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Friday, October 21, 2016

Poll: Americans Still Blame Bush More Than Obama For Economic Woes

A new Gallup poll shows that a majority of Americans still blame George W. Bush for the nation’s down economy more than they blame President Barack Obama.

According to the poll, 68 percent blame Bush for the state of the economy, compared to just 52 percent who blame Obama. These numbers are largely unchanged from August 2010, when the number blaming Bush dropped from the 80s to 71 percent. Obama’s “blame level” has held at around 50 percent since March 2010


Among independents, 67 percent blame Bush compared to just 51 percent who blame Obama. Furthermore, that 51 percent is substantially lower than the 60 percent who blamed Obama for the economy last September.

These numbers are a glimmer of hope for the Obama campaign. Voters are angry and pessimistic about the state of the economy, but the fact that they don’t primarily blame Obama — and that a plurality believes that Republicans are intentionally sabotaging the economic recovery — suggests that the Obama campaign may find a receptive audience for their message.

A key plank of that message is convincing voters that Mitt Romney’s economic plan is essentially Bush’s on steroids. Obama will go to work on making that point this afternoon, when he delivers a speech that is expected to “cast November’s election as a choice between his economic stewardship and an alternative that would return the country to the policies that caused the downturn.”

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  • Nom_DeGuerre

    Hey Libs, FYI: Bush is NOT running for ANY office in 2012. And you elected your messiah on HOPE that he will CHANGE ALL Bush’s mistakes (knock down “terrible” 7.8% unemployment rate, stop two unneeded wars, close Guantanamo, cut in half 4.8 trln budget deficit, make friends with Iran and N. Korea, and have Israelis and palestinians share a ham sandwich) while walking on the water while doing that. I have 40 years of executive business experience. Any CEO who is impotent enough to three-and-a-half-years later still blame his predecessor on the ills he was hired to fix, would be thrown out of the company without any “golden parachute”. That’s what WE, The People, are gonna do in November despite your willingness to give your idol “more time” (indefinite, ’cause he’s gonna repeal The 22-nd Amendment) .

    • jebediah123

      Your ignorance is only surpassed by the crap that you write. Forget about your 40 years of “executive experience” —(McDonalds)???—and go back to school for a crash course in economics.

      • ObozoMustGo

        jib… when you say “crash course in economics”, what you really mean is “go learn the failed ideas of Keynes that we leftists hold so dear to our hearts, despite all of the 80 years of evidence in front of our faces that proves how wrong we are” course in economics, right?

        Have a nice day!

        • ExPAVIC


          You dysfunctional mind and personality altering drug consumer, I thought you’d be institutionalized already, or are you out for the weekend?

          How is your acid reflux you creepy person?

          • ObozoMustGo

            Ex… aside from being a racist and a bigot, you’re also a stone-cold idiot!

          • ExPAVIC

            WHAT? RU SERIOUS?



          • ObozoMustGo

            Ex… aside from being a racist and a bigot, you’re also a stone-cold idiot!

          • ExPAVIC


            Pound down a couple of Prozac and send an e-mail to Limbaugh you druggie.

            Better yet catch a prostate condition.

    • Anyone that starts their post by saying “Hey Libs” is someone that you can count on for a fair and honest assessment of the President. He later goes on to refer to the President as “your messiah”. His concept of not starting more wars in Iran and N. Korea is making friends with these nations. I guess promoting peace between nations such as Isreal and the Palestinians is a bad thing (we should promote war instead). Nom’s 40 years of executive business experience (yeah right) has not led him to challange the facts of this story but instead, he tries to claim foul that the President wants to remind voters why ecomony improvements have been a slow and tough process. Hey Nom_DeGuerre, why not just invoke the BIRTHER claim?

      • WhutHeSaid

        He doesn’t invoke the birther claim because his credibility is already stretched to the limit. I hear the dog whistle too, and all I can say is: pssst….Nom – Obama is your leader. He’ll be your leader for 4 more years, and he’ll be black the WHOLE time! Have a nice day!

    • ObozoMustGo

      Good morning Nom… Keep fighting the good fight. As you can plainly see, most of the leftist nutjobs in here are ignorant of the fact that Obozo has been in office for 3.5 years. Apparently, he has done nothing except 167 fundraisers and 100+ rounds of golf. They know this and this is why want to keep blaming Bush. If they were even capable of seeing reality, if they were capable of understanding that a guy who blames his predessor after 3.5 years does so because he has NOTHING that he has done to crow about, if they saw this, they would not support Obozo. But, that’s not gonna happen. Like I’ve said many times before in these blogs, they would vote for Obozo if he was caught on tape performing lewd acts with a minor.

      Keep fighting the good fight.

      Have a nice day!

      • BOZO — you should stop encouraging the mentally challenged like this. It only makes it less likely that they’ll eventually see the error of their ways. Remember when the mother superior took you aside when you were little? Too bad you didn’t pay attention then. You might have grown into a better person.

        • ObozoMustGo

          Bigblunder… Nom doesn’t need my help to be encouraged. He’s fully capable himself. Just so happens that Nom is one of the few other liferafts of truth floating around in this sea of leftist insanity along with me, montanabill, and a couple of others.

          Have nice day, Bigblunder!

      • Nom_DeGuerre

        Hey, OMG, glad to be able to come back from time to time to just annoy the libs, or (since someone accused me of using this name in demeaning way) democraPs – maybe they like it better. Regardless of the name, they seem to be unable to understand the simple logic: Obama admits he can’t fix what Bush “broke,” so why reelect him? And this is just an example of their general mental problem. “Obamaniacs” remind me of the media of my infamous Motherland: communist papers “Pravda” and “Izvestia” were so stupid that they didn’t understand what they were printing. Obviously, no comment to my above posting deserves a direct response, but a couple of interesting bits really made me laugh. A “poke” in my eye about me getting my CEO experience at McDonald’s shows that the blockhead is as far from management science as I am from ballet: I DID start my managerial career at that glorious company and am damn proud of it – the belly stuffers don’t know that they buy at McD’s not burgers and fries, but the MANAGERIAL CONCEPT, and it is so good that later in life I studied it in my MBA courses and applied it at other businesses on both sides of the Atlantic. Another “wizard” gives us touchy-feely staff about the COUNTRY not being a BUSINESS. That’s exactly what Sustainable Diversity or Diverse Sustainability Majors can’t grasp due to sever underdevelopment of their left brain hemisphere. The only time-proven way to run a COUNTRY is to run it like a BUSINESS: with balanced balance sheet, positive P&L, and abundant cash flow. Surprise, surprise: if a company is in such good standing it finds enough funds to pay decent salaries and bonuses to the ones deserving it, subsidize gyms, canteens, and summer camps, expand itself to hire new workers, etc. That takes care of “human factor”, but… again: for the ones who deserve it, i. e. the benefits should be mutual. That’s what the frequent fliers to this site don’t understand: to get something you have to give something. Due to their inborn stupidity or inadequate education (which is a tautology) they either never had a job with decent company or were thrown out when in tough times the latter were shaving deadwood. Either way they are THE LOSERS, and the only way for them to survive is the governmental dole of all sorts: straight welfare, nothing-producing pencil-pushers, blackmailers-lawyers, any kind of “inspectors” – all non-productive, accountable to no one deadwood that should be shaved off the face of our country as they are from good efficient corporations. That’s the only difference between the former and the latter: regretfully we can’t exile them all to Cuba. The bloviators, the same way as communist “Pravda” did for 74 years, spill their ink around here not understanding how revealing it is about themselves: LOSERS!

        • ObozoMustGo

          Good morning Nom! You’re from the old Soviet Union? Us Patriots in America are proud to have you amongst our ranks. Thanks for coming over and making America better for your being here.

          I’ll bet you find it odd to hear the same old socialist mantra of class warfare coming out of an American President like you used to hear in the SU, dont you? Even worse, you see the sheer number of useful idiots out there clamoring for the policies that guide America into the same exact disater that you were fortunate enough to get away from. I am telling you, leftism is a DISEASE of the mind. Like you said, most of them are too stupid to know how stupid they really are.

          If any of them were not cowards, they would come out and simply say what they really are instead of hiding behind codes speak and lies. Come out and say that they individually are a Socialist, believe in the economic concepts of Karl Marx, and begin the debate from there. But they dont. They must lie just like they had to lie in your old SU. Am I right about this?

          I always find it funny that these leftist nutjobs put down anyone that works at McDonalds, and then in the next sentence criticize businesses for not hiring more workers! What a bunch of lazy, arrogant, pieces of crap most of them (not all) are! How dare they look down on ANY man for whatever honorable work he does, at McDonalds, Wal-Mart, or where ever they choose to work.

          Have a great weekend!

          • Nom_DeGuerre

            Hey, brother-in-arms OMG, I just posted my reply to the above at the beginning of all comments. With stupid formatting of this site (probably designed by someone hired due to Affirmative Action – LOL) the window for comments becomes more narrow with every new posting. Therefore only angry mindless name calling snaps fit well in it.

