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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts Governor and one-time frontrunner for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination, stood out at a candidate debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California Wednesday night by displaying a solid command of the issues and appearing less abrasive and extreme than his fellow candidates — and specifically by defending Social Security as a politically popular and fundamentally beneficial program.

We’ve known for some time now that Romney fares best in general election match-ups with Barack Obama, especially when compared to Tea Party favorites Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann.

But that Romney would dare to defend the bedrock of the modern welfare state and liberalism in front of a conservative audience in 2011 is surprising — and that the audience appreciated it suggests there is a constituency for the “electability” argument in the modern Republican Party.

Less shocking but nonetheless noteworthy should he garner his party’s nod was Perry’s insistence on slamming Social Security repeatedly as a “ponzi scheme” and a “failure” whose guarantee of benefits is a “monstrous lie,” FDR and 75 years of popularity notwithstanding.

The Republican Party seems poised for a fundamental ideological battle between Tea Party fanaticism and conservative reform. This isn’t the first time, and surely won’t be the last. But whereas Perry’s pitch seems intended for the Tea Party base in Iowa and South Carolina, Romney’s may be better-tuned to Republicans in Florida, a key early primary state with an abundance of delegates up for grabs where seniors who appreciate Social Security play a bigger role in politics than almost anywhere else.

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  • Gerardo Barrica

    Obama should not start budget cuts by hurting taxpayers but should keep America from hegemonic warmongering which has become a heavy burden to its taxpayers.
    After all 9/11 was a ploy to legalize America’s aggression to the war in the middle east, feeling insecure of its oil reserve she has to gain more grounds and in the process over expenditure and now economic crisis.

  • stsintl

    The Tea Party is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch Empire. To paraphrase late President Kennedy, the Tea Party motto is “Ask not what Rupert Murdoch can do for the Republican Party; ask what the Republican Party can do for Rupert Murdoch.” And of course, what else would Rupert Murdoch want from the Republican Party other than abolish Social Security program.
    The core values of the Republican Party and the Mafia are the same:
    Little or no taxes
    Little or no government regulations
    Right to carry the guns and settle scores on the streets
    Survival of the fittest
    No social responsibility.

  • zip cortese

    These people seem to forget how we got to this point in history.The eight years under dicky.rummy and georgey.Look it up its history,in the books so to speak,

  • peteserb

    The national memo displays it’s leftist leanings when it favors Romney. Most Americans know social security is in trouble and unsustainable. Perry can tell you about Corpus Christi who opted out of SS 40 years ago and their employees collect much more in retirement because of it. Perry though not perfect is a better fit for this nation, than Romney the Rino. However I’m sure the left would rather have Romney.

  • Ginico

    The only reason it is in trouble is our politicians “spent the money on other things” quoted from my Representative. There is $2.7 trillion in the trust fund built up for the boomer retirement when Reagan doubled social security taxes. The boomers are the first generation to fully pay for their retirement, so if I was a boomer, I’d be hopping mad that the money has been spent and is part of the National Defict. “Our money should never have been made part of the general fund in the first place, then we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Down through the years (FDR was my first president) I have heard the same story – each generation says “it will never be there for me”, but it has fulfilled the retirement for them. Adjustments have been made down through the years to accomplish that, and it can be done again. There is NO need to move this money to Wall Street where they can make millions off of us, while we suffer the risks! The wages subject to withholding should be raised as a starter. That $2.7 trillion will keep the system solvent until 2036, at which time the boomers will be in their ninety’s and unless we have another huge bubble of babies, the requirements will begin to drop down. The Republicans just don’t want to “put the money back”, so they keep telling us that it is not sustainable! They lie about the number of people that fund each retiree, this number only equates to the cost of one retiree. When the system first was put into place it took 16 workers to fund one retiree, now it is down to three only because the taxes have increased and it now takes from three to support one. Then they say, we’re paying out more then we are not collecting . . . of course we are, it was planned that that would happen during the boomer retirement, that’s the reason for the buildup of the trust fund. If we’re living longer, then adjustments need to be made to accomodate that. recognizing that it does not hold true for ALL people. The Social Security Department has done a good job for the American people, they deserve to keep their jobs – it does NOT need to be privatized.

  • C2

    Agree with Ginico that SS is earned wages by Americans used for Wars and everything else and should be paid back post haste.Disagree with Peteserb that left would prefer Romney as Pub candidate in 2012. Au contrare, Perry would guarantee a shoe-in by incumbant Obama.

  • rumpunch

    How fortunate that Rick Perry has miraculously appeared as the perfect foil for Romney. Much better than having those loose cannons Bachmann, Paul, Gingrich, Huntsman et al running around and actually raising critical Romney questions. Let’s see, isn’t it a common cop melodrama ploy to have Good Cop/Bad Cop? Looks like the Republican Powers That Be are ready to tamp down those pesky Republican Fringe (what used to be) Benefits. Maybe that far right fringe element just isn’t going to be that useful in the upcoming 2012 election and needs to be gently kicked to the curb or under the bus or over a cliff or….you get the idea.