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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Wisconsin state senator Glenn Grothman has sparked outrage by putting out a press release labeling Kwanzaa as a fake, racist holiday, and urging for it to be “slapped down.”

In the unhinged release, Grothman asserts that Kwanzaa — a week-long celebration of African culture organized around the principles of unity, self-determination, responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity, and faith — is actually a leftist plot designed to divide Americans.

“Why are hard-core left wingers still trying to talk about Kwanzaa — the supposed African-American holiday celebration between Christmas and New Year’s?” Grothman asks.

“Of course, almost no black people today care about Kwanzaa — just white left-wingers who try to shove this down black people’s throats in an effort to divide Americans,” he continues.

According to Grothman, professor and activist Maulana Karenga, who created the holiday in 1966, “didn’t like the idea that Christ died for all of our sins, so he felt blacks should have their own holiday — hence, Kwanzaa.”

This is not the first time that Grothman has targeted the holiday; he issued a similar press release in 2003 warning that “the left wants black Americans to consider themselves different from the rest of America,” and urging that “the rest of us should treat Kwanzaa with the contempt it deserves before it becomes a permanent part of our culture.”

Meg Moen, treasurer of the county Democratic party, called Grothman’s comments “absolutely jaw-dropping.”

“Not only does Senator Grothman seem to find his inherent racism acceptable, he implores people to follow his lead and question a holiday that African-Americans have been celebrating for years,” Moen told Patch.

“He, as usual, blames progressives and teachers, for respecting all traditions, and having the audacity to include every holiday and tradition that occurs around this time every year,” she added. “That press release is absolutely disgusting and drips with disdain for African-Americans and, therefore, I am calling on him to retract his statements.”

Grothman’s over-the-top contempt for Kwanzaa isn’t his only controversial position on race. Perhaps unsurprisingly, he also considers affirmative action to be a scheme “to buy votes from groups by ancestry and gender,” and ironically warns that it’s an example of how “politicians attempt to set one ethnic group against another.”

The strange controversy is especially ironic considering that so many Republicans spent the holiday season warning that liberals are fighting a “War on Christmas.” Although that battle still exists only in right-wing fever dreams, thanks to Senator Grothman, the first shots in the War on Kwanzaa have been fired.

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  • Michael Kollmorgen

    I guess to some of these wingnuts, Freedom of Religion is fine IF you believe in “their” religion.

    Hey, someone shoot that finger off – FAST. It might be loaded…………………

  • Do they have mirrors in that state? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black…oops sorry about the methaphor. Funny how all of these clowns who point to others as racist always seem bent that direction themsleves. Just another snail track upon the face of America. Shame on you pal.

    • july860

      Just one word-Projection

  • labman57

    Gay marriage, ObamaCare, organized labor, tax hikes for the wealthiest citizens, greenhouse gas regulations, assault weapon legislation, religious freedom for Muslim Americans, and now Kwanzaa … each has been labeled by conservative extremists as a “left wing plot designed to destroy America”.

    So many plots, so little time.

    • stcroixcarp

      As soon as I saw this headline I should have known that it was Grotham spewing nonsense again. Here is my Christmas wisdom for him. Remember Glenn, every time you tell a lie, you make baby Jesus cry.

      • The sad thing is that idiots like Grotham think they sit at the right hand of god and speak for him.

  • What a nut job.

    Jesus Christ died for OUR sins…???!!!

    Puh-Lease. Take your silly superstitions & go hide in a closet somewhere.

    When are we going to strip churches of tax exempt status? Talk about getting a free ride. And look what churches do to people. Take this guy who simply exudes hatred & racism.

    And isn’t it time for elected reps to do their job instead of pursuing their own religious fanatic racsists agenda?

    • amazonfan

      He certainly didn’t die for my sins, seeing as I’m Jewish. This guy probably thinks that Chanukah and Ramadan are leftists plots as well.

      • FredAppell

        Don’t be surprised if your faith is in the cross hairs next. Although their are many conservative Jewish peoples in America, I can’t help but wonder if they would take a stand on this nonsense or sell out their religious principles in favor of their political ones.

      • idamag

        I’m sure.

    • CPANewYork

      I don’t think that we’ll ever strip religions of their tax exemptions for three reasons:

      It’s a bad idea, because the exemption has been our country’s practice for too long.

