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Thursday, October 20, 2016

According to a Public Policy Polling report released on Wednesday, Fox News is now the least-trusted name in news.

The poll found that 39 percent of voters identified Fox News as the news outlet they trust the least — this dwarfs the 14 percent who named MSNBC,  followed by CNN at 13 percent,  Comedy Central at 12 percent, ABC and CBS at 5 percent,  NBC at 3 percent, and the 1 percent who said they least trust PBS.

Overall, 46 percent of voters do not trust Fox News, compared to 41 percent who do; this is a dramatic slide from 2010, when 49 percent of voters trusted the network, compared to 41 percent who did not. The network actually tied Comedy Central for last place in terms of voter trust, which is hardly a consolation for Fox given that Comedy Central’s “news” programs like The Daily Show and The Colbert Report are intentionally satirically biased.

January network ratings showed the conservative news channel struggling to maintain its base of viewers. In recent weeks, Fox News Channel president Roger Ailes has been making changes within the network, letting go of contributors Dick Morris and Sarah Palin.

This change of heart among viewers may hinge on the conservative network’s decision to misconstrue facts and cover some stories over others in an effort to uphold its agenda. Think Progress points out “While the rest of the country discussed senatorial candidate Todd Akin’s ‘legitimate rape’ comments, Fox News hardly covered the controversy. They similarly ignored the conflict surrounding the death of teenager Trayvon Martin, and of New York’s same-sex marriage law’s passage.” They have also repeatedly pushed conspiracy theories surrounding the Benghazi embassy attack, on which the right wing remains fixated.

PBS is the only network trusted by a plurality of voters; 52 percent say they trust the public network, compared to just 29 percent who do not.

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  • MVH1

    Maybe they really are losing ground and sinking in the west. Sure would be welcome.

  • Pjhkc12345

    Hey losers…….It’s not about trust, but rather ratings. FOX News is still kicking MSLSDs ass up and down the block. It’s embarrassing. MSLSDs ratings are laughable bad. These clowns are fighting it out with CNN for the ratings basement. What this article doesn’t tell you is that MSLSD is the 26th rated cable network. 26th!?! No one watches this trainwreck. More people watch re-runs of Happy Days on Hallmark Channel than watch this disaster. Your message doesn’t get out when you only have four viewers? Nice try brainwashed liberals……………..

    • WhutHeSaid

      Yeah, and Honey Boo-boo beats Fox News all day long, but it would take somebody like you to be dumb enough to use that as a reason to get all their news there.

      Despite your redneck lying, MSNBC beat Fox on Convention coverage, and CNN beat Fox on Election Night coverage. MSNBC took away Fox’s spot during ratings week as well.

      There is one last point that you missed: Some people actually have lives, and don’t sit around in their nasty bloomers, blowing beer-farts, picking their crack and watching TV because they have no friends. So rednecks watch the most ignorant and misinformed TV shows — congratulations.

    • metrognome3830

      I see you have learned to count to five. Congratulations!

    • Hogshooter

      And ratings don’t have a damn thing to do with trust. To paraphrase a typical sentiment from the more trusted Jon Stewart…Cocaine is pretty friggin popular too. Would you like to claim it’s actually good for anything as a result of that? Didn’t think so.

    • Whatever your name is I am going to give you some good advice And I have been around for 60 years, It is very hard to admit that you have been lied to, so don’t believe everything you hear on fox news. You just want fox to enforce every thing you already think is the truth. Well guess what you are the one who has been brain washed.

  • Melda Page

    They should be distrusted. Their foreign owners have no vested interest in having a well-informed American public–actually just the opposite.

  • The least trusted? This is no surprise. Every mother’s son knows that FOX is biased, and henceforth, least trusted. FOX has given legitimate journalism a bad name, and it is the result of greed on the part of people like O’Reilly – obviously nothing but an inciter of anger on the part of the most intellectually challenged – I doubt he really believes what he has to say. He is just like LImbaugh and many of the rest of the right wing – they are in it for the money, their own personal money. His boss, Rupret Murdoch, is not even an American. They are not entitled to serious consideration, and they leave no legacy for themselves personally. O’Reilly is a chump – they will be forgotten after they have left their mess and contributed to the tearing apart of our national fabric.

  • After all the hate and lies they have spent on the President and minorities,they have been repaid with the disgust they well deserve.They are clever, but not smart.They have insulted us enough.We should be rid of them. They are a dangerous and hate -filled influence.

    • the yahoos on the far rw need a hole to crawl into, and faux ‘news’ serves that purpose.

    • itsfun

      If you mean hate by expecting people to actually work and earn their way instead of getting hand-outs from tax payers, then you are right.

      • alumahead

        The Romney is strong in this one……

      • No, they’re talking about hate that is based on nothing but constant lies, distortions and conspiracy theories that are designed for only one purpose – to rile Americans up and get them to hate not only the president but also government in general. And if you can’t see that that’s what Fox News is all about – you’re nothing more than the typical delusional Republican.

      • And by the way, you’re comment suggesting that it’s Democrats that are the purporters of free hand-outs is getting really old and tiresome. If you live in a red state, you’d better start looking at what your own state legislators are doing – they’re intentionally cutting budgets and state services just so more and more of their state residents can go on welfare (sucking freebees from Washington) so they can claim – Look at us!! We’re balancing our budget!! Totally forgetting to tell people that they’re doing it by having more of their residents suck welfare from washington than any other states: all 8 states in the country that suck the most welfare dollars from Washington are Red states. All the states with the highest percent of people in povery are all red states. While the eight states that send the most tax dollars to Washington and which are actually supporting the nation while getting the least welfare back for the taxes they pay are all blue states.

