yes, the AntiChrist, who seduces the world with pseudo-pious misrepresentations and brings on Armagedon.

    Not an end-times advocate, but it makes even this old-fashioned run-of-the-mill Christian wonder, doesn’t it?