      Many religions are constantly on the verge of insolvency. Taxing them will push them into bankruptcy and the taxes won’t be paid anyway.

      No sane politician would be willing to vote for such legislation.

      • Just because it’s been that way doesn’t mean it needs to continue. The practice is in violation of the separation of church & state mandate. To wit: Law says NO support of organized religion is allowed. Just because ALL organized religions get special state sponsorship doesn’t make it right, it just makes it very wrong.

        Let the religions go out of business afterall, a business is just what they are.

        Screw the politicains, we need statesmen not weasels.

        • Diogenes67

          Drop the tax exemption and let religions compete in the free market.

        • CPANewYork

          You’re wrong on what “separation of church and state” means.

          It means that Congress will not establish a state church, period. It has nothing to do with taxation of religions. A similar reaction emerged when the United States started to print Christmas stamps, a recognition subsequently extended to Jewish and Muslim holidays and recently to Kwaanza. When that happened, an outraged cry emerged, only to be quickly defused when the real meaning of separation of church and state was explained.

          • Michael Kollmorgen

            You are forgetting one key feature of that so-called separation between church and state.

            The Constitution does not forbid religion from forming religious-orientated political PACS.

            The Constitution also does not forbid election to high positions people who are priests, ministers of whatever faith they belong to. Remember, Romney was a “active” Mormon Bishop.

      • FredAppell

        That’s a strong argument, why don’t Democrats ever use that tactic when defending the social safety net? I have been reading a lot of articles on the internet for many years and most people agree that the Democratic Party does a terrible job of framing their issues to a larger constituency. No wonder why the Dems can never hold onto power very long. If they could effectively explain just how cataclysmic it would be to people to suddenly and radically change course to a more conservative system than they might win more elections.

        • CPANewYork

          I don’t think that either major American party holds on to power “very long.”

          The last to do it was the Democrats, who did so because of the Great Depression, for which the Republicans were blamed and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

          • FredAppell

            I think I proved my case lol . You’re right, but I hear voters and pundits continuously say that the Democrats would do so much better if they would only learn how to communicate their message to the American people more effectively. Thank you for your insight though!

      • oldtack

        I agree with your reasons. Religious institutions have been unofficially exempt since the founding of the Country and received official Exempmtion Status in 1894.
        In the beginning exemption was more or less limited to the place of worship and the “Parsonage”. After Exemption was passed into law in 1894 this expanded to include everything falling under the auspices of any “Religious” institution. From exemption for place of worship and parsonage this law now covers all property, all business enterprises, Capital gains,salaries and allowances. That is a lot of lost revenue.

        Our Government (State and National) lose about 71 Billion dollars each year due to this law.

        I would like to see this practice curbed back to the original intent. Exempt only the place of worship and one abode (parsonage) and subject everything else to existing tax practices.

    • Michael Kollmorgen

      Seems to me, we should have stripped all of these religious organizations of their Tax-Exempt Status many years ago.

      But, now it’s even more needed since they have become so much more involved in Politics ever since Reagan embraced the Evangelical Movement during his terms in office.

      We also need to take a serious look at the Constitution and propose a NEW Constitutional Amendment specially clarifying exactly where and what the “true” separation(s) between Church and State actually are.

      Latest News from the Hill!

      The House has not re-authorized the Violence Against Women Act which would have extended Domestic Violence Protections to Lesbians, Transgender, Illegal Immigrants and Native American Women along with all other women.

      Wanna talk about how religion is influencing Politics? This is just one of many issues. This also shows how the Republican Party views women in our society.

      • FredAppell

        Michael, without offering specifics, I know for a fact that every time this kind of Legislation that protects the rights of certain portions of our society comes up for a re-vote the GOP tout the same tired excuse that such Legislation is no longer needed because we are a kinder, gentler society now. It would be wonderful if only that were true.

        • Michael Kollmorgen

          It has become a more gentler society ONLY because of laws that make us behave as we’re supposed to.

          It would be nice IF we didn’t need these laws. We’re supposed to act kind and tolerant towards each other because that is the right thing to do.

          But, how many people actually put that into practice? Yes, many people do, but you can also see in many of their faces that they are “forcing” themselves to do so only because if they didn’t, you’d probably bitch slap them for acting stupid if they didn’t.

          It’s not our kinder, gentler selves that keep this society from flying part. It’s because of our laws.

