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Friday, October 28, 2016

Republican National Convention: Night 1 — @LOLGOP Liveblog

BREAKING: The GOP accidentally nominates the guy who created ObamaCare.

AP Photo/Charles Dharapak

The definition of insanity is doing exactly what George W. Bush did and expecting different results. Tonight Mitt Romney and the party he tricked into nominating him will make their insanity official with a party platform that in almost every way resembles the last platform of George W. Bush. Only now the tax breaks for the rich are bigger, the cuts for the middle class are steeper and Medicare will become a “defined benefit program” that erases the Medicare promise.

Tonight’s agenda is designed to humanize Mitt Romney – something Gepetto gave up on decades ago. Part of rehabilitating Romney’s image involves retelling the story of Bain Capital. What America knows about Bain mostly comes from the Newt Gingrich Super PAC’s documentary and the Obama campaign. Expect to hear Staples and the Sports Authority over and over. Apparently in Romney’s America, the job creators job create and everyone else wears a nametag.

Tonight’s speakers include the person the GOP is counting on to sell you Mitt Romney – his wife – and the guy many Republicans wish had been the nominee – Chris Christie (R-New Jersey). But you’ll also get conservatives favorite union bashers – Scott Walker (R-Wisconsin) and John Kasich (R-Ohio). And two business owners who are supposed to exemplify the spirit of building a business without government help – though both had lots and lots of government help.

The RNC already had a mini-floor fight that resulted in Ron Paul’s Maine delegation leaving the convention hall. But don’t expect any similar flare-ups during tonight’s primetime extravaganza.

Check back here when the convention begins so we can make our own fireworks as the GOP simultaneously pretends George W. Bush never existed while running on his ideas.


7:00 PM EST

On PBS, Romney economic advisor Glenn Hubbard — who was coincidentally a George W. Bush economic advisor — wants you to know that some of Mitt’s proposed 20 percent across-the-board tax break will be paid for by economic growth. Just as he did when he sold the Bush tax breaks that led to about zero net jobs. Amazing that these magic beans are still being sold.


7:10 PM EST

“[Mitt Romney] is a much better person than people think.” A stunning endorsement from David Brooks.


7:16 PM EST

Boehner calls the convention to order, avoids any tears. Asks his famous question, “Where are the jobs?” And by jobs he means the bills limiting women’s rights. As the Speaker of the least popular House ever, he keeps his comments short.


7:23 PM EST

Reince Priebus always sounds as he he’s rallying everyone against the “nerds.” He constantly rants against the gutter politics of “the other side.” Then says that vice-president does nothing but put his foot in his mouth. Then he defies logic and sense and says the president made the economy worse.

Where is Chris Matthews when you need him to school Reince?

Is the theme of this convention “We Did Quote That Out Of Context!”? All night long they’re going to insinuate that the president said “you” didn’t build your business — instead of roads and bridges. This, apparently, is the best they got.


7:34 PM EST

Wow. On PBS, Ron Paul supporters are talking about bolting the Republican Party and forming a new party. “It’s absolutely corrupt,” the Ron Paul delegate said.


7:42 PM EST

Mia Love (R- Utah), the African-American Mormon candidate for congress in Utah, is speaking. And she’s very angry at the president. This continual attack that presumes the president is a socialist that doesn’t believe in the American Dream makes sense to Fox viewers. To everyone else it must just seem like crazed ranting.


7:47 PM EST

After Mia Love, we get our first birther. Janine Turner was a star of TV’s Northern Exposure and now she’s a star of the movement to suggest the president is part of a more than fifty year old fraud to make a half-Kenyan child president.


8:03 PM EST

Hurricane Isaac has hit land in Louisiana, almost seven years to the day Katrina hit New Orleans. Even an atheist has wonder if this is a sign.

Sher Valenzuela is making the case this president doesn’t understand free enterprise. But she never mentions the crucial role government played in building her business.

8:12 PM EST

So we have a host for tonight’s Republican convention — Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Washington). And of course, she is a birther.

Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-New Hampshire) is up next. Brings up her husband’s service and how she built a business with him plowing snow and scaping lands.

Again and again, speakers are returning to this theme of “We built this!” as if we’re supposed to know the twisted reference they’re making. This is not a convention that’s supposed to make sense to anyone who isn’t already buying the GOP’s narrative.

Ayotte brings out another business owner Jack Gilchrist. Another business owner with a record of receiving lots of government help to build his business. But with his New England accent, he reads quite authentically.


8:26 PM EST

Next up, John Kasich. One of many Republican governors taking credit for the president’s auto rescue. Why had Ohio lost 400,000 jobs before he took office? Maybe because the Big Three was about to go out of business and Mitt Romney was cheering for its demise.

Like Governor Rick Snyder (R-Michigan), Kasich speaks about the economic renewal in the region as if it was entirely the result of policies that weren’t in effect when the recovery started.

He’s making an ode to the president’s policies and he doesn’t even notice it.


8:44 PM EST

There’s a lot of buzz no pointing out that the GOP is basing their entire convention on an out of context quote.


8:47 PM EST

Governor Bob McDonnell (R-Virginia) speaks about how the state that houses the Pentagon thrived without the government. To me he seems as he’s much more appealing than Paul Ryan. He doesn’t have the Rand/Dungeon Master affect. But he has that little issue of forced vaginal ultrasounds probably killed his chance. Government small enough to fit in your uterus personified.


9:03 PM EST

Scott Walker receives a huge standing ovation. He’s like Elvis who fires teachers.

Walker does have a swagger since he defeated the country’s entire labor with the help with the Koch brothers and union busters from all America.

He also has to make the pained argument that things are much better since 2010 while indicting the president. It’s an argument that doesn’t connect and makes a cohesive speech nearly impossible.


9:10 PM EST

On MSNBC, Rachel Maddow calls out Rick Santorum for his “blah” people comments. Again Chris Matthews gives a full throated debunking of the race card Romney and the GOP are playing in the “absolutely untrue” attack on the president’s welfare policy.

“If Rick Santorum tells you that President Obama gutted the work requirement in welfare reform, it’s not true,” Rachel Maddow says in her introduction to the man who would have beat Mr. Romney if he didn’t say that JFK made him puke.

Like most of the speakers at the convention, Santorum gives a much better speech than Mitt Romney.

And here it is, Santorum makes an attack on the president’s waivers for welfare reform, which were requested by Republican governors. This is an attack that is fundamentally untrue and designed specifically to raise racial sentiment. A perfect fit for Rick Santorum.

FLASHBACK: Rick Santorum said Mitt Romney was the “worst candidate” against President Obama.


9:36 PM EST

Former Democrat Artur Davis is now speaking on behalf of Mitt Romney who he calls the most qualified chief executive in sixty years. He’s saying that Romney is more qualified than Ronald Reagan? Where’s my pitchfork?

He’s making his appeal directly to swing voters, invoking John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton and attacking Occupy Wall Street. “This is the dawn before we remember who we are,” he says.

Finishes with, “Let’s take this country back.”

Hannity and Kasich on Fox News love it and continually remind reviewers he was Democrat. Best Democrat Romney could buy.


10:02 PM EST

Now up Governor Nikki Haley (R-South Carolina). She says President Barack Obama will do anything to stand in your way. She says the president has refused to secure the border, ignoring the fact that the borders haven’t been more secure in generation. Then she goes on to praise voter identification requirements for voting.

As one Republican with a Sikh background, Haley has a unique opportunity to do some real outreach to non-white voters. Sadly, she tosses out the reddest meat you can find in any red state.

But Governor Haley is quite an orator with a flow and conviction that stands out in this crowd. However like every speaker tonight, she seems to have forgotten a key detail of Romney’s bio.

10:07 PM EST

On Fox News, Chris Wallace reiterates the out-of-context reading of the president’s quote. He then tells us, “Don’t be surprised if Mitt Romney shows up after his wife’s speech and blows the roof off this place.” Spoiler!

(PLEASE NOTE: I really resent how Republicans have treated the First Lady. Hence I won’t be mocking Ann Romney.)

Ann Romney arrives in, as Larry Sabato notes, Nancy Reagan red. There are a bunch of suspiciously similar “Women Heart Ann” signs. Mrs. Romney starts by noting that Hurricane Isaac has hit land. She asks for prayers for the people in the path and then says she wants to talk about “love.”

What follows is a list of the people struggling today in this economy. “I have been all across this country. And I know a lot of you guys,” she says. “I’ve heard your voices.”

