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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Polls: Most Americans Side With Obama On Major Issues

Polls: Most Americans Side With Obama On Major Issues

According to two new polls, President Barack Obama has the upper hand on his Republican opponents on literally every major piece of his second-term agenda.

A USA Today/Pew Research poll released Thursday finds that a vast majority of Americans side with President Obama over House Republicans on almost everything the president mentioned in his State of the Union address. On the current budget battle, 76 percent agree with the president that Congress should reduce the deficit through a combination of spending cuts and tax increases, while just 19 percent agree with the Republican position that tax increases should be completely off the table. If no deficit deal is reached by March 1st, when the first sequestration cuts kick in, 49 percent would blame House Republicans, compared to just 31 percent who would blame President Obama.

Americans are behind President Obama’s proposal to raise the minimum wage to $9.00 an hour by an overwhelming 71 to 26 percent margin; even 50 percent of Republicans agree with the plan.

On gun control, 53 percent support banning high-capacity magazines, 56 percent want to ban assault weapons, and 83 percent would like to see a stricter background check system. The White House favors all three of these proposals, while Republican leadership has opposed them.

On climate change, Americans like the idea of addressing the nation’s energy supply by developing alternative energy sources over increasing production of oil, coal, and natural gas by a 54 to 34 percent margin. Additionally, 62 percent approve of setting stricter emission limits on power plants to address climate change, while just 28 percent oppose the idea.

Finally, on immigration, 47 percent agree with the president’s position that better border security and a path to citizenship should be the priority of a new policy, while just 25 percent would like to see an enforcement-only approach.

Overall, the poll finds that Obama has the upper hand over House Republicans on each key issue:

This finding is confirmed by a new Bloomberg national poll, which finds that “Americans by 49 percent to 44 percent believe Obama’s proposals for government spending on infrastructure, education and alternative energy are more likely to create jobs than Republican calls to cut spending and taxes to build business confidence and spur employment.”

On a personal level, President Obama has an even more dominant upper hand over his Republican opponents. The poll finds the president’s approval rating at 55 percent — his highest level of support since September 2009. By contrast, only 35 percent have a favorable view of the Republican Party — a three-year low.

Taken together, the polls repudiate the Republican Party’s favored response to the drubbing it received in November. Clearly, the problem here isn’t just the GOP’s messengers — voters also reject the message itself.

Photo credit: AP/M. Spencer Green

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  • I cannot wait to see the spin doctors give their responses to these results…

  • w m

    Wow…more liberal BS from the liberal media. Just when you think they cannot come up with more nonsense, they do. All of the statistical data that I have seen shows the country totally against ALL of Obama’s agenda. We do not need more gun control laws, actually any gun control law is illegal since it is inherently unconstitutional. And on the budget, well, we don’t have a budget. Obama has not passed a budget in the entire time he has been in office. Why doesn’t the liberal media point that out? On immigration, well, all the Democrats want are more votes. This has absolutely nothing to do about helping them, it is all about votes, period. Our border should be secured, first, then we can consider possible citizenship, but only for those who can and will work and support themselves. We do not need more people on welfare. And we should do completely, totally away with the misguided notion of automatic citizenship at birth. That is unconstitutional as well.

    • Cairndance

      Since all the data YOU have seen shows the country “Totally against all of Obama’s agenda”, I wonder how it is that he was re-elected by a significant majority?

      Congress passes the budget, Congress hasn’t done it’s job in 4 years!

      • The agenda he was looking at is the same one the right was looking at when it said that Romney was going to win and become president even on the night of election they could not believe their ears, and eyes when they saw the president won by more votes, they wanted to run somewhere and hide.

        They threw so much money into the voting to keep the president from winning that they lost big time and for once in their lives the rich didn’t win, but the people did. People stood in long lines an long time to vote to prove a point to the reupblicans, you attack the women rights, voter rights, disrespected the president, disrespected all the miniorties who vote they needed and didn’t get it. They are still singing the same tune and in 2014 the lines will be even longer against them, but they still won’t get the picture, when they see that they can no longer stand a chance of getting the white house for a number of years maybe just maybe it will bring them down to earth.