        • WhutHeSaid

          Well congratulations, comrade – you have made such wonderful progress since leaving the ‘motherland’. Not.

          Your glorious McDonald’s experience aside, you have failed to grasp the rudimentary difference between government and private business. Private business is concerned with profit, and that is in fact the primary goal. Government does not exist to create profit – at least not as it’s primary concern. Perhaps popular practices from the ‘motherland’ still have you confused.

          How helpful your remarks must be to LOSERS like Warren Buffett, whose ‘inborn stupidity’ must prevent him, and others like him, from understanding your McPhilisophy on politics. I feel you should call him immediately and remind him that you, Mc_Nom_DeGuerre, have the real answers to life and a cellar full of Vodka to boot. Please invite Mr. Gates to your private tutoring sessions as well.

          There are a great many things that are ‘deserved’ by people simply by the virtue of being alive. Nobody starts life as a successful entrepreneur, not even human wonders such as yourself. It takes the proper environment that cultivates opportunity and provides a measure of stability, safety, and (optimally) a reliable economic infrastructure for one to work with. In case you were wondering, the safety, stability and infrastructure part is what government is about — and it’s not always profitable in a monetary sense. Without government, success is rather simple: Somebody just comes and TAKES your McEmpire away from you.

          For all of your voluble political wisdom, your argument when distilled down to it’s basic elements is still ‘Now that I got mine with your help I want to give me more and you less’. It’s that old G-word that we all recognize. I’ll bet you are a self-made McSuccess, now aren’t you? Never relied any assistance from anyone, yes?

          You really should stay in your basement and sample your vodka, leaving the critical thought to those who show an aptitude for such things. There are, after all, only so many ways that you can spell ‘greed’ before it gets boring. Some people are actually concerned about the success of many – imagine that. Good luck to you, comrade.

    • WhutHeSaid

      Sadly for your argument, The United States is a COUNTRY — not a private business. It’s not difficult even for a CEO to understand that deficit-swelling tax breaks for the wealthy, unfunded wars and other ‘gifts’ to those who don’t need them have gotten us into this mess and it can’t possibly be fixed in a day.

      It’s time to set this country back on the path to middle-class expansion, which has ALWAYS been the key to growth of the economy — not more dancing horses and car elevators for multi-millionaires and billionaires. Obama is making improvement, albeit slower than many of us like. But it IS improvement, and not the free-fall into an economic abyss that GW engineered.

      Don’t even get me started on foreign policy. The GOP’s ass has been glowing a bright red for the last couple of years due to the fact that Obama has whipped it soundly by taking away one of the GOP’s longtime arguments — and you know it.

      You haven’t learned much in 40 years, my friend. Time to call the Koch brothers for some tuition assistance. Go back to school and stay awake this time.

      • UTGDI

        Kudos for you.

        Trash talking while still making your point, and no name calling. I look forward to future posts.

        I agree that the middle class and small business is the “engine that could”, and that we need to put some fuel in the engine to get this country moving again. Corporations and the wealthy are sitting on record cash reserves, and not hiring at the clip they might be able to.

        In their defense, the Obama administration and the various items that are in the air pertaining to requirements and regulations has many skittish about hiring, until they know what they will be on the hook for.

        BTW that “Koch” comment was classic — Double thumbs up.

    • TJ.

      Totally agree. Obama is inept and voting for him again would be a disaster.

    • dalnb

      I have little doubt, if you were in fact the CEO of anything, that you would have fired those in your organization who did everything they could do to see you failed. Fortunately our government is set up to function in such a mode – unfortunately we from time-to-time end up with a dysfunctional group as we have seen in current our Congress and some in the Senate who have set out to see our President fails. You would have fired them – we have too put up with them;; — and America continues to suffer not from failures of Obama but by the manipulated and near criminal actions of people like Mitch McConnell and his “followers.”

    • Landsende

      Didn’t Romney say he couldn’t be blamed for the mess he inherited as governor? How many CEO’s can you name that have been thrown out of their company without a “golden parachute” after they cost their shareholders and in some cases taxpayers millions or billions of dollars?

    • ExPAVIC


      But what he did has lasting effects.

      Ask the parents and relatives of the 4,500 troops that died needlessly in Iraqi searching for non-existent WMDs? Now how much was Bush at fault for that little misstep?

      And who ended that ridiculous venture? It was Obama and OBama got the guy who caused it all, plus got Gadhafi for good measure.

      I love the limited frame of reference used by the American Taliban Party Republicans.

      You rich, older, sexist, elitist, overly religious, deceptive, anti-union, anti-stem cell research, anti-evolution, bigoted white guy Taliban Republicans give me a pain.

  • Michael P Reed Sr.

    What is wrong with you people? I did not like Bush either, but to blame him for a that democratic fiasco is beyond belief. You people want to you him as a scapegoat for failed democratic fiscal policies. Who do you think was running congress while Bush was in office? Try pelosi, boxer, reid, and more like minde dems and rinos. They made up the budgets and would omly compromise so far in order to get what they wanted. If Bush vetoed their budget, they just overroad his veto. So all you blame gamers need to look at the top dogs of the democratic party and the rinos who got us into this mess, not Bush. And for the record, I am not a dem or rep. I am a Constitutionlist.

    • 788eddie

      You have got to be kidding (or at least trying to kid us). For six out of eight George W. administration years, Republicans controlled both houses of congress and the executive branch, not to mention a conservative Supreme Court. You might want to blame the Dems, but it’s time to let the blame fall where it belongs; on those who were in control.

      • ObozoMustGo

        788… does that mean that since Obozo had a DemocRAT controlled congress with supermajority for 2 years that you blame him for his lack of ability to make any progress with the economy?

    • ObozoMustGo

      Mike… I think you’ll find that there are not too many objective people here in this sea of leftist insanity. These people would vote for Obozo even if he was caught on tape performing lewd acts with a minor. Get used to it. This place is hardest left of the hard left.

      Thank you for your service to America, my friend.

      Have a nice day!

    • dalnb

      The “True Crime” is this entire mess has been the DEDCIATED EFFORTS of GOP Leaders to see that our elected president fails. The failure of any president is a failure of America!

      Mitch McConnell swore in 2008 the Republicans would do everything they could do to see Obama failed and he again stated that objective in 2010. The GOP has fought every effort directed toward national recovery and spent billions of dollars creating hate and discontent against the Obama Administration (Internal Development techniques from the Vietnam War) at a huge cost to tax payers and national recovery.

      We should have been well on our way to recovery and we would have had the Republicans done their job as we expect elected officials to do rather than spend their time and resources ensuring an Obama failure!

      • Mitch McConnell is a practicing necrophiliac. Look it up.

        • ObozoMustGo

          He’d have to be, by definition. McConnel’s already a corpse! hehehehe

          Have a nice day, Bigblunder!


  • William Deutschlander

    The 8 years of the G W Bush Administration are among the worst in the history of the U S A.

    They repeatedly funded wars and programs off the budget, off the books, just like ENRON!

    The G W Bush Administration, 2000 – 2008 destroyed the U S ECONOMY and the WORLD ECONOMY and the REPUBLICAN, GOP, continues to propose the continuation of those same, quasi legal, FAILED POLICIES that have destroyed the U S A FINANCIALY.

    Of the 17 TRILLION DOLLAR NATIONAL DEBT, 14 TRILLION DOLLARS of the National Debt is directly attributable to Reagan, H W Bush & G W Bush Administrations and their FAILED ECONOMIC and TAX POLICIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • dalnb

      The three greatest over-spenders of our nations GDP were Little Bush (the highest overspending), his father (second highest) and Reagan the third highest.

      Little Bush added thousands of new jobs into the federal government increasing not only the numbers of federal employees but billions of dollars in wages and benefits. These jobs were taken out of the private sector resulting in numerous small businesses going broke and closing down. Wages for senators and congressman and their staffs went up drastically under the Bush Administration. Some costs for White House services increased by over 800% while Bush was President.

      • ObozoMustGo

        dumb…. Looks like you and Nazi Bill went to the same indoctrination camps where among all of the leftist nutjob ideas you learned, the one thing you most share in common is an IQ, that when combine with one another, is still in the single digits.

        Have a nice weekend!

        • geno4red

          Calling people names and continuing the lie will not make it true or change people’s minds. You have 8 years of loading horse manure on a pile and then you give someone 3 years and a sand shovel and expect them to move it all, you are sadly mistaken. Stupid is as stupid does, you believe foolish lies you will continue to be fooled.

          • ObozoMustGo

            geno… Obozo has had 3.5 years, 2 of which with complete DemocRAT control over the government, and if Bush created a problem, why hasnt Obozo been able to fix it? His whole campaign argument is: “I was not successful in my first term, but I’ll keep doing more of the same and it will work next time around. Trust me!” What the hell kind of argument is that? Aparently only one that the most hardcore useful idiots believe. Like Einstein said, insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. You leftist nutjobs are clearly insane.

