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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

On the second weekend after the 2012 election, the 2016 election season began, as Senator Marco Rubio visited Iowa to attend Iowa governor Terry Branstad’s birthday party. Iowa, of course, is the home of the first presidential nominating caucus and a second home to all prospective candidates.

As expected, Rubio dismissed speculation about his presidential ambitions, then tried out his new take on spinning Republican economics. “The way to turn our economy around is not by making rich people poorer, it’s by making poor people richer,” he said in his 24-minute speech at the dinner.

New York magazine’s Jonathan Chait points out that Rubio is the perfect candidate if the GOP wants to move left on immigration to attract Latino voters, “then to change on absolutely nothing else.” However, The New Republic‘s Nate Cohn has looked at the data and noted that if Romney had performed 20 points better with Hispanics, Obama still would have won 303 electoral votes.

Still, Rubio is a handsome Cuban-American Tea Party darling with a neo-conservative foreign policy. If he didn’t exist, the GOP would be trying to genetically engineer him. Simply put, he offers the ability to present the image of change without even attempting to alter the GOP’s pro-rich, anti-science policies.

In a new interview with GQ magazine, the junior senator from Florida stakes out his know-nothing credentials on science in a Mitt Romney-like way. When asked, “How old do you think the Earth is?” Rubio, a member of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, responded:

I’m not a scientist, man. I can tell you what recorded history says, I can tell you what the Bible says, but I think that’s a dispute amongst theologians and I think it has nothing to do with the gross domestic product or economic growth of the United States. I think the age of the universe has zero to do with how our economy is going to grow. I’m not a scientist. I don’t think I’m qualified to answer a question like that. At the end of the day, I think there are multiple theories out there on how the universe was created and I think this is a country where people should have the opportunity to teach them all. I think parents should be able to teach their kids what their faith says, what science says. Whether the Earth was created in 7 days, or 7 actual eras, I’m not sure we’ll ever be able to answer that. It’s one of the great mysteries.

Here Rubio shows that he’s not going to be wrangled, as former Republican candidate Richard Mourdock was, into making stark theological prescriptions. But he’s also not going to show any intention of deferring to science. Science has theories and theologians have theories, let’s teach them all, he suggests. It sounds as if he’s suggesting teaching creationism in schools, but he then goes on to say that parents should be able to teach their kids both what their faith says and what science says. As if anyone ever questioned that.

His closing thought is that the age of the Earth is “one of our great mysteries,” which is true unless you believe in science. According to the US Geological Survey, we don’t know the exact age of the Earth. But we do know, “Ancient rocks exceeding 3.5 billion years in age are found on all of Earth’s continents.”

Rubio isn’t a scientist, we know that. But the question is if he trusts scientists. His answer seems to be that their opinions are no more important than those of theologians. And that’s still exactly what you have to say if you’re running for the Republican presidential nomination.

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  • Next he’ll be spouting off about how the Law of Gravity isn’t in the Bible so it must be fake.

    • johninPCFL

      There’s a biblical quote about God hanging the “circle of the earth”, as in flat like a round tabletop. I wonder why they didn’t say “ball of the earth”? Maybe God didn’t know the earth wasn’t flat?

      • MizzBJ

        If you are going to quote from the Bible, you should say exactly where it is found or not mention it. The only mention of a “circle” in the Bible that I know of is, Isa 40:22 [It is] he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof [are] as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in: There is no mention of God hanging the “circle of the earth”. Obviously, if the inhabitants looked small it would be because of distance; the “circle” view would have been from a great height. There are those that call us “kooks and crazies” because we are believers, rest assured, we “kooks and crazies” know our Bibles. If the non believer is right in their beliefs, which they are not, the believer has no problem, but if we are right, which we are, the non believer has a problem.

        • johninPCFL

          The exact quotation depends on which translation or transliteration is used.

          But, the question remains the same. Didn’t the Jews have a word for ball? Circles are round and flat. If they didn’t, why wouldn’t God make up a new word to exactly describe the point He wanted to make? Maybe because the writers of the fairy-tale had no notion that the earth was a globe?

  • Michael Kollmorgen

    This guy is just smoke-screening his conservative stances on many subjects.

    It’s a nice way of saying; I don’t believe science, but I can’t admit it because I want votes.

    If this is going to be the new crop of candidates during the 2016 election cycle, we’re in just as much trouble as we were with Romney.

  • sigrid28

    It is quite possible that the young adults to whom Rubio is supposed to appeal will see him as a coward, for pandering to the ignorant, Creationist branch of the Republican party. Many Latinos, with both sincere religious beliefs (as opposed to “theories”) and the intense desire to succeed (very hard to do while disparaging the sciences), will see through his slick nonsense and vote instead for solid candidates whose policies are not destined for failure, whatever their ethnicity. Pretend tolerance will not cut it with intelligent voters intent on solutions.

    • Eddie1941

      Thank you for your excellent reply. Because Rubio is certainly not fooling me either!

  • He says he’s not a scientist. Well he sure got that one correct. Pander, pander pander. Shame on you Marco.

  • nobsartist

    To guarantee another successful election, republiCONs need to keep presenting mental lightweights.

    That will solve all of America’s problems. Perhaps he can select bachmann as his VP now so we have something to laugh about for the next 4 years.

  • elw


  • petronius28


  • labman57

    The good Lord gave Man the gift of an advanced brain capable of higher level thinking.

    It’s a shame that so many scientifically-illiterate politicians and pundits have chosen to avoid using it.

    • TZToronto

      All these know-nothing, ultra faithful, Bible toters should just watch Inherit the Wind. It would save the rest of us from wearing ourselves out trying to explain things. . . . And what is their problem anyway? Why is it so darn important for us non-believers (even if we happen to be religious, it’s not religious enough) to be forced to believe these fairy tales? And why do they think science is Satan’s work? So God made dinosaur fossils to confuse us. The Bible is also supposed to be God’s word, so maybe God’s word doesn’t mean what Christian fundamentalists think it means. Why is it only scientists who are confused?

  • I would not be surprised if Marco is trying to appeal to the GOP base, especially the evangelicals, that remain a critical component in the ability of a Republican politician to be nominated. Marco has his eye set on 2016 and he knows the first step to win the nomination of his party is to have the confidence of the faithful. For them, policies are irrelevant when compared to religion and issues like abortion, gay marriage, gun control and making sure minorities never sit in the Oval Office again.

    • Dominick, if the republicans want to pander to the faith-based by denying science, that’s one thing. However, how is Marco going to appeal to them if, as you say, they also want to make sure minorities never sit in the Oval Office again? Is he not a member of a minority group himself?

      • Edward Welsh

        Not only that, with Cuban blood, he most likely has some black blood, too. Oh, and neither of his parents were natural-born Americans. It doesn’t bother me in the least, but wait until the rednecks have to start dealing with it. (Hee, hee)

        • johninPCFL

          I wonder whether Don and Orly will weigh in on that? I’d guess not likely since they didn’t have anything bad to say about Mitt’s Mexican father.

          • Edward Welsh

            Where would the world be without Don and Orly? And Jim Bob? And Bill Bob? And Bob Bob?
            I’m all for Red state secession. And if they refuse to secede, let’s secede’em.

          • That was because George Romney was a better person and man than Willard will ever be. He was the one that started the of tax returns by Presidential candidates.

        • Wonder if the Rubios are in any way related to Fidel Castro and family?? Just a thought.

      • Kurt CPI

        This kind of Rhetoric is so telling as to the stereotypical view the left has of conservatives, including Republicans (but they’re not all Republicans). The idea that minorities don’t belong in the whitehouse is limited to a very small, rapidly diminishing, and almost universally comdemned, segment of the population. There are as many leftist fascists as there are rightist skinheads in that short list. As far as faith vs. science goes, many people, all party affiliation aside, have personal difficulty giving up long-held beliefs that generations of their families have held as the cornerstone of their belief system, and their life’s compass. Is that so hard to understand? I expect that a few more generations will pass before that reconciliation becomes apparent. In a nutshell, mainstream conservatives want what’s best for the population just as much as their liberal neighbors. Sometimes it seems like liberals want to provide everything for everyone without regard to what it costs or how to pay for it, and conservatives want to provide the means to prosper without regard for who gets run down by the train in the process. Neither works for me. “Middle ground” doesn’t always manifest as a compromise. Sometimes it’s the most sensible path.

        • sophie

          ” In a nutshell, mainstream conservatives want what’s best for the population just as much as their liberal neighbors.”
          Conservatives forever live in opposite world where people like “Kurt” inform liberals how “stereotypical” their “rhetoric” is. Forever accusing those on the left of what the right does CONTINUALLY.

          Shut Up.

          Your absurd “leftist fascist” commentary is simply more wingnut gaslighting a la FUX. “Conservatives,” do not care about what happens to their “neighbors,” and they certainly do not believe that we as Americans should have concern for each other. The dog-eat-dog, Randian mentality is the poison that fuels the wingnut’s treasured and sacred talking points, and spews from their collective souls.
          “Sometimes it seems like liberals want to provide everything for everyone without regard to what it costs or how to pay for it…”

          In ancient times, when the wealthiest Americans actually paid their fair share of taxes, jobs were not continually outsourced, and working Americans PAID into their unemployment, social security, healthcare, etc., and the US government was not funding endless wars.
          How many people watched as this country fell apart at the seams because of Bush’s asinine “gifts” to the wealthiest, and illegal wars?
          ANY government cannot sustain massive military spending, cut taxes, and continue to have any kind of “social safety net.”