    • w m: First of all, it isn’t the president’s job to pass a budget…that job belongs to Congress and they’ve been dragging their feet the entire time. Secondly, you say that the Democrats are pushing immigration because they want more votes….seems to me it’s the Republicans that are trying their hardest to get the Latino votes by pushing immigration (at last). You should check your sources on that one. Part of the President’s immigration plan, if you listened to his SOTU speech, included securing the border, but I guess you didn’t hear that. As for the illegal aliens on welfare…they are not allowed to apply for welfare, so you are wrong on that one. And, if you are born in the U.S., despite where your parents are from, you are, constitutionally, a U.S. citizen. So, I’m not sure where you get the idea that it’s unconstitutional…it IS automatic and it IS constitutional. Maybe you need a refresher course in the Constitution or have you ever taken time to actually read it in its entirety? As for gun control and the gun control laws being unconstitutional. Once again, you are totally incorrect. It is the states that are formulating gun control laws within their own borders…..not the Federal government. What is needed is the backing of the Federal government, and that’s what is being discussed. It’s apparent to me that you’re getting your information from FAUX news again…..try to do some research before you spout off inane comments, okay?

      • tobewan

        THANKS, Didi Paano!

      • You Got That Right My Friend!!! 🙂 These Trolls Need To Stop Listening To The GOP/Tea Party Taliban All They Do Is Lie!! Always!!! 🙁

    • Siegfried Heydrich

      Excuse me, but what planet are you from? I certainly doesn’t seem to be the same one that the human race lives on, certainly. Without exception, all of your assertions are factually wrong. Seriously, have we established diplomatic relations with wherever it is you’re from?

    • deer12040

      The 2nd Amendment calls for a “well-regulated” militia, not everyone in the country running around with whatever guns they want in hand. No one is trying to take away the rifle for hunting or the pistol for defense, only military-style weapons which would make the founders of our country roll over in their grave at the implication for carnage and tragedy in the hands of the wrong people. You throw around the term “unconstitutional.” Anyone born in this country has always had automatic citizenship. That’s what constitutional. Most of our early forefathers did not come here on a legal immigration status — they just came. When someone is so desperate that they will hike across the northern part of Mexico with no water, no food, and people waiting to shoot them at a moment’s notice, they have to be desperate. Whether for jobs or whatever, they come as have millions of people before them. Nobody liked the Italians when they came, or the Germans, or the Irish, or the Jews. They came anyway! And our country is richer for it. Most immigrants, legal or illegal, are hard-working. Try picking tomatoes and beans in South Florida for a day and see how many days you want to do that, just so your children can go to school and do better than you have. How they vote once they become a citizen is nobody’s business, and will be based on self-interests, as I imagine that’s how you vote.

    • Obama not making a budget is nonsense, of course he’s created budgets, every year he’s been in office. He just hasn’t been dumb enough to try and get them passed through the House of nitwits. And when you’re talking about budgets, are you aware that every budget a GOP president has submitted and gotten passed the GOP congress has been a SHAM!! every since Reagan was in office. The Budgest Reagan and the Two Bushes had passed weren’t worth one minute of the time that Congress spent on passing them – not onoe of them was Real!! Every one excluded 25-50% of the actual spending the president was doing!! Why??? Because Reagan and the Two Bushes held special projects out of their budget – like wars, like unfunded tax cuts, like unfunded drug benefit giveaways to the drug industry, like numerous unfunded mandates to the states like the disasterous No Child Left Behind fiasco that drove a number of states almost into bankruptcy when combined with Bush Jr’s constant cut backs of subsidies to the states for Federally Manadate regs. So creating budgets for the GOP is nothing more than an exercise to hoodwink the public – like virtually everything else the GOP does.

