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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Mitt Romney and the Republican Party significantly outraised President Barack Obama and the Democrats in July, marking the third straight month that the presumptive Republican nominee has decisively led in the money race.

Romney overcame a month of embarrassing gaffes and tough polls to raise $101.3 million along with the Republican National Committee. Obama and the Democratic National Committee managed only $75 million.

The Republicans’ owe much of their big haul to a small number of large donors. The Romney campaign has said that 600,627 contributions received in July were under $250, totaling $25.7 million. This means that the other $75.6 million — or 75% of the total — came from just 38,000 donors, about 6 percent of the total number of contributors.

Romney held several high profile fundraisers in July that certainly contributed to his big fundraising month. The Hill estimates that Romney raised $3 million at a fundraiser at David Koch’s Southampton estate (no thanks to the “Nails ladies,“) $2 million at a London fundraiser with bankers who are caught up in the LIBOR scandal, and $1 million at a Jerusalem fundraiser (during which Romney claimed that the economic disparities between Israelis and Palestinians are due to cultural differences.)

The Obama campaign, clearly nervous about being outspent, has been sending a series of increasingly urgent fundraising emails featuring subject lines such as “This is potentially devastating” and “We could lose if this continues.”

Still, as Byron Tau points out in Politico, the Obama campaign remains on pace to handily beat its record-breaking 2008 fundraising total.

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  • BDD1951

    I think President Obama will be all right. We are being inundated with Romney ads here in the Denver area. Frankly I’d like to throw something at the TV. Even my republican sis is disgusted with so many ads. I’m hopeful that people will grow tired of them and decide to vote for Obama instead.

    • it work on me… i am voting this loser OUT also !!!!!

    • Hope you’re right BDD1951. This is going to be ugly.

  • I live in CA, which is considered a “safe” state for Obama, but I see many Obama adds on a daily basis and only one for Romney. Makes me think that Obama is scared of losing liberal CA. I can’t wait to vote him out of office come November!

    • ChristoD

      Hey Robert, you will still be waiting after November 7th for him to be voted out of office because he certainly won’t be on November 7th.

    • ABkr

      Ypu must be in Central or Northern Cal; I can not get through an evenings viewing without a continual barrage of ROmney and other GOP commercials. It is to bad these can not be limited but then the media is makingmillions off them.

    • I look forward to seeing Barack serve his second term as President of the United States. Maybe, just maybe, it will shut you Conservatives up for a little while. I know how much Conservatives like to hear themselves complain.

    • Poor Robert.
      Longing for days gone by that are gone forever. Even if Romney wins, It will never be what it was. Only the beginning of the end.


    • Fred Helstone

      Yeah Burns and help that out and out Crook Romney amass still more money to dump on foreign bank accounts and help him hand out tax break after tax break to his Maffioso Corporate Buddies. I do hope you’re not so naive as to think that our Corporate CEO’s are very eager to create substantially more jobs for (especially lower-)middle class Americans. Wait till you see those fantastic statistics indicating the exponential growth of the job market in Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia. All thanks to our very Christian generosity abroad. Halleluja!

      • No, wait till Mr. Burns sees the draft re-instated as Mr. Romney and cohorts become bullys to others.

  • comradenot

    why should we give this guy the reins once again…worst job record for any us president since wwII he also presided over the first downgrade of the us credit rating in history. he is bankrupting us big time. ask yourself why the campaigner-in-chief doesnt talk about the economy?

  • geewilly

    The republicans, with Karl Rove in the shadows, will buy the American election for the first time in our history. Foreign money… money supported by the US CHamber of Commerce.. good luck America! I’m sure glad most of my days are behind me.. the future for the young does not look good with Romney in control.

    • 101strac

      just before I sat down at the computer I uttered very similar words to a friend, ” Thank God I won’t be around too many more years into the future and have to witness what will become of this country, If those fanatical republicans manage to buy their way into the White House”. It is too scary to even imagine. Our lives will never be the same again in my opinion. Don’t let the passage of time diminish the outrage you felt, over the lying, cheating, deceptive practices of the republican party. Keep it all fresh in your mind right up to the day you cast your ballot for President Obama

      • ABkr

        It is time to change our Republican Party Affiliation to either Democrat or independent. The Republican party has put party dominance above the best interests of America!

        I changed and I hope others have seen what is happening and do the same!


        • onedonewong

          When did bankrupting American families and and debt of 4150,000 per child an American value. You should do what barak did in the 90’s register as a Socialist

      • onedonewong

        You should be thankful that when Romney wins it will end the war on the unborn and start reducing their debt of $150,000 per person that barak imposed

    • These People Can Be A Damn Fool If They Want To But With These Crooked Money Hoarding Bastards In Control America Will Be A Third World Country And The 98% Will Be Enslaved!! With The Wealthy Popping Whips On Your Backs, Cause I’m Like You Have Most Of My Years Behind Me!!! All Romney Polices Only Help The Wealthy!! WAKE THE FUCK UP PEOPLE!!!