          And, the US is FAILING in education compared to other countries. Our students have fallen behind in math and science, etc. Creationism is NOT science, and does not belong in any public education curriculum–all that accomplishes is dumbing down the entire education process, and coerces religious indoctrination upon young students. Religious beliefs have no place in the classroom, regardless of how attached someone is to their Bible–unless it is part of Sunday school.

          • exactly..!

          • Religious beliefs have been linked to domination policies like «white» are good and loved by God, therefore they’re «elected» to guide the country. Black and Latinos are less gifted people so they just have to follow the lead.

        • oldtack

          Good response. A lot of food for thought.
          Have a good evening

      • Rubio, just another pretty face but no substance.

      • Yes he is Anna, but he doesn’t have dark skin like President Obama. Now if he worked outside instead of an air conditioned office all the time, his skin would be darker colored and the Republicans would look over him, around him or through him as if he wasn’t there. People that judge others by the color of their skin pigment only sees the color of outside skin pigment not the person or what type of person the person really is. To me the greatest problem we have in this Country is people are still being judged on the color of their outside skin pigment and not their abilities, We have to many that place all people that have the same colored skin pigment in the same basket and label them all bad or all good. No matter your skin pigment, where you were born, have or don’t have a good education, have or don’t have money, if we are going to judge others, which we shouldn’t do, judge them by their actions, words, how they do business and how they treat others not by their color, education, social economic situation, or what they do to take care of their family so long as it is legal

    • RudyBlue

      But didn’t the “faithful” of the Republican party just get told by a MAJORITY of American’s that the way of the “faithful” just doesn’t work? Gay marriage in 3 states, legalization of marijuana in 2 states, and a vast majority of the key states just put a Democrat President who approves of both abortion and gay marriage (and raising taxes on the wealthy) back in the White House for 4 years. Perhaps the “faithful” didn’t hear this message, but for sure any politician smart enough to govern better also be smart enough to recognize the old Republican party line is dead and there just aren’t enough of the “faithful” to save them. If not, I doubt they will be going much of anywhere in the future. Not politically, anyway.

      • Michael Kollmorgen

        Don’t count on them not doing anything politically in the future.

        The American Public thought racism was dead when we elected Obama the first time. Look what happened!

        The Republican “white side”, will still do whatever it takes to paint Obama a failed leader once again throughout his entire time in office.

        White voters are still a very strong voting block even though we are in the minority as compared to all the other combined races.

        It wouldn’t take but a hot-button issue to sway any of these other races to help with the white race against Obama. Notice what happened with the gay marriage vote in Cal. The one big group that has supported black causes has been gay americans. And, the black race in Cal. screwed us big time.

        So, if these white red neck republicans can sway a race of people against someone else, they can do it again and again and again.

        The problem is, is that AMERICA is still as racist, bigoted, hateful, arrogant, even homophobic (now) as it always has been. All it takes is a small issue to bring any of these negative qualities to the surface.

        We “might” be waking up, but it’s going to take a long long time to fully realize that we are in NO dream.

        • BradLewis

          I think each time it’s harder for the Right to rouse the ignorant, so your “again and again” is at best very iffy!

        • sophie

          You need to research WHO voted for Obama, and why.
          The Repug politics of division failed miserably. Evangelicals, white aging racist men, etc., could not save Romney.

          If Rubio is going to continue with his anti-science, anti-education ideological frame, he will fail. The majority of Americans want scientific FACTS to be taught to their kids.

          • oldtack

            “The Majority of Americans want scientific FACTS to be taught to their kids.”

            Did you perform a Scientific research to arrive at your Positive answer? What methods did you employ in your research?
            OR – perhaps this is just YOUR PERSONAL OPINION not backed by SCIENTIFIC fact. Sounds like some of the rhetoric from the GOP before the last election. How many times did the GOP use the phrase “Everyone know that the majority of our citizens are against this”.

            Do thorough research and know that you have scientific proof before you speak for the Majority of America.

          • Michael Kollmorgen

            You can bet your marbles, the majority of American Parents prefer that their kids are taught scientific fact rather than religious dogma and spooky stuff.

            That’s IF parents are really concerned about their kids future, earning potential and general knowledge of what is and is not fact.

            Or, would you prefer the religious right teaching your kids that ghost causes diseases, that if you pray enough, what ails you will disappear?

            Creationism has been debunked more than enough times to prove itself totally worthless, other than IF you want to hide your head in a bible.

          • Hear! Hear!

          • GrannyKits

            How some of us WISH this were true. However here in the South we see that the majority unfortunately have not evolved. Possibly because the level of education is so lousy!

          • So, to understand your point please answer, how many years ago the Earth was formed? And for how long cows and men populated it?

          • Po Po, oldtack. You don’t need in depth research to know some things are facts. You just know.

        • mormons are responsible for cali vote on gay marriage

          • Michael Kollmorgen

            Yes, the Mormons were responsible for the Cal. vote the way it turned out. BUT, who’s vote did they sway against gay marriage? The Black Vote.

            This fact is very well known.

            IF the black vote would have been in favor, Cal. would have gay marriage. The Mormons couldn’t have done it by themselves.

      • Ruby: Please try not to wake up the Republican party. You are beating on a dead horse.

      • ljbaker

        Concerning homosexual marriage, how does three states voting for it send a message to the country when over thirty have voted againist it?

        • johninPCFL

          Past tense. Over time minds change.

          How long did it take for women’s suffrage?

      • RobertCHastings

        The ‘faithful” refuse to allow the facts to influence their opinions.

      • coraktp

        I have been active in black politics since I was a child back in the 60s and despite what you say I know that there were almost no gays supporting black causes until the gay rights movement began to solidify in the 80s and 90s and gays needed the support of other minority groups. Most of the gay white men I knew in the 70s and early 80s were staunch Republicans and as racist and sexist as the straight white men. Fortunately, most people with any inkling of sense are starting to realize that nobody is free until everybody is free. The left is mobilizing and, armed with the bitter lessons of the past, is less likely to be splintered by the divide and conquer tactics of the wealthy elites. That does not mean that every member of every minority group is a progressive. Too many Americans are caught up in the me me me mentality that makes people only care about themselves and their particular “kind of person”, whether they define themselves by their sexuality, their race, their religion or their social class. If we allow ourselves to get hung up over an apparent lack of support for our cause among our allies we will lose. Yes, some black Californians voted against gay marriage and the right was quick to use every ignorant loud mouth black clergyman they could find to drive a wedge between gays and African-Americans. Religion is a particularly powerful and divisive instrument for the right in our country. Contrary to what the right is pushing as ‘black culture and religion, homosexuality was always a non-issue in the black community. Nobody really approved of it, but our community was always slow to victimize others, especially other black people, for being different. Black ministers condemning homosexuality from the pulpit is a new thing. The white Southern evangelicals are getting into bed with their old enemies, blacks and Catholics, in an effort to impose their beliefs on “the less Christian” among us, but I have a long memory. I remember segregation, real race riots – white mobs attacking black school children – and real cross-burning Klansmen and I am not about to take up the causes of those who kept their boots on my throat. I wish I could say the same for all African-Americans, but too many of us have forgotten.

      • At this early stage of the 2016 presidential campaign the focus is on securing the base to be nominated. Marco Rubio is not interested in appealing to a national audience at this point, he is seeking the support of the Republican rank and file, especially the evangelicals, whose vote is critical to winning the GOP nomination. I live in Florida, have heard Rubio’s speeches, and while I disagree with this policy proposals, it is clear to me that he is anything but dumb. Whether or not the strategy he is pursuing pays off remains to be seen. Romney tried to distance himself from his original proposals and opinions, ended up flip flopping on almost every issue, and paid dearly for it. Needless to say, his record and the horrible gaffes he made throughout the campaign doomed his candidacy.

      • Hey Rudy… Even the “Faithful” don’t ALL support these dummies!! I’m a believer, and a reasonable person and I am so sick of the “Religious Right” trying to tell folks how to live their life, trying to legislate morality!!

        I think Obama is one of our better Presidents! And, I voted for him both times!!! I don’t think I’d want to continue to call myself an American if our electorate could vote in candidates like Romney and Ryan… I am also a veteran and would give up this nation I love if that many of my neighbors were complete morons!!

        • RudyBlue

          I know the Faithful don’t all support these dummies. Just the “faithful” in parenthesis because they’re not really Faithful. Hatred, judgment and racism are not Christian values and anyone who practices them are not truly Faithful. 🙂

    • BradLewis

      The GOP needs a candidate that speaks honestly for a change! Another Mitt is asking for a thrashing! People will only have their intelligence insulted so many times. The GOP reps on the Senate Sci committee all seem to be wackos. Worst of all the reat of the world is hearing about our leaders who believe in 2 nude teenagers + a talking snake rather than many many years of science

    • aiglon

      The question is will the likes of Rubio or Jindal who are considered minority be admonished by the faithful?

    • Rubio Is A Sellout Like Allen West, Michael Steele, And Herman Cain They Are So Full Of Shit!!! The GOP/Tea Party Is Full Of KKK Members!!!

    • Peoples425

      I would agree that he is trying to appeal to the base, however considering that the base has had a very strong historical preference of not deferring to the wisdom of those that do not share their “heritage” as illustrated in much of the last electoral campaign. Given this particular line of thought, his efforts could prove very futile even in the future as the feelings of the base tends to be very hypocritical and even self-destructive.