          And, Religion is SUPPOSED to teach tolerance, acceptance and respect for each other. More often than not, it does quite the opposite.

          I think people in this country has also lost the sense of what it means to be Honorable.

          Another factor too is true friendship. I mean the serious caring kind, where people go out of their way to be a friend. This is hard to explain. I see less and less of it. Might sound wimpy, but I’d tear my shirt off to help people, only to find that same personality trait is not returned when I need it.

          • FredAppell

            I completely agree with your entire post. You articulated my point precisely.

  • Hmmm, I wonder what he thinks about St. Patrick’s Day. It’s an evil leftist plot to separate persons of Irish ancestry from mainstream “real” Americans. Please, don’t tell him.
    But seriously, why do some people have sooooo much trouble respecting beliefs outside their own little narrow world.

    • Replying to Val TwoWolves –

      Two reasons. Blacks. And Liberals.

    • Because they are spawned by Satan!

    • jointerjohn

      They dwell in a narrow little world, favor only narrow little people and ascribe to a narrow little god. Remember, this is the so-called god who supposedly created all the peoples of the earth, but then only favored and talked to one tiny little tribe in a place about the size of New Hampshire. This clod is indeed made in that god’s image. They both disgust me.

  • I think it’s really scary there are American people that actually support him.
    He claims the 1st Amendment when HE want’s it, and tries to shred it when anyone else does.
    “didn’t like the idea that Christ died for all of our sins”
    He can take his push “Christianity ” in peoples faces and stuff it
    This country is not, was not, and never will be based on, support, or deny any religious belief.

    “black Americans” to consider themselves different from the rest of America,”
    Isn’t “black Americans” referring to them as “different” from the “rest” of Americans?

    “Of course, almost no black people today care about Kwanzaa”

    • jointerjohn

      Grotham is probably basing his knowledge of what black people believe from the ones in his circle of influence. Can you imagine the black people a guy like this encounters? Fools like Clarence Thomas and Herman Cain perhaps. Then again there is his housekeeper, whom he probably pays minimum wage with no benefits, and she learned years ago not to tell him what she truly believes. She needs that $250 per week to keep from starving. Somebody please Photoshop this cracker into a Confederate Colonel’s uniform.

  • It’s because he can’t pro-nounce the words of the 7 principals. Dumb A$$

  • english_teacher

    Let’s not forget those other traditions that are seen every December and have been transplanted to the U.S. You know, Christmas trees, people caroling, mistletoe, and such. I guess that we can’t have them either because because they were imported from Europe. On the other hand, maybe they’re ok because they were imported by white people. Even St. Patrick’s Day is probably ok … unless you’re black Irish.

    • CPANewYork

      “Black irish” is a pejorative term for Irish protestants.

      • english_teacher

        I know. It was a joke.

    • idamag

      English teacher, many of our Christmas traditions were adopted by Christianity from other religions.

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  • Republicans are paranoid and they’re trying to make the rest of us paranoid too.

    • neeceoooo

      But paranoid people help the NRA and it keeps people in line and makes them do what they are told to do (even though the logic behind the demands are ludicrous). Paranoid people are also very superstitious and believe Fox news lies.

  • commserver

    This is an attack on Obama in disguise. It is easier to attack Kwanzaa than a direct attack on Obama. It is just being masked.

  • donbronkema1

    Instead, let’s recall & celebrate 1687–the year of the Principia, the year God died.

    • Michael Kollmorgen

      He hasn’t died. They’ve just shelved him to bring him out only during political campaigns.

  • old_blu

    I’ll bet he’s a hoot at a cinco de mayo party. (sarcasm off)

    • neeceoooo

      Good one

  • mtooey

    The right wing “crazy christians” are at it again. Will we ever be free of them? Note: not all christians are crazy – I am a christian. Right wing christians tend to be verrrry crazy.

  • I don’t know. Everyone who thinks that we should go back to professional Capitol Hill Insiders as our elected officials raise your hands. These right wingnuts don’t know how to be polite company. Hopefully they will soon have worn out their welcome in America.

  • ococoob

    Who the hell votes for these f**** assholes?! After the 2012 elections, you’d think these jerks would stop making &^*$&$ of themselves!!!! This guy is a BEEEGOT of the worst kind.

    • Replying to ococoob –

      Look at a map. See all the Red States? THEY CONSISTENTLY VOTE FOR THESE IDIOTS.

