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Friday, October 28, 2016

A hardcore Tea Partier confessed on YouTube that he might have to vote for Hillary, because he likes his Obamacare.

Conservative video blogger James Webb posted the uncharacteristically glum admission to his channel, Hot Lead Retired, which covers “having fun and Shooting [sic] all types of weapons from semi to full auto and other fun stuff that hillbilly’s [sic] do.”

“I’m kinda having a difficult decision. I don’t know which party to vote for in the upcoming 2016 election,” he murmured in the video, entitled “This Tea Party Patriot May Vote For Hillary.”

Webb — the “Commie-hating, Obama-hating, lead-spraying” gun enthusiast, charter member of a local Tea Party Patriot chapter, and stalwart Republican voter for 32 years — took a sober look at the last 15 years of his life and realized that the Democrats had done considerably more to help him out than Republicans ever did. Webb was able to retire at the age of 50, he says, thanks to the conservative bête noire, the Affordable Care Act, aka “Obamacare.”

With weary resignation, Webb concluded: “I’m leaning toward voting for Hillary unless something major comes up. I don’t trust the Republicans anymore. They’re wanting to repeal the Obamacare. And I don’t want to do that, man.”

“I dont know… just a tough decision”

In case anyone suspects Webb doesn’t have the Tea Party bona fides, you are free to peruse his various video rants, in which he calls Ferguson protesters “worthless thugs,” blames the insidious influence of the media for turning his coffee gay, and expounds on his decision to boycott The Walking Dead because it featured a gay kiss. (“There’s no way gays can survive a zombie attack,” Webb says. “They’re too weak. It’s unrealistic.”)

Via Mediaite and Salon.

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  • Roland Ramirez

    Daaaaamn son, he is even still calling it Obamacare. Most Republicans stopped and are calling it the ACA. They can’t stand hearing his name. I want to see how his friends treat him now.

    • Independent1

      Now if we can only get another 20 million or more Republicans to wake up and realize what Webb did – that Democrats had done considerably more to help him out than Republicans ever did.

      What’s taking these people so long to wake up to reality??

      • Daniel Jones

        1) Fear. Conservative indoctrination is designed to foment and foster distrust in liberal news and middle-of-the-road “wishy-washiness”.

        2) Anger. The more angered you are, the less compromising or even rational you are, and the right wing wants you mad.

        3) Hardship and inadequacy. The less advantaged you are, the tighter and more defensive your worldview is. It’s all too easy to form cliques and engender groupthink in those who are struggling to get by.

        These tactics have helped ruling classes deride, deceive, and install populations of lumpen peasants throughout history, and they’re trying again.

        • 50 lbs of crazy 10 lb bag

          Don’t forget about the reason GW got a second term despite a disastrous first one: humans hate to admit they were wrong. It’s why this guy’s video is such a big deal. No one else is willing to eat the crow.

          • Duke

            GW did not win the first one – they stole it in Florida.

          • FireBaron

            Second one was questionable, too. Seeing as how it came down to Ohio. The chairman of his reelection committee in Ohio was the same man who ran the company that provided the voting machines used there. You know – the ones that recorded twice as many votes for Bush in one district as they had people living there, that’s people living in the district, not the number of Registered Voters (about 60% of the residents).

          • BOC

            I hate the fact that the GOP tarnished my home state in this manner. It really ticked me off.

        • BOC

          Weak strategy, indeed.

      • Billie

        Just habit. Most people who vote republican just do it because they always have.

        • BOC

          No, because they always emulated them, even though they were (are) suffering because of them.

      • BOC

        That ‘wannabe’ disease is very debilitating. Telling someone it’s really not raining down your leg isn’t easy.

    • FireBaron

      Hey, even the President is calling it Obamacare these days. In that way, he has taken ownership of that name away from the Republicans.

      • BOC

        44 HAS TAKEN EVERYTHING ELSE AWAY FROM THEM. He’s even taken their attack tools and turned them against them.

    • BOC

      If they wake up, they might treat him like he has plenty of sense.

  • Carl Sdano

    When you’ve have these Tea Party folk on your side, it’s a bit scary.

    • BOC

      The GOP is also scary.

  • Duke

    These people have been voting against their own well-being for years ! Are they going to wake up now ?

    • FireBaron

      As the old Rabbi said, “From your lips to God’s ears.”

  • Carolyn1520

    What a transparent troll.

  • CPAinNewYork

    I generally split my vote because I dislike most politicians intensely, regardless of party affiliation. Lately, however, i preceive the GOP as inimical to my interests, so I’ve been voting increasingly Democratic.

    • BOC

      No! You perceive, became aware of the GOP becoming very harmful to your interests.

      • CPAinNewYork

        You are a pseudo intellectual jerk.

        • BOC

          No, I’m not. I just didn’t want you to put yourself out there like that. No harm intended. Sorry!

  • BOC

    I hate to see people who lack civic and political science knowledge. Just keep ‘spitting in the bottle’ and let the world pass you by.

  • IBMaxine

    Most of the teaparty appear to be ‘one issue’ voters or Social issue voters. They fail to pay attention to the stuff they don’t understand, budgets, spending, taxes and how they work for them…. If it isn’t guns, abortion or them nasty illegals… and they are convinced that the left is coming for their guns are going to force abortions and give amnesty to all the illegals. ALL of that EASILY proven false, but if FOX says it’s true, it must be.

  • CrankyToo

    Ok, so this goober is dumber than a bag of ball peens – there’s no getting around that fact. But, it’s awfully hard to argue with a Turd Partier who makes sense (especially since we only encounter them once in a blue moon). So I say, “Kudos to you, James Webb!!! And welcome to the real world.”

  • Whatmeworry

    No one who has kids would ever vote Democratic. Right now they owe over $140,000 each thanks to barak and the dem party

    • Robert Eckert

      The deficits exploded under Reagan and the Bushes, and were brought down under Clinton (all the way to surplus, until W blew it) and under Obama (yes, he has brought the deficit steadily down, every year).

    • Yes, I would agree our military are overpaid for what they do for our taxpayers, which is nuttin

  • terry b

    I have always despised the past policies of the original nazi party and now I have seen it in the current GOP! They scare the hell out of me. I am not a woman, minority or a homosexual. They treat those as if they are 2nd class citizens which is why I frequently think of them as the American version of the mazy party. Texas does seem to be the beginning of the fourth reich just as hitler promised would happen. Pretty scary. Must be one of the reasons why the majority of Jewish people vote for democrats.