  • mgcanmore

    The earth is 4.5 billion years old. Period. If you don’t want to believe that, fine. But don’t force your religion on my kids in the classroom.

    • oldtack

      “The Earth is 4.3 billion years old Period!!! Really? Or is 4.3 the closest our Scientists can calculate with the rudimentary tools we have in the 21st Century? Fact is – one cannot accurately gauge the exact age of the Earth or the Universe. Are you positive that it is 4.3 or could it be 43?

      Are you like the Evangelicals? Are you insecure in your beliefs so as to fear when your children are exposed to another line of thought? What then is the difference between you and a Creationist? You both fear the same thing.

      • northroader1775

        How bout we just go with over 4 bill….and leave it at that…The FACT is that 9000 or 6000 or 6500 depending on who adds up the ages in genesis is WAAAAYYYYYYY off and yeah it has no place in education. Why you ask?
        Because it throws every other feild of study off by billions of years. When you want to teach comparitive religion …GO FOR IT…but when you want to teach plate tectonics….6-9000 years doesn’t work….for instance how do you explain the Hawian Islands? They are still being created right in front of us and we can track the process back.
        Kauai is 5.1 million years old
        Oahu is 3 million years old
        Molokai is 3.1 million years old
        Maui is 1.32 million years old
        The Big Island of Hawaii is about 400,000 years old.

        And it is still happening as we speak. How are you going to teach that in the same class room as adam and eve and apples and snakes??? How is a student supposed to have any respect for an education system that can’t give any real answers?

        I am not even slightly insecure in my beliefs and I don’t want mythology rasied to the level of science. It is dangerous and wrong, how would you like to have one of the African versions of creation taught? How about the hindu creation story…it envolves a heroic monkey…want that one elevated too?

        Religion is for churches and theology degrees, no place in govt….no place in main stream education.

    • No one including scientists know the exact age of this world and I say this world, because there could have been another world in same place that was destroyed long before in a time we don’t know anything about and before this present world was formed. Since the people that don;t believe in science and dispute the age of the world but do believe the Bible, don’t know how long a day lasted when God was creating the earth, was it 24 hours like today or was it thousands or millions of years long when God was creating how they can say the earth is younger than scientists have proven it to be?
      I do consider myself a Christian at the same time I do know that Scientists are right about how our earth was formed and how old it is. I also believe that God was the one doing the forming because I have no idea what was considered a day or if there was such thing as a day when this earth was being created and populated. Look at Alaska and the Arctic they have nights and days that last for 6 months at a time, yet every 24 hours say it is a new day or night’
      As for Rubio, if the Republicans have any thought that he would help them to get Hispanics votes they better think again. His stand against Hispanics and immigration during the Republican primaries are a matter of public record and will come back to bit him if he tries to become President.

  • feeeo

    Mario Rubio is one of the great mysteries. But, not really if you think of what an opportunist would say under these circumstances.

  • Here’s what I don’t get. Creationists don’t dispute that dinosaurs existed. But they say that the earth is only, what, 6000 years old? So that means dinosaurs and man had to have co-existed. Yet, if that is true… don’t you think the folks that wrote the bible would have mentioned those 2 story tall garden pests? Fish get mentioned. Donkeys. Sheep. But not dinosaurs? A puzzlement.

    • mgcanmore


      Two of everything in the Ark, except the dozens of different dinosaur species . . .

      • CPANewYork

        Maybe Noah just didn’t like lizards.

    • johninPCFL

      The correct answer is that God planted the fossils to test our faith. Or maybe Satan did. It’s just another mystery.

      • TZToronto

        God planted the fossils to confuse otherwise intelligent people. How much sense does that make? I guess he also created the half life of various radioactive elements to confuse man, too. God sure had a full plate.

        • johninPCFL

          And then went on to appear in various forms to various peoples, just to “clarify” things. The Greeks had a shrine to an “unknown” god that Paul appopriated for Jehovah/Jesus. Allah is the name given to the Jewish God by Mohammed some 800 years later, while putting Jesus back into a prophet’s role.

          Shiva seems to be an oddity, with all those extra arms. Maybe God was just playing with our minds on that one…

          • I guess I am an oddity, I believe that God has a reason for there being so many different religions and believeths. At the same time I believe that earth is as old if not older as the scientists say. No matter what you believe in how and why earth was formed and how old it is, none us know how long a day could have been back then. The formation of earth as far as anyone knows could have been God and science working together to form it. The Bible says God created the Earth in 6 days, how long were these days, were they 24 hours or millions of years long.?

  • DennisL211

    I wouldn’t vote for him based on his politics; but let’s not make more out of this than it deserves.
    His answer was a politician’s dodge. It’s one most politicians would use. If he goes the Bible route he’s a Christian nut-job; if he goes the science route he doesn’t believe what his own Church teaches. Either way he loses. Take the non-committal route and we have a no harm no foul situation.

    • A talking out of both sides of your mouth answer is bogus. You can’t believe both things. Embrace reality and join the 21st century, Mr. Rubio.

  • Deskjet

    “The way to turn our economy around is not by making rich people poorer, it’s by making poor people richer,”
    Looks like the Tea-publicans are going to start giving out MONEY!!

  • You crazy Liberals aren’t satisfied that Obama won, now you are “already” hitting on the 2016 elections? Man, you are unbelieveable. Maybe after a few more years you will see just how much worse things are with more of Obama’s policies. Please don’t continue to blame Bush after 2-3-4 more years of Obama, that recession ENDED in June 2009. Unfrickinbelievable.

    • CPANewYork

      Paul and Cindy:

      What do you think that Marco Rubio is doing in Iowa? He’s campaigning for 2016.

      As far as Bush’s recession havin ended in 2009: You must be smoking funny cigarettes. We’re still mired in the mess that Bush and his fellow Republican and super rich bastards created in his eight years.

    • Justin Napolitano

      I will blame Bush the same way the Republicans did by pretending he doesn’t even exist. He has to one of the most conspicuous people to ever be completely ignored by his own party. He was poison and all the Republicans could do pretend his policies were never enacted and he was never President for 8 long, long years.

    • The recession has not ended and won’t be considered over until all are back to work and have job security. You need to stop drinking your meth favored tea party tea and remember it took Bush 8 years to put the US in a deep recession and President Obama couldn’t repair it in four years especially when the party of no, the Republicans were making sure nothing got passed that might help get him get reelected . He didn’t take office until January 2009 and you are saying the recession was over in June 2009, what are you basing that statement on?. According to all the rest of the Republicans it has a gotten q lot worse since President Obama took office in 2009.The next day in 2008 after the election, Republicans started planning for 2012, that is OK with you but not OK with you that Democrats start planning for 2016 8 days after the election. The Koch brothers start planning their campaign to make President a one term President less than 24 hours after Obama was declared the winner of the election, Mitchell McConnell and crybaby Boehmner started on their plans to make President Obama a one term President that same day. All four men have admitted this in different interviews this year and McConnell and Boehmner said it publicly in 2008 and again in 2009. I can see where a lot of the problems in the Republican party come after reading your post.

  • Here is the AD from today’s National Memo on how to get rich. Funny that the Liberals that want to redistribute wealth and create class-warfare tell Liberals how to become “wealthy”, OMG! ! ! The 2nd. to last paragraph talks of OMG, getting “RICH.”

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    September 28, 2012—a gain of 109%.

    I call Michael’s video controversial because most people
    will not like what he has to say…they will find it hard to believe
    until they see all the facts as Michael presents them.

    Michael’s first five predictions have already come true.
    Now he’s issuing Critical Warning Number Six. I urge you to
    be among the first to see this new video here now.

    Yours truly,

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    • johninPCFL

      Yeah, I get the same ads from GoPAC alerts. Funny how the GOP conservatives want get-rich-quick schemes.

    • Why did you read it? It clearly states that it is a paid ad by one on National Memo’s sponsors. and also warns you to not invest money you can’t afford. So what is your problem? Advertising is how business get business

  • CPANewYork

    If you sum all of what he said in Iowa, you get zero. Typical political crap.

  • LisaS

    There are a lot more folks out there that believe in a young earth created by God. Creationism and evolution are NOT sciences belief systems about how things all began. To be truly science it must be observable and repeatable and one can’t do either with creationism or evolution. It’s mostly the same evidence and the difference is in how that evidence is interpreted – and what a person’s world view and whether that person doesn’t want a God to be accountable to so He’s left out of the equation.
    There a lot of very education people I know who believe the creation story. I was on the other side for many years before realizing how silly the evolutionary account is.

    • CPANewYork

      The evolutionary account isn’t silly. It’s incomplete, but it’s science, so it’s not silly.

    • johninPCFL

      The only way evolution fails to make sense is if you don’t understand the biological process. The mixed-up way it’s usually presented doesn’t help, with all the “nose developed to help warm the air” baloney. If that were possible, boxer pups would be born with short tails and doberman’s with perked ears. The mutation occurs first and the organism either lives (sucessful mutation) or dies. Successful mutations are likely to be passed on to children.

      If you believe that intermediate forms are necessary, you don’t understand the process. Homeotic genes determine whether the body structures form and in which order. Again, body structures that make eating and procreating easier will likely be passed on to children.

