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Thursday, October 27, 2016

June 22 (Bloomberg) — Mitt Romney was in Michigan this week trying to make it competitive in the presidential election. It’s a steep climb for the native Michigander because President Barack Obama’s auto bailout, which Romney opposed, has helped bring the state’s unemployment rate down by 5.7 points since 2009.

But Romney has a strong ally there: legislation being pushed this month by his fellow Republicans aimed at preventing the nonpartisan League of Women Voters from undertaking the voter-registration drives it has sponsored for nearly a century.

Across the country, the Republicans’ carefully orchestrated plan to make voting harder — let’s call it the Voter Suppression Project — may keep just enough young people and minorities from the polls that Republicans will soon be in charge of all three branches of the federal government.

Yes, both sides try to change voting laws to favor their team. The 1993 “motor voter” law that made voting more convenient by extending registration to the Department of Motor Vehicles helped mostly Democrats. That was at least in the long American tradition of expanding the franchise.

The Republican effort to restrict voting isn’t just anti- Democrat, it’s anti-democratic. No fair-minded person believes the tall tales of voters pretending they were someone else, which have been debunked by the Brennan Center for Justice and others. What fool would risk prison or deportation to cast a single vote?

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  • edwardw69

    I am retired in a country that requires a national identification card for everyone over 16. You can not do anything without a “cedula.” You can’t use a credit card or write a check. You can’t deposit money into a bank account, let alone withdraw. If you are stopped, and don’t have it, you will be detained and possible deported if you can’t produce it.
    The Republicans have long opposed a system of national identification, but it seems to me it would solve many problems, including the possibility of fraudulent voting. And as for Florida, instead of checking people with Spanish surnames, why not check everyone in the state and issue a state ID? Afterall, what’s to say a guy named Smith is automatically a citizen?

    • poppabear42

      That could very well be true…But, why right now? This should have been the rule when Bush, and his brother stole the election. Is it because a black man will win this election, if everyone would play this thing in a fair manner? Also, remember when Bush had the audacity to try and change Iraq’s way of voting? This was after the thingy with his brother.

      • edwardw69

        OH, the “why right now” is obvious. It’s voter suppression. Ohio is even worse. All I’m saying is that a national ID would solve many problems. For example, it could be illegal for an employer to hire someone without one.

      • Liberals ..They are that stupid …In the Bush Gore election ..Bush wanted the whole state recounted . Gore wanted only the heavily DEM Counties recounted . Upon the recount in the heavily Dem counties Bush had GAINED 562 votes . Fla and their Sec of State then recounted the whole state . This weas done after Gore conceded and Bush gained even more votes . Yet you Liberal Dems still repeat this LIE . re read the reports on that recount and re read what Gore” I Invented the Internet” said about it . Do this before you make yourself look like an uneducated dolt . When you start learning the truth you too will become a Republican …all the people that are informed are .

        • poppabear42

          Anytime you just happen to find ballots in the trash, in closets, and no telling where else. Educated fools are abundant, and, are very dangerous to EVERYTHING they touch.

          Subject: [thenationalmemo] Re: Republicans’ Voter Suppression Project Grinds On

  • emarco22

    Here we go again!! If this is allowed to hapen we’re all in trouble. I would quest we’re just about 3.5 to 4 years away from Roller Ball. Happen to “We the People”?

  • ahoggg

    What would you EXPECT from a group of FACISTS

    They make HITLER look like an ANGEL

    • bigspender7

      This is a very inappropriate comparison and weakens whatever real argument you may have.

  • poppabear42

    Anybody that would do what the repukelicans are trying to do, should be deported, because they are not worthy of being labled American.
    They are living up to what my father told me…There are assholes in this world, that would sell their Mammy for a dollar. “Just sayin” !!

    • OMG this is comical . Is this what they feed the Liberal Sheeple ? No wonder they are such a misinformed group of indoctranted people …Forward flock over the cliff …. SO LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT…The Republicans want Holder gone not because he and Obama should be in Jail for the murder of a US Border agent . Not because their Hispanic Outreach program known as Fast and Furious has resulted in over 300 dead Mexicans , but because Holder was fighting Fla in their attempt to hold an honest election . Let me see , allowing the Black Panther to suppress and intimidate voters without going after them is not supprssing the vote , but Fla trying to get ILLEGAL ALIENS off their rolls IS voter Suppression ???? And Liberals buy that ??? Then Liberal , you are that stupid . How is it voter suppresion to get people off the rolls who legally can’t vote ? That is unless you want to CHEAT like the HYPOCRITICAL DEMOCRATS . Why is Voter ID not a National law ? Oh thats right the LIBS and DEMS say it would preclude a lot of Black people from voting …How disrespectful of them to say to Balcks that they are less capable of getting a FREE freaking ID to vote , then any other race . If I was Black and DEM I would be insulted and disrespected and I would join the Republicans who think they are just as capable as anyone else to get a FREE freaking ID and dont play the RACE CARD

      • Tom_D44

        AMEN!…….Sorry for the religious reference. Don’t mean to offend anyone.

      • pisces63

        ID’s are not free in Ohio and aren’t offered but you need a birth certificate. My mom caught he’ll when she retired and had to get one for benefits. A registered voter, works at the polls. Owns their hoe but in rural Louisiana in 1027 white people weren’t exactly bringing black babies into their hospitals and registering births. My dad was lucky since he served in WWII . WE NEVER NEEDED ONE and neither did my parents from 1947. My dad still never did nor my husband since they died in 2003. YOU insult me. The right designates me and mine at every turn and I should vote for you. If I saw one on fire, I’d throw a barbecue. You never cared before, drop the pretense now. My mom was lucky enough to get her info from her family bible a family memberhad. Now, see the possible problems for some black people weren’t??

      • pisces63

        It is amazing how the right wing continually speak of two count ’em two new black panther. How about you giving us an account of any lynchings , church bombings, murders(Edgar Every) to suppress white votes. How about blowing up little girls in churches , killing civil rights workers just for registering people to vote. Fast and Furious started under Bush and was in full force when this administration took over. Now you name a casualty by a so called new black panther or shut up. There’s even a song about what you’ve done. Strange Fruit.