            By the way, what’s the meaning behind your name geno4red? Just curious.

            Have a nice day!

          • u r really that stupid….wow bozo u must go

          • ObozoMustGo

            Ron… what part of the following statement is stupid?

            >”Obozo has had 3.5 years, 2 of which with complete DemocRAT control over the government, and if Bush created a problem, why hasnt Obozo been able to fix it?”<

            Reading your writing, I'm reasonably confident that if a "stupid contest" were to to break out, Vegas will have you as the odds on favorite!

            Have a nice day!

        • Your posts follow a pattern of being emotionalistic rants. You can’t analyse a thing, so find another hobby.

    • ObozoMustGo

      Nazi Bill… you are such a blind moron, you cant even look at simple numbers. I’ll bet you’d vote for Obozo if he was caught raping boys in the showers, wouldn’t you?

      See you later Nazi Bill!

      • big_paulie

        You offer NOTHING tangible in your arguments. The main thrust of your debate is to tear down anyone who differs with your point of view.
        Facts are facts. When President Clinton left office, our country was coming
        off 8 years of prosperity. Debt virtually disappeared. Jobs were up. Minimum unemployment.
        8 years later we were staring down the throat of another DEPRESSION. A PHONY WAR (on 2 fronts), coupled with massive tax reductions for the top 1%. Guess who paid for that! There is your “trickle down theory” put into practise.
        And the only way your type justifies this UNMITIGATED DISASTER is with
        juvunile name-calling. A by-product of our wonderful education system. The one that graduates morons who think the earth is flat and big-foot exists.
        Yes, I am a hypocrite for “name-calling”. Just seams appropriate!

        • ObozoMustGo

          big… something tells me that it’s about time you seriously begin to consider salad for your next 4000 meals!

          Facts ARE facts, but you dont get to make up your own. Clinton’s term was characterized by a slow economy to start, a take over of Congress by Gingrich and Repubs, welfare reform and a somewhat return to fiscal sanity because of that takeover that resulted in a balanced budget by the end of his term. You leftist nutjobs continually demonstrate your ignorance by confusing lack of a budget deficit (balanced budged) with national debt. When Clinton left office, our national debt was under $6T. 8 years later when Bush left, it was a little over $10T. That’s bad. But Obozo in 3.5 years has run that number up to $16TRILLION which now exceeds our GDP.

          Phony wars? Tell that to Obozo who has continued Bush’s policies and has even now committed to keeping us in Afghan until 2024. And before you blurt it out, we still have people in Iraq.

          Massive Tax Cuts? You mean the one’s Obozo argued should be extended and then signed the extension into law? Those massive tax cuts from top rate of 39% to 35%? That MASSIVE 4% decrease? You are an idiot if you call that massive. Well, you’re an idiot anyway, obviously, but that’s beside the point.

          How exactly is a tax cut “paid for”? You leftists idiots throw this phrase around, but in English it means nothing. How exactly does letting people keep more of their OWN private earnings somehow need to be “paid for”? How stupid are you morons to believe this crap?

          Re: name calling. It’s not name calling if it’s true. You, and many on here, are leftist nutjobs and useful idiots committed to the ideas of socialism. You adhere to the Marxist world of proletariat vs. bourgeois class warfare mentality. Anyone that believes that nonsese in the face of 100 years of utter failure EVERYWHERE is, in fact, a stone-cold moron!

          Have a nice day!

      • geno4red

        What a sharp debater you are!!! I can hardly wait for your next burst of genious!!

        • ObozoMustGo

          Debate????? Are you kidding? Nazi Bill is a hardcore committed leftist nutjob and he’s actually stupid. And you cant argue with stupid! Sorry, just cant.

          Have a nice day!

      • I can tell by your most eloquent statements concerning your views that not only are you college educated but a veteran of our military as well you are truly wasting your talents, someone with your wit and charisma should be running for public office

      • omg……you are a real f***ing genius type!

    • catball

      If another Republican gets elected, this country is finished as we know it. All the programs that are good for the people they will stop.

      when an election can be bought our democracy is gone.

  • catlady53

    I do blame Bush, not Obama, for the situation we are in now. I also believe that if Gore had been president instead of Bush, which he should have been, since he REALLY won that election, but he was totally screwed out of it by the Electoral College voting, the Supreme Court not allowing a recount (oh, they knew!), and the State of Florida’s cheating election system. You all remember, don’t you? I believe there would have been no IRAQ, and there would be 4000+ of our young men and women alive today, and only God knows how many arms and legs that were blown off by bombs on the roads of Iraq, and perhaps our name would be more respected all over the world. THERE, I’VE SAID IT! I’VE BELIEVED IT FOR SO LONG, AND NOW IT’S OUT!
    Politicians, bah, humbug!

    • Jerpell

      Funny how you conveniently forgot we were attacked in New York! Just keep sticking your head in the sand even further you buffoon!
      The past 4 years of the Obama administration were the absolute worst 4 years this country has had to endure, I will take years to repair his socialist mess. Socialism can’t last forever, sooner or later you will run out of other peoples money to prop it up! Open your liberal eyes and look at whats going on in Europe!

      • Jerkpull — how can you be so stupid?

        • Jerpell

          Hey Bigstupid, Liberals always seem to let FACTS get in the way of a good story!

          • UTGDI

            Fact – We were attacked in New York.

            Speculation – Retaliation in Afghanistan to take down the Taliban was a direct result, and would have happened regardless of which party was in the White House.

            Personal guess — A President Gore would not have pushed as hard to go to war with IRAQ.

            Your opinion – Ref: The four worst years in american history.

            Others are also entitled to opinion about the cause of the downturn in the economy that has sparkedthis recession.

            Useless exercise — Continuous blaming from all parties, instead of developing an action plan for repairing that economy.

            BigSpender — Please make a point instead of personal attacks.


          • ObozoMustGo

            UT… a well reasoned and fair response to the rabid anit-Bush hatred that runs so deep around here. For crying out loud, the dude’s been gone for 4 years. Get over it.

            Have a nice day!

          • Jerpell

            I’ll make a point Pin Head,…..In 1996 Chris Dodd and Barney Franks thought that it was a good idea to let low income people into home ownership…Hmmm….The rest my friends is …………..HISTORY!
            BUT…The media, as in left loony media will never and I mean NEVER let the facts get in the way of a good story!

          • UTGDI

            Pin Head — Hmm .. now that was a bit off target. I believe that you may be a Factor fan. Nothing wrong with that. I believe that home ownership is one of those pursuits that all have a right to pursue. My guess is that this 1996 bill had something to do with establishing or expanding the Sallie Mae / Freddie Mac mechanisms of loaning money. I would agree that if this is so, there is some evidence that providing money to overleveraged buyers contributed to the economic collapse in 2008.

            Potentially the unregulated derivatives that the financial houses put together to sell these sub-prime loans to the world contributed as well. In fact if I understand things correctly, there may be another bubble about burst in the commercial real estate market. Then again I am no expert.

            BTW I am sure that the out of control spending and tax cuts by the previous administration, and yes the Democratic congress was involved, would to this layman have some part in the economic problems and recession that hit in 2008. My point is that we can waste time trying to determine whose to blame, or we can work to make the future more secure for everyone. Learning from history is a laudable exercise, as many have said in this forum — quoting a smarter man than me “If you do not learn from history, you are bound to repeat it.”

            By the way, I’ll take your challenges for someone to provide facts as a rhetorical question in the future. Since you do not seem to want to see anything that does not fall within your view of the world. I, my friend, even broke down what was not fact,so as not to confuse you or others with opinion and speculation.

            Guessing that you are likely a culture warrior also, so as another of the FOX News cadre of talking heads says “Let not your heart be troubled.”

            Good day to you.

          • oldtack

            Jerk pell,
            As much as we would desire to help you – you are what you are with no hope. Just a just a far right wing nut idiot with no inkling of reality.You’re not one of those Evangelical Ultra Conservative Moral Majority Christian nuts also are you?

        • ObozoMustGo

          Bigblunder… he must have been imitating you! 🙂

          Have a nice day!

      • mrgwr42

        hey dumbass Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction and Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with Sept 11. We should have been focused full force on Afghanistan from the get go and all we did in Iraq was destabilize it and open the door for unstable elements to have influence in Iraq because we managed to alienate them in the process of getting rid of Saddam. Remember the reports of our soldiers terrorizing Iraqi citizens and various other misdeeds while we were supposedly rebuilding Iraq. I seem to remember that after Bush left office we finally got Osama bin Laden. Bush had absolutely no success in doing that. And your crying of Socialism is bullshit. Bush was the worst President by far and was a complete and total idiot. Obama will never be that bad. The fact is half of the Republicans are neo-facists and are much worse than any liberal. They lie and tell stories and do everything possible to battle against their own government and this isn’t productive it just causes continued animocity and solves no problems. They would rather fight against Obama just in the name of fighting against Obama and do nothing productive in the meantime. This is childish and petty and doesn’t do anything to serve our country and the people of this country. Grow the fuck up. We need cooperation and not petty bickering to solve problems facing our nation not finger pointing and blame games.

