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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Paul Ryan Blames Loss On ‘Urban’ People Whose Opinions Apparently Don’t Matter

Paul Ryan Blames Loss On ‘Urban’ People Whose Opinions Apparently Don’t Matter

Much has been made of the Republicans’ self-delusion that led to shellshock when President Obama defeated Mitt Romney in an electoral landslide. But in his first post-election interview, Romney’s running mate Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) proved that all the delusion has not yet lifted.

“I think the surprise was some of the turnout, especially in urban areas, which gave President Obama the big margin to win this race,” said Ryan, in an interview with WISC-TV Monday. (You can watch the full interview here.) Ryan was apparently referencing the record African-American turnout that helped the president win re-election.

He went on to say that Romney didn’t pick him just to win Wisconsin, which the Republican ticket lost by 6.7 percent, but for issues.

Ryan is most famous for his two budget plans — both of which dramatically cut the growth of government spending on Medicare, Medicaid and nearly all programs that help working families — while cutting taxes, especially on the rich.

“I don’t think we lost it on those budget issues, especially on Medicare — we clearly didn’t lose it on those issues,” he said.

Apparently Paul Ryan either hasn’t looked at the exit polls or they don’t matter because the turnout came from “urban areas.”

On behalf of the AFL-CIO, Hart Research conducted a poll of voters as budget negotiations were set to begin between the president and Republicans in Congress. They, along with the exit polls from the day of the election, showed that a substantial majority of Americans favor asking the rich to pay more taxes. However, 75 percent of voters agree with the statement that we should protect Medicare and Social Security benefits from cuts.

Romney and Ryan’s Medicare plan not only cut the new benefits included in Medicare from the Affordable Care Act, it dramatically transformed the program to a premium support system that would ask seniors to pay more for the care they already have.

It was Ryan’s association with his budget that won him a place on the GOP ticket, after Romney had adopted many of his ideas. And that same association led to Ryan spending the last few weeks of the campaign out of the limelight. Romney reportedly nixed Ryan’s plan to tour inner cities to speak about poverty.

Perhaps proposing the largest transfer of wealth from the middle class to the rich in American history doesn’t make you the best spokesman on poverty.

Apparently Ryan needs more shocks before he gives up on proposals that have been soundly rejected by the American people

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94 responses to “Paul Ryan Blames Loss On ‘Urban’ People Whose Opinions Apparently Don’t Matter”

  1. bcarreiro says:

    who cares paul not get back to work!!!

  2. foolsdance says:

    Clueless as ever… how severe of a face plant do these guys need to take before they get it? Every day I become more conviced that they are incapable of understanding what Americans just told them in no uncertain terms. They seem to live in this bubble of mega-rich republicans who keep telling them that their own interests are all that matter.
    Could mean scary times as we hurtle toward the fiscal cliff. On the bright side, however, it has to eventually be their ultimate undoing as a party. We may suffer a bit along the way, but if they want to maintain their ignorance and put the final nail in the GOP (as it stands today), I will gladly suffer a little and watch it happen with a smile.

    • sigrid28 says:

      If anyone lives “in the bubble of mega-rich republicans,” it is Paul Ryan, a creature of the Koch brothers and Americans for Prosperity. I always thought he was forced on Romney by the Koch brothers and others who bankrolled the Republican campaign. It appears that Ryan sees himself as an ideologue whose ambitions fit so neatly into the Republican envelope with his ideals that he has only to do the party’s bidding in order to succeed. Ryan’s failure this time underscores the Koch brother’s failure to buy this election and to win by disenfranchising those who provided the “turnout” that scuttled this attempt.

      I can understand why billionaires donating to the campaign might say, “There’s always next time.” They have no hardship to wake them up like a slap on the face. Ryan is more vulnerable, though he may be confident in their deep pockets to further his political career. It doesn’t look as though he has the decency to question any of the ideas that offended so many Americans. Once the crazies like Akin, Murdouck, and West have been extracted from the House, there will be opportunistic hangers-on like Paul Ryan to be dispatched, and that will not be so easy, unless the Democratic party stays on message, listens to the electorate, and refuses to give them any quarter.

