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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign held a meeting at an Arizona nightclub featuring body painting, showgirls, and a “specialty champagne bar in the co-ed bathroom,” according to Federal Elections Commission filings.

The campaign spent $385.24 last month at “The Mint Restaurant and Ultra Lounge” in Scottsdale, Arizona. Buzzfeed’s Andrew Kaczynski reports:

According to the website of the establishment, “The Mint” specializes in making “all types of events imaginable” which include models, dancers, and showgirls along with body painting in a nightclub that calls itself “half restaurant” and “half ultra-lounge.”

The club’s signature drunk is a $13 champagne cocktail called “the gold digger” after rapper Kanye West and has been billed by some as “Arizona’s hottest new club.”

The club also offers a “specialty champagne bar in the co-ed bathroom.” In the marble unisex bathroom, a bartender makes drinks while patrons take “socializing in the bathroom to a new level” according to one review of the club.

Although The Mint seems like an odd choice for the buttoned-up Romney’s campaign, there is reason to believe that the candidate would feel comfortable at the ultra-lounge. After all, it is located inside a former bank.

When asked to comment, Romney campaign spokesman Andrea Saul told The Huffington Post that “campaign staffers having dinner is hardly news.”

Saul also pointed out that Newt Gingrich held a rally at The Mint last February — because of course Gingrich and his campaign/zoo tour are the very best models for good judgement.

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19 Responses to Romney Campaign Held Meeting At Racy Nightclub

  1. Well…at least they’re not hanging out in airport bathrooms…Must be pretty big & comfy to eat and drink champagne in there…without noticing all the background noises…I usually avoided tables near bathrooms…when I used to go out to eat…I’ve been wondering if Mitt was allowed to have champagne when he served as a Mormon missionary in France…back during the Vietnam War…

        • Obama’s not my POTUS. I never said that he was. My point is that super patriots such as Mittens and Dubya talk a good game, but they don’t produce. Dubya intentionally missed a physical so that he couldn’t be posted to Viet Nam as part of the Air Force.

        • Oh Brother

          Do the simple addition you simple idiot, Obama was TOO YOUNG.

          George W. Bush hid out somewhere from his RESERVE FIGHTER SQUADRON, based on lack of muster documents to record his attendance.

          In the meantime the Mormon candidate flew off to Le Havre, France, to pass out condoms to local street hookers while trying to convert them to Mormonism. Nice assignment.

          BTW what pisses me off is that I was Vietnam while he was chasing French tang. Hey Mittens, you want to trade, you coward.

    • I used to think it was impossible to go to France and not sample a bit of the wine – but that was before I heard of Mitt. I mean, if Jesus himself didn’t have a problem with it…

  2. I have no problem with them going to what is essentially a fancy strip club. To me its no big deal to do it, but it IS A BIG DEAL to do something like that while at the same time running on faith and religion as one of your qualifications to be president. You can’t do both, that is hypocritical – – – but then Mitt has an Etch-a-Sketch and he can erase things that don’t look good!!

  3. Must be nice and appropriate these guys! Maybe this ulta- girl night club lounge for wealthy Mormans is suitable for election values campaign! hum…

    • Yeah….didn’t the 911 Terrorist hit a stripper bar just before they committed one of the most evil horrific acts in American History? Now ROMoney’s boys turn….Stripper bars then do the evil of trying to rob another election like Bush did.

  4. Nasty place, public toilets. Maybe functioning like the Roman vomitoriums where you tickled the back of your throat to vomit so you could go eat more.

  5. A night out at a stripper bar! I don’t think WILLARD Mitt ROMoNEY’s big fat cat contributors could care less that his campaign team TRICKLES down some “economy” to the “little people” strippers. Hey a working girl has to make a living. Besides that’s probably one of the only kind of places a guy like Carl Rove can get that close to a [“hot” chick]. He looks like the model used to draw “Piglet”.

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