      A mutation in the HOX genes doesn’t produce a slight variation in body type, it produces a new body type which may be radically different than the parent, like a lizard egg hatching out as a bird. The primary mutagen we know about is radiation. A natural fission reactor ran underground in Oklo, Gabon, Africa about 1.8 billion years ago.

    • The creation and science both exist and both can be used to actually prove many of the stories of the Bible and scientific findings There is proof that there was a great flood that happened in the area Noah built the Ark, there is also proof of a great floods in different places on earth where people worshiped Allah, Budda, the Great Spirit that Native Americans worshiped,all of which proves the story of Noah and the Ark is the story of not just one great flood but many and that is why each religion has its own version of Noah and the Ark.
      Many won’t agree with me about this, but I am sticking to it, it has been something I have believed since I got interested i n history and how what happens today is usually based on something that happened in the past in my much younger years

  • There is another issue here that is being ignored. Rubio is suggesting that the state endorse one religious view over other religious views. The Constitution so loved by the Tea party PROHIBITS the US government from favoring one religious view. The views that he endorses are not even the views of most Christians, let alone other religious groups. If they are going to hide behind the Constitution, they might read it.

  • lana ward

    Dems-GODLESS, Republicans believe in The Almighty God. God created the earth LONG before science “evolved”. Obama believes we have 57+ states. Why was that never talked about???

    • CPANewYork

      A slip of the tongue isn’t as serious as denying science in favor of creationism. Doing that shows deep seated ignorance.

      • lana ward

        Slip of the tongue- your a**, Obama said he’d been to 57 states and had 2 more to go that his people didn’t want him to go to!! Running for President, and don’t know how many states we have! That’s ignorance!!

        • Probably because he was born in Kenya or he didn’t go to five university to get an undergrad degree like Sarah Palin. Or McCain graduating fifth from the bottom of his class. After over 3000 dead American, 30.000 wounded and 150.000 dead and 5.000.000 displace Iraq’s where are the weapons of mass, THAT WAS A SLIP OF WHAT?

          • lana ward

            You’re right, he probably is a Kenyan and he did terrible in school or he would have gladly shown off his records. He takes credit for everything-fault for nothing. Why didn’t he show off his grades? Smartness that he thinks he is

          • Justin Napolitano

            You are fucing ignorant, Lana. Obama was publisher of the Harvard Law Review. I guess they select people for that position from the bottom of the class.
            Obama is President of the United States. I never did think he would make anything of himself; while you are head toilet cleaner at the Y, how could there be a comparison?

          • lana ward

            Obama is ONE BIG LIE!! WHY didn’t he show off his records-D’s and E’s??

          • Why didn’t you ask Bush 1 & 2, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, John McClain who was born in Panama, Willard Romney to show all their college papers? Why didn’t Republicans insist that Willard Romney show 20 years of tax returns like his Father did, what is he and his family hiding in their tax returns.? For one reason and one reason only, The President skin pigment is black not white like the others. WHY DIDN’T ROMNEY SHOW OFF HIS PAST 20 YEARS OF TAX RETURNS, that should bother you more than what kind of grades President Obama made. Has ever occurred to you He doesn’t want to show his grades because he doesn’t want to show people like how much smarter he is than you are and make you hate yourself more.

          • lana ward

            He is ashamed of his grades, otherwise he would have showed us how smart he is, pompous red rag that he is!

          • Did George Bush show his grade, or Sarah Palin, as noted before McCain was 5th from the bottom of his graduating class. Obama was President of the Harvard Law Review voted by his classmate. Have anyone of the 43 white men who came before been ask to show his grade. Saint Ronnie once said that trees cause pollution, Gerald ford was considered the dumbest president we ever had, he call Ronald Reagan a dumb s.o.b. did anyone ask to see their grade.

          • lana ward

            Why doesn’t ANYONE remember Obama. He was never in class, always out smoking pot

          • Oh, and you know this how? When I graduate from High School, there were only 56 of us in this whole class and there are still names that I can’t put faces to. So since the classes that Obama attended were much larger than 56, it is not surprising that he was not remembered. On the day he said 57 states and two more to go, he had also visited US territories and places like that he had visited 57 locations they just weren’t all states and they were part of the US. A Narrowminded hater is what you are. Election is over, Romney lost, President Obama won. NO reason for you not to set down and read both books of the Bible so you can understand that just because you call yourself a Christian does’t make you one.

          • lana ward

            You need to venture out of this site. You will learn ALOT of things you don’t know about Obama. Go some where, where there aren’t any of his enablers

          • I do go out of this site, read other sites, read newspapers, news magazines, and talk to others and listen to their views. I don’t watch TV news and don’t listen to people to like Rush Limbaugh and I do my own research on the different topics that come up each day. I don’t drink kool-aide and I don’t drink Republican Tea Party tea. I checked President Obama out very thoroughly before I voted for him in 2008, I checked out Joe Biden also and did the same with McClain and Palin This year I checked out Romney and Ryan and decided they were the worst thing that happen to the Country if they were elected. If you are calling the people that post on this site Obama enablers what does that make you. I have been posting on this site since January and have given my opinion on your posting since the first time I read one of them and didn’t agree with it.
            You need to tell yourself to go to other sites instead of telling me to do so. I even go to sites that are Republican leaning.

          • lana ward

            Did you know Obama had plastic surgery that completely changed his looks from what he looked like in college? (I’ve seen pictures when he was younger) He looks like Frank Marshall Davis, his real father, who was a card carrying communist. Did you know he has sent MILLIONS of tax payers money to mosques all over the world when America is broke? Did you know the ring he wears, he got when he was in college, it is an Islam ring and says Allah is the only God. There’s LOTS more if you go to the site–WND– you might learn something

        • Justin Napolitano

          You are the ignorant one based on your postings.

          • lana ward

            I know how many states there are. There are not 57 as Obama says. And everyone says he’s soooo smart. Too funny

        • It was said after he had been on the go for over 24 hours without sleep. Give it up lana, Romney lost, President Obama won, Democrats practice religion and many Republican especially ones like you like claim to be Christians when they aren’t, since they don’t practice what they preach when it comes to religion.

          • lana ward

            He didn’t know how many states there are. EVERYONE makes excuses for EVERYTING he does!! And Republicans didn’t lose–America did

        • CPANewYork


          You really think that Obama doesn’t know how many states there are in the Union?

          Really? I don’t believe you and I donm’t think that anyone else will, either.

    • johninPCFL

      So which almighty God do you believe in, Allah or Shiva? Followers of both have creation stories.

      • lana ward

        There is l Almighty God- if you don’t know that, your lost

        • Justin Napolitano

          Yes. I know Lana that you talk to him and he talks to you, right?

          • lana ward

            When the veil is lifted from your eyes of understanding, you’ll know!!

        • johninPCFL

          “you’re” – perhaps a third grade lesson in grammar.

          But, you missed the point. Since something over a billion folks believe in Allah and something over a billion believe in Shiva, it seems a toss-up.

          However since Allah is just a newer name for the Jewish and Christian God, maybe it’s just a matter of spelling?

          • lana ward

            God IS NOT Allah. Allah is a made up god by rag heads

          • johninPCFL

            Sorry, “Allah” is the name given to the God of Abraham by his last prophet, Mohammed.

          • lana ward

            Sorry, Christians don’t call God Allah, rag heads call Muhammad Allah

          • johninPCFL

            Obviously, you don’t know anything. Mohammed was a prophet, just as Moses and Jesus were, and lived about 800 years after Jesus. Allah is the name he called God, the way Moses and Jesus used Jehovah.

            Maybe you should learn something before opening your yap.

          • lana ward

            Jesus is not a prophet-HE IS GOD. Muhammad is allah, the muslims’ god, so you should shut your yap

          • johninPCFL

            Your ignorance knows no bounds. The Trinity is the invention of the fourth-century Council of Nicaea (325.) There was no consistent teaching of “communal God” theories before that. They also decided that a few dozen scriptural books were not going to be in the bible, and the “accepted” compendium became the Latin Vulgate promulgated by the Catholic Church for about 1200 years. While the Vulgate was being taught by the Catholic Church, Mohammed began teaching another version of the prophesies in about 800AD, and he referred to Moses and the old prophets as well as Jesus. His teachings ultimately were consolidated into the Quran.

            “The Council of Nicea took place in 325 A.D. by the order of the Roman Emperor Caesar Flavius Constantine. Nicea was located in Asia Minor, east of Constantinople. At the Council of Nicea, Emperor Constantine presided over a group of Church bishops and leaders with the purpose of defining the true God for all of Christianity and eliminating all the confusion, controversy, and contention within Christ’s church. The Council of Nicea affirmed the deity of Jesus Christ and established an official definition of the Trinity—the deity of The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit under one Godhead, in three co-equal and co-eternal Persons.”

            Mohammed is the prophet of Allah, not the person of Allah. Allah is just another name for Jehovah, the God of Moses and Jesus. Go learn something.

          • lana ward

            You need to read THE BIBLE, God will open your eyes of understanding-IF- you really want him to. Your the one who needs to learn something in the Bible!!! How did God create all things by HIMSELF, when Jesus Christ is the creator of ALL THINGS???

          • johninPCFL

            You are a member of a splinter group that has different beliefs than the Apostles did, or than the Catholic Church did in 325, or than Martin Luther did in 1523.

            I’ve read and studied the bible, looked through the Book of Mormon, and looked through the Quran. All contain references to the old prophets and Jesus. All teach a different name for God. The KJV is the only version declaring Jesus as the sole creator, dozens of others say God created everything through his Son, Jesus.

