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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

As the old saying goes, “Democrats fall in love; Republicans fall in line.” This truism must be Mitt Romney’s motto following a primary in which every one of his very unserious opponents— save the semi-reasonable Jon Huntsman and the compulsively bland Tim Pawlenty — gave the GOP nominee-to-be a serious scare. But Mitt survived and still waits for his elephants to get in a row.

No doubt the money is falling into Mitt’s coffers—more than $100 million in June alone. But money can’t always buy you love.

So Republicans are betting on hatred — for Obama (and taxes) — with the assumption that hate will negate the free-floating contempt most human beings experience when thinking of Mitt. In every presidential election of the past hundred years or so  — with the exceptions of Nixon’s two victories — the more likable candidate has won, however.

From Massachusetts, the message is clear: The longer people know Mitt Romney, the less they like Mitt Romney—unless they’re in his will. But don’t voters — including the Republican base — want to love their candidate? Or at least want to imagine having a near-beer with him? Actually, a sizeable chunk of GOP activists would rather lose with someone they love  — like Sarah Palin —  than win with someone they merely tolerate — like George H.W. Bush. Will the Republican elite ever be able to tame such wayward desire?

In West Virginia last week, Speaker John Boehner was asked by a fellow Republican, “Can you make me love Mitt Romney?”

What charming response sprang from the Speaker’s lips? Well, he settled for  blunt honesty. “No,” Boehner said. “Listen, we’re just politicians. I wasn’t elected to play God. The American people probably aren’t going to fall in love with Mitt Romney.”


(“You probably aren’t going to fall in love with Mitt Romney” — isn’t that the tagline?)

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80 Responses to LOL Of The Week: Where Will Mitt Find Love?

  1. i would not compare john kerry to mitt romney. john kerry is a veteran and he should not be disrespected. speaker boehner doesnt have to play god he just likes to play uncle scam. how about those apples….

  2. ok there was a ding dong on morning joe this morning joe tom jenners or some thing like that . he,s putting down the pres. for the way he is dealing woth the terrious around the world . one being the drones attacts he talking bull about how these ppl. that are tryinmg to kill ppl. from the USA and iuts a bad thing . just so stupid . some of thses idiots will write anything to gety attention . as much as i feel that ppl. get kiilled and might be just inocent ppl. (and i wonder how inocent thy might be if at all ) ok tom what about the inocent ppl. at 9/11 ? more then likly all those ppl. didnt wake up that morning and be next to ppl. that wanted to murder inocet ppl. not careing abobot nothing but for how many ppl. thy can kill . to compare the pres. to those terrous ppl. is so stupid . maybe if you was in the tower at 9/11 that ur last breath would of been saying i hope who ever did this to us will die as a evil death as i did ? a pole that could be taken im sure there would be aq lot more ppl. that will side with the pres. then the ones that kill the ppl. of the USA . and for the ones that feel any different about how these murders and how thy should be taken care of let those ppl have a love one in a suerside bomber path or have a love one in the 9/11 and see if thy would change there feelings . if thy want to put a god though in it then the evil ones throw the first stone

  3. All one need do is truly examine how Mitten EXTRACTED his WEALTH from the American ECONOMY and then where Mitten put that WEALTH, offshore in TAX AVOIDING ACCOUNTS!

    That certainly qualifies Mitten as a Republicrap, but does not qualify Mitten for the most important public office in the U S A!

    • Romney “G0T” his L00T bankrupting 8 companies in 9 years:

      a. AMP AD – Profit: $102 million – Bankrupt: 2002
      b. DDl C0RP – Profits: $36 million – Bankrupt: 2003.
      c. DAM0N C0RP – Profits: $1.5 million – Read More…
      d. DADE BEHRlNG. Profits: $365 million – Bankrupt: 2002
      e. STAGE ST0RES. Profits: $100 million – Bankrupt: 2000.
      f. GS lNDUSTRlES. Profits: $65 million – Bankrupt: 2001.
      g. DETAlLS. Profits: $93 million – Bankruptcy: 2003.
      h. W0RLD WlDE GRlNDlNG. Profits $16.5 million – Bankrupt: 2001.

