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Monday, October 24, 2016

LOL Of The Week: Where In The World Are Mitt Romney’s Tax Returns?

LOL Of The Week: Where In The World Are Mitt Romney’s Tax Returns?

I have a policy against LOLing at Ann Romney. After three and a half years of enduring conservative trolls who defame the First Lady, I figure the least I can do is avoid matching their incivility with mutually assured degradation. But Mrs. Romney tested this policy last week when asked on ABC’s “Good Morning America” why her husband won’t release their tax returns.

Now, Mrs. Romney is not alone in offering a feeble excuse for why Mitt won’t release the customary number of tax returns set by his father — which would be twelve years. Earlier in the week, Mitt himself pointed out that Theresa Heinz Kerry didn’t release her tax returns in 2004 (proving he’s qualified to be John Kerry’s wife). Then Romney surrogate John Sununu embarrassed himself on television by descending into a rant where he called the President “un-American.” (If that were true, wouldn’t Mitt Romney be investing in him?)

Mitt’s evasiveness left his wife in a bind. Mrs. Romney told “Good Morning America” that her husband wouldn’t be releasing his tax returns because “We’ve given all you people need to know.” Now there is some debate about whether she actually said “you people,” a phrase that’s reminiscent of classic quips by Ross Perot and Marie Antoinette. Yet her message was clear: Be happy with what we’ve given you, people. You’re not getting any more.

The same dismissive arrogance has undergirded Mitt Romney’s message for as long as he’s been in public life: You’re not entitled to know what I’ve done and will do. Why? Because I’m Mitt Romney!

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  • I don’t care where Mitt keeps his tax returns, but I believe he must make them public, the same way his predecessors – Republicans and Democrats – have done in the past. His refusal to make his tax returns public suggest he is hiding something. If he is not, he should make them public to put an end to this issue. If he is, he should accept responsibilitiy for whatever he did wrong and take corrective action immediately.

  • chisolm

    Romney should provide more tax returns when Obama provides his school records.

    • Will Romney make his school records public too? BTW, is Mitt Romney going to make his birth certificate public or is that something that only certain people are expected to do?

      • chisolm

        Certainly, Romney should provide proof of citizneship.

        • JSquercia

          God you are an ASS

    • JSquercia

      it is DIFFERENT you DUNCE . There is NO history of providing School records but there is one of providing Tax Returns .Sure would have loved to see Dubya’s school records.
      Heretofore there was NEVER a demand to see a Presidential candidate’s Birth Certificate

      • old_blu

        Did you want to see all 3 years of Dubya’s school records?

  • old_blu

    If we had to see the birth certificate, we should also see the taxes, I’m sure he is scrambling to hide something as we speak.

    • yes he does have tons to hide his School records Soc Sec#’s Fast and Furious

      • old_blu

        Michael, put the pipe down that shit ain’t good for you.

        • all the crackheads I know vote democrat’s they can get frre shit like phones to call their drug dealers

          • old_blu

            I am not a democrat or a republican, that way I don’t have to hate any people or ideas, just because someone says I should, I think for myself.

          • Then stop attacking me and follow what you just said …I can dewal with that buddy

          • old_blu

            On the other side of that coin, I don’t have to like everyone or their ideas either.

  • William King

    Mitt is a strategic thinker. Release of his tax returns might jeopardize his election but he wants to be sure they don’t jeopardize his nomination. So the calculation is that if they must be released it must be post convention after he has secured the nomination. With the nomination in hand he could then depend upon animus against Obama to carry the day for him.

  • If Romney doesn’t release his Tax Returns, then it should be understandable that he has changed the rules how the game is played, therefore he doesn’t need:

    a) do any campaigning
    b) no need of telling people what he has to do as President if elected
    c) no need of doing any ad
    d) no need of collecting any contribution

    Each and everything should totally be changed.

  • montanabill

    Seems to be some kind of ethical distinction between releasing your tax returns when running for Congress as a opposed to running for President, even if you wind up third in line to the Presidency. Another case of, “oh crap! How do I spin this revolting development?”

  • bud2011

    Romney’s tax returns are in the same pile as Obama’s transcripts and Holder’s “fast and furious” papers. This is a distraction from the state of the economy under Obama.

