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Monday, May 29, 2017

Two new polls show that Americans overwhelmingly approve of the Supreme Court’s decisive ruling last week on the Affordable Care Act.

The court ruled 6-3 in King v. Burwell that the federal government can continue to provide subsidies to help pay for insurance policies in states where it (rather than the states) has set up the exchange marketplace. The case could possibly be the last significant legal challenge to President Obama’s signature health care law.

The Kaiser Family Foundation poll released Wednesday found that 62 percent of Americans approve of this decision, against only 32 percent of respondents who disapproved.

In addition, a CNN poll released Tuesday found that Americans favored the ruling by a similar margin, with 63 percent in favor versus only 34 percent against it.

At the same time, the Kaiser poll also found that those who disapprove of the decision largely remain set in their views even if it is explained that the decision will help people. For those 32 percent who disapproved, a follow-up question was asked:

What if you heard that as a result of the decision, more than 6 million people in states using the federal marketplace will keep the financial help they have been getting to pay for health insurance? Would you still say you disapprove of the Court’s decision or would you now say you approve?

The result: Out of those 32 percent, only 4 percentage points switch to approve of the decision, 25 percent still disapprove, and the remainder are undecided.

And remember: Those 25 percent who still disapprove of universal access to health insurance will likely make up a large share of Republican primary voters.

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9 Responses to Polls: Americans Like SCOTUS’ Obamacare Ruling — But Opponents Are Stubborn

  1. And the Speaker of the House continues to say that he and his crowd will continue to chip away at the ACA because he listens to the people. Gee, which people?

    • Well, I’m sure Boehner’s not listening to the more than 100,000 Americans who are alive today only because of ACA because 1) ACA forced hospitals to clean up their act in reducing readmissions (people who got fatally ill while in the hospital and had to be readmitted)2) provided subsidies so thousands could now afford health insurance in time to be cured when a doctor found they actually had what could have been a terminal illness or 3) allowed folks who could have afforded insurance but had a ‘pre-existing condition’ that allowed health insurers to refuse them insurance (and they had a similar experience as reason 2 above).

      And Boehner is clearly also not listening to the governors and legislators of states that are saving millions/maybe billions of tax payer’s dollars because ACA reduced not only the readmissions noted above which cost hospitals BIG BUCKS, but ACA has also dramatically reduced the uninsured rate which means there’s been millions fewer people going to the ER and running up big healthcare bills who don’t have the money to pay for their care; all this greatly reduced the reimbursements states had to pay hospitals for care they provided that no one paid for.

      And Boehner is clearly not listening to people who are running hospitals across the nation; many of which are actually making a profit for the first time in their existence because ACA has reduced their costs so dramatically that they’re finally making a profit (many states were not fully reimbursing hospitals for uninsureds they had to provide care for, forcing many hospitals to run in the red – many of which have now gone belly up in Red States that have refused the Medicaid expansion).

      And finally, Boehner is clearly not listening to all the people who’ve gotten jobs over the past 18 months just because of ACA – because many Hospitals have become profitable enough again that they’ve been able to hire more staff members. In Arizona alone, Arizona State projected that ACA would not only save Arizona Taxpayers 2.4 billion in tax revenues through the 2016 tax year; but that ACA would also add 1.8B to the Arizona economy (by freeing up monies that thousands of Arizonians were hoarding to pay for that unexpected medical care) and ACA would also create 15,000 new jobs.

  2. The best thing that can happen to Democrats, from a political perspective, is continuous opposition to the Affordable Care Act by people influenced by relentless ideological disinformation, greed, lack of Christian compassion, or plain old fashioned hatred.
    The SCOTUS already ruled the ACA constitutional, declared the subsidies that help millions of Americans pay the astronomical premiums charged by the insurance companies consistent with the spirit of the Constitution, not to mention an absolute necessity to the welfare of the American people. With that in mind, the political obtuseness of those who continue to challenge the benefits of the ACA, without ever offering a viable alternative, are shooting themselves in the foot politically and may never be able to get out of the deep hole they are digging for themselves. No wonder their agenda and “vision” are limited to Benghazi, e-mails, and mythical attacks against Christianity.

  3. A second follow-up question should have been asked: “Why?”

    Then they should have compared all of their answers and given us the statistics for how many of them said something that was actually true.

  4. All the polls in the world will not change he minds of the 30+ percent that continues to dislike the ACA. Medicare got the same reaction from the same political groups and organizations when it was passed in the mid 1960s and in spite of that is still strong today. My guess is, like Medicare, the ACA will grow and get stronger in the decade to come. People who are interested in comparing the two should read “The Politics of Medicare by Theodore R. Marmor, the second edition. You will see how the ACA reaction is just redo of the past.

  5. These 32% likely made up the bulk of the people that still supported the GOP as the walls of the economy came tumbling down. That after 8 years, still thought George W. Bush was a great President, and Barack Obama is the worse in history. That are convinced illegal immigrants are now pouring across our Southern Border. That Mexico is sending them. Most are criminals, drug dealers, rapist, and possibly the odd good person. People that could easily be talked into getting rid of the Supreme Court to save a little money. That it’s decisions should be ignored, if they disagree. That believe last week was the darkest days in American history. And could only darken, if the Confederate Flag were to come down. That Religious Freedom is under assault, if people with strongly held beliefs, especially florists, and wedding cake bakers, aren’t allowed to discriminate as they please. And I’ll hazard a guess most get their health insurance thru the Government. That it’s called Medicare. And that they’d fight with their last ounce of Lipitor thinned blood to keep it. It’s amazing what 96 million very misinformed, highly motivated, and dedicated voters can do, if you spread ’em around in enough key districts very carefully.

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