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Friday, October 28, 2016
  • daniel bostdorf


    • Allan Richardson

      Really? Are you forced to wear a green dollar sign on your clothing? Are you not admitted to stores until just before closing because of that sign? Are you constantly being stopped for “your papers” by police officers looking for an excuse to beat you or shoot you? Are government sanctioned mobs attacking your home or business? Are your relatives being arrested and sent to camps to be worked to death or exterminated?

      I didn’t think so. What you really mean is, because people do not genuflect in the streets and address you as “Your Lordship,” you are being “persecuted.” You and I have not experienced REAL persecution. However, I am not accustomed to having people bow down to my greatness (they haven’t realized it yet, poor things; LOL).

      If what you do for a living has helped provide products people want to buy, and helped others to have a job, I respect that. But just because everyone doesn’t worship you, that does not equal persecution.

      Have a good day, and be grateful for everything good in your life.

  • Susan Dean

    What an inspiring picture of courage and decency.