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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

For the first time since April, President Barack Obama has raised more money in a single month than Republican candidate Mitt Romney. Obama’s re-election campaign and its associated committees raised $114 million in August, slightly outpacing the Romney campaign’s $111 million haul.

Critically, Obama’s huge total came largely from small donors — most of whom had not given to the campaign before.

“The key to fighting back against the special interests writing limitless checks to support Mitt Romney is growing our donor base, and we did substantially in the month of August,” Obama’s campaign manger Jim Messina said in a statement. “Fueled by contributions from more than 1.1 million Americans donating an average of $58 — more than 317,000 who had never contributed to the campaign before — we raised a total of more than $114 million.”

Furthermore, the campaign tweeted that 97.77 percent of its August donations were $250 or less. By contrast, only one third of the Romney campaign’s total came from donations under $250 — an improvement over past efforts, but still not even close to Obama’s grassroots efforts.

Romney’s national finance chairman Spencer Zwick and Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus responded to the numbers in a joint statement, saying that “Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are offering bold solutions to our country’s problems — that is why we are seeing such tremendous support from donors across the country.”

Although the Romney campaign will still have a spending advantage due to the support of conservative Super PACs and 501(c)(4) “dark money” groups, it now seems doubtful that the advantage will be decisive. As the Obama campaign noted via Twitter, it hopes to raise even more money in September, on the strength of the successful Democratic convention and a round of polls showing Obama pulling ahead as the campaign enters its final stretch.

Photo Credit: AP/The Daytona Beach News-Journal, David Massey

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62 Responses to Obama Outraises Romney In August

  1. Hummmm and nobody likes Obama? Seems the 99%, many of who can ill afford it, would have Obama over that other cartoon character! Its a shame that private citizens have to dig deeper and deeper to combat the 1% OVERFLOWING baskets. No matter how I look it seems that politics is about money, not the best interest of the people, all the people. My greatesr wish of the day is for Obama to defeat FLOPPY, and turn a round in the HOUSE to show the MASTERS that the Slaves do not want to be ruled by the circle of Kings who want more for less of the slaves of their GREED

    • Wokeup flaredup, I believed that you are only a half basket. The word no body likes Obama means no one on the Earth will look into Obama and will no longer interest Obama. Look! The Democrat International Convention were full and no sit remain, no ticket for sale, what is that means? It means your statement above is only a baby statement and you are a half basket. We like both Candidates, but Mt. Romney is the Liar, he lies of everything. Check on YouTube, many of the Talk Show Hosts called Mt. Romney the Liar. On the Republican National Convention, Mt. Romney said, American deserve more. Yes, we deserve more, deserve of what? He didn’t point out of what he will bring to us. Obama already gave us more coverage and less premium on Obama Care and Mt. Romney wants to appeal and take it away, he will jack up the premium and reduce the coverage to 70%, 60%, and if more lucky, we can get up to 80%. In my opinion, I don’t agree to appeal on Obama Care what soever.

      • You don’t know what you are talking about Yang. Mitt is making promises that he has no way of keeping. If there were that many jobs available, people would be working. We are in a Recession, remember?? Our jobs were outsourced overseas way before Obama became President. The Repub party of NO rejected his jobs bill, because they want him out. They don’t care about the working class. We don’t need an elite to be president. There are already enough of them running the world as it is. We also don’t need a tea bag in there as vice president either. Its 2012, not the 1950’s, thank you. I am a woman and I am proudly showing my Obama for President sticker on my vehicle. Go Obama…………I would hug him too, if I could.

          • Thanks for proving to the world that you’re an idiot.

            As a man, I’ll hug whomever I want, and homophobes like you can kiss my ass. I wish my father was still around, I’d give him a really big hug. I hug my sons whenever I get the chance to see them.

            Your homophobia calls into question YOUR manhood. Real men don’t tell other men how to display their affection, or to whom. Try telling them to their faces and see what happens, you sissy.

          • Why would I want to kiss your ass? I am not Bi-Sexual like you, seeking a Man to kiss your ass. Hugging a father or a son is not sexual in nature as is hugging a strange man

          • I’m not bisexual, but even those who are would know that you’re a flat-out homophobic sissy — not a man. Real men will hug whomever they want — including other men — and really don’t give a shit about what morons like you think. Neither do they whine and snivel in public about who other men hug as you do — which only serves to highlight your sexual frustration and insecurity. Get a life, loser.