      • neece00 says:

        Good point, I tend to agree with you. I think the Koch brothers put him there which doesn’t say much for Mitt Romney. If he did not have enough back bone to say “no” then that is his problem and our blessing.

      • Sigrid, Ryan’s family money comes from a well documented source – government construction contracts dating back to his Grandfather.
        Like many other if his financial class, he has studied intently to find philosophies that support his belief. In his case, he studied Ayn Rand while collecting SSI benefits while in college. So, all the while he and his family have benefited from suckling at the public teat, he has developed his philosophy that the government should not help anyone.
        To quote that great philosopher, Bugs Bunny, “What a maroon! What an ignoramus! What a Ta-Ra-Ra-Goon-Di-A!”

      • You nailed it! Thank you for this accurate and clearly articulated commentary.

      • Hillbilly says:

        All of us need to start sending donations to the Democratic party and let them know it is to be used in 2014 to defeat Paul Ryan in Wisconsin. Beginning in January 2014 start a letter writing campaign to the newspapers in his district reminding the voters there how many times he has voted against their and the Country’s best interests Also remind the voters on Social Security that so long as Ryan is in Congress he will be on trying to do away with Social Security and Medicare as we know it. Show this man up for what he is an uncaring, selfish person who along with his wife’s money has enough to live a high live for 3 or 4 lifetimes while wanting the rest of us to grovel in order to just to have food let along the other necessities of life.

  3. It is no surprise how delusional Ryan and all the RethugLIARcons are. The election brought them a clear message yet they continue to live in their alternate existence, their “bubble” world and estrange themselves from sane Americans. They have made every excuse in the book as to why Romney/Ryan lost and they assume no personal responsibility. It is always the other fellow’s fault for causing us to lose. The demographics of our country have changed. It is no longer the domain of the angry white male. RethugLIARcons can talk all they want about changing the way they communicate their message but, if the message does not change, a further erosion and eventual evisceration of the RethugLIARcon party will take place. There also has to be an exorcism of the toxic element within the party such as Fox News, Limbaugh, Hannity, Norquist, etc. If RethugLIARcons are unwilling to do, then their party will evaporate into oblivion.

    • Ed says:

      Repubs hate the american voter. They also hate democracy.The love LUCRE!

      • Mimi2kool says:

        They also seem to hate reality, based on their continued hostility to anyone who voted differently than them. They are screaming about how the Democrats stole the election by voting twice, using animals, illegal aliens, dead people, and incarcerated people to vote. They are out of this world, literally. I think it is called The Twilight Zone. (With apologies to Rod Serling.)

        • Hillbilly says:

          They can’t admit that they defeated themselves by their lies, trying to keep people from voting, committing fraud before the election, trying to add experimental equipment to voting machines on election day, changing voting districts to give Republican candidates a better chance of winning, having less early voting days, and their disdain for 98% of the country. Also because their rich donors was sure they were buying the White House with their donations and threatening letters to employees about if the right people weren’t elected. Also the choice of candidates for President and Vice President was their biggest reason for defeat and the 2nd biggest reason was catering to to the exertisms in their party. They haven’t gotten the fact the defeated themselves even when they learn that people who have voted Republican for years either voted for President Obama or an Independent candidate.

    Will You Do Them, Mr. President?
    87%=first priority is creating jobs
    89%=Pass the necessary reforms to keep Wall Street and too-big-to fail banks from killing our economy again
    87%=A constitutional amendment overturning Citizens United ruling
    73%=Enable underwater homeowners to reduce the principal on their loans.
    From Take Back The American Dream Conference
    What do you think the President will do on these Priorities??

    • Lynda says:

      All good areas of concern. However, I’m afraid that the President will only be able to address those that the Congress allows. The filibuster is still in the hands of McConnell and his cronies.

  5. Jeremy says:

    Paul, I think its time you took your weasel head out of your ASS! Or in plain english Wake up!

  6. This guy lost his own hometown of Janesville, WI (pop 67K) by a 25% margin.

  7. That’s why you lost Paulie Boy! Everyone matters!

    Will You Do Then, Mr. President?
    87%=first priority is creating jobs
    89%=Pass the necessary reforms to keep Wall Street and too-big-to fail banks from killing our economy again
    87%=A constitutional amendment overturning Citizens United ruling
    73%=Enable underwater homeowners to reduce the principal on their loans.
    From Take Back The American Dream Conference
    What do you think the President will do on these Priorities??