    • highpckts

      And you really think it will be better under Romney?? LOL

    • joyscarbo

      It’s no distraction…it’s a glaring obvious arrogant refusal to hand over his tax returns like every presidential candidate! Why would anyone refuse at the risk of looking like he’s hiding something???!!! Probably because he’s hiding something!!! What a moron!

  • jhkim

    I think the real reason Mitt Romney doesn’t want to release his returns is that he didn’t tithe the full amount due to his religion. Good Mormons tithe 10%.
    What an embarassment that would be for a sanctimonious hypocrit.
    He sent jobs overseas.
    He sent money overseas.
    The American people should send him overseas.

    Just call me a cynic.

  • William Deutschlander

    In actuality Mitt is going overseas to check on his investments and accounts that are all offshore.

    It is a tradition in the Romney family, if you could not have multiple wives you move to Mexico, so if you do not want to pay taxes, you move your money to tax havens in foreign countries. It should also be required that you reside where your money resides!

    Mitt and Assoc. EXTORTED Billions of Dollars of American Capital and Exported the Capital to foreign tax avoidance countries and islands, for personal gain!

    Mitt is not a businessman, he is the EXACT OPPOSITE, who has never created ANYTHING of VALUE to the American Economy!

    • Obama has invvested billions of our money in GM and GE both have offshored more jobs then Romney and any of the companies Bain Invested in . The difference in Mitts case it was his and other peoples private money being used to make struggling companies whole again and profitable . In Obama’s case it was our money and it was billions so GM can build 4 new plants in China and GE could OUTSOURCE 26,000 jobs there ( x ray div ) Mitt understands business and admires achievers . Obama is a communist . In his book he said he prefers that form of govt . His actions back that up as he hates people who did it on their own and he is anti business . He wants you to hate achievers …Why?

      • DukeDacat

        Hey, Troll
        Seriously, are you really serious???

        • Yes He’s Believe What He Saying Cause He Just Another Butt Sucking Sheep Of The Rich Man, Thinking That One Day He May be Rich Also!! Just Another Troll Drinking The Venom Sold To Him By These 1% Wealthy Snake Oil Salesmen And Now He’s Just Brain Dead!!!

          • Fern comes from the finest stock of tolerant hypocritical sheeple . She can never debate on merit and can’t even come up with a good zinger . She is so empty and hollow and full of hate she can’t see any view but her own . I am a Brain eating Zombie ….Relax Liberals you are safe . You guys on the other hand are just weak minded indoctrinated Zombies for Obozo . No matter what common sense and imperical data should tell you . Look even if you hate Romney you should also realize that Obama is left of MARX and his record makes Carter look as good as Lincoln Washington or Reagan

          • By the way Fern All I ever see out of you is hate and venom yet you can never counter a thing i say ….all you do is name call without a coherent thought of your own …very sheepish baaa baaaa

          • Fern what do you say to this deal …Romney shows even MORE of his TAX returns in exchenge for Obama showing us his School records from Occi ( where no one recalls him ) , His Foreign Student Loans so we can all see where Obama says he’s from , His Conn Soc Sec # and why he has one from a State he has never lived in, and the Fast and furious papers . Think he would go for that ? Who has what to hide ? To most thinking people whatever Romney did to ” legally ” maximize his own money doesn’t matter . After all the better he did the more he had to give to charity for social services and such . Romney , that evil rich AMERICAN has donated over 20% of his own damn money to various causes . Obama less then 1% Biden .00005%

          • That was the sound of a slam dunk win for intelligent people everywhere . I’m sure it is making your stomach turn seeing who has what to hide and who is the real person that has compassion for his fellow man .

          • By The Way Mickey Mouse KISS MY ASS YOU LOW LIFE ASS KISSING TROLL!!!

          • fern you look like a troll ..I think you are very very lonely …arent you

          • Nobody Like You Just Like Romney But Romney Rich Your Butt Sucking Of The Koch Brothers Will Get You NOTHING!! You Don’t See Me TROLLING Behind Other People Post Talking Shit Like You Do!! STFU And Get A Job Cause You Will Never Get Rich Sucking And Trolling Behind Other People !!!