      • what world or reality do you live in ? sounds like you have comprehension issues with the news, try some remedial reading or get tested, they probably have a drug that can help you overcome your obvious failings and shortcomings to numerous to list.

      • poppabear42

        If you are stupid, and dumb enough, to believe ANY of that useless venom that you are spitting, makes any sense, or will cover for any of the crap you repukeblicons are trying to do, it makes you just like a FART in a windstorm.1. If you assholes wanted to change the rules, DO NOT do so this late in the game.2. The only true facts about your “Bitch hunt,” is that you repukeblicons got caught cheating, trying to create voter fraud.3. Actually, you should be ashamed of being a repukeblicon. Because all of you are sick! You don’t like blacks, or anybody that aren’t white, and rich, and you don’t care for women neither. That is really scary.

        Subject: [thenationalmemo] Re: Republicans’ Voter Suppression Project Grinds On

    • Neither party is worth the powder to blow them away.

      • poppabear42

        Yes, you are right, but the middle class will do so much better with Democrats in office. Personally, I feel that, if Obama had the support from his own party, he could make life better for all of us. repukelions, just want to make sure that only the rich prosper. The rich people, should not have to be asked, or forced to do their part. Because, many of them got rich on the backs of the middle class, or were fortunate enough to inherit their money. The eye of that needle is very small, and the rich man shall NEVER get in to heaven. Pay attention..

        Subject: [thenationalmemo] Re: Republicans’ Voter Suppression Project Grinds On

      • DurdyDawg

        Now THAT’S the truth EVERYONE should nod with.

  • cemab4y

    There is nothing at all evil about requiring reasonable proof of identity before voting. I have worked as an election judge (verifier), in Virginia. I have obtained absentee ballots in Virginia, because I now work in Afghanistan.

    My wife is a naturalized American citizen, and she has to “prove up” before registering and show ID prior to voting. What is so terrible about this?

    The vote needs to be expanded to all eligible citizens! Non-profit organizations need to have the ability to assist in voter registration. People should be able to vote by postal ballot (absentee), and also to vote on-line. The technology exists already to have on-line voting, and have reasonable protection against voter fraud.

    What is the reason to have voting on the first Tuesday in November? This date was chosen a couple of centuries ago, so that farmers would have their crops all harvested, and voting on Sunday was considered a “sin”.

    The polls should be open for an entire weekend, all day Saturday and Sunday! This will give people the ability to vote, more easily!

    • EdC

      The key word in you statement is reasonable proof. The supression in most of thees areas requir a special identification that you have to go get, usually in some distant area carefully selected to your local, with a small window of opertunity. If it was just a drivers licence or fact similie that would be alright, it isn’t, it is in most cases a seperate card, like a fishing licence, and like the papers please law can be subject to approval to whomever is running the precinct, Voting on line has also two major problems, not everyone can afford a computer, and two the instructions can made so rediculas that people could be voting agains their own wishes. The problem of voter fraud is less then 1 1/100 of a percent and the state that are pushing this are states that already have major prejudice against their own people. this just more b.s. from the reich

      • onedonewong

        Yea 4 years to ge a ID is sure a small window

      • Thankfully for you literacy is not a requirement for voting.
        Online voting would be real boon for the disabled. He wasn’t suggesting this for everyone, so your argument that not everyone can afford a computer is moot. But, it would be a real advantage to those who have one so that they wouldn’t have to leave work, arrange transportation, or navigate their way to the polls visa wheelchair in inclement weather.
        Why people don’t think things through before posting is way beyond me.

    • wesley rasmussen

      Photo ID is one thing, but to make no reasonable alternative for those who cannot get to a place for an ID – such as hospital / nursing home patients, non-drivers, etc., or to make only certain state issued ID acceptable, is wrong. That is the crux of the article. Also, cutting out what you say should happen – Sunday voting, is also a way to keep poorer or working voters from the polls.

      Absentee ballots also present a problem when one cannot apply for one in person prior to going away. What about those who will not be home to vote? Merchant seamen, emergency workers doing hurricane repair work in a different region of the country, or other people who travel for days and, sometimes, don’t know they are leaving until the day before, or even the same day? That is a violation of their right to vote, and I don’t care what party their vote would be cast for!

      As for the date, it was set by an act of Congress in 1845 to be what it is now – the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. Nothing to do with churches and sin ( except to allow famrers to travel and still go to church on Sunday ) – just a way to make the elections more uniform in occurence.

      • onedonewong

        You can’t be admitted to a hospital without a voter ID, you can’t get food stamps or welfare without a photo ID. This premise your promoting has n0 basis in the real world VS the Dem bizzaro world

    • I too see nothing wrong with requiring a valid ID when voting, even a picture ID. I also see nothing wrong with requiring the voter registration office from having to issue said ID (FOR FREE) when the person registers to vote.

      • rey

        said id should read “at no additional cost”. nothing is free. but i see your point – voter registration should not be prohibitive to its own voters.

    • I agree with many of the posts on this blog. There is nothing wrong with requiring proof of identification for voting. The problem as others have stated is there is NO uniform proof throughout the country. Some seniors, especially minority seniors, are now being told that they need to provide a birth certificate in order to get a voter id card. Problem is many of these people, because they are minorities, were not allowed to be born in the county hospitals in their states (something you might have heard of called Jim Crow laws) because of their parents’ color. Therefore they were unlikely to have a birth certificate issued by the county/town/etc. where they were born. This puts an extreme burden on these people, as they must now travel to a remote location (they probably don’t have a car) with whatever documents and affadavits they can produce that shows they were born here – even if the local registrar has known them all their lives!

      That is what is unfair!

      One time I had to show proof of citizinship, and I produced my DD214. This is the document I must use, because I was adopted as an infant, and have never had any document that the federal government recognized as a birth certificate. I actually had to use the legal adoption papers my parents received to show proof of name, date of birth and citizinship when I enlisted in the military. The problem was the person reviewing it had no idea what he was looking at, and his supervisor (also a vet) had to explain what it was. Problem is the DD214 does not have my smiling face on it, so… Good thing I had my passport, too.