  9. docb says:

    More revealing racist comments from the sad eyes loser! More than the 47% moochers now it is apparent! EVERY AMERICAN MATTERS TO MOST!

  10. Lynda says:

    Apparently the numbers guy of the GOP does not understand demographics and population studies. The rush to the urban areas and away from the farm has been taking place for decades, and shows no signs of any return to ‘Green Acres.’ At least not in the reality based world.

  11. t says:

    People: Let’s just be glad that Bozo and Bimbo didnt make it in

  12. Annie says:

    this twit lost cause he ain’t no LEADER!!!

  13. If Paul Ryan has a problem with the decisions of people living in urban areas, perhaps he should consider moving to a remote part of beautiful New Zealand and become a gentleman farmer surrounded by a few imported Asian elephants. Ryan may be a policy wonk, but when it comes to thinking logically he is so out of touch with reality it is not even funny.

  14. what a pompous jerk-a twirp-republican trash

  15. ARepublicanNorthlandGrad says:

    This is laughable, but does have one gem to take away. Us in Rural areas are wondering if our vote counts. That said, Ryan lost almost every county in Wisconsin and that includes out this far in the sticks.

  16. Bob Shipp says:

    Paul Ryan is still a douchebag! Very telling that he won his district but not his home town. He may not like it but he has become marginalized as a player and policy maker even as he retains his committee chairmanship for 2 more years. This guy and what he represents = LOSER!
    Cantor and the “Young Guns”….. shooting blanks.

  17. latebloomingrandma says:

    The Republicans accuse the president of running on class warfare, yet Ryan comes out with this comment. So “urban people” aren’t citizens? There is the fact that many African Americans came out to vote to put the black man back in office. Everyone has their reasons to vote for a person. Maybe they feel he will keep their problems in life in mind better than a rich business guy who manipulates businesses and treats workers as expenses on a spread sheet, and not as real people. How is that different than large swaths of the population (such as where I live) who vote strictly on anti-abortion? Who is really practicing class warfare? Did you see the setting and the participants at Romney’s planned victory party? Completely different than Obama’s or even George Bush’s.

  18. FredAppell says:

    He can always sell autographed pictures of himself flexing his muscles to make a living because I don’t think he will have a very strong future in politics. This guy is pathetic, I used to beat guys like him up in high school. Maybe that is his problem, his mouth would get him into altercations that he couldn’t fight his way out of so this is revenge for his short comings.

  19. Ed says:

    “Asking the rich to pay more taxes”.Like HELL! DEMAND THET PAY MORE TAXES! And if they want to give up their US citizenship, let them go, but tax their products they ship to this country. For 135 years this country survived by taxing imports.

  20. Ann Lisa says:

    I look for him to run for President in 2016 so he may just want to watch what he says about African Americans! What a predjudice jerk! According to him, Romney lost due to the Urban community and he may just lose too in 2016 due to them as well!

    • FredAppell says:

      What gets me is why he didn’t just say people of color. At least that would be true but his choice of words seems to indicate a thinly veiled attempt to hide his racist tendencies. I know us liberals are always being accused of using the race card but come on seriously, what else could he possibly have meant by the “urban areas” comment.

    • Hillbilly says:

      Republicans stupid enough to put Ryan up for President anytime so along as the old white woman is alive will have a fight on their hands like they have never had before. I helped beat him this time and will work twice as hard against him if he is ever in an election where I can vote against him and people that have the same non values he has. I have already started donating money to the Democratic coffers to beat him, , Bachmann, De Jarsis (not spelled right), and others that don’t care for their Country and their fellow man and who don’t want to pay their fair share in taxes like I have for years.

