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Thursday, June 21, 2018

President Obama on Tuesday called on Congress to pass a short-term budget plan to avoid a series of automatic cuts that would go into effect on March 1.

Speaking in the White House briefing room, the president said that Congress “should at least pass a small package of spending cuts and tax reforms that would delay the economically damaging effects of the sequester,” adding that thousands of Americans could lose their jobs unless Congress acts — sequestration would cut deeply into defense and domestic programs such as education.

“Our economy right now is headed in the right direction and it will stay that way, so long as there are no more self-inflicted wounds coming out of Washington,” Obama said.

The temporary plan put forth by the president is meant to give lawmakers a few more months to negotiate a long-term deal. He again called for a “balanced approach” to reducing the nation’s deficit through a mix of tax revenues and spending cuts.

Obama emphasized the importance of tax reform, again calling for ending loopholes and deductions for corporations and the wealthy as a deficit-reduction measure.

“We can’t just cut our way to prosperity,” the president said. “Deep, indiscriminate cuts to things like education and training, energy and national security, will cost us jobs and it will slow down our recovery. It’s not the right thing to do for the economy. It’s not the right thing for folks who are out there still looking for work.”

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58 Responses to WATCH: Obama Calls For Firewall Against Recession

  1. Drafting and passing legislation designed to reduce our budget deficits is no easy task, especially if the goal is to achieve that worthy goal without impacting our standard of living and national security. Considering the complexity of this task, I believe Congress should devote enough time to do it right rather than rush and pass easy fixes that will likely cause the economy to go into recession, unemployment to go back up, and instead of solving our solcio-economic problems make them worse than they already are.
    With that in mind, temporary appropriations should take place to keep the government running for a few more months until a compromise acceptable to everyone is reached and a good bill is sent to the President for signature.

    • You’re dreaming Dom.. Insinuating that g’ment could actually be a perfect working machine. I wish that were so and it could be were it not for the only thing holding it back.. The human element.. When pompous humans interfere with progress nothing gets done that should be done.. I don’t know if it’s because these so-called ‘servants’ hate the presiding leader or if they just love to be contraries (that really doesn’t matter) what matters is: They’re NOT doing their jobs unless the rules have changed and this is par for the course and if so then why do they continue to place their hand on a bible and vow to protect and serve?. Compromise is not in their vocabulary as it indicates that everyone wins. In this political arena, the only actions (that keeps our nose just above water) are temporary.. delayed until the next inevitable emergency. Thanks for trying to be reasonable in any case.

      • The record of our congressional leaders is, indeed, dismal, but I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt until a few monhs have passed and it becomes obvious that their rhetoric is inconsistent with their willingness to pass legislation conducive to reduce our deficits without damaging the economy. Unfortunately, I have not heard anything that suggests anything has been accomplished thus far, and it is doubtful anything will happen during the next 3 or 6 months.
        The problem, in addition to ideology and the overt hatred they show towards President Obama, is that our congressmen are more interested in keeping their jobs than doing anything that may anger their constituents. The rank and file remains convinced that austerity is the only way forward, without understanding the negative effects of a major austerity program on our economy and way of life. With that in mind, and considering the fact that the only way to eliminate the deficit is to cut $1.2T from the budget, their best option – from a job retention perspective – is to do nothing or do barely enough to claim victory. At this point, even a 25% reduction would be preferable to the fiscal mess we have.

        • The pitiful part of all that you have said is that we have had about two years to evaluate what policies of austerity will do to our economy, and how the public will respond. Greece is the perfect example. While what has happened in Greece is partly the responsibility of their central government in overextending themselves on promised benefits (something conservatives in this country feel about Soc.Sec. and Medicare), those benefits, at any rate, were promised and, like the folks in this country, worked their lives contributing to the trust funds for these earned benefits, it would be disastrous to take them away or even reduce those earned benefits. No wonder there are riots, and that is precisely what will happen here, especially considering we are the most heavily armed populace on the planet.

    • Your comment: “do it right rather than rush to pass easy fixes that will cause economy to go into recession, unemployment to go back up, etc”….misses a VERY important point….UNEMPLOYMENT is BACK UP…also, gasoline prices have spiked 17 cents in January, the HIGHEST January SPIKE in fuel prices since records have been kept. HINT: We are STILL in a recession, prices still keep rising, and unemployment is still at record highs & RISING! Conclusion: Obama has NO IDEA how to run an economy of any size…he only knows how to pit the many against the few to gain voter support, just as it has & is being done in Communist countries.

      • The simple response to your claim is that things would be much better than they are right now if the Republicans would pursue what is good for the future of the country rather than pursuing only that which will secure them a shot at being re-elected.

        • If your comments mean we as a country should NOT bring about a balanced budget, instead of the continued reckless spending of Democrats (16+ TRILLION is debt now), than there will NOT be a future for a solvent USA. Republicans appear to be the only responsible voices in Congress right now.

          • Yes, the BUDGET should be balanced, and the previous DEMOCRATIC president DID balance the budget – in fact he left office with a $160B budgetary surplus, or have you forgotten that.? The National debt at the time was around $10T as in trillion. By the time W left office that had grown by 50% to $15T, and was ballooning at a rate of about 1 1/2 Trillion per year, primarily because of 1)two wars, 2)unnecessary tax cuts for the wealthy that were not made up for by spending cuts, 3)the Recession. If you want to blame the current National Debt on one president, it ain’t Obama, and the culprit should be obvious. However, as with the Depression that FDR inherited from a Republican president who preceded him, it was the massive infusion of federal money into the economy(especially during the Second World War) that got us out of the Depression. However, conservative lawmakers who apparently have little or no understanding of the way the budget or the economy work, this country will remain economically weak and floundering for some time to come. There are millions of jobs out there that could be available for an American workforce just chomping at the bit to get back to work. But cowardly conservatives refuse to invest in the future of this country. Why? Mitch McConnell would tell you it’s because he doesn’t want Obama to succeed. The Tea Party would tell you it’s because they refuse to raise taxes FOR ANY REASON AT ALL.. Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck would tell you it’s because a black man isn’t smart enough to be president. Take your pick of the reasons conservatives present – they are all equally stupid.