          • I consider Homosexuality to be a vile sexual perversion, whether it is a Genetic Defect or a Severe Mental Illness is still an open question. I am not in favour of persecuting Homosexuals but I see no reason to hold them up as shining ideals for the rest of Humanity to follow & whilst I don’t care if they have civil partnerships or not I do strongly object to Homosexuals being able to adopt children, since I believe that to be detrimental to the mental welfare of the child.

          • You’re entitled to your opinion, but when you try to project your values on others who may see things differently you’ve become objectionable. Studies in this area show that children raised by homosexual couples neither suffer any ill effects nor are any more inclined to be homosexuals themselves.

            Perhaps a thorough examination of YOUR sexual proclivities would uncover practices that other people consider ‘vile perversions’. When you are ready for such judgements on yourself, and freely offer to allow others to dictate your sexual role in society then perhaps you will find people who care about your opinions. Until then it would be best for all involved if you kept your bigoted judgements to yourself.

          • I beg to differ, there are just as many studies showing children raised by homosexuals are maladjusted & some have suffered sexual abuse. As a Hetrosexual Married Man , father of 3 children, I consider Homosexuality a Sick Perversion which vunerable children must be protected from.

          • I dispute your claim. Provide a verifiable study that shows such results. I will not accept junk science from unqualified right-wing nut-jobs, so don’t bother unless you can point to qualified and unbiased professionals in the scientific or academic disciplines.

            I know of a great many married, heterosexual men who have abused their children, so perhaps that proves by your line of reasoning that it’s YOU we must protect children from.

          • Depends on where you come from. In Italy, everybody hugs anybody, as do most men in most Ashkenazi Jewish families. Among Chasidic Jews, men hug only men, and women hug only women, at least in public. In Germany, nobody hugs anybody but they all shake hands a lot. In Asia, nobody hugs anybody at all, except that parents do hug children. In some countries, they do not even touch in greeting, using hand gestures and bows (both Japan and Thailand.) Anglo-Saxon Protestant men do not hug, as a rule. Irish Catholic men do. The mark of the truly civilized person is the ability to behave politely anywhere, no matter what the local customs demand.

          • We are talking about a man hugging Obama, that falls into the category of Sick & Depraved behaviour !

          • No Man
            Apparently you can’t comprehend what you’re reading. Nvwmn said she is a woman proudly showing her Obama sticker and she would hug him too. And real men that are secure in their masculinity aren’t afraid to hug another man. You must not feel very secure.

        • Very nice comment! I can assure you not only women feel that way. I now live overseass(can afford it), still pay US taxes along with forgiener wife, and have many Retired members here, the vast majority feel like your well worded comment. All waiting for our absentee ballets. I dislike like having my decission being made for me, but the “Elite” party made my mind up for me, they leave me no choice. Even if I disapproved of Obamas performance (in a great part due to the other partys cooperative 🙂 help I would have vote for him with the alternative! If you dont like what is happening now, wait and see what it like if DING & LING get in there! UNLESS YOU THE 1% or their sponsors

      • Really? I just got notification that I can not keep my current Insurance policy past 2014. The new policy will cost me over $6500 more per year. I save for my own retirement, so what crock or maybe more accurately “crook” is this?

          • I have always paid for my own healthcare cost and insurance. So you never supported or carried me. Maybe your company cut your benefits or increased your deductible?

          • Now that companies have to spend 80% of their premiums on actual medical costs, maybe instead of using generic averages they actually evaluated costs and repriced the premiums. Mine went down, yours went up.

            That seems to indicate that my costs were lower than expected, your costs were higher than expected. Since I paid higher premiums in earlier years, my premium excess paid the balance yours did not. Ergo, I carried you.

            No poblem. If we ever meet, the beer’s on you.

          • I am so tired of hearing how medical cost are reasons for not hiring, cutting benefit, laying off emplyees etc. Yet these very same companies can play such crazy salaries for the big wigs they are getting rid of. Then get bonus that alone woul pay for how many employees.
            1. I think these companies they lay off and pay such donuses, move overseas,brag how much they mad should pay(out out of their greedy profits such pay unemployment benefits.
            2. Instead of using raising medical cost for excuses, go to the source and do something about the costs. It seems medical field can just keep raising fees, rates, cutting benefits. The medical profession is suppore to be for the health and wekfare of the people, not just the wealthy. AS it is the medical professional make people sick worrying about payments coverage, exclusions, quality and availability. No problem when you have deep pockets.

