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Monday, October 24, 2016

Only In Miami: Indicted, But On The Payroll

More proof that Miami is the worst-run city in America:

Assistant Fire Chief Veldora Arthur was paid more than $120,000 to stay home and do nothing for seven months this year.

  • dorree1122

    Had to let Carl know that I am a new reader of the National Memo and when I saw his byline I looked twice. Years ago my sister turned me on to his novels. I think I read three of them. I can’t remember the names of them now but I do remember that he always made references to songs and you would actually hear the melody in your mind as you read. I always thought that was a magical writing trick I have never seen anyone else do well. Anyways I was surprised to know you write for National Memo. Makes me want to go to the book store and get another of your newer novels. Thanks for the memories.