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Friday, October 28, 2016

WATCH: President Obama Blasts Mitt Romney’s China Trade Hypocrisy

In a speech in Cincinnati, Ohio Monday afternoon, Preside Obama answered Mitt Romney’s criticism of his trade policies toward China by vaunting his administration’s efforts to curb abuses and attacking Romney’s record of outsourcing jobs to the world’s second largest economy.

“Now, I understand my opponent has been running around Ohio claiming he’s going to roll up his sleeves and take the fight to China,” the president said. “But here’s the thing: his experience has been owning companies that were called ‘pioneers’ in the business of outsourcing jobs to countries like China. Pioneers! Ohio, you can’t stand up to China when all you’ve done is send them our jobs.”

The president was referencing a report on Bain Capital’s investment in outsourcing pioneers that appeared in the Washington Post in June. Romney’s campaign asked the paper to retract the story, but the editors refused.

Romney has promised to name China a currency manipulator for months, garnering the criticism of his primary opponent and former Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman. “You can get an applause line by saying that you’re going to go to war with China, that you’re going to slap a tariff, without remembering that you’ve got … a host of issues that are all part of the U.S.-China relationship,” candidate Huntsman said in November of 2011. “And a trade war would grind it all to a halt, all the while killing small business and exporters in this country, and I don’t want that done.”

Trade with China is a hot issue in the crucial swing state of Ohio. According to the pollster Zogby, 56% of Ohioans believe “Americans should boycott China products because of China’s unfair trade practices and human rights abuses.” No Republican has ever been elected president without winning the Buckeye state.

Romney’s rhetoric differs vastly from his record as a businessman. “When Romney was in charge of Bain Capital, for example, the firm invested millions in a company that manufactured household appliances using cheaper labor in Dongguan, China,” the Boston Globe reported Saturday.

The Obama Administration has been far more aggressive pushing back against China’s trade abuses than the Bush Administration. Monday morning, the United States filed a grievance against China at the World Trade Organization for unfairly subsidizing sales of exported cars and car parts — the ninth such case the president has brought to the WTO.

“Those subsidies directly harm working men and women on the assembly line in Ohio and Michigan and across the Midwest. It’s not right; it’s against the rules; and we will not let it stand,” the president said, in his speech.

As the Romney campaign seeks to relaunch its message with more “specifics,” the president seemed both aggressive and playful as he rebutted of Romney’s attacks. At one point he joked, “I’ve actually done my own taxes. I don’t know about some of these other folks but I’ve done them.”

Video from Obama’s speech is below:

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  • BHO is liar and an enemy of America

    • johninPCFL

      And you wear depends, and phew, they need changing.

    • lkreu

      Well Greg, post your facts for the rest of us to see, please.

      • The main ingredient in Limbaughesque claims is lack of facts.

    • dellmartin

      You appear delusional Greg. President Obama is doing everything possible to improve our economy, foreign policy and the standard of living for middle class Americans. Mitt’s only concern is improving life for himself and his rich benefactors.

      • 13observer

        Hey, listen to me Dell, Obama is President of the “Poor Farm”! He is the “Food Stamp” President! He will only show you the way to a life of DEPENDANCE on the government. Romney knows success, breeds success and as “President” knows how to move the economy. He is looking for an oportunity to let his Muslim Brotherhood take over and make whites pay for the days of slavery!

    • Hey Greg What does BHO stand for? If you want call someone a liar and an enemy of America, be man enough to come out plain with it. So that it can be properly addressed. Thank You!

    • Is Mitt better off today than he was four years ago

    • geg a is a robot troll, just like his master romney.

    • coxel

      Greg A. the real enemy of all of us is the obstructionist Mitch McConell, John Boner, Eric Cantor, etc. etc. They are the ones holding up growth in this country open your eyes and ears and look at what they have done for almost 4 years , they don’t care about you and I, just there next election,

    • If you have facts that he did so, give it to the media.

    • Prove it.

  • agnessue

    Well said Mr. President.

    • Our President Is A Good Man Romney On The Other Hand Is A Lying Scum Of The Earth Sociopath!! Look Out Below I’m About To Take A Dump On Your Trolling Head!! You Sure Be Use To Rich Men Pissing On You Head Telling You It’s Raining LOL!!!

      • 13observer

        President Obama is the “Food Stamp” President who never met an illegal alien criminal he wouldn’t like…………. to give your job to!

        • NamVet_Ron

          Not too smart are you….More people were on welfare and food stamps under Bush, and if you would check your facts the Red States which are controlled by Republicans draw more welfare, foodstamps and have a poorer education systems then any Blue State controlled by Democrats, and that is a documented fact…do your homework before you start trowing around your bullshit! Sounds like you were educated in one of those Republican controlled educational systems!

        • Villainouskind

          You do know that the rich have been giving “illegal aliens” jobs for years. Paying them under the tablet, no benefits and paying them way under minium wage. This has been going on for YEARS. Where you complaining about them then?

          I hope all the illegal aliens take over your jobs. They work harder and don’t try to blame everyone else for their problems. We’d probably actually become way more productive as a country.

          • That’s Why They Come Across The Boarders Cause These Rich Cheap Ass People Will Hire Them Cause It Saves Them Money!!

        • I Know For A Fact More People Were On Food Stamp Under Bush Than It Is With Obama Do The Math Oh I Forgot You Tea Bagging People Only Make Shit Up To Suit Your Needs !! Romney Has Dropped In The Polls Even In 4 Of His States Where He Have His Homes!! LOL He Even Was Willing To Throw His State Was he Was Born Under The Bus Telling Them To Go Bankrupt!! LOL Romney Has No Business Being President Of The United States He A Money Hoarding Lying Bastard!!



  • Pancha_Chandra

    President Obama is head and shoulders above Romney in practically every policy. He has mastery of his facts and is leading America in the right direction. America needs continuity. Foreign policy is under the watchful eyes of Hilary Clinton. The country is going forward in every respect. He has managed to turn the economy around and deserves a new term. The Middle class and the poorer sections will benefit most from this caring, humane President.

    Pancha Chandra Brussels

    • 13observer

      Maybe the POOR would benefit but the middle class is not a consideration for this President as he allows illegal aliens to take American jobs! He would have passed the Employee Free Choice Act when he had the chance if he cared about organizeed labor who created the middle class.

      • NamVet_Ron

        Pretty hard to create jobs when the Republicans in congress have blocked every jobs bill that has come before them. Not too observant…13observer! Organized labor will do just fine with this president as soon as we get rid of the dead wood in the congress who have failed to do their part in passing legislation to get this country out of this funk…Wasn’t the Democrats who have been trying to bust unions, create right to work states, eliminate collective bargaining, or the equal pay for equal work…It was the Conservatives and their wingnut Tea party…so spare us the rhetoric and Right wing talking points!

        • Pretty Hard To Create Jobs When Romney Is Shipping Them Out Of America Just To Make A Profit Money He Don’t Need!!