      $779 million Total Take from his RAlDlNG!

  4. Funny Things Is GOP/Tea Party The American Taliban Really Don’t Like Mr. Strip And Ship But They Will Back Anybody That Is Including A Serial Killer As Long As His A Bonafide Koch Brothers Butt Kisser And Will Stand Strong For The 1% And Wreak Havoc On The 99% And America With Their Money Hoarding!!!! Mr Tan Man Needs To Start Making His Resume Cause We The People Are Coming For His Job Also!!! He Can Drink To That!!!

    • I fear you are correct.

      I have enjoyed the fact that after Boehner was so critical of Nancy Pelosi, he has been unable to “corral” the GOTP to do anything. They are obstructing him almost as much as they are obstructing President Obama. Karma’s a bitch sometimes.

    • Wow really the GOP is the American Taliban. All those soldiers that are Republicans are members of the Americna Taliban. You do need help.

      • Actually, we don’t.. So long as your ilk continues to call us “Communists” which is totally unfounded, we will continue to call you “Taliban” which is totally unfounded.. Live with it!! (and remember, there are democrat warriors in the military as well, so you must be calling them a communist).

  5. Interesting screed. A tad short on facts but heavy on emotional spin. Good enough, we can see to intent.

    Was Jimmy Carter really more attractive than Jerry Ford? Somewhat debatable, at the very least.

    What is interesting is the determination to pretend that dems are a real party. The republicans actually are; which apparently bothers some people who otherwise believe in political parties. Dems actually want to love their nominee – thats why folks like like Bill, Barry and Hillary work so hard to hide their true natures during the nominee process. Republicans have more of a straight up (though still bent) process.

    I don’t like parties, but spinning the republican process like it was the democratic party is not a valid talking point.

    • You may not like parties as you mentioned, but you seem to display a bias towards one in particular. This futile exercise of “us against them”, even when purportedly done in an objective manner, will continue to stifle America’s progress forward.

      • Aaron; of course I have a bias, everyone does. The real us & them, in my opinion, is how both major parties treat the ‘us’ of the American people.

        Neither party pays my salary so I’m free to make my own mind up, just as I’m free to remember how things actually happen; and not be ‘reminded’ with revisionist jingoisms from the media (of whatever stigma).

        Whatever I stifle, and however I stifle it – does depend on your view of what ‘forward’ or ‘progress’ is. I like Europe, mostly, but I sure as hell don’t want to be one. In my opinion that’s why we had a Revolution and several other wars. We have enough government,what the current issues really are all about are deciding for ourselves what we want the next administration to look like. Because of the party system we’ve limited ourselves to just two avenues, neither very attractive (because neither party is offering a real leader), given the baggage they both have. This can be ameliorated by electing representatives of wit and character, again we’re generally out of luck there too. So we need to make some luck by challenging those who would represent or lead us over the next few months.

    • I’am a liberterian however think about this, a republican president brought us a civil war because of the Confederate States wanting to secede from the union, and was the first one to implement a powerful intrusive federal government. Oh yes and they say he fought the civil war over slaves. The republican party, the one for individual states rights, really? No one is perfect and few claim their misdeeds.

      • Actually if I recall my schooling, secession was bruited as an option for the slave-holding states long before Lincoln was elected. I think the country scaled-up to federal intrusiveness from Jefferson’s Louisiana purchase and the legacy of Jackson’s administration. As much as anything the legal issue arose out of slavery, but more with respect to the states having the right to undo past associations, which they lost. The spin being that they all (and Kentucky which didn’t actually secede) had to re-write their constitutions after the civil war; which begs the question of which entities did what and go back to where with the involvement of carpetbaggers in that process.

        The interesting thing in today’s current news is how those sorts of precedents will affect the Euro crisis.

        Back to the civil war and parties; the other interesting detail you raised was how this actually affected the democratic party. Since the southern states really resented the republican dominated mandates after the civil war it was a solid block for democrats, which is where we got the blue dog dems. This is part of why it is so difficult to see dems as a real party; it more designed as a permanent opposition party. Its inclusive but rarely cohesive, thats why they have to ‘love’ their candidate, and ‘balance’ their ticket so much.