      • ObozoMustGo

        Hey Jerp… if they are leftist nutjobs, by definition their eyes are closed and they’re pretty much brain dead. Next thing you know these idiots are going to say is that they blame Europe’s failing socialist democracies on Bush! You watch, there will be a moron on here that will try to take that issue on.

        The depth of how stupid, I mean literally stupid, these leftist nutjobs and useful idiots on The Memo are is absolutely stunning! Look at the “moron” just ooze from most of their posts, especially catlady. What a fool!

        Keep fighting the good fight.

        Have a nice weekend.

  • ObozoMustGo

    ESPN has posted the scores for today….

  • What Obama inherited was a pile of manure, a legacy of the supreme court and the 59 millions dumbs whom vote to re-elect Bush and his gang.

    • ObozoMustGo

      LAB… What has Obozo done to fix the problems? 167 fundraisers and 150 rounds of golf? Come on, what has he done?

      Have a nice day!

      • Justin Napolitano

        I didn’t write this but it is in answer to your question.

        The unemployment rate is down to its lowest level in 5 years. 26 straight months of Private Sector Job Growth, 10 straight quarters of Economic Job Growth and the best sustained growth in Manufacturing in 2 decades. Not to mention (but I will) Stock Markets are seeing Dow Jones rises to four-year high, The broad S&P 500 index tops the 1,400 mark for the first time since the financial crisis began and Nasdaq is Soaring. GM is once again the number one car company in the world. Chrysler’s improved financial performance pushed its value to $7.5 billion at the end of 2011, a 56 percent gain from its 2010 value of $4.8 billion. Chrysler had its best profit in 13 years, net profit is up 300% in the 1st quarter of 2012. Added 9500 jobs since June 2009. Only $1.3 billion debt left to pay back. And Osama Bin Laden sleeps with the fishes at the bottom of the deep, dark ocean floor.

        • ObozoMustGo

          JNap… you are looking stupid by posting this statement. You are not even citing facts, but crap you make up or take off of Obozo’s website. Don’t look like a complete fool like half of the useful idiots on this web site.

          When Obozo came into office, the unemployment rate was 7.3% and he said in his own words that “if we passed the $800B stimulus, unemployment should not go over 8%”…… those were his words, not mine.

          As well, since you are most likely a college kid or recent graduate of a Leftist Seminary (a modern US college or univeristy), what you don’t realize is how manipulating the math can be at presenting unemployment numbers, and that there are actually different measurements of unemployment that are much more accurate. Look up what U6 measures for unemployment. You’ll educate yourself.

          But for starters, the real reason unemployment number is coming down is that the number of total jobs available is going down. In other words, the denominator part of the fraction keeps getting smaller as more and more people drop off the unemployment rolls and stop looking for work. It also does not account for those who may have been an accountant, but who are now working the makeup counter at Target, the underemployed.

          I challenge you to learn about the actual ways that unemployment is calculated, and then learn about the different measurements of unemployment ranging from U1 to U2 on up to U6.

          Do that and then you wont get caught making such a stupid mistake when you make a public statement.


          1) GM is NOT an American car company. Sorry, but it’s not. 2/3 of its workers are overseas and they just announced last week that 7 out of every 10 cars they make will be made overseas. Congratulations unions! You’ve driven your company overseas and you’ve successfully extorted money from US taxpayers to finance those overseas jobs. Great work!

          2) Stock market likes Ben Bernanke’s free money printing press, not Obozo’s socialist policies and class warfare rhetoric, dude. Get a clue!

          3) Both GM and Chrysler took taxpayer bailouts for hundreds of billions, most of that was equity which is NOT counted as loans and will therefore NOT be paid off.

          4) Obozo sure did a great job flying to Pakistan to kill OBL and then drop him in the ocean….. ohhh…. wait….. you mean Navy SEALS did that, not Obozo?….. and you mean that Obozo was playing golf and didnt even know that the raid was going on until he was summoned to the White House from the 9th hole? You mean that great accomplishment?

          Get a clue, dude! Get a clue. Don’t be a friggin moron.

          Have a nice day, JNap!

  • It is refrehing to hear the truth for a change!!Any fool knows President Obama can’t be responsible for what happend before he was in office.Bush is responsible,butRepublican leaders will continue to lie as always and cast President Obama as the “Boogie Man”.They are not to be trusted.They want the economy to tank.That’s why they fight everything that might help the economy.Thier policies got us here.They have bought the system.The have, and the have more!!

    • ObozoMustGo

      What exactly has Obozo done to fix the “problems he inherited”? And what role did DemocRAT control of the Congress since 2006 play in the creation of those so-called “problems he inherited”?

      Any takers?

      Have a nice day!

  • Only the most ignorant ideological zealots fail to acknowledge the damage done to this nation by the GWB administration. Then they claim Obama is a failure because he hasn’t been able to wave a magic wand and fix all the problems overnight. If you’re an ostrich, join the tea party. You’ll fit in well with those people.

  • enitch

    From a conversation I had with a friend a few weeks ago.

    I’ll make you a deal , If I vote for Mitt Romney in 2012, Because he is the lesser of two evils, And I would think out of all the millions of people in the US their should be someone better than all the corrupt IDIOTS that we have on capital hill. That you vote for me in 2016, Because I don’t think this country will change at all, not one bit. 1. I’m for term limits on congress, 2. get rid of foreign aid countries will need to reapply for aid , and they will only get whatever they got in the year 1950, the money saved on foreign aid will be used to rebuild the US infrastructure ,roads, bridges, etc., 3.Only American citizens can apply for these jobs, 4.All military Bases in the US will be repositioned right on the southern border of Texas,Arizona, New Mexico, and California, all service men on duty will be viven orders shoot to kill anyone that tries crossing, Thats some of my plans, I have a few more for the gay’s, Oil drilling would be allowed in the US wherever we have oil reserves, And the do-gooder groups who want to save the spotted owl’s ,can shove it, were drilling for oil, not hunting, the animals can just move on down the road, just like they’ve done for thousands of years.

    Thats not all, But thats enough for now.
    What do ya say.

  • enitch

    Did I tell you about the two new Naval bases Houston and Miami, to protect our off shore drilling and keep out all of the drug cartels coming from south America & Mexico.

  • George W was a weapon of mass destruction!

  • George W and GOP are weapons of mass destruction of our economy.

  • howa4x

    And Romney wants a redo or the Bush years. what’s he thinking??

  • dalnb

    Regardless of the facts and how often they are revealed the radical right will continue to ignore the Bush mess and insist our national problems have been created by Obama.

    Most amazing to me is the claim that by increasing taxes we will hurt employment. President Clinton increased taxes and America flourished; Bush reduced taxes and our economy and employment went to hell! When Obama said he was going to repeal the Bush tax cuts on the most- wealthy the Republicans said it would stop job development and hurt our economy; Obama backed off but we have never seen the wealthy jump in to develop new jobs or help our economy.

    The GOP is best at “Internal Development” and in keeping America from recovering from eight years of Bush!

    • UTGDI

      If everyone is going to point fingers, lets just remember that when you do three are pointing back at you (fingers that is).

      Both parties have contributed to the deficit, it seems like they, politicians, run on the fact that they will rein in the growing national debt. Once elected they continue to expand it. Now I am no expert, but I do try to pay attention, and here are some observations.

      1. The national debt did raise dramatically during the Reagan administration. NOTE: The USSR as we knew it during the “Cold War” was defeated without a shot being fired to bring it about. The President rebuilt the Military, and equipped it to be a deterrent, after several years of neglect. As has been pointed out on other posts — DEFENSE — is one of the enumerated purposes of our national government.

      2. President George H W Bush looked to continue many policies, but was not as effective as the “Great Communicator” at guiding the economic ship. He failed to recognize that the regular person on the street was not doing well economically. The group thinking led to his defeat to a masterful politician.

      3. President Bill Clinton — I am sorry to say was failing after the first two years of his administration to lead the country because he could not control his own party’s desires. Once the mid-term election came along, he was able to push through, or in some cases sign legislation passed by a republican majority, that reminded us that there is a separation of powers.

      Side Note: President (Executive Branch) Executes policy, and sets the agenda. Congress (Legislative Branch) holds the purse strings and passes laws to direct the country. Last but not least the Supreme Court (Judicial Branch) is there to determine if the policies and actions of the government are constitutional, if not, then the law is struct down and the other branches have a chance to reset and try again.

      So there was passed a Line Item Veto and both parties worked to balance the budget. Through finding efficiencies in how things were done, some budget cuts, and yes even targeted tax cuts to induce desired behavior. Other parties had their taxes raised. Argue what you may about his personal demons, or how the legislation was passed, but when he left office there was I believe a $1 Trillion surplus over the next ten year period.

