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Thursday, January 17, 2019

July 13 (Bloomberg) — Other than the candidates, the most important person in the 2012 U.S. presidential campaign so far might be the billionaire Sheldon Adelson, or maybe one of the Koch brothers.

But now it looks like it could be Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court Judge Robert Simpson. If he upholds a new Pennsylvania election law at the end of this month and the decision survives appeal, hundreds of thousands of voters, most of them Democrats, may be disenfranchised.

That, in turn, could put Pennsylvania, once considered a blue state, into the Romney column and swing the election.

The Pennsylvania story offers another example of the rank cynicism of those who favor democracy everywhere in the world except the U.S.

After I wrote last month about the Republicans’ well- orchestrated efforts to suppress Democratic voting around the country, I received many critical e-mails saying that people are required to have photo ID to get into buildings, cash checks and perform other daily tasks, so why not require photo ID to vote?

Fair enough, but what these critics don’t understand is that in states such as Pennsylvania, the kinds of photo ID valid for everyday tasks will no longer be good enough for voting. The goal of these laws isn’t matching names and faces to protect the integrity of the ballot box. The goal is to beat Democrats.

State Representative Mike Turzai, the Pennsylvania House majority leader, let the cat out of the bag at a Republican State Committee meeting about the party’s legislative accomplishments. “Voter ID — which is going to allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania — done,” he told the applauding crowd.

Lest you think the new Pennsylvania law is merely like gerrymandering congressional districts or the other shenanigans undertaken by both parties for political advantage, consider what happened next.

In the run-up to passage of the bill, Pennsylvania Secretary of State Carol Aichele promoted a study estimating that 99 percent of the state’s registered voters already have valid photo ID from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation that would allow them to vote. In other words, the whole thing was no big deal.

It turned out that 9.2 percent of the state’s 8.2 million registered voters — 758,000 people — did not have ID from PennDOT. Very big deal.

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50 responses to “Pennsylvania Is Key To Republican Vote-Blocking”

  1. Lynda says:

    At first glance it appears as if all of these voter suppression laws are counter to the voter rights act. If that is the case just where in the hell is the Dept of Justice? The Federal Government should be stopping this nonsense immediately and be taking legal action aganst those pushing these anti-American activities. What is going on here?

  2. dtgraham says:

    We can’t be sure about the success of the voter outreach program though. Scott, in Florida, drove the league of women voters into hiding (from registering voters) through legal action and stopped teachers from registering students to vote, who were old enough. They think of everything and they stop at nothing. Who knows what else Pennsylvania has in it’s suppression arsenal. These states are sort of overwhelming the DOJ. As usual, they’ve got the full backing of the conservative media, which gives them legitimacy in too many people’s minds.

  3. legal action would not be the answer to this. everyone with common sense knows clearly that republicans are simply trying to suppress the vote. This is how you do it if you want people to have ID to vote. you identify those that don’t have ID and are registered, and you offer them free ID and you make it easier for them to get it. maybe do a mobile ID drive in this areas. This law by republicans is simply voter suppression. and we beat it by registering more people, giving people their ID and helping them come out to vote. democrats, spending million on ads is not the key this year, beating all this voter suppression would be the answer. spend that money on getting people the ID they need and get them registered. then change the law when you get the power to do it.

    • Lynda says:

      Just how do we register more people to vote and get them the ID’s that they are required to have before voting in such a short time? I agree totally, but I can’t see how this required action can be taken in time to help nearly 10% of the citizens in the state of Penn, let alone all of the rest of the country. It seems to me that the process will take years and maybe something can be done in time for 2012, but in the meantime the country suffers even more.

      • DurdyDawg says:

        Well, first off don’t look at it as if your we’re personally going to help these people..Under that scenario you would be correct, but think neighbors of these people.. By all intents and purposes most Americans claim to be patriotic.. Let them prove it. Instead of tossing mud ads at the opposition that we know what they are quite well, change the ads to focus on neighborhoods and the helping of those who need new voter ID’s.. Within weeks (not months or years) with the word being out and the patriotic people having a goal, it could come about like a landslide. If the pubs can blatantly do these things, veer off the issues and vote on other bills besides getting jobs (like the tp’ers promised) then we should be able to by-pass mud slinging and get at the grass roots (of which the GOP would then probably whine about).