      • Do you think that nobody has read Obama’s book? Have you read it? Wow the hate and ignorance shown by you teabaggers is amazing. Not to mention the racism.

        • Ive read the communist manifesto yes . In it he says he prefers that style of govt . His [policy dovetails nicely with that And you notice I dont call name or labels except if 1st used against me . I don’t often get labeled a racist …but when I do it’s because I just won an argument against an Obama supporter . So none of you can debate on merit or dispute my facts but because it makes you sick Im a racist and hater ? Liberal tolerance ignorance and hypocrisy all on display any judgement I win

          • By the way my black girlfriend said to take your racists asses out of here you lost


          • Fern go twist on it . I dont listen to stupid people

          • you STFU you have nothing to add or debate Fern you are an empty empty lonely person

          • panther_modern

            I love how you have to mention that you have a black girlfriend to make yourself sound not racist.


          • Speaking the truth …does that bother you …oh yeah I understand ..the truth bothers Liberals

  • He was probably born in Mexico to one of his father’s 10 wives. 😉

  • howa4x

    Mitt is the tip of the spear in the creation of the oligarchy that will run America with him as a front man. This group is run for its own benefit. Not everyone else’s is. We are the little people who don’t need to know how he got his money but just revere him for it. He looks at us with distain that we are even asking for them. He is a member of the 1% and is used to doing what he wants. Showing his returns would be an insult to him. Besides no one really understands destructive capitalism anyway so why show peope things they won’t understand. People will see that Mitt made his millions by using one word Globalization. This concept is finding the cheapest labor in close to slave conditions. Soon N Korea will enter the manufacturing culture since it’s people are already obedient, and the enviornment barren. Mitt sanctions tactics the blowing off the top of mountians in WVA to get to the coal and creating a wasteland when he talks about freeing business to be able to meet our energy needs from costly regulations. He will repeal Dodd-Frank and allow Wall st (his real people) to run wild again, and will try to steer Medicare voucher, and eventually SS to the street. His philosophy is that the 1% know what is better. He just needs a better way to say it.

    • jarheadgene

      You ARE CORRECT…Bain capital is about driving the bottom dollar for the cost of mfg and services lower and lower to whatever ENSLAVED 3rd world economy is willing to bid lower. Here lies the Problem. When a Business owner takes huge…and I mean huge profits out of a product or service. They believe they have to OUTSOURCE. Why? Because we (YOU PEOPLE) want want wages that would allow us buy a house or a car or both and maybe eat 3 meals a day. But that would cut into the HUGE Profit margins Bain is greedy for. (How dare any American-low-class-“you people” expect to buy a home or 3 meals). Bain is not alone. Look at Apple…a product I had banned in my hosehold until I found that the IPad is the only product my child can use as a computer, due to her severe disabilities. I had banned them because they are SO PROFIT driven they are sittin on (last I remeber it was $700 Milion in cash) because they pay their employees (in FoxConn, Chia whopping $1.78 an hour. Where do you think Steve Jobs is trying to spend all that cash now.?….!!!! Steve in “who did you trust.?”

    • onedonewong

      Obama is the tip of the spear in democrats unrelenting agenda of making this country socialist just like Germany in the 1930’s and 40’s

      • howa4x

        You watch too much Fox news. Obama is a right of center president. His health care plan based on the individual mandate is a republican idea thought up by the heritage foundation and tried by a republican governor named Romney. Hank Paulson George Bush2 tresuary secretary was the one who did the bailouts and got stock options in the banks. He is investing in green jobs which China, Japan, Germany and manyother countries are doing. His stimulus package saved thousands of jobs, and began to rebuild our crumbling infastructure where 6000 bridges are now deemed to be in need of desparate repair. Tim P the Minnesota governor cut bridge inspections 1 year befor that major interstate bridge collaspe. The republicans want to cut all programs to give more tax breaks to the richest 1%
        During the Bush 2 yrs this group was awarded the biggest tax cut in history, and how many jobs did they create? The reality, 2.9 million jobs were out sourced and middle class wages were flat. Is this what you want to go back to? romney is a good example of what the rich did wiht the money. he put it in off shore accounts.The IRS estimates that 21 trillion was moved off shore during that time.That is more than our nations deficit and dopes like you want to give them more? You would cut programs for your mother and children so the super rich like the Koch bros worth 50 billion can have more.
        That is really a form of socialism for the rich, and what germany did in the 30’s with their industrialists. Germany had facism is the mid 30’s to mid forties. It was called national socialism but far from what Sweeden did. So put down your 3 corner hat and your poster of Obama with a bone through his nose, stop wating Fox and friends and trun the volume down on Rush. These people are paid millions to lie to you, and you are stupid enough to believe it!

