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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

When the White House scuttled the Keystone XL pipeline, environmental activists — some of whom are wealthy liberal donors who had been waiting for the president to side with them on their top issue — cheered. Also this week, the president came out against SOPA, the anti-piracy Internet legislation that is facing a massive populist backlash from both the Tea Party and tech giants like Google, Wikipedia, and Facebook.

Even Obama’s more conservative supporters like Montana Democratic Gov. Brian Schweitzer, who supported the Keystone pipeline, were evidently pleased with how he handled it, laying the blame squarely at the feet of the GOP in a show of election-year solidarity.

“As chief executive of Montana, if they ask me to approve of a pipeline with an incomplete application, I would have to reject it and I am the biggest proponent of this pipeline in America,” Schweitzer said on MSNBC early Thursday afternoon. “These jokers in Congress that are trying to force the president to approve of an incomplete application are just making mischief. They’re not helping to us develop energy.”

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