          • onedonewong

            Hmmm lets see Romney invested in burger king, amc theaters, Burlington coat factory, domino’s pizza, clear channel, dunkin donuts, sports authority, staples, toy r us, earner music,
            Barak invested taxpayers $$$ in solyndra, ener 1, beacon river, abound solar,amonix solar, spectra watt, eastern energy and EVERYONE is Bankrupt… Think I’ll go with some one who knows what they are doing and its not barak

          • Me, Myself and I

            Romney invested in and then bankrupted many, many businesses… took out huge loans, walked away with the cash forcing the businesses into bankruptcy.

            Some, like the Dunkin Donuts you listed managed, by the skin of their teeth and billions more in loans, to keep from going into bankruptcy, but also like Dunkin Donuts they’ll be paying on the loans for many many many many years to come.

            But most companies weren’t so lucky like Sports Authority or Staples, the only two I’ve ever heard RobMe boast about, and not so sure the businesses like Dunkin Donuts feel so damn lucky being so heavily in debt either.

            But no, Romney didn’t invest to build up businesses. His thing was taking out multimillion dollar loans and walking away with the cash forcing the businesses and laid off workers to ‘deal with it.’

            Obama invested in green energy with the idea of making America less dependent on foreign oil and I applaud his efforts and he’s going to invest in more. Sure there are going to be some busts, but eventually America will get there. He’s taking us in the right direction.

            And Obama’s investments were actual investments to develop and create, not leveraged buyouts that destroy, like RobMe’s were.

            Your accusation that now EVERYONE is bankrupt is /b/u/l/l/s/h/i/t/. I’m not bankrupt, and I don’t know anyone else who is and I bet you aren’t either. You’re spewing fear mongering hate just like your teapublican leaders told you to do and like a good little zombie, you obey.

          • onedonewong

            Gee not 1 single fact just more liberal BLATHER. What do you mean he didn’t invest to build up the businesses??? He most certainly did and got rid of the unnecessary dead weight> something the federal govt sorely needs.
            He invested in Green Companies that were contributing to his campaign. EVERY one he touched turned to crap…why because he is a rank amateur, just like the economy turning to crap after spending $10 Trillion of my grand kids $$$.
            Barak wasn’t investing in companies he expected pay back from the owners , no different than his wife’s no show job in Chicago.
            Besides if he wants to invest let him use his OWN $$$$$ not mine.
            I provided you the names of the companies that got taxpayer $$$ and are now bankrupt, guess reading isn’t something your good at

          • joyscarbo

            Your boy is going down….I’m going to pop some popcorn and enjoy wastching him circle the drain and get sucked down with the other sewage.
            Our nation is more than 47% of government moochers. Most of the political analysts on Fox News are actively working for the republican party. Hardly a partial view.
            It’s goig to gleefully brilliant that with all the effing money for the right…’ll be sorely wrong.
            Sorry onedungwung… just aint going to work. Mitt has lost. Pack up and move to the deserted island you were talking about. But then, you’d be pooo on your new island and you’d need a goverment to help you do something.

          • Me Too LOL He Got Caught Yet Again With His Foot In His Mouth!!! I Love It When This Thug Get To Talking Romney Is His Own Worst Enemy!!!ROTF!!

          • onedonewong

            Are you saying that Romney is incorrect?? 47% of americans don’t pay taxes and are in fact moochers. that’s what has the dem’s so worried because as that story has legs folks are going to demand they start paying their fair share or do community service. Whether its sweeping cutting grass or emptying bedpans for their checks

          • Your Boy Is In Trouble Right Now !! LOL

          • onedonewong

            The only “boy” in the equation is barak…he was always called the shoe shine boy. Hmmm barak never even registered for the draft. and biteeme was 4f due to being tooo dumb to pass the draft quiz..
            The 47% are lazy blacks , and hispanics that don’t want to work. which is 25% of the population. The rest are those born with handicaps or injured thru abortions and lazy whites.
            EVERYONE in the Military pays taxes. Barak wants to turn this country into a socialist Reich just like his idol Hitler. They are booosam buddies and life long Dem’s

        • onedonewong

          Yea pissing away $10 Trillion and not generating any jobs is a new record

          • NamVet_Ron

            I don’t call bailing out our own own Auto Industry, and saving over a million jobs when we were losing 700,000 jobs a month when he took office pissing away, when you consider many more trillion of taxpayer money was spent on two damn Republican wars…The Jobs bill estimated to create 2 million jobs has been blocked for over a year by the dick head Republicans in the Senate and I don’t see any outrage from you for that…You only have selective outrage I guess….Every major bill is still sitting without passage and now your buddy Republicans are going on a five week vacation till after the election….I’m not as blind as you are to who is mostly at fault and needing to be fired and it is’n the President!

          • NamVet_Ron onedonewong is a Republican they don’t believe in Facts. So Just let onedonewong pissing away his lies over and over again..

          • It’s Hard To Cut Thru That Tea Bagging Home Schooling !! LOL

          • onedonewong

            and W was creating 1,000,000 jobs a month in 2008 you just got trumped,
            7 out of every 10 vehicles GM makes are made some where other than the US I would hardly call that are “own” auto industry. If GM was so important why didn’t the other countries step up???
            Barak is sending Japan and Kora $7500 for very car they send here so he’s not about our “Own” industry.
            The Keystone pipeline and off shore drilling would create 1,000,000 jobs tomorrow and all barak has to do is just say yes. But he won’t why?? Because they don’t want any guberment $$. As far as barak is concerned no gubermnet $$ means those are BAD jobs.
            As for the war yea their total cost will be $1 trillion. That’s what happens EVERYTIME a Dem hollows out the military and CIA. The bad intelligence we had on Iraq was CLINTONS fault and no one elses.
            You not as blind maybe you should take your nose out of baraks ass because your view never changes

          • NamVet_Ron

            W did not create 1,000,000 jobs a month in 2008, he went out of office bleeding 700,000 jobs a month, and all your statistics are made up, and the auto industry saved in this country was plants in this country and did save over a million jobs of our workers…Everything you just wrote is a bunch of bullshit lies which is nothing new for a Republican or your party….The Keystone pipeline is not worth the few temp jobs it would create to take a chance of polluting the largest fresh water aquifer in the United States for low grade tar sand oil which will be sent over seas on the open market. Fresh water will be far more precious! More drilling for oil is taking place now then anytime in history, and yet last year 73% was sold on the open market and not used in our own country. Just making the Koch brothers richer. The two wars cost much much more then 1 trillion dollars…..Bush left us 10 trillion in the hole when he left office! The military is not hollowed out by democrats you idiot we spend 600 time more then China, and you are not smart enough to even think rationally about anything your talking about…Just make it up as you go along just like you buddy Nit Wit Mitt, but I believe you could even give him a run for his money in stupidity. You must have been educated in a Red State or just didn’t bother. The Intelligence was not from Clinton it was from Bush and his advisors and their purpose was to take Iraq’s oil you idiot! If they wanted to get weapons of mass destruction they would have tried to secure weapons bunkers first instead of the oil field you ninny. You have got to be the biggest idiot I’ve come across on the internet and you need to pull your head out of you own ass….Nothing you have said has any facts to back them up, just ramplings of a Republican idiot trying to justify his own stupidity. Most Republicans are alike…can not do anything right, so they blame everyone else for their shortcomings….