            Adventist or Pentacostal? Maybe Southern Baptist?

          • lana ward

            How did God create everything through Jesus, what was Jesus’ part in creation? And how could he have had any part in the creation of all things when the Bible says God created all things by himself?

          • johninPCFL

            That’s called the Mystery of the Trinity in Catholicism. My training is that Jesus is a separate person and directed the Holy Spirit (God’s energy, another separate entity) to manifest the creation on the Father’s behalf. The OT supports this view more than the Doctrine of the Trinity, which I believe was created from whole cloth by the emperor Constantine and the Roman Bishops at the Council of Nicea. That happened about 300 years after Jesus’ death, and a dozen or more bible books were tossed out of the final compilation, including one written by Jesus’ mother.

            About 500 years after that, Mohammed says he got communications from God and began his teaching. Like Jesus, he wrote nothing down. Like Jesus’ followers, they waited decades to write the history. Unlike Jesus’ followers, the followers of Mohammed gathered up all of the written manuscripts and created one “true” rendition, then destroyed all the earlier copies. Because of this, we have no idea ow many diverse stories were originally considered.

            Much has been made over the years of the accuracy of the various bible copies and translations (dead sea scrolls, essene manuscripts, Coptic manuscripts, etc.) They hold no candle to the Quran, which varies by not a single word in 1200 years.

            Your beliefs may be different.

          • lana ward

            God is a Trinity. That is how all three created when the Bible says God created everything by himself,yet Jesus is the creator of all things. God the Father, Jesus his spoken Word, the Holy Spirit his his breath, the God who dwells in the believer. Psalms 33:6 , Isaiah 55:11. This is how there is ONE Almighty God, and all 3 created. When God opens your eyes of understanding, it is AMAZING!!

          • johninPCFL

            Yeah, that’s what Constantine said when he dictated the Doctrine. I found it odd that a Pagan would create the doctrine that would define the Mystery for 1700 years.

            But Mohammed knew about it when he said: “People of the Book, do not go to excess in your religion, and do not say anything about God except the truth: the Messiah, Jesus, son of Mary, was nothing more than a messenger of God, His word, directed to Mary, a spirit from Him. So believe in God and His messengers and do not speak of a ‘Trinity’—stop, that is better for you—God is only one God, He is far above having a son, everything in the heavens and earth belongs to Him and He is the best one to trust.”

            And then Joseph Smith, the Mormon prophet, detailed that God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit were separate individuals. His first teachings were that they had physical bodies, well except for the Holy Spirit.

            Kind of odd that God plays these little games with mere humans, isn’t it? Then there’s the dinosaur bones, the Lascaux cave paintings, the Oklo natural reactor, the Pangaea connundrum, the presence of subterranian oil in such vast quantities, etc. The story of Job is a teaching tale. It teaches that facts don’t matter, that objective reality can be adjusted at will by beings whose sole purpose in existance is to play these little games with us.

            You’ve undoubtedly read Isa 40:22 “He sits enthroned above the circle of the earth, and its people are like grasshoppers. He stretches out the heavens like a canopy, and spreads them out like a tent to live in.” A circle is a flat construct, like a table top, not a globe. Didn’t the Jews have a word for ball? Why wouldn’t God use it, or dictate a new one?

          • lana ward

            God doesn’t play games with humans. The Bible is alive, you will know this when God opens your eyes of understanding. When you accept Gods Word by faith, it will open for you

          • lana ward

            God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit–ALL THREE created everything!!–But God created everything BY HIMSELF. We either have 3 creators or God is a Trinity and we have l Creator, One Almighty God!!

          • You definitely need to read the Bible. In the first book of the Bible vol 1, it says God created all things, We do not learn of Jesus until volume 2 of the Bible.

          • lana ward

            You NEED to read the Bible! Jesus is all through the Old Testament. Jesus is God’s spoken Word, he is in the WHOLE Bible!!!

          • No matter what you say or try to explain to lana that religion has many names their leaders called different names,and the Creator wants it that way, because most religions only believe in one Superior being no matter what he is called it is still a believeth in only on Superior being. Hope I making sense to you, time for me to stop posting and go to sleep/

          • johninPCFL

            Yeah, the same conclusion I came to 40 years ago after spending a few years looking about.


    • Justin Napolitano

      Lana, that is so old. Is that the best you can come up with?
      I think your god and my god are far different gods. Mine is progressive and created the universe with the intention that it evolve. Yours is static and unchanging relegated to never improve or “evolve”. I prefer mine and you and Rubio can just stagnate in yours.

      • lana ward

        The God of the Bible NEVER changes. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. That’s the real God, and the more we turn away from him, the worse things are getting. So you just keep your God, it’ll get you nowhere!!

        • No lana you are the one on the way to no where. Your hate posts, calling others Godless, claiming to be Christian yet yours words in your postings show that you are no more a Christian than there is a man in the moon and that it is made out of Cheese. A Christian shows that he or she is a Christian by their actions, how they treat others, speak to others and what they post. None of your posts show you are a Christian, they show hate, the inability to realize that others have rights and that your way nor the Republican way is always the right way and a lot times it is down right wrong. You need to read the Bible and then reread your posts, maybe then you will understand no way would God call you a good Christian.

          • lana ward

            You haven’t seen the posts I’ve gotten?? I try being nice, then I’m called names because you ALL disagree with me!!! I am a Christian, but I’m not perfect. I can give it just like anyone else! I’m trying to take care of that, so don’t tell me what I am, and what I’m not! Thank you

      • I agree. My God is one that lets medical cures be found, scientific equipment to be invented to do things like tell how old the earth is. My God believes in science, if he didn’t we wouldn’t have been able to send a man to the moon or have a mini sub that goes so deep in the sea.

    • This 2012, that statement was made years old. If that is your best argument for anything that is being discussed by the adults right now. you need to take your teddy bear and go to bed and go to sleep since what is being discussed here is over your head. One other thing Democrats are not Godless, we practice what we believe unlike Republicans that claim to be Christians and that they believe what the Bible tells them, Republicans worships money which the Bible says not to do, Republicans do not want to share with people that don’t have enough, the Bible says share, the Bible says “Judge not least you be judged” Republicans are always judging people based on their color of their skin pigment, how much money they have, their education level and many other things that the Bible says people are not to be judge on, the Bible says God wants those who can to help the poor, the old, the children and ones unable to take of themselves because they are the children of God, Republicans wants to do away with the safety net that helps children, seniors, the poor, ones unable to take care of themselves to live and have dignity. In the Bible after Jesus ran the moneychangers out of the Temple, He said ” render unto God what is God’s and render until Caesar what is Caesar” in other words he is saying your love and soul is God’s and that the taxes are Caesar’s , Republicans do not obey this, they hide their money if overseas bank account, trust accounts, and blind trusts and use all kinds of loopholes in the tax collection to not render until Caesar’s what is Caesar’s , their fair share of taxes.
      Remember this what goes around comes around. In other words God punishes people that claim to be Christians yet does the right opposite of what God and the Bible is the right thing. Something else to think about, God would not allow all these scientific discovery to happen if he didn’t belief in science. Scientists would not have the equipment needed to show how old this world, if God didn’t want it know.

      • lana ward

        The Dems policies are making everyone poor so they have to depend on Government for EVERYTHING. Obama hates businesses, that’s why he’s putting so many regulations on them-to make them go out of business-more on Government assistance. He’s murdering America. Earnings are falling, poverty rising,food stamp enrollment skyrocketing, inflation creeping up, small banks going under, coal plants closing(353 hundred) because of Obamas’ environmental rules. And we’re going to have 4 more years of him to put us under

  • Rubio can’t answer every 4th grader is able to….unless they go to a “christian school”, or are home schooled…………Pathetic… can’t dance around it… either accept science or you don’t and with out science….there would be no US economy.

    • @ Martha Davidson, I have a four old grand nephew and an eight old year grand niece both attend religious schools when they were asked by their Dad how old the earth was, his son said ” I don’t know , go on line and see what it says”. The 8 year told him “I doesn’t know , go look on line or in the Bible to find out, you will probably a get a more correct time on the internet than from the Bible” I don’t know if their answers reflect their school teaching or what their parents teach them or a combination of home teaching and school teachings, but to me these twos answer show that even if a child attends a church, children of today still know about science and all are lot smarter than a lot of adults are.

  • If you have no idea about whether science is just a theory or fact then why didn’t Marco recuse himself from being on the Senate Committee on Commerce, SCIENCE, and Transportation? It’s like a truck driver being given the controls of a Boeing 747 because he knows how to drive big vehicles.

  • The GOP must think that Hispanics are just clones. They will vote for anyone who is also Hispanic, no matter what his political philosophies are. Sarah Palin tried this approach with women. “Look I’m a for me if you’re a woman.”

    • johninPCFL

      The Cubano community in FL has voted as a block for decades, mostly on the anti-Castro platform. Hispanics are not uniform across the US, and the GOP is making a huge mistake believing that a message from a Florida Cubano will resonate with a California Latino.

  • Marco es mariposa!