  21. Some day he will wake up, no I don’t think he ever will. He has himself so convinced that the American people want his budget, he can’t back away from it even now!!!!!! He is living that old addage: “Do as I say not as I do.” It was OK when he was in college collecting his SSI payments, and he probably feels he was not part of the 47% at the time, but he was. Now that he isn’t, he uses his Catholic faith to be holier than thou!!!!!! He just will never listen to the Conference on Catholic Bishops blast him for that budget that will hurt those that need it the most!!!! And to think he was going to speak on poverty, what was he going to say? I can hear him now, “You people need to get off welfare, and don’t apply for student loans, that’s just more of government support.” WAKE UP RYAN, WE DON’T WANT YOU OR YOUR BUDGET!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hillbilly says:

      Debbie, the Romneys were the ones always saying “you people” especially Anne Romney. No he would probably just say ” get off welfare, get a job and don’t even apply for student loans you don’t deserve them” He could have gone to college without any Social Security money, his grandfather and father made millions from government contracts before his Dad died and his family was still making millions from the Company that his Dad and two cousins owned after Dad’s death. This is petty and I will probably pay for it but what I want to see is Ryan, his wife, Willard Romney, his wife and all their children lose every cent they have including savings, trusts, blind trusts, bank accounts. pensions the whole nine yards and have to live on$300.00 or less every two weeks or what ever the amount is after taxes. like some many people do in this Country. All the people that are rich because they inherited their money and never did a hard’s day work in their life should have to live on $300.00 or less every two weeks for a year and live strictly on that amount before taxes and on what every the amount is after taxes maybe then instead of a cash register they will have a heart and do the right thing and pay their fair share of taxes. That included the children, lovers and so on of the rich.

  22. Progressive Patriot says:

    I have to confess, that Ayn Rand stuff kind of creeps me out. I’m all for personal responsibility, but as someone said, “The game ain’t rigged, it’s fixed!” They continue to attempt to fix the game against the working and middle class (and as a result, against America), just as the Aristocracy has been attempting to do for the last 40 years. Then they try to humiliate us by calling us lazy…
    With their boot on our necks, they ask, “Why don’t you get up?”

    Ryan’s words are perfect examples of the thought process of someone who has lived life in “The Bubble.” He clearly sees himself as a superior being, and the majority of Americans as “takers,” and
    “consumers.” He of the “elite’s,” or the “creative class.”

    People, he has spoken about the above beliefs on the record. Believe him!

    And: Be afraid! Be very afraid! 🙂

  23. howa4x says:

    Of course it’s not their policy that turns off voters its those damn urbanites again.

  24. morgan520 says:

    This guy is an absolute moron – just sayin!!!!!

  25. JUDI says:

    Ah…these Repubs…it’s so sad to see good brains gone bad…..

  26. Ryan’s assertions don’t wash with all the states. Vermont and Maine are two of the most rural states in nation, and both states strongly supported Obama. It’s interesting to note that these same two states were the only two states not to support Roosevelt some 70 odd years ago. How the times have changed. The Republican party has moved so far to the right that these traditionally conservative states can no longer support it. The truth is that the better informed the electorate, the stronger the support for Obama.

  27. By the way……URBAN is a code for …..”Non-Whites”, or you know who

  28. cliffb47 says:

    Paul Ryan simply doesn’t get it. He thinks he is the future of the GOP. We can only hope all 0f the GOP thinks the same way…..

  29. Kennith says:

    Living the life style of the rich and famous make these people think they are the only ones who matter.

  30. ANNA says:

    We aren’t buyin’ what you’re sellin’, Ryan. Get it?

  31. a80a says:

    Ryan is the really smart fella, that helped mitt.get beat , he is the one that scared me , just thinking he would become the president should anything happen to mitt. now instead of fighting the still president Obama, maybe he should lick his wounded ego, and fight to keep his job in congress. which I hope is not secure.

  32. Edgar Venegas says:

    Someone was looking after the real American people when this two …..

  33. dmikee says:

    Duh! Appealing only to hardly educated WalMart shoppers in red states and counties will never work. The urban areas are notably better educated, better served by fair and balanced media, socially more open and diverse, and the place where things are happening now, not nostalgic for a golden age that never was. Ryan is a good example of political dumbness and radical righteousness.