          • Based upon your “facts & figures” you are apparently watching too much CNN/liberal propaganda….your “hero” has added $6+ TRILLION to our debt in only 4 years, his “shovel-ready” “stimulus” jobs NEVER appeared, and all our tax money simply went into hiring MORE GOVERNMENT WORKERS, mostly in DC. And oddly, many of these paper-pushers are salaried at over $100K per year????? The only thing you got right was the intelligence level of the current “leader.”

          • And you are watching Fox and listening to Rush? Both of your sources are known for their bias. Fox is owned by Rupert Murdoch, who is currently under investigation in GBfor many dishonest things his media empire likes to do, like wiretapping. Rush Limbaugh is just a plain old angry white man who wants people to accept him as one of the boys, but smokes illegal Cuban cigars and likes $2500 bottles of wine, something all of us working class stiffs can easily afford. Working in Washington, DC, yeah, a LOT of folks make in excess of $100k, pretty much the median income in NewYork, too. If you don’t make that kind of money in those cities, it is hard to make it. And where are you getting your info about the expansion of the government workforce? Haven’t you heard about the Recession? The government doesn’t expand its workforce during a recession, especially when they can’t get a budget passed. Your info is not only wrong, it is totally illogical, typical for a Republican.

          • Republicans don’tl ike balanced budgets, because it makes it look like government is operating efficiently, and if government were operating efficiently, then their whole agenda about reducing the size of government would be baseless. When Clinton left office, in 2001, he left a budgetary surplus of $160B, and a debt of about $5T, a debt which had been accumulating over the past several presidencies, both Democrat and Republican, and the Dow had closed at about 12,000, more than four times what it was at the end of his predecessors administration. To many people, that would appear to have been quite a prosperous legacy. When George W Bush left office 8 years later, we were in a RECESSION, we were losing 800,000 jobs a month, the Debt had more than doubled, we were involved in two seemingly endless wars costing us hundreds of billions of dollars a year, the Treasury was getting deeper and deeper in DEBT with a Republican president and Congress spending without bringing in additional funds. And you want to call the Republicans reasonable? For the past four years President Obama has made the mistake of trying to work reasonably with Republicans in order to solve this country’s financial woes. Thanks to the inept leadership of John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, we are facing a slide back into recession, our national education system is falling even further behind our competitors, the Republicans WANT to bring on the sequester which will drastically reduce our military preparedness, and what else can be said? And you actually have the temerity to suggest that the Republicans appear to be the only responsible voices in Congress? Well, many things are NOT necessarily what they MAY appear to be.

          • I agree..many things are NOT what they appear to be (your statement). Obama “appears to be” the “leader” of the free world, but in fact he is actually just a very poor substitute for a “leader.” He continually says he wants to “work with both sides” but then proposes plans & ideas that only ULTRA LEFT-WING LIBERALS will agree with. And he then wonders why he gets so much justified opposition from others (50% of US citizens). Remember, he won by a very slim margin of 1%, and that means half the US population does NOT agree with his inane, unsubstantiated and inneffective ideas & policies! Even Obama had to admit himself in one of his rare press conferences, referring to his “shovel-ready stimulus package”, that “they weren’t as shovel-ready as we thought!”

          • Get over the “shovel ready” already. That was about 4 years ago. Hewon by 1%. Sounds like typical Republican voodoo math to me. By conservative estimates, the margin was three and a half million to five million. 3 1/2 million would be 1% of the TOTAL US population, including ALL the illegal aliens, ALL youngsters under 18, and everyone in prison or for some other reason ineligible to vote. In fact, it would be a little OVER 1% since the total population at this point in time is about 310 million. Since about 120 million voted, that works out to approximately 3%, not 1% as you mistakenly claim. I am extremely sorry that you have a hard on for left wing liberals, but your understanding of political history in this country is about as flawed as your math. The policies proposed by the President are pretty much as Centrist as were those of Bill Clinton. The policies you and your totally out of touch BFF Tea Party buddies are proposing are those that got us into, not only the recent Recession, but the Great Depression, as well. Read some REAL history books, compare the policies of Herert Hoover with those of your friends, and sit down and think for a moment and figure out where your BFFs are taking us. Do try to be a little objective and intellectually honest. Once you have done that, evaluate the policies of FDR and what happened as a result of them, and compare those policies with the “ultra left-wing liberal” policies Obama is pursuing. Someone once said that those who fail to study history are doomed to repeat it. History has never been the strong suit of Republicans.

        • Interesting you refer to “being reelected.” The ONLY reason our US Ambassador to Libya & three other brave Americans are dead is because Obama remembered what happened with Carter’s failed hostage rescue & resulting loss of reelection, and therefore sacrificed our 4 brave Americans in Libya in order not to “tarnish” his (Obama’s ) “image” before the 2012 election. Our brave Americans well left to die in Libya solely because Obama did NOT want to risk losing an election. What a “patriot” he is!!!

          • I don’t think the hearings are over yet, so that determination has not been made. And,if you are watching them so closely(on some reputable news sources and not Fox or Limbaugh) it is quite a stretch for you to come up with that conclusion. Just think for a moment what you are saying. Does it REALLY make sense to you? The fear of failing during an attempted rescue certainly would not figure into any similar situation this president encountered, in either his first term, or in his second term. The ONLY reason it has become a cause celebre is because your precious right has made it so. They are looking for any and everything they can throw at him, simply because he is a black man succeeding (without their assistance) as president of the US. By the way, do you subscribe to Jesse Ventura’s newsletter? It has some great conspiracy theories.

          • THINK for a moment what YOU are saying….when the attack on Libya occurrred on 9/11, we were less than 3 weeks away from the election….OF COURSE Obama contemplated what his “image” would be if he failed in a rescue attempt. We DO know that the White House KNEW for 7 long hours that our men were under attack and fighting for their lives (through the Drone Camera Feed), yet NOT ONE FINGER WAS LIFTED in their defense, and nearby reinforcements were told to STAND DOWN, even tho they offered to help. And the reason it has become a “cause celebre” as you state is because ALL patriotic Americans believe we as a country should protect our own. Even your “hero” believes that….wasn’t Obama the one to state (in the gun debate), “if we save only ONE life, it will be worth it?” Well, Obama had the opportunity (not a theorectical one, as in gun debate) to SAVE FOUR LIVES in Libya, but never acted on his obligation as “commander in chief” to do so!