        • onedonewong

          Since when is socialism right of center?? Obama’s role model for the country is Germany in the 1930’s and 40’s. Sorry Geithner was the orchestrated of the bailouts and the demand that no bank could OPT OUT.
          he’s investing in Green jobs with taxpayer $$. The cost of each of his so called green jobs is $450K and most of them were added in China, Mexico and Finland.
          His stimulus program save saved thousands of jobs?? Then why are there FEWER americans working during Barak’s presidency than at anytime during W’s 2nd term??? The so called shovel ready jobs didn’t exist nor was the $$ spent on infrastructure. 85% of the money went to states for union jobs in govt.
          How many jobs did the top 1% create?? All of them during barak’s tenure. Barak manged with his govt regulations has been the primary driver of the outsourcing. So yes with Romney at the helm these unelected bureaucrats won’t be making those kind of decisions.
          Cut programs??? Gee every new born in this country based a debt burden of $150,000 the day they arrive, dumping the debt on those who had no say in generating it isn’t a family value. The purpose of the federal govt is to provide or the national defense = $$$ and promote the general welfare which is cheerleading.
          Germany’s socialism is the stake holder for ALLLLL Socialism its the style that barack wants for this country.
          The only folks paid millions to lie are the State Run Media and its been that way since the 1965

          • howa4x

            You have to be a tea party member because you are not that smart. 1st off in 30’s-40’s Germany was ruled by the Nazi’s which most 10 yr old know. Bush’s Patroit act was closer to what they did in Germany by suspending rights and using warrentless wiretaps. The stimulas added jobs and 4 million jobs were created since 09 and when the republicans were in control in 08 we were loosing 40,000 jobs a month, the economy collasped and Paulson had to bail out the banks
            Name me one socialist program that Obama inacted. Don’t just call him names, tell me.
            Health care is a republican plan that Romney did in Mass. the individual mandate is a republican idea based in individual responsibility for health care. the goveernment has not taken over health care and besides paying for medicare/medicaid it only runs the VA hospital system. The rest of it is a for profit systemrun by doctors in private practice, hospitals, owned either as non profits or for profits, and big pharma.
            As for out sourcing 2.9 million jobs left America during Bush and Romney’s company Bain was a part of that. Right now the corporations are sitting on billions and not hiring. There is nothing preventing them form doing it except greed. They like Romney would rather put their money in off shore accounts in Switzerland, Bermuda and the Caymans than employ Americans. The republicans want to take from everyone and give it to the richest 1% of the population whose net wealth went up 256% during the Bush yrs and middle class wage went up 3%. think they need more? Do the Koch Bros who are worth 50 billion need a tax break? You the tea party are the lap dogs of the super wealthy who will vote against the interests of your family and children to make the rich much richer. Well pal what do you get?

          • onedonewong

            Yep and Hitler and the Nazi’s were SOCIALISTS, but of course no one has ever accused you of being as smart as a 10 year old. Barak’s new world order makes saying anything that is anti obama a crime that can lead to imprisonment with NO trial by jury.
            Sorry the Dem’s were in total control of congress in 2007 and their legislation caused the economy to crash. There have been NO JOBS added to the economy since barak took over none 0 nada. That’s why the unemployment rate is over 10%
            Barak had an opportunity to FIX the healthcare system without any new mandates simply by fixing the tort system. Trial attorneys bleed $400 BILLION a year from the system, but they are the single largest campaign contributors to the dems hence no action was taken to permanently fix the REAL problem
            More jobs were sent over seas under barak and a good portion of them were taxpayer funded, now that’s a record to be proud of More GREEN jobs were exported than created under barak
            No the reason business are sitting on money is the obama regime. No business invests in Haiti and Afghanistan or Syria why because the govt is unstable. Just like here no person in their right mind wold expand there business with this nut job in the WH. The only thing barak understands about economics is that private sector = bad, public sector = good, typical cave man thinking
            The republicans want those who EARN their $$ thru hard work, creativity or initative to keep the fruits of their labor. barak wants to take everyone’s assets and provide them with an allowance only he knows best how to spend their $$$.
            The Koch brothers generate jobs something barak and soros have no idea how to