    • I would not have a big problem with this if it had been proposed and enacted a couple of years ago, giving time to all citizens to comply with the new law, but doing it a few months before a presidential election is downright disgusting. Some of the people most affected by laws like this are senior citizens who no longer drive, do not have a photo ID, and have mobility problems. You would think that a country with a low voter turnout, such as ours, would be trying to find ways to encourage more citizens to exercise one of our most fundamental rights. Dream on. What may take place in Pennsylvania, the blacklist in Florida, and other last minute measures are overt attempts to suppress vote. Perhaps Romney should consider running for president of a Third World or developing country instead of President of the United States of America.

      • DurdyDawg says:

        You people just don’t have any faith.. It only took two months for “hands across america” to organize (I know, I was part of it).. It takes people who REALLY want to make a difference. The GOP is doing these things to us but we are letting them! We somehow think that our involvement won’t make a difference, so what are the pubs doing? Their not setting back.. They have an agenda and their willing to do anything to make it happen.. That’s all we need. Their no better nor worse than us, their just self organized. Get it out to the small neighborhoods.. Organize one driver a day to take these people to get that ID.. Just a neighborhood taking responsibility toward their neighbors who aren’t mobile, then on election day take them with you to the polls.. What’ so damn difficult is that? The pubs them selves are putting it into the media thus the majority knows what’s going on.. Become patriotic if you claim you are and it will get done and not in years or even months but weeks or even days.. Just no faith.. So sad.

    • Don says:


    • That Makes To Much Sense So The American Taliban Will Be Totally Against It!:-(

  4. bcarreiro says:

    if you have a legal drivers license/state id then that is suffice ..get a grip republicans play fair and square…another ” OUR VOTES DONT COUNT” …right

    • johninPCFL says:

      How about state-issued student ID? Nope. How about federally issued veterans cards? Nope. How about MTA bus cards? Nope.

      So only CERTAIN state-issued IDs are valid, and many of those that used to be valid are no longer. And it’s all about solving a problem whose occurrance is 0.000000001% of the votes cast.

      The GOP is the most corrupt bunch of pukes in the country today.

  5. bcarreiro says:

    Does mitt give out rebates for votes….what a hypocracy

  6. Liz Smith says:

    For married women (or anyone with a different name to their birth name) without a license – it is not so easy to get such an id. When my grandmother tried to get id – no-one could find her birth certificate. Turns out her father couldn’t spell – and she was some years older than she thought. She had also been married twice – so 3 different names. Yet the GOP thinks it is no problem getting photo ID.

    • jcurtis595 says:

      No, Liz, the GOP says their is no problem getting photo IDs, but they know about your mother and others and know she is a likely vote for the Democrats. They know full well that their effort is to steal the election and have no problem with that because they think they are superior (Ian Rand style) and we shouldn’t have a democracy in which you inferiors have any say.

  7. seche says:

    They did the same thing in the last election . It is the only way the repucks can win.

  8. howa4x says:

    The only way Republicans can win is to lie, suppress votes, buy it outright or dirty tricks. They can’t win it on their message

  9. William Deutschlander says:

    How unethical, immoral and deceitful the Republican Syndicate is!

  10. todd says:

    I am all for allowing a person to vote if they have the proper documentation. I fail to see the problem with requiring a person to show the proper I.D. to cast a vote. Voting in this country was created to be a big deal, the ultimate method of the citizen to show their freedom and liberty. I do not want that right watered down by allowing someone to vote who does not have the proper documentation. If it is that important for a person to vote, they will get the proper I.D. to do so….