  • SaneJane

    There has always been a problem getting people to vote in this country and I can’t imagine anyone wanting to vote so badly that they would do it illegally. I live in Alabama and here they are using the excuse that illegal immigrants are voting. Sure, people who fear deportation are going to expose themselves by trying to register to vote. There is not one documented case of this happening. It is the same old method of discouraging poor and minority voters and Alabama is still subject to laws enacted to prevent this very thing. My state has a long sordid history of voter suppression and it is alarming that this has spread to so many other states.

  • 101strac

    So far as I’ve been able to determine, the republican party alone sullies itself by suppressing the precious right to vote. If they are allowed to persist, and ultimately prevail, then I’m afraid we will no longer be the greatest Democracy in the world. Heaven help us all then.

  • Jerpell

    The headlines should read, the Democrats again will play dirty at election time.
    Why do democrats want illegal aliens voting?
    Why do democrats want people with work visas voting?
    Why do democrats want dead people voting?
    Why do democrats want felons voting?
    Why do democrats not want to have to show ID when voting?
    Why do democrats allow in some states people to vote and vote often?
    The only person that should be voting is an American citizen, breathing that is not a felon and of age with the proper ID and also voting only once!
    As Americans we should all want that!

    • LOL Because they couldn’t Get the Votes if they had to rely on just citizens of the U.S. What the hell do Illegals care? They will vote for Anyone that Gives them what They want.

    • pisces63

      Why do republicans tell bald faxed lies. Oh, you must have been watching Gangs of New York. This is reality . Here, in Ohio, they have yet to find one case of fraud. In Florida Texas, a preliminary check show 100 questionable people, not proven fraud, out of 300,000 checked and about to be dropped from the system until a court order stopped the purge. Bot democrats. Get your lying facts right.

      • Jerpell

        So your telling me that Democrats couldn’t find any Democrat voting fraud…..
        Well how convenient!

    • “Democrats again will play dirty at election time.” Really? Your “why”s are filled with assumptions unless you bear them out with facts. It is commonly held that citizens who are not felons and of proper age with some form of ID should be able to vote once. The GOPposition has very dirty hands.

    • bigspender7

      Jerkpull — as usual virtually nothing you write is true or logical. You have a skewed view of life in this country and the resulting mind pollution is apparent every time you comment here. Seriously dude, therapy should provide you with at least some needed relief.

    • DurdyDawg

      Because the majority of those ‘felons’ are minor pot smokers.. You’d disallow everybody with ‘felon’ chained to their background? Hard core do not deserve rights, however every case is different and to treat it black or white, yes or no is pathetic.. You ramble on information found on shit house walls trying in your attempt to honey coat your political ilk.. Dolt!

      • Jerpell

        A felon is a felon…..Typical Liberal, start exempting this one and that one and before you know it our elections will be held in Mexico!…..You and I both know there is no Democrat candidate that can win an election without a whole bunch of illegal voting and shenanigans! Just another chapter of the dismantling of America!
        Please don’t tell me you were proud of the Black Panthers intimidating voters in the last presidential election? I voted for Obama last time, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me……I will not be fooled again!

        • DurdyDawg

          Be fooled once, shame on you.. Be fooled with the ‘other’ guy.. What then? If you think it’s going to be better with the alternative we have to choose from then boy, are you gonna be surprised.

          • Jerpell

            Any warm living body will be better than what I see going on in the White House with Obama’s full term just about over!

          • DurdyDawg

            Well, okay I guess.. whoever gets in though should be treated with respect.

  • OMG this is comical . Is this what they feed the Liberal Sheeple ? No wonder they are such a misinformed group of indoctranted people …Forward flock over the cliff …. SO LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT…The Republicans want Holder gone not because he and Obama should be in Jail for the murder of a US Border agent . Not because their Hispanic Outreach program known as Fast and Furious has resulted in over 300 dead Mexicans , but because Holder was fighting Fla in their attempt to hold an honest election . Let me see , allowing the Black Panther to suppress and intimidate voters without going after them is not supprssing the vote , but Fla trying to get ILLEGAL ALIENS off their rolls IS voter Suppression ???? And Liberals buy that ??? Then Liberal , you are that stupid . How is it voter suppresion to get people off the rolls who legally can’t vote ? That is unless you want to CHEAT like the HYPOCRITICAL DEMOCRATS . Why is Voter ID not a National law ? Oh thats right the LIBS and DEMS say it would preclude a lot of Black people from voting …How disrespectful of them to say to Balcks that they are less capable of getting a FREE freaking ID to vote , then any other race . If I was Black and DEM I would be insulted and disrespected and I would join the Republicans who think they are just as capable as anyone else to get a FREE freaking ID and dont play the RACE CARD

  • EvenstarMtl

    You need i.d. for everything in life, even to rent a movie. No one should be permitted to vote without proper identification. Voter fraud is common place. I live in Canada and during the Quebec referendum vote in 1995 that could have broken up our country, voter fraud was rampant by the separatist side who’s government was in power. Voter i.d. is an absolute necessity!

    • This is’nt about ID. A senior citizen or student may not have a driver’s licence, and student IDs have in some cases been disqualified.Only likely Democrates have been disinfranshieed There is no voter fraud to speek of If you dont count Republican cases.

      • Then you get a State I.D. It’s not a problem. But you have to be Legal, which I have NO problem with.

        • johninPCFL

          Which state ID? In Texas it’s legal to do anything with your University ID card, right? Drinking? Check. Applying for a Visa? Check. Getting a driver’s license? Check.

          Voting? Oh, no. Using this STATE ISSUED ID CARD for voting identification is explicitly excluded. Who dreamed up this ASSININE exception? Your friendly GOP legislature. Who signed this ASSININE law into effect? Rick Perry.

      • EdC

        Hey this goes on. For decades the active military has been brain washed into believing the The Republi8cans had their best interest in mind, some still do. However a ruling percent of them now have begun to understand that the people Republicans represent don’t usually have to go to war zones even if they are in the service, and they are also realizing that the last two wars were not for the protection of Americans but the interests of the wealthy. so now the Republicans are trying to surpress that vote also.

        • UTGDI

          Come on Ed, the republicans “love” the military. Who else can purchase the multi billion dollar items that their constituents and donors build.