          • onedonewong

            I said I one upped you in total fabrications….Barak hasn’t created 1 single job in the US not one. There are FEWER americans working today than at any time during W’s 2nd term. That’s from the dept of labor. so how can you create jobs and still have a negative number. Are you that memorized by the Messiah??
            Your denying that 7 out of 10 of GM’s vehicles are made over seas and that GM is moving their R&D to China?? Are you that ill read or myopic???
            More oil is taking place??? Really did you know that that increase id from PRIVATE land and that oil production from govt land is down 65%???
            The military has been Hollowed out every time there has been a Dem president. It happened under Carter and Clinton. US military spending is up for 1 reason DOD having to do all the heavy lifting for agencies that should be abolished State, NIH, DHS. $150Billion is syphoned off from DOD for these agencies.
            Right now China is spending $400Billion a year on their defense industry, so NO we aren’t out spending China by that foolish post.
            Its a shame that you denigrate VietNam vets with your posted name. No one who ever had been there would post such rubbish

          • NamVet_Ron

            Listen Jackass I happen to be a Combat Veteran from Vietnam who served with the 4th Infantry Division, and what I dislike most is “assholes” like you who probably never served at all, backing a party who has torn this country down with their stupid wars for big business and then try to blame everyone else for all the problems they have created. You are a jerk and probably never served this country at all and full of crap like the rest of the jackasses in the Republican party. Like your Party you throw a bunch of fictional figures up lie you asses off and expect intelligent people to believe you….NOT! The best I can say about your rubbish is go fu*k yourself pinhead and I hope you are one of those who never get work, because there is no cure for stupid and you have more then most! By saying that this president has not created any jobs, even though the Republican in the Senate have blocked every jobs bill, shows how stupid you really are…Your one of those blind f**king sheep looking for a reason to justify you bigoted hate with fake facts….Your Republican party is on it’s way to extinction, and after their blocking jobs and job training bill yesterday for returning vets it cannot happen too soon for me, so crawl back under your rock asshole everyone has had just about enough of your bullshit!

          • onedonewong

            Thanks for yor service its the ONLY thing you ever got right in your miserable life

          • Jobs Romney Would Be Shipping Overseas?? LOL

          • Justin Napolitano

            Come on onedone, you have to do better than that; ten trillion? We only pay for middle size lies and not whoppers that can easily be rebuffed. Try harder or we will give more money to obozo.
            Signed RNC.

          • onedonewong

            dear janet, obviously math isn’t something that’s your friend. have a 2nd grader show you how to calculate debt. You must have gone to school with barak and got an air guitar degree

      • DurdyDawg

        You’re right observer.. So, why don’t YOU go out and pick those fruits and vegetables or dig those post holes? I got it!! You can sell peanuts and corn dogs at sports stadiums.. I’m sure other Americans would be happy to see a citizen actually do a grunts job for pennies.

      • Justin Napolitano

        Since they take jobs that most American don’t like and refuse to do they probably got yours.

    • I Agree Pancha He’s For ALL The People Of The United States!!

      • onedonewong

        The only peep’s he’s for are his Moooslim buddies

        • NamVet_Ron

          Your a real piece of work! I’ll bet you were in a good ole boy Republican controlled state educational system, because the only thing that is showing is hate, and no intelligence! Crawl back under your rock!

          • you tell them

          • It’s Just Hard To Cut Thru That Tea Bagging Home Schooling!! LOL

          • onedonewong

            I got my GED in Keyna just like barak. I was an exchange student and he was a local living in a mud hut

          • NamVet_Ron

            Your an idiot, and I know people with GED’s which have more common sense, and can spell better too. You spell like a Teabagger! Better go back to school because it did not take the first time….

          • onedonewong

            Well you know 2 for sure me and Barak. he was the best when it came to dancing he’d get his spear and jump up and down for hours, especially with those plooms on his head

        • TheSkalawag929

          “Moooslim” Really?
          Are you one of the Chick Fil A cows?
          I’ve seen you up on billboards around town. Very funny.

          • onedonewong

            wel we have to treat them with kid gloves so we don’t hurt their feelings as they stone the women and have sex with 5 year olds

          • TheSkalawag929

            Your post is a waste of time.

          • onedonewong

            spoken like a true moooslim

          • TheSkalawag929

            Twenty four hours and this is the best you can do? As I said a day ago.
            Your post is a waste of time.

        • are you sure you didn’t mix up the letters in your nick, and meant to write “one inch dong”?

          • I rarely insult, even the most insultable, but in your case, I just couldnt resist.

          • I know, it was juvenile, demeaning, and beneath my dignity, but dern it felt good!

          • onedonewong

            a yuckkk a yuckkkk nice one Goofy

        • Go Help KKK Romney He Trying To Explain More Crap He Got Caught Saying On A Video Someone Recorded While He Was Holding His Secret KKK Meeting With A Bunch Of Rich Thug!! Telling His Going To Throw Half Of The American People Under The Bus!! LOL Your Klans Mate Is Looking Bad Everyday That’s Why He Going Nowhere In The Polls He’s His Own Worst Enemy Just Like You!! You Both Are LOSERS!!!

          • onedonewong

            Romney was spot on at it makes the freeloaders of this country realize that their days are numbered. The days of being welfare queens for 20 years now that barak took our the “work” requirement from “welfare for work” has them wondering what is their next scam. Imagine no moore FREE cells phones…Watch for the boatloads of socialists going to Cuba so they can continue their life style.
            The racist organizations like NAACP, laraza, black panthers, SNC and Calypso Louie

        • you discussed me

          • onedonewong

            That’s why its called a blog so people can discuss points of view

        • highpckts

          Onedonewrong – All you yahoos keep saying that! PROVE IT!!

          • onedonewong

            that’s easy its called “rules of engagement” that have generated record US casualties EVERY year they have been in place. He places more value on moooslim lives than our own troops.
            Why I’m sure even a messiah worshiper can find the casualty data on Google

        • Justin Napolitano

          Onedone, I think you can do a little better than that if you want to be paid. RNC does have its standards.

          • onedonewong

            Really he has other friends??? That’s news to the taxpayers

        • oldtack

          one d
          Are you really this ignorant or do you just like to imitate Clem Kadiddlehopper?

          • onedonewong

            are you trying to deny that he is a Moooslim???really….

          • oldtack

            A Moooslim? What is a Moooslim? Are you referring to a Muslim of the Islamic faith, a follower of Allah?

            But – moooslim – now that’s more in line with your intelligence over there in Tea Potty country.

          • onedonewong

            No a moooslim who’s founder was a child molester and who’s followers today are savages

          • oldtack

            Hey idiot-ass -where is your proof. Do you have any proof? Or- are you just blowing shit like all you idiots are prone to do. Just bullshit one liners because you don’t possess enough intelligence for more than a one line reply.

          • onedonewong

            His 1st “wife” was 5 years old and his second was 10. You can make your own decisions about how SICK he was

      • Thank you for that Santorum comment about smart people not supporting the GOP. For the life of me, I can’t understand how Romney gets any support for his arguments. I could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and crap a better argument than any made by Romney. President Obama will eat him for breakfast.