“I love you women!” she then adds. Again she lists a lot of the details of the many tasks mothers take on. “There would not be an America without you.”

“We’re not dumb enough to accept that there are not better answers.” She then goes on about the boy she fell in love with. “His name is Mitt Romney and you should get to know him!”

From the story of how she and Mitt met, Ann slides to her grandfather — a Welsh coal miner.

She’s charming the audience with her bursts of emotion. The argument is that she likes Mitt and thus Mitt is likable.

Her marriage isn’t a “storybook” marriage. It’s a real marriage. She notes struggles with five boys screaming and her own experiences with MS and cancer.

She resents the way Mitt Romney’s success has been attacked. No one will work harder for this country than Mitt Romney, she says. She says her husband’s success has given them the chance to help others, which Mitt Romney doesn’t like to mention.

She gives her husbands resume including the fact that under Mitt, Massachusetts had the best schools in America. Also some of the highest paid teachers and highest per student expenditures.

“This man will not fail,” she says, her thesis statement. And Mitt comes out to join her. This almost seems to quiet the crowd a bit.


10:34 PM EST

Now presenting the man the GOP wishes Mitt Romney was — Chris Christie!

If I were Mitt, I would have let Ann finish out the night. There’s not going to be a better case made for him. Everything else will be a stale attack on the president.

Christie says his speech is about choosing respect over love. It’s almost as if he’s rebutting Ann Romney.

He keeps saying over and over “They said…” he couldn’t do what he did. But apparently he did it. Unfortunately the result of his efforts is that New Jersey has a higher unemployment rate than Michigan. He blasts politicians who pander, failing to mention he refused to take a stand on marriage equality, sending the issue to a popular vote.

He says that Democrats ideas have failed America. He’s the perfect example of a Republican who believes history began the day Obama took office.

Several minutes into his speech, he hasn’t mentioned the name Mitt Romney once. Instead, he’s described what Democrats believe in the most demeaning, simple-minded manner possible.

He finally gets to Mitt Romney late, late in his speech, quickly linking him with Paul Ryan. Ann Romney was the lede you wanted for this night, and Chris Christie has buried it.

Christie’s build up of Mitt Romney includes the first very specific attack on ObamaCare of the night.

“This moment is real,” Christie says. He takes on the skeptics and the naysayers. “I have faith in us.”

“Real leaders don’t follow polls,” Christie says. This is an attack that makes more sense against Mitt Romney than against the president who staked his presidency for policies that haven’t polled well.

Christie’s conclusion is calling for a “Second American Century.” “Let us choose a path that will be remembered for generations to come.” This is the most articulate explication of the “We Built This!” theme — calling for difficult decisions that will build the future. It’s vague but compelling. However, it does more for Chris Christie than it does for Mitt Romney, who was briefly humanized by his wife.

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  • this is hilarious

    • CPANY

      It can get better, i.e. more insulting.

  • KarenJ

    Rick Santorum is wasted in politics. He should be a televangelist. He sounds like a Yankee Joel Osteen.

    • Katherine Toole

      This is exactly what my mother and I were saying a little while ago.

    • jarheadgene

      And in a post interview, even when he was called on his “no work” welfare remark, he clung to his lies and quickly changed the subject.

  • Didn’t Mitt “socialize” health care in MA?

  • This GOP convention is a joke. All their speeches are empty and heartless. Nothing they are saying brings the country together or hope. Ann looks like a poster lady for the GOP, white and rich. Chris Christie talks about respect, when he calls people idiots…and on and on and he talks about bi-partisanship when the congress voted time and time again against the president’s policies and then blame Pres Obama for the country not recovering from the Bush mistakes. Horrible speeches…of all time.

    • Daryl Ann is right this people are disgusting they are the ones who have bn trying to divide America and the talk of bi -partisanship! when they all voted the president policies that would help America.

    • jarheadgene

      I saw Chris Christie once have an IRAQI War VET kicked out of a town hall meeting. The guy was well spoken, he was a college student on the GI bill, and just trying to make a point and get a direct question answered. Instead he got bullied shouted-down and escorted out by the gov.’s thug henchmen. It was disgraceful.

      • 5612jean

        I’ve seen on the news on several ocassions that fat, ignorant cow Christie call people names and act like a big fat bully. He’s probably acting like that to divert attention from his super morbid obesity.

        • jarheadgene

          Kindof like ” the Situation” with out the abs.

      • CPANY

        That sounds like something that fatso Christie would do. I thought that having him deliver the keynote speech was appropriate for the Republicans: a bloated fat slob preaching to bloated fat slob big business bigwigs.

    • Gov Krispy Kreme Is A Couple Of Doughnuts Away From A Heart Attack!! He’s A Fat Ass Bully!!! Likes To Throw His Weight Around And He Got A Lot Of Weight To Throw!! He Needs To Quit Being So Greedy He Looks A Beached Whale!!!

  • I watched Ann and the fat guy last night until I had to turn it off before I lost my dinner….what a disgusting display….they got nothin’ ! If America buys this BS we are seriously doomed….

    • They Are All Just The Most Lying Bunch Of Thugs That Ever Were On Stage Together!! The American Taliban Our Very Own Home Grown Terrorists Cells Operating In Plain Sight!!! Lying Is What They Do And Fear Mongering And Terrorizing People Is How They Roll!!! 🙁

      • Fernie, baby: You must be happy that 17 assholes like yourself (well, NOT like yourself, but ALMOST like yourself …) “Liked” your stupid post.
        Wow, that makes what, 17 + 1 = 18 assholes !!

    • suzr13

      Apparently you bought into Obama’s BS. We are already doomed.

      • What Do You Do Besides Trolling, Texting, Tweeting And Kissing Ass?????

      • apparently we have and will do so again…what say you!!!

      • jcbsdriver

        Do you think you could say anything intelligent or possibly state a position you believe in instead of just insulting everyone else who posts? You said the lady above just wanted a handout. Why does every Romney supporter automatically think that someone who supports Obama is either on welfare, jobless, black, trailer trash, live in the South, ignorant and stupid. You need to grow up, open your eyes, and stop behaving like a bigot.

        • You are the one that is stupid. Making comments about people being trailer trash. Let me tell you I live in a double wide and noone is trailer trash.How about watching your ignorant comments.

          • ExPAVIC


            Why don’t you hike yourself over to townhall.daily with all the other American Taliban Republican idiots.

      • JSquercia

        Did you bother to read the article which gave SPECIFIC examples of the LIES that were being TOLD ?
        As for Boehner and his where are the jobs question I have to ask where is the republican jobs bill. Dozens of bills on abortion and repeal of Obamacare / Did you notice the that the Senate has stopped almost every piece of Administration legislation by the undemocratic Filibuster and that Mitch McConnell said his FIRST PRIORITY was to ensure that Obama was a one term President .
        Here is a PERFECT example of their fealty to the 1%: The house passed a bill that would do away with the “carried interest” Rule which also BILLIONAIRE Hedge Fund Managers(the very guys who crashed the econony) to treat their compensation as Capital Gains thus paying 15% and avoiding paying BOTH Medicare AND Social Security Taxes. The Senate Republicans Filibustered IT

    • grammyjill

      Tonight so far it was Rand Paul lieing his ass off . Then John MaCain trying to get us into war in Iran AND Surya. Yea, I know I spelled that wrong.

      • jarheadgene

        I used to like McCain but man was he beating the drums of war or what? We cannot go to the middle east for another war. Let the rest of the world fight it all out in the valley of Megiddo.

  • suzr13

    This writer obviously has no clue, just like all the walking journalist zombies that believe in rhetoric and scare tactics and the government solving all problems. That is not what this country was founded on. The media is polarizing our country and we the ones that have to listen and watch their ridiculous and biased comments are the ones that suffer the most.

    • frivolous01

      Simply saying that the ‘writer has no clue’ doesn’t make it so. Specifically what did the writer say that you are stating is inaccurate reporting?

    • Pointing out lies and inaccuracies in what people say is neither ridiculous nor biased. It is what true news reporters are supposed to do.

      • suzr13

        That is fine as long as it goes both ways…and it doesn’t.

    • jarheadgene

      Only on FOX are they of ONE VOICE….Rupert Murdoch’s voice.

      • 5612jean

        Deport that trouble making racist. We already have enough homegrown ones.

      • CPANY

        Is Rupert Murdoch out of jail already? He did go to jail for the crimes that his sleazeball organization committed, didn’t he?