          Now those pesky soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines and reservists that is another story. Taking care of family when the servicemen are away, and the actual veterans when they return from the horrors of war and now “peace-keeping”. Look at the pay, benefits and services when different parties are in the white house. It can be very telling.

          It is a national tragedy that so many of our returning servicemen/women are taking their own lives. Last statistic I heard was 154 year to date, and that was I believe at the end of April.

          BTW I do recognize that a democrat is in the white house today, so no need to point that out. Trying to put forward the idea that if we send our sons and daughters to combat zones, then we, as a nation, have an obligation to maintain acceptable living standards for their families in thier absence. Also to ensure they are cared for, and assisted in transitioning back, upon returning to the civilian sector. Just a thought that I, in my naive mind, believe that all parties, figuratively and literally, could get behind as a prioity.

          • DurdyDawg

            But… But, that’s not on the GOP’s agenda.. Is it even in the works? Somewhere on Norquest’s desk, right under the Dems bills that this yahoo won’t even touch.

          • UTGDI

            Point well taken, I believe that there are just as many “republican” bills setting on Sen. Harry Ried’s desk.

            My point is that both parties need to grow up when it comes to some basic core items. Taking care of the military is more than making sure they have the best equipment in the world. Don’t get me wrong, they need to have the gear and apparatus to properly execute the mission. But, they also may need assistance to transistion back into the civilian sector.

          • DurdyDawg

            I don’t think it has to do with growth.. They had their entire lives to ‘grow’ and they’ve gained growth experience in their current profession yet they play party games and operate vindictively amonst themselves because their leaders deem it.. To me that’s not childish, that’s political stupidity. They need to know that their not above the law and that 2, 4 or 6 years doesn’t mean they will stay in power that long. There’s nothing childish about it.. Their (supposed to be) responsible adults.. If they can’t operate in that manner then at anytime the should be bumped, no retirement.. No benefits, just like in the real world. And your definitely correct.. Both Parties are acting disgraceful. As far as the military.. Do we really need a 200 million dollar war machine (multiple times)..? What we have paid for to date is in their eyes considered obsolete before the even get in into the system.. We build these monsters, spend billions, then build bigger/better ones and dispose of the former ones for dirt cheap prices to other Countries (even our enemies) because the market isn’t set up for ‘profit’ or even breaking even so we keep dumping billions in these machines and as we ‘itch’ to use them, have to retire them in due time benefiting no one in the process save those who would use them against us. I say we have enough ‘toys’ .. the blunt of funds should be used to benefit veterans and used to re-build and expand our Nation and our security at home.

    • Voter fraud is not commonplace in the United States. What is becoming commonplace are the efforts of the GOP to suppress voting.

      • BDD1951

        Exactly. Of course republicans have always used their “dirty tricks” to get elected. Everyone of those republican supreme court judges should be impeached.

      • William Deutschlander


    • johninPCFL

      Voter fraud is a .000005% problem, but not counting provisional ballots is a 50% problem. Springing the “papers please” laws is a concerted effort to reduce turnout, and to increase the number of uncounted ballots.


    • EdC

      Fine how about your social security card or your drivers licence, It isn’t Blockbuster (which went broke) it’s the United States of America which the Republican leadership is trying to brake. To make people people go get a seperate voting card is a voters tax, and those that can afford it having a the ability to destroy equal rights.

    • bigspender7

      Don’t believe the hype. It just makes you sound stupid. Voter fraud in the US is virtually non-existant. But it does provide an excuse (however invalid) to exclude minorities from voting because they tend to vote democratic. This is an incontestable fact my friend.

  • They have voter Id in Mexico

    • johninPCFL

      What other third-world characteristics shall we adopt? Stoning for adultery, perhaps?

      • oldtack


        Goodness – let’s hope not!!
        This would kill off the vast majority of our State and National (leaders?)

  • The problem is not just ID, it is what type of ID, for example, gun owner id is ok, but student ID is not in Texas. Furthermore, it is so hard just to get people to regisster and actually vote. When asked about voting fraud, republican officials keep saying, they’re trying to get ahead of the problem, eventhough they have no proof that this is happening. The argument that you need a voter id to do other things, such as banking ect. , why not to vote, the fac is voting is a right that people fought and died for, banking is not.

    • oldtack


      All University students are issued an ID and this ID is good for many types of required information. But, to vote in and election one has to be a Naturalized Citizen of the United States. One must be a LEGAL citizen.

      In Texas there are many Undocumented Residents commonly referred to as Illegal Aliens along with foreign students with Visas. The UR’s or IA’s are mostly children of Undocumented Citizens They are those that came here as children and are striving to live the American dream of gaining higher education and living a better life.

      For all his erstwhile idiocy this is one thing Perry has supported and that is securing a status for these young people.

      But – they cannot vote because they are not a Legal Citizen.

      That fact is why a College ID cannot be used in an election.

  • pisces63

    I am A 63 yr old black woman. I registered to vote in 1970. I had to update after my marriage or address change. I never needed an ID. We first needed one in 2008. I wonder why!!! As for the bsquare questions about des, how about the voting rights act? Why are these same states like Florida and Texas on federal watch? Because of their illegal obstructions against minority voting. My parents could not vote in their native Louisiana because of bigots . They first cast a vote after they moved to Ohio. I have ID’s but vote absentee. There was something insulting about having some white woman in a black precinct glaring at us. I’ll not endure it again. My family works the polls. White people have tried to block votes with Jim crow laws or poll taxes or literacy test which were imbecilic like how many trees in a forest. I didn’t need it for my first bank account . My social security card. NOTHING!!

    • davia55

      Oh please, quit with the race card. There are millions of illegals living in the country. People need to show they are in fact an American to vote. Makes total sense.

      • pisces63

        I am an American and the race card was used to prevent us from voting and I don’t give a cap about the illegal aliens clap trap . Or why are those states still under federal watch. Not because of illegalanything . You buy into the lie, I know better. The laws are still on the books. Look them up or shut up.Don’t ever dictate what I choose to say!! CLEAR!!

        • davia55

          You should give a crap about the illegals. African Americans make up 15% of the population. If you think you are hard done by now, wait til the illegals start yelling more than the 15%. It will be crazy!

  • Tom_D44

    Really? You are really going to pawn this off as a race issue? You have been drinking too much of Nancy Pelosi’s cool-aid dude.