      NOW IN CONTRAST, every budget Obama has created is a REAL BUDGET!! Everything is covered within his budgets, the deficit spending related to the wars and tax cuts that BUSH and the rubberstamp GOP congress passed. And despite all that, Obama has reduced Bush’s deficit spending faster than any president in history – he’s cut Bush’s 10/1/08 to 09/30/09 budget that had 1.6 trillion in deficit spending down to 1.1 trillion in deficit spending within 3 years. That’s 1/2 trillion/yr decrease in spending over 3 years. Now that’s really doing something. And are you aware that Reagan is the biggest presidential spender of all time?? Huh?? Yep, he averaged 8.7%/yr increases in spending every year he was in office (a drunken sailor if I ever saw one). And Bush jr. was right behind him at 8.3%/yr spending with Bush Sr. a close 3rd at 5.6%/yr. Poor old Obama, he came in as the lowest spender of any president since at least WWII at -1.4%/yr.

      Guess you need to do a little research before you open your mouth and spout more lies and distortions just like every other GOP lover!!!!

    • And I forgot to respond to your nonsense post about welfare. If we don’t need more people on welfare, I’d suggest you contact the nearest state GOP legislator and tell him or her to stop cutting state budgets and services so fast that they’re throwing millions of Red State citizens onto welfare…it’s not Obama, it’s Red State governments that are putting millions onto welfare by cutting spending and services during a recession – the dumbest thing you can do. Yup!! more than 70% of food stamp users are red state republicans; all 8 of the states that suck the most welfare dollars from Washington are RED STATES!!! While in contrast – the 8 states that send the most taxes to Washington and are really supporting the country are all Blue States!! And for the tax dollars they send, the get the least welfare dollars back. So if you don’t like people sucking welfare – tell your red state buddies to straighten up and stop sucking so much welfare from us Blue States!!!

    • Yeah, It’s probably like all those “left wing” polls that we had during the election. Republicans need to learn to listen to something other than right wing propaganda or you will be getting more and more surprises like you got in November! The Republican party blindly plunges into oblivion!

  • The division in the USA parties? “The president says he has to have tax increases to head off the sequester. Well, he already got his tax increase,” Representative Martha Roby, Republican of Alabama, said in an interview Wednesday after visiting the town just outside of the Army’s Fort Rucker, which stands to take a deep hit this spring. “It’s unconscionable to use our military men and women in uniform as a bargaining chip to raise our taxes.” Congressional Republicans have relented in the most recent fiscal showdowns with the White House. But lawmakers say they have no intention of surrendering in this one even though Mr Obama has raised the potential of widespread disruptions in government services and even military operations in the weeks ahead. The president’s January fiscal victory, which yielded increases in income, capital gains and dividend tax rates on affluent families, has only bolstered Republican resolve. House Republicans, shrugging off rising pressure from President Obama, are resolutely opposing new tax increases to head off $85 billion in across-the-board spending reductions, all but ensuring the cuts will go into force March 1 and probably remain in place for months, if not longer. Despite new calls from the White House on Wednesday to enact a combination of tax increases and cuts to postpone the so-called sequester, the House is moving forward on a legislative agenda that assumes deep and arbitrary cuts to defence and domestic programs — once considered unthinkable — will remain in place through the end of the year. House Republicans say they believe they have politically inoculated themselves against claims they are responsible for the cuts by approving measures last year that would have substituted reductions in government programs like food stamps for the lower Pentagon spending. Party strategists have advised Republican members to aggressively blame the president for the creation of the automatic cuts and the failure to stop them. I thank you Firozali .Mulla DBA

  • In their zest to appeal to their core constituency the Republican Party, under pressure from the Tea Party, is marginalizing itself from mainstream America and rapidly becoming the party of choice for the ignorant and intolerant. If they persist, they are likely to become a minority party in perpetuity.
    It remains to be seen whether or not efforts by a few centrist Republicans, desperately trying to move their party to the center-right bear fruit. Quite frankly, the radicalism of far right ideologues is so pervasive that even a semblance of moderation is just a chimera for what passes nowadays as conservatives. They are on a self-destruct path and nothing is going to stop them or make them change their minds.