    • onedonewong

      Mastery of facts??? then why does he lie when its easier to tell the truth???

      Our foreign policy is a disaster, in 4 years other than shopping she has accomplished nothing. DOD has had to do all the heavy lifting while she flits around. She is approaching 300 pounds and you would think the 5 star hotels she stays in would give away mini shampoo bottles

      • Justin Napolitano

        Onedone, please be careful, you are insulting the United States Department of State and that is walking on thin ice. It is like insulting our military which will not be stood for. Americans do not like it when you bad mouth those the represent our country to the world.
        There will be no payment for that crack. RNC.

        • onedonewong

          Insulting the State Dept?? The State dept is an insult to the American taxpayers. The US military is the ONLY govt agency that performs it mission well and does all the heavy lifting for State and there ineptocracy
          Sorry the State dept is a joke run by an obese woman

    • joyscarbo


      Can you hear the cracks in Romney’s campaign?!! Did you see the fissures that are widening??? Romney got up and openly chastised 47% of all Americans. According to the words coming out of his mouth, 47% of the country are good for nothing and have character flaws. Nevermind that hundreds of thousands have lost their jobs because businesses are downsizing. Pay no attention to those who had to lose everything to afford expensive healthcare for a loved one. Look away from thos who dared to hope for the American Dream- homeownership- but were dupedand cheated by a greedy and unscroupulous lenders. 47% of us are filthy moochers- we’re poor, we’re elderly and we’re disabled and disadvantaged. We’re the scum under the heels of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. And what’s more, we fail to wish or work for anything better- it’s in our character-lacking and lazy ways to do so. Us 47% have been suckling at THEIR government teet and us moochers can’t get enough. We pay no taxes…and contribute nothing positive to the American life. We 47% yearn for more entitlements…more food stamps…more mortgage assistance….more unemployment benefits…more healthcare that we really don’t deserve at all.
      Shame on you, Mr. Romney…those lower to the bottom and trying to scratch their way up and out of poverty are some of the hardest working people you’d ever want to meet. And these people DO pay taxes!! If they rent, they pay taxes. If they purchace goods and services, they pay taxes. Own a car? Buy gas? All taxed and paid for by Average Joe. How dare a baby ask for medicare for vacinations? What gall an elderly gentleman displays shen asking to not cut her Medicare. Tsk, Tsk, Tsk,…republicans groan about them.
      YOU ARE THE 47%!!!! Mitt is talking shit about YOU!!!!!
      Read David Corn’s article in New York. I bet you can’t read it just onces. It’s FARR worse than it seems.

  • feeeo

    Threatening a tarrif will result in a trade war, which our recovering economy can neither win nor afford. In fact, it would be economic suicide. Any candidate who would suggest this course is not lucid enough to be trusted with the Presidency.

  • Every single link you’ve provided here is easier to read that this page.

  • I still get a kick out of the Repukes who, no matter what the evidence, still live in a fantasy world! Greg, you are really delusional!!!!!!! Romney even has a clause in his economic plan that gives a tax credit for outsourcing. Romney still invests in companies heavily invested in China! Romney never quit Bain in 1999, does not deny it now, and says he was not outsourcing, just sharing jobs! Lying sack of crap is all he is! If you have not done so, read his 59 page economic plan! Bet you Repukes have not done that – I am a Dem and I have done that! Ugh, you people are so in la la land! Read a book – The True Believer by Erik Hoffer! It is one required in PhD courses in Environmental Ed, so, you Repukes will probably have trouble with it. But, get someone to read it to you and explain it! Very enlightening! I don’t see, Greg, how you can call Obama a liar and then support Robme! Even Fox has said Romney lies and Ryan is trying to set a record! Well, it will be over and done soon enough and, then what will you do? Scrape up the pieces from your head exploding!

    • Maggie, just a slight correction: it’s Eric (not Erik) Hoffer. I met him several times (early 1970’s) at Tommy’s Joint, a restaurant in S.F., CA, where we both lunched.
      I have his “True Believer” which he autographed. A must read.

    • Me, Myself and I

      No kidding!! It astounds me, too, that these teapublicans will believe whatever their radical teapublican leaders tell them to believe no matter what evidence is displayed and believe me I have shared link after link after link to back up whatever it is I’m discussing. Often times doing their research for them… to no avail.

      This, even after the media dubbed Ryan as Lyin’ Ryan after he lied so many times the Fact Checkers passed out with exhaustion. And when RobMe was confronted with the lies told he brushed it all aside nonchalantly with, “We’re not basing our platform on fact checking…” When asked why they continue to lie, they responded with, “Cause it works!”

      And the reason it works is because of people like Greg, who will believe whatever Lyin’ Ryan and RobMe will tell him to believe.

      I find it odd in that, no one likes being lied to… I’m sure Greg and his teapublican cohorts would loathe to have their doctors lie to them or their mechanics, or their wives and children, or their neighbors… god forbid. Yet here they are relishing in the lies they’re being told by their leaders. Arguing to the death with documented truths that factually refute their false beliefs.

      Makes me wonder if they think they will be exempt from the horror RobMe and Lyin’ Ryan will inflict upon the nation if they gain access to the White House, just because they’re teapublicans. Do they really think they’ll not be fed the poison if Lyin’ Ryan and RobMe win the White House just cause they’re supporters? How naive.

      Lyin’ Ryan and RobMe must think very very lowly of the American people to continue blatantly lying even after being confronted. They must think the average American is lazy and stupid. Too lazy to research and too stupid to care. The thing is, what people like Greg don’t get, what people like Greg are too dense to understand is that Lyin’ Ryan and RobMe think this way about them… THEM! Their own teapublican supporters.

      They believe the average teapublican is stupid and lazy because the rest of us haven’t believed a /d/a/m/n/ word the teapublicans have said for the past four years and we don’t believe anything that comes out of their lying mouths now.

      So, heed you Gregs out there who will continue to believe whatever you’re told to believe like the teapublican zombies you are… you’re in for a nasty, rude awakening come November.

  • scott127

    What about Obama’s job czar who moved one of his GE companies to China because of cheaper labor and closed his U.S.A. plant. Also, Biden says Obama saved General Motors with taxpayer money but stiffed the investors,, closed dealerships, and caused 1000’s to become unemployed. Oh yes, taxpayers will never see the monies that were put into G.M. unless the stock goes above $56.00 a share. But chances of that happening are small to none since they are now developing & selling a car that cost more to manufacture than it sells for.

  • joyscarbo

    Good for Pres Obama to fight back against the right wingnut rhetoric! How will Mitt defend his Bain record, sending jobs overseas to China and 9 grievences filed for unfair subsidizing sales of cars and parts, all filed by the Obama administration? The debates will soon be upon us and I hope this issue is brought up. Romney will be left standing there, stuttering and sweating!!!

    • 13observer

      He should defend his experience with “Bain” as DOING HIS JOB! Remember dumb ass, he wasn’t President!!!! He was the CEO of a company in business to make money with no allegiance to anyone but stockholders of pension funds like YOURS!