          • As I said before,the hearings are not over. The attack occurred, not at the embassy, but at a diplomatic house in Benghazi, several hours away from the capitol of Tripoli, where adequate reinforcements would have been available. As Brennan has already stated, time was a major factor. Another major factor is that this was in Libya, not the US. US troops can claim sovereignty ONLY on US soil, and the only bit of US soil in Libya is the embassy, which happens to be in Tripoli, not Benghazi. You see, it is a strange quirk of the international scene, the US citizens, even American officials, are not necessarily afforded the special treatment that so many Americans think we deserve, just because of our American exceptionalism. We do not have the right, in any foreign country, to ask, or even to expect the locals to respond to our needs. We live in the United States of America, not in the United States of America of the World. I know you disagree, but President Obama has acted in the best interest of the citizens of this country since he was inaugurated in February of 2009. He, and we, have had a great deal to overcome since the debacle of the Bush years, which left this country in financial shambles, our standing around the world the lowest it has been in over a generation, the military the weakest it has been in years because of having to fight two useless wars, our education system on the lower tier of advanced countries, etc. id infinitum, ad nauseam. Don’t criticize him just because you didn’t vote for him, or because he is black, or because Rush Limbaugh doesn’t like him. Criticize him ONLY if, after doing a little research, you actually believe that he has done a bad job.

          • Thanks for your response….and one clarification: many in MY family DID vote for Obama his first time around. Now, regarding Benghazi, an Embassy (like in Tripoli) and a US MISSION, as in Benghazi, have the same political stature…they are considered US SOIL, and protected as such, whether by local forces (not advised in a country like Libya) or by our special forces. When it is claimed that special forces were 15 hours away in Spain & Europe, it is an obvious falsehood. Firstly, ALL special forces are trained repeatedly to be ready on a MOMENTS NOTICE to fly anywhere in the world if needed. And secondly, since WHEN is Spain OR Europe 15 hours away from Libya by air ???? Flight time from the farthest european nation (London, England) is 4 hr, 30 min…..from Spain to Libya is LEAS THAN 3 hours. Since we know from released testimony that the WH was aware within minutes of the attack in Benghazi, and that the battle raged with the three SEAL defenders at the mission for 7 hours before the Ameericans ran out of ammo, there was a WIDE WINDOW of opportunity to attempt to help & save our brave men, but all were told to stand down by Administration officials, which logically must be our Commander in Chief, Obama. WHO ELSE could or would issue orders, especially ones NOT to defend US soil, but Obama? The WH, and Obama, have a VERY WEAK case here, so they are hoping that more people like you will turn away from the obvious truth!
            But Patriots around our great USA will not allow the deaths of 4 brave Americans to go unchallenged and unquestioned, especially in light of the obvious coverup.

          • Clarification: Mr. Brennan clearly stated that it WAS NOT a battle that raged for 7 hours, but rather two separate engagements of about 20 minutes duration each in two separate locations. As for your broad assumptions about the WH and its being tuned in in synch with all intel, they are NOT the Borg, they are not one continuous, integral intelligence. There are gaps in what some knew, when they knew it, and who did what. That is one of the messy things about a democracy – no one person has all the intel and no one person makes all the decisions.
            In about 1985, when American troops were stationed in a large dormitory in Beirut, Lebanon, an explosive planted by Hezbollah killed over 200 of our Marines. Reagan did nothing more than pull our troops out of Beirut. When Ronald Reagan had actionable intelligence that the large majority of the Hezbollah leadership were in one location and we had the opportunity to take them all out, Reagan backed down and refused to pull the trigger. Who was blamed for that? Did anyone in the Reagan administration even get a reprimand?
            Whose decisions got us into the war in Iraq, before the only war we should have been involved in was – namely, Afghanistan – was pursued to completion, and how many American lives were lost because of those decisions? It is a matter of public record (as it was in 2003) that Sadam Hussein’s WMD program had been dismantled and that he had no designs on a nuclear program.

      • Should we assume you gave President Obama credit when gas prices were going down? Fluctuations in gas prices have nothing to do with U.S. Presidents policies. They fluctuate because of the law of supply and demand at a global scale, speculation, greed, global instability and other such factors. Fluctuations of one tenth of one percent in the unemployment rate are as relevant an indicator as watching the daily fluctuations of the stock market.
        Why don’t you focus on the record number of building permits, the record number of existing home sales, the number of Hiring signs that can be found everywhere to reach a more realistic conclusion regarding the state of our economy.
        We should – and would – have been much farther along had it not been for the intransigence and obstructionism of those determined to block public investment in infrastructure, modernization, R&D and education. What is truly remarkable is the fact that in spite of all the obstructionism and predictions of economic and fiscal Armaghedon, President Obama managed to turn an economy that was on the verge of collapse in 2008 into one that is recovering.
        The last thing we need is an Angela Merkel style austerity program like the one the Tea Party is proposing. That approach would produce the same results that brought a number of European countries to their knees. Tea Party austerity and trickle down economics have not worked in the past, the present, and will not work in the future.

        • I was being VERY conservative (and generous) when I quoted the unemployment rate ticking up at close to 8%……the REAL unemployment rate, when we add ALL the workers who have STOPPED looking for work (ie: given up trying to find a job) is CLOSER TO 11%, per US News & World Report, which is NOT a conservative magazine. An 11% unemployment rate in our US hasn’t been experienced since the 1930s……and Gasoline prices ARE affected by the POLICIES of Obama….when he STOPS opposing Fracking & the Keystone pipeline, not only will MORE JOBS be available, but a larger supply of US-controlled crude oil will mean LOWER gasoline prices. Obama is completely unequipped to understand the market forces that are at work here in the US. Obama is NOT a businessman, his ONLY experience is “community organizing” which simply turns the many against the few for “political” reasons.

