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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Here are some interesting stories on the midterm campaigns that you may have missed on Monday, September 22:

• Today in GOP outreach: The conservative group Americans for Shared Prosperity has released an odd new ad featuring a woman who wants to break up with her boyfriend (Barack Obama) and all of his friends (the Democrats on the ballot in November). As Nia-Malika Henderson puts it in The Washington Post: “So yes, this ad is, um, strange. Probably sexist too — but mainly it’s just weird and bad. Very, very bad.”

• Outside spending in this cycle has officially surpassed the record for most money spent in a midterm election — and we still have 43 more days to go.

• If Senator Mark Udall’s (D-CO) new web ad is any indication, Democrats still have no intention of letting Rep. Cory Gardner (R-CO) retreat on fetal personhood. Udall leads by less than 1 percent in the Real Clear Politics poll average (although one recent Quinnipiac survey, showing Gardner up 8 percent, appears to be a significant outlier).

• If you’re a politician, you never want to see a headline like this about yourself: “Kansas gubernatorial candidate addresses 1990s strip club incident.”

Washington Post fact checker Glenn Kessler slammed the latest attack ad from Georgia Senate candidate David Perdue (R), which claims that his Democratic opponent Michelle Nunn’s “own [campaign] plan says she funded organizations linked to terrorists.” Kessler called the charge “utterly bogus,” and awarded it four Pinocchios.

• And embattled Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) had an interesting time at Saturday’s LSU-Mississippi State game:

The Bayou Bengals lost by five points, which is roughly the same deficit Landrieu faces in her re-election fight against Republican congressman Bill Cassidy.

Photo: dpmshap via Flickr

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  • COOL!!! Let ’em spend it ALL! Remember, this is the tax cut cash that the rich & corporations have been amassing for the last 13 years & w/it, want to drive a stake thru the heart of OUR Democracy! Get it now? Do American voters of sound & rational minds really NOW understand what was at stake in the 2000 election? This is it. Here. Now. It’s is however, time for American voters to put the hammer down & put their votes where their MOUTH’S HAVE BEEN since 2009, when we expected Obama to put together programs & policies to equitize the imbalances that gave the rich & corporations the power over civil society, law & order & access to our Democracy – w/the same 100% EQUALITY we ALL were guarantee, CONSTITUTIONALLY. THIS is the last chance!!! There are no tomorrows, should people fail to put Democrats & Independents in the majority in Congress & maintain the majority in the Senate. Republican’s & T-baggers had their chances – since 2001 & RIPPED THE NATION & THE WORLD COMPLETELY APART! If U agree, VOTE LIKE IT…

  • Dominick Vila

    As bad as all the hyperbole and lies are, the worst part of American politics is the influence of money in our electioneering process, regardless of which party is getting it and spending it.
    Effective – bipartisan – legislation is desperately needed to put end the wholesale of our government and democracy to the highest bidder.
    The easiest way to end this is for the government to give equal amounts of money to candidates running for President, Senator, or Congressman, and let them spending wisely or limit their advertising to whatever they can say standing on top of a box at a street corner to a not so captive audience.