    • tokoloshi27 you sound like a typical republican. You say one thing one minute and then you say something contradicting the next minute. “I don’t like parties, but spinning the republican process like it was the democratic party is not a valid talking point.”
      Can you see why your party(supposedly the one that you really don’t like) is so far off in American politics. Voters may hate one or the other but we can certainly tell who sounds the worst of the two!

      • Joshua; I was a registered dem until (real) early in the first Clinton administration. Since then I’ve generally voted Libertarian, except when the candidates were isolationist, and pro-choice otherwise. I’ve never been a republican, calling me one is really just a shallow me-too kind of playground thing.

        Sorry, but I really do dis-like the republican party too. What actually galls me is that the system is set up for someone like you to take a side and defend some pretty idiotic stuff, instead of being critical of all candidates and trying to get a best read after all the information is in. Then vote rationally.

        Why can’t we do this anymore? Is there some importance to saying you voted for the guy who won. Does it make you feel better when that screw-up blunders us into a “blackhawk down” situation?

        Yeah I’m more conservative than when I was a teenager, Churchill was real quotable on the subject, but I lived through Reagan and can put Obama alongside him as a first-term kind of assessment. Frankly I see President Obama imploding before a second term, of course I’ve been wrong before. Romney is at least as bad but may have better support players (he can’t do much worse). I’d really rather see Gov Johnson over either major party candidate win this year.

  6. I have often wondered how much$$$ would it cost to buy America.
    So far, a good portion has been bought by the Koch Boys and a few of his partners in TREASON.
    The total Tab will be available this November and don’t count the MITTSTER out just yet.
    One Hundred Million$$$ would put a lot of folks back to work, but it will be spent to FIRE 1 Black Man – HATRED ON DISPLAY, what a waste!!!

    • The answer is how much money did Obama raise to win the last election, that is how much it cost to buy America.

      • The difference being that President Obama did NOT get is money from one or two billionaires. Look as Adelson. He’s under so many investigations, it’s not one bit funny. He’s counting on his $10 million to put an end to them. And, the Kochs and Rovians. Slime.

        President Obama did raise millions as a candidate, but much of that money came from “under $200” donations.

        That’s the difference.

        More importantly, we must get good campaign finance reform in this country if we are ever to have a level playing field for candidates.

        • and that shows you exactly why mccain didn’t deserve to be president — he wasn’t smart enough or diligent enough to vet his own VP. laziness? arrogance? alzheimers?

          i agree…don’t discount mitt yet. most of thought W was a fool and we got stuck with him for 8 years…and now we have a destroyed economy and a 1% that’s out of control.

          we should do what they’re going in europe — use social media to run the banks and pull out of the market — sink the 1% and take back our government and our corporations.

    • Dear don’t get it…”Mitt” with the two T’s in his name is all into the “me” generation and not into the “we”…generation…if he has made his monies illegally and been he has been..and is reluctant to release his tax records going back so many years as other presidents and other runners had too..what do the American people need a crook to be president…true it is politics…but, there is a song I have pinned to this narcissitic person…it is a Tobey Keith song..”I Wanna Talk About Me”…he will not give his millions of dollars to put people back to work..and personally..the American people are going to find out everything about this crook within the next two or three months..he is a “Big Swindler”..and what he has hidden is going to come out to the light…so you tend to have that “foot in mouth disease”…you have inserted your foot into your mouth..and said things that make you look stupid..and there is a saying “Stupid does as stupid is and you cannot fix stupid”..and you look stupid for saying stupid is like over in Lybia..and Syria..the people don’t want someone in office that they hate..neither does America..

      • The powers at be will use RoMoney to do their bidding the same way they used GWB to start wars he couldn’t finish. There are no quality Republican politicians left…hardly a one!

    • mr shelly “the gambling mogul” should put 100 mil into obamas campaign as well and may the best man win….if he were a true gambler i say double down. its just the rich against the poor campaign.