    • They should have done that for the health care bill! Had they done that it might be worthy of the name ” Affordable health Care”

    • I live in North Carolina, and our newly elected Republican governor has proposed, as a way to save the state money, cutting unemployment benefits almost in half. This would mean the average recipient would not be able to feed his family, maintain his home, or do those things that are necessary to keep his family intact. This would affect tens of thousands of families in the state, and, subsequently, would drive this state’s economy back into recession. I can only assume that he is laying the groundwork for his political future.
      What this state, and the nation, needs is further stimulus, like that of the Fed in pumping billions per month into the financial industry to eliminate the bad mortgage mess. Stimulus packages of large proportions are still needed to assure we do not slide back into recession, and something needs to happen soon, before the sequestration takes effect. Educaton needs to have money pumped into it rather than losing funding. Any attempts at reducing the size of the federal workforce at this juncture is just plain stupid, for where would those displaced federal workers go? Reducing the military budget would result in the closing of many bases around the country, bases surrounded by civilian populations who depend on the bases for their livlihood. All military bases employ large numbers of civilians, and the civilian businesses surrounding the bases rely on the military for income. Reducing the funding of our education system, even though the federal share of local education budgets is in the neighborhood of 3 – 7%, would be devastating. At the peak of the Recession, local systems lost thousands of teachers, not to mention police, firemen, etc. And the Republicans want to argue over this, even though they know exactly what will happen?

  2. On August 2, 2011, the Budget Control Act was passed. The agreement also specified an incentive for Congress to act. If Congress failed to produce a deficit reduction bill with at least $1.2 trillion in cuts, then Congress could grant a $1.2 trillion increase in the debt ceiling but this would trigger across-the-board cuts “sequestrations”.

    Since then nothing was done to complete the task, not by the Senate, not by the House, not by the President. If nothing could be completed in 14 months why should we believe that anything could be completed now? Let Sequestration happen, it does stop spending it only reduces the increase.

    We need to quit borrowing our recovery from future Generations. Keynesian Economics has never worked beyond a short term fix. There is not one example of it working over the long term. We were told that the Negative GDP last Quarter was do to spending cuts? This would be true if the Federal Government had spent less in the Fourth Quarter then the Third Quarter. But it is not true, Federal Spending increased by $100 Billion.

    We need a real recovery plan, not just political sound bites. Lock the President, 20 Senators and 40 House Members in a Hotel until they come up with one. Leave Reid, McConnell, Boehner and Pelosi out of the Hotel. They have all failed the American Public.

    • Some spending reductions have been achieved, but not enough to make a dent on the deficit. Don’t forget the $716B MEDICARE reduction over the next 10 years and the DoD budget reduction, and don’t forget which party promised to restore those cuts if their candidate was elected…

      • There simply have been no reductions in spending. Spending continues to increase quarter to quarter. The 2012 spending was 3,795.6 Billion in 2010 it was $3,456.2 Billion, that is a 9.8% increase. The 2013 spending will be higher still. Medicare spending will also be higher. Did the American citizen get an income increase?

        No we got a Tax Increase! Look at your paycheck.

        Until the number goes down from one year to the next there are no spending decreases!

  3. To My American Family

    Sense 1935 we have been blessed with the “Self-sustaining” Funds of Social Security. As it provides a basic means, for the well-being our Seniors Citizens. But since 1983 it has fallen victim to exploitation through a false sense of representation. So government isn’t the problem, what came to represent it is, in exploiting the wealth of Social Security. The Self-sustaining Funds of Social Security is owed 12 Trillion dollars as the greater part of our national deficit. As portions of the Social Security Revenues, are transferred into federal notes and bounds, than placed into the general fund as IOUs.
    Social Security is by no means an “economic burden” upon our Country. Because: it is self-sustaining. As representation, came to exploit a well-being toward the Seniors Citizens of tomorrow, through non-transparency and a false sense of representation. The simple truth is “Government isn’t the problem, what came to exploit it is.
    As we see the words of George W. Bush made it clear, back in 2005 “A lot of people in America think there is a trust,” he said, “that we take your money in payroll taxes and then we hold it for you and then when you retire, we give it back to you. But that’s not the way it works. There is no trust fund — just IOUs ….”
    As we see what entered the picture. In what George H. W. Bush called “Voodoo economics”. And what Ross Perot called that “sucking sound heading south”. The out sourcing of our jobs: through the extremes of deregulation. That is the loss of our tax base in the loss of our job base: given to corporate special interest and globalization. Through the Bush Norquist Tax Pledge: full of Voodoo Economics.
    As we see the representation of folks like Senator Ken Cuccinelli of Virginia blaming and demonizing Social Security as “the root of all evil”. Get rid of what is “self-sustaining” as it pays a great deal of the national debt or its’ exploited for other purposes. Like supporting two wars or privatizing it, for the self-sustaining program it is.
    As I ask the question? What is exploiting a self-sustaining Fund and Honest Governing all about? If not for the ways of “Special Interest”!
    I would encourage all of you to fight, for not only what you contributed too and paid for. But what you have come to honestly earn. In providing for a basic means for our children: as future Senior Citizens.
    As I ask the question. Should our representatives, have made the Self-sustaining Fund of Social Security a “Locked Box”! Absolutely! As we see the representation that had another purpose in mind. Through the Agenda and Proclivity: of Voodoo Economics. Ronald Regan truly expressed “Government is not the solution, government is the problem. As he expressed “The Agenda of Deficit Spending well take care of itself, through cutting government programs”. As the good and honest living, pays the price. Through the future of our children’s well-being! Our conservative family goes well beyond the special interest of voodoo economics. It goes right into the love and devotion of a simple “carpenter’s son”. Right into the Soul and Fabric of “Love for one another”!

  4. Oh boy here we go again! Our President is at it again. The “Balanced Approach” Last time in December, ended up to be 660 billion in tax increases and 4 trillion in spending!

    I’m sure this “Balanced Approach” deal will be more taxes and more spending!

    • Has your taxes went up? Do you still have a job? If your answers are no my taxes haven’t
      increased, and I still have my job, you are in the majority. So, what are you bitching about?
      I know, it’s all the food stamps, and foreign aid. Right? I would like to just once get an
      answer out of you who bitch as a hobby. What part of running the economy into the ground
      doesn’t cost money? Or, maybe you’d rather the T-Bags had blown up the bond market for nothing more than wanting to show people like you, they were really showing their asses,
      up there in Washington D.C.