  • Being an ex-pat in Europe with some excellent business and social ties to Africa, I never heard of the Kwanza holiday before. Sounds like a good idea for Afro-Americans. Why is the nut-case attacking it? It is not a recognized Federal Holiday like Thanksgiving or the 4th of July, so why worry? Goodness, Jews celebrate Hannukah at this time of year, Christians the birth of Christ, so why can´t Afro-A merican´s have a “St. Patrics´s day ” kind of holiday to remind them of their African descent and heritage.

    Africa is a huge continent- The territorial U.S. ( minus Alaska) China, The European Union, Mexico,, India, and Japan- would all easilly fit into it according to “The Economist”.

    it is not wise to ignore it. It is sitting on “shitloads of oil and gas ” in North Africa, West Africa, The Eastern Horn, Angola, Mocambique, Namibia, not to mention rare earths, copper, iron, magnesium, titananium, and all sorts of other things we need. Plantations for teak, mahoghany, and especially balsa wood are going up all over the place… (Wind energy systems do happen to use a lot of balsa wood in the blades…. and balsa wood plantations in Africa, the Phillipines, SE Asia, Indonesia, Latin America, India, Sri-Lanka – are very valuable timber crops these days.)

    Give the Africans good education, and they perform.

    There are fortunes to be made in classical energy and clean energy in Africa. The Sahara is loaded with sun and its coastlines are constantly wind rich… so the European Desertec program for Germany and France will be generating over 1/3rd of their future power needs with “clean energy from Africa.”

    I like the idea of this Kwanza holiday falling between Christmas and New Years. After all, every human being on the face of the earth is descended from the first human beings who evolved in what is today Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda… In that sense we are all of African descent.

    Happy Kwanza and happy new Years to all. Kent O. Doering, ex-pat vet in Munich

    • Michael Kollmorgen

      Kwanza started around the 60s and 70s if memory serves me. I don’t see anything wrong with it. Just another belief system, like all beliefs are.

      If this jerk wants to condemn this religion, he better start taking a serious look at his own. Christianity has been hacked into, modified and changed so many times in its 2000 year history, people today don’t even recognize what it stood for back 2000 years ago.

      In as far as People of Color believing in Christianity, they shouldn’t. Christianity was and still is used worldwide to subvert populations, pacify them and convert them to a false religion; at first peacefully, then by force by using race, class warfare, demonization and stigmatization.

      If Kwanza takes believers from Christianity, I say go for it.

      • Mimihaha

        Kwanza is not a religion, nor is it a religious holiday.

  • S-3

    I as a Black man, officially have no respect for white people after this statement…

    • Sand_Cat

      If one lunatic is all it takes, I, as a white man, should have no respect for black people, based on Jim Jones’s little action down in Guyana a few years back.

      Fortunately, most of us try to avoid judging an entire group of people by the actions of one – obviously mentally-disturbed – individual.

      • oldtack

        What are you trying to convey in your first paragraph? …..”I,as a white man , should have no respect for black people based on Jim jones’ little actiondown in Guyana a few years back”.
        This was 1978 – hundreds of “followers” were slain by being forced to drink poison or by being shot. The victims were of several cultures , white ,black, brown,and other. Jim Jones was Caucasian.

        Why would this incident cause you to have no respect for black people?They were among the victims – they were not the perpetrators.

    • Replying to S-3 –

      Please try not to judge all white people by the actions of a few political idiots. Who just happen to be white.

      Most of us white folk don’t like his kind either.

      • neeceoooo

        I agree with Jim here, I was not raised that way and I believe we are all equal.

    • Michael Kollmorgen

      Believe me, there are many white people solidly on your side. I for one am.

      I am a white gay man and have supported your people’s causes and rights which have been won over many years of struggles.

      Many of us HATE what this type of person is trying to do to race relations in this country.

      I can only hope you feel the same when it comes to people like Rev. Phelps and others like him as concerning gay issues. I hope you despise this person as much as we do.

      Remember, either we all support each other, or we will surely be divided and conquered as citizens of this screwy country.

    • idamag

      S-3, please don’t lump us all together. For the past ten year, stupidity has become a virtue and that is what you are seeing. For years, I belonged to the Mayor’s Cultural Awareness Committee in my community. Our goal was to promote understanding and harmony among races. We did not like racism raising its ugly head. I worked with people of all races and even a Muslim who was Kurdish and a kind and decent man.