          • howa4x

            That planet do you come from? The patroit act was past in 2002-3 when the republicans controlled congress. It was Bush who watered down regulatory oversight of the financial system and congress had nothing to do with it and the economy collasped by his polices, so own up to it.
            Tort refom is needed only if there is a nations standard of care that all doctors adhere to. Lawyers fill in the gap because there isn’t one, and 400billion is a drop in the bucket to a 2.5 trillion system

            Under obama 4 million jobs were created and he unlike Romney will give tax breaks to those you come back here to manufacture and create jobs. the Koch bros are union busters and wiht all their wealth that want workers to work for nothing. Obama wants the 1% to pay thier fair share. No way Romney should pay 13% on 250 million and me pay 33% on 60k
            Wall st generated few jobs and made most of it’s money on debt and that is not productive

          • onedonewong

            Where to star dealing with the village idiots
            . the patriot act has since been rewritten by Holder and Barak, of course Congress wasn’t consulted or asked to revise the original act. That’s just barak’s way the constitution is nothing but a dam piece of paper as he showed with GM bankruptcy.
            .the economy collapsed thanks to the community reinvestment act orchestrated by Dodds and Frank that forced banks to make loans to people that wold never be able to pay them back, while at the same time forcing banks to provide them with sweetheart personal loans
            .this country has 5% of the worlds population and 25% of the worlds attorneys these guys just like John Edwards are ambulance chasers driving up HC costs. 25% of all medical tests, and 30% of all hospital admissions are unneeded but Doctors prescribe them to PREVENT scrupulous litigation,
            . 4 million jobs were created??? Did you pass cyphering in the 2nd grade. There are FEWER americans working today than at anytime during W’s 2nd term and some how in your mathematical universe that works out to 4 million jobs??? I hope you never work in a bank or have anything to do with numbers becasue they aren’t your friend
            .Romney paid 15% effective ta rate o income he already paid taxes on and Barak while complaining about fairness only paid 20% far less than his secretaries Sounds like a reasonable person would be pillorying Obama.
            . As for paying their FAIR share who makes that determination??? In case you missed it its THEIR $$$$ not yours. Lets do this using your logic I think you should be paying a 75% tax rate that would be fair right???

          • howa4x

            It was the economoic polices of GWB that sent the economy into collaspe. This happend because of relaxed regulatory enforcement that was brought out in committe hearings. It was GWB who said that everyone in america should own a home, and documentaries that don’t appear on Fox showed that the major banks were pressing mortgage companies to get them more loans to package into derivitives and sell. the mortgage companies lowered their standards to produce the volume of loans that the banks were craving. The Banks made billions selling these financial instruments. A derivitive is packages of loans that are carved up into securites, and sold to investors. The banks tried to cover themselves by buying credit default swaps but companies like AIG who made billions on insuring all these instruments,couldn’tmeet the call when the banks realized that all these mortgages were toxic and people were defaulting they began to go under and hence the Bailout. this all happened under GWB and Tarp was created and sold to congress by Paulson.
            I agree Tort legislation is needed but only if the doctors agree to a standards of practice for each disease which they are fighting. If they don’t do that there is no protection from the lawyers. We have to hold doctors accountable for their treatment decisions. I sat on the board of directors on a teaching hop for 10yrs and don’t agree that HC costs are soley the lawyers fault. This may be a little over your head by try to get this ok. It dosen’t involve slogans.There is a payer mix of private pay, insurance pay, medicare, medicaid and uncompensated care that the state pays. the hospitals cost shift the lack of payment from the uninsured to the insured so you get a 400. asprin bill.
            The majority of health care costs are spent in the last year of a patients life around 80%.Think of someone with advanced cancer, and the care they need in patient, or open heart surgery or someone who is 90 and on a ventilator at $5000./day wasting away. You need to add in medicaid costs and a majority of them are spent by elderly paitents in nursing homes. Also replacement of knees and hips. These operation can cost upward of 150k per knee, or hip. Also think of very sick children with cancer and lykeima, some in the hospital for 6 months to a year
            There are a lot of factors that drive health care cost and there is not a boogey man to blame it all on. We need to have a conversation about end of life issues and not call them government death panels or any other slogan, or medicare will go broke. If you want to debate lets stay awy form slogans ok There are very big problems and we will need everybody involved in the solution both conservative and liberal to come up wiht reasonable answers.

