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Friday, January 18, 2019

The polls are out and the verdict is in: Last week’s presidential debate produced in an hour and a half what four days of the Republican National Convention could not—a much-needed bounce.

Following a forceful performance at the debate, Mitt Romney is seeing the best numbers in his campaign so far. Pew Research Center’s poll conducted in the four days after the debate shows Romney surging into the lead among likely voters, 49 percent to 45 percent. In mid-September, Romney was trailing President Obama by 8 points.

One of the major changes in the Pew poll is the shift in party identification among likely voters. It swung from a 10-point Democratic lead to a 5-point Republican edge. The dramatic shift in party ID might be a potential factor in explaining Romney’s latest numbers.

Additionally, Romney now holds for the first time a 50 percent favorability rating among registered voters—a 5-point increment, compared to Obama’s 6-point drop to 49 percent.

In an interesting note, Pew’s data revealed that Romney leads among white voters by a 21 percent margin. Given that many have argued Romney could not win the election without 20 percent or more of the white vote, Romney’s nearly insurmountable lead could prove decisive.

A new Politico/GWU poll also reflected Romney’s post-debate bounce, with the Republican candidate now in a statistical tie with President Obama, who leads 49 percent to 48 percent. Of more concern for Democrats, however, is the enthusiasm gap—73 percent of Obama’s supporters say they are “extremely likely” to vote, compared to 86 percent for Romney. Similarly, 84 percent of Republicans say they are extremely likely to vote, while only 76 percent of Democrats are comparatively enthusiastic.

According to Gallup’s latest poll, the presidential race is now in a dead heat, tied at 47 percent for both candidates. Three days prior to the debate, Obama held a 5-point lead, 50 percent to 45 percent. However, in the polls taken on Sunday, Obama was back at 50 percent, and Romney at 45 percent.

Rasmussen’s latest poll similarly showed Romney and Obama locked in a close race, with 48 percent of support for each candidate.

Sunday’s Reuters/Ipsos poll showed a tightening of the race, with Obama now leading by only 2 points, 47 percent to 48 percent.

Despite Obama’s narrowing lead in national polls, his numbers in the battleground states remain strong. In Virginia, the latest PPP poll shows Obama up by 3 points, leading 50 percent to 47 percent. Though his numbers are down from 5-point lead three weeks ago, Obama advantage is crucial in a state with 13 electoral votes up for grabs. In Colorado, Obama is up by one percentage point, according to a Rasmussen poll. In Pennsylvania, where a voter ID law was recently struck down, a Susquehanna poll conducted after the debate shows Obama up by 2 points, 47 percent to 45 percent. Romney’s favorable image has also improved in Pennsylvania, and now shows a 48 percent to 42 percent favorable to unfavorable rating for the Republican candidate.

In Iowa, Rasmussen shows Obama maintaining a 2-point lead, 49 percent to 47 percent. In Massachusetts, where Romney was governor between 2004-2008, a Western New England University poll shows Obama continues to hold a massive 30-point lead.

With two more presidential debates to go before Election Day, Obama will need to come up with strong performances if he is to quell Romney’s growing hopes.

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Photo credit: AP/David Goldman

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431 responses to “Romney Surges In National Polls, Trails in Swing States”

  1. Jim Lou says:

    “Sunday’s Reuters/Ipsos poll showed a tightening of the race, with Obama now leading by only 2 points, 47 percent to 48 percent.”

    Where is the 2 points?

    I see a statistical tie.

    • The only poll that has Romney leading is Pew. Even Rasmussen calls it a statisftical tie, and the reliable Gallup poll has Obama leading by 3 point which is, admittedly, within the margin of error. Most importantly, President Obama continue to lead in the electoral college vote which is what really counts.

  2. ” In Massachusetts, where Romney was governor between 2004-2008, a Western New England University poll shows Obama continues to hold a massive 30-point lead.” – …and, guess what folks….NOBODY knows Governor Romney better than the people of Massachusetts….

    • old_blu says:

      That’s pretty bad when your own people don’t want you, maybe he calls them liars as he does his sons.

    • lana ward says:

      Massachusetts is a Dem (godless) state, what do you expect?

      • William Deutschlander says:

        Iana – you know full well how intolerant and ignorant your rant is, shame on you!