    • Can we speed them up? Their death throes are messing up our opportunity to govern this country. They are in the way of progress on practically every major issue facing this country and economy. The election was three months ago and they have yet to realized that they lost, badly.
      American voters have rejected the message and all the messengers including their much vaulted New Brown Hope, Marco Rubio.
      I suggest that we suck all the air out of their bubble; it would be the humane thing to do.

      • jarheadgene

        Can hardly wait until 2014…My JACKHOLE of a congressman…who helped Gerrymander his way into my district, which used to have a DEMOCRAT congresswoman, who did get re-elected but lost our part of her district, he, just this week, was in the news for setting meetings to talk about the issues with the
        voters. Here is the IGNORANT part of it. He has them during the day, (when the working class is working) and they are mostly at senior centers with very select senior citizens and faces no challenges by any voters. Got NEWS for you, moron,
        you know who you are. Many of those seniors may not be around to vote in 2 years. If he really cared about what the voters thought he would meet in open forums and take the heat for being a JACKHOLE P.O.S.G.O.P. with the same old tired message….but that would take effort and caring. BRING ON 2014. DEATH to the P.O.S. G.O.P. !!!!!

      • I can’t think of anything we could do that would be worse than what they are doing to themselves!

        • plc97477

          we did all we need to do by giving them an african-american to distract them while their party implodes

    • RobertCHastings

      Our best best bet for the next two years, at least, is that, as you indicate, a few moderate Republicans take the plunge, put their futures on the line, and side with common sense and reason, helping the president gain a majority of votes in the House. From the Tea Party and Grover Norquist they can expect nothing but grief and a hard time for the next election. However, as the article indicates, polls would support them, and polls are based on the statements of real people who will vote in the next election. All it woould require would be fewer than twenty to back away from their caucus and support the policies both parties have agreed upon in the past – no need for them to go overboard and hang themselves out to dry. Polls are beginning to show that these folks might actually be surprisingly rewarded by their constituencies. If things proceed as they are, there is a reasonable chance the Tea Party may be inconsequential by 2014, especially if their actions bring about the activation of the sequester. Simply putt, a return to Recession in the name of ideology will not sit well with the electorate.

      • Siegfried Heydrich

        They dare not, lest they be primaried into the ground. They don’t care about America, they care about placating their bagro base. If their ire is roused, they won’t have to worry about winning a general election, because they won’t be in it. So they make the calculation that if they can get past the primary, they at least stand SOME chance in the general, whereas if they lose the primary, they have zero chance by definition. In securely red gerrymandered districts, if they can get through the primary, then they’re a lock in the general. So anyone outside the base can be ignored or demonized with impunity, but the base must be placated at all costs.

        Where it gets really interesting is with the establishment GOP pushing back, which is enraging the bagro base and re-energizing them. If there is a primary battle between a bagro candidate and a RINO candidate it will be an expensive and bloody slugfest (yay expensive, bloody slugfests!).

        If the RINO candidate wins, the bagroes will be . . . miffed, and will more than likely refuse to support said RINO out of sheer spite. If the bagro wins, the establishment GOP will likely withhold party support, as they are more threatened by out-of-control revanchist madmen than a Democrat (you can always defeat a Democrat later, harder to do that to one of your own).

        In either case, the Democrats will most likely be enjoying beer & skittles, watching the deathmatch with amusement, with their chances for victory greatly improved. The best thing for the Democrats is obviously a continuation and escalation of the Republican Civil War. Fortunately, it strongly appears that the right will oblige them.

        Fun times at the Cannibal’s Buffet!

      • Seriously, Is there even one moderate left in the Republican party? It seems to me that anything resembling sanity was “primaried” in the last election and lost the seat to a Democrat. Who IS the moderate Republican today?

        • RobertCHastings

          Republican Main Street Partnership, in Wikipedia, gives the names of the moderates serving in the House, and there are a few of them. Wikipedia gives quite an interesting evaluation of the Republican Party and its different branches. If the moderates listed in Wikipedia could band together and oppose their more radical fellow Republicans, the current Congress COULD become the most productive one in modern history. However, it is questionable that any of these would risk political suicide just to 1)do the work of the people and 2)help pass the agenda of a Democratic president.