          • My deductibles were 10,000/yr. I paid $6,000 at 500/month. There was only one time in 2003, when the insurance paid $7,500 for a big operation. Other than that I had no major expense beyond about $1,200. This last year I spent about $6,500 out of pocket.

            I just see no value in a plan that covers office visits and other miscellaneous items of which I do not participate in. I went over 6 years without seeing a doctor and all is fine. I make sure to get exercise and keep my weight in line. You see nobody has paid a dime extra for me. Why should I now be penalized and have to buy something I don’t need and don’t want?

          • I’m very glad you’re healthy. The last operation I had was an appendectomy. I felt fine right up until I didn’t, and the emergency operation costs totaled out at about $65000. I don’t know whether more thorough checkups would have caught the developing problem since I didn’t really notice any symtoms, so I didn’t discuss them with my doc. Had ACA been in place, I’d have gotten a colonoscopy, which undoubtedly would have detected my “growing problem”. I do, however, have hypertension and so go to the doc a few times per year for general checkups and prescriptions.

            The point I was making is that policy premium costs were developed on a population average basis. The average 50yo nonsmoker costs $X per year in anticipated medical expenses. Those who cost the insco less than $X subsidize those who cost the insco more than $X. ACA has forced the inscos to do a policy-by-policy evaluation (instead of relying on population averages) and issue refunds (or charge lower premiums) so that they spend a minimum of 80% of your premiums on your healthcare. I expect my premiums to increase once my latest costs are noted in the systems.

            Your premium cost went up, mine went down. One explanation is that you cost more to insure than I do. If that is true, the low premiums you’ve been enjoying were possible because I’d been overcharged.

            Of course, another possible explanation is that we live in different states and my state costs have been driven lower than yours, possibly by the influx of about a million old folks in the last few years and my doc has a Medicare-accepting practice that’s been growing like crazy, and the hospitals here are Medicare/Medicaid oases. In that case, it’s just my luck to live here.

            As to paying for stuff you don’t use, etc. etc. it’s called “insurance” for a reason. You hope to NEVER use insurance of any kind, but when you need it, it keeps you from losing your house and everything else you’ve spent your entire life building. With ACA fully implemented, you get things you don’t use but not using them means your premiums overpay your usage and your rate should drop. That means, most likely, that your rate will start at the population average but over time grow more slowly than the rest of the population.

          • John – I accept your argument. The reason my cost are going up is I can no longer buy a high deductible plan under the ACA. That should not be the case. This is one reason why so many of us do not like this bill. It should have been developed more with more input from the American citizens.

            Thank you for your civility.

          • And thank you for yours.

            Our carrier is BCBS and I know that after ACA passed (about three months later) they introduced a new plan designed to be acceptable to fedgov as one of their “basic” plans, and it had a $10k deductible.

            To your continued good health (raising my morning coffee)!

      • tsue-Yang think you missed the whole message.”Nobody likes Obama” ends with a question mark!!! Sarcasm aimed at those who state such bull. Reading the rest of the statement the very next sentence states “Seems the 99%, many of who can ill afford it, would have Obama over that other cartoon character!”.Seems you discredit my 1st sentence and go on to spport the intention of my comment. Thank you!

    • The Article say’s; contributions from more than 1.1 million Americans donating an average of $58.

      So that is $68.3 million dollars, where did the other $50.2 million come from? Has to be large donors in the Millions of dollar category. Where is the transparency? Who are these Millionaires and Billionaires or don’t we want to know?

      • Yeah, the numbers seem a little baked. Maybe they meant “median” instead of “average”? 97.77% of 1.1mm at $250 each is $286 million, so that part of the “range test” works out…

    • Romney Said That Obama 7 Point Lead Is A Sugar High LOL So I Guess Romney 1/2 -1 Point Gain Is A Venom Low!! LOL I Guess People Are Starting To Quit Buying Venom From These GOP/Tea Party Snake Oil Salesman!! I Can’t Wait For The Debates Where Our POTUS Will Open A Can Of Whoop Ass On Romney Lying Ass!!!

    • We don’t need the elite to buy the Election or the American people. The small donors are the American public. I just hope the Repubs don’t try to get this election illegally like they did with Bush Jr. on his second term. Gore had the public vote and somehow, Florida’s voting machines didn’t work properly. hmmmmmm. The Governor of Florida was the other Bush at the time. What a crooked outfit they are. I am suspicious that the Repubs might try it again. They are poor, poor losers.