  • 1flint1

    If Romney becomes President, those angry people who voted simply against Obama will be very disappointed unless they are mega-rich1

  • I have thought for ages the only way to make me sick was to put my fingers down my throat.
    That was until I saw and heard Mrs Romney today.

    • CPANY

      What, you can’t identify with dressage as our national sport?

    • LMBO….Wow thats why i luv you Brits……Truly i do tell it like it is…..Just like myself…….***PRICELESS

    • Edsanjuan

      Keiran DULL: Tell me, Keiran, what SPECIFICALLY was it about such an EXQUISITE lady as Mrs. Ann Romney, and what she had to say last night, made you SICK to your stomach? Pray tell.
      1) Was it when she spoke about the special sensitivity of women and mothers?
      2) Or was it when she spoke about the fact that she did not have a “story book” marriage, but a “real marriage”?
      3) Or was it when she spoke about overcoming MS (that’s “multiple sclerosis” for a dummy like you, Keiran) and overcoming breast cancer?
      4) Or was it when she stated that for the very first time she had felt “proud” to be an American? ….. Oh, what? …., er, say that again? That was NOT Ann Romney? It WAS Michelle Obama in 2008 ??!!! Oooops, I am sorry, I had my info wrong….
      If you do not answer my questions, Keiran, you are a Brit COWARD.

      • grammyjill

        So, Keiran didn’t like ann’s speech. You feel the need to be insulting because of it. What a dick! I didn’t like it either! I never went for the june clever way of life. I actually worked.

        • Edsanjuan

          grammy: Let Keiran Dull answer my questions himself.
          Let him make a complete fool of himself; right now YOU are doing THAT for him.

          P.S. – Peculiar how you tell me I am insulting, …. and then you call me “dick”. Now, THAT was funny grammy !!

          • You Have Gave Over 160 Comments And Only 67 likes You Are One Big Ass Fool Nobody Buying Your Bullshit !! You Low Level BITCH!!!

          • Edsanjuan

            Fernie girl: Is that YOU again? Why don’t you and grammyjill let Keiran Dull, the coward Brit who refuses to answer my questions, make a FOOL of himself? Why do you both insist on doing it for him?!
            SHUT UP, Fernie witch, and let Keiran answer.
            Go Back to your whorehouse ….

          • You The Damn Fool Don’t Nobody Like You Here Why Do You Like Troll Behind Others With Your Stupid Stinking Ass Tea Bagging Bitch!!

          • fernie: if you don’t like me here, I have nowhere to go but to your whorehouse….

          • She Don’t Want To Talk To Your Ass Kissing Tea Bagging Ass Bitch Get A Clue!!

          • grammyjill

            just wanted you to know how it feels to be insulted by someone who doesn’t even know you.

    • jarheadgene

      DO TELL…..please. I am happy to see your comments. The republicans say that Obama has lost respect for the US overseas. I was in London during the middle of GW. Every poster I saw basically said he was an idiot….How do they like Obama?

      • Evidently a whole lot more than GW and the current crew of Muppets that want to run America lol i love it thanx @ Keiran Sharp….

      • Almost Everything Come Out Their Mouth Are Lies!!

      • Edsanjuan

        jarhead: Obama? They like him so much they call him Odumbo …

        • jarheadgene

          Ed, just the same I think I’ll take sonjad’d word for it.

        • Sounds Like You Are Latino Or Mexican You Are The Biggest Fool I Ever Seen The GOP/Tea Party Don’t Like You Why Are You Doing So Much Ass Kissing???

          • Edsanjuan

            Fernie: Your very little and feeble brain can’t come up with NEW (obscene) epithets??!! You’ve used THE SAME ONES for such a loooong time, Fernie baby !
            You pathetic Owebama ass kisser, go back to your Mama’s whorehouse …

          • You And Your Mother Can Go Back To Kissing And Sucking Koch Brothers Asses And Shut The Fuck Up Talking To Mew You Tea Bagging Little BITCH! SCREW YOU ASSHOLE!!!

          • Fernie baby: You And Your Mother Can Go Back To Kissing And Sucking Obama’s (skinny) and Michelle’s (FAT) Asses And Shut The Fuck Up Talking To Me You OCCUPY WALL STREET Little BITCH! SCREW YOU ASSHOLE!!!

          • I Bet You Still Live With Your Whoring Mother You Sissy Ass Punk!!

  • fedupwitgop

    How can you say you love America and see a class of it’s people (middle America) shrinking, yet you use every tax code to your advantage to keep from paying the America you love taxes which will help this America you love so much; and furthermore invest your millions in other countries with your foreign bank accounts? Yeah, YOU LOVE AMERICA!! RIGHT.

    • These People Don’t give A Damn About America Nor It’s People Their Only Agenda Is Power , Control And Number One MONEY!!! They Are Will To Do And Say Anything To Get Want They Want Even To Elect A Man They Clearly Don’t Like!! And If You Think They Are Sinking All That Money In Romney Hood And No Expecting Nothing Back You Are Sadly Mistaken!!!

      • suzr13

        And you just want a handout.

        • Bitch I Am A Nurse We Get No Hand Outs We Work!!

          • Most of the Republicans I know are terrified by the word work. Most of them have sued their former employers, people involved in minor car accidents, doctors and just about anyone they could get a buck from without dirtying their hands working. Many of them are collecting SSI because their back hurts or because they are bipolar…and put signs on their lawns endorsing Tea Party candidates. Don’t let the usual Limbaughesque claims bother you, consider the source.

          • Dominick, you need to make sure you are correct, because one day you will be old and or disabled. Then where would your SSI/SSDI come from after all these years of hard work and labor you have done. Romey wants to take away all your ss you paid in. That would be wasted money for you.

          • Amen, sister. I worked my behind off for 25 years as a nurse, and never got the respect that we nurses deserve!

          • now now fern lets have no name calling.

          • Sorry For My Cussing And Name Calling But I’m Going To Do What I Have To Do In Order To Get These Trolls From Talking To Me With Their Bullshit!! I Been On This Earth Long Enough To Know The Different Between A Good Man And A Sociopath!! One For All The People Of The United States And One For The Their Self And The Wealthy!!

          • Fernie: Again, the 5 “Likes” on this shitty post belong to people that are as stupid as you.
            … then again, I don’t think such a thing is even possible …
            Fern: You are a stuPid, pathetic moron….
            Fern: You and your class warfare partners who want to “spread the poverty” into EQUAL parts are PATHETIC ASSHOLES….

        • You Just Like Kissing Rich People Asses!!!

          • Darryl

            fern, sadly suzr113 is how some people think. If you dont’ agree with what they and their Republicn masters think, Then you must want a hand out. Sad but this is what has become of the Republican party…..

          • A nurse?? really? I’ve never known a nurse that talks as nasty as you!!! ..and I’ve known lots of nurses!! Wash your mouth out with soap!.

          • Never Had To Only When Tea Bagging Bastards Like You Keep Talking Crap To Me !! So Now You Know So Go Back To Kissing Koch Brother Asses!!!

          • Fernie: The 4 “Likes” on this shitty post belong to people that are as stupid as you.
            … then again, I don’t think such a thing is even possible …
            Fern: You are a stuPid, pathetic moron….

          • JSquercia

            F U from a proud Irish decendant

        • highpckts

          Suzi3 I don’t know where you get this hand out stuff! I have never taken a hand out and my husband did build his business with no government help such as grants or loans, unlike the speakers at the GOP convention! We are the true middle class and Romney is an elite snob who thinks he is owed this job! If I am called “you people” and looked down on I will not ever vote for that person!! By the way, Medicare Part D was started by Bush! Another hand out??

          • JSquercia

            Indeed Medicare Part D a bill that was approved in the wee hours of the morning as they twisted arms . A vote was supposed to take place quickly but they held it open until they twisted enough arms .
            Interesting that they included a provision prohibiting the government from using its leverage to get better prices . A procedure that the VA employs. How about that crazy donut hole . A hole incidentally that Obamacare is closing just so you Seniors out there know.

          • jarheadgene

            Do you think RYAN had something to do with that? I will check his voting record.