      • You mean for himself? Where do think all his money came from? Good works? Even right wing nut jobs can’t be THAT stupid.

      • lkreu

        Why doesn’t he talk about Bain then? B/c he put good Americans out of work for a profit? I know someone who worked for a company – Bain took it over, brought in their own workers and FIRED everyone there. How does that help the American people? He should be very proud of himself. Oh, and by the way, not my pension fund.

        • 13observer

          He was CEO of Bain Capital to make it profitable!!!!! Are you stupid? He wasn’t president of a fu*king CHARITY dumb ass! Get with the program if you want to talk on my level. When you take over a company you have the RIGHT to …….. replace workers with your own! I guess if he were President of the United States his priorities would have to be different now wouldn’t they PROFESSOR?

          • Peoples425

            Okay… playing your little game of doing “his job” in order to make it profitable, what is it do you think that he would do with a country that supposedly is going to be run as a business? He will replace jobs with a cheaper labor source and make it profitable. He has already proven himself as well as his VP to be a formidable liar. Given this line of logic, it would dictate that much of his “promises” on the campaign trail would end up being falsehoods within his presidency if he were given that opportunity.

            Running on his business record would illustrate that he is indeed capable or replacing american employees with immigrant labor. There’s a difference between charitable actions and ethical behavior. To profit off of the misery of hundreds, thousands and even hundreds of thousands shows what little empathy Romney has and therefore has no place being a leader of any kind.

          • wesley rasmussen

            WOW!! It looks like 13 really IS that dumb!!!

          • oldtack

            Wow – look at the !!!!! exclamation points and that D-A reference again. I don’t think I care to talk on this man’s level. I prefer intelligent discourse.

      • oldtack

        Have you noticed that when a Right winger can’t produce facts they start using foul language and exclamation points? Sign of frustration or sign of limited intellect and communication skills?

        • wesley rasmussen


          • oldtack

            AMEN to that.

      • Here’s A Clue Your Not Rich So Stop Kissing Rich People Asses!! Cause Romney Don’t Like Broke People Like You He Wants Your Votes But That Where It Will End FOOL!!! LOL

  • therealstory2

    I’ve noticed, in my discussions with the far right, that when I refute their wild statements with verified facts they either reply with insults or disappear.

    • 13observer

      Hey, lets you and me have a discussion about Obama’s support for overthrowing governments in the middle east and how well it is working these days. They say he “trumps” Romney on foreign policy………I’m not so sure he wins that debate today! This will hurt his re-election bid as Romney just needs to attack him on the economy…and now this!

      • Hey 13, good job satirizing the romney trolls. LOL. you almost had me going to a second there. Then I realized noone could be THAT stupid. LOL.

      • MPD

        Obama’s support of the Arab Spring is just an extension of the Freedom Agenda promoted by Bush. No one ever thought it was a “safe” choice or that it was going to be easy or bloodless in those countries. We just decided it didn’t make any sense for a country that preaches democracy to go on propping up dictators. Unfortunately, democracy in these countries, for now, mostly means Islamism.

        Whether this helps/hurts Obama/Romney…who can say? We have no idea what’s going to happen. It could well play into the majority of Americans’ trust of Obama on foreign policy vs. Romney…or it could backfire on him horribly. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  • 13observer

    Hey, lets talk about “foreign policy” again.I haven’t heard much from the Obama administration in the last few days on say…….THE MIDDLE EAST! Someone please explain how Mr. Obama is so well suited for a debate on foreign policy matters with the entire middle east “up in arms”……. maybe these “arms” are a result of U.S. gun owners selling guns to the middle east through gun show loop holes. Not a stretch as the Obama administration tried to do so with Eric Holder of “Fast & Furious fame when Hillary’s state department declared the Mexican Cartels existance was dependant on guns coming from America. What a bunch of sh*t! You can’t make this stuff up!

  • Mr. Sattler, you misused the word referencing. Referencing means listing the references used in writing a paper or article. It is an all too common mistake, but one a professional writer should not be making. He was “making reference to” not “referencing.” They are two completely different things.

  • As a former CEO and investors Mitt Romney has, obviously, outsourced more jobs than President Obama who has not outsourced any, the question is which of these two candidates will put in place policies conducive to end the drainage of jobs in the USA?
    An indication of what may happen if Romney is elected is the way Republicans in the House rejected President Obama’s proposal to reward companies that invest and create jobs in the USA and punish those that outsource jobs overseas. Romney and the GOP, have no intention of erecting obstacles to corporations trying to increase profit margins and expand by pursuing opportunities in foreign markets. That is simply contrary to Republican economic ideology and it is not going to happen.
    Another indication involves the Republican insistence on abolishing the Department of Education and the statement comparing Pell Grants to stage III cancer. In addition to pursuing higher profits by reducing operating costs and seeking business opportunities abroad, many corporations have moved some of their operations overseas because there are simply not enough qualified applicants to do the work they need at home, especially when the work entails knowledge of hard sciences. Instead of promoting solutions to encourage higher education and a greater focus on science, the GOP is proposing home schooling and teaching divinity! Well, miracles impressed those who thought the Earth was flat, it should not impress anyone in the 21st century.

    • 13observer

      Here is what debunks your observations; Romney was only doing his job! He wasn’t President of the United States! He also wasn’t supporting the interests of the “peoples republic of lefty land”! Sorry, you loose!

      • CB

        Romney says he will create jobs. As my Grandmother used to say: “the proof is in the pudding”. It was Romney’s job to maximize profits, and he did so at a tremendous cost to the American worker and the American economy. He was supporting the interests of his buddies on millionaire row, and the right wing nuts who would rather see this country go down in flames than support humane policies.

        I would suggest you look up “loose” in a dictionary, if you have one. Sorry we the American people win, you LOSE.

      • No you lose! Romney sent the jobs to the Peoples Republic of China. Which is communist not capitalist. And to aswer your statement about “he was only doing his job” that was the defence the Nazi war criminals used in thier war crimes trials.

      • RR3

        Think before you speak…..he’s putting himself in President Obama’s shoes…..his so called record of creating jobs against the President….therefore the comparisons are valid….those are his only “credentials”….and now Dominick Villa cannot question them??…..look this election has been decided…you know who you’re going to vote for…..or shall we say….against the President…..your hate for the President is the only thing that fuels Romney campaign….that’s it!!
        Romney 1040….show your tax returns….game over

      • NamVet_Ron

        His job was making money off companies which he used to get rich off of while putting hundreds of thousands of people out of work and sending those jobs over seas! Real patriotic selling out your own countries economy to get rich you ninny! Your the one who loses wing nut!

      • 13observer: So you want a President whose work experience consists of exporting jobs to China? I am not going to be the loser in that bargain.