        • plc97477

          they still have christie but I doubt he can do it again. but he is a governor

    • You Got That Right My Friend!! I Can’t Wait Till 2014 So I Can Help Get Rid Of The GOP/Tea Party American Taliban Our Very Own Home Grown Terrorists Cells They Are In Office For Themselves And Their Handlers Like The Koch Brothers They Give Less Than A Damn About America Or The American People, It Been Pass Time To Clean House Once And For All!! They Are Clearly Out To Destroy America And The American People They Only Agenda Is Power, Control And Number 1 MONEY For Themselves!! There’s A Huge Conflict Of Interest Going On Here In America With The GOP/Tea Party Time To Send Them On The Way Of The Dodos And The Whigs!!!

  • montanabill

    Couple more bits of insightful information. 35% approve of his handling of the economy. 55% disapprove of his handling of the deficit. Sure the folks want the deficit handled by spending cuts and new taxes, as long as it is not them being taxed! Propose an across the board tax increase and see how well that plays. So far, however, the President has not proposed a single spending cut. People don’t seem to be able to relate his policies to our rapidly sinking economy. Either very low information voters or just plain ignorant.

    Assault rifles are already banned. I would bet that nearly 90% of those favoring an ‘assault weapons ban’ have are clueless about guns or that a previous ban on evil looking rifles didn’t work.

    Sure spending on stuff will create temporary jobs. But at what cost to our kids and grandkids? We are already spending enormous money that we don’t have. How’s it working? Again, a clueless public with a partial story, likes Obama’s programs. Give them the full truth and see if they still agree. Obama certainly won’t, but the media should.

    • WhutHeSaid

      Hey Bill, the rest of us are just waiting for you Montananites to stop slurping up an oversize share of the federal budget. As much as the redneck states whine about taxes, you’d think they were paying them when in reality they are the ones snorting up all of the benefits from the ‘evil liberals’ in blue states. Practice what you preach.

      • montanabill

        Speak for yourself. I pay enough taxes for 100 of you.

        • neeceoooo

          You’re yearly salary is also probably 100 times over the average person in this discussion.

          • montanabill

            May be true, but it started at less than minimum wage. I would like a nice flat tax so that everyone, except those below the poverty level, are contributing on an equal basis. Way too many on the public dole.

        • WhutHeSaid

          With tax rates at historic lows, I guess what you mean is that you are getting enough TAX BREAKS for 100 average Americans. I can assure you that you complain about paying your bills enough for MORE than 100 Americans. Please consider helping out you fellow Montanans so that they don’t have to grub an oversize share of public benefits from the rest of us.

          • montanabill

            It doesn’t appear that my tax rates are at historic lows. All told, all taxes included, well over 60%. I think my share is not only helping out Montanans, but residents of your state too, since you don’t fall into the higher tax brackets.

          • WhutHeSaid

            Naturally, with every post you do your level best to try to insinuate that the other poster is less successful than you, because you desperately need the ego-stroke. You can believe what you like just as long as you pay your bills — got it?

            Let me remind you that Bill Gates and Warren Buffett consider your income ‘pocket change’, yet both of them are less greedy than you — and have a social conscience to boot. If you beg them enough, they may just hire you to shine their shoes — who knows?

          • montanabill

            Don’t try to do that unless the poster is obviously someone who doesn’t value individual effort and makes direct or indirect excuses for wanting someone else to foot the nation’s bills, like yourself.

          • WhutHeSaid

            Hmmm … Seems to me that one of us doesn’t have a problem stepping up to their responsibility by paying their share while the other whines and cries endlessly, much preferring to be a deadbeat. The difference between you and I is that I value the individual efforts of everyone, while you only value your own efforts, believing yourself to be ‘special’ and more ‘worthy’ than other people. The only time this isn’t true is when somebody reminds you of Warren Buffett — whereupon you dissolve into fits of jealous rage.