      • Charlie, you just wrote a full paragraph but din’t say anything that had to do with what I wrote!

        I don’t care about the food stamps or the foreign aid. What I care about is the promises and the lies. I care about the 1.2 trillion per year in deficit spending, the balanced approach to cutting the deicit, being anything but balanced and increasing the deficit not cutting it. I care about the fact that we needed a tax increase and we got one, but now a month later he’s calling for another one. In the mean time he has not mentioned ANY spending cuts.

        You see I realize that no matter what he says, and doesn’t do, your ok with it. I’m not. I want a President that does what he says!

        The tea party wanted to control government spending, but they were demonized be the left and people like you were told how evil they are and you believed it! Now, are deficit is out of control and your ok with it! In 2016 the deficit will be 21 trillion. The interest alone will be 800 billion a year and you still demonize the right and every else.

        The problem we have in this country are Both parties fault! No just the right, not the tea party, but both Bush and Obama have gone on a wild unsustainable spending spree’s that will destroy our economy!

        Unless both sides stop the name calling and accusing were all screwed!

        • What has Obama spent money on that is so extravagant? That he has lied about?
          And, the T-Party demands they be given they power of the purse, when evidently
          they don’t know the difference between paying the Country’s bills for goods, and services
          already delivered. And agreeing beforehand as the budget is written, to fund, or not fund
          an item. Now, that’s stupid. You think we need stupid people, that hate the government, running the government? Something that never sinks in, with the crowd that is just sure Obama is the biggest spender ever, is 1.2 trillion dollars of cuts over the next ten years has already been agreed to. Or that the debt as a percentage of the economy is lower than it
          has been since before the economic crisis began. That 1/3 of the debt is directly linked
          to the unemployment, which was caused by the recession, and is aggravated by cutting the very things Republicans are insisting on cutting. And that’s not politics? That’s the verdict
          of an overwhelming number of economists, and business leaders. People, the Right
          used to listen to, are suddenly giving bad advise? Or some people managed to get elected
          that have no business being where they are. And would rather see the Country fail, if
          President Obama is going to get the credit when it succeeds. So, no I have no use for
          them. And I think I have a pretty good case as to why.

          • Where do you get your info? The debt is higher now then it ever was! It was higher then it ever was under bush too!

            Your hate for the right has made you repeat things that aren’t true. The tea party want spending under control. It’s not under control!

            The balanced approach to cutting the deficit deal that was signed, raised taxes 660 billion dollars and raised the deficit 4 trillion (cbo report jan4 2013) Read the report!!! He lied about a balanced approach!!! raising the deficit 4 trillion isn’t alanaced!

            Economists and Business leaders for either side will say what either side wants them to say!!!!!

            Obama is the first President EVER to have less jobs after 4 years then when he took office! EVEN DURING THE DEPRESSION!! LOOK it up!

            Here’s what a lot of knuckle heads don’t get: We are to the point where there aren’t enough rich people to tax high enough. The Middle class they say they want to protect will have to have their taxes raised too!!! There has been 1 budget submitted in the last 4 years by the President. The senate voted it down 97-0!

            Stop your hate for the right. Understand that the right and the left got us into this mess! I know you were told it was bush, but the truth is it was a combination things. Clinton signed the with the republicans bill Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act. And his bill called The American Homeownership and Economic Opportunity Act in 1999. Bush went along with those bills and here we are today! There are several other related issues but those were the worst. Then during the Bush years Barney Frank and Chris Dodd protected fannie and freddie and then the collpase!

            You see if you can stop repeating lies that you hear and research for your self, you might learn what really happened! You might understand that the right and left and Obama aren’t quite telling you the truth! The tea party aren’t the devil, and it’s not going to rain loli pops because we have Obama!

          • Do you really think, given the Conservative’s complete failure to managed the Country’s
            economy. Protect the the Country’s wealth, grow the economy, or to even work in the
            Country’s best interests, if that means opposing the corporate lobby? Well, they are not.
            And even after their supply side, trickle down, raping of the Country, they’ve still got
            people like you, who they’ve screwed royally, that just can’t wait to give ’em another
            crack at it. You know, I could understand a bunch of Wall Street guys going to Capitol
            Hill, and giving the politicians a real snow job. Tell them, if you just turn us loose,
            we can make so much more money. So, they are politicians, what do they really know
            about high finance, right? Well, after it turned out to be a really bad idea, you’d think
            they would want to fix things so this couldn’t happen again. I would certainly think
            that. But, here they were back on Capitol Hill, now using taxpayer money to fight any,
            and all reforms. And don’t tell me the Republicans weren’t still carrying the water for
            them. Filibustering, blowing up committee meetings. Corker, the main man for the
            Right, threw up his hands, and quit. And, of course not a single Republican voted for
            a single measure aganist the whole lot of them blowing the economy up again. Not One!
            So do all your blaming on whoever makes you feel the best. But, I’ll just bet the average
            person out here knows a lot more about this than you ever thought possible. And you
            could stand a little research yourself. You’re still pimping that ridiculous yarn about
            how a single Congressman, and a single Senator, both Democrats of course, caused
            the whole thing.

          • The problme with you haters is you have opinions but no actual reason except the way you feel. Wake up and realize that BOTH parties were responsible for the collapse. You spin your yarn about nothing. I give facts. You hate the right, I think that they all suck. You hate I tell you that the 3 three bill clinton signed and Bush the republicans and democrats were are a part of and went along with and you blab about nothing.

            Supply side trickle down is a eft wing slogun just like tax and spend. Over 4 years into the Obama presidency and look where we are! Don’t tell me it’s better bacuase there are 8 million people who dropped out of the job market and another 15 million still looking.

            It’s to bad your not smart enough to realize that both parties collectively got us into this mess and both nee to get us out! In the mean time you keep spouting you insane hate crap and see where that gets us!