      • 130bserver, and here is what debunks yours, Presidents don’t outsource jobs. Mitt Romney’s job was, indeed, finding ways to keep companies in trouble from going bankrupt and ensuring that, if they did, the owners or shareholders got their cut. His recommendations were always limited to reductions in operating costs and to achieve that he proposed staffing and benefits reductions, “increasing productivity” by asking 2 people to do the work that 3 used to do, plant closings, shutting down unprofitable product lines, encouraging leveraged buyouts, and outsourcings. That is not the kind of business experience we need in government. Government is not in the business of making a profit, what we need isa leader committed to ensuring jobs stay in the USA by doing things such as his proposal to reward companies that invest and create jobs in the USA, a leader that helps corporations stay in business to retain the industrial might that made this country great and at the same time to save jobs of thousands of workers, like President Obama did with GM. We have enough CEOs engaged in outsourcing jobs to increase profits, the last thing we do is a job outsourcing champion in the Oval Office to facilitate the erosion of jobs in America.

      • He’s Loose No It’s You Who’s Loose In The Head!! Romney Never Create Jobs He Create Debt For Other People We Have 50 States And Romney State Was 47 In Jobs Creation And It’s Only 50 States So I Think You Are Just Fooling Yourself!! Stop Watch Fox Fake News And Drinking The Venom Sold To You By The American Taliban Snake Oil Salesmen!!!LOL

      • wesley rasmussen

        He may not have been POTUS then, but if he is going to point to his record as a “savvy business man,” then he is standing on his record of outsourcing jobs at the expense of the homeland. Did you also know that, while he is on an approved platform for the GOTP of abolishing any and all abortions, he invested $75M in Europe to buy aborted fetuses and turn them into fertilizer? Don’t take my word for it, Google SANICYCLE and the Bain Capital investment.

        I do believe it is time for all of us to treat you to what my mother taught me – NEVER ENGAGE IN A BATTLE OF WITS WITH AN UNARMED PERSON. Look around – all those you are ranting at have a very keen wit. You figure out who the unarmed person is.

      • Justin Napolitano

        13, it is lose not loose and making money by sending jobs overseas is great if you are a stock holder in those companies but not so good if you are looking for a job. I have to add that it is great for stock holders, in the short run, but bad long term if there is no middle class remaining to buy the products your company imports.
        Henry Ford was asked why he paid his employees more than any other auto company and he said I want my employees to be able to afford to buy the cars they make. That philosophy would go a long way today to help re-employ Americans.

  • montanabill

    Obama accusing Romney of hypocrisy over China? Romney has been calling for sanctions since he started running for the Presidency. Obama takes minor action 2 months before an election. All the rest of the defense of Obama by himself and Sattler is just so much BS. This is the same guy who was telling us (through his surrogates, of course) that there was a demonstration in Libya and no planned attack. This guy couldn’t and wouldn’t dare, tell the truth about anything.

    • lkreu

      He has taken more action against China than W. ever did. And I would be careful with China, if they call in their loans, we are done for. They basically own us, and that is not this president’s fault.

      • montanabill

        No, certainly not, because we know he hasn’t borrowed a dime from China! And he has told us, he has no faults. They are all Bush’s.

    • LOL NINE actions–more than your bitch Bush Jr did in 8 years! Actually I remember when your bitch Bush used to kiss that Chinese ass. I remember they shot down a plane of oursand Bush sent his main man over to do some serious ass kissing. I don’t remember Bush protesting, even though they shot the plane down over international waters. Bush was owned by the Chinese, and Romney is too.

      • LOL and Montana Bill says Romney has been bitching about Chine “since he started running for president”. LOL He started 12 YEARS AGO. LOL. Since then he has sent thousands of jobs to China to slave factories! Did u see that video where he boasted about Chinese slave labor factories? Go home Montana Bill and dream about a world where Romney is president and you become a slave laborer in China b/c that is the ONLY job Romney will give you.

      • montanabill

        Want another magic mushroom?

  • tiggerooh

    During an election period ,I rarely believe 25% of what I read and about the same as what is said.With that stated ,Obama is a far better choice than Romney,Even tho they both sling a lot of sh** .In this election its a matter of picking the lessor of two evils.

  • 13observer

    Remember there is a huge difference being the CEO of a corporation and the President of the U.S. The responsibilities are not the same. Ask Obama about the new “NAFTA” he gave his blessing to and how many American jobs it will cost us…. not to mention giving LEGAL STATUS to 1.3 million illegal aliens when unemployment is so high. High gas prices and no pass on the Keystone pipline at election time should seal Obama’s tomb and any chance a at re-elction bid. He will find out that the “latino” vote he sold us out for is “INSIGNIFICANT”!

  • TheOldNorthChurch

    Akerson noted that almost “seven out of 10 of our vehicles were made outside the United States” and that “we have 11 joint ventures” with government-owned Chinese companies

  • Kokogene

    As for jobs in America, Republicans blocked jobs bills for three years, and cut state and federal jobs, which would aid the economy! Those who have money to invest in labor, are making more money than they have been able to grab since Clinton was in office! Their greed and lust for money is why there are few jobs in the private sector! They save on retirement packages, health care, and unemployment insurance by not hiring the unemployed, and cheat workers out of fare pay by having congress ride down on union workers, who aid the entire work force by setting wage standards!!!!

  • 13observer

    I like how Obama supporters blame Bush for all Obama’s shortcomings. Soon voters who are tired of the “blame game” put a stop to it by defeating Obama’s re-election bid and retiring democrats they missed in the 2010 overhaul.

  • 13observer

    Are you kidding? Obama championed the overthrow of these governments so his friends of the “Muslim Brotherhood” could get to power there and ultimately HERE! This is why we can’t let Obama take our guns! Oh, and from this I seem to get alot of ……..”Obama hasn’t tried to take your guns”………when in fact he has Hillary Clinton working a deal with the” United Nations Against Small Arms Programme” where he allows foreign countries to DICTATE our Second Amendment freedoms to us or eliminate them alltogether! This is the same guy that doesn’t ENFORCE our immigration laws for the purpose of “political gain”….you can’t make this sh*t up bro!

  • Kudos Mr President. Kick Mitt’s lame ass!

  • 13observer

    Oh well, double tap of a key….BFD! So let him have a chance as president, he obviously woudn’t conduct business as president the same as he would as CEO. He was not the president of a fu*king CHARITY professor! You listen when I am talking to you bro.

  • 13observer

    Sorry, no “double tap” in your case; d e f e n S e….not defence professor!

  • 13observer

    Obama’s “new” trade deal is NAFTA on steroids and doesn’t matter who it is with it’s so bad for Americans looking for work. Perhaps he will grant amnesty for the rest of the 20 million illegal alien criminals he is pandering to!

  • msrita

    Go Obama you will get you 2nd term.

  • 13observer

    and you know what is sad……. all this could be avoided if not for the Democratic Party and their insistance on TAKING OUR FU*KING GUNS!!!! It is our right, and dems keep pandering to that fu*ing fringe group of gun haters! The party is decimated by its members who “part company” when gun rights are challenged! The Democrat Party drove the NRA to embrace those in the Republican Party. If you don’t think that members of your party embrace GUN RIGHTS, then you are a FOOL!

    • seagazer101

      WhoTOOK YOUR FUCK!NG GUNS? Certainly not this administration, you moron. I’m a liberal and no one took mine. Where the h#ll do you idiots get your insane ideas?