          • Biden authored the patriot act dumb ass

          • howa4x

            Hey dumb ass the patroit act was authored by Bush’s justice dept. Stop wacthing so much fox news and you might learn something

          • You are wrong look at who coached the whole thing up changed everything and sent it to Bush …Or dont you understand the U S Senate

          • howa4x

            You live inside the Fox bubble! The patroit act was authored by the Bush justice dept and sent to the Senate for conformation. A large number of democratic senators voted no because of the intrusion into the civil rights of americans. The warrantless wiretaps were not thought up by the senate. It is interesting you are trying to blame the failures and excesses of GWB on the democrats. this is typical behavior of a person who watches too much Fox news

          • Once again you have no Idea how the Senate works and who authored it

        • Right of center that is oh so funny coming from a guy who said he prefers the Communist form of Govt and has backed it up with his Policy . what you are using is a talking point given to you from Comedian Joy Behar . You are refusing to look at the facts . The facts say he is left of MARX. And why all the hate on FOX ? have you seen the lying like ABC ( colo Shooter ) or NBC ( Trayvon 911 tapes ) . Unlike your news that lies and has comedians as pundits ..Fox neither lies nor is irresponsible. There is a reason they are the #1 cable news network .

  • China?

    Figures. For a Manchurian Candidate, brainwashing is pointless, just make it profitable to sell out the entirety of the middle class!

    Might as well give up calling it Capitol Hill; if this bozo gets elected, that is the final proof it is actually *Tammany* Hill.

  • Romney can’t release his tax returns. If he did GOP voters would learn how much money he gave Planned Parenthood back when he was pro-choice.

    • The LDS would know he cheated them too.

  • chisolm

    Nice come back. You must be a professional blogger for one of the notorious lib sites.

  • Where are Obama College records? Where is his voting record? Where is his Birth Certificate? Where is his true Social Security number? His Selective Service Record? The list goes on and on.

    • Moe-ron.

    • joyscarbo

      Obama’s college records are established…his voting record in politics is public knowledge…his birth certificate has been certifiied many times over…and your most idiotic comment about Obama’s “selective service record” crap- in 1979, there was no selective service, dipstick, he didn’t have to sign up for the draft nor register for selective service. At that time, the military was completely voluntary!
      You might want to want to do a little research. The issues you cite about Obama have long-since been addressed. Look for it instead of regurgitating right wing rhetoric

      • DukeDacat

        Give em hell, Joy

    • sheilab2

      Mike, you are clutching at straws ! ! ! !

    • Landsende

      Mike, you have been reading the Enquirer and Globe again haven’t you, those bastions of truth. We all know they never lie as evidenced by all the lawsuits they’ve lost. Or maybe your listening to Faux news, another bastion of truth. NOT. Mitt Romneys birth certificate was a copy. Why hasn’t he produced the original. He can’t give his voting record because he flip flops so much the information would be useless. We don’t need to see his selective service record since he went to Paris instead of Vietnam. Maybe he has nothing to hide with his tax returns but he could put the whole matter to rest by just releasing them. Oh wait, that’s what you said about President Obama’s birth certificate and even after he released it still believe he has something to hide. Paybacks a bitch, isn’t it?