  • This guy voted to basically reduce compensation so much as to effectively eliminate hearing aids from Medicaid children here in Florida. He thinks a child can learn without hearing in a regular classroom!! He has destroyed so much. I wish he had children and no job so he had to beg for their welfare. Fact is, I hope somehow he is brought down. He needs humility. He has been successful. He thinks if he can do it anyone can. If he got cancer or if he were unable to keep getting elected to a Government job and actually had to go out and work he might change… I am not holding my breath! All I know is he is not only an idiot, he is becoming a powerful idiot and dangerous to the health and welfare of the citizens here in Florida…. especially our children. I am an Audiologist. I am over 60 years old. I work for the VA. I don’t see children, but all my collegues tell me guys like this have made it near impossible to provide any services. Get him out!

  • It’s such a joke anyway for the Republicans to put up a Cuban to make their appeal to Latinos. Cubans are perceived as the Mitt Romney of the Latino community; their Cold War relic special immigration status has bred in many an arrogance toward the ‘riff raff’ that Latinos of other national origins tend to resent.

    • johninPCFL

      Ain’t it the truth. You cannot be an illegal immigrant if you’re Cuban.

      You’re either a deportee (wet foot) or an American (dry foot).

  • Do you have to be crazy to be a republican, or is it optional? If it’s optional, why does every republican on the national stage seem to have chosen insanity as their default position? When will the vast majority of people who support the republican party realize that the republican party panders to their fundamentalist beliefs only to get their votes, and then undercuts them economically at every turn? The republican party seems to have adopted 1984 and not The Fountainhead as their source of inspiration and playbook. They’ve subverted the meaning of the language of politics and polluted it with doublespeak. Under republican administrations we’ve become less safe, less free, poorer, and more subject to government intrusion into our lives. Financial stress is the leading cause of divorce, yet republicans tirelessly push policies that destroy the economic underpinnings of the middle-class, then shamelessly tout themselves as the party of family. Wake up America. The democrats aren’t much better, but if the electorate abandoned the republican party, the progressive element left in the democratic party would have a chance to restore some of the progressive gains that gave us decades of widespread prosperity at home and economic hegemony abroad.

    • The Republican party is no more the party of family values than there is a man in the view I know of one Republican Representative that just reelected to office(mostly because his district when from the East side of the State all away cross the state to West side) who while married to first wife(who was no angel herself) had eight affairs(that is how many he admitted to ) two of which were with patients of his.A lot of the following information wasn’t known until after the election, he claims to be very pro life, yet ex wife had 2 abortions which they both agreed to, one before they married and were living together and wasn’t” getting along” and a second one after they got married and she was taking an experimental drug and wasn’t suppose to get pregnant. During this same marriage after he and his ex separated and got back together, they made recording of him trying to pressure a former patient that he had had an affair with to have an abortion because she told him she was carrying his child. The 2nd female patient that he had an affair with told the local newspapers in their area that they smoked pot and did pills together and he wrote her prescriptions for bills that were for problems she didn’t have. She also said she remained a patient of his for awhile after the affair was over but switched doctors when he wanted to restart the affair. There were things that were in the divorce papers that shows not only he shouldn’t be in Congress and he definitely should not be allowed to practice medicine. His medical license is up for renewal either 2013 or 2014. I haven’t given his name because I can’t spell it, he represents District 4 in Tennessee which until 2010 had a Democratic representative. He won his election in Tennessee 2010 like the Republicans in Tennessee won the governorship and control of the State Congress and US House of Representatives on the promise of jobs which we all know is a promise that The Republicans have never worked on , on the Federal or state levels

  • utiltxut

    Yep, he’s perfect as a GOP spokesman – can’t give a straight answer to a simple question. Also, his comment about “the rich getting poorer”… Wouldn’t the rich have to be poor in the first place for them to “get poorer”?

  • Not too much has changed in the religous community in the last four hundred years. In 1600 Giordno Bruno was burned at the stake for suggesting that the earth moves round the Sun by the Italian Inquisition. Today science and engineering have given us computers that can store giga bytes of information and can perform million of operations in a second, yet a supposedly well educated US senator can’t even hazzard a guess as to the earth’s age. He says this while driving a car that burns fossil fuels that are hundreds of million of years old. We are all in trouble with people this ignorant running the show!

  • They picked a hispanic that ooks white.

  • Edward Welsh

    Noah let two flies onboard, but no dinosaurs. Talk about poor taste.

  • …and acts like white old folk.

  • Kansan

    “I don’t think I’m qualified to answer a question like that. ”

    Ain’t that the truth?

    “At the end of the day, I think there are multiple theories out there on how the universe was created and I think this is a country where people should have the opportunity to teach them all.”

    Great. I can’t think of anything more helpful than to teach kids the earth is 6,000 years old, or maybe 4 billion years old, and they should believe their “salvation” depends on a bunch of various and sundry deities and demons from Zeus to Xenu (Church of Scientology).

  • Kansan

    In this best of all possible worlds, Rubio would be nominated by the Republicans and then indicted for the Blackwater River prison scandal.

    • I don’t remember reading or hearing about the Blackwater River prison scandal? What happened?

  • What? No “white” members within the GOP that can support ethnic groups? I guess they will continue to put up their token members of hispanic or “other” ethnic backgrounds, while the white members mumble and look the other way–all because they don’t really care about non-white constituents and no one would vote for them anyway.

  • Fairplay4

    Rubio is trying to ride the Tea Party/Hispanic bandwagon. He is not that smart, he is more of an upstart.

  • ChristoD

    I mean c’mon Marco, ‘the rich getting poorer’ ? WTH does THAT mean ? That is the single stupidist thing I have read, EVER. In your effort to sound clever, you are coming across as being as dumb as a post. There is NOTHING poor about the rich. For goodness sake take your head of your backside and EARN the reputation of being a ‘front runner’ for the Republican Presidential nomination by saying something intelligent. This quote, in baseball terms, is a 0-fer-1. Holy crap not another in the long line of very slow Presidential hopeful nominees ala Michelle Bachman, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum and ‘Say Anything to Make a Buck with Callista’ Gingrich.

    • With that statement he is at least 90 % dumber than Bachmann, Palin and all the rest rolled together. It also shows others that he is not thinking about anyone but the reach. Wonder what his financial worth is? Doesn’t he have a good friend and adviser who is in ether local or state politics that is under investigation for some of his political doings?
      He does not need to be on a committee that deals with science, my eight year old grand niece would be a better person to have on that committee than Rubio is.

  • This guys needs to be removed from the Science Committee if he is unable to answer that simple question.

  • Allan Richardson

    I remember a fundamentalist preacher telling his flock that God “created the fossils in the earth” in just such a way that reasonable scientific experiments thousands of years after Creation would make them APPEAR to be millions and billions of years old. In other words, God LIED TO US IN THE EARTH in order to “test our faith.” In other words, while giving US a Commandment not to “bear false witness” God is bearing false witness to us.

    I think Einstein was closer to the mark about the nature of God when he said (I do not remember the exact words in German), “The Lord is subtle, but not malicious.” In other words, God may have given us a puzzle to work out, but He did not give us a “gotcha”.

  • ljbaker

    Concerning homosexual marriage, how does three states voting for it send a message to the country when over thirty have voted againist it

    • What does your posting have to do with the article? The discussion is on the presidential race for 2016? Has nothing to do with homosexual marriages or the 2012 election that President Obama won on November 6, 2012.

  • yodalynx

    Speak volumes – say nothing and hope the masses accept it as fact. Is this the new Republican strategy? Hope that changes before 2016.

  • Senator Marco Rubio, is a Tea Party Senator that was elected after Senator Graham Retired.. Yes
    he is very popular amount The Cuban American and the Cuban population in South/East Florida, as well as other part of the Estate..But Nation wide he’s only a Freeman Senator, that need a lot to learn about American People ,Country and Foreign Affairs yet..He is very knowledgeable..still need a lot to learn before lunching himself to Run for Office in 2016..Just stay in touch and follow the issues..and accomplishment…

  • a80a

    I don,t like the statement of make rich people richer when you do that then the poor get poorer , that has always been the republician standard and will always be. do you want to go back to the days of feudal lords and peasents? if so give the republicians the house,senate and presidental office and look out.

  • ram1020

    Are you already starting personal attacks on issues that mean nothing to how the country is governed? That’s just plain sick!

  • RobertCHastings

    And he is one the SCIENCE committee? Did I read that right? Was Todd Akin holding the idiot cards for him? Most Latinos are smarter than he is, smart enough to not vote for him if he runs in 2016 for the presidency. Where do the Republicans find these people, is there a special place for the brain-dead who want to be politicians? I sure hope it isn’t anything contagious or hereditary.

  • What is this double talker doing on a science committee? The way he talks he knows less about science that most 10 years old do. Rubio the last time I heard is thoroughly disliked in the Hispanic community especially by people that come from Cuba or whose parents did. None of the Hispanics I know would vote for him, I had one tell me, “His parents maybe from Cuba but he doesn’t know the first thing about being Hispanic and doesn’t relate to people that are Hispanic” Sounds like a former Presidential candidate and his running partner doesn’t it? People that think Rubio would help Republicans get the Hispanics votes better do some researching and talking to Hispanics before believing that.

  • oldtack

    If he doesn’t step on any political land mines Marco Rubio will probably be the choice for 2016. This reporter asked Rubio a very loaded question and I think he responded in the best manner he could by “tap dancing” around the subject. If he leaned too much toward Creationism then he lost the Evolution Science crowd and vice-versa if he leaned too much toward the Evolution Theorists then he risked losing the Creationists. That’s a land mine question in the life of a politician. I would have answered the same way if that question was poised to me and I was running for a public office.

