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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

LOL Of The Week: Where In The World Are Mitt Romney’s Tax Returns?

LOL Of The Week: Where In The World Are Mitt Romney’s Tax Returns?

I have a policy against LOLing at Ann Romney. After three and a half years of enduring conservative trolls who defame the First Lady, I figure the least I can do is avoid matching their incivility with mutually assured degradation. But Mrs. Romney tested this policy last week when asked on ABC’s “Good Morning America” why her husband won’t release their tax returns.

Now, Mrs. Romney is not alone in offering a feeble excuse for why Mitt won’t release the customary number of tax returns set by his father — which would be twelve years. Earlier in the week, Mitt himself pointed out that Theresa Heinz Kerry didn’t release her tax returns in 2004 (proving he’s qualified to be John Kerry’s wife). Then Romney surrogate John Sununu embarrassed himself on television by descending into a rant where he called the President “un-American.” (If that were true, wouldn’t Mitt Romney be investing in him?)

Mitt’s evasiveness left his wife in a bind. Mrs. Romney told “Good Morning America” that her husband wouldn’t be releasing his tax returns because “We’ve given all you people need to know.” Now there is some debate about whether she actually said “you people,” a phrase that’s reminiscent of classic quips by Ross Perot and Marie Antoinette. Yet her message was clear: Be happy with what we’ve given you, people. You’re not getting any more.

The same dismissive arrogance has undergirded Mitt Romney’s message for as long as he’s been in public life: You’re not entitled to know what I’ve done and will do. Why? Because I’m Mitt Romney!