  • 13observer

    Aren’t you selling out your country when you allow illegal alien criminals to compete in the job market while unemployment soars around 15 percent…..then let them send to Mexico their earnings while they “live off the land” (welfare)? Obama just granted AMNESTY for 1.3 million illegal alien criminals, and will grant AMNESTY for the rest here if he is re-elected!

    • seagazer101

      Quit watching Fox News! You are showing your stupidity!

  • jr_06498

    Well! what do we expect with Romney?

    He is doing anything even it is a lie, especially his vice president Paul Ryan. Sometimes I was trying to listen of what they are talking about, but it seems all of what their saying are garbage, no substance at all and Hypocrisy.

  • 13observer

    First, check out Obamas new trade deal…..and the difference in exporting jobs abroad VS… allowing illegal alien criminals to steal our jobs here while sending their earnings to “off shore” accounts (Mexico) while they overpoplulate and put a huge burden on our welfare system, education system and healthcare system is what?

    • seagazer101

      I call it liberal, humanistic, reasonable, kind: All things you wouldn’t understand.

    • I tire of yor claim that it is Obama that is allowing illegal aliens to steal American jobs, that is a bald faced lie. It has been illegal to hire illegals to work in America since 1952 ( I don’t think Obama was President then. ) I’m 63 and never in my life have I filled out an application that DIDN”T ASK THE QUESTION; Can you LEGALLY work in the US? So I conclude that the practice of hiring illegal aliens for work in this Country is a Corporation, Company, and some individual businessmen thing. For the purpose of reducing labor costs, employee benifit costs, and avoidance of taxes. It’s ALL illegal and it’s NOT the President doing it.

  • jr_06498

    In the Philippine even before, we do not like to buy any Chinese product, we always looking US made product, when I arrived in the US with my family we were very surprised, My wife and my son and daughter asked me, What happen? In the Philippine we trying to avoid Chinese Product, all of a sudden we are here in the US that majority of product selling in the supermarket are made in China.

  • What about sustainable energy projects Mr. Obama? Where did all the money go? How much did middle men, project planners, financial planners and other such superfluous bandicoots siphon off the government money in the name of energy projects which ultimately failed.

  • 13observer

    WTF dude, I am a Union guy who listened on a call with Obama, sat beside him when he told us that the “Employee Free Choice Act” was his FIRST PRIORITY! Guess what?……. HE LIED! I for one know we didn’t get the FFA bill we wanted, EFCA, expedited appointments to the NLRB, government posting for the “right to organize” etc. but rather, support for the “Occupy” movement who DO NOT represent me as I WORK for a living. Obama also promotes illegal alien criminals competing with all that labor has worked to gain for over a hundred years. I’m no fan of Romney but if he wins, perhaps the “working world” wakes up and realizes its strength is only with the UNION. At this point I think people aren’t hurting enough to “see the light” as they want a President that will LEGISLATE a labor agreement rather than do it the right way by having a UNION NEGOTIATE IT!

  • I thought this article was about China and Romney’s hypocrisy. Yet the comments I read are about Mexico and illegal aliens. Just Like Romney when you don’t have an answer change the subject. When the topic is foreign policy It’s the president is weak an appeaser,no details about what Romney would do differently, Taxes well the president will raise taxes,but Romney has not stated one loop hole he’s gonna cut. Not good enough to tell America how bad things are and how bad this president is. You Romney need to tell America in DETAIL how you can fix things. I’m tired of slogans and platitudes.If it’s not done before or during the debates It’s over.Only way he wins it will be that voter suppression tacted carried out by the republicans worked. God forbid that to be the case.

  • 13observer

    I have “timed out” and must return to my cell! Ha Ha, just kidding!

  • S-3

    I’m not oging to act like Obama hasn’t done anything bad to earn him any hate he gets – but when the lesser of two evils kicks in, you know what to do – this issue with China is no exception…

    Though it does please me Ohio might be aware of what’s going on for the most part.

  • Villainouskind

    Oh this dude is bringing up the Muslim BS. If you didn’t think to ignore this dude, nows the time.

  • @ 13 Observer – We have an Illegal alien peoblem today because you people have been allowing illegal alien criminals to compete in the job market since 1952, illegally I might add. Also I wouldn’t call it competition, it was just plain undermining American workers, for profit. As for thus Amnesty for 1.3 million illegals, I think it makes sense. First we close the borders (at least make them less pourous ) then give the illegals a legitamate path to citizenship, deporting only those that won’t take it and those that don’t qualify. Otherwise did you stop to think how much it would cost the American taxpayer to find and deport 1.3million people.

  • bucktoui

    You are all wrong Romney did create jobs, but not for American he created job for Chinese. Romney is Chinese Trojan Horse Sleeper he is traitor for sending his master Chinese all goody.

  • markleiner

    I hope that President Obama, in his second term, along with the 2 newly retaken Democrat branches of government, can pass an amendment to the ACA to add what we were all promised and corporate greed has its slimy paws on and that is a Single Payer/ Public Option! We have to set an agenda and someway implement our priorities in this second term. My first concern is to deal with issue ASAP. It will help all Americans! That is what our government is elected into office to do, and it will be a way to release the hold of corporate greed over our health! Out sourcing American jobs is a crime against Americans and it is not issue of capitalism, it is Un-American to sell out your own country for greed!

    • CAThinker

      I agree with you on ACA – we need to remove the profit motive from healthcare paper pushers. The healthcare system is broken when the “backroom” companies (companies not involved in the delivery of healthcare, only in the billing of…) have CEOs with multi-MILLION dollar ANNUAL salaries and report multi-BILLION dollar QUARTERLY earnings, somebody is getting fleeced – that money doesn’t appear out of nowhere. Can you imagine doing a direct replacement of the health insurance companies with a Government agency? All that “profit” going back to the Government? Or better, prices reduced drastically (not to the service providers)??? I know I’m in the minority, but I think we can do Single Payer and probably better than anyone else in the world…

  • onedonewong

    I agree Barak you have shipped more jobs to china then all of our previous presidents. Every green energy project that you have initiated has provided jobs to China and enriched their economy

  • oldtack

    Looks like this forum got sidetracked into a mudslinging contest with 130Observer.

    Back to the subject -China and trade practices.

    How many on the forum have made a “survey” of the stores in your town for items made in China or in a far East country? Have you done a survey of items made in America or Canada?

    Have you made a survey of how many manufacturing companies we have here in America as opposed to American Companies that have outsourced overseas? Have you checked the trade laws?

    It is easy to pontificate and say don’t buy foreign made goods and raise tariffs on China imports but actual practice is something else.

    This was brought about by our members of the House and Senate in years past along with deregulation and easing of tariff laws. This has to be addressed and rectified but in a logical manner. And not by raising tariffs and cutting off imports.

    Look around your house tonight. What would you have left if you got rid of all items made somewhere overseas? I doubt you would even have anything to clothe your naked bodies.

    Slapping a trade embargo on China is about like firing now and aiming later.

    Let us resolve this problem the correct way.

  • Man, I can’t wait for the debates! That’ll be the deciding point for these elections. Romney will have to poop or get off the potty.

  • It was Bush/Cheney who borrowed eight trillion from China, just in case you’ve forgotten. Bush/Cheney done you wrong. You never met a ugly woman, but you woke up with quite a few.