    • Doesn’t really matter how he answered it, from the time of his first political run he has stated his parents fled Cuba when so many other Cubans were fleeing Cuba after Castro turned it Communist and that he was born on the boat on the way to the USA.
      Neither one of his parents were American citizens, neither of his grandparents were American Citizens, since he has always claimed he was born on the trip to the US and I don’t recall that it said any of the boats were owned by US citizens, he is a citizen of the Country whose flag was flying on the boat that he was born on. He is probably holding office illegally since according to him he born while traveling on an ocean.,

    • Doesn’t matter which way Rubio leans, he’ll never be elected to the presidency. Latinos will see right through his charade. How narrow-minded the GOP is! They think all they have to do is prop up a Latino and presto – they will somehow win a general election! Not gonna happen. LMAO!

  • To most Latinos he is nothing more than a token cubano who appeases the right wing conservative Christian fundamentally brain-washed male idiots who still think angels exist. To main land Cubans he is a Miami born and bred Gusano (a maggot) who parents most likely fled Cuba. Latin America still has a worse name for him because it was the exiled Cubans who help the right wing conservative party in the USA commit the atrocious crimes against humanity!

    He is now making a turn-about to appease to Hispanics in the USA but it won’t work. I would suggest to him to switch to the Democratic Party. After all, it’s easy to do with exiled cuban since most of them voted with their two feet when Cuban needed help.

    As a Hispanic (Mexican-American, really) I detest hispanics in the republican party, the party ticket of hypocisy, hatred for the poor, and right wing conservatism insanity!

    • Doublefox , I really don’t understand what you are saying. In your first paragraph you are like reading the riot act because of the wayRubio acts and what he says then in your second paragraph you suggest he join the Democratic party. Then in the third paragraph you once again showing how much you dislike the Republican Party It is confusing to this old mind as to what you are saying
      Rubio’s parents left Cuba while Bastille (I am not sure I’ve got the name spelled) was still dictator and if I remember correctly were not exactly poor when they left Cuba. Rubio told stories for years that his parents left Cuba after Castro became its leader and started turn the Country Communism in one of the boat escapes from Cuba. The truth is his parents left Cuba legally and was already here and had been for more than a few years when Castro became Cuba’s leader. He wouldn’t tell the truth about how his parents came to this Country until he had no other choice. Now since there is talk of him running for President , lets all believe hi claims for years that his parents fled Cuba on a boat either during or after the revolution and he was born on that trip, that means he can’t run for President, reason #1 neither of his parents were born in the US ,#2 neither were born to American citizens living in Cuba #3 and he born in a boat in the ocean that means he will be unable to run for office since he was is not American citizen that was born in the USA, he was born on the ocean

  • ralphkr

    Well, personally I have absolutely no problem with people getting rich (I would most certainly like to be one of them) BUT I do have a problem with paying the brass 100 to over 1,000 times as much as the workers. Any thinking person recognizes that managers are needed. Even those few businesses that are cooperatively owned by all of the workers they have designated management in some form. Hey, you have got to have someone give direction to the company, speak for the company, and be the person to blame when things go wrong. Today the corporate philosophy is: Well the CEO did lower the stock value by over 50% so perhaps we should give him/her $7 or $8 million going away bonus… on the other hand he/she did cut costs by X% by firing a lot of workers and closing plants (because of lost customers due to faulty product decisions) so we should give him/her a few million in bonuses and raise his/her annual stipend by 50%. Another wonderful theory: If we pay our CEO 20% more than any other CEO in the industry that shall prove to everyone that we have the best management in the industry and boost our sales and stock value. Yeah, right, raise your hands if you bought your last new computer because of how much the manufacturer’s boss was being paid.

    • I buy what I buy especially big ticket items based on what the employees are paid if I can find it out, if I see a owner is paying himself an outrageous salary or paying a CEO and higher management outrageous salaries and giving them big bonuses, while laying off workers, paying workers minimum wages and just a little above, I don’t buy. If I can’t find a e-mail address for the business I will keep digging until I find a mailing address and send them a letter which I copy and send to newspapers in my area and the area of the business and tell them where as I am only one customer they have lost so far there will be others even if it just all my family members. I do tell them that I know they own the company and can do what they want but I also tell them if it were not for the workers that actually do the work, there would not be any money for the outrageously high salaries that they pay themselves or their CEO and higher management personnel. I have only received one answer from any of the letters I have sent. I told the owner what I thought about his CEO’s salary and big bonus given him by the company while at the same time the Company was in financial trouble and was laying off a lot of workers. I told him I was brought up with the believeth that if a company is in financial trouble the first salaries cut were the ones being paid the most not the ones being paid the least. No one was given a bonus especially if they were the reason for the loss and if his CEO had some kind of a contract that guaranteed him bonus there had to be away around that. I actually got a Thank you letter from him for reminding him of things his father told him about running a business before he turned the business over to him. I saw in the local paper when I visiting a friend in the same town where the business was located a couple of weeks later, that the owner had taken over running the business, fired the CEO and all of the CEO’s people and rehired the all of the workers that had been laidoff . I cannot remember the name of the Company, I have trouble with my memory at times due to an accident but the last time my friend said anything about it , it doing well financially and even hired more people.

  • peteserb

    Shouldn’t the question have been directed at Obama? Then all the libtards would know the answer down to the last second!

    • ExPAVIC


      Horse shit you retard.

      Don’t express yourself as being better educated than any liberal. I’ll match diplomas with your lame brain anytime.

    • Lizards and toads can’t read or write or don’t you know that peteserb? Now if you were trying say that Liberals know the answer down to the last second, no we don’t and don’t claim to know. I do know a four old boy that knows more about science than Rubio does.

  • As Hermione Granger said to no one in particular in the first Potter movie when Harry took off on his broom chasing Draco, “Wat an idiot!”

  • A nother Romney, Ryan.

  • oldtack

    You sound like Marco Rubio. You tap danced around the question with blustery owrds and never attempted to answer the question/

    Again – what type of research did you undertake to arrive at the decision that the MAJORITY …. You sound like a damned right wing nut republican.
    That was their cry – “The majority …


    I have enough faith in my children and grand children that they can go into any situation and listen to any type of rhetoric and will be able to absorb the information and use common logic to arrive at their own decision concerning the matter at hand. They are adults and are able to make their own decisions.

    If you are so adamant then you apparently do not have faith enough in your offspring as to allow them to be exposed to another line of thought that differs from your line of thought.

    Anyone that is so fearful or close minded to the point that they cannot or will not read and explore and expose themselves to other religions and other lines of thought are a miserable example to humanity and the human brain.

  • oldtack

    Fact is Michael -you don’t know Jack S– about Science or the Bible. You just absorb and mouth what others feed to you.

    Scientific or otherwise – don’t expose us to your ignorance – and don’t speak for the world – unless you have conducted research with enough “evidence”‘ to support your position.


    Marco Rubio

    What? Another dumb ass American Taliban Republican?

    Marco will go well along with the masterminds of Cain, Perry, Santorum, Bachmann, Gingrich, and Romney so even with his addition there isn’t a brain amongst them all. Hell, Marco can’t even tell time very well.

    Oh my, oh me….what is the old, old, used up GOP going to do? Maybe they can rent a Democrat to provide a little brain power until their party gets fixed.

  • Evolution is NOT a “Theory!” It is scientific FACT. Did you take geometry in high school? Do you remember Pythagoras Therom? Therom means Theory in Greek. Yet we know it is a fact.

  • Another presidential pretender.

  • nomaster

    Here we go again, another shutterfly like Willard the Ratman. No straight answers for a question only more questions.

  • “How old is the Earth?” sure became “How was the Earth Created?” awfully fast in GOP land. Cmon, Marco just say rocks are rocks and real science can date them through analysis of isotopes that decay at a known rate. We know how old the earth is give or take a few billion years. That you dodge saying it so that the crazy non-science 6000 year old earth bible thumpers won’t dump you is reason enough to actually dump you from a congressional comittee on science. I WAS a republican and it is this kind of lame pandering that confirms why I am no0 longer one. Grow a backbone Marco and stand up against religious non-science or you are lost.

  • The guy is an Idiot !

  • lucimar2

    If Marco or anyone like him plans to run for president, the Republican Party might as well take down the tent and go home. It must be understood that, since George and president and CEO of Haliburton Cheney ran the show and ran the country into the ground, real Republicans couldn’t care less about creation, birth control, abortion, gun control or immigration reform. On top of that, they welcomed into the fold the most naive and dangerous group of people ever to get political clout–the teabaggers. Thank you Michele Bachmann. You delivered a victory to President Obama. The only thing “real” Republicans care about is ensuring the security of the rich who possess the party’s soul. Unabashadly, they continue to insist that the rich who line their pockets are the job creaters and will use the money to create jobs. This “theory” has been proven false again and again. What Boehner and his group of political thugs should understand is that we the people understand what they are doing. Wasn’t it mister Bonehead who stood on the floor of the House while passing out tobacco compay bribery checks to Repulicans voting in favor of the smoke companys. Yes it was. And he admits it.

  • This guy does not really represent our hispanic community, especially if he believes the earth was created in 7 days. If the republicans believe in a real change Rubio is the wrong person to pick to impress the latinos. We are smarter than that, why do you think Romney lost.

  • oldtack

    You still miss the point.

