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Saturday, October 22, 2016
  • ralphkr

    Very strange. The guy sitting at the desk certainly does not resemble ole Ronnie Raygun. Remember him?, the president who ordered our men to carry unloaded weapons in Lebanon and that resulted in over 280 killed because sentries with unloaded weapons were unable to stop a truck bomber..

  • ps0rjl

    Then again we could use the neocon logic of “I’m not afraid to send anybody else’s kid to fight my wars!”.

  • BuzzLOL

    . LOL! The EvilBushies cannot stand to have a period of peace… always wanting the next war to profit from… they even call peace by the name of ‘Cold War’ to try and turn peace into some kind of war…



    Anyone have figures regarding how many rich Republican’s sons and daughters have served or are serving in the armed forces?

    This writer bets that their numbers do not reflect an overly active participation in both cases.

    • ralphkr

      Well, Hunter, I personally know of 4 wealthy people who served in WW2, 2 in Vietnam, and I read of one (Congressman’s son) who served in Gulf War. I would have to take my shoes off to count how many never served in WW2 when service was almost universal in my part of the country.

  • Johno007

    Any thoughts on how the US and opponents cost of war and fixing vets in human terms is really worth serious measure for getting started in the first place?
    Oh, that is what the zombie character is calculating. Not likely.