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Friday, October 21, 2016

E.J. Dionne explains how the primary process has weakened, not strengthened Mitt Romney in his column, How Romney Won, And Lost:”

Mitt Romney can argue that winning ugly is still winning, especially in a contest he could not afford to lose. But Romney’s decisive victory in Florida came at a price. He aggravated Newt Gingrich’s hostility to him, with all the trouble that could entail, and left behind a dispirited Republican electorate in a state the GOP needs to win this fall.

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  • Jim Groom

    I’ve tried to give Romney the benefit of the doubt, but his recent ‘victory’ in Florida has proven to me that he will say and do anything to get chosen to represent his party. There is indeed such a thing as wanting to win too much. If willing to enter into a campaign of character assassination to help your cause is acceptable what else would such a man do to enter the White House? I can’t blame anyone for not wanting Newt either, but Romney latest evolution into such a dishonest political broker is troubling. This GOP clown show has clearly shown, at least to me, that the best hope for the GOP to regain the White House is still 2016. That is of course if they can come up with a more moderate and reality based candidate who can appeal to the middle of the country. These fringe candidates as displayed this year are just not up to that task.