    Here’s the deal – acceptable forms of id in Florida are:
    Florida Drivers licence
    Florida ID card issued by the Dept. of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
    U.S. passport
    Debit or credit card
    Military identification
    Student identification
    Retirement center identification
    Neighborhood association ID
    Public assistance identification

    And here is the rule if you don’t have it:
    If the elector fails to furnish the required identification, the elector shall be allowed to vote a provisional ballot. The canvassing board shall determine the validity of the ballot by determining whether the elector is entitled to vote at the precinct where the ballot was cast and that the elector had not already cast a ballot in the election.

    This is unreasonable?

  • tutidiez

    I don’t know what is worst The Evil and Corrupts Republicans that are always coming out with all kind of dirty, nasty and lower ways to hurt and disrupt the Democratic Prosess that has been done or us the are allowing them to get away with it, we must start paying them back with the same token, with this kind of people you just can’t be nice or respectful, we must kick their asses every chance we got.

  • davia55

    What fool would risk prison or deportation! Let me tell you, the millions who are living illegally in the country right now! They don’t see themselves as illegals, they consider themselves undocumented. They feel they have every right as a natural born citizen. So….would they risk…..hell yes they would!

    • not true, but the truth was never a strong point with conservatives.

  • Only an idiot would not believe that the Republicans are doing everything they can, be it legal or illegal, to stop President Obama from getting re-elected. Also, only an idiot believes that the GOP will help everyone when their track record shows they care nothing about anyone who is not “White, rich, or a bigot”. We have never had anything like this take place in any Presidential election until now and only an idiot would not know the reason why (duh!).

  • I am truly sorry a border agent is dead and my condolences to his family. Is that not a danger of that position as is the risk a police officer takes and a fire fighter? Do you really believe the person(s) who actually shot this young man would not have done it if they had gotten their weapons another way? Fast and Furious and Bush’s Wide Receiver are failed programs and should never be activated again, but you can not accuse the Administration of Murder. How many Mexican citizen were killed by guns walked through under “Wide Receiver”?

    Based on your opinion than we should hold Bush and Channey responsible for all our men and women who gave their lives in Iraq.

  • Actually, they would be fools to try and suppress young voters. Recent polls are indicating a tilt toward the Republicans on those aged under 25 — likely because they are getting shafted looking for work. The 25-29 block is still mostly Democrat leaning, but they are far from being as easily persuaded by “feel good” arguments as in the past. Unfortunately for the Democrats, Knowledge is Power, and it is much easier to debunk crappy arguments than it was in the past. Certainly many different camps have their own bucket of slop they are trying to sell, but selling it is harder than it was before. Nice slogans and “feel good” rhetoric will only get you so far. Thankfully, people can research out a lot more, should they be motivated to do so, and I think anyone who tries to find answers will find that some of your “feel good” answers don’t wash with reality.

    But, that won’t stop you from trying, and possibly for some people to try and disenfranchise votes, just Like Gore tried to do in Florida by trying to get the Absentee ballots from the Military Members thrown out because the Republicans sent them out. If “nonpartisan” League of Women Voters undertaking voter-registration drives it has sponsored for nearly a century is being suppressed, I would say that is wrong. If, however, the League of Women Voters is *not* nonpartisan in how they do this, they *should* be shut down, even under existing laws! I was out on the Malls last presidential election cycle, where people were canvasing for voter registration. That was good. However, they would engage you with political questions first. If they did not like your answers, they did not even ask you if you were registered to vote. They did that with me. Fortunately, I was registered and have voted in every single presidential election since I have been able. But I sat down on a bench and watched them and listened. (one of my nick-names was “Radar” after the character Radar O’Reilly on M.A.S.H.) They looked at people, as if sizing them up, only approaching certain types of people, it seems — *never* suits. They would then engage them in a political question and answer drill. Those that seemed pro Obama, they asked if they were registered to vote, and if they were not, invited them to register. Those that were not pro Obama were never even asked. Now that was *not* nonpartisan, although not as bad as ACORN was in their tactics. Technically, they had crossed the legal line. But proving it and shutting them down is a hard thing to do. If the legislation that seems to target the League of Women Voters voter-registration is in truth just making it harder for the League of Women Voters to be selective in their voter drive, I’d say it would be correct to do so. The League of Women Voters cannot just reach out and offer registration to women only. Some Neo-Nazi group would otherwise just be able to offer registration to white males, hoping to be even more selective in their voter registration drives. It has to be nonpartisan, or it is already illegal.

    This article makes accusations without true substance. People are getting used to seeing and recognizing that. Especially young people out of work. I certainly hope *they* register and vote…

  • THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS — So as” Americans” its our duty for the good of the future democratic process to survive ( not in a 3 rd world country – this one ) WE MUST PUBLICIZE AND ACCENTUATE – THE UNSCROUPULOUS METHODS BEING USED TO ERADICATE THIS COUNTRY’S PROUD SYSTEM – BEFORE ITS GONE – Although this favors republicans this time around it steals the rights Americans have fought and died for throughout our nations history. This issue MORE about AMERICA than a single election , it sets a precedence that will cause people to give up and be APATHETIC – THATS THERE PLAN. So don’t , instead RISE UP AND FIX IT. TEACH THOSE ANTI AMERICANS TO GO BACK TO their holes . STAY STRONG

  • Everyone like in Australia should be force to the polls, if you don’t want to vote your required to still sign in, we should make it manatory for everyone, period.

  • labrown69

    Is it anyone’s opinion here that foreign nationals should be able to vote in our elections?

    What is rather ironic is that the right wingers on our Supreme Court who rendered the absurd “Citizens United” decision, have allowed corporations, many of whom have foreign parent companies to plow unlimited amounts of money into influencing our elections. These foreign corporations are the ultimate illegal aliens.

    Having said that, I do not think requiring ID is unreasonable, we do it for almost everything else. Again, this site is something way more than biased, more like brainwashed, or they would not use ridiculous hyperbole like calling making sure voters are not illegal aliens “stealing the election” or even “suppressing the vote”.