  • middleclasstaxpayer

    First of all, we waited over ONE YEAR for a simple request: prove you’re a citizen. After DODGING this request, Obama send a TEAM to Hawaii (why did he need a team???) and then FINALLY returns with what at least some believe is a questionable document. But the REAL issue is: What do these two men DO with their earnings. ANSWER, Romney DONATED ALMOST 20% of HIS income in 2011 to CHARITY. Obama’s donations totalled ONE PERCENT of his vast earnings in 2011…so who’s really in touch with helping the needy??? And Biden…a whopping $300 of donations. Hepe HE can afford it/

    • jarheadgene

      Very funny… is not constitutional to have to give to charities. I could give a RIP if Romney gives 99% to the Mormons…that is in his own self-serving interest, I as an American would like to see his TAXES!


    And to think, this potential President still has not completed his 2011 taxes yet. He released only an estimate. He’s probably still scrambling to hide more money before filing last year’s taxes. If he can’t even handle his own taxes on time, then what makes him think we should trust him with the government budget.

  • I have NEVER in my life seen a man less worthy of the office he seeks. Wake UP Americans, please, before it is WAY too late.

  • The hypocrisy shown by you libertards is simply staggering. John Kerry only filed returns for his senate earnings and his wife, who has most of the money in the marriage, never did file any returns,and not one word was uttered by you left wing libertards. Barack Obama has kept his entire life sealed and not one word from any left wing press, but when Mitt ROmney filed what he is legally required to, you want more and more and more. John McCain filed 2 years worth of taxes and noone asked for more. If there were any problems with Mitt Romney’s taxes, the IRS would have let us all know about it a long time ago.

    • jarheadgene

      SERIOUSLY ? !!!!!

  • sheilab2

    Do you suppose that the reason he won’t release the returns is that he is cheating the moron church out of their 10% that he supposedly tithes to them? Maybe he made a lot more money than he delared to the morons and if he gets caught, he won’t get his chair in their heaven. Oops Mittsey – did you goof?

    • jarheadgene

      Sorry ….Mormons don’t get to go to heaven anymore than a Scientologist or a Christian Scientist or a Jehovah’s Witness. They are all cults.

  • ObozoMustGo

    Mitt is likely to find his tax returns underneath that pile of Obozo’s full academic records!

    Have a nice day!

  • jarheadgene

    AWESOME ARTICLE! That says it all. And you can’t get those point through to a THICK SKULLED “brown shirt” in the GOP. They would rather invent partial lies and whole lies about President Obama to muddy up the waters. Mrs. ROMoNEY may have well as said, “LET THEM EAT CAKE!”

  • nomaster

    Old Willard (Mitt) the ratman probably has all his tax returns safely hidden with his rats in the big, black bag. He won’t even admit to his Bain captital dealings why should he care about tax returns. Willard wants to be president so bad he can taste it. He’s already been trying for so many years spending his own wealth. He couldn’t care less about the American people and their burdonsome problems.

  • middleclasstaxpayer

    The problem with our country is NOT who earns what…the problem is those of us OUT OF WORK…the president needs to focus his attention on JOBS…..Obama has NOT spent even ONE Hour with his supposed “Jobs Council” in SIX MONTHS????? He spends each day campaigning, wasting OUR tax dollars on trips, planes, moving his entourage, everything but what we hired him to do. I voted for him, thinking we needed a new direction. Well, we’ve gotten our “new direction” but we’re headed in the WRONG DIRECTION!

  • how many wives does mitt have stashed over seas?

  • Before going to the polls this fall, every voter should make it a point to watch the MOVIE (not the now-defunct TV series) entitled “The Firm.” And then vote for Romney only if they still think surreptitiously squirrelling funds away offshore is acceptable practice for a person who would become President of the United States. If Romney gets elected, the stonewalling and cover-ups that we saw on Nixon’s part will look like a walk in the park.

  • His tax returns can be found in the 57th State of Kenya along with Obama’s Birth Certificate . If I were romney I would put it like this . I will release even MORE of my tax returns when Obama releases his School records which no President has ever hidden , His Foriegn student loans so we can see from which country Obama says he is from , His Conn. Soc Sec # when he never lived there and the Fast and Furious papers …How fast do you think it woud take for you Liberals to show what Hypocrites you are and all have Rachel Madcows ?? You do realize Obama has OH SO MUCH MORE TO HIDE and has gotten away with it because of his propaganda machine the Liberal Clown Car TV networks . I say throw down the gauntlet and watch Obama and the sheep squirm

    • DukeDacat

      Hey, Troll
      As I said earlier, Seriously, are you really serious???
      Or just Bat Shit Crazy????