          • ObozoMustGo

            Hey Montana! It’s absolutely astounding to read the breadth and depth of ignorance and foolishness that these people post on here. They have NO CLUE how hard and difficult it is to build a successful business AND keep it growing with more and more wealth creation (that’s jobs for any of you leftist freaks reading this). Watch this whuthesaid fool. He’s a racist pig, aside from being an idiot. Everything from his keyboard always goes back to race. If he keeps jousting with you, you’ll see.

            Have a great day, Montana!

            “Some people regard private enterprise as a predatory tiger to be shot. Others look on it as a cow they can milk. Not enough people see it as a healthy horse, pulling a sturdy wagon.” – Winston Churchill

    • 55% disapprove of his handling of the deficit?!!! Sorry Bill, your making stuff up again! Other than that one little pseudo-fact, It is just another mindless regurgitation of right wing talking points that were rejected by the majority in November and if you had read the story are even more strong rejected today. We have the truth. You should try it. It an be “liberating” (pun intended)

      • montanabill

        Yeah, I made this up after reading in the Daily KOS, blackchristiannews, gallop, and a few dozen other sources. Time to wise up.

  • Countrybumpkin

    It doesn’t take a Dr.’s degree to know who is on the RIGHT PASS and who is on the WRONG PASS. Just common sense and the extra effort to inform yourself. Fear of the anknown and hatred for everything different keeps our country from prospering.

  • Siegfried Heydrich

    Ah, reality . . . it’s just so . . . liberal.

  • S-3

    What scares me is that there are STILL people out there who THINK the REPUGS are even RIGHT about anything…

    • plc97477

      less and less all the time though

  • ChristoD

    BUT, the ass—– control the House of Reps. and will until 2014.

    • and even PAST 2014 if Democrats sit on their hands in the mid terms again! Today is the day to start the get-out-the-vote efforts among Democrats!

    • plc97477

      but if they want to keep their jobs after 2014 they know they have to show voters something they have done for them, not to them

  • charleo1

    What Republicans need to do, is realize they have won 90% of the tax, and budget battles
    over the last 30 years. And because of it, 50% of the Country is living paycheck to paycheck.
    The niceties, that used to come with Dad’s job, like healthcare, a pension, and a check that
    bought a house, a good car, and allowed for a little vacation each year, disappeared when
    paying a man for actually working for a living went the way of 30 cent per gallon gas.
    So, the Republicans were finally forced to lose a little tax skirmish, where those poor slobs
    eking out a torturous $400,000 per year existence, will now pay an additional 2%.
    But no tax increase at all for the first $400,000. And they quit supporting SS, at $104,000.
    And, the Republicans are so done with increasing taxes! Since they have obliged on taxes.
    They demand the President, and his Party, which just an election on this. Cut the programs
    they want cut. And cut them until they say they’ve been cut enough. And eliminate the programs
    they tell him to eliminate, and they will say what they are. And then, since they have already
    gave him his tax increase. He will spend the money, and as much of it as they say, where they
    say they want it spent. Now, if you still think President Obama is just the most radical guy
    you’ve ever seen. And, he just needs to reach out, and try to work with the Republicans.
    Well, somebody, somewhere has failed you terribly. And for that, we’ll all probably pay the
    piper one of these days.

  • The Republican party spent all of their political capital on their “one term president” strategy and lost. Now they sit at the table with a pair of twos trying to bluff their way through hand after hand and haven’t figured out yet that they have become irrelevant. Look at their pointless and futile opposition to the Hagel nomination. This is a party that needs to learn to pick their battles very carefully. Right now it’s like watching an endless loop of Roadrunner cartoons with the Republican party willingly playing the part of Wyly Coyote. They think they have the road runner and BOOM, the safe blows up in their fact!

  • DO WE ALL LIVE IN THE SAME COUNTRY??? USA…where else is it possible to live, work, pay taxes, and the gov’t. still want more…where else, people living on gov’t. welfare are better off than people working 40 hrs. a week…having phones, tv, help with food, lower rent with help from gov’t…plus paying salaries of all the gov’t. employees…really, you are saying this is a good way of life…so, the people working are the ones who will get laid off..and where will the money come from then?