  • sglstpaul

    Im sure the good Senator from Wisconsin will be back to his old jolly self, once he finds and puts on his tin foil hat.

  • nobsartist

    I am looking forward to “slapping down” every republiCON in office. Especially if they are from the shit hole called wisconsin.

    I cannot wait for that lope eyed jackass governor to end his term because I am looking forward to making his lousy life as miserable as possible once he loses his police protection.

    I have a nice bucket of tar and some pillows ready for his use.

  • mah101

    Crazy right wing lunatics. One thing I’ll give them, they certainly aren’t afraid of looking like raving reality-challenged hypocrites.

    Why does anyone vote for someone like this?

    • Replying to mah101 –

      The answer to your question is this.

      Look at who votes for them. That’s right.
      All the other right wing lunatics.

  • elw

    If he was doing his job he would not have time for such nonsense. Hopefully he will stay at the State level and keep his stupidity in Wisconsin. We have enough crazies at the Federal level.

  • We should have a ban on tea party and republicans. At this current time they are the worst organization in America.

  • This is the kind of trash that gets elected when you don’t pay attention to who your are voting for. If you vote the party ticket without vetting the candidates and judging them on their beliefs these kind of **A**S**S**H**O**L**E**S** get elected. You should vote for the most qualified candidate no matter the party.

  • This is the kind of representation we get in congress when we do not do our homework on the character of thoe we elect blindly by choosing only those from our own parties. Before just blindly following the party mantra and choosing the party candidate we should compare and examine what all candidates say & believe. Make a choice on who we believe is the best person for the job and do not pay attention to the party. Go wilth you best judgement of who the best person is for the job at hand. If we kepp following the old routine of electing the party clowns then we desere what we get. It is time to stop electing the **A**S**S**H**O**L**E**S** the party leaders parade out in front of us & they want us to elect. Start thinking for your self and our country. What we are sending to congress is an embarassment to our country.

  • This is the kind of representation we get in congress when we do not do our homework on the character of thoe we elect blindly by choosing only those from our own parties. Before just blindly following the party mantra and choosing the party candidate we should compare and examine what all candidates say & believe. Make a choice on who we believe is the best person for the job and do not pay attention to the party. Go wilth you best judgement of who the best person is for the job at hand. If we kepp following the old routine of electing the party clowns then we desere what we get. It is time to stop electing the **A**S**S**H**O**L**E**S** the party leaders parade out in front of us & they want us to elect. Start thinking for your self and our country. What we are sending to congress is an embarassment to our country.

  • xphild

    This is the kind of representation we get in congress when we do not do our homework on the character of thoe we elect blindly by choosing only those from our own parties. Before just blindly following the party mantra and choosing the party candidate we should compare and examine what all candidates say & believe. Make a choice on who we believe is the best person for the job and do not pay attention to the party. Go wilth you best judgement of who the best person is for the job at hand. If we kepp following the old routine of electing the party clowns then we desere what we get. It is time to stop electing the **A**S**S**H**O**L**E**S** the party leaders parade out in front of us & they want us to elect. Start thinking for your self and our country. What we are sending to congress is an embarassment to our country.

  • Deb McNeil

    To say that Republicans are against BIG GOVERNMENT…don’t want to be told what to do, don’t want Uncle Sam invading their lives, they sure do a good job of shoving their “beliefs” down everyone’s throat. I have never seen a culture of people like this and I have been around the world three times. I have not experienced such a degree of hate, racism, greed and ignorance from any other race of people on this planet. This country cannot claim to be leading the free world, much less telling the ones that are not free how to develop a democracy. We are no longer certified to do it…hell we can’t even govern ourselves. Our elected leaders are nothing more than spoiled, ego-driven, small-minded men that don’t give a damn about anything or anybody that does not line their pockets. I am unsure how we as a people have allowed them to get away with how they treat us…hell they are just civil servants. They work for us and if we do not let them know they right now have the “right to work”…then shame on us. I write my sorry ass congressman, my trifling senator at least twice a month. I send letters of protest to the POTUS, local politicians and let them know what I think. If this is not done on a basis of solidarity…then we get what we deserve.

    Here we are in this country…middle class working people treated like dirt on the bottom of their shoes. Make some noise people….other than blogging and complaining…make some noise. Let them know we are the people and that we matter and that we care.