    • Hillbilly says:

      I am going to have to defeat very many people in Red states. Just like in the Blue States there are many people that work 2-3 jobs to support their families and in some cases support the family and get more education. I live in a red state, didn’t vote Republican, I have a brother who lives here has had cancer in several parts of his body, is fighting it again right now and still trying to work and I have niece in a red state who has been fighting a cancerous brain tumor since 2006 and still works 8 hours a day. She also works with people on welfare and she says the people she works with will take any job they can get to get off welfare. She says that there are a few moochers as she calls that draws welfare in the area that she takes care but mighty few because the ones that have come off welfare embarrass them every time they see them. So no state no matter what color the map shows them to be can really be considered full time welfare and I know this because like my niece before I was forced to quit work because of being laid off and health problems I dealt with people that ranged from the wealthy to the very poor and I have seen poor people that 2 eight hours job 5 days a week and on weekends work 1 or 2 4 to 8 hour jobs in order to stay off welfare and saw high students that went to school and made excellent (they showed me their report cards) grades working after school as many hours as they could legally and doing the same thing on weekends so they could go to college and get their siblings and parent off of welfare. And most of them did, if the parent hadn’t already gotten them off. Since my younger sister works for Walmart and returns products and things that don’t work right I will defend Walmart customers, I don’t know where the Walmart was that they interviewed the women shoppers before the election was, they wouldn’t have got the same answers from the Walmart women shoppers where my sister works.

  34. It’s called SIMPLE!!!!!! You LOST, now move on and STOP trying to create more problems. I’m tried of all the mess that has been going on(I speak for myself). Try putting this country back in order and helping the poor & middle class PEOPLE….not yourself. Cause with self, all that does it make another mess. It is for the people, by the people. You were not listening to the people….that’s the reason you LOST!!! It’s not about the money you have, it’s the voters. This election should have taught you that.

  35. papa says:

    Romney couldn’t carry is home State. LOL!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Ford Truck says:

    Cryin’ Ryan is right, “some of the turnout, especially in urban areas, gave President Obama the big margin to win this race.”

    No matter how hard the Republican party tried to alter voting rights, demanding more identification, shortening voting times, reducing the number of polling places, the REAL AMERICANS found a way to cast their vote anyway!

    If voting had been easier, and more accessible to more people, the margin of Obama’s win would have been FAR GREATER than it was!!

  37. Yeah right- Romney didn’t pick him solely for his ideas but losing his own home town. Oooohh that sucks.

  38. Ryan may not be as stupid as Palin or W but if he thinks Romney didn’t pick him in part of homestate advantage, thenthere is a bridge to nowhere in Alaska he can buy. See howwell that turned out by him not even winning in his home town.

    • Mimi2kool says:

      That’s just because they already knew him and what he was about.

      Same reason Romney lost massively in Massachusetts, where he was governor for 4 years.

  39. Rich says:

    Ryan is simply out of touch with reality in today’s political and social climate. It almost sounds that Ryan is upset that the African Americans and the Hispanics came out to vote. The best advantage that Obama had was Romney himself. His “47% speech” fired up those 47% and helped give President Obama his reelection. Maybe Ryan could run for a position in Kuwait where there is a lot more money that can be given to the rich and the poor can’t do a thing about it. Thank God that the American people chose the better of the canidates.

  40. Will Owen says:

    It’s as Willie Horton said when asked why he robbed banks: “That’s where the money is.” If you want votes, go to the cities, because that’s where the people are. What’s so damn hard about that?

  41. thebozman says:

    Those who pay significant income taxes will never again outnumer those who don’t under the Democratic plan. Therfore, the polls will always show from here on out that at least 50% of the people, think the rich should pay more, because it doesn’t include them. Even though California is broke, the majority are still voting for more taxes because it doesn’t include them. That is what the Republicans find so shocking, that the majority of Americans do not care about the financial viability and solvency of our country anymore, and are now voting yes to what has caused the financial melt down in Greece and Spain. The majority do not see that having the rich pay more, will not pay for even the current level of programs, but it will stunt growth so that our tax reveneus will not grow in the long run. The 75% will riot someday when their freebies are cut off when the nation’s credit is shut off, five years, maybe 10. Whats shocking is that the rioting will have to come first before the 75% will beleive we are headed that way.