    • hudge88

      You’re a brainwashed, liberal idiot.

      • alumahead

        ….says the Fox News viewer.

        Delicious irony.

      • Truth hurts, don’t it tea-bagger.

  • tman000

    Yes indeed, like trusting a ‘FOX’ in the chicken coupe for sure.

  • May Fox News descend to the depths of non-existence and do so quickly!

  • AlfredSonny

    If the viewers would stop taking Fox News seriously, they would find it funnier than Saturday Night Live! Bill O’Reilly should win the Bulliest Award. Mike Huckabee should win the Best Half-Truth Award. Sean Hannity should win the Best Selective Questioner Award. Megyn Kelly deserves the Most Myopic Award.

  • usworker3

    Not only are they biased .. they are HATEFULLY biased … and each program feeds off the other ..not to origional to say the least ….

  • faux news…….fairly well imbalanced.

  • itsfun

    Who did you poll in this “survey” MSNBC and CBS News? Fox is by far the most trusted news outlet.

    • Only to those living in la la land on another planet.

  • This article is very misleading and does not correctly quote its source. From the source it claims to report on: “When it comes to asking Americans which single outlet they trust the most and least out of the ones we polled on, Fox News once again wins both honors. 34% say it’s the one they trust the most, compared to 13% for PBS, 12% for CNN, 11% for ABC, 8% for
    MSNBC, 6% for CBS, and 5% each for Comedy Central and NBC.”

  • Fox News for GOP untra-Right-Wingers. Comedy for those that know the “Fair and Unbalanced” truth.

  • the owner of fox is not a person to trust.he has done a lot of dishonest things.
    when i watched fox i could not believe at some of the out right lies or half truths.
    one lie was Obama’s health care law was to let old people die. i watch ABC,NBC,CBS

  • moodygirlmb

    Got to remember that Fox News won a lawsuit in which the judge said they had the “freedom of speech” right to lie in their news casts. Ya, I would trust them to deliver unbiased honest news, ya right, huh huh!

  • This happened because all the FOX News drones were told to answer “everyone but FOX News,” so when that didn’t appear on the questionnaire, they had to wing it.

  • Maybe Americans are chewing more antacids and are getting rid of Farts News.

  • I am amazed it took so long for people to wize up. I think there is still many who still dont get it.

  • I bet old Rupert is screeching at the top of his lungs in anger at Ailes that the ‘Honey Boo Boo’ show is more popular than “Fixed News”. Imagine a gaggle of hillbillies trumping the Billionaire Phone Tapper–it’s almost as bad as Karl Rove losing a billion dollars of Goober-money on McRomney’s *sure-bet election*.


    Well, you can put tons of books is a baboon cage but they’re never gonna read any–we can only hope they’ll figure out how to use the paper to improve their hygiene.

  • bchrista

    All you great followers of FoxNews and claimers that Fox News doesn’t lie please explain to me how they managed to blame President Obama For the demise of Delphi Auto and the outsourcing of 26,000 jobs overseas and the almost destruction of GM and Chrysler, when in effect it was their darling Mitt Romney and his buddies, the same crew that bankrupted Bain Capitol and Megan Kelly said all this with a straight face, what needs to happen is for someone in power to cancel their licence and send the owner Rupert Murdock back to England where he came from, Oh I forgot England will throw his ass in jail if he shows up there the only reason they still have a licence to broadcast is they went before a Republican Judge and he ruled in their favor. There’s no way the Republicans are going to let this propogander machine go away is if the Supreme Court rules that they must start reporting the truth and that ain’t going to happen anytime soon until you get some more Democrats on the Supreme Court, in case the Republicans have slowly elected Republican Judges to every Appeals Court in the Country, a good example is what happened recently when Obama was told that he couldn’t appoint anyone while the Court of Appeals was in recess because of a newly passed law even though it has been done by all previous Presidents. I believe there are still open slots that need Judges, in the President’s shoes I would start sending a list of names to fill those posiions, that should keep them busy for a while.

  • Fixed news or Fox noise, they are a group of lying sacks of sh!t!

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  • What I love to tell my right winged friends and relatives , that since Obama has been elected that on five separate occasions that a news event was declared by Fox “News” as being “bigger than Watergate.” They so desperately want a scandal so that Obama can be impeached.

  • Muriel Schlecht

    My biggest concern is that the FCC hasn’t pulled the Fox “News” reporting license a long time ago for being non-compliant. The news media today in all venues is controlled by their comporate owners who don’t know a damn thing, or even care about, true journalism. Add to that, the controlling money from advertisers who are creative experts in lieing and deceiving…..ALL without needing any credibility and suffer NO consequences.
    No wonder that PBS is constantly being under the threat of having their funding cut, and now the Republicans want to cut it completely out. They, and a few independent online news publications are the ONLY ones who consistently TRY to provide us with facts and truth.

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  • Alex G

    800 VOTERS, let me say again, EIGHT HUNDRED VOTERS scoped as the entire U.S. OPINION!!!! and some of you believe it. LOL It’s so sickening.