      • awakenaustin says:

        If God doesn’t love Massachsetts why did he put so many nice, smart people there?He apparently doesn’t give a hoot for the Texas Rangers. Does God only love Republicans? Does God care if you are a Republican or a Democrat? Why? I clearly missed that in Bible study when I was growing up. How come God doesn’t just make us all vote for the right guy? If everything is part of God’s plan, then President Obama winning in 2008 was part of his plan. If he wins again this year how will you explain that? Maybe you are wrong and he really likes Democrats more than Republicans. Big mistake on your part if he does. Does God talk to you? When he talks to me he tells me you don’t have a clue. He likes broad minded people better than narrow-minded people. He says self-righteous folks are driving him crazy. Yesterday he confided that when he parties he likes it to be with the Barbarians. Talk about some folks who know how to party. It also give him the opportunity to make a few converts. He mentioned he is working very hard to try and teach you what it means to be a Christian, but it is a real slog.
        I await your response in breathless anticipation.

        • darkagesbegin says:

          fabulous. funny. fabulously funny! I feel better now

        • neece00 says:

          awaken, you are my hero. I could not have said it better. I have always wondered where they have the right to spout God and in the same breath put someone down or hate them. Whether that person is a democrat or a black person.

          • Neeceoo, if those wound-up each morning, get your faux news fix, hateful people are examples of Christianity, why would any nice person want to be a Christian?

          • neece00 says:

            You’re right maggie, some examples of Christianity make you want to run the other way.

          • Maybe The Fact Is These People Are Not Really Christians Nor Are They Patriots What They Are, Are Low Life Lying Terrorists And Traitors!! They Are Working For Themselves And Maybe Satan!! Money Is The Root To All EVIL!!!

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            FERN—You need to get off your couch and get a job and stop eating up all the food stamps.
            You must NOT be able to get you a man

          • latebloomingrandma says:

            The problem with many people, is that they make God into someone that fits their views, rather than”listening” to what God actually wants us to do and how to act.

          • You Got That Right My Friend!! Lying On GOD Is No Way Being A Good Christian But It Is Being A Great LIAR!!!

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            You—–Are——Flipped ——Out!!!!!!!!!!

          • AMADAL says:

            Don’t you know—they are spending all their time thumping their Bibles and don’t have time to open them up and read what is inside. Maybe they should try since Bible stands for Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. There is a lot to be learned.

          • BDC_57 says:

            they can’t read.

          • That’s Why They Want To Kill Big Bird Cause He Will Teach Them But They Don’t Want To Learn!! LOL

          • old_blu says:

            I read an article just last night, where some guy Shapiro says
            Sesame Street is trying to brainwash your children with its liberal agenda, he went under cover as a liberal to do it, That’s why Romney don’t like Big Bird.

          • OMG That’s Just Low Down But Why Am I Not Surprised!! That’s Just Shameful!!

          • lowdown because they crawled up out of the sewer.

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            Sesame Street is Liberal!!!
            They have that STUPID buck tooth Michelle on there alllll the time. Why don’t they brace those horse teeth down

          • I saw that on television. It is as if all the insane have created their own truths and are getting organized.

          • Damn, you are good. I had a good laugh over that one. Great post!

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            Again, the libs turning everything into a big ordeal.
            The people give and support PBS—Romney said he is not going to pay out money
            For big bird if you don’t have the money and have to barrow from China!!!
            He said: “ I’m not going to keep on spending money on things to borrow money from China to pay for.”
            That is called business since!!! The Libs don’t get it.
            Federal spending for PBS would have little to no effect on Sesame Street’s budget.
            The majority of the show’s funding comes from corporate sponsorship, product sales and donations from the viewers.
            You don’t go shopping if you don’t have the money.
            You don’t buy a new house if you don’t have the money.
            Keep digging maybe Romney did something really bad in his mother’s womb.

          • AMADAL says:


        • old_blu says:

          Very good thanks for the morning smile. : ))

        • lana ward says:

          The Dems are taking God out of everything, that’s why God is turning his back on America–He can’t be where he’s not allowed. WHAT HAPPENED AT THE DEMS CONVENTION?What’s happening throughout the country? He’s being taken out of everything

          • BDD1951 says:

            Where do you get the idea that it’s Democrats that are doing that? As I recall Madeline Murray O’Hare was an atheist and she was the one who started all this. It was the supreme court that sided with her. Democrats have a love of God the same as Republicans. Who are you to think that you have the right to judge whether who is doing what?????

          • lana ward says:

            I watched the Dems convention, how people booed at God. And the Dems in congress are trying to take God out of everything too. They must really love God

          • I watched it, too, you lying sack of sh. That never happened. One thing that the teabaggers said was they didn’t allude to God often enough. remember what Jesus said about praying in the synagogues and public places to be seen of men.