  • Ayaya Worenwu

    Long time ago I said that Romney’s candidacy for president is a visit of daddy-long-legs to America. Massachussetts knows how dangerous Romney is. Romney is suspected to have contributed money indirectly for financing Warren Jeff’s defense to the rape charges he committed against underage girls.

  • grammyjill

    you think the President has not spent enough time with the jobs council. well, the jobs act has been in the house for about three months now. they refuse to do anything about it. not because they don’t like it. they wrote it! because it might make the president look good and they don’t give a damn about you.
    i think romney doesn’t want it known what he invested in. like the company that disposed of waste from abortions. might not look good for such an anti abortion guy, but stopping them would cut into his profits wouldn’t it?

  • There’s Pain In Bain Also Pain In Those Tax Returns!! I Have no Problem What’s So Ever Of Anybody Who Is Rich , My Problem Is What And How You Did It To Be Rich!!! I’m Against you Selling Out Your Country And Your People To Do It That’s The Very Reason Why I Will Never Vote For The GOP/Tea Party American Taliban!!!

  • patmcoll

    Bravo! Very simple and clear. Mitt’s continuing claim that “the president doesn’t understand business” is so pathetic and such an obvious propaganda statement that it tends to disqualify Mitt as being so inept and unimaginative.

  • onedonewong

    Mitt has already supplied more tax returns than all of the Democratic leaders. Once Barak unseals all of his college apps and transcripts then Mitt will follow suit

  • The president of this great country (the U.S.), must be the commander in chief in setting good examples such as releasing his Tax returns. In addition, This great country that is a God given gift to all of us that live in it cannot afford breaking its values and traditions just to please Mr. Romney. If someone like Mr. Romney a presumptive presidential nominee does not have any problems breaking the country’s great traditions and values, by the unwillingness to release his tax returns, what kind of example he would set for the country should he become President?


  • plotts

    I truely believe, even after reading all of this articles response modes. Romney must produce the tax returns after all the bits of his fathers doing so , and how his father did the proper type thing also. I have voted on the republican ticket in the past couple of presidential elections, but do believe I must change my vote this year….. This saddens me greatly.Romneys to much, and to far off center. To bad.

  • howa4x

    Well mr Stoll you really need to go back to school and learn what the term communist means, and specifically what policies of Obama do you think are communist? Have you ever read Karl Marx’s Das capital? If you had you would know that it’s about the rise of the working class to take over the means of production. I learned that in college back in the 60’s. Now in America of 2012 do you really think the workers have taken over? Most Republican governors are into union busting and that’s far from a take over. The 1% control 95% of the wealth. Has Obama done anything about that? the answer is no. You are another fool being duped by the big 5 of Coulter ,Hannity, Beck, O’Reilly, and of course Rush, that convicted drug user and 4 time strikeout at marriage. They are paid millions by people like the Koch bros worth 50 billion to make up lies about Obama for stupid people like you who can’t discern the facts and are willing throw around term they really don’t even understand

  • Mitt Please Take Your Billions And You And Yours Make A One Way Trip To A Foreign Country And Stay, PERMANENTLY, Alright??? Cause Me And My Fellow Americans Really Don’t Want To Live In A America With A Moranic Republican In The White House, Okay??? Now Go Away And Leave The 99% Alone, Okay??? Long Live The Fighters For Truth And Justice For ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Obama 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • K3HY

    Why does the Tea Party, that is supposedly full of patriots, support Romney who hid in France, while brave soldiers died in Vietnam?
    During the Vietnam war Romney avoided military service at the height of the fighting after high school by seeking and receiving four draft deferments, according to Selective Service records. They included college deferments and a 31-month stretch as a “minister of religion” in France, a classification for Mormon missionaries that the church at the time feared was being overused.

  • He’s weighed the risk and determined that stonewalling, as risky as it is, is better than releasing customary tax releases…hmmm why could that be??