  7. Cry Baby Boehner and Mitt Rommney are worthless for this great country of ours. Romney with his money in banks etc Tax Avoiding accounts out of this country and he could careless about the middle class and poor people of our nation.

    • Who are they? The next time you see the Mittenhead in public ask him that question and see how long it takes him to ad-lib.. He wouldn’t know a poor person if he saw one.. He only see’s the less ons while he congregates with the more ons ☺

  8. At least with Willard the Rat man, no one will ever know what he really stands for except making a lot of cash for himself. Such a flip flopper if he gets the presidency someone can make a lot of money selling flip flop dolls. As the aristocrat he simply enjoys flaunting all his wonderful little expensive toys. As the Mormon, don’t expect much sympathy from him. Pray tell if he wins we will all tote the burden. I guess the only consilation prize is that he can pull out his bad of rats and scare the hell out of everyone. He is so shallow he won’t even claim his Massachusetts prize (Romneycare) and his wonderful expertise in outsourcing jobs after killing companies and jobs.

  9. Does anyone on this Blog remember the 1976 election? I do and what was one of the big advantages Carter held over Ford. A lot People voted for Carter because of Watergate and Ford’s pardon of Nixon. I don’t recall the percentage but it was pretty high. So yes people will vote for one person out of hating the other person running for office. And the Dems surely didn’t like Carter. But he won anyway. So it’s very possible that Romney can win because enough people don’t like President Obama’s policies, ignoring law or decided which ones his Justice Department will enforce and/or his handling of the economy. Even if Republicans don’t love Romney.

  10. The more people know about Romney the more uncomfortable they get. Here is a person who has more positions on issues than the kama sutra. It will be hard for the middle class to love a guy who incorporates in Bermuda instead of NYC, has enough money to stash it around in different countries, and is building a house with an elevator for his wifes car. Now how many Americans can say they have that? Talk about one ups manship. But what makes people really uncomfortable is his lack of courage and convictions. Hey you pass landmark legislation on healthcare, and then pretend you never did it,or be for gay rights and against them, or be concerned about climate change and now say it’s a hoax, or pass contraception legislation forcing even religious institutions to provide it and then ridicule Obama for the same.
    Now he is Mr conservative, but not really and is trying to take positions on issues as far to the right as possible. He hasn’t quite made is etch-a-sketch move yet because the right wing has one of his feet stuck in their mud. His piviot on health care after the supreme court upeld the law was pitiful ,trying to be mr. wiggley but not quite.
    Rick Santorun was right on one thing when he said to conservatives, this is the worst guy to go up against Obama because he is so much like him. So far he has been right.

  11. Most voters know the Republican machine does not like Romney he is there because there was any body else. It is like saying if I have to go with the devil I will go in order to make sure Obama is one term President and that is one of the reason million and million of dollars are going into his campaign, at the end the voters are going to decide who is the correct person to guide this nation.

  12. I don’t trust either Obama or Mitt Romney. The more I know about Mitt, the more i think he is just not right, but who am I, a Christian, who loves the Lord more than either these two and whoever wins will not make a hill of a difference in my life. I am wealthy but i don’t tell people how much. Much of it goes to Christian groups like the Navigators [Colorado Springs] and the Radio Bible Class with all their DVD’s of the Holy land and guest speakers. I gave Obama about $40.00 and Romney, nothing. I am a middle of the roader voting for both parties. In new Jersey I will vote for the best candidate for governor. Christi I don’t like since he seems to bad mouth everyone and the Democrats control Camden County leaving me to vote Republican and Independent.

  13. Did anyone see 60 minutes on Sunday ? The story about the Lobbyist and how they are Created was just Stomach turning ! the very Rich have a big Advantage in just about every way in taking over the Government and Our Lives. they have control over Jobs and Hiring, who gets elected by super pac money, when we so badly need to be together, they also work to Keep us Divided in each and every way they can. I don`t think I need to explain Who those Rich are or what party they are endorsing. God Help Our Country.