          • lana ward says:

            The MSM took the booing out??? They are HORRIBLE. I told you they only report what they want you to hear!!!! The Dems took a vote on God THREE TIMES! Third time they decided to put God in–the people who didn’t want God in, booed their heads off!! I couldn’t believe it! I watched it on Fox News, they report what other channels won’t. So DON’T be calling me a liar, just start watch something that’s going to report ALL THE NEWS!!!

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            What news channel did you watch???
            Obviously NOT the right one

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:


          • WhutHeSaid says:

            Nothing identifies one of Satan’s imps quicker than them repeatedly using God to justify their dirty deeds.

          • You Got That Right My Friend!! Lying On GOD Is Not What Real Christians Do!!

          • lana ward says:

            Who is justifying dirty deeds?

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            Do you believe that God will forgive you for all of the whoppers that you tell?

          • lana ward says:

            I’m just reporting what i read

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            Is that going to be your response when God asks you why you spent so much of your time lying? Good luck.

          • BDC_57 says:

            i watch it to I did’nt hear booing .it must be in your drug filled brain that only why I can figure why you such an idoit.

          • Landsende says:

            Lana is a whack job that wakes up in her own crazy world every day. We could pray for her but she believes only teathuglicans believe in God.

          • Cause It Wasn’t No Booing Of GOD The Tea Bagging Troll Is Just Another LIAR!!

          • lana ward says:

            CNN, MSNBC, ABC, all of those channels apparently edited it out. I told you they only report what they want you to hear. I watched it on Fox News, how embarrassing it was .THREE times they took a vote on weather or not to have God in their platform. Many booed when God was put in it . You can probably find it on U-Tube, or Fox Nation

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            That’s right Lana—if you watch any other news channel besides Fox you will never know what the real truth is. That’s what is wrong with allllllllllllllll the libs on hear, they are only going by what their news channel told them. They are to STUPID to do their own homework and find out for them.

          • You don’t have original thoughts. faux new is not news. Those are commentators telling the unlearned masses what to think.

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            I don’t know why you keep talking out your butt if you don’t know what your saying DON’T TALK

          • The booing did not happen and Jesus is listening to you spew hate and lies.

          • lana ward says:

            The booing did happen. Those in the media should be shot. They are being paid to report the truth. Quit calling me a liar, booing happened!

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            I DON’T think you heard anything

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            Thats ok Lana, they will burn

          • You and lana must have been raised in one of those hate churches that spend more time talking about evil and fire and brimstone than they do about Jesus

          • Like I said, above, BDD, if lana is an example of a Christian why would I want to be one?

          • LOL Not A Christian But A Lying Tea Bagging Troll!!! LOL True Christian Don’t Stalk People Trying To Get Them To Share And Agree In Their Lies!!! Good Christian Have The Respect To Leave Other People Alone When They Don’t Agree With Them!! Not Always Stalking And Beat The Same Old Lies Over And Over Again!!!

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            You are a FREAK!!!!!
            This is why God is going to make the world come to an end!!
            PEOPLE LIKE YOU

          • I remember when I was little in Sunday School, we learned God was love and Jesus loved everybody. Jesus said kind things like, “Suffer little children come unto me.” Jesus did not say ugly things. You are so insulting to Jesus and you are certainly not a Christian.

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            Look around you
            You can always pick out a Lib
            When you are out ask the ugliest, stupidest, Gay, Lesbian.Poorist, tatooted up people what party they are—-
            They are alllll Dems
            Go to the Abortion place and take a poll

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            I have no doubt that if Jesus came to Earth today he would rip off your white hood and kick your ass, you loser.

          • TheSkalawag929 says:

            The self-righteous believe that it’s their duty to stand in judgement of others.
            That’s why there are so many of them in Hades wondering how they got there.

          • Expect The Fact That Hell Might Just Be Empty Cause They Open The Gates And They Are Running Loose Here On Earth!! Trying To Built Up The Ranks!! Why You Think They Can Lie At A Drop Of A Hat!! LOL They Have No Souls!!

          • TheSkalawag929 says:

            An interesting observation.

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            It’s obvious—Look around you
            You can always pick out a Lib
            When you are out ask the ugliest, stupidest, Gay, Lesbian.Poorist, tatooted up people what party they are—-
            They are alllll Dems
            Go to the Abortion place and take a poll

          • The problem with republicans is that they think they are above God.

          • BDC_57 says:

            you got that right.

          • You Go Girl Ain’t That The Truth!! Truth That Seems To Fly Over The GOP/Tea Party Heads!!! LOL

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            That’s right—-they are!!!!!
            They are the hardest workers
            They are determined and dedicated
            They want to get a head and not just live day to day
            They don’t want to work their butts off and give to the lazy
            The Republicans donate more money to the church
            They build the churches
            Republicans are the LEADERS!!!!