    • CPANewYork

      In your trips around the world, have you ever encountered Wahabiist Muslims?

  • chino49p

    Most of you people on here don’t have a lick of sense. I am a Black, male, Christian. My family has never or will never take part in this kwanza stupidity. It was the brainchild of a lunatic Black racist. His life’s work is nothing to be proud of at all. As a matter of fact he did create this so-called holiday as a protest against everybody who is not Black, as well as against Christianity as a whole.

    One of the last things we needed was another NUT CASE trying to divide us further. The overwhelming majority of Black people in this country care nothing about this modern day divisional celebration. The name kwanza doesn’t even deserve to be spoken.

    I’m an American. Anybody that doesn’t want to be American should go back to Africa or Europe or whereever thier ancestors came from.

    As far as Christianity is concerned, it is open to all RACES of human beings with no exceptions and only one requirement. That one requirement is a FAITH in Jesus Christ as the one and only way to come to GOD the FATHER as Jesus said in Jn. 14:6 I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man cometh to the Father but by Me.

    The Bible teaches that all humans are equal, that there are only two classes of people—the children of God & the children of the devil. Which one are YOU.

    By the way, you are FREE in this country to disagree with my belief. Ain’t this a great country!

    • Michael Kollmorgen


      Why do you persist in worshiping a White God? Every image I have ever seen of god or christ has been white.

      It was Christianity which subverted your people’s in Africa to make them settle down, then coral them as slaves later on.

      I notice too, white Christianity didn’t mind keeping your people as slaves in this county, now did they.

      Let’s see now, in the news about a month or two back, a white christian church’s ministers wouldn’t marry a mixed couple. You know, down south, that sort of place.

      Also, black Christian Churches have been firebombed in the past, and not by their own people either.

      Isn’t most of these white hate groups say they are Christian?

      I notice too, look at any of these Christian Mega Church Broadcasts on any given Sunday. You’ll see plenty of white faces, but not many people of color. And, when they are shown, its orchestrated to the max.

      And, please notice, the vast majority of the Republican Party is made up of White Christian, old guys and dominated white women.

      I think your race has been duped to the max by a false religion. It’s high time people of color shed its “bondage” of Christianity.

      • chino49p


        Thank you very much for showing your complete lack of intelligence. Nobody can say what God looks like. The Bible says that God is a spirit and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.

        The Son of God, Jesus Christ, revealed God to us as he was God in the flesh. Word to you—Jesus was a Jew, not white. Another word to you, it doesn’t matter what race a person is, all people are part of the HUMAN RACE and that is all that REALLY matters whether people act like it or not.

        Mankind as sinners has a long history of subverting & perverting anything that is good & right. It makes no matter what mankind does, I don’t worship Mankind, I worship the True & Living God of the Holy Bible through His Only Son, Jesus Christ. You are free to worship anything or nothing.

        Truth is something that trancends all of mankinds evilness. Truth is not truth because of what men do, but IN SPITE of what men do! The truth of God’s Word will stand in Judgement against all who have flaunted the name of God & Jesus Christ for thier own evil purposes.

        All the various religions of the world have thier own degree of evil followers with thier own agenda’s.

        You seem to be in bondage to your own sad pagan stupidity & ignorance & racisit agenda!

        • Michael Kollmorgen

          IF you think my comment was racist, you got serious problems.

          BTW, what makes you think jesus WAS the son of god. What makes you believe there is even a god? The Bible?

          Please give me a break. That book has been changed so many times in the past, it’s not anywhere near what its contents were 2000 years ago.

          All people have fallen for this crap far too long. And, people of color have fallen for it hook line and sinker. Then again, 500+ years ago, when western civilization invaded then dominated most Pagan Cultures, they had NO idea what their modern weapons could do – all under the banner of the Cross.

          • chino49p

            Thanks again.

            Its now more than obvious that it is YOU with the serious problem, not the least of which is that you think you know it all while being nothing more than an embecile.

            You clearly have only a FOOLS knowledge of the Bible which clearly speaks of you when it says; The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God.

            People are free in this country to believe as thier hearts lead them and you clearly have an agenda to mock & ridicule people of faith. I’ll give you one last word—you need to look into your own sinful heart. You take great joy in writing about the failings of others while you either believe you are perfect or that your failings don’t count against you.