    They’d rather have a socialist in power than a man who has gotten rich by making large enterprises far more efficient for a living. Whats shocking is that the average American will give up an opportunity for making the US Government much more efficient, to keep inefficiency in place. The majority of Americans no longer aspire to be the most moral and effiecint, they want what is good for them today versus their decendents tommorrow. How can the majority consider themselves moral by leaving $21 Trillion of debt when Obama is through, for the next generations to correct? It is very shocking to find that such people are now in the majority.

    • jstsyn says:

      You just proved my point.

    • Cairndance says:

      The richest 1% of Americans have had 10 YEARS to prove their theory that their low tax rates for the rich will create jobs for the 99%! Where is the booming economy from those 10 YEARS?
      Let’s get back to the Clinton tax rates, which created a surplus! The 1% need to stop whining! The election is over, now they need to get over it!

      • thebozman says:

        It was the Democratic majority in the House and Senate that wanted everyone to own a house  regardless of whether they had a down payment.  Are you blaming that on the 1%?  That is why your trickle down theory did not work.  A mild recession turned in to the Great Recession when those with no skin in the game  walked away from their homes, and then many more did because of the collapse in home prices.  Yes,  Republicans were invovled too in packaging overrated mortgage assets,  but our own House and Senate was the main cause of the past 10 year financial collapse, again trying to give everyone a fair shot but ruinning counter to rules of human nature that never change,  when it comes to honoring debt.  There will always be people who bail at the first sign its going to cause them more grief.  I doubt you and I will ever agree.  I also worked 10pm to 2pm every night while attending college, so that I wouldn’t have any student debt.  Even in my day most did not do that.


    • northroader1775 says:

      Seriously go away….don’t you remember the HUGE LONG LIST OF TRAGEDIES that fox came up with in 2009?? none of it happened…none of your bullshit trickle down crap has ever worked…if the bush tax breaks were going to creat jobs, WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY??? in 8 years starting off with a surplus bush created 1.8 mill jobs. Then left the country in a shambles.

      With a recession in full swing banks failing and 875000 jobs a month bleeding out Obama took over and in 4 years the stock exchange is fine doing well in fact…the economy is growing and jobs are being added, the govt is smaller than at any time in 30 years, and more efficient, the housing market is picking up home values are increasing…and you are still crying about how your business leader would have done such a good job. The problem with repubs is simple they never once said anything of substance that they didn’t come back the next day and change their stance on. They never once stuck their head out of the bubble and actually looked at the reality of the electorate. Oh and BTW Obama has increased spending 1.4% the lowest increase in history, while digging out of the hole gwb left for us and with little or no help from congress.

      AND HEY BOZ…you desparately need to look up socialist…Obama is a moderate and a little right of center even as a moderate and he would have easily passed for a republican in the 80s…except ofcourse for that unfortunate skin condition…that would need to be taken care of before he could be taken seriously…but his policies are far to the right of anything remotely resembling liberalism.

      • thebozman says:

        The jobs did not come because a Democratic Houise and Senate under Bush voted for the US Government to support zero down home loans for just about everyone, under the well meaning cause, or at least good sounding cause,  of giving everyone a fair shot at home ownership.  Bush insisted  he didn’t feel comfortable with this but the Dems put a veto proof coalition in place.  When 911 happened and a mild erecession came, people lost their overtime , had trouble making their home payments, abandoned those homes with no equity in  them, which turned into an avalanche of one bank going under after anther.  Yes, many more were invovoed  includinding greedy Republican investment bankers who put over-rated mortgage pool investments together, but it the last 10 years would have been much milder if the Democatrtic House and Senate did not vote in Federal subsidies to promote  morgtages for most everyone to buy a home.  They cannot change peoples behavior when it comes to honoring debt during hard times.  When you have nothing to lose, may  walk away.  That drives down home prices even faster so that more who had eqity are now underwater, .  Before youwe knew it, home prices were down 50%.  That is why the last 10 years did not work out for you.   In the end, those who the most efficeint will be on top.  Those who subsidize inefficienrtcy will only get more inefficiency.  Why is it that Germany is always the economic leader in Europe?  Why is it that Argentina fell from being an economic powerhouse when the Perons took power?  I doubt we’ll ever agree, I know I have always gotten myself out of jams by working harder and making myself more competitive.