    • Comvicted lobbyist Jack Abromoff on 60 Minutes demonstrated how easy it is to corrupt politicians. Just promise one of their staff a job on K Street and they will push whatever legislation the lobbyist wants to their boss whether it’s good for the country or not. Then make the language in the bill so obscure that no one who bothers reading it will understand it, which few do since they depend on their staff to explain whats in the bill. This is democracy at work in our nations capitol.

      • Than you can throw into the mix, the politicians who leave off to become lobbyist, they see the writing (money) on the wall, and go for it. Our government has been so corrupt for a 100 years, so ingrained, it will never, ever be cleaned up.

    • I Seen It Eileen And It Is Just Shameful!!! The 1% Don’t Care Who They Screw As Long As They Get Their Way!! The American Taliban Don’t Give A Damn About America Nor It’s People!! Control Power And Money Is All They Care About!!! 🙁

  14. if you mean what you say…then the president is working for all the people. your comment does not make sense. …sounds like you want attention.

  15. It doesn’t seem possible that anyone, even the most staunch Republican, can beieve that Mitt’s days as a LBO guy are compelling evidence he can change the economy. That he can make people buy a home, make businesses expand, make the world buy more US goods, etc. His job was to buy below book, borrow above book then hope the company could spin off enough cash to cover the debt after Bain pulled their money out. It seems to me that we did this during the Bush years with our homes. I don’t know why Obama doesn’t work that issue but, as usual, the strategists for both sides are pretty pathetic.

  16. When republicans like John Boehner go off script, they occasionally do tell the truth. But then they usually get a grip and return to the party line which is based in an altered universe of non-reality. Ideological zealoty is the mantra of the tea party in which TRUTH plays absolutely no role whatsoever.

  17. Mr. Boner, for once, has spoken with unforked tongue. The more I see of Mittens, the less I like him. There is something just sleazy and smarmy about him, despite his cutesy poo wife with the dressage horses and the five adorable sons and God knows how many grandchildren- is it 18-that is 7 short of the requisite mormon goal of 5 per family – ah well,they can keep trying. Maybe they will get enuf kids to sway the election in his favor. He is the most unsettling and unlikable candidate since Nixon and we all know what happened there. Please, please, don’t vote for this character – he will strap all of us to the top of his car and drive us off a cliff.


    “I AM RIGHT”

  19. No money for the sick, the poor, senior citizens or childrens health care. No money for education, middle class Tax Relief, Fire Fighters or teachers…but 100 million$$$ in one month to remove the President??? We have truly fallen off of a VERY big Cliff.

    • Don’t you understand? He must get rid of those programs, he promised the American voters that he would shrink g’ment programs the minute he becomes head clown, starting with Obama-care then working his way down to programs that are too expensive to operate such as what you’ve mentioned and for that he will insure our military will have everything they ask for in order to destroy our enemy AND continue escalating tax breaks for the wealthy in order to create jobs (over seas)..

  20. thank you, penny — now let’s get this message out to everyone who thinks mitt will know how to create jobs — someone needs to interview all of those people who lost their jobs because of mitt’s “wealth creation” tactics. i’d love to see a documentary on that…it might be a mini-series.

  21. I am not sure what to say here! OK…yes I was in love with Mitt Romney for a short bit because he is a cutie! But, no. I am no longer in love with Mitt and I will not be voting for him as President! Sorry Mitt. Just because you are handsome and very loveable does not mean I am going to vote for you for the President. I did consider you for a few moments but this is all. 🙂

  22. Typical

    Mitt RoMoney is the typical American Taliban Republican Plutocrat elitist, sexist, overly religious, anti-union, deceptive, anti-evolution, anti-stem cell research, anti-global warming, anti-taxpaying, anti- military service joining, anti-same sex marriage, anti-Don’t Ask-Don’t Tell, pro-genitalia monitoring, bigoted white guy.

    And he wants normal Americans to vote for him?

  23. An Addition

    After reading current Vanity Fair article about Mitt RoMoney’s monies “Where the Money Lives” add off shore money depositor and anti-tax paying presidential candidate to his list of negative attributes.

    And this guy wants me to vote for him? Fat chance.