      4. Enter President George W, Bush — He determines that with that kind of surplus it is best to return it to the people, in this case it was by and large the wealthiest americans. Did he do anything for the poor, Yes I remember some payroll tax cuts, and lest we forget the Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage. Another entitlement, that is quite expensive, though many would argue necessary. Seniors do not have to choose between eating or getting critical medications to prolong their lives or improve its quality. 9/11 took its toll, many corporate scandals rocked the publics confidence in many of its institutions. Then we went to war, all without asking the nation to share the pain by doing without. Instead we bankrolled these efforts on the credit card, while continuing the tax cuts for the wealthy. The Housing bubble burst among other bubbles, and the public saw their 401K tank, homes began being reposessed and many lost trust in government.

      5. Enter President Barak Hussein Obama, he is graced with control of both chambers of congress. He is also saddled with the vision he portrayed that he would reach across the aisle to work with the Republicans. He squandered many opportunities by moving slowly, only to be condemned that he was not working with the other party. He caved to many of the spending ideas that his own party wanted passed, and was rebuked during the mid term elections. The republicans were emboldened by the fact that thier delaying tacktics worked, and have since actively worked to block most any legislation that they feel would put the President in a good light. Then decry the lack of leadership on his part. Let us not forget the Healthcare Affordability Act (aka ObamaCare).

      I believe that both parties have plenty to answer for. Any extra money is either spent on pet projects (Democrats primarily, but Republicans have been known to do this also), or refunded through tax cuts (Primarily Republicans though as mentioned Targeted by Democrats). Seldom do either party get serious about cutting unnecessary programs, or doing without a few of those fancy toys that the military believes they need.

      So get over the finger pointing — There is plenty of blame to go around — Put the country before the party and represent all your constituents, not just those with the big checks. — I’ll step off the soapbox and let you all have a chance tothrow a grenade or two.

  • well! if anyone has inteligence
    which is rare! Bush and his cronies who made Billions
    have allot to answer for the kaos andm much economic misery

    So to support any Republican would be madness reckless and suicidal !
    if one understood all the facts since 1980
    as they are guilty of daylight robbery

  • ABkr

    In an earlier post by Nom_DeGuerreNom_DeGuerreDeGuerre’s
    I have little doubt that he would have fired those in his organization who did everything they could do to see he failed. Fortunately our government is set up to function in such a mode – unfortunately we from time-to-time end up with a dysfunctional group as we have seen in our current Congress and some in the Senate who have set out to see our President fails. He would have fired them – we have too put up with them;; — and America continues to suffer not from failures of Obama but by the manipulated and near criminal actions of people like Mitch McConnell and his “followers”


  • For 30+ years, the Republicans have told America that tax-cuts, for billionairres, and trillionairres, are the ONLY way to stimulate economic growth.

    But, WHERE is the PROOF?

    Where are the factories? Where is JOB SECURITY?

    The Republicans will only say that their programs will “Just take TIME, to work”, but they never say how MUCH time we should give their programs.

    What I mean is this:

    When I, or any other blue, or white, collar, worker is employed, we are provided a set deadline, to complete our work. If WE tell our employers that un-completed work will “Just take time”, but that it will be done “Eventually”, guess how long we will retain OUR jobs.

    Why shouldn’t we hold the Republicans to this same standard?

    Atleast President Obama has tried to set deadlines, for many goals, only to be bitterly rebuked, by the Republicans. Everytime the president says “Now is the time to act!”, the Republicans filibuster.

    A Republican can, always, be counted upon to say “Laizay Fare”, or, in English, “Leave it alone”. The party policy has been to let problems fester in the hope that the cause, of the problem, will, simply, die out, on its own.

    30+ years, of job-losses is proof of this.

    It all comes down to this:

    If a person does not mind paying as much as $10 per gallon of gas, to finance Republican election campaigns, while the party invades more non-aggressor nations, then vote Republican, with my blessing.

    If, however, a person wants to pay $2.50 per gallon of gas, and have a president who practices Peace, and Understanding, then President Obama should be the persons choice.

    Vote your wallet, this fall.

    Its just that simple.

  • karinursula

    Bush got us into 2 wars. The Iraq war was only possible because of his blatant lies. Not just his lies but his cronies too. Cheney comes to mind. Those trillions of dollars that was spend was the beginning of the end. Why anyone can’t see this, is beyond me. Than he bailed out the banks, who are still just as arrogant today as they where in 2008. At least the bail-out of the auto industry brought us jobs and profits. Now I read, that Romney claims that as his own idea. When I read about the Ryan plan, I really get scared, but especially since Romney supports that plan. What the american don’t seem to understand that his plan would hurt the average person not the rich.

  • nursecrd

    Let us take a moment to look at another side of this. Yes, Bush II was in office as things went down the toilet but who was in power in congress during Bush II’s second term? Democrats were in charge of congress at that time and they put into play several bills that have put us where we are today.

    I did not like Bush II than and I still do not like him now, but he is not totally to blame for the pickle we are in today. For three plus years, this has been Obama’s economy and the policies put forth by him and by the Democratic congress in the first two years of his term have contributed to the continued economic malaise that is still with us today.

  • The Bush Administration is TOTALLY to blame for the economic downturn. I agree with the statement in this article that “Romney’s plan is like Bush’s on steroids”. The choice is this; do we want to continue to move forward and continue to improve the economy, no matter how slow (thanks to the GOP) or do you want to return to the disaster we dealt with for 8 years. I choose to move forward and will vote for Obama in 2012.

  • Bush is to blame. Clinton resinded the Glass Stein Act and Bush allowed the financial Terriorists full reign. And we all know how well that worked out. Of you don’t know your history you are destined to repeat it. Unnecessary Iraq War–which took millions from the Social security funds. Bush/Cheney SHOULD BE BLAMED FOR WHAT WE AMERICANS HAVE TO GO THROUGH NOW. Don’t forget Bush gave us the Supreme Court that made Corporations PEOPLE! MNow the Plutocrats really run the country.

  • 212american

    Everyone knows the Bush took the surplus and turned it into a national debt while in office. Lest not forget congress and their failure to enact any bill helping the middle and lower class. I recall them constantly in front of the media laughing about these failures to do the job they were appointed, insulting President Obama along the way. Now, apparently they think americans have short memories. They have and if given further opportunity, will continue to turn Americans into rent-paying welfare individuals, who only wanted a job to go to to support their families and pay their mortgages. And that should not be a request, but an american privledge. Maybe these rich fat cats should have thought of that when they sent our jobs overseas!

    • ObozoMustGo

      212… I keep hearing this lefty mantra of “helping the middle and lower class”. What exactly do you mean by “help”?

      • EdC

        Paying jobs rebuilding the infa structure! Private enterprise doesn’t build roads by themselves, Private sector, does supply jobs with government grants. With Union pay, not cheap charlie, others in the neighborhood benefit from decent paid labor, If they aren’t paid well the churches have to come up with the necessary supplys to keep them fed, and the employer gets away with stealing government money.

        • ObozoMustGo

          Ed, where does the government get money from?

      • 212american

        What??? is the question too difficult for you to figure out genious?

        Adele D. Chavez

        Subject: [thenationalmemo] Re: Poll: Americans Still Blame Bush More Than Obama For Economic Woes

        • ObozoMustGo

          212… what do you mean by “help the middle and lower class”? Give specifics, please, not platitudes.

          Have a nice day!

          • 212american

            I could not make it anymore specific than what I typed. Maybe it would be better if you researched my comments.
            Adele D. Chavez

            Subject: [thenationalmemo] Re: Poll: Americans Still Blame Bush More Than Obama For Economic Woes

          • ObozoMustGo

            212… you have not defined what “help” is. Does it mean government should give them free X-Boxes? Does it mean the government pays for their gas? Does it mean that the government buys their iPhones?

            What does “help the middle class” mean exactly? Why cant you answer with real answers?

            Have a nice day!

      • 212american

        after reading your comments…you are a BOZO!

        Adele D. Chavez

        Subject: [thenationalmemo] Re: Poll: Americans Still Blame Bush More Than Obama For Economic Woes

        • ObozoMustGo

          212… just answer the question with examples of what you call “help” please. It’s not that hard. In your mind, what does “help” mean?

          Have a nice day!

  • azindepend

    I don’t care for what Obama has done – BUT .. w is to blame for the poor economic situation we are in … I still think the repub’s have given us only one (maybe 2) good presidents .. and one was shot in office attending a play.

    • Genold

      Perhaps we can say that given 1865 Lincoln was a Republican. However the Republican party of that time would be considered the Democratic Party today. It is a difficult historical thing to understand, but Lincoln were he to be alive today, would be a Democratic politician.

  • azindepend

    While I do not like what O has done … w is the WORST excuse for a president EVER .. and they had to give his vp a heart so he could be different from mr. spock .. who also did not have a heart ..

    • Genold

      That is an insult to Vulcans and especially Ambassador Spock. If anything that Cheney “thing” more closely resembled a Ferengi.