        • JSquercia

          but hiding your money off shore to avoid taxes is Patriotic. As is proposing a tax plan that would lower YOUR Taxes to less than !%

          Please remove the blinders from your eyes and see that these guys could care less about you UNLESS of course you are one of THEM(the !%)

          BTW five sons and not one has EVER served in the Military just like Mitt avoided Vietnam by doing “Missionary Work” in France

  • Watching & listening to Mrs. Romney last nite I thought to myself “what if she didn’t go to that dance” or “what if Mitt didn’t go to that dance?” They never would have met-everything would be moot! She must have mentioned “that dance” at least 6 or 7 times in her boring failed attempt to humanize Mitt–Gov. Christe does what he does best-re-writing history and his accomplishments-and just selling himself for 2016—-

    • CPANY

      Christie is wasting his time. Not since William Howard Taft has anyone that fat been elected president. The only reason that he was elected was Teddy Roosevelt’s endorsement.

      When Roosevelt became disenchanted by Taft’s unqualified espousal of the “Malefactors of Great Wealth’s” disgusting policies, Taft was denied a second term. Unfortunately, it paved the way for Woodrow Wilson’s election.

      Wilson was a supreme hypocrite. He campaigned for his second term on hte platform that he kept us out of the war, but once re-elected, he promptly got us into that war. He tried to get the United States into the League of Nations, but failed because he wouldn’t involve Henry Cabot Lodge and so lost the bipartisan support that he needed. Further, the American people were fed up with “Europe’s wars” and wanted to go back to isolationism.

      • CSPAN: And not since, er, …. EVER has anyone with such BIG ears (and Pinochio ever-longer nose) been re-elected president.

    • Max Bengie: WHY would Romney “sell himself” (YOUR words) “for 2016” when he is going to KICK OBOZO’S SORRY ASS in 2012 ??

      • JSquercia

        Eduardo the post refers rather clearly that it was Chris Christie selling himself for 2016 . Perhaps you should re-read it

  • citizenmb

    The Republican Convention: what Fox News has wrought. That entity interprets “free speech” as” Time to Lie Without Consequences,” and their faithful followers completely complied last night. They all deserve an A for Awful, which will be the fate of this country should the R’s prevail and continue what “W” started.

  • Will3691

    Republican social agenda is medieval. Men legislating what a woman can do with their bodies in the face of rape, incest, danger to the mother, etc is just foolish. The fiscal agenda is unbalanced. Any non-rich Republican who supports it is shooting himself in the foot. It’s one thing to demand small government, more rights to the people, or at least the states. It’s another thing to propose an agenda that supports big business at the risk of the biggest employer in America, small to medium-sized businesses. Nothing to help all those Republicans who lost their homes, couldn’t all be Democrats that became homeless. I just don’t get the mindset of non-rich Republicans. Of course, Democrats and liberals who want to preserve the ‘promise’ of Medicare are delusional. The model is broken because of longevity, a smaller workforce supporting retirees and the constant dipping into Medicare funds. The promise was broken when COLA was halted for a while and now that the age is creeping up and up. Alternate funding is needed, regardless what you want to call it.

  • I am a proud capitalist! Proud to be Republican. Found most democrats to be illiterate, smelly, drive old little cars and don’t want to work. And most are fat! Obama is always ragging on the rich, but we all know he sure likes playing golf at the most exclusive courses in the world. And that is about the only thing is is good at. As to michelle, she wouldn’t know what its like to have some class if it hit her in the face. traveling abroad with shorts and a tshirt and letting her fat butt hang out. Disgusting!
    Ah, need to send more money to the Romney campaign 🙂

    • You do realize don’t you that simply insulting people, and in a very juvenile manner at that, is one of the surest signs that someone is unable to intelligently advocate for their position on an issue?

      • Amen Kenneth Stevens well stated…Nuff Said!!!

    • CPANY

      Suzy baby:

      Democrats are fat? Are you serious? Did you get a good look at that walrus that addressed the Republican convention last night? Maybe you didn’t see him because your head was up your ass.


    • ryueire

      Whats it feel like to be so ignorant that you have no concept of how disastrously you represent the Republican point of view, other than that you reinforce the simplest perceptions that “illiterate, smelly, drive old little car, and mostly fat” democrats just would laugh in your direction if we were not already puking from disgust.

    • JSquercia

      Suzy are you aware that the MOST obese part of this Nation is the Republican South .God what a Terrible to offenses drive old little cars (unlike Ann and her TWO Cadillacs)

      Suzy pray that you never need an abortion because Republicans are all about OUTLAWING abortion .They are also in favor of creating the same rights that you have to Fertilized egg . This end Birth Control as we know it and also end in-vitro fertilization

      Wait I am sure that you would simply go that Socialist Hell Hole EUROPE and get what procedure you wanted . You and yours are the Modern Day Pharisees .

  • 5612jean

    I saw a clip of that fat cow Rush Limbaugh criticizing the President for sending FEMA before anyone was injured or killed. He had the audacity to claim the President did this to take the attention away from RNC. What a fat idiot. This is so typical of the gop and their lunatic spokes people. I also heard that there was a 1% spike in the romney rating. There’s always a spike at the convention time, but I would be embarrassed if it I were them and it’s just 1%.

  • To put human face on THAT?
    Listen folks! How can U lead 7 BILLION people in the World, (as world leader), when you REFUSED to SHOW ya TAX RETURNS? How can you show human face, when, DEEPLY, you HATE the MINORITY & people of COLOR? How can U show HUMAN FACE when U HATE Women? Who the HELL are U KIDDING? No Abortion? Are U Serious? Fellows? Millions & Millions of DOLLARS that should be INVESTED in the United States of America is NOW HIDING in OVERSEAS banks, by this JOKER, in his ENDEAVOR to “””E V A D E TAXES.
    This CREEP is a JOKER!
    God bless America!

  • The RNC appeared to focus on White Americans. Where was any address to minorities: latinos and Blacks. And, there were only a few Black people present at the convention. Ann Romney’s speech did not connect with single parents, 2 parent families with both people working, people working 2 jobs to make ends meet and poor people receiving benefits, are trying to rise from poverty. Who wants to live in the projects. Finally, who is going to have any enactments for the homeless.

  • suzr13

    quit drinking the Kool-Aid. Really. I’m not wealthy, yet I understand the difference between taking handouts and actually working for my benefits, birth control, home, auto and everything I need to live. Socialism takes that all away.

    • Oh hamsandwiches i know i am going to regret this……Who and where are you getting this bullshiggadddy from lady…Socialism takes that all the way..And we all know the difference between handouts and working LADY…

    • grammyjill

      google denmark and get an education

  • Mia Love (R- Utah), the African-American Mormon candidate for congress in Utah/// thy talk so much of the Pres. and treason. well Mia, you should be called for treason from both your black race and your female gender. as that idoit ron christy and steele . what do thy tell there children . when thy ask . what dose being black mean ? how do thy tell them well im black childen and you can see me standing against a black Pres. the child may ask so that what a prode black person dose it fights against a black man thats PRES. ? and whys that ? well children this black PRES. dosent do what i like him to to . ok dose that mean that all the white PERS. before him dose and did all the thing that you liked ?? well children maybe all the PRES. (white ones ) before him didnt do every thing right . but not every PRES. dose every thing thats right . ok did the black PRES. do anything you like at all ? well children maybe he did do something that was right . then why do you fight against him ? if you say he might of done things right and things that you like just like the white PRES. before him why do you fight against this BLACK PRES.? is that what our race is about fighting one of our kinds that final made it to the highest spot this country has and you go against him ? well children he hasnt done every thing that id like him to do . ok but has all the white ones before him you say didnt do every thing you would liked him to do is that how you think that because thy was white and he is black that he dosent do just as good a job with his good and bad like the white ones ? and why is it that there a black PRES. and you being black to you dont find the good in him as you do for the white guys ? should i be prode of being of the black race but when theres a white man as PERS. then i should go for him with good and bad just like the black man has ? this story is trying to tell who are the real ones of treason are . think of the worse times in a black,s life and how sad it was being a slave . and these ppl. are the ones that would most likely be the ones that tell the master who tryed to run away from being a slave and being the rat for the master . thy may get a extra peice of bread but after that thy go back in the bard to sleep with the rest of the slaves. knowing that thy are the traders of there race . then the children ask is being white a better thing to be ? well children i can anwser that from my side being a white man . being white children isnt all whats it cut out to be . and sad enough children ppl. that think the difference between it matters . well it dosent matter for we are all in one race THE HUMAN RACE and untill every one understands that then and only then will the HUMAN RACE have a chance to make it for between race and faiths those will be the thing that destroy the whole human race . as for me i feel for the black race when your own kind dont stand up for who and what thy are thats away of takeing away from your self as a person and a race THATS MY UNDERSTANDING OF TREASON

    • CPANY

      The African-American mormon candidate from Utah? When did that change? I clearly remember the time when the Mormons refused to acknowledge that blacks were worthy of being allowed into the Mormon religion.