  • joyscarbo

    LEAKS!!! LEAKS!!! I love the leaks. Distain and contempt for the people of America who aren’t successful. The 47% are mooching, government-dependent derelicts.
    LOVE IT…Can you hear Mitt’s ass frying??? Can you see Ann wanting to pull her hair out?? Stay tuned, sweeties, there is plenty for all of us!!!

  • joyscarbo

    What about $5 billion for the rich reicht?? Hail Hitler!!!

  • ridemybroom

    MITT ROMNEY……………………………………….


  • amullarney

    I agree with Pancha_Chandra.. Obama is head and shoulders above Romney.
    Obama has shown he is prepared to be a one term President..think healthcare reform.

    Romney has shown he is prepared to jettison any and every principle ( to maintain his right wing) so that he may gain one term. What would he do to gain a second term?
    Who knows? I don’t care to witness the depths.

  • 13observer

    Check out what is Hillary doing at the United Nations Agains Small Arms Programme. They have been trying all along…..Hilary and Eric Holder of Fast & Furious fame! Say they don’t represent what the President WANTS!

  • 13observer

    I’m sure he would have different priorities as PRESIDENT! Yes, he would, think about it for a minute.

  • 13observer

    Question; who just gave AMNESTY to 1.3 million illegal alien criminals living in the U.S……..answer; President Obama! Who is not ENFORCING our immigration laws; Obama!

  • 13observer

    Government Healthcare across all states? who is bullsh*tting who?

  • 13observer

    The problem with your logic is that while they are here working they are subsidized by our government welfare that costs us far more than any “off set” of lower wages!

  • 13observer

    People have been robbing banks for years also… does that mean we just turn our heads now?

  • 13observer

    Is Bush running again? I thought you could only run for two terms PROFESSOR?

  • 13observer

    You couldn’t say what he would do, now could you! We know that Obama promised Organized Labor (gate keeper for the middle class) that his priority was the Employee Free Choice Act and he LIED about that as he replaced that promise with “welfare healthcare”!

  • 13observer

    Really PROFESSOR? ….and to think, I came way down to your level just to communicate with you!

  • 13observer

    ….and to think I came way doen to your level just to communicate with you!

  • 13observer

    Fine, then save your comments for the “Peanut Gallery”!

  • highpckts

    First of all, Solyndra was Bushes baby! Secondly, if we don’t try to invest in “renewable” energy we will have no natural resources left! Third, Romney only invests in sure things unless he sees a profit in dismatling them which happens often!

  • highpckts

    Nope! Bush did that!!

  • Romney reminds of days long ago when i sat in a bar and guy would come in and tell me a story toward my liking to get me to buy him a drink and then move to the other end and start all over again .Maybe someday he will sober up and actually become some thing but for now his inexpeireince show’s above all .

  • highpckts

    130observer – doing his job?? Well if his job is to bankrupt companies, invest his money overseas and call the 47% here do nothings, then he can have his job! He chose to be who he is and it’s not someone I’d care to know!!

  • buckeyes2012

    President Obama will win this election. He is the right man for this job, he will turn the econony back around. This country is in good hands with the President that we have. President Obama and his future new congress will have our country going in the right direction and our country will be a better place to live once again. Congratulation to President Obama, Vice President Biden, and Nancy Peloris,because you will have your positon back and all the democratic party and our new congress for the next four years. Our first lady Michelle Obama is wonderful, we need her because she got our childrens going in the right direction. God Bless all our good Leaders,because this will happen for the next four years. Congratulation for a job well done and perfect for our next four years. God Bless all of you and American

  • buckeyes2012

    Romney is a cheater. Look at his record, look at all the people that he have hurt. Do we need this man to run our country, no so people wake up. The republican party do not care about the american people they only care about themselves. Americans we have a good man President Obama, he care about us. President Obama is the man we need for the next four years, and his new future congress. So american lets stand with our President Obama and his new future congress. Congratulation for President Obama and his new future congress for our next four years. God Bless President Obama and his new future congress.

  • buckeyes2012

    Congratulation for President Obama will win this election, along with his new congress.

  • buckeyes2012

    Romney is a cheater.

  • 13observer

    …..thank you for your offering, we love hearing from you…………… next.

  • Obama has had 4 years to make an impact on this and has not done spit… What is Obama’s business record? Oh that’s right, he doesn’t have one because he was a community organizer. Obama does not seem to mind letting China buy our debt. Media is still in the tank for Obama….

  • Delusions of grandeur 130. You can’t prove anything you’ve said. But you did prove that you’re a racists and bigot. Good for you.

  • 13observer

    Hey, everybody wants to just go fishing, but someone LEGAL must do the jobs PROFESSOR! Thank you for your valuable contributions to this blog, we just love hearing from you…… next.


  • Another “Bigot” Panchita…. In “Fern”…..
    Choice words…..brings them out with a “Vengeance”!

    The words in ferns remarks are from the intellegent/smart individuals that Santorum was pertaining too… I would guess is what she meant!

    Romney is having a “Spell” with it right now also!

  • I have several questions for you, do you believe in the first amendment.? did obama not say ” if the winds of politics change I will side with islam”. The political winds have change and he is showing his muslium colors. Before you answer research this. Resolution 16/18 that hilery clinton signed off on which will do away with yourt first amendment right. Next he has removed 2 billion dollars from military spending, like it or not, it takes around fifty people to support one troop on the ground with the reduction of three brigades apprx 250, ooo troops who pay taxes, and the people who support these troops who pay taxes, next he stops the pipe line from coming into this country is not just 9,000 jobs, there is logistics that go along with it, like apprx, 30 people per worker to build the pipe line do the math. I suggest you go and see 2016 before you vote. I voted for him in 2008 but I will not vote for him in 2012. Do your home work and see who the people are surrounding him, look at the crap about some stupid trailer about mohammad, and how he chastises the American for their right of freedom of speech. Her started the closing of NASA, some where apprx 500,000 jobs, more tax payers unemployed, not counting the logistics that support that program. then he tells the Director of NASA to include the muslims into our program which means, allow them into our propulsion systems, Iran does not have a good propulsion system to propel their rockets into the U.S and other country’s,

    He continues to apologize to our enemies a applauds them killing our troops, I.E Fort Hood. He say’s don’t jump to conclusions. But when a soldier supposedly kills 7 Afghanistans, he says justice will be served, al-quida claims to have film footage of this, How did they know he was going to go out from behind the wall and commit this supposed crime. The soldier has already been tried and the terrorist at Fort hood is still awaiting trail, held up because his religion allows him to have a beard and refuses to shave it, he is still in the military and should follow through with his oath, but will not because he was a terrorist in an American uniform and obama protects him. and it goes on and on.

    If you believe him to be right for your Constitutional values check out Sharia law in the American court system, you will find that he is attacking your constitution and your American heritage. If he is re-elected you better learn to hide because your religious choice is in danger. Google or yahoo crosses removed from military chaplains tents,

    Does islam not call for an all out war on the infidels, and this guy say’s he is a muslium. Google crucifixions in Egypt since morisi has been put in power with obamas help.