  • oldtack

    In reading everyone of the blurbs on this forum today I can sum it all up in this scenario.

    The Liberals are on one side with one central message – GWB was the most ignorant crooked bastard that ever graced the White House and he and Dick the rat are to blame for all of our present woes!! On the other side is the the conservatives are echoing the same words with different characters. Their wail is Obama is the worst excuse of a leader this government ever had. He is nothing but a coniving Socialist bastard that is leading this country down the slippery slope to destruction!!!

    Just one thing wrong folks. The Presidency is the Executive part of our System. All of the dubious programs and laws were introduced, passed on and approved by whom? You guessed it? Yes, the Legislative branch of our Systme comprised of Democrats, Republicans, Independents and Libertarians. And – this is the way it is meant ot work. Our problem is, yes,- the overwhelming majority of Career Politician galley-rats that disgrace the hallowed halls. We can cuss and discuss the office of President and call the holder of that office any kind of bastard we wish, but what WE THE PEOPLE should be doing is purging the corruption from the House and Senate. Elect young bloods with a vision and give them the directive to clean up the mess Carrer galley rats have created.

    • bigspender7

      We tried that in 2010 and look what we got. The HOUSE is now full of scurvy slimeballs without the common sense God gave a goose. You want more of that?

      • oldtack

        No WE THE PEOPLE did not try this in 2010. We sat on our over confident butts comforted in our erroreous belief that we would triumph. While we sat complacently on our do nothing butts the new ones on the Political block (The Tea Party) went all out to dislodge anyone they even imagined was not a true conservative in their party and effectively targeted thos they wished to see displaced in the Democrat side. To our chagrin and embarrassment they were sucessful and the Democrat Party found itself on the outside looking in.

        Granted – among the masses that the Tea Party got elected there are some goofballs and loose cannons but there are some that have promise – they have learned and some will be those that will stand up for Country rather than Party.

        If we do the same thing this election as we did in 2010 and in the recent Wisconsin recall (running an old career politician that had been defeated by Walker in the last election) then we can kiss our Party goodbye as we watch it flush down the toilet.WE THE PEOPLE have to get off our complaining butts and work hard in a positive attitude . We need to emulate the TP and oust the old hands and work hard ot unseat old Republicans that are a liability rather than an asset.

  • lelin1156

    There is no way anyone could blame the economic problems on President Obama. It is 100% George W Bush’s fault. He was the worse President besides Nixon in my opinion.
    How the people voted for him twice is beyond me. I can say I new not to trust him and did not vote for him either time. I did vote for President Obama. If I was still living in the states I would do it again however, I now live in Puerto Rico and can’t vote.

  • I also agree what happened to our economy is bushs fault and those repubs are puposely sabotoging our economy just to try to make our President look bad because they are a bunch of racists ASSBAGS.

  • EdC

    The Nazis were extreme RIGHT not left, Indoctranation is a product of the right, lies thaty want you to believe, very much like the Republican party, this is for Obozo’s comment about Nazi Bill

  • EdC

    You really can sink to a new low can’t you. again to Obozo’s commednt about rapeing young boys

  • EdC

    dalnb, if it were the dems doing such about a republican they would be called traitors., In Fact bachman West and Isasis have called them traitors. In my unworthy opinion it seems to me that anyone who sides with companies that ship out jobs to other countries, and that take immoral tax breaks, instead of siding with the people, are the real traitors, especially since they lie about their true intentions.

  • The sum of 52% and 68% is 120%. What am I missing?

  • Betosr

    Los dos Bushes are royal F***-**, they and the republicans of today are messing everything up. Why do I blame them? They refuse to work with the democrates and the American Public. They seem to think that the riches Butts have to be kissed, not only kissed but frenched. They have to sign a something or the other so taxes won’t be raised for the rich, if they do or even attempt to raise taxes, out they go. How brown are there kissers. Anyone that is elected, either demo or rep. will have the hardest time getting things done. Reason being, the demos are just as stuborn as the Rep. America will suffer for the rest of history. All we can do is sit back and enjoy the fireworks and keep on believing that voting will change things. How dumb are we. May God Bless us.

  • Love all these comments. I am just a regular American. I am not Democratic or Republican and have no idea what left or right wing is for. All I can say is this; the majority of Americans are hurting in many, many ways. Jobs, finances, housing and the necessity and rent prices that keep climbing and climbing but the employers that do not give much of a raise once a year at all. I have to agree that Bush did start the ball rolling. Obama was faced with huge decisions when he came into office, much bigger than most Presidents in history have had to face. The meltdown of the mortgages, handouts to these huge corporations that are too big to let fail, the unnecessary war in Iraq and lots more. Then, here comes all these crazy politicians elected in who won’t budge for anything that is wanted and what seems to be good for the general public. Back then the general public was pushing for a clean sweep of all congress and Senators and it didn’t happen. In my own opinion, Obama is the better one to be elected in this year. Romney, while I really listened to him to give him a fair chance, his stance on things seem to be wishy washy and he says what is right for the moment. Quite frankly, if he is elected, I will brace myself for the aftermath and pray that I am wrong.

    You know I also read all of that finger pointing and spouting off at the mouth by lots of you. Well, if all of you are so incensed by the future of this country, lets do something about it. Congress and the Senate have so many corporations and interests depositing money in their pockets for votes, they sway toward what will benefit them personally, not what we put them there for, We the People. We need to stand up and be noticed and not take this anymore from our elected officials. It seems that all most people seem to do is just take what is dished out and then bitch about it without doing anything at all.

    What I am saying is, we need to take back this country and get it under control again. My vote is going for Obama because with him, I know what to expect and I believe it is the better choice.

  • republicans, stop dreaming your candidate will never be president. he does not have what it takes to beat president barack obama, all of you are losers, and liars. stop spreading lies about our president.

  • wjdai

    I am Walter J Jones. I told you and all who read your commentaries, over four years ago that the Bush administration had the USofA’s economy going straight to hell in it’s downward spiral and no president, or administration, or congress or groups would be able to turn it around. Not in ten years and not in fifteen years. The President, Congress, Banks and Insurance companies, and the Wealthy and the Middle Class, and all, participating together to stop the down to hell spiral of the USofA,s economy and bring it back to an economy that benefits every America as should be.

    I am a ‘liberal democrat’. I voted for Ike twice. I voted for Nixon one time while being a democrat. I do not vote party. I vote for the best “MAN”: so far, Obama is the “Man.”

  • geno4red

    AND well they should. it is only a Republican myth that Obama caused or is continuing the resession. It came because the Bushman and Big Dick Chaney want a war to feed their friends millions. Now we are broke and the guy that was left with the mess and trying to clean it up, is to blame. Folls, why would any sane person believe that. If the positions were reversed, whould they believe such nonsense? NO!

  • How in the world did you come to this idea. georgie bush is not liable for the time he was the leader of this country. You should ask the republican and tea party how they can blame President Obama for the economic mess we are in. The just lie and lie and with all the money, big money they get from the corporations, (remember the corporations are people too) insurance big business from overseas, they can give their reublican/tea party senators/congressman exactly what to say. And fox who leans toward republcan/ tea party philosophy. All I have heard from the above listed parties that President Obama is responsible and the are for the present problems.
    Need I remind you that the republican/tea party members are in the congress also??? They want the President Obama be a one term president and will do anything to stop him and his propgrams and will drag this country down and they don’t give a crap what happens to the people. Thank you very much for bringing this up and I hope it appears again and again. georgie bush don,t forget is the first The first president to be labled a war criminal.

  • joyscarbo

    A great many Americans believe this because they would be living in the REAL WORLD and understand REAL facts!!!

  • joyscarbo

    George W Bush is the worst president in American history. There isn’t space enough here to go into all the questionable, unethical and illegal crap that his leadership and administration was responsible for….it’s disgusting that ANY person with a functioning brain can think he was anything but BAD for our country. No one can possibly co-sign his outrageous actions. How embarrassing is it that we- as a nation- claim to be the “moral example” to the rest of the world and actually allowed W to be president??!!!

  • If You Read Best Seller Author Robert Draper Book ” Don’t Ask What Good We Do” Where The GOP Leaders Had A Close Door Meeting To Make Our POTUS An One Term President The First Day He Took Office!! And Swearing Not To Help Him In No Way To Recover From This Depression We’re In!! Now Here Come Romney Who Never Create A Job!! Only Been Either Firing Laying Off Or Shipping Them Overseas!! GOP/Tea Party Our Very Own Home Grown Terrorists Cells Operating In Plain Sight!!!

  • I use to blame my teachers for not getting a passing grade. I use to blame my X for the bankruptsy. I use to blame the insurance company for not letting me purchase insurance after a DUI.
    I am so glad I grew up and realized that the blame game is only for Losers.

  • the policies and most plans of our president only take effect after they leave office like the stink in a bathroom.

  • skyscraper14

    I have yet to find someone who knows why we went to war in Iraq. We lost more Americans
    there than in 911. Any 3rd grader could tell you that you don’t go to war and give everyone
    a tax break !!!!!!