            The Myann apocalyspe of course didn’t happen, but the judgement day of the LORD is coming. Unless you change your ways you will have a terrible awakening at that great judgement day.

            Of course thats just my and millions of others opinion. From your writings, most all of us have more intelligence than you. You are a waste of my time. Anathema Maranatha

          • Michael Kollmorgen

            Thanks for calling me a embecile. I didn’t refer to you as an Embecile. You’ve lowered yourself pretty far down, didn’t you.

            Then again, should I expect anything better from a some Christians. You have proved my point that your type will go to any level of conversation to belittle me to defend a false religion. My fault, I keep forgetting people like you are all “good” cow-towing Christians.

            What’s the matter, your faith is so weak you can’t take criticism?

            Hey – believe what you want.

            But, don’t be too surprised if your people’s are still in poverty 100 years from now. Christianity has helped keep your people there all along. It’s not my fault some people are so easily brainwashed and manipulated.

            Nope, not perfect in any way. I know my failings and I deal with them.

            And by the way, I”m free to fear not any judgement day. I don’t live in fear of any god-thing. And, I don’t have to behave because if I don’t, some spooky guy is gonna send me to hell.

            Be aware, forced good behavior does not come from the heart.

            I take full responsibility for my actions and I don’t fall back on a false religion and pray I won’t do it again.

            I treat my fellow man as I would want to be treated. Nothing more, nothing less. I do not use religion as a way of portraying myself any better than anyone else.

            I do not take any joy is criticizing any particular belief. But, I will tell you reality of what happened in the past, what does happen today and what could happen in the future.

            It’s up to you to either accept facts or reject it. Remember, it’s your life, not mine.

  • Why is every Republican behaving like White Supremacists, they attack everything that is not White or their taste no Kwanzaa no St Patrick and maybe no Christmas maybe only republican day.

  • 1bythebrooks2

    It’s time for these nut jobs to just go to their own little island and spew their hatred to each other and leave the rest of us out of it!

  • Does it reall matter what this tird says? Republican are so out of touch with the racial demographics in this country that that any dialogue from these Neo-Nazis is meaningless and a slap at any free thinking Americans intelligence. I say GO FOR IT SENATOR! – By the time the next general election comes around the Republicans will be trying to resurrect and re-animatedthe bodies of Nixon and Reagan since no viable candidates will be left.

  • Kwanza has no relation to any African feastday or tradition. The majority of Africans live in tribal areas, do not gather around the table at Christmas, most are not Christian, secondly there are no ‘family table’ to gather around. Africans are tribal people who have vey little to do with other
    tribes, they are mostly hunter gatherers, and thus have no specific ‘harvest times’, and keep to their own tribes, who they periodically fight over stolen cattle, grazing or water rights. The whole
    Kwanza thing is Afro-American wanna be people, who do not have commonality, unless it is bad news most days. Having spent most of my life living among them, I know that they laugh at Afro-
    Americans who so want to be ‘just like we are’ African Americans are too mixed when people of different tribes, were shipped over the Atantic, and so their off springs, do not know which tribe they came from or which appropriate African country and customs they should have. Go back to the American Christmass.

    • Michael Kollmorgen

      Regardless how or under what circumstances afro-Americans want to establish their own belief system is fine with me.

      Problem is, is when they try and base it on African Culture. The vast majority of the typical black american does not know what tribe they came from, or even from what part of Africa their ancestors even came from.

      And, trying to think you could live your ancestors way of life is silly. It isn’t going to happen.

      What they need to do is be American.

      As far as going back to Christmas, why? Why worship a white god? I’ve said for many years, IF Africans wouldn’t have been forced or manipulated into adopting the white man’s Christianity, they would have been a lot better off believing in their Pagan Belief Systems. All Christianity has done to these people is make them loose their identity, their self-respect and helped to serve the white mans agenda, not theirs.

      Matter of fact, we ALL might have been better off.

  • Most Africans sleep on the floor, eat standing and live very much as their forebears did, except they have cell phones and IPods and the fortunate have bikes to travel on. They suffer fromTuberulosus, Malaria,Hookworm,Bilhazia,Aids and other diseases that were once irradicated by the colonial governments, and have now returned even more deadly because they are risistant to the old medicines. Their governments are corrupt, denying equal rights and access to government that is transparent and equal to all of their citizens. Is this what Afro-Americans are trying to emulate???? Be careful what you pray for, God might just grant you your wish!!!!

