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Saturday, October 22, 2016

According to a new Latino Decisions poll, President Barack Obama still holds an overwhelming lead over Mitt Romney among Latino voters.

The poll shows that 65 percent of Latino registered voters support President Obama’s re-election, compared to just 26 percent who support Romney. One key factor in Obama’s huge lead is his big favorability advantage; 74 percent of Latinos hold a favorable opinion of the president, compared to just 27 who view Romney favorably.

Latinos are also very forgiving of Obama for the poor state of the economy. 68 percent blame George W. Bush for the nation’s current economic woes, compared to just 14 percent who blame Obama. This undercuts the Romney campaign’s central argument for why he should replace the president.

In addition to his low personal numbers, Romney is suffering from his party’s poor standing in the Latino community. 57 percent of Latinos believe that Republicans are ignoring or do not care about Latinos, and 21 percent say that Republicans are downright hostile to them. While Latinos were at least somewhat receptive to the GOP message in the past — President Bush did receive 40 percent of the Latino vote in 2004 — they now appear to be a strong Democratic constituency.

These numbers — along with a recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll showing Romney with a stunning 0 to 94 percent deficit among African-American voters — help to explain why Romney has opened up cynical, racially tinged campaign. As Ron Brownstein wrote in National Journal, Romney needs to either improve his standing with minority voters or win 61 percent of the white vote in order to capture the election.

The former isn’t likely to happen (unless Romney’s Etch-a-Sketch works far better than anticipated,) so that leaves the Republican nominee with one option: lying about welfare, cracking birther jokes, and doing anything else that he can to make a run at 61.

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  • merman1122

    Personally, Romney hates Latinos, Blacks, Jews, the poor. He is not confortable even being around another of color or anyone who does not have money. He will tolerate minorities if they have “money to play”. He is so driven by money that the deciding reason he chose Ryan as a running mate is because he was offered and accepted millions by the Koch brothers in return for the favor of making this choice. He was born bred and raised into the Republican Country Club ilk, where money is worshipped and money is used to buy everything – people, power. He has sold himself to the extremist wing of the Republican Party and continues to do their bidding for money. He will be in shock as will the RNC run superPACs and the Koch Bros. to find out that money can’t buy everything, after Obama and Biden are relected to another term as President and VP of the USA.

    • Wow merman, where did you dig up that information, from the bias & hate inside your head?

    • onedonewong

      And Barak took money from the MAFIA made sure his wife had a no show job. And believes that balcks and brown can only succeed if quotas exist since merit isn’t something they possess. Barak is the consumate racist

      • You sound as if you came from another planet. NOBODY TAKES money from the Mafia, especially not a black man. You are talking about yourself, consumate racist.

        • onedonewong

          Hmmm then who was Ruzuka and why is he doing time??? The only pure racist in this country are Barak and Holder

          • Joseph Pedersen

            “The only pure racist (sic) in this country are (sic) Barak (sic) and Holder.” You don’t get out much do you .
            I’d also like to see some factual proof of President Obama accepting money from the Mafia, and that the First Lady had a “no show” job. Names, dates, places, please.

          • onedonewong

            A simple google search would provide you with all info you need. Your not going to see these stories on the State Run Media

  • Unfortunately, Latinos are notorious for their political ambivalence and dismal voting record. I don’t think their vote will make a difference in November. A high democratic turnout and, hopefully, a majority of the Independent’s vote, will be the difference between winning and losing in November.

    • Not true. their vote will make as much difference as yours if you put it in effect…… The Independents are just that independent it didn’t make much difference in the 2008 campaign and its not now. for real it is the electorial vote that counts.

    • CAThinker

      I hope that doesn’t bear out, but worth considering… Although the voting block that amazes me most is women – why… where… how… do they find it in their being to align themselves with Talipublicans??? I wonder what these guys have in mind for women if they win… what will be the American version of the burqa?

  • Jay Stew

    If you are poor, and want no help from no one, if you are a Minority and enjoy the president to be cracking “Race Jokes”, If you want a president that has an intolerant attitude against sexual preference,
    Vote Romny…..

    • onedonewong

      If you want 4 more years of 15% unemployment and another $10 Trillion in new debt vote barak

      • the reason for high unemployment was due to the collapse of our economy under the gop!!!!! not obama!!!! idiot!!!!!

        • onedonewong

          2008 unempoyment was 5.6% and what is U6 today why 15%. You do realize that 15 is larger than 5 don’t you?? or then again maybe not. PS the Dem’s took over congress in 2007

    • CAThinker

      Good stuff Jay… At first I thought you were setting up a joke… with the punchline being “You must be a Talipublican”… (Not too far off Foxworthy’s “you must be redneck” line of deductive reasoning…)

  • I salute to merman1122! I keep saying it all the time, why does a billionaire like Romney the dummy want to be president!!!

    • onedonewong

      Might be that he hyas kids and doesn’t want this country to follow Greece into the waste bin

    • CAThinker

      Hard to understand – but if you look at the last multi-millionaire Talipublican president, you can ask the same thing about invading Iraq… And that answer is: “Because Daddy didn’t…” Works as an answer in both questions…

  • Of course many minorities and Illegal Hispanics will vote for Obama, because he lies to them about how bad things really are and promises to give them stuff. They will find out that BO is not their friend if elected and the economy and loss of individual freedom eventually catches up with them, because the cookie jar is empty.

  • 1TexasHoney27

    PaulCindy……..Are you sure your driveway goes all the way to your garage or is it a fact that your lights are on but nobody’s home?

  • onedonewong

    Except illegals don’t get to vote so its meaningless. That’s why voter ID laws are so important

  • Latino’s are smart ! They know who really cares about people .

  • Joe Narusiewicz

    Fox news try to say the media has hypnotized the various ethnic groups in America because they polled as voting for President Obama….how incredibly patronizing and condescending to these groups as if they don’t know that the tea party and rightwing basically disenfranchises them. It is the classic game of blaming the victim.