  2. Big Question not answered in this article:

    If 97.8% of the donors contributed an average of $58.00 which totals $63.8 million of the $114.0 million. The remaining $50.2 million was contributed by 24,200 donors who would have had to contribute over $2.0 million each. Who are these Millionaires and Billionaires?

      • The Article say’s; contributions from more than 1.1 million Americans donating an average of $58.

        So that is $68.3 million dollars, where did the other $50.2 million come from? Has to be large donors in the Millions of dollar category. Where is the transparency? Who are these Millionaires and Billionaires or don’t we want to know?

        • Again sir your staggering ineptitude with numbers does your party justice!! Are you bucking for a seat on one of Ryan’s focus groups or maybe looking to be an advisor? You’d be perfect for this spot, complete disregaurd for facts and context and a glorius ability to make shit up without checking your math or appologising when you are caught in a blatant lie. Just keep repeating it and it becomes republican truth….Kinda like the BS about Global warming being a hoax..they olny ever quote one study from England that has been fully vetted and copletely exhonorated by not one but 5 different investigations…but our wonderfully ill informed repubs still point to it as concrete proof that global warming is a hoax…. just last week some underinformed republican talking head trotted it out as proof positive that he was indeed a complete moron.

          • Joel your are spot on. However, I wouldn’t waste too much energy trying to educate those who choose darkness over light. This election is about choice, from the figures raised for August, the choice of the people is Obama!

            We are very much aware that the GOP is in constant denial. I applaud your patience in attempting to help them see the light!

          • Joel interesting I admitted to the mistake yet you seem not to accept that.

            Try this math for me to see if I was able to get it correct. For the year 2009 the workforce averaged 139,878,000. For the past twelve months the workforce averaged 141,389,000 million. Does that equal 1,511,000 more workers?

            Or maybe this is better in 2010 the workforce averaged 139,064,000 . For the past twelve months the workforce averaged 141,389,000. Does that equal 2,325,000 more workers?

            Or it is suppose to be 4,700,000 more workers?

          • Joel – I figured it out for you. I went back to how many people were working in 2002 and it let’s us claim that 4,900,000 jobs were created since then. We must all be morons.

      • Joel – Correction excepted and noted.

        Isn’t this close to the maximum amount you can give to a Political Candidate’s Campaign?

  3. We, don’t care how much money the liar Presidential candidate raise and has, he will never become President of the U. S. He can be President of the Olympic if he wants to.

  4. Good for Obama, even though his backers are not as big time wealthy as Willard the Ratman and Ben the Rat Ryan. Tells volumes about what is going on.

  5. Go Obama……..The DNC was great and your group seemed more sincere than the RNC. I saw alittle bit of the RNC and wasn’t impressed. Clint Eastwood was awful and disrespectful. I guess he might have done the DNC a favor. Obama needs to pull up his boot straps and kick butt.

    • Yeah, George has 1 million clones.

      Luckily for Mitt, David Koch has already matched it with his own, personal check for $400 million.

      I wonder what he thinks he’s buying for his $400 million? What do you think he bought?

      • All politicians are corrupt, its just their degree of ability to run the government well on behalf of the voters that is important & Obama is not working for the good of the U.S.

        • Just in case you’re wondering about Romney, I saw a report about Sheldon Adelson’s boast that he’d give the Romney campaign $100 million. That sounds like a lot, but over a four-year Romney presidency using only the tax cuts he’s backed, that would return$2.3 billon to Adelson, i.e. a 2,300% return on investment.

          So the Romney program would work well for Adelson, how would it work for the rest of us? Well, Romney’s pledged not to touch social security for anyone over 55, so those costs would remain the same. Same for Medicare. For Medicaid he could make drastic cuts, but that would push those costs back onto the states, causin his GOP governors to run huge state deficits. My suspicion is that he won’t do that, so let’s say he cuts that program 20%, or about $100B. The entire fedgov (courts, Congress, FBI, FDA, FCC, park service, matching funds to states for police, firefighters, etc. all comes to about $500B, so lets cut that by 20%, or another $100B. That leaves the military, which he has said he want to double expendiures on. That would take military costs from $630B (this year’s budget) to $1.2T.