    Read the article you American Taliban Republican RoMoney drum bangers, and then stand there looking real foolish. And you are going to vote for this tax cheater? Doesn’t say much for your intelligence.

  24. President Obama raised money and had grassroots campaigning going on the likes of which had never been seen. He didn’t buy the vote. He didn’t go around disinfranchising McCain voters. McCain lost because he didn’t pay attention to that monster he chose as a running mate. She’s continues to be a loose cannon and although she’s had four years to “bone-up” on her education, she remains dumb as a post and remains worthless as a politician as tits on a boar.

  25. Thank you Melvin, you are soooooo right! Prayerfully, truth will overcome the $$$$ and let me say this, before the insults fly – you may not agree with, like or even see what President Obama is about, and that is okay, it is your right. This is a country that is based on freedom of speech, but to support someone who has yet to deliver a clear, well-thought out agenda and answer basic questions on current affairs, who denies the very statements spoken by his own mouth need I say more…… I too often wonder why the wealthy rich are not so moved by their patriotism and donate campaign money to the diminish the national debt. That would really be caring for our children’s future.

  26. Mitt’s numbers will fall once he has his first debate. He won’t be able to hide behind attack ads there, and Obama could practically bury him with one simple question no matter the topic: “What would you do differently?”

    The reality is that Mitt has no answers to any questions. Or at least none that he would be comfortable divulging. It’s pretty clear his only real agenda is to get into the White House and bleed it dry for his corporate sponsors, just the same way George W. Bush did for Haliburton. But he knows we won’t vote for someone knowing he will do that, therefore he avoids all questions.

    Which is how we got an interview like Sarah Palin’s infamous one with Katie Couric.

    And sure, most of the American people will have had more politics than they can stand by the time the first debate is scheduled and not watch it. But SNL will.

  27. What type of jobs could $100 million dollars create if those folks weren’t trying to buy our votes? Because of you people I have decided to leave the Republican party and become an Independent and will be voting Democratic because I can’t believe that you want me to believe that these $100 million dollar funders are job creaters. If they were there would be no unemployment in this nation. How stupid do you think we 99% of the population are?

  28. I just think that we need to leave race out of the picture, if possible. Just look at the facts. Read about Mass. when Romney was there! Read about the “fees” he passed in that state. That’s how he tried to pull the wool over our eyes. “I didn’t raise taxes.” That’s what Romeny said, but if you have to pay a fee that is taking money out of your pocket, I don’t argue if it’s a “tax” or a “fee,” it’s taking money out of my pocket none the less.

    Now, I have a friend who lives in Omaha, NE and that guy Warren Buffett has none of his money or stocks, shares, etc in a foreign country. Romney talks about blind trusts, and he doesn’t have anything to do with what they do. That’s hog wash! If these folks are investing and they are loosing money, you mean to tell me that you won’t pick up the phone (like I do when I don’t like where my guys are putting my money). I believe in Public Schools in the United States, so I told my guys, none of my dollars will go to purchase Walmart stock because they don’t believe in the Public School system. You can tell your guys what to do, you don’t just give them the ability to do what they want to do without your input. I hate it when they think that we are stupid!

    They talk about Obama and his spending. Obama should have done like Bush and not put the cost of the war in the budget, where that done, there would be less of a debt for the budget. But, he wanted the people of the United States to know what was being spent on the war and he gets “kicked in the gut” for being honest.

    I didn’t like the guy but I had to check all the stuff that the negative ads were reporting. Because of that research I have found this guy is more qualified to be our President than anyone that has run for office in a long time. He’s cool under fire, he looks out for “all” classes. He doesn’t say that rich people (the 1%) shouldn’t earn that money, he is saying that they should be paying what they were paying under President Clinton. How many of us have been able to keep up with expenses? How many of us have been able to buy more with less? Please!