        • Within 10??, how about within 3 months!!! It tain’t going to be pretty if those rich, selfish egotistical group gets their puppet in place. The first agenda will be war, we haven’t recouped from the WOMD yet!

    • onedonewong

      !st time..barak spent $1 Billion in 2008 most of it coming from the Saudis and Chinese governments

  • Anyone remember the public financing that was meant to deal this problem? Do you remember that it involved a cap on spending? Do you remember who reneged on a promise to use it, and became the only candidate since it started to refuse to use it? Do you remember the arrogance of being able to spend so much more than McCain who stayed with the program? If you are an Obama supporter you must be trying hard to not remember any of that.

    • highpckts

      You must be trying even harder to forget what Bush/Cheney did to this country in the first place!

  • TheOldNorthChurch

    What happened the the $1.o Billion Dollar campaign war-chest that David Axelrod and Obama predicted that they would have to bury any opponent?

  • dggrundhoffer

    Rich are trying to buy election. Romney is being bought and paid for. To bad our political front is being bought and paid lobbist , corporations and the rich. When Chaney endorses Romney. I know we are in trouble. Get out and vote 60% of registered voters voting is not good enough. Ity is your duty to vote to keep our freedoms alive.


      • dggrundhoffer

        True Yes But contributions were not skewed where 80% of contributions come form 5 % of contributors This included PAC s That is the difference. Our political system is being influenced by the wealthy and corporate contributions to PAC s. Our political system is based on our ability to vote individual. Not the ability to influence a election by money alone. Our votes are being bought . Our politicians are being bought and paid for. Money counts not the process which our forefathers created

  • majong13

    No matter how much money Romney spends, if he keeps on talking Obama will win anyway.

  • Obama can’t be too short of money. He is running ads here in Ohio constantly. He better save some money so that he can run ads explain how some of the things he is saying could possibly be true, or what he really meant.

  • Once Obama gets a chance to present all of his accomplishments, the bucks will start rolling in. That trillion dollar stimulus, for example. OK – better not mention that.

    Lets tell the folks about Solyndra? Oh, that’s right – they stiffed us for half a billion bucks.

    OK – Obama is a car guy, and he invested our money in Fisker and Tesla. That should be a good reference – right? Really? We threw away another billion bucks on those morons? That sucks – unless you are Al Gore, who is a Principal Investor in Fisker.

    But there were lots of other “Green Energy” companies that Obama invested our money in. What about them, like Ener1, Beacon Power, SpectraWatt and A123 Systems? They made us money – right? What – they lost another half a billion bucks? You’re joking – right?

    I’m at a loss at this moment, so let me get back to you – OK? But I must admit that this guy Obama sounds a lot more like Bernie Madoff than Bill Clinton.

    • I will admit some of these investments have not paid out but are you forgetting that Bush also had tons of Federal loans go South in his tenure. I don’t see how investing in Green Energy which is successful in other countries fails so miserably in the United States. Oh, wait we don’t want clean energy we rather buy giant SUVs and pickups so we can move that one Washing Machine once in 20 years.

  • cbraccnt

    I want to see Rummy and Rove GO DOWN IN FALAMES!

  • It’s indicative of the fear the republicans have in another term for Obama. They know Romney is a weak candidate and they hope that by flooding the coffers they can make up for the lack luster polls Romney has had in the last few months. He hasn’t regained any momentum and has no backing from the Police, firefighters, or Nursing Associations.

  • No Dem’s or Repub’s for me, they will kill this Country

  • Sippin

    What are Romney and his supporters standing on. No one wants to admit that this war has put this country in debt. No one wants to admit, including Republicans that the average voter does not know what type of government we live under. The scary part of all of this is that they are tea partiers and reglious zealots are your most under educated. There are more whites on welfare then minorites but yet tell scream that to stop the welfare state. Do Americans read any more. Do these Americans know what going to happen if Gov. Romney is elected. I’m not that high on President Obama because I think he’s light in the saddle, but he’s better then Gov. Romney. The unfortunate part in this election is, you have two candidates that are cowards and have no steel in their spines. There is not an ounce of leadership in either one. I will vote for President Obama and hold my nose.


  • This would be far from the first “bought” election in American history. It seems many Americans don’t know their own history anymore than they understand their own political and financial interests. If they did the fact that Romney is getting 100 million from a crook like Sheldon Adelman should be enough by itself to lose him the election.