    • ExPAVIC

      Cheney and Bush were told Hussein had WMDs which was a fairy tale.

      Collin Powell is still pissed about getting bum information and making the infamous Weapons of Mass Destruction speech before the UN General Assembly and looking like a clown.

      Tony Blair British Prime Minister lost his election because he believed Bushie baby about WMDs and sold the idea to the Brits (who aren’t really that sharp anyway).

  • …and SHAME on HBO for apologizing for showing Bush’s head on the end of a spear…

    That’s EXACTLY where W’s head belongs…

    • UTGDI

      Really??? Wow, I thought only the extreme right’s hatred of the Clintons had gone to this level. I guess that we are in fact an equal opportunity nation after all.

      He was our president, regardless of what state or party you are a citizen of. I would call for respect to the position, if not the man.

  • As for the continuing farcical attempt to conflate the word nazi w/President Obama…
    The REAL nazi connections are in the BUSH family…history AND BOTH Bush’s policies
    bear that out…

  • joyscarbo

    It’s not hard to blame W for a lot of things that will cause our country dearly for years to come! Nearly 45% of our returning vets are filing for disability claims. Thats a lot of “entitlement checks” from the federal government and if it was up to the republicans, we’d leave them high and dry. Afterall, they can’t stand paying out “entitlement checks” and I don’t think it matters who we’re paying them out to: the elderly, the disabled and veterans. W is to blame for this because we had no business sending our troops into Iraq in the first damned place, based on lying, phony intellegence. Many businesses made out like bandits in the war- Halliburton is one- and they should be paying the money that will support our injured, diabled and fallen soldiers.

  • lmao give up on this turd…..he beleives wat he wants to even tho when bush was there gas was $4.99 a gal yea here n florida many service guys lost there business couse of fuel prices… bozo u r bullheaded and right down sad as a human and as a man sorry but the trueth hurts i see wit

  • when 9/11 happened who got a arabian familly out of the usa as fast as they could and why? bush did reason why he and his family r best friends w/this oil tycoon family bush is a crook has been and will b ……the wars was all about oil,power and self…and bush did this without obama….bitch all u want bozo about obama but trueth is bush wasnt a angel u moron

  • the worse 4 yrs of this country lmao jerpell wat drugs r u on my lord and as for 9/11 yea i remember and i beleive it was done with doings of who r president was ? oil power and money who does that spell BUSH he is the blame for 9/11 im still awwwwwwwd at your comment people like u r the ones who will continue killing this country u r not a american at all

  • bush knows exactly why o and dont forget bozo guy he seems to know every damn thing out there

  • u must watch fox news alot lol and 1 of the very few military personal iv talked to and know who beleives that lol the service guys and gals do there job most perfect and i suport them but not to many agreed w/bush on the wars so sorry u r 1 of the loners who beleive that

  • bozo iv seen u make severial comments about obama and minors? wat gives with u sick o look maybe u r the sick 1 who wants to do that but its pretty sad u have to say that about anyone ….. bringing kids nto the debate is very sad and u r just a bad guy come on grow up debate like a adult not a sicko perve damn u r sick

  • bozo i got something to say on obamas part as wat did he do he my friend allowed me to keep my small business ….i drive alot and when bush wanted gas prices to b out of this world i lost 1 of my business’s but when obama got nto office wow gas prices went down saved my business thank u obama im wworken and maken money something that was so hard to do befor becouse i was sppending $4.99 a gal for gas

    • ObozoMustGo

      Ron… you can wake up from your crack induced haze any day now. Look it up. Gas prices on average when Obozo took office were about $1.75 nationally. Today, they are on average $3.50. That’s a 100% increase, you dope!

      I think the only business you may have had a shot at running was a drug dealing business. For certain, only in that business will you find the customers are actually more stupid than you. Not in any other legal business, that’s for sure…. except maybe the business of collecting welfare checks.

      Have a nice day!

  • Nom_DeGuerre

    To OMG: Well, my friend, it’s amazing how much people have in common based on their biometrics rather than on different races/origins/upbringing. The psychologists/psychiatrists still arguing what’s more important, – the genes or the immediate environment, – for the human mind setup, but I, not being a certified specialist on the subject, would say that we are born with some intrinsic features which maybe get a bit polished with the passing years, but do not change fundamentally, regardless of outside influence. That right away goes straight against what liberals believe in: the power of the society to make everyone a genius provided enough budget money is spent on the alteration. [The climax of that belief was “Academic” Lysenko, who managed to convince Stalin that potato can be made into banana given enough sun light and water – I am kidding you not, many opponents of those theories ended up in the GULAG, but that’s another long and sad story.] I do not agree that LEFTISM is a disease (democraPs – rejoice!) in a sense that it can/should be cured, it is rather just a mindset of subordinate beings. Homo sapiens is a herd/pack creature (like horses and apes) and as such is subconsciously predisposed to have a LEADER of the flock and the followers. Leaders feel comfortable at the head, go wherever their free spirit leads them while knowing that the sheep will always follow. The followers are very uncomfortable on the fringes, leave alone on their own, they need protection by the mass of similar bodies therefore, they always are trying to be in the thick of the herd – physically, mentally, morally… Not to stick out is their mode of survival – if you ride horses, you know what I am talking about. Obviously, by default, quantitatively there are much more sheep than leaders.

    I am reading you such a long preamble to lead you to the most interesting observation I’ve made over the years. America and Russia historically were diametric opposites: the land of rebels/individualists/entrepreneurs/adventurers and the quagmire of slaves/drunkards/freeloaders/collectivists respectively. The most active Europeans were fleeing to America while the best and brightest of Russia were/are weeded out by their “leaders” from Genghis-khan to Putin. But the sheep of both countries have the same exact mindset and America is losing its uniqueness due to the same exact reason: suppression of REAL leaders by political usurpers who promise “sunshine and the lollipop” to the sheep, but in reality are no different from any carnivores preying on the herd. The vultures that are hovering over America and ready to strike are no different from Stalin, Hitler, Castro, etc. Sheep brought those villains to power “by democratic means” then and there – they are willing to do it here and now. Again, it is not that they are sick, or what talkin’ points they are spewing (a lot of them even don’t know who Marx was – trust me, I spoke with such products of college education, or “muslims” who can’t find the direction of Mecca to pray) – it’s just what they are: MINDLESS HERD, despite their useless education mostly in “social studies” (how about a PhD in Feminine or African studies! – LOL).

    However, American uniqueness is still alive and kicking (Obama tries so hard to deny it because he knows that this is the barricade on the way to his triumph). It lies, first of all, in 500,000,000 (no mistake – HALF-A-BILLION) units of firearms in private possession. When I speak with liberals my question about their ownership of guns is usually met with righteous indignation: OF COURSE, NO! Well, that means that all that firepower is concentrated in hands of conservatives. My next question: SO, WHAT’S THE POINT OF GETTING ANGRY SO MANY WELL ARMED, TRAINED, AND ORGANIZED (NRA alone has 18 Mln of registered members – more than ALL world professional armies combined) PEOPLE? is usually met with deep silence.

    As I said in my previous postings, they are not my friends and I warn them: DON’T TREAD ON ME!!!

    • WhutHeSaid

      My Lord, but you DO like to hear yourself prattle. I wouldn’t recommend that you make much use of the word ‘certified’ given your overabundance of unwarranted certitude.

      Because I do believe in assisting the less fortunate, please allow me to point out the fact that ‘pack animals’ (as you more-or-less correctly refer to yourself and others) are normally led by alpha personalities. Alpha personalities have one significant attribute that utterly eludes the ‘trickle-down’ troglodytes: They exhibit a strong sense of community. Alpha ‘charlatans’ who do not exhibit this concern for the well-being of the pack usually enjoy rather short-lived success. Trickle-down aficionados may believe that Citizens United has opened the door to the golden age of corporate greed, but history has a way of making lessons out of such events.

      Given your emigration (or escape, as the case may be) from your oft-referenced ‘motherland’, I can see how this fact might irritate your delicate sensibilities. There is admittedly no shortage of predators and opportunists who are willing to take whatever path necessary to survive, and a few take it a step further and predate others beyond any reasonable need. Americans are fairly tolerant of this behavior as long as it doesn’t cause widespread suffering for those who you derisively refer to as ‘sheep’. But at this point you appear rather confused — your refer to the masses as ‘mindless sheep’ while pointing out the number of firearms owned by said ‘sheep’, insinuating that this provides some validation of your greed-induced blather. It doesn’t. In fact it’s quite the opposite.

      Americans aren’t stupid, comrade — we get that there are greedy social deadbeats in the world. Americans are perfectly willing to abide greedy blowhards — up to a certain point. We don’t mind it so much until you get on your soapboxes and start proselytizing to the rest of us how your greediness is the most clever and righteous form of human behavior ever devised, elevating you to a superior status among mankind.