  • The last thing an illegal immigrant plans to do is vote. They come to work and seek the financial opportunities their countries deny them. Anyone who thinks an illegal immigrant, who most likely does not speak English and does not Barack Obama or Mitt Romney from an African elephant, will show up at a polling place to vote is nuts. They go out of their way to stay in the shadows, as far away from law enforcement officers and government facilities as possible, and as inconspicuous as possible. The real reason for the black listing in Florida and a few other states is to make it as difficult as possible for Democrats to vote. The GOP succeeded in 2000 and they are getting ready to do it again.

    • davia55

      Really! What rock do you live under. Last year there was a rally in California where they estimated 300 Thousand “undocumented” were yelling for THEIR RIGHTS. The believe they are Americans…so why wouldn’t they vote!

    • oldtack

      The Undocumented are not the concern. It is the many other ways that Crooked Politicians and culpable people can, by fraud, totally skew the voting process.

      Lyndon Johnson, in the 40’s would have never made it back to the the Tainted Halls of Congress if it hadn’t been for the many deceased voters that miraculously rose from their graves to cast their votes down in Duvall County.
      But, you would have to study Texas Politics to get the full picture of the crookedness that went on in early Texas.

      This is just one of the ways and these crooked suckers in Washington have several ways.

  • peteserb

    It’s a damn shame that these GOP people are trying to prevent the illegals and the dead from voting!!!!!!

    • davia55


    • And that’s a reason to keep the League of Women Voters from having voter registration drives? Have the Republicans completely lost their minds?

  • It Some Evil When It’s A Witch Hunt And Not Letting People Know Bush Started This And Also It Done To Stop Holder From Putting A End To Voter Suppression!! Knowing The New GOP/Tea Party Hell Yeah Is EVIL!!!

    • onedonewong

      he could have shown is bonafides with the blackpanthers and did NOTHING

      • WTF is that supposed to mean??

        • onedonewong

          If Holder was TRULY interested in voter suppression why aren’t the black panthers who intimated voters in 2008 in JAIL. Its not to hard to understand but again for some people not taking barak as our messiah is hard for you to understand

  • “….a great democracy doesn’t sully itself by suppressing the precious right to vote.”

    A great democracy doesn’t last very long if the right to vote is suppressed…………..

  • kinkersnitchet

    As a former Republican – they left me, I didn’t leave them – I fear they are in their death throes. As the old white men’s enclave of power, they seem to have thoughts similar to those that resulted in the thinking of the Nazi Party in the late thirties. The Germans were handed an extremely harsh deal after WWI, perhaps, too harsh to be reasonable. In any event times in Germany were much more difficult than we are aware in this country. Thus, the rise of an Aryan party which thought all others were inferior. It makes sense when you think about it. But I have the advantage of being alive at the time.

    White births are in the minority now. We practiced what we preached and eliminated quotas for immigration from various countries while, at the same time, relaxing our border controls so that people from Mexico (and others) can enter almost at will. But it is now apparent that the old white men of Aryan origin, not to mention, horror of horrors, women of all colors and religions.

    It’s the same old story of irrationality. We put people into pigeon holes and then we blindly believe they all act according to our mental blueprint for their respective pigeon holes. It’s a device humans have invented to help them understand the world. But unfortunately, many forget that the world is more complex than their little categories and so the method is abused. There are poor Jews. There are Afro-Americans who can’t even keep a beat, let alone dance. In the end we are what we are individually and not a product of the category we are relegated to by simple minded folk. Why! Why! Why is that so difficult?

    Beware! The Germans were not so different from us. There is an illusion that because we have never had a revolution since the 18th Century, that it could never happen because we are an exceptional nation. It’s a fallacy that most of us understand. The sequence of events is not always linear. There can be sudden changes. Thus the idea that we could never go the way of Germany in the thirties could be dangerous. I love this country and its concepts too much to see this.

    This war between the parties will probably resolve itself, but I don’t know when. What I do know is that we need to get back to being Americans who respect our duly elected officials. When that idiot in Congress called my President a liar, he not only insulted all good citizens who voted, he besmirched the very honor of Congress!

    There are obviously valid reasons to control who can vote. Otherwise, a party could visit the cemeteries and obtain votes as has happened in the past. Non-citizens could vote for whoever their payers told them. But, to be so obvious about suppressing entire legitimate groups is an attack on our country. The people attempting to suppress minorities from voting obviously know exactly what they are doing. The irony is that they use the technique of “The Big Lie.” How many people remember what that was all about? The Nazis simply kept saying a lie over and over hoping that eventually some people would say, “Hey! There must be some truth there or they wouldn’t keep saying it.” Repetition makes you look like you really believe it.

    We are an exceptional people, but it won’t automatically continue. Let us go back to out democratic roots and heed the words of our past heroes. All men are created equal! One man, one vote!

    • Truthman4ever

      Hmmm…The big lie…You mean like “They recruit”, or “It ‘s Gods punishment” or “It came from a monkey in Africa”…Yeah. I’ve heard THOSE over and over and over…
      It did seem like the Repubs saying it believed it…

    • oldtack

      I keep talking about this but it falls on deaf ears in my radically Conservative part of this Country. What we see in the Radical movement (both parties) is scarily like the Rise of the National Socialist (Nazi) Party after WWI. Every citizen needs to review these events. I don’t mean watching movies or reading slanted books. I mean reviewing historical documents beginning just after Hitler’s release from Landau Prison and from there on through to 1937. They kept repeating the same rhetorical mantra until the masses were lulled into total acceptance. Only when the Nazi Party came into full power did the population see the horror and then it was too late to voice disapproval.

      Everyone needs to divorce themselves from Media hype. Cleanse their whole systems so to speak and then do some serious re-evaluation of their beliefs.

      This is no time for radical Party line Republican or Democrat malarkey. This is time for a meeting of all minds to seek a solution to this Mess that is bringing our Nation close to Anarchy and then Rebellion.

      Instead of “gutting” one another on this forum why not “bite our tongues” and all offer sensible solutions and be open to other peoples serious input and totally ignore the hecklers and idiots.

      • EdC

        It would be great if what you said could be carried out, but looking at the record the Republicans will not meet to help the country/ They will not listen to anything that they didn’t think up in the first place and the don’t give a damn. It IS their way or let the country burn.