    • catball

      ok, I give up. Who is Sheldon Adelman?

  • citizenmb

    Lots and lots of money, but consider the source(s)! The Koch brothers to start with–what a combo to brag about! (?)

  • ABkr

    I have done my best to convince family and friends who are registred Republicans to either change their affiliation or at least to study the facts and vote for Obama. The Repubicnas have done everything they can to see Obama fails. The GOPs activities have prevented us from recovering from the mess we have been in for the past five years.

  • Who cares how much money Romney raised this month? Didn’t the news say all year that Obama will raise 1 Billion Dollars for this election? Much more than Romney, but when it’s the Democrats that “finally” get outspent, they cry “unfair, boo-hoo, and want to pass “The Fairness Doctrine.” Worry more about what Obama does with OUR money, than what Romney does with HIS.

  • blueclouds123

    Of course Romeny got more money than Obama. The Koch brothers, Carl Rove, donate to Romney because He will owe them something. They are helping Romney BUY the job of being president. Do you really believe he cares about you and others, no, he is buying the seat of President and all therich people donating to him want something from him. If ever you were going to vote this is the year to do it. Start listening real good to what the Republicans are saying and you will discover they already owe to their supporters, not to you the people, just to their rich supporters. Nothing is FREE.

    • ExPAVIC


      You are aware of the $8 billion Halliburton got for Iraqi Restoration Fund projects which were not even begun, yet they took the money and never did anything for it.

      Vanity Fair has been asking about this money for a year now and there have been no answers. Now Dick “the crook” Cheney has emerged as a Romney backer. I would like to see a follow up on this from Obama’s people.

      • blueclouds123

        Hello ExPavic.  Very good point and I would not be surprised if a number of people are not aware of this fact.  Bush and Cheney have both been very good receipents of rewards from Haliburton.

      • catball

        WOW !!! I was not aware of this. That 8 billion probably went in Cheneys pocket. This should be on cable news

  • I like Robert Burns from California believe that President Obama’s adds should not be waisted in states that already are his, I am from Illinois and I see his adds on msnbs, that is a wast because whom ever watches msnbc are for President Obama.

    • ExPAVIC


      This damn race is going to be so close, but still the possibility of Romney being elected is so, so scary.

      I would hate to see a repeat of Bush where the British asked later “How could so many Americans be so stupid.”

  • Of Course he Did Cause When You Got The Wealthy 2% Trying To Buy America For Their Own Profit This Is To Be Expected!! Thank GOD There’s A Lot Of Us Out Here Who’s Not Falling For Their BULLSHIT!!! OBAMA /BIDEN 2012!!!

  • All that gilter is not gold, let mitt and his business pals raise $100,000 billion for the forthcoming election, he is not going to win except if there is no God , all the money he is raising will be a waste

    • ExPAVIC


      I live in SW Florida where the Republican plurality is ridiculous yet they flood the local TV stations with their bunk either as an unguided waste or to shore up their electorate which may be a bit edgy. I see it as a waste of money yet they persist in the practice. It must suck to be them.

  • Alpstar

    This is something I will never understand:
    Isn’t it the votes that count in a democracy who wins an election ?
    Why is the money so damn important ? Let the Republican supporters waste their millions !

  • I am afraid of how the country will proceed if Romney gets into office. Romney could care less about this poor american people. This presidential position is just another notch in his belt and something to mark off of his bucket list. I am not upset that he is wealthy. There is nothing wrong with being successful……however, I fear that because he has never known what is is like to be evicted, hungry, without health insuance, have utilities disconnected…..poor….he is out of touch with the poor and middle class. I fear that he will concentrate on the group and the lifestyle that he is used to. The struggling american will suffer more, while the rich win. Obama inherited this mess and has had to deal with the GOP not desiring to work with him to solve problems, but fight him along the way to make him a one term president. The economy, deficit, etc….did not begin in 2008. Don’t let this man Romney BUY his way into office. What message is this sending……the poor will continue to lose out and the rich will continue to win for the right price.

  • Johnny Thomas

    Well every where I go even all my Dr’s think Romney is funny because he lie’s so much and it is completely evident as to what is really going on with him .You know most of our best Presidents did not have a lot of money if begging money is the object then all have to quit downing those people that are on the street corner asking for money to eat. Obama got his share and enough to run his campain .I see more of Obama on TV than Romney or maybe the truth speak’s louder clearer and stand’s out it isn’t personal gain it is how you get it that count’s and Romney brought down a lot family’s getting his .I know Obama is not the best choice that we could have but in all truth he is not afraid to show a lot more of his back ground than Romney and has realized as to what he needs to work on as he was led by CONGRESS in the beginning and now he stands up to them.We do not need another Bush run our country even more to bring us down further and Amen to geewilly.Most of mine are behind me too.This is my note to ROBERT BURNS Those of that vote on the person just because he or she is what you registered as is showing that you are afraid to vote your heart this is America run by people not money or actors in California even most of them vote their hearts not their money GOD help us when republican’s money rules us .Your comment make’s me wonder where all that money Romney is collecting is really going .I cameacross money a few time’s in my life it made me happy and it made me more in the public eye but I never fore got where I came from because I screwed up and vote for Buch his first time around boy he put us under fast and all not equal under the republican’s now I am back their and money just doesn’t matter that much as it can be lost at any time.
    Johnny T.