    • CharlieW says:

      The key word is proper ID, the Republican Party gives itself away when they disallow so many common types of ID in use every day for Identification purposes elsewhere. take for instance;
      “Veterans have photo ID that gives them entry into Veterans Affairs facilities. Nope. Can’t use it to vote, even if you’ve voted since the Korean War.”

      Explain to me why it can’t be used for voting, if all you’re trying to do is verify someone’s identity. Those ID’s are issued only to VETERANS with PROVEN service to their country Most of them were wounded doing so.

    • DurdyDawg says:

      … And if they can’t, are you going to go out of your way to help them? I didn’t think so. It’s gonna be a bitch when you get old and decrepit, possibly disabled, when they’re will be no one to help you because of a technicality.. Don’t whine too much sport.

  11. Hillbilly says:

    Republican politicians are going all out to suppress voters that vote either independent or Democratic or are poor Republicans so their rich job outsourcing candidate can win this Presidential election. The ones of us that have the accepted picture ID’s that the voter suppression Republican politicians say is needed to to vote need to help others that don’t have their accepted picture ID get one or help the elderly get the absentee voting ballet to vote from home so they don’t have to have the picture Ids that are so hard for them to get and do the same for the handicapped. If all of us work together on this then the Republicans can be stopped in their tracks with their voting suppression scheme. By working together the far right, Tea Party, and the very rich Republicans can be beat at their attempt to stop legal citizens from voting.
    A Footnote, Romney has cousins that live in and claim Mexico as their home country yet they are allowed to register to vote in the states that are on the Mexican border because of a dual citizenship. These are the people that should be denied the right to vote. If you claim another Country as your home Country and live in that Country then you should not be allowed to vote in the elections in the USA. That goes for all dual citizenship people, if you don’t live in the USA then you don’t get to vote in USA elections and shouldn’t have any say in who is elected to be President.

    • Don says:


      • DurdyDawg says:

        That’s a good question Don and I’m betting Mitten’s would tell you right off, “Let’s leave that out of the discussion until AFTER you elect me Head bumpkin”.. Then of course, as he’s been quoted as speaking those same words on other issues, it’ll be too late.

  12. This is the kind of action that could lead to the riots the Republicans have been yammering will happen since Obama took office. If they actually think they can get away with preventing that many people who voted in 2008 from voting again in 2012, they are going to be gravely mistaken.

  13. ladyj says:

    I hope the judge table it or denied the bill to go forward. The Republican just want Romney to win the state that is all.

    “State Representative Mike Turzai, the Pennsylvania House majority leader, let the cat out of the bag at a Republican State Committee meeting about the party’s legislative accomplishments. “Voter ID — which is going to allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania — done.

    That right there is voter intimidation. Throwing the state to Romney. Hey everyone wake up and see what is going on in the United States, the Republicans will go anything to win the Presidency, crook (mainly crook) or fair which ever way to win.

  14. Ed says:

    Just another example of how Repubs HATE democracy.

  15. jcurtis595 says:

    What the Republican’s don’t seem to realize with Sheldon’s hundred million, the Koch brothers’ billions, and Rove’s hundred million super secret super pacs and these voter suppression laws is that once the population of America’s ordinary citizens not in the billionaire class losses confidence in our elections, once they truly believe our democracy has failed, has been bought and stolen, once they see these Republican treacheries for what they are, a coup overthrowing by subterfuge our democracy, our citizens won’t look to change by the ballot anymore but with the misguided but successful efforts of the NRA will arm themselves with all those easily obtainable automatic weapons and take to the streets to regain a government that is theirs.

    Will the police the Republicans (Romney) wants fewer of suppress the demonstrations? Who will defend the Republican takeover by subterfuge? Not me !!! Not 99% of ordinary citizens !!! Will they use the army against American citizens in American streets? Ops, the Republicans forgot about that Constitution prohibition now didn’t they.