      • kinkersnitchet

        The Democrats do tend to be full of malarkey at times. But this increase in personal attacks and arguing from talking points along party lines, especially on the Republican side, seems like a new twist and it makes me a little uncomfortable. The entire country is more fragmentized, it seems. Maybe the forties were abnormal in that we had a common enemy that drew us together.

        I’ve often said that if aliens attacked us, there would suddenly be such a unity on this planet, such brotherhood and good will, that we would think the Millenium referred to by the right wing preachers, was upon us. It’s almost as though humans have to hate each other until there is someone else to direct their hatred toward.

  • The ironic thing is most republicans will vote for whoever wins their nomination no matter how terrible he/she is! If Adolf Hitler were still alive and won their nomination, that’s who they would vote for! Democrats are not quite as bad, but almost and are generally more likely to jump ship and support a 3th party (or even a Republican!) if they don’t like their own nominee. The other ironic thing is when the Republicans have the very best Candidate like they do now (RON PAUL) they try to reject him and push him out so they can keep the status quo bozo Bernie Madolf wanta be Mitt Romney! We need real change in this country and not the kind that Romney/Obama has to offer. We need RON PAUL in 2012!

  • There’s no more sacred American value than” one person, one vote.” Too many have been denied at the ballot box and even shed their blood ( African – American) to defend our rights for us to turn our backs on these democratic ideas. This excluded hispanic, Asian, and Latinos because they were never taunted by the KKK in the early 60’s , but people of colored were murdered because they wanted to exercised their rights to vote.
    Shockingly – disturbingly – Republicans across the country have tried to deny our basic voting rights over the last two years, after the people elected the first black president. The GOP was so upset President Obama won in 2008 they attacked the pauper , low – income, women and working middle – class families and the Voting Rights Act.

    • davia55

      Guess what…Prez Obama may look black, but he was raised in a white family in Hawaii. I doubt there were major inner city problems there. He never knew the power of looking lack til he went to Harvard. Trust me, he may look black, but he really is a white as the driven snow lol

      • AaronNashuaNH

        Your average racist doesn’t care how a person was raised. For them, skin color is all-important—just one symptom of this pervasive disease. The “one drop” rule also is very, very important.
        Anyone feigning ignorance of this is “just whistlin’ Dixie”

        • davia55

          whistlin dixie…interesting choice of words. What is a “one drop” rule?

          • AaronNashuaNH

            The “one drop rule” pertains to a quasi-scientific, social methodology employed in this country to determine if
            anyone with at least one ancestor of African heritage is in your family tree. From this came the usage of terms, “mulatto”, “quadroon”, “octaroon”, etc. If one could prove that a person, no matter how fair-skinned and straight his hair was, had recent black heritage, this person was deemed “Black”. You see, it was all important in America’s infatuation with “purity of race” to weed out the pretenders. There’s no question that Pres. Obama has a lot of drops of Black heritage; so he can’t even begin to pretend to be a member of the “privileged club”.
            The Disney movie “Showboat”, surprisingly, deals with this subject as a side theme—-and it was made back in the 1950’s(?).
            The bottom line is this: “Racism” is America’s Most Challenging Issue” according to the Writings of the Baha’i Faith. This subject is thoroughly discussed in a book by Shoghi Effendi entitled “The Advent of Divine Justice”—but before launching into that I would recommend a visit with the nearest Baha’i Community and/or a reading of “Baha’u’llah and the New Era”.
            As for whistling Dixie, I’ve been known to whistle a refrain of “Dixie” despite being African American, and having been born and raised in Mississippi. Please forgive my suggesting that you’ve whistled said tune.
            Both races, Black and White, have a crucial role to play, together, to rid this great country of the pernicious and insidious ailment called “racism”.

          • davia55

            Thank you for explaining. Looks like I have some reading to do, finally a reply that is informative.
            I don’t think the racism is as bad as you think in this country. I think there is more of a problem with ignorance, and some strange sense of entitlement.

    • oldtack


      In the 1960’s in the South most of the ones lynching Blacks and terrorizing would -be voters and suppressing the vote were – Democrat.

      Times have changed the Political spectrum and now those doing this very same thing in the very same places are – Republican. The Political Spectrum has shifted but the people remain the same and the same suppression still continues.

      Like many Citizen I sense subterfuge in some of the voting restrictions. Call it the 50’s deep south syndrome.

      But I do believe we should have a National ID for voting purposes.

      This should be free to all citizens and issued like the social Security number with more built in security. My last Visa has a built in “code” that Customs agents look for when scanning it. This is supposed to stop counterfeiting of the Visas. The National ID’s should have this same type of “identity Chip”.

      Will this ever happen? It is very doubtful.

      • rmarqua2921

        No, it won’t happen, because then the Republicans can no longer feed us the BS that there is a great deal of voter fraud in this country! Maybe we are the country that needs Jimmy Carter and his group to be there at the voting places to make sure people aren’t turned away who are legally citizens of our great country!

  • Truthman4ever

    Hmmm…By the ‘big lie’ you mean something like
    “They recruit”…or “They are Godless” or “It’s Gods punishment”

    Yeah, I heard those over and over and over…It did seem like the Repubs saying
    those things believed it but, then again, it also seemed like they doth protested waaaayyy too much…

  • Truthman4ever

    OH!…and to the jerk who griped about the activists flipping off Reagans White House portrait by saying “Ronald Reagan NEVER f***ed you in the ass…WRONG!!!!!!

  • like the article said, ” Then came Crawford v. Marion County, the 2008 case in which the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that mandatory photo-identification laws were constitutional on the basis of ballot protection. The evidence presented included not a single case of in-person impersonation fraud — the only fraud that photo ID laws can prevent. And the millions of Americans — mostly less-affluent seniors — without driver’s licenses?” Mostly less affluent seniors will be denied voting, mostly democrats. The fix is in.

  • MikeCassidyAHS

    There’s nothing wrong with requiring voter ID’s. I’ve been voting in Maryland since Richard Nixon, and I can’t recall the last time I was asked for an I D at the voting booth.
    When you deliberately make getting an ID difficult, and very inconvenient, just to put a stop to the .0025% of fraudulent voters, that’s pretty obviously deliberate voter suppression, no matter how you twist it.
    Mike Cassidy
    Utica, Md.