  42. jstsyn says:

    What does it take to get through to these idiot republicans? I for one am tired of listening to their B.S. Don’t they realize they have been rejected by America? Do they have brain damage? What do we have to do, put them in jail, deport them, go to war? They can’t win so they will connive behind American’s backs to overthrow our government and Democracy? These folks are like a bad dream. Makes one wonder what made them so wrong that they even fool themselves.

    • progressiveandproud says:

      You’ll never get through to them. They are always correct in their thinking and anyone not in agreement is an idiot. By the way, they have God on their side, so there!

  43. No one will ever believe a liar and a bigot Ryan.

  44. ayayaboy says:

    Ryan is done for this reckless comment that “urban people” don’t matter. He lost his own hometown like a pussy-cat killer. Then, telling Americans that urban people don’t matter? Sorry loser!!! I am urban person.

  45. emadis41 says:

    Aren’t you glade they lost. These shmucks can not understand that what they offered us was baloony.

  46. RonaldS says:

    Ryan is still dilusional. They lost on demographics and not issues? They lost on BOTH. Reps can still get elected as their elections are relatively local, not state-wide as senators.

  47. Butch says:

    the right men won. all republicans OUT 2014.

  48. Don B says:

    Paul Ryan promotes ideas that are idiotic for most of Middle America. The only thing that will be “going over the cliff” fiscally next year will be the wealthy’s tax breaks…They’ve hd those breaks for 10 or so years and I didn’t see much in the way of job creation here in this country–just the exporting of jobs and money overseas.

  49. Hillbilly says:

    Ryan also said that the reelection of President Obama wasn’t a mandate to raise taxes on the rich because Republicans still controlled the house in another interview. The only reason Republicans still have control of the House is the way Republican controlled states re drew voting district. Like in Tennessee in order to make sure that the womanizer Republican doctor in District four was reelected the district went from 8 counties in East Tennessee to include counties in middle and west Tennessee from one side of the state to the other side to keep a sleazeball in Congress. We need to start an email campaign to Ryan especially and the rest of the Republicans in Congress to remind them the reelection of President Obama was a mandate from the majority of the Country to work with the President and the Democrats on getting this Country recovering faster and to raise taxes on themselves and the rest of the rich in this Country. The last time I checked it out of all the Republicans in Congress over 3/4 of them were millionaires and multimillionaires. There was at the same time more Democratic millionaires and multimillionaires in Congress and only one of them has voted against raising taxes on the rich and that was Rockefeller from West Virginia. Let’s all let Ryan know that Romney and he lost the election not just because of urban people but because a rainbow of skin colors, different levels of education, wealth and both sexes and the ones that voted against them included Republicans that couldn’t stand their lying and catering to far right extremism and not working on helping this Country recover from a recession caused by Bush 2 and Republicans in office during his 8 years as President.

  50. bpai99 says:

    Read my lips, Mr. Ryan: you and Romney lost because the majority of the people who voted were not buying what you were selling. Stop blaming them for your failure.

  51. bertye brown says:

    Just wondering, what is the urban population of Janesville? Could it just be that President Obama won the vote because the politics of the extreme right doesn’t appeal to today’s electorate.

  52. It is clearly by the map that the population in urban areas is larger than farmland. People in urban areas are more educated and follow the news. They embrace progress and new ideas. It is no surprise they voted to move forward than to reverse to the 1800’s.

  53. judy says:

    Poverty is all in the eye of the beholder. Ryan and Romney are mentally, psychologically, and empathetically more impoverished than anyone could imagine. They just have big bank accounts.

  54. Paul Kennedy says:

    Why don’t we hear from some non-deluded Republicans? There must be some. Or did they all get beaten by loonies in the primaries?

  55. DurdyDawg says:

    Just remember this article (among other ‘urban’ whines) in 2016 as the GOP makes ANOTHER mistake by putting this pretty boy up on the podium for their sake.. A new white wash, some (pub) compromises on his ‘rid’ platform and of course eliminating the word lyin’ from Websters dictionary.. All this and tigger too come next election year.

  56. The bubble survives. The GOP will dig their own austerity for you , but not for me, grave. RIP Ryan.

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