      • grammyjill

        In 1978

  • sigrid28

    As a teacher, it was bracing, like a slap in the face, to hear the old bromide from Governor Christie about why teachers’ unions represent evil incarnate and should be held responsible for all the ills of education: Unions just don’t get that teachers do not enter teaching to make money. They teach because they love to teach and they love students (not an exact quote). This is the Big Lie that gives local school districts license to grant administrators (often men) big salaries while school facilities, books, and supplies dwindle. Teachers start to put their own money into photocopying, buying equipment, and even donating supplies our students must have. We’re too darn tired to rise up against this injustice, what with having up to 35 students in a class all day in elementary school and 150 students in five classes each day in high school. The Governor can carry on like that because women and children have no status in our society. When you look at the Todd Akin plank of the Republican Party platform (not pro-women or pro-children) and then search donor lists of non-profits that serve women and children for the names of the biggest contributors to the Republican campaign (only pro money), Governor Christie’s insensitive remarks serve as just another proof that the Republican Party represents not only a war against women but a war against children.

    • CPANY

      Sorry that I missed fatso’s big speech. I was tuned into something more significant: The Yankees Blue Jays game.

      • jarheadgene

        I think you had the more enjoyable program on.

    • YepThatTell

      They’re not really very “Pro-Life”, are they?

  • suzr13

    If you were a good nurse you wouldn’t be calling someone a bitch. What’s wrong with being rich? Compared to me Obama is rich. Is it wrong? Isn’t it why we went to college, became professionals and want to send our kids to college…to succeed…to become wealthy and secure? Ignorance must be bliss.

    • Oh forget it.waste of my time to break it down for you lady….SMH…

      • suzr13

        ditto asshole.

    • YepThatTell

      Don’t you think most parents would like to send their kids to college? Don’t most people hope for a fair shake and a decent education, and maybe freedom of fear that an illness will bankrupt them? Yes, indeed, ignorance is bliss, and the GOP mine that ignorance daily, with every false, race-baiting, and bigoted statement they make.

  • THE white man uses race against the black man and the those blacks use their race against them selfs how sad . child should i be prode of my race . the anwser from the traders yes be prode of your race children as long as theres no white ppl. around so sad

    • CPANY

      Did you go to school?

    • YepThatTell

      Ivory, you need to know that you cannot generalize about whites any more than we should be profiling all blacks the same way. The GOP wants to divide blacks and whites against each other because other than voter fraud and voter suppression/intimidation, they have no chance to win. ESPECIALLY if we unite against those who would happily enslave the middle class. The “welfare” race card is a bogus, false race card. I’m white. The good old boys-white-fatcat GOP and their Stepford-Wife women make me sick to my stomach and they will have to undergo a profound change before a single one of them will ever earn my vote.

  • lostinmi

    This latest Republican congregation is like a ship of fools! If anyone were to replay the conventions of the past, either Democrat or Republican, this current crop of dweebs would be like comparing all the great books ever written to the latest comic books. They aren’t even close to being qualified to run this country – in days of “old” – there were substantive issues, money did not control who was going to be on the ticket, and even with all their diversity, the good of the country was at stake. Now, with these characters, it is the good of the rich and elite who want to subjugate the rest of us. Never thought I would live long enough to see this travesty come to fruition!

  • Rachel Maddow says in her introduction to the man who would have beat Mr. Romney if he didn’t say that JFK made him puke/// one can only hope that the one who says this about that great JFK should get the same end that SO SADLY JFK got a shot in his head then he can puke before he dies the punk

    • CPANY

      What are you talking about?

  • gonebusted

    i think that the people needs to wake up and see that it was not the president fault for all of this you need to put the blame where it belong and that is congress,and if you belive what mitt romney is telling you then i got some swamp land for sale real cheap.the american people needs to wake up and quite beliving everything that they are telling you

  • FLASHBACK: Rick Santorum said Mitt Romney was the “worst candidate” against President Obama./// that makes the whole GOP ding dong party the same a gang of flip floping fools

  • Former Democrat Artur Davis is now speaking on behalf of Mitt Romney who he calls the most qualified chief executive in sixty years. He’s saying that Romney is more qualified than Ronald Reagan? Where’s my pitchfork?//// another trader fits in well with the ding dong gang of GOP,S

  • Now up Governor Nikki Haley (R-South Carolina). She says President Barack Obama will do anything to stand in your way. She says the president has refused to secure the border, ignoring the fact that the borders haven’t been more secure in generation. Then she goes on to praise voter identification requirements for voting/// thy should make there own comic books or a soap opra as the belly turns . why do thy say these things lieing . why dont the have ppl. at these things to show the lies . thy realy should have all these ding dong on a show saying where bull crap and a bunch of reporters not DEMS but just ppl that can ask them questions about what thy say and then tell these ding dongs the truth . and for all you god belivers lieing is a SIN in any books or what ive heard in the faiths

  • ill bet that the GOP ding dong lovers dont like to read this here . for here it tell the brain-dead air heads the truth

  • Ann Romney arrives in, as Larry Sabato notes, Nancy Reagan red. There are a bunch of suspiciously similar “Women Heart Ann” signs. Mrs. Romney starts by noting that Hurricane Isaac has hit land. She asks for prayers for the people in the path and then says she wants to talk about “love.”/// one can feel for this lady and be happy she made it as far as she did with all the troubles and problems she has BRAVO to her . and even more happy she made it this far even being with the anti-christ romney . the sad thing now is he posined her mind to beliveing in him . just what the anti-christ is said to do

    • When She Should Be Praying For The People In The Path Of The GOP/Tea American Taliban!!

    • YepThatTell

      I’m pretty sure the Koch Brothers paid Isaac to leave Tampa alone and go ravage New Orleans – after all, NOLA usually goes Democratic. LOL.
      Don’t be offended; I am a New Orleanian – and a Democrat – and survived Katrina despite Bush & FEMA. I look forward to enjoying the stark contrast between GWBush’s response to Katrina (great job Brownie, and descend to 5000 ft so I can ‘see’), and President Obama’s proactive response. (Even our Gov. Piyush Jindal had to acknowledge the sincere assurances made by our current president – and that must have hurt Bobby really gooood) I hope it sways some GOP lemmings over to vote for the candidate who will give a damn about them. Sure ain’t The Mitt.

  • “I love you women!” she then adds. Again she lists a lot of the details of the many tasks mothers take on. “There would not be an America without you.”//// and this is true . and the women of this great land shouldnt take a lower life or a back sit to anyone . dont let the men of this country that know nothing about you and ur bodys and feelings .tell you whats god and bad for you . and most men in this country and the fact is around the world know nothing about a women only at the times thy want SEX and after that thy are set aside till thy want it again . and for you responders to my comment i said (MOST-MEN) not all but there are a lot more like ly to not understand then to understand

  • We’re not dumb enough to accept that there are not better answers.” She then goes on about the boy she fell in love with. “His name is Mitt Romney and you should get to know him!”/// is this the punk you fell in love with before or after you knew about him bullying a kid and his buddy,s holding the kid down and shaving his head . to me you fell in love with a coward . he gos to VET,S and says ooohh your the same age of me . i wish the VETS then said yes i am and where was you when i was fighting for this country . whats he going to say tell them the truth ? ohh i was out of here i went to a nother country to hide so i wouldnt have to fight in the wars

    • She Fell In Love With His Money !! Ann Is Just Another Gold Digging High Society Tea Bagging Snob!!

      • Edsanjuan

        Fern Woodcock: You are so FULL of sh.., er, HATE.
        Did your Mom drop you on the concrete floor from your crib (purposefully) when you were a little girl ?
        Drop dead yourself, Wood Cock !!

        • Fuck You Asshole Kissing The Koch Brothers Asses Has Gone To You Head!! Next Time You Post Please Wash Your Stinking Face Cause You Got Some Do Do On Your Face From All That Ass Kissing !! You Tea Bagging BITCH!!! You Think You Can Bully Me Fuck You And Your MOTHER BITCH!!!

          • Edsanjuan

            Fernie: Where’s the hypocrites at DISQUS (the “reviewers”) that let you print this kind of language that clearly shows that you (a nurse? I don’t think so !) are such a moron and an imbecile?
            I repeat my question to you: Did your Mom drop you on the concrete floor from your crib (purposefully) when you were a little girl ?