    In the end, these Republican tactics, one way or the other, lay the seeds for their own destruction. Did they learn nothing from the French revolution, the Russian revolution, the Arab Spring? Taking over the federal government now with these anti-democratic antics is the worst long term plan for the Republican party ever conceived. It is short sighted and self destructive. But, alas, Republicans don’t listen to me or read these comments, so it may be just inevitable that history repeats itself in this once democratic republic.

    Jay Curtis (author of THE CODE and soon to be released TREASURE)

  16. Like All Their Dirty Little Trick So Far This One Sure To Blow Up In Their Faces Also!!LOL Obama/Biden 2012 And Voting Against All American Taliban Members!!!

  17. It is being done i many states.

    For example, Texas, the only slave state still in existance, has its proposed voter id law being reviewed by a Federal three judge panel for accordance with the 1965 Voting Rights Act.


  18. Lisztman says:

    The problem is not ineligible voters. The problem is election-fixing by the GOP.

  19. tutidiez says:

    I am so Mad and Upset with this Evil Republicans by getting away with this stupid ID new law they came up with, something that has only the puspose of restraining hundreds of thousands probably millions of Democrats from voting so they can achieve their promise of stoping Obama from being re-elected, I have been a witness of 10 presidential elections and I have never seen such an evil behavior by any Political Party, this malicious attitude from The Republicans Deserve a vigorous Protest from all the American people even if we have to hit the streets of the whole Country demanding Republicans to stop hurting the American Middle Class the poor and Hijacking the Economy, Jobs and the Progress of US in General, all this behavior is because of the hate toward Obama, conspiracy to protect the Super Rich, Banks and big Corporations from beig regulated and to allow them to get away with all their quetionable way of doing their business as they have been doing for so many years causing pain and disaster to the middle class people and destroying the American Economy and the American Dream, and since Obama want to stop this evil and corrupt way from the Republicans then they just came up with this unfear un unjustifiable new law of the Special Photo ID wich will only affect the Democrats due to be the the majority of Black, the Poor, the Latin descendants, and Old Folks, specially those who live in rural areas makes this so difficult for them to obtain, The American People specially we all Democrats must make a very strong call that the whole world will listen, accusing the Republican Party of their dirty way of doing their business and demanding from them to play with Honesty and high moral Standads, even if it will be probably easier for a Cow to laid an egg.

  20. craig says:

    what we have to remember here in making the poor analogy of we have to have foto id to cash a check, or use a credit card with voting, is that voting is a right afforded by the usa constitution, not a privilege.

    • johninPCFL says:

      Then make any state-issued photo ID acceptable. How about state issued student ID? Nope (but they mostly vote Democrat.) State-issued MTA passes? Nope (but they mostly vote Democrat.) Military veterans with federal photo IDs? Nope.

      Fewer than 500 cases of voter fraud in the last decade, with hundreds of millions of votes cast= 0.0000000001% problem.

  21. Don says:


  22. Gammaanya says:

    Sorry to say, but most gullible, missinformed and lazy people will do nothing but watch Faux News, Limpy and vote Republican and then complain that life is a b… As long as people don’t use common sense we will have these laws passed. All you have to fear , is fear it’s self, and too many people are scared out of their skins. Repukes promise to take care of them ( I don’t worry about the rich and I don’t worry about the poor, they have safety net the middle class that is supporting both the rich and thee poor. In a country as rich as ours we should not have poor families (some are to lazy to work) and hungry kids. We will become one of the African countries in North American Continent. Life is beautiful. Now we have almosta Communist running the country – I know something about it – I grew up in communist country all sounds very familiar to me. Being there and experienced that.

  23. candlou says:

    The state of Connecticut has required photo ID for a long time , and I don’t think you will find a more Democrat leaning state.. Photo ID is a good idea , I am sure it will help stop voter fraud in many states.

    • johninPCFL says:

      WHICH photo-ID? The Texas law SPECIFICALLY denies the use of state-issued student photo IDs. The Pennsylvania law SPECIFICALLY denies the use of federally issued veterans affairs IDs. The Florida “sounds Hispanic to me” committee is trying to cut 180,000 names from the roles.