      Who do you think you’re fooling? Try to peer through the vodka haze for long enough to see that gluttonous, knuckle-dragging selfishness is only one of many possible human attributes and isn’t even very novel. There are many successful people who don’t believe this way. I get it: You are a greedy slug who takes help from others hand-over-fist, all the while loudly bellowing nonsense about how you are a self-made man. If you can’t appreciate the success that MY hard-earned efforts have afforded you, you may either give me back the assistance you so ungratefully snorted up over the years or risk alarming the sheep of your motherland by returning to whatever God-forsaken swamp you escaped from in the first place.

      Try to stand up without leaning on your knuckles long enough to learn that there are those of us who are both successful AND appreciate how we became that way. Some of us believe that continuing that opportunity for those who come after us is a worthy cause. I don’t expect you to be able to understand it, but I’m afraid you’ll have to deal with it. That’s the future.

      • ObozoMustGo

        Whut… I read your response to Nom and it’s clear what your meaning and thought processes are. You refer to nameless, faceless people that are financially succussful as “charlatans” among other derogatory terms. If one really reads between the lines of what you are saying, I can simplify your message to mean the following:

        1) You care about the poor, Nom and other conservatives don’t.
        2) Anyone who is successful is a greedy charlatan
        3) Americans like you consider others to be lucky that YOU tolerate their “greed”, but only to a point
        4) YOU and those on the left like you ARE the arbiters of what is “tolerable greed” and what is not. When one crosses your line as you define it, YOU LEFTISTS are the onese that will smack them down and take back what they have obviously stolen from the poor or middle class.
        5) There is no shortage of those who are seeking to build businesses and/or wealth, in other words “predators and opportunists” seeking to exploit the poor, and YOUR job is to be the cop to stop them.

        If only everyone agreed with you leftist nutjobs, the world would be a perfect place, wouldn’t it?

        So while your English and writing style is admirable compared to an immigrant that came here by escaping from a Communist and Socialist country for freedom and liberty, you’re no better of a piece of garbage than any of the other useful idiots that lurk around in this sea of leftist insanity.

        Have a nice day!

        • WhutHeSaid

          While your obvious efforts to ‘read between the lines’ is most appreciated, it is also quite unnecessary since I’m not shy about saying exactly what I mean. I’m certain, however, that there are several ‘bogey-men’ to be found between the lines for those who need them.

          I don’t consider ‘anyone who is successful’ as ‘greedy charlatan’, and I think I was clear when I referenced the political leanings of Warren Buffett and Bill Gates — both of whom I consider successful, don’t you? What I was actually referring to was the discussion regarding ‘pack animals’ and ‘leaders’, which ironically upon closer examination disproves the underlying theory for which the argument was used (by Nom_DeGuerre). Successful leaders always exhibit traits that demonstrate a strong respect for the well-being of the ‘pack, and the ‘pack’ in turn only consents to be led when this trait is evident. Pretenders don’t last long.

          I do indeed care about the poor, and indeed many conservatives do not (although I admit there are some who do). Then there are those who simply lie.

          I don’t consider all entrepreneurs ‘predators and opportunists’. Those who are greedy to the point where they thoroughly deserve public criticism and scorn know full well who they are. I’ve had the good fortune to be successful, but I never forget how and why it was possible. I appreciate that society that gave me opportunities, and I understand why others who went before me were responsible enough to foster an environment where I and others could succeed. I’m willing to contribute my share for the next generation.

          So, Bozo, aside from your obvious dog-whistle dislike for the black man who currently resides in the White House — what’s your story? Are you wealthy and greedily squeezing your shiny pennies while denying that the generosity and sacrifice of others who enabled you to be so fortunate, or are you merely one of those ‘Wall Street Groupies’ who WISH they were wealthy while stupidly presenting arguments against their own best interests?

          Society doesn’t need a ‘greed cop’. The general population will eventually put an end to predatory practices. It’s just a question of how long it takes to happen and how angry they will be when it happens. If ever you have any doubt that this is true, just pick up any good history book and enlighten yourself.

          • ObozoMustGo

            Whut… do I detect a little back tracking off of the class warfare angle? I think so. It certainly doesn’t take long for a leftist nutjob like you to throw out the “race card” either, does it? Of course not. Whenever any leftist idiot is cornered, they throw out the race card because their little pea-brains are incapable of understanding how someone could possibly disagree with Obozo unless they just hate him because he is black. How stupid could you be? Obozo is half black, half white, and NO ONE CARES. Except you racists on the left that evaluate and group people BECAUSE of skin color.

            Your statement…

            >”I don’t consider all entrepreneurs ‘predators and opportunists’. Those who are greedy to the point where they thoroughly deserve public criticism and scorn know full well who they are.”<

            is all one needs to know where you stand. Aren't those entrepreneurs that YOU don't consider 'predators and opportunists' just so lucky? How narrowly they have escaped the scorn of someone just so smart and full of wisdom as you!

            Like I said before, Whut, you're no better than any other arrogant piece of crap leftist that believes it's your right to be the arbiter of who is allowed to do what, how they do it, and whether or not it deserves your scorn or approval. Go pound sand. You're just another useful idiot in a long line of useful idiots at The Memo.

            By the way, I do just fine at what I do.

            Have a nice day!

          • WhutHeSaid

            Hey Bozo, when people get smart with you — how do you know?

            Yes, from your response I understand. You are one of the ‘Wall Street Groupies’, grabbing your ankles whenever the Koch Brothers pass by your trailer. Oh, and that dog-whistle: All I can say to you is that Obama is your leader. He’ll be your LEADER for 4 more years, and he’ll be black the WHOLE TIME!

            Do try to deal with less whining. Remember, at least you have your pickup truck – some people aren’t even that fortunate.

            Have a nice day.

          • ObozoMustGo

            Whut… WOW! all the leftist nutjob booiemen are making appearances in your posts. Just can’t help yourself, can you? 3 posts and you’ve already expended the class warfare issue, the race card, and now the evil Koch brothers (really a subset of the race card). Once a useful idiot, always a useful idiot. You all have the same playbook built around the Holy Trinity of the left: Race, Gender, Class.

            And by the way, being a predictable useful idiot doesn’t classify you as “smart”, nor does thinking of yourself as “smart” in your own little mind. But experience tells me that you’re going to keep on getting more and more foolish in your justifcations for being a leftist drone. As Albert Einstein said “The difference between genius and stupidity is genius has it’s limit”. You clearly have NO LIMITS, Whut. Sorry to burst your bubble.

            Have a nice day!

          • WhutHeSaid

            Hee-hee…yep, he’ll be black the WHOLE TIME. Your leader, and you WILL follow.

            Don’t look know, but there’s David Koch heading for your trailer. Assume the position!

          • ObozoMustGo


    • ObozoMustGo

      Nom… while I understand your point that some are born leaders and others are born sheep, I dont think such matters are cast in a genetic concrete for most people. There are too many examples of those that have come from nothing, against the odds, to make themselves successful, by whatever definition they choose to make.

      As well, there are too many examples of those who were former leftist nutjobs that somehow were able to snap their way out of the trap of lies that makes up the leftist rationale. I was a liberal in college and shortly thereafter, but became aware the world and how it worked so differently than I thought it did when I was being indoctrinated in school. It took a little while, but I eventually came to realize all that I thought about the world (about the rich taking advantage of poor, about racisim always keeping black people down, about how women were discriminated against, about how unfair the world really was and that the economic pie is fixed and rich people steal the pieces from the poor) was an absolute lie. It was a bill of goods with empty boxes. And so many people out there actually believe these lies for their whole lives, it’s frightening. This is why I call Leftism/Statism/Socialism/ Liberalism a disease. It’s almost always fatal, but it can be cured. And the fact that it can be cured is evidence that the “genetic” theory doesn’t necessarily explain the divergence between the left and the right.

      As well, read my response to WhutHeSaid’s response to you. I think I’ve interpreted his post quite accurately.

      Have a nice day!

      • WhutHeSaid

        How very clever you are! You have managed to become ‘unsmart’. Congratulations on your accomplishment.

  • Since when did Bush stop being responsible??? His no longer being in office does not change the facts! He screwed-up big time, trying to PROVE something. If he were any kind of man he would simply own-up to it… admit he screwed-up, not try to hide behind somebody else like a coward.

  • ObozoMustGo

    Ex… aside from being a racist and a bigot, you’re also a stone-cold idiot!

  • jjrjon

    My, my how soon Republicans forget. It was 8 years of Republican rule and their deregulation of the cornerstones of our economy that got these Great United States into the mess we’re in today. Not to mention our “Do Nothing Congress”. Why would anyone vote for a party who caused the effects (Heartache and Joblessness) we feel to this day? The after effects of George W. Bush and the Republican mismanagement (Greed and Corruption) are still evident. To add insult to injury the idiots that be added another form of influence peddling called the Super-Pac. Another instrument for buying politicians, political favors and/or their votes. Money is a great motivator for Greed and Corruption, as proven by our current elected officials (both Parties).