  • ralphkr

    Personally, I am not worried about not being allowed to vote even if I lose my drivers license(the only photo ID I have other than my picture on the back of a credit card) because I also have a NRA membership card. That card plus one look at me (Yes, that is my picture in the avatar) and any Republican shall immediately hand me a ballot.

    • Nom_DeGuerre

      Wow, what a surprise! Republican-hater NRA member! How can you live with yourself knowing that the first thing your DemocraPic rulers want to do is to take away our guns (the only hurdle separating Obama from his dream of totalitarian dictatorship)? So, you are just a hypocrite preaching the virtues of big nanny government, but keeping your powder dry knowing that in reality Obama is gonna bring just more misery upon us all. Usual liberal propaganda BS: Do as I say, not as I do.

      For just a few reasonable people with conservative views trying to bring at least some sense to the sea of liberal insanity on this blog: Don’t waste your time. There were some quite well educated and eloquent people who tried that in the last couple of months – they left after seeing total futility of our effort. I myself is a just infrequent onlooker seeing with every new publication that the majority of regular big mouths in here is still as insane as they were back in 2008 under voodoo spell of “hope and change” (“dope and chains” is what it is in reality). LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISEASE !

      • ralphkr

        You are funny. Judging from your post you must hate anyone who does not wish to give everything to the uber-wealthy and keep the rest of us in our proper place (begging for crumbs and working for a $1 a day) so I am surprised that you did not recognize the fact that if the voting official was a liberal that he would NEVER hand a ballot to a NRA member (except at gunpoint).

        For your information, I do not love Democrats nor hate Republicans although I do dislike the extremists on both sides BUT I do recognize that 99% of the time that Republicans are far more dangerous to my financial health than the Democrats. Of course, my opinion would be reversed IF I had a great deal more than $2 million in investments and I was not a patriot who loves America and did not wish to see it converted to a Plutocracy by the Republicans.

        • Nom_DeGuerre

          Ye-a-a-h, you don’t like extremists, but you see Rs 99% more dangerous than Ds. As usual: pathological absence of a shred of logic in mentally skewed liberal does not warrant my time expenditure on him.

          Good buy, old bearded man.

          • ralphkr

            Well, Nom_DeGuerre, you are either extremely young are have been too lazy to look at history. Since 1929 America has seen better economic growth whenever there is a Democratic President whether the Congress is Democratic or Republican. Every Republican President during this same period has shown poor growth with Hoover (with the advantage of a Republican Congress) ushering in the big depression and, oddly enough, the second poorest showing by a Republican President was Bush while he had a Republican Congress. From this study it is obvious that for the best economy you need a Democratic President with a Democratic Congress, 2nd is Democratic President with a Republican Congress, 3rd is a Republican President with a Democratic Congress, and a very distant 4th is Republican President with a Republican Congress.

            On a personal note: Since I was forced to retire the majority of my income has come from investments and my income dropped by $5K during G.H.W.Bush, dropped by $37K during G.W.Bush, went up by $80K during Clinton, and dropped $12K the first two years of Obama and went up $12.3K the third year for a wash. In summary: during 12 years of Republican Presidents my income went down by $42K and during 11 years of Democratic Presidents my income went up by a tad over $80K. My finances gives an irrefutable answer as to why I fear Republicans more than Democrats.

            Referring to your last line… just what was the “good buy” to which you refer?

  • inturel

    Since corporations are people , where do they register to vote???? What type lof photo id is validated. How many votes does each corporation receive at the polls?? And the Reps are worried who will be allowed to vote. WHAT A JOKE .VOTER SUPPRESSION IS EVIL AND UNAMERICAN

    • ralphkr

      Corporations do not need photo ID because they buy however many votes they need.

  • If this was done with pure intention, they would allow major registration drives at public schools, hospitals etc… This would allow people who wanted to vote opportunity to register and get proper ids.
    In cities with great mass transit systems, people don’t have drivers’ licences. Obviously, this would help people get proper ids

  • EdC

    yeah the right they got are you work for what we pay you and if you don’t like it we report you. you will work twelve to sixteen hours a day for twenty four dollars and you pay for you own supplies. that they the rights they get.

  • oldtack

    Sounds a lot like the Nazi Party doesn’t it.

  • oldtack

    As the right wing Preachers would say – AMEN

  • HHmm voter suppression, or is it the elimination of voter fraud, illegals voting because they registered is still illegal, dead people voting? registering in several locations, and to demand proof (photo ID) is going to deny people the right to vote?, I cant cash a check or buy beer without showing a photo ID.

  • I believe any form of picture ID should be accessible. Long if it has the person birth date and a valid residency they should be able to vote. But what the Republican want to control who can vote the way they want them to vote. It is coming down to this folks, in my opinion they want to do away with that amendment of the Constitution. They know they have to do something because they know that they will loose some elections. They are trying to stack the deck in their favor. DON’T LET THEM!!!!!. Vote the way you want to not the way they want you to vote.

  • onedonewong

    Voter suppression?? hardly its called cleaning the roles of illegal and ineligible voters that were registered by ACORN in 2008. We have a sitting US Senator from Minnesota Al Frankin that won an election by illegal felons voting via absentee ballots.
    No its past time for this country to have free and fair elections, Holder should be insuring that voter intimidation doesn’t happen on election day by the black panthers

  • Your DD-214 is not a proof of citizenship as we allow foreign nationals to serve in our armed forces.

  • rustacus21

    At 84, registered, a voting history of over a half century & being made to dig up more ID – aside from a drivers license or state issued ID, is extreme – if not evil. Oh, did I mention this individual was a registered Democrat as well? W/%’s in the single digits, the money spent on ‘purging’ is extreme – if not EVIL!!! But what’s worse – voter fraud, @roughly 2-5%, or ‘election’ fraud, which takes out voters by the 1000’s & swings an entire election? Oh, did I mention the ‘institutional’ nature of ‘election’ fraud, making it far more insidious? Not making excuses, but the randomness of voter fraud, if successful, is indicative of a poll worker not paying attention & as w/most volunteers, is being worked to an excessive degree for no pay? But the solution is simple in any case – criminalize any violation to the extreme, in ANY case…