      Less than 500 cases of voter fraud in the last decade, with hundreds of millions of votes cast. This is a 0.0000000001% problem.

  24. grammyjill says:

    What I want to know is how much the repukes are being paid to throw away any honor and ethics they MIGHT have ever had?

  25. rmarqua2921 says:

    Yes, fight them in the courts, but probably more successful will be fighting them on the streets at the voting booths. Make sure that everyone around you who is going to vote for Obama has the right documents to take with them to the voting booth! Let’s do it, we can do it! Show Adelson and the Koch Brothers and Karl Rove, we do have a say also! Many of our young men went to war to fight for our Democracy, surely we can knock on doors and help and assist others to the voting booths! I swear I will talk to everyone I know who will vote for Obama and I will help them make sure they have everything they need to vote in my home state of Michigan! I WANT TO SHOW THOSE REPUBLICANS AND THE KOCH BROTHERS AND ADLESON AND ROVE THAT MY RIGHT TO VOTE IS NOT FOR SALE!

    • DurdyDawg says:

      … And then!.. And then!! In the final vote.. The F***ing electoral college will sneak them in. DOWN WITH THE FED RESERVE!! DOWN WITH THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE!! Vote Dem and pray every vote will be counted (not like 2004).

  26. Kevin Schmidt says:

    Yes we just have to vote out of fear for the lesser of two evil fascist political parties, again!
    Otherwise we won’t end up with more of the same, again!
    The consequences of that are just too horrible to consider!

    • DurdyDawg says:

      When all parties are akin to each other’s ideals and they hold the cards, who else can we vote for except the lesser of two evils? We have been conditioned that there can only be two parties.. A yes or a no, in or out.. right or wrong and that third and even fourth party is just this side of a sick joke.. A joke I might add that’s on us because in their existence they’ve always been considered as the votes AGAINST the yin or the yang.. So we’re forced to vote for the lesser of two evils and they are both evil BUT at least one is capable of offering the middle class and poor a bone from time to time instead of promising to ‘trickle’ on us then turn around and piss on us instead.

      • Thank You That’s How I Feel Also!! To Bad There’s No In Between!! But I Rather Take My Chances With Some One Who Cares About All The People Rather Than Just The Wealthy!!! Obama/Biden 2012

        • DurdyDawg says:

          Indeed.. Look at the past. Pubs aren’t interested in the Country, their interested in the ‘Corporation’ and like all corporations.. The little people are an unnecessary asset.. Always has been, why else would they refuse help to the poor and helpless? Their the ones that are bogging down progress. That said, I agree. We have to re-elect Obama not because of who he is but what he is (a democrat). Helping the needy, sympathetic toward the poor, that’s what a true humanitarian is.. Not a tax deduction! Not a people that OTHER people should care about. Without they’re realizing it, Pubs ARE transparent.. We can see right through them and the results are not pretty. There are a lot of decent Republicans but over-all their just as bad as the fanatics because they sit about in the background and allow these bottom feeders to think and act in their name.. Their not out in force protesting this class warfare and that makes them just as guilty.. Neo-con sheeple who wants the moochers off welfare, off food stamps while pumping up corporate and political welfare programs because their called something else other than what it really is.. Welfare. What THESE people don’t understand is once the GOP takes control, the decent pubs will be treated in the same contempt.. Not all pubs are rich nor even well off.. Once the GOP receives their vote, they will be placed in the same category as all the other ‘moochers’ whether they take legal advantage of the system or not and their sacrifices (of not accepting welfare/food stamps) will be that much more that can be passed off onto the corporate and military institutions. Kinda puts a bad taste in your mouth, doesn’t it?

  27. There’s Pain In Bain!!!LOL

  28. That’s The Reason Behind The Witch On Holder He Was Investigating This Voter Fraud Crap When They Hit Him With Nothing Charges!! We Are Dealing With TERRORISTS WE GOT TO VOTE ALL OF THEM OUT OF OFFICE!!! OBAMA/BIDEN 2012

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