          • Edsanjuan

            Fernie: Do all that to yourself and to your MOM.
            P.S. – Went to your Facebook home page. What made me laugh was NOT how ugly you are on the outside (I am not too handsome myself, hee, hee), but how ugly and DISTURBED you are on the inside. If I were your Hospital Administrator I would not let you be with defenseless patients …


          • Edsanjuan

            Fernie WoodFuck: Girl, you are such a moron. Why don’t you pay somebody to supply you with NEW insults? These are STALE.
            Let me repeat so that you can get this through your thick skull: GET NEW MATERIAL !!
            … and DO NOT steal it from your Mom’s whorehouse !

          • You Just A Little Tea Bagging Bitch Go Suck Your Own Ass Stinking Ass Kissing BITCH!!!


          • LOL You Are So Full Of Shit I Can Smell You Thru The Computer After You Get Thru All That Ass Kissing Of The Wealthy You Need To Wash Your Stinking Ass Up!!

        • Now After 166 Comments You Got 67 Like LOL You A Such An Asshole Nobody Like You Here Go Back To Kissing Koch Brothers Asses At The Next KKK Rally You Stupid Little Tea Bagging BITCH!!

          • Edsanjuan

            Fernie, you poor excuse for a toilet:
            I do not keep count of my “Likes” and, unlike you baby, my self worth does NOT depend on how many people “Like” me.
            On the other hand, those poor low lives that say they “Like” you, your obtuse remarks, empty threats and STALE insults, show the rest of us that they do not possess a working brain because, exactly like happened to you, their brains were fried by their continuous use of hallucinogenic (that means “producing hallucinations, Fernie baby) drugs.
            So Fernie baby, DO try to decrease your consumption (that means “use”) of drugs?

    • Cairndance

      I think that what he was doing in France, during Vietnam, would actually be called “Community Organizing”!
      Weird how when Romney did it, it was a wonderful thing!

    • JSquercia

      Five sons and NONE of them have served in the military NOR will they if Mitt gets his war with Iran.


    I watched Ann and The Fat Ass give their speeches last night. What a crock. I never once got the feeling that Ann really believed what she was saying. She sounded like she was giving a speach written for her by Mitt. And Chris–what a joke. Most of his speech was a complete contradiction of itself. Just one example– Trashing the teachers while talking about how important they are–give me a break. The Repukelican’ts want to abolish the Department of Education and cut the funding–how does that work? Anybody that buys into that crap that is not rich have been completely brainwashed.

  • highpckts

    I am not buying onto Romney/Ryan ‘s BS that’s for sure!! It’d be a cold in Hell before I would vote for that narcissistic stick man!!

  • Ann will help Mitt as much as Laura helped W. What Mitt needs is a miracle focused on instant metamorphosis.

  • desertdustoff

    Repugnican women, if you weren’t ashamed before, you should be after watching mitler’s wife try to humanize her puppet husband and act like the repugnican party was helping women…shame on you repugnican women for allowing your master/husbands to tell you how to think and how to act. As for rethuglican men, whale boy did a good job as he always does , of making you look just like you really are…a bunch of tea baggin (kkk), American taliban thugs who care nothing about the middle class…if you’re not rich, step to the rear!!! As for you poor, deluded fun dumb a mentalists…nothing will save you. What a motley crew this is when paired with the mega rich puppet masters, the 2 stooges (nit wit mitler and lyin’ ryan, the go back team), people like nut case nugent threatening the president and getting away with it.. What has the USA become? Ignorance is not bliss; it is any gop (greed over people) voter, but especially repugnican women who are afraid to stand up to their loud mouthed lying husbands and take their real place in society with the rest of the world’s liberated women. One last thought…will rove and the koch sisters let bush jr. come out of the closet now that they have designed their entire platform around his politics?

  • highpckts

    And you Miss SuzySunshine are an ignorant bigot!! Show us your ass (small???) and I bet you never wear shorts! What a piece of work! Talk about disgusting!! You NEVER take vacations or get some dowm time?? Are you jealous that you can’t go to someplace swanky? Seriously!!!

  • Jed

    What happened to Seamus the dog? If anybody could have humanized the Mormon robot it would have been Seamus. All he had to do was bark his forgiving of Mitt for strapping him in a crate for 12 hours on the roof of his car on a trip to Canada. I guess Mike Huckabee, the christian, nixed that idea.
    Imagine if Seamus would have showed his appreciation for the invite and pooped on the dais.
    That in my opinion would have summed up the evening.



    Watching this phoney display from the American Taliban Republican phoney display specialists reminds this writer of the old Nelson Family and Leave It to Beaver TV series.

    What do you expect the women to say about their respective husbands? That their farts stink as well as their feet? This has about as much credibility as asking Mitten’s mother if he was a good boy.

    Of course, we all know how much Mitt hates women and attempts to dehumanize them at every opportunity. Wondering how an ATR woman can actually vote for the guy.

    And, no one mentions RoMoney’s tax forms or how he bailed out the Mormons when they skimmed too much off of the SLC Olympics construction funds.

    • jarheadgene

      I find her even less believable than Li’l PAULY RYAN’s mommy coming out for him, saying my boy wouldn’t ruin Medicare, or Medicaid. Sure and Jeffery Dahmer’s mommy loves him too.

  • adriancrutch

    I thought I was watching a Jerry Lewis MD Telethon! PATHEDIC!

  • timeforchange321

    of course she loves her husband, what woman would not say this..however, this is not enough to run for president. I believe that she is out of touch..Mormon women do not involve themselves in politics and as you see, she had practiced this speech for many months..lots of practice giving testimonies and talks in the church. LDS people cannot separate themselves from religion..all LDS are Republican..if not you are shunned..ask me I am a former Mormon.

  • jarheadgene

    Unfortunately, for Ann Romney …… she has been too far removed from her grandfather coal miner. I felt so sorry for her story of getting married while Willard was still in Harvard…oh my and they were so poor. Living in the basement of what…..THE GOVERNOR’s MANSION. My tears were just rolling. NOT! NO matter how hard she tried she could not humanize her husband. She couldn’t even humanize herself. I got more out of the Santorum speech….about hands…hands….hands.
    and more …hands. And I really don’t like any of Santorum’s politics. We tossed him as a Senator.

  • Clown show on parade.

  • DirkVanden

    mitt romney considers himself a perfect Mormon–or, at least, as near perfect as a man in this lifetime can get.(“As man is, God once was, & as God is now, man may become.” Mormon article of faith.) He believes that God has chosen him to save the constitution (see White Horse Prophesy) and get the earth ready for the return of Jesus Christ. But the presidency is only a step, another learning episode, in his eventually becoming a God in his own right, with a planet all his own to play with, to see if he (& Ann, of course–they’re hooked together “For Time and All Eternity.” That love and adoration has to last forever!) can do a better job than Jehovah at building a human race. Watch his attitude; he thinks he’s already won & all this hoopla and nonsense this is just a formality. Mitt himself will never preach Mormonism, but plans on being a sterling example of it for the world to see. He might even be a good president; that is not what worries me; his election would validate Mormonism more than anything else on earth. Millions more would be attracted to the most bogus religion on earth–it is simply Christianity with a new beginning and end tacked on. It’s the Christianity that makes it work, but it’s the bogus ending that turns it into raw insanity. From now until, at least, election day, expect to see those black & white boys-on-bicycles, pairs of 21-year old “Elders,” on every corner in the United States of Mormon, giving out free Books of Mormon and pictures of the SLC Temple, with the Articles of Faith on the back.

    Do we really want a POTUS who “swears” by saying “Oh, h-e, double hockey sticks!” He said that, i swear he really did, in Israel, if i remember. (Mormons consider themselved “New Jews,” the “spiritual descendents” of one of the two lost tribes of Israel, the Lamanites, or is it the Lemulites, i’ve forgotten.) Only a Mormon would say that, but they do! They also say “h-e-double-toothpicks!” when they’re really pissed off. One of the reasons i left the church 50 years ago was hearing my bishop swearing at a cow who had done something to displease him. No sailor ever cursed more eloquently. i can still hear my Mormon Bishop clearly in my head: “I’m gonna kill you, you God damned fucking sonofabitch!” Mormons are 2-faced, and that public face–the Ann Romney face–is a lie. Expect to see all other Mormon wives do the same song & dance. I swear there is even a patented “Mormon Smile.” You’re going to see it a million times between now and the day sanity is restored. I can’t believe that Mitt Romney will ever be elected to anything ever again! But i’ve been wrong before.

    All mitt has in him is Mormonism. He is as holow as a lufa otherwise.

