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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Made In America: U.S. Sends Weapons To Oppressive Regimes

As U.S. politicians voiced their support for the brave men and women standing up for freedom in the Arab world, those same protesters were being suppressed with weapons from the United States.

The problem goes far deeper than the occasionally-noted fact that tear gas canisters used in Egypt were American-made: The United States regularly supplies large quantities of weapons to repressive regimes. The practice of ignoring gross human rights violations and bolstering these governments not only implicates Americans in overseas oppression; it also further delegitimizes any U.S. claims of spreading democracy and peace, tarnishing our global reputation and reducing our morality to hypocrisy.

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3 responses to “Made In America: U.S. Sends Weapons To Oppressive Regimes”

  1. kurt.lorentzen says:

    The US Government’s role in “guiding” the outcomes of regional wars is well documented and is a blight on America. It’s the #1 reason America is regarded with distrust and contempt around the world. Leon Panetta unashamedly lies about statistics, even those that are indisputable. Publicly stated foreign policy is often diametrically opposed to implemented policy, and the rest of us are just supposed to “suck it up” and condone it, believeing that it’s all done in the name of “national security”.

  2. Dimitra Lavrakas says:

    We create our own monsters. Just think of the long list of dictators we’ve backed and then had to depose. It makes no sense, unless of course you’re an arms dealer.

  3. Dimitra Lavrakas says:

    We create our own monsters. Think of how many dictators we’ve had to dispose. It makes sense only if you’re an arms salesman.

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