    • idamag

      C, It doesn’t matter where Kwanzaa originated. If people want a holiday to celebrate it is none of our business.

  • Another freakozoid tbagging numbskull! Where has he been since 1966 and doesn’t he understand that numerous religions are older then Christianity? What a f—ing fool as well as the people who go him to Congress. Dumb idiots!

  • Or probably thinks the Holocaust was a big ass lie!

  • The sheer ignorance of Afro-Americans of Africans and African traditions is amzing. It is not that they think they know, because African cultures and history are being taught in Universities and collages around the USA based upon totally fraudulent information. There are now Afro-African ‘experts’ who are teaching this nonsense at university level and granting students undergraduate degrees in some American universities based upon proof that experts in other areas of academic studies would not even entertain as proof? You have some colleges and universities teaching KiSwaheli, when it is very doubtful if any tribes from East Africa were slaves in the USA? You also have ‘Afro-American professors teaching their students that the West African tribes had reached a level of sophistication to have Universities that taught Medicine, Law, sophisticated technology, when they have not one stone or peice of masonry upon another, nor ruins of such advanced technology?They claim that they had established three great ‘Empires’ of Mali, Ghana and Songhai, that lasted for over 1400 years, when all the available evidence points to large trading posts, where the Arabs came to trade for Slaves, Ivory and Gold. There are ruines of other great empires, but none of them black African. Egypt, Leptus Magna(Roman Africa), Carthage, and Ethiopia. All older that the claimed black African empires(esspecially the much fabled great Librairy, of which there is not one single trace??? They are reinventing their historical pasts without a single brick upon another to evidence its existence? I was part of the first Afro-American University undergraduate class that was supposed to teach Afro-American teachers, to teach ‘Ethnic Studies’ in California. It was a total fiasco, the only ones to be able to speak a real African language was myself, and another American doctor who had spent over 30 years in Africa.
    We resigned after the third meeting, which was incredible.

  • Sierra111

    Another nut case.

  • jebediah123

    The real question here is, and I’ve said it again and again and again, who were the people who elected this FREAK???

  • Why does Wisconsin have so many whack jobs?

    • Michael Kollmorgen

      Maybe it’s the Cheese…………….

  • GOP wingnut right wing crazies….who voted for this crazy person.

  • daffodilly

    Do you think when people talk like this guy that they have a bowel obstruction and a really bad tummy ache? Momma, get the cod liver oil!!

  • Kwanzaa: For all of the Hooplaa (You will notice I use the Double AA spelling, for the word like Afro-Americans do if they want to sound ‘athentic” which only accures in Afrikaans, a Dutch based
    language spoken in S. Africa, and nowhere else in Africa. Kwansaa is a ‘make beleive’ custom only celebrated in the USA by a few Afro-Americans, who have managed to get it into Afro Ethnic Studies. It has no ‘African; roots, past or present, and it indicates how desperate Afro-Americans are to ‘identrify with their so called ‘Brothers and Sisters in Africa. Surely by now, the proponents
    of this so called African celebration exist only in the USA, not Africa, and Africans do not regard
    Afro-Americans as ‘Brothers and Sisters. In fact many have gone on public record to say that they
    wished that their forebears had been enslaved, because their lives would be better than the ones they have in Africa under their leaders, who do nothing for the average African citizens in their
    country. Millions of Africans are demonstrating this by risking their lives every year trying to get
    to any European country they can, and hundreds of thousands of them have died trying to leave the life they have in Africa, for a better one ‘anywhere else but Africa. Go online and check out the facts from the recipient countries who are desperate trying to stop the millions who risk all to get
    a jobs somewhere, anywhere, as long as it is not in AFRICA.

  • Show me one African country and tribe who accepy this nonsense called KWANZAA? There simply are none. It does not relect any anthopological facts. Afro-Americans have gone to Africa, and tried to assimulate real life as Africans, and have all not managed to assimulate into the culture or traditions. Yes, there have been some who went there , but spent their time on the outside looking into black Africa. They did not simply become part of the local communities. And, furthermore , Alex Haley’s book of the Afro-American origins, is a novel, is not taken in desperation as a history!!!! There are few real historians who give it any real value. Afro-Americans can pound the drum, and dress up in Kente clothes, as much as they want to, but it will not make them ‘Africans.’ only over enthusiastic Afro-Americans.