          • The problem with people belonging to the Cynics Party, is they don’t know what to believe,
            so they usually wind up just calling everybody liars. You bet! They’ll say. Throw all the bums out! It’s a knock the Soviet Union used for years to malign our political system.
            You didn’t think this line of thought originated in this Country did you? Like you, they
            contend the entire structure is a sham. That candidates claiming to be from opposite
            sides, are in fact just actors who work for the same corporate interests, that pay for both
            campaigns. The seemingly divergent philosophies, are just two sides of the same coin.
            Each giving cover to the other’s shortcomings. Placating the masses by satisfying their
            anger over failed policies, that will be attributed one or the other’s politics, and the
            charade goes on. Is that about it? You’re of course welcome to it.

          • As usual you talk but don’t really say anything. I won’ t be so dedicated to one party that I ignore the issues! Under Bush the deficit went up over 4 trillion in 8 years. Obama is going to double that. Under Bush, unemploymenet went up to 7.8%. Obama hasn’t improved it. Under Bush in 8 years poverty went up 4 %. Under Obama it has gone up 6% in 4 years. Under Bush he passed the Prescription drug program that wasn’t paid for, Under Obama he passed the Affordable Health care plan, that isn’t affordable and will raise the deficit another trillion! Bush did Gitmo, Obama hated it and demonized the right for having it, but won’t close it.

            You morons are so blinded by his light you can’t see the forest through the trees!

            The next President will control spending, reduce the deficit, be transparent, and not blame anyone for what he does!

            If we don’t get that kind of President this country is finished!

          • Well, actually I gave you a lot to think about. Mostly that being cynical is not a productive
            way to think about your civic duty. As I said, this was Communist’s appeal in the 1920’s
            and ’30s. Thousands immigrated to the Soviet Union during the depression years. If it
            wasn’t for the particular brand of Capitalism the ultra conservatives are endorsing today
            in this Country, there wouldn’t have been a need for a Karl Marx, who looked out at the
            economy of Europe, Dickens used as a backdrop for his novels. “It was the best of times, and the worst of times.” Because there wouldn’t have been a necessity for Marx in the first place. It is no accident the more one cleaves to the hard core Republican line, the more they disdain, and demonize Communism. It’s also no coincidence, it’s the Right’s favorite derogatory terminology for the policies of the Left in general, and President Obama in particular. But the true nemeses of Communism, is Fascism. Which I believe the U.S. should be much more concerned about. The hallmarks of the Fascist is amply evident
            in the extremist strands of those already in elected office today. Militaristic, dogmatic, Nationalistic, and authoritarian purges of voters, aimed directly at minorities. We see one
            attempt after the next to turn a manufactured crisis, into a full blown national emergency.
            If they followed the script, we may wake to find the Capitol in ruins, and marshall law
            declared. The main reason that will not happen is educated people see clearly the fault
            lines between the competing factions. I would suggest you look closer than you have.
            Like who honestly compares the economy that Bush started with, and the economy
            Obama had to deal with, and say with a straight face, now, poverty went up 4% in 8
            years under Bush, and 6% in 4 years under Obama. Really Joe? Poverty probably
            went up that 4% in the last two or three months of the Bush Administration, when the
            mess hit the fan. Wouldn’t you say?

          • I compare the economy of Reagan and Obama. Both inherited 10% unemployment for all practical purposes. Reagan had 21% interst rates and the democrats in congress to deal with. (I voted for Mondale)

            In comparison, Reagan did a much better job in his first term then Obama. Reagan was not a divider or blamer like Obama. At the end of his first term unemployment was 7.2% and falling. At the end of 8 years he created 23 million plus jobs!

            The left demonizes him because they know what he did worked. In contrast, the health care bill is bad, Even the democrats say the bill needs work. That was 3 years ago! His american jobs act bill was a bill he KNEW wouldn’t pass but he also knew he could paint the right as obstructionists. The 800 billion stimulas cost over 3 million per job and it was really a payoff to his buddies.

            The best 2 Presidents in the last 30 years by far were Reagan and Clinton!!

            No one can say the right is the problem. If your being completely honest both parties were responsible for the mess were in. Obama is in over his head, but he is a master of deflection!

          • Actually one can’t compare Reagan’s economy, with Obama’s For one thing Reagan
            expanded the Federal Government by adding 600,00 to the government payroll.
            A quick, and very effective way to stimulate the economy. Obama has cut the Federal
            payroll by more than Reagan expanded it. Reagan’s recession was a bump in the road
            compared to the situation confronting Obama in Jan ’09. The interest rates were high,
            in 1980, but that served to keep the lid on the amount of debt held by the public. The ’07 recession found Americans deeply in easy to obtain, and low interest credit card debt, and over leveraged on their homes. Many held mortgages in excess of 200% of the reevaluation of their homes. Before Obama was charged with handling the deepest recession in 80
            years. Before the collateralized debt threatened to collapse the very financial structure
            supporting the wider global economy. The economy Obama inherited, continued to suffer the loss of what amounted to 10 million manufacturing jobs, between the years of 2000,
            and 2010. Reagan had the luxury of deficit spending, which he was not bashful about
            using, long before the Republican Party decided that the government could never create
            jobs, and the only way to recover from the recession, was to cut spending, give more tax
            breaks to the wealthy, and create a labor force that could compete much more closely
            with Asia’s $60.00 dollars per month average salaries. And remove all those profit eating
            regulations. Especially ones from the EPA. (Seen China’s air lately?) In short, comparing
            Reagan’s economy with Obama’s, is like comparing a Ferrari, with a Smart Car. Yet,
            you continue to buy into the lying guy’s just in over his head. He’ll have us looking like
            Greece in no time at all. But, whatever we do, if it comes down to spending a trillion
            dollars a year on the military, or providing healthcare to the more than 50 million Americans receiving their only healthcare through the emergency room, with our public
            hospitals closing because of indigent care, why cut the healthcare! We’d rather die from
            diabetes, than miss a chance to stick our noses in every little dust up. Especially if oil
            is involved. So personally, and in a very fundamental ways, my values are not represented
            by the Right. Even in those very rare instances where they are actually leveling with the
            American people. As in their contention that social safety net programs should be cut to provide deeper tax cuts for the wealthy. Because they will use the money to expand their
            businesses, and create more jobs. Even here, on this broad economic theory, their constant
            efforts to lower the wages of the general population, serves to wreck any possible such
            expansion, by depressing demand. So, what you end up with, is a poorer population.
            A poorer Country, and a richer 1 to 2%. Now, with the T-Party, the poor still remain poor,
            but they get to be mocked, and called parasites, while they are being screwed.

