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Friday, October 28, 2016

Update: Perry launched his campaign Thursday afternoon in Addison, Texas. Watch the rally below, video via C-Span.

Rick Perry, former governor of Texas, announced his run for the Republican presidential nomination in a video posted on his website early Thursday morning.

The video features Perry citing his experience, willingness to bridge the partisan divide, and commitment to telling Americans the truth, intercut with a jittery montage of time-lapse images of cityscapes and American landmarks under blue skies, scored to soaring music.

“If we’re going to revive this American Dream again,” Perry said in the video, “we need a president who provides leadership that transcends the petty partisanship that we’ve seen in the past few years, someone that’s been tested. We need a president that tells the American people the Truth.”

He says Americans shouldn’t have to “accept the weakness abroad” or “the slow economic recovery” on the homefront.

Perry underscored his qualification as a candidate who “has done the right thing,” as opposed to candidates who merely say the right things.

“We must do right and risk the consequences,” Perry says in the video’s conclusion.

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  • Billie


  • Lynda Groom

    For one of those anti-government types he sure seems to want another government and taxpayer financed job. Does that make him part of the problem or part of the solution?

    • Billie

      Hey, I am Texan born here and lived here all my life. He is definitely part of the problem.

  • 1standlastword

    The republicans are preparing to make our presidential campaign season a TOTALLY mockery!!

    Isn’t Rick still under indictment for abuse of power while acting as governor???

    Why does the party allow people under suspicion of an ongoing litigation to taint and discredit its attempt to seriously engage American voters?

    Perry’s presence only adds to the credibility problem of our current political leadership


  • Stuart

    There must be a LOT of money to be made by running for president. Otherwise, why would so many Republicans be attracted to it? Do the candidates get to keep the campaign money they raise and use it for personal expenses?

    • Billie

      They aren’t supposed to but, you know they probably keep a big part of it by laundering it some way.

  • Independent1

    Some of the things Rick Perry believes in are just plain – archaic!!

    Below is the link to an article from ThinkProgress on 9 idiot things Rick really believes. Here’s just a partial list:

    – Social Security And Medicare Are Unconstitutional
    – All Other Federal Health Programs Are Also Unconstitutional
    – Federal Clean Air Laws Are Unconstitutional “Nonsense”
    – Nearly All Federal Laws Protecting Workers Are Unconstitutional
    – Voters Should Not Be Able To Choose Their Own Senators

    For more on these and more idiot things Rick believes, go here:

  • Dominick Vila

    Weakness abroad? Should we assume that Ricky is embracing the Forbes doctrine and supports indefinite occupations, invasions, and loss of American lives to advance our geo-political and economic interests?
    Speaking of leaders that divide us instead of unite us, we will have to go back to Washington, Lincoln, LBJ, and all the way to the present to understand that our nation has been divided since its inception. What we need is a person to promotes cultural and ethnic inclusiveness, a leader that narrows the financial gap between the wealthy and the middle class, and a leader determined to help all Americans, not just those with the deepest pockets. We have such leader sitting in the Oval Office right now.

  • charleo1

    Even if he manages to beat the abuse of power rap, I believe Rick Perry will forever be known as Governor Oops. This is a huge problem, because we’ve already elected one Governor Oops from TX. That picked Dick Cheney. Oops! Got some bad info, went off half cocked, set the Middle East ablaze, outed a CIA agent, let New Orleans nearly drown, the economy went off the deep end. That’s a lot of OOPS! On the optimistic side, maybe he’s off the pain pills this time? And so doesn’t embarrass himself, his State, his supporters, or the Fox News pundits who adored him, quite as much as he did as last time. But let’s be real. He’s still a class A Nut Job. And the last thing the Country needs for a President.

    • Independent1

      And if anyone took a close look at what Rick Perry has accomplished over his time as governor of Texas, they’d find that he’s rigged the states taxes and budgets such, that with respect to many socio-economic measures – Texas compares very poorly with respect to other states in America. Aside of course, with respect to supposed job creation, which in and of itself is a mixed bag considering how large of a percentage of the jobs in Texas are close to or below the minimum wage. Texas has the largest number of Americans living below the poverty level; and even percentage-wise, Texas generally ranks around 6th in the nation in having one of the highest percentage of its residents living in povetry.

      And it’s not just poverty. Texas ranks in the bottom (worst) ten of states in the nation in 100% of 23 socio/economic measures like quality of police and fire protection, what it pays and spends on education, the percentage of public servants found to be corrupt, the very low percent of Texans who go to the polls, the fact Texas is ranked as having the worst healthcare delivery system in the nation, and is also ranked as having the most polluted environment in the nation.

      And with all that bad stuff, Rick Perry wants to run for president so like with Texas, he can turn America into the cesspool of the world.

      • Billie

        All those jobs he has supposedly created are over stated. A lot of companies have moved in for the tax benefits but, they bring a lot of their employees with them. The rent is so high in Austin that my daughter is living in a very poor area and other people are beginning to move into her area because they can’t afford the rent in better areas. The new people moving in has made greedy landlords raise their rent so high that they can’t afford a good place to live either.

        • Independent1

          Sorry to hear your daughter is not finding it easy living in Austin. And from what I’ve read, it may not only be that rents may be high Austin, but also that a lot of the companies Rick attracted to Texas, are ‘cheapo organizations’ that are all about their bottom line, and therefore, are not willing to pay really competitive salaries. Companies who think little or nothing about their employees.