    • Cairndance

      Do you think he plans to be sworn in on the Morman Bible?

      • Cairndance: WHO CARES if he is swon in on the Mormon (not “Morman”, DUH !) Bible, as long as he delivers on his oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, WHICH OATH ODUMMER HAS VIOLATED ??!!!

        • JSquercia

          I am confused by your reply to Cairndance especially your reference to (not “Mormon” , DUH !) which I do not find in Post your are replying to .

          I am curious as to where you feel Obama has violated that oath. I actually find the whole Patriot Act violates the Constitution with its warrant-less wire taping . Sadly I don’t think anyone has the courage to point that out . I firmly believe that Water-boarding is TORTURE and its use is against the Geneva Convention and other Treaties that we signed. Anyone who feels it is NOT torture should WILLINGLY submit to it(That means you Dick Chaney) . BTW we prosecuted Several Japanese for water-boarding our POWs in WWII

          Would you not consider voting to default on U S Debt Obligations to be a violation of the Constitution ?

    • jarheadgene

      Go Mr. Vanden….Expose the mormon church for what it is and we shall see it unravel.

  • DirkVanden

    Mitt Romney might be an attractive man, but he is a very unattractive human being.

  • if christie had a bucket of kfc, he’d still be talking!!!!

  • uppermgmt

    Fern Woodfork tells it like it is…our family has several nurses and we know what kind of work ethics they have….we are proud of you….

  • uppermgmt

    A past comment was made regarding Ann Romney…she has never had a working job…discussing raising kids I’m sure is shared by others…but they still went to work in a real job…not a rich mans wife…

  • I agree with you, Elisabeth. Ann Romney mentioned how noisy and rowdy her boys were growing up. 1. She and Mitt had the kids, but who raised them? 2. I’ll bet she had/has all kinds of domestic help due to Romney’s billions. Another mealy-mouth Republican spouse (a la Laura Bush)!

  • 1percenter4Obama

    To “Suzy sunshine ” and all the other “capitalists, republicans” out there that think that democrats are “poor, smelly,illiterate, and on welfare”. FYI 60% of the wealthiest Americans are democrats, yes, educated, innovators, and humanitarians that truly care about all Americans (including women, less fortunate, minorities, and children), not just themselves! You republicans need to stop watching Fox propaganda and read some books and learn about what is really happening!!!

    • YepThatTell

      I sure wish that 60% of wealthiest Americans who are Democrats would start fueling the political donations so the Dems can keep up their Campaign of Truth against the Koch/Rove/GOP.

      • 1percenter4Obama

        Yes,you are right; the republicans are outspending the democrats! I worry the most about the congressional and senatorial races when it comes to money, that is where the democrats are going to get hurt the most and possibly lose! As far as the Presidential race, it seems like all the money that the republican super pacs are spending is not going to make a difference?? Fingers crossed! The air ways are saturated and sometimes it just gets numbing and people turn off!!!??? The democrats need to get with it and not be complacent, especially with the voter ID laws which will affect millions of democrats!!! We need to donate and vote!!!!

        • 1percenter4Obozo: Yep! You need to donate, vote and get the dead and the illegals to vote !!

          • JSquercia

            Eduardo you MUST be a paid poster .You seem to have ZERO facts to back your opinions


    Wise up America! The rich are getting richer and the middle class is shrinking. If Mitt is elected President the one percent will have it all and the rest of us (that includes the middle class republicans) will be indentured servants. That’s there AMERICA

    • JSquercia

      Let NO ONE forget that the Romney Ryan Budget REDUCES Mitt’s taxes to LESS than 1% . I think that says it ALL

  • Are all Mormon wives really Stepford Wives? They seem to be unquestioningly obedient to their husband(s) and to not have an original thought in their preprogrammed head. And considering themselves the “new jews”? they are in no way a part of the chosen people and never went through a Holocaust either.

  • ladymayor

    Ann Romney may be a very nice lady, but she has not a clue of what it is like to raise a family in today’s world. She came on stage to relate to the June Cleavers in this country, because that is how she believes that women in America live. She doesn’t have a clue. She never had to get up worrying if her job will go away because some big corporation bought out the company she works for. She has never been afraid to answer the phone or get the mail because she has divided up her paycheck and somebody didn’t get their share. She never had to explain to children why they couldn’t have same shoes all their friends have or why they can’t participate in an activity because the family doesn’t have the money. Hardships like eating on an ironing board is not the same as having macaroni and cheese three days in a row because that is all the family can afford. Shame on her for standing up on stage and claiming she feels all women’s pain. She doesn’t even come close.

    • fedupwitgop

      Couldn’t have said it better. I’ll keep it going for you or working your butt off in a factory to make production so you can keep two children in college, one in high school and another one in grade school, trying to keep food on the table, buy clothes and pay doctor bills out of same paycheck, because I couldn’t get WELFARE or MEDICAID, because they said my income was too high. You are so right Ann Romney does not have a clue!!!

    • Believe Me She Don’t Give A Damn As Long As Romney Bring Home The Money She Don’t Seem To Give A Damn How He Made it !!! Like Destroying American Companies Firing And Laying Off People And Shipping American Jobs Overseas, Making Money Disposal Of Aborted Fetuses And No Telling What Horrible Things He Has Done To Make His Money!! That’s Why He’s Hiding He Tax Returns!!!

    • jarheadgene

      Thank you it is refreshing to see your perspective on her. Every Lady I talk to, except my wife, think she is the perfect 1st Lady. I say WHAT?????

  • DirkVanden

    Probably not, that would be pushy–although the idea has surely gone thru his mind–and the minds of most other Mormons. In their minds, this is all part of God’s plan to save the world from Catholicism–which makes the choice of his v.p. at least confusing. Mormons belive that Catholicism is “The Great Abomination,” and that even God hates Catholics, which is why Mormonism came into existance, according to Joseph Smith. The purpose of Mormonism is to bring Jesus back from meaningless rituals of the various Christian churches. Mormons were encouraged to read the Bible for themselves and not to rely on the interpretations of clergy. There was a renewed interest in the words of Jesus.

    Mormons believe that Jesus was indeed successful in converting a Jewish tribe to Christianity–Mormons. They consider themselves “spiritual descendents” of one of the two lost tribes of Israel, the Lamanites & the Lemuelites, who, according to Smith, came to America from the Holy Land in tubs. In an epileptic seizure, Joseph was introduced to Jesus by God and was commanded to tell his true story to humanity. Profoundly influenced by a book called The Hebrews, Smith concocted the Book of Mormon while stoned on the effects of a Giant Toad. The Hippies called them “Licking Toads.” They make people see God with a secretion from glands on their backs when threatened. Joseph credits a Giant Toad with knocking him down three times while he was trying to retrieve the box containing the golden plates in the Hill Cummorrah.

    But now, in order to get people to be Good Christians, Joseph promised them a new life on another planet, after their death here, where their reward for being a perfect Mormon would be Godhood. Also, the Mormons’ collective mission is to convert the world to Mormonism so that Jesus can come out of hiding wherever he’s been for 2000 years. As soon as the majority of the earth are Mormons, THEN Jesus will come back and declare himself King of The Earth & do all the things he was supposed to do, 2000 years ago, & we will all live happily ever after. This is a scenerio being played in millions of Mormon minds: Mitt will show the world what wonderful people we are and then we can convert millions more and get their 10% tithing to pay for advertising to convert the entire world. The Muslims believe they are fighting Jihad, that this is the long-awaited Holy War against The Great Satan. (US!) Mitt Romney is on a whole nother page — his page in the history of mankind

    The Mormon Church is gearing up for a massive propoganda campaign to sell itself along with Mitt Ramsey. It’s the richest church per capita, it can afford to buy the bese writers and directors and acators available. Soon, the media will be awash in commercials that end “Hello. My name is John and I’m a Mormon.” “Hello, my name is Jane and I’m a Mormon Wife.”

    • Edsanjuan

      Dirk: Since you seem to know so much about religions, tell me:
      1) What is Obama’s religion?
      2) Does he practice this religion?
      3) Does he practice ANY religion?
      No, I don’t want to know what he says. Stick to my questions.

    • DIRK:
      AGAIN, answer my questions:
      Since you seem to know so much about religions, tell me:
      1) What is Obama’s religion?
      2) Does he practice this religion?
      3) Does he practice ANY religion?
      No, I don’t want to know what he says. Stick to my questions.