          • Charle you are so full of it. You keep making up figures! Why? Your crap about the right are for the rich and the left is for the poor is a flat out lie!

            Reagan grew the federal governement by 150,000 employee after 4 years
            Obama grew the federal government by 64,000 the first year. Your figures are so far off I’m sure you made them up! Obama has shrunk the the federal payroll? Total lie!!!

            Regulations are needed everyone knows that. Your bull about oil is just an ass making a stupod comment! The problem with over regulating leads to higher costs and a worse economy!

            The reccessions were very simular. Everyone knows that because of the housing market the 2008 reccession was worse. The difference is Reagan new the government wasn’t the answer and therefore unempoyment went to 5.6% at the end of his second term. Obama thinks the government is the answer and therefore unemployment has stalled at 7.9% and is heading higher!

            Your are either a communist or just an ass!

          • Reagan, “new,” that government wasn’t the answer? Really Joe. What are you?
            A fourth grader? Tell you what, Joe. You’d be a lot happier if you limited your
            conversations to other brain washed, Right Wingers. Then all your facts would
            match their facts, and you could sit around and tell each other what dumb asses the Liberals are.

          • Again Charle, Don’t be an asshole! Reagan cut taxes and created over 20 million jobs! (I know that in his second term he agreed to a tax increase with dems) Clinton with Newt balanced the budget and reformed welfare and created over 20 million jobs.

            Clinton and Reagan worked across the isle and got bi-partison bills passed! The country moved forward. Obama has compromised once. (extending the tax cuts)
            He really believes that his ideas are the only way it should be. His refusal to work with the other side has stalled progress. He demonizes and blames.

            An example: He sends the American jobs act to congress knowing that a 447 billion stimulas won’t pass. Why did he do it? He did it so his moron class would say the repubicans are obstructing him. You know, and I know and he knew it would never pass. He really wasn’t serious about it, but he was serious about getting people like you to hate the right. Now he has you right where he wants you! GOOD LUCK!

            Keep your hate for the right to yourself. It makes you sound like your a 10 year old!

            Your a freaking idiot if you think that this joke of a President is even close to Reagan or Clinton!

          • In your world Joe, I imagine there are quite a few people you consider assholes.
            Why? Because they don’t agree with your, up is down, black is white, my facts
            are infallible. And, anyone that sees it any different, are morons, and idiots,
            and, too stupid to agree with me! I know there are few things that ever
            permeate that down that rabbit hole, right wing universe you’re so cocksure of.
            But know this, the majority in this Country don’t agree with you. Because, we
            find, the policies, and contentions of a GOP, run by extremist, and ideologues,
            does not reflect the realities most of us know to be true. Most people are now aware
            of the meeting held on inauguration night in ’08, by the Republican leadership to
            launch a strategy of obstruction aganist the new President, and the Democratic
            majorities in Congress. Majorities, by the way, the People chose to lead this Country.
            So now, most of the Country knows, at time when we faced some of the most serious challenges in a lifetime, the Republican Party calculated the Country might fail,
            and if it did, the Democrats would be blamed, and that would put them back in power.
            But, Party leaders cautioned, if we’re perceived as working, in any way, with the
            President, or the Democratic majority, it won’t work, and they’ll blame us too!
            Now, doesn’t that make feel like a proud American? For most Americans, it didn’t.
            So, can we at least dispense with the load of crap, that it has been President Obama
            that refused to work across Party lines? Most people know this. It is important, if you
            are forming an opinion about this President. Why is it that, evidently, you’ve never
            heard of it? Or, is this another one of those facts, like the economist who agree with the
            President, you conveniently, just swipe away? See, it’s not hate, it is the ignorance
            followed to false conclusions, that accounts for your positions. The bent, and skewed,
            vision, that allows you to call the President a, “joke,” having just observed the, Blue
            Ribbon, ridiculousness of the Right. Where after being forced to embrace some of the stupidest, most shortsighted, and wrongheaded policies, not because they are right, but,
            simply to placate the hand full of hateful stooges, would be theocrats, and billionaire donors, that are the kings of the Republican Primaries. So, they feed this garbage on a daily basis, to a now completely confused, and misinformed base. Then, finally in the end, the fraudulent, and flawed process, wound up nominating the one person the real base of the Party had clearly spent the entire primary process, avoiding. But, I should just shut up, and keep my views to myself. Are you kidding me? Of all the improbable scenarios contained in that fantasy land, Roger Ailes, and company have created for people just like you, that is the least likely of all of them to happen.

          • What took you 10 minutes to type didn’t say anything. A few inuendos, accusations and of course no facts. You didn’t respond to any of the facts I gave. Your small mind references Roger Ailes, but other then that you blame and point fingers at people who aren’t involved in anything I said.

            So let’s give you a history lesson. I don’t think you have a fair mind or the ability to understand plain facts but let’s try: In the late 90’s President Clinton and the repubs passed 2 bills which brings us to where we are: The American Homeownership and Economic Opportunity Act (which was a re-write of the 1977 Community reinvestment act) The Dems and Repbs passed these two bills and Bush went along with them. Barney Frank and Chris Dodd were asked several times about Fannie and Freddie and each time theysaid there isn’t a problem with fannie or freddie. Shortly after that in 2007 the housing market collapsed. The right and the left passed the bills collectively and it caused the biggest housing collapse ever. Couple that with the Bush tax cuts, Iraq and afganistan wars that Both parties in the house and senate voted for and you have our issues. His first year the President focused on healthcare while 20 million plus people were looking for jobs. His Presidency started with an 800 billion stimulas that cost over 3 million per job. Today we have a higher unemployment rate then we did when he took office! In the last 4 years 8+ million people dropped out of the job market.

            These facts show that both the right and the left are responsible for where we are. The left and right have their sheep that won’t look at facts and spend their time worshipping their party’s leaders and blaming who their party blames. Obama has made nothing better from Bushes failures. The one thing he accomplished is making his sheep blind to the truth. The rush limbaughs and glen becks will tell their sheep the opposite!