          All in all, then the $3.8T spending this year would be cut by $200B and have an added $600B, so the net budget would grow from $3.8T to $4.2T. He’s also said he would start cutting the deficit immediately, so let’s assume he wants to cut 10% (from $1.5T to $1.35T). Now you can compute the tax amount difference.

          This year’s revenues are $3.8T – $1.5T, or a net of $2.3T. From Romny’s numbers he will spend $4.2T with a deficit of $1.35T, meaning revenues must be $2.85T. The increase in revenues is then $2.85T – $2.3T, or $550B. From the census , there are 308 million people in 114 million households. The latest workforce participation is 58.3%, or about 180 million workers (that number tracks with other data from the census.)

          So the total tax increase per worker to meet Romney’s stated increases is $550B / 180mm, which amounts to $3055 per worker.

  6. Hello all,
    I just couldn’t let this go without comment. It seems our frind on the right, Mr. Old North, is getting his math lessons from fox news. Mr. North the first thing you have to do if you are seeking accuracy is correcdtly interpret the information that is presented. 97.7% gave $250 or less the avaerage of the “1.1 million SMALL DONORS” THOSE WHICH THE ARTICALE SPEAKS OF!!! was $58. Here is the direct quote, “Fueled by contributions from more than 1.1 million Americans donating an average of $58( this is a phrase not a sentance but it is speaking ONLY of those who donated less than $250 thats called context, a cute little comprehension tool that the rightwing anti education goofballs are desparately trying to wipe out of our education system so we end up with illiterate morons casting the majority of the votes) — more than 317,000 who had never contributed to the campaign before — we raised a total of more than $114 million.” Now I know you have a calculator so if you do the math you will see tah there is plenty of room left for the people who donated more that 58 and the people who donated more than 250 (Who by the way are never mentioned in this article and are not part of the math that is layed out.) but all that unaccounted for more than 58 AND more than 250 money has to be in the monthly total. The point is millions of little people with meager resorces and big dreams see a future with Obama and none with romney

  7. Every single day for a year, it seems forever, I received at least 3 different emails from the Obama campaign, from Bama himself and from Michelle, asking me for money! Because of the Bush administration/recession, depression, I’m broke, destitute, living on food stamps and social security, but they keep asking and asking and asking.(I am 79 yrs old & have paid taxes since i was 21I am only collecting what i’ve been paying into for 58 years!)

    I will vote for Obama. I think he has done a very good job doing what he could, in spite of an obstructionist congress, undoing all the crap that President Cheney and his puppet Doubleyou did in the previous 8 years; that cannot be fixed in 4 years. It certainly won’t be fixed by Romney Ryan, who are just the next version of Bush/Cheney, and will only get us into deeper debt & make sure the rest of the world hates us. But i will not give any money. The election of the President of the US should not be about money. There must be many others like me who are not counted in any of the polls, but we will vote on election day, depend on it. i am praying that Romney is defeated so soundly that he will never run for anything again–not even dogcatcher – LOL! That’s the most i can give.

  8. Money can buy advertising time, but it is illegal, now, to directly buy votes. All advertising intends to persuade you of something that you might not otherwise believe. Commercial advertising is subject to truthfulness laws – although cartoon characters and jingles can lie, it is illegal for a person to state an outright lie in any commercial ad. Political advertising is, however, free speech, and is not required therefore to contain even a grain of truth. If and when the common wisdom is “all the negative ads are lies”, they will no longer swing elections and campaigns will not use them any more. If you want the truth, look to PBS (which is barred from partisanship by being publicly funded) and the BBC (which is both foreign and public, and thus has no stake at all in American politics.) It is also possible to find transcripts and videos of the candidates themselves, which anyone can use to find contradictions for themselves. Any candidate who cannot explain his or her positions is a fraud. Any candidate who puts faith above facts is too deluded to be allowed into public office – if government is to be of any use at all it must be run in accordance with facts, where they exist. There is, and can be, no substitute for an engaged and informed electorate, voters able to be critical not just of the other side but of their own too. Every naturalized citizen is required to pass a test on American government. Every high school teaches American government. Every voter must learn what they should have learned in high school – how it works, which office has which powers, which powers are denied to the States, how deficits arise, why taxes cannot be linked to spending by the system and will always require conscious effort in Congress to be made equal. Much of the content of partisan campaigning is actually preposterous nonsense with no relevance whatsoever to the actual system and the actual process. If you knew how it all worked you would not be fooled, but you will not get the truth if all you watch is Fox.

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