  • Shhh…he doesn’t want anyone to remember that he started an “Obamacare” program of his own in Mass.

  • At that, he has a lot in common with GW Bush, Karl Rove and Uncle Dick Chaney, draft dodgers all!

  • YepThatTell

    Don’t you think most parents would like to send their kids to college? Don’t most people hope for a fair shake and a decent education, and maybe freedom of fear that an illness will bankrupt them? Yes, indeed, ignorance is bliss, and the GOP mine that ignorance with every false, race-baiting, and bigoted statement they make.

  • Well, all I see is a money hungry man. If he wants to do away with medicare after all these years of me paying in, then I want my money back. Oh thats right, thats how he got all his money, not from paying his taxes, but from stealing it from ppl like you and I.

  • This comment is irrelevant but I have to say it. Mitt looks like he is talking to the people the same way Hitler talked to the people.

  • Chris Christie reminds me of the loud-mouthed bullies of our youth. The big fat kid who thought he knew all the answers and was arrogant beyond his means. The type that would shout down anyone who disagreed with him and would threaten his friends if they turned against him. All brawn and no brain.

  • my mans rich ,,,who cares lol



    Other than the massive amounts of fat attached to Christie belly and arse, it appears that his brain is comprised of more fat cells than may be found in a normal person.

    If he keeps up his current rage, he may soon find himself on the outside looking in since Jersey voters are adverse to lies and distortions. Ask former Governor Kristie Todd Whitman how quickly she got dumped after one term.

    Christie’s speech had Karl Rove and Stewart Stevens written all over it.

  • JSquercia

    Yes I’m Sure Ann knows a lot of you guys . Probably the stable hands mucking out her Dressage horse’s stable

  • The GOP is very scary. Since the extreme wealthy can funnel $10, $20, $50 or even $100 million to a candidate, and its legal, has truly proven that “power corrupts and absolute power absolutely corrupts.” We all know money is power, at least it allows those with it much more flexibility than someone who has to struggle to survive. The Bush tax cuts diverted billions to the wealthy and corporations which has led to this economic crises. The “citizens united” decision was made by GOP leaning judges who were appointed by the GOP and thumbed their noses at the constitution in their decision. Our fore fathers could not possibly have envisioned mega-corporations or much of the situations we have today. Yet, this democracy-attacking decision assumes otherwise. The justices know all to well the only way to reverse their decision is through a constitutional amendment, and doing so takes years and is nearly impossible to accomplish. By that time we will be back to the way things were in England, before the discovery of America.

    I find it amusing that people like Romney, Rice, Ryan and others blame republican-caused problems on Obama. It was Bush who got us into 2 wars on the credit card. While this was going on he demanded tax cuts for the wealthy to create jobs. The wealthy got the money and jobs went away. The GOP doesn’t mention they openly sabotaged Obama’s attempts at fixing the economy every step of the way. Their motto is “It’s my way or nothing!”

    The GOP is so far right, so against the middle-class and poor, they have almost no choice but to “stay the course” and hope for complete control. Otherwise they would be viewed upon a flip-floppers, like Romney. When they openly lie, and the facts of it come to light, who was the guy that said “We are not going to let facts dictate our campaign.” What I cannot understand is how the middle class and poor, with well over 50% of the voting power, allow these greedy, power hungry people get into office. Especially when they plan on another 20% tax cut for the wealthy. Yes, the tax cut will be top-down based. I heard the plan and, as a solid middle-class income earner, calculated it will mean another $1,700 to $2,000 a year in taxes. Folks, their plan does NOT help the middle-class. It lowers the top tax rate, which used to be 70%, is now around 35% and they want it down to 28%. Sorry, I don’t make over $250,000 so this cut means nothing to me. To help pay for it they plan to cut itemized deductions mostly used by the middle-class such as home mortgage interest. Oh, and how about worker pay? The pay of most americans, adjusted for inflation, is similar to what it was in the 70’s. Prices have doubled-tripled since then so that means more americans in poverty. So much for the american dream. It’s more like the GOP dream!

  • DirkVanden

    I know about Mormonism because i was born and raised a Mormon. I left that religion at age 16 & didn’t join any other. Obama is a Protestant Christian. i don’t believe for a moment that he is a Muslim.

  • DirkVanden

    You don’t need me to expose it. Mormonism is going to be examned and revealed by the media to be a fraud. All you need to do is watch tv and read the news. I’m not the only one in the world who thinks Mormonism is a pseudo religion based on Joseph Smith’s Epilepic Fits & his pet toad. Others like me will help you understand. Or just watch TV, the Mormons are getting set a huge propoganda machine that will show you good, decent, hardworking, sincere, photogenic Mormons and their Wives and Families, ending with “Hi! We’re the Joneses, and we’re Mormons, and we’re your new neighbors!” There’s bound to be counter-propoganda from those, like me, who think Mormonism isn’t a real religion, but a money-sucking cult. Mormonism is going to be front and center until election day & you’re going to know a lot more about it than I could teach you. All i know is it’s “phony baloney” to me–& i hope, to you too.

    My book about me and Mormonism is available from Amazon, search for “It Was Too Soon Before” by Dirk Vanden.

  • For some reason this convention seems very dull, it just keeps bashing the President without saying anything substantial.

    • Edsanjuan

      empaty: “Substantial”, you say? Well, there have been mundane comments and some just average speeches, but there have been MANY substantial and deep concepts in many of the speeches.
      …. perhaps you did not understand “substantial”….
      But don’t worry. Most Americans in 2008 confused “outward appearance” and “coolness” with real “substance” and thus Owebama became president.
      BUT people slowly learn to see through the smoke and mirrors and that is not going to happen again on Nov/6. “Mr. Cool” will be replaced by a man (TWO men, Romney & Ryan !) of REAL SUBSTANCE.

  • imabrummie

    Just imagine if, like Pinocchio, Mr. Bendyboots’ (Romney the Retard) and his puppet master, Paul the Puffadder’s noses grew longer with each mistruth they told . . . their beaks would be dragging the ground by now!

  • ridemybroom

    Doesnt chris christie remind you of the blue tellie tubby….LOL

  • Fernie Whorefork: You are one sick ho !
    Your mother is an alcoholic and you are the owner of a whorehouse (I said “owner” because once you tried your “hand” at the “real thing”, …. but nobody would get near you, tsk, tsk, tsk)
    You see, Fernie girl, I manage to find NEW insults to hurl at you! Why can’t you do the same?
    I think I know: I am a normal guy and you are a stupid idiot….

  • ridemybroom: Yep! The blue Tellie Tubby, …. and doesn’t Odumbo remind you of Cheeta the chimpanzee…. LOL, LOL !!
    ride: You’ve shown you can dish it out. the question is: Can you also take it?
    What is good for the goose is good for the gander !!

  • Sundancer: And Obummer talks to the people the same way Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez talk to their people …
    Also irrelevant (since after January 20, 2013 we won’t have to put up with Obummer any more), but I had to say it ….

    • JSquercia

      Both Countries provide their populations with Universal Health care unlike America . Did you happen to watch the Olympics Opening Ceremony during which the British paid a TRIBUTE to their National Health Service . The program is so popular that even the Iron Lady couldn’t get rid of it .

      BTW I don’t know about Venezuela’s Literacy rate but I Do know that Cuba’s is miles ahead of ours .

  • uppermgmt:
    I can tell by your derogatory comments about such a fine lady as Ann Romney and your praise of pure, unadulterated trash as Fern Woodwork (read her posts and her crazy rants, upper!), that you are NOT the “brightest lightbulb on the Christmas (oops, sorry !) tree”.
    Fern is in a (ugly) class by herself.
    But let’s compare this lovely and exquisite woman, Ann Romney, of which you can only say that she is a “rich man’s wife” with another “rich man’s wife”, Michelle Obama (who until Jan/20/2013) is the first lady):
    Ann Romney, a woman who is so proud to be an American, battled and won over breast cancer and again over multiple sclerosis, among many other accomplishments (with 5 kids, you can imagine).
    Michelle Obama is the woman who said: “Now that my husband is running for president, this is the very first time in my life that I have felt proud to be an American.”
    So, you see, upper, Michelle is not even close to Ann Romney.

  • grammyjill: Don’t stop at Denmark ! Google Norway and Sweden too !!
    Now I understand the kind of stupid socialism that you Lefties Democrats want for our beloved Nation….
    grammy: Our Nation does NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO LEARN FROM DENMARK, NORWAY OR SWEDEN !! There is NO “education” to be gained from ANY of these countries.