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Friday, June 22, 2018


5 Responses to McConnell In Trouble

  1. Mitch McConnell winning or not all depends on whether the people of Kentucky want a leader who serves the people or one that serves the fat cats that own most of the Republicans.

  2. Well, at least this cartoonist doesn’t stoop to silly stereotypes and inane elitist mindsets. So he’s got that going for him… How utterly arrogant, ignorant, and ridiculous.

    • You’re absolutely right. This cartoon does not fairly represent the citizens of Kentucky. “Utterly arrogant, ignorant and ridiculous” does fairly describe Mitch McConnell, however. And Kentucky keeps on voting him into office. Kentuckians can and should find someone better to represent them.

  3. His propaganda is excellent. Look at his peoples’ opening remarks about the Louisville businessman who is running against him from the rightwing: “He’s not one of us. He’s an East Coast outsider”. Nothing about his points of view. Just: He’s NOT ONE OF US. Being ONE OF US, is one of the 7 pillars of propaganda. Mitch’s people are all about effective propaganda.

  4. Any fears that enough spending on negative advertising can save McConnell may be dispelled by the appearance of a tea-party primary opponent.

    The base will always favor the more extreme candidate who might have had a chance for a gerrymandered house seat but will fail to attract the middle as is required for a statewide senate seat.

    After a few quotes that might have played well in a caucus or church basement the high-dollar contributors become frightened and move to other races where mere money could purchase victory.

    Thankfully the base replays this script without seeing that it is a program for failure. Indeed they double-down in search of more conservative candidates.

    What is not to like?

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