            So Charle, My hope is that you will actually read those bills and see the truth! try investigating! I realize your a hardcore lefty and you may not be allowed to check facts. Either way good luck! If your looking for an honest man, it wasn’t romney and it sure isn’t Obama!

          • I love the Right Wingers, like yourself. First, take the experts out of any equation, because
            everybody knows they’ll just say whatever. So, now we’re down to world class economists
            like Rush Limbaugh, and Michelle Bachmann. Who thought defaulting on the debt would
            be just what the doctor ordered for an ailing economy. You say I hate the Right? I say
            enough with ignorant bull shit, is what I say. I say people like Paul Ryan, or Sean Hannity
            are playing a game, while real people deal with real problems try to make it through another day, and another week. And don’t really care about the identity problems the Republicans are going through right now. But that seems to be all they’re really interested in. I hate the Right? All I’ve ever done aganist the Right, is vote for the other guy. I wish
            I could say the Right has never done anything aganist me. But I’m just an average guy.
            So, I’m afraid I can’t say that.

          • It’s amazing you have this almost retarded obsession with the right. In the mean time the economy sucks and the same number of people looking for job when Obama took office are still looking! Poverty is up 6% in the last 4 years, Deficit spending is over a trillion a year for the last 4 and projected for the next 4. (CBO report jan4 2013)

            If you weren’t such a hater you would see that our President is no better then bush.
            You have no argument except what your told to say by the people who replace answers with hate!

            The only way to get this country going is for you and other to stop acting like 12 years olds, relize that BOTH parties got us into this mess and both need to fix it!

        • Wow, what rock have you crawled out from under. Show me a list of Obama’s spending. And he has made many cuts only your base never mentions them. And the Tparty is nuts, whacko, whatever crazy word you can think up. They came to Washington talking job, job, job, and spent the last 4 years either up my vagina or still spending a fortune trying to defeat AMA, Obamas health package that has been made a law! Talk about wasteful spending. Theses people weren’t sent their to spend all their time trying to over turn laws! And trying to keep their nose up my vagina sure doesn’t sound like small governemnt to me. But let Obama even mention closing the gun loop holes and you all yell It’s Our Right! Well, honey it’s my right to an abortion should I need one ,and while there are bugs in Obama’s health plan had your party not stopped the Public Option because of their big pharma donors we’d be doing pretty good right now.

          • Well snickers it sounds like many people have been up your vagina. Obama has raised the deifict in 4 years what it took the loser Bush to do in 8 years. Over the next 4 years (CBO REPORT JAN 2013) he will have spent what all the other presidents spent together. I know that the facts may get in the way of your obviously disgusting Vagina but if you read the report (if you can read) you will see the truth.

            The tea party really had 2 goals. Cut the deficit, and shrink Governement. Your hate for them is misguided. Obama care is a nightmare. Why do you think he exempted his union buddies?
            A heathcare bill would be ok if it did what it was supposed to. Cut costs, improve care, and insure everyone. It failed!!!

            When Obama took office he had an opportunity to pass any law he wanted. He had a super majority and we needed jobs! Because he didn’t do anything about jobs he is the first Presdent in the history of the country to have less jobs after 4 years then when he took office! (remember the 2010 summer of recovery?)

            You see I’m not a partisen hack. I know both parties are bad and they BOTH got us into the mess were in. My hope was Obama would improve things and be transparent. None of that happened.

            The good news for Obama is he has nasty people like you that will repeat anything he says, regardless of the truth!

          • Wow Joe, it sounds like the truth really ruffled your feathers. Sorry you can’t handle the truth but I know what I’m saying is true so think what you want, you’ve got to be one of those Kool-aide drinkers who wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped you in the face. You keep playing in your little simple minded world while I go along trying to change the damage you and people like you have created. Have a good day and don’t bother replying I’ve heard enough of your bs thats all people like you know! Have a good day! lol

          • I gave you the truth and the place you can confirm it. You probaly shoved it in your skank or you aren’t smart enough to debate. If you were you would tell me exactly where I’m wrong! Sheep follow and don’t ask questions. Your a good one!

  5. Not according to the CBO. A couple of years of lower outrageous deficits followed by ever higher deficits. When is he going to understand that spending is totally out of control?

    • His biggest spending is going on the interest that bubba left . Haven’t you ever taken out a loan? They charge interest, and when you borrow into the millions or billions the interest gets pretty dang high. As far as Obama spending a lot of money for programs he want’s if you knew how to reseach into it you’d see he hasn’t spent a third of what your base is telling you. But you’ll never know that for certain because you either dont want to know the truth ,or you really don’t know how to find it. Either case I feel sorry for you!

      • Unfortunately for your point, the government accounting office differs. If you don’t get real numbers directly from the government, you will continue to believe the malarkey.

  6. If there is one thing the Republicans have said more than Kenyan Socialist, it was you can’t
    raise taxes on the wealthy ,without hurting jobs. Obama did, and the Stock Market went straight
    in the toilet, just like the Republicans said it,…. Oh wait, the markets hit an all time high last
    week! Consumer confidence soared. The number of private sector jobs created in the economy
    went up. What happened? The sequester, or fiscal cliff was averted. Proving for my money, the
    Republicans, and their totally contrived, and phony/stupid, take your pick, (They both work!)
    crisis of the month, has been a big part of the economy’s problem for at least, the last two years.

  7. All you can say for the repugs is their consistent, they continue their lie together . Most of us know it for what it is. All we have to do is look back to Clinton, while he was in office. Taxes were up higher then they are now and jobs were all over the place. This is probally more of Karl Roves bs thinking his base will never wise up to his lies. Maybe there are some on the right who are waking up but I wouldn’t get too excited as they still hate Obama as much as the GOP does. They better not expect us on Main St. to come up with more because we are just about broke! The little bit that the wealthy has had to pay up on already has Wall St. looking up. But wait for them to get charged with higher taxes and you’ll hear them all cry like a bunch of babies. You can never make the rich people happy because they Never feel like they have enough, while most of us could live for years off from one years worth of their salary. Go figure.

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