    Science is Science and Religion is Religion and they are,oddly, two vastly different subjects.
    Any study in Biology, Zoology, Anatomy and Physiology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, and any of the Earth sciences will make it known that this place we inhabit called Earth has been in existence for several ages. We can only guess because with the advancement of technology we are constantly changing the age. With each new discovery one always hears the Scientists say, “well this indicates the Earth is older than we thought”. We can surmise how long Earth has been in existence but we cannot declare it as known fact because it is ever changing.

    Religion and beliefs are a different matter. In my experience I have found that belief in a Creator or a Supreme Being seem to pervade from the tribes in the Jungles of South America to the far reaches of China and all places in between. I wouldn’t be adverse to a course in School that explored all of the beliefs of a Creator. Some are macabre and some are intriguing.

    To bridge the gap between Science and Divine Creation there is a growing philosophy that places present day humans here on Earth around 12,500 years ago. A special Creation placed between the Tigris and Euphrates. The followers of this belief attest that we, the present human inhabitants ,are not of this world but were placed her by the Creator that we refer to as God. They believe that dinosaurs and humanoids inhabited this Earth before a Cataclysmic destruction. To them this explains the artifact at Glen rose, Texas that shows a Dinosaur track and a humanoid footprint in the same segment of rock.

    Is it true? Who Knows? But it is interesting and I encourage all young people to be inquisitive and dare to think out side the box. To think and explore beyond the morays and beliefs of their parents.

    Believe what you want but don’t espouse anything as fact unless you have absolute proof.

  • According to my religious studies so far, our earth was organized out of eternal matter, that have always existed in the universe. So, the Organization took several periods, called the “creation” days according to God’s timetable, not mankind days. One day for God is one thousands of men’s days! Some of the elements were part of other words that have been disorganized, or taken out of matter found in the vast universe. Nothing can come from nothing! The day will come that true science will match true principles revealed by The Creator, through His authorized oracles, already available to any one with sincere desire and intension. Check James 1:5 and challenge it properly, in order to know any true about anything by yourself !

  • If this kind of individuals, whether latino (well, Cuban Floridian isn’t the typical one) or not is elected, U.S. is doomed.

  • Lary9

    Marco Rubio ought to be guest hosting “Blues Clues” instead of prepping for 2016 GOP presidential primaries…and he even has time to take a basic earth science course. #GOP_history-of_horribly_inappropriate_candidates_remains_a_mystery

  • If you don’t understand or trust science, then how the heck can you claim to understand economics???

  • Voodoo economics is what you believe in when science is not an option. God help us all.

  • GrannyKits

    And please tell me, what is he doing on a committee for Commerce, SCIENCE and Transportation? It does NOT seem to fit at all!

  • ridemybroom

    faithful in poltics….what faithful…there are no faithful in either party as i see it…and when the man upstairs says its time to go…we gonna see who is faithful…keep on thinking he doesnt exist…soon the time is coming where we will all find out…and find out you will…when the faithful hears that voice that says come up hither and you see no one around you …you gonna wish you were faithful….come quickly Jesus !

  • msrita

    Just because we Voted the first Black President does not mean Democrats are going RED. A Democrat never changes his/her Vote.

  • “The way to turn our economy around is not by making rich people poorer, it’s by making poor people richer,” he said in his 24-minute speech at the dinner. spoken like a true IDIOT . the greedy bastards will never be poorer with the money thy saved on the DIRTY BUSH ERA TAX BREAKES the have too much money thy made and would prob. take at least 25 to 50 yrs from them to break even on all thy got

  • the funny thing about all this last election is the ANTI-CHRIST ROMNEY him self is (LATINO) and if he can stab all the Latino the ppl he is one of . then what makes anyone think he, wouldnt stab his own family members in the back if theres a $ buck to be made . im sure if one of his boys was to say daddy i want to kill my self and drive my car into a wall . the ANTI-CHRIST ROMNEY would say wait till tommrow for your moithers sake . then he him self would go out and tripple down on any life ins. he has on him . and knowing how bad he is id bet he,d tell that son the next day as he giveing him a pep talk how to drive his car into the wall saying your doing the thing here but before youi do it talk to ur brothers first and tell them its what thy should do too . but then tell him when you do tell ur brothers to talk to me first before thy do it for ur mothers sake .

  • I’m not a scientist, man. I can tell you what recorded history says, I can tell you what the Bible says/// no ur far from a scientist.ask a 2 grader he will know more about how old the eath is (about 2.5 billion yrs. and the universe about 13 billion years old ) if you know the bible do you belive in the words from it ? if yes then how about the words of (GREED ) if ur so smasrt to be in office . then after the maskeing the greedy bastards richet and going with the GOP DING DONG PARTY OF NO . what do you know about anything else . ill bet he know CASTROS birth day and if you do know the words in the bible do you belive in them ?

  • His answer seems to be that their opinions are no more important than those of theologians. And that’s still exactly what you have to say if you’re running for the Republican presidential nomination./// and to do that you say nothing abouit nothing and ride out how stupid you are only thiung you talk about is the GOP DING DONG PARTY OF NO AND HOW TO MAKE THE GREEDY BASTARDS 2% RICHER

  • The GOP can probably only win local elections in GOP strongholds and some senate seats and governorships in “religious” states where evangelicals reign. In fact, I believe such voters would be willing to return to an ancient oligarchy as their main interest is their religion. They will never come to grips with the separation of church and state or science. It will take a new generation to begin to morph the GOP into a more centrist party.

  • I agree with Rubio… I believe the Earth was formed by the voice of God… and if God said 6 days of creation I believe it… Of course TIME did not begin for Adam and Eve until they were cast out of the Garden, and the earth (outside of the Garden of Eden ) at that time could have been billions of yeas old.

    • Ah, a person with all the facts about creation! How about Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny? Believe in them too?

  • sambilano

    Friends the Republican Party won’t be back from this hole now,the Fox News ,Karl Rove,Dick Morris,Rush with all the fat cat,due to common maths they will fail.

  • This mans answer presents the confusion that the Tea Party adherents , with their fundamentalists views , have caused in the GOP. it shows a concession to fundamental theological thought , which is accepted only among a fringe , and certainly not by mainstream Chrisianity . Thus the Tea Party , disavows climate change , despite the overwhelming scientific evidence in support . The Tea Party is unaware of the changing demographics ,in these United States .and adopts a decidedly anti-Keysian approach to economics ,for which there is no empirical support . OH well , the Church has long had it battles with science , and has lost all , that has not diminished the power of the Word of God , but has certainly caused politicians whether in the Church or not to tumble .

  • Dee Wan

    A pretty standard cop-out comment by someone who hasn’t learned anything from recent events. You can’t dodge a straight out question with a bunch of double-talk about multiple theories in the face of overwhelming facts. Come on, Rubio, show the Hispanic community that you paid attention in school and really learned some science. Be a real example for young people to show that science is a foundation on which we base medical and technical progress.

  • Onofre Galvez

    Good PR answer

  • You can be a democrat and believe that the world is 6,000 years old. Carbon dating has never proved anything is/was older than that.

    • Sierra111

      Where did you get your information? From Fox News?

  • Sierra111

    One opportunity I think the Democrats missed this past election was to ask each Republican candidate what kind of birth control they use. After all, they claimed to be so religious!

  • oldtack

    Like Marco Rubio, I won’t address that question because I do not possess the absolute facts to ascertain with 100% accuracy the answer to the Theory of Divine Creation nor to the Theory of Evolution. Neither do you or anyone else. Mankind accepts one or the other according tp their personal beliefs. But -neither position has found absolute truth to make a positive statement.

  • oldtack

    Do some research in Florida. You will find that Marco Rubio was born in the State of Florida and you will find that his parents left Cuba BEFORE Castro ever came to power.
    Marco Rubio is legal but he is a blatant liar. He related the fleeing Castro Cuba story for political manipulation. He is a liar and the truth is not in him.

    But- the GOP won’t let a few deliberate lies interfere with their promoting this little twerp as a Candidate in 2016.

  • oldtack

    I agree with you 100%. I don’t know about other areas but I have Chicano(Latino) friends here and they don’t care much for Cubans. Just because we in America lump them all in the same Latino group doesn’t mean they all are the same. We have Orientals here from Laos and Vietnam. They live in the same neighborhood but I have seldom met one that cared much for the other. About the same with the Hopi and Navaho- they share the same land but they don’t really care much for each other.

    I have faith in the Chicanos (Latinos) in my area to see right through this GOP ploy.

  • truthhunter13

    The Republican party has done it again!. Marco Rubio is the male version of Sarah Palin. I wonder if he can see Russia from his house.

  • oldtack

    Carl m
    When you disregard facts and just go on “what you know” that’s called blind Faith. You don’t have proof of what you feel but by blind faith you are sure it is true and good. the world needs that.

    Live by your Faith but don’t be beguiled into believing you possess absolute truth. If you are a believer in a divine Creator then it behooves you to remember the Creator and the Creator alone possess absolute truth.

    If you are and Evolutionist be aware of the ever changing universe and ever changing technology and know that you will never find absolute truth – because it is a never ending quest.

  • truthhunter13

    Count me as one of them oldtack.

  • I can tell you now, Rubio won’t make it. Republicans have damaged their credibility with the American people so badly, there is no way in hell they will be able to recover by 2016. As it is presently, Hillary is a walk in. Right now, there is no one else looming on the horizon.

  • How DOES a stupid man like this get to the Senate?