    • catball

      Hello Mr. Thomas – What you need to do is tell everybody what you just said. There are a lot of people that don’t read the paper or watch cable news. They really don’t know anything, but what they hear, and you know all the lies the republicans are pushing out there. If we can just get the truth to the people, all the money in the world won’t help the pubs. If the democrates lose this election it will be hazardous to our health, and that’s a fact. The question I ask people is “what has a republican ever done for you”, or for the people.


  • Romney Brings Nothing To The Table But More Trickle Down Bullcrap That Only Works For The Wealthy, More Tax Breaks For The 2% Wealthy , More Lies, More Wars And Total Chaos For The Middle Class And Poor Working People Of America!!!

  • I am 65 years old and have never been able to tell th difference in the demedonts or the rebublicants after they get in office. Neither is as good as they say they are, likewise the other side is never as bad at they say they are. We need to quit sending Democrats and Rebublicans to Washington, just send Americans

  • Its just remarkable how many confused people live in this country. Imagine actually giving money to Mitt Romney. Mindblowing.

  • Ramelli

    Romney was not using ‘tax payer’s bucks’ to fly around the country, raising money for his re-election! And as far as gaffe, that appear to be in the eye of the beholder. He visited our friends, GB, Poland, and Israel. That to me is good common sense. How many trips has Obama made to visit Israel?

  • Arvid123

    I have serious problems with both candidates. At 62, this might be the first time I don’t vote for either one.

  • thesecureone

    geewilly, money cannot buy votes. If we do everything we can, as Dem’s, to be sure everyone we know is registered and ready to vote, WE WIN!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t imagine Romney as our world leader, let alone our leader right here in America, managing as many urgencies as President Obama has to juggle EVERY day. Romney can’t stay on message just trying to think of how he can beat Obama, without gaffe after gaffe as well. So, do you think he would be able to know how and what to say when faced with EVERYTHING that a president has to engage in everyday and everyhour??????? Even though I would love to hear President Obama speak with a little more fire in his speech as he did when running for the presidency, I now understand that his mind is on a zillion different things he’s responsible to attend to while on the stump. I can’t get everything I want to get done in one day just for me, as hard as I try, due to interruptions, so can we imagine the focus the president has to maintain. I think he has done a wonderful job even with all the nonsupport and backlash from the republican group. We need to continue to hold up his hand and not leave him to fin for himself. He needs 4 more years to keep his promise, and he needs us to stay on congress to get things done. I still don’t know why they’re not fired!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Romney is not going to be the president if he wins, they are blatantly announcing who hold the office and what their personal, greedy agendas will be with every dirty dollar they put up to support the puppet. They could care less what Mr. Romney says they are putting their money where his mouth is!

  • onedonewong

    Obama isn’t concerned he told Joe Biteme today he says he still has 4 checks left in his checkbook so he has alll te $$$ he needs

  • Many Republicans understand that they can’t make money with a Democrat in the White House. With Romney being an ubber-rich Republican candidate, the smell of his money has attracted other ubber-rich donors to his campaign. However, their multimillion dollar donations will not determine who will be President. If they are in fact able to “buy” the White House, it would be the death knell of democracy and an end to the American ideal. Bush/Cheney showed them how to bankrupt a country, and “if” Romney gets into the White House, a war with Iran will ensue his Presidency and he and his ubber-rich friends will profiteer off of it. War spells opportunity to the wealthy. We should all demonstrate our democracy in November and keep the real enemies of America out of the White House.

  • Of Course Cause He Promise To Spit Shine The 2% Balls!!! Just Look At All The Money Hoarding Thugs Who’s Giving Him Money!! Believe Me They Are Not Giving It Cause They Like Romney, They Giving Money For Romney To Give Back To Them!!

  • Let’s prove to Gop & Tea Party That money can’t buy the election

  • I never heard of so many stupid azz Rich people Koch brother Carl Rove an other.
    Spend so mush money just to keep from paying tax. The percent they would have paid is a drop in a bucket compare to what they spend on a dead horse Romney..

    They have spend over what was save of the 9 years of Bush tax cut…How Stupid