    Again, Romney wants to send money to the States by way of Block grants. My Governor got block grant money and used it to balance his budget instead of using it for the projects they were supposed to fund, but when the Governor gets the money he uses it for whatever he wants to. That’s what is going to happen should this Romney guy get in. No, the economy isn’t moving as fast as it should but at least it is moving in the right direction. Romney left a few billion dollars in debt before he walked out of his Governor’s office. If he couldn’t manage 1 state how can he handle 50? That’s my question to you, if he couldn’t improve the condition of one state, what makes you think that he can imporve the condition of 50?

  29. I don’t have to love you, but I do have to TRUST YOU! So, that let’s Romeny out. I don’t mind you earning money but the day before you take office as a governor you put your wife’s name on your business. Now, that’s not unusal, but to do it and the company is in another country, that’s cause for concern. If you want to hide these investments and companies, why do it over seas? Yap! Where they in the United States, we could find out about your investments. There are just too many things that don’t add up with this guy. He’ll be a puppet if he were put into the White House. He has already sold his soul, now he wants to sell the soul of America!

    Can you imagine Scranton, Penn. paying fire fighters minimum wages. If I were them I would cause a “sick out” so that they can see how valuable these “fire fighters are.” Romeny said that we didn’t get the message from Wisconsin. YES WE DID! When you are a victim of a crime and call the police, how will you feel if there was no one to answer that call OR you were told that an officer will come to your aid in a robbery case (and there will be more of them because people can’t get jobs because of the Congress do nothings) in a couple hours because the officer who will attend to your needs is working a case across town, what then?

    What about your house going up in flames, and you pick up the phone to call for help and the dispatcher tells you that the 4 fire fighters in your area are enough fire fighters and police on the streets to cover your city.

    Well, when a governor family member gets raped; robbed; their house goes up in flames; or they are sick and there are no doctors on duty at the hospital because the money didn’t “trickle down” then the Wisconsin example will be in living color.

    I pray that people will see beyond the fluff and think of what will happen when there is no one there to help you!

    Read the poem by Martin Niemoeller. Money speaks!

  30. The Koch brothers love him, and Las Vegas casino owners do too! Their donations are so large Mitt could not suppress a big smile while vacationing in one of his $8 million VACATION houses and sailing in one of his expensive speed boats, all while insisting he is just an average Joe that understands well the problems afflicting the middle class and the poor…I wonder if the Koch donations include some of the money they earned from business deals with the Iranian Ayatollahs at a time when sanctions against Iran are in place…

  31. There never was a “Me” generation so detached as some of today’s middle aged Americans. The shock of suddenly being duped by the Great Conservative Powers That Be who threw these middle agers into sudden deprivation and hardship is more than these Mememes can bear. Get over yourselves. These middle ager were so accustomed to living lifestyles free of all of the responsibilities former generations took on without so much as a wrinkle of their brows. Now, these same middle aged McPeople think being handed everything on a silver platter is their major entitlement. Wake up and smell the coffee. If life on this planet was meant to be nothing but endless texting, cell phoning, tanning salons, outdoor kitchens and pools and McMansions, without a single moment of having to break a sweat, how close to Utopia would these McPeople think they are?

    Life’s tough all over. Always has been. Always will be. The only success in this life is accomplishment that benefits the common good. Not me, me, me. McPeople have one bad habit today…judging success by dollars. Now that they’ve come to discover money always runs out, a rude shock to their affluenza, they walk around nasty, griping, sniping, bashing and complaining. Hard times are here. Just like they were in 1929 for a 10 year period of time. The choice is to make the best of what you have and learn to live within your means or keep pushing that stupid envelope until it falls apart. There never was a “Win Win” nor a dangled carrot or a box to think outside of. That was corporate lingo for “Hey stupid! Make me rich!”

  32. what a joke ,,,American people need a crook to be president,,lol you remember what old Bush did to you ,,,you cannot fix stupid” twice ,,lol Speaker John Boehner what a retard Republican,,lol

  33. Someone out there will remember this but didn’t Mitt Romney try to run for Governor of Michigan and follow in his father’s footsteps? Think he did. Also, most people I know say he is wealthy and therefore he knows how to make money. Having said that, and please set me straight if I am wrong, but isn’t he a Mormon? I am under the impression that Mormon men all have money.

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