          • judging from a couple of people on this board, they think they are God.

          • If you are godly, I don’t want to be. I would rather be decent, kind, and intelligent.

        • rothgar says:

          I would swear I’ve seen this before. I think it was in a slightly dusty book at Church – the Gospel of Matthew I think. Yes that’s right the gospel of Matthew.

      • WhutHeSaid says:

        Honestly, what do you know about ‘godless’ or ‘godlike’? The first thing that despicable, vile, evil-doers like to cite is religion, as if that somehow mitigates their despicable, vile deeds. It doesn’t.

      • lana, and since the Democratic party is godless (as per whack job ann coulter) then they must be destroyed. Don’t you ever wonder why you are being recruited to help destroy one party and take over the other one?

        • neece00 says:

          I have an idea, maybe lana is really Ann Coulter. She sounds just like her.

        • lana ward says:

          We don’t want one party destroyed, we just want God included. Look at the MESS our country is in from God being taken out of EVERYTHING!!

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            God Bless you Lana!!!!

            It’s allllllllllllll these Liberals that don’t want God in anything

          • lana ward says:

            I write sites down for them to go to, but they must be afraid of what they wiil find. You would be interested.—-PAT DOLLARD—and—WND—. I can’t believe this information isn’t reported on TV. What is going on?

      • If you believe a state with a large majority of Catholics is Godless, why are you supporting a follower of cultist Joseph Smith?

      • BDC_57 says:

        prove to me massachusetts is a godless state.

      • BDC_57 says:

        prove to me that massachusette is a godless state.

      • Fern, picture God and picture Jesus looking at you. Did you hear god’s booming voice saying, Fern, I am leaving it up to you to decide who is Godly and who is not? Whenever you start to post, picture Jesus looking at you.

    • LOL That Cause Tell Know The Real Mitt Romney Up Close And They Know He’s Was No Good For Their State And They No He Will Be No Good For This Country!! That’s Really Bad When The State You Was Running And Bragging On Is Against You!! LOL Guess The 47th In Jobs Create Isn’t Working Out For Mr Strip And Ship!!! LOL

    • TheOldNorthChurch says:

      Massachusetts votes have so little to do with the rest of the nation. George McGovern won only two electoral victories: Massachusetts and DC. One of the more out of touch States, put it together with California and New York and you have a Trifecta.

      • WhutHeSaid says:

        Wow – over 20% of the US population is ‘out of touch’, eh? Been taking lessons from Mitt (47 percent) Romney?

    • Redphilly says:

      Never lose sight of the fact that Romney wants the 47% to just disappear. He like a leopard, hasn’t changed his spots. He makes Tricky Dick look like a bible student. He is gung-ho for war because it will be a way to “shed” some of those 47% “slackers” for whom he feels much contempt. Why do you think he was all for war when he nor anyone in his family ever went? And when he says 45% he is talking about perhaps everyone on this site! Start getting in the know and watch MSNBC if you want the truth about “Misleading Mitt”!Reply.

    • vlcpolitics says:

      Word Elisabeth, I whole heartedly agree. If America is “smart” they will NEVER make Romney president.

  3. Well, if we use the Republican conspiracy theory they were advertising a week or so ago, we will have to conclude that the liberal media and pollsters are conspiring and the latest polls are rigged, but the truth is that the Obama campaign made a strategic mistake and it is paying a heavy toll in the polls.
    We lost a battle, but we have not lost the war, not by a long shot. In the end, what is important are the qualifications of the candidates, their character, record, policies and vision. President Obama inherited the worst economy any incoming president has faced since the Great Depression, and in spite of constant obstructionism and demonization he has been able to turn it around to the point that it is now up to us to make it flourish.
    Romney’s record is limited to the accumulation of personal wealth through ruthless business deals and investments in the USA and overseas that did not contribute to job creation and did not benefit our country in any way. Hi goal has been and remains to do what is best for Mitt Romney, and he did not hesitate to make that perfectly clear when he dismissed the rights of half of our population. His vision, regardless of what his latest claims are, involves more tax breaks for the rich, elimination of tax deductions that benefit the middle class, elimination or curtailment of social programs that benefit the middle class and the poor, and getting us involved in another war.
    The issue is not what happened during the last debate, but what the two candidates stand for and what they are proposing to restore our economic might and fiscal integrity.

    • chisolm says:

      What rights did of half of our population did Romney dismiss? Where in the constitution are “rights” such as welfare, food stamps, housing subsidies described? He merely said what is obvious; nearly half our population does not pay federal income taxes and probably wouldn’t be impressed with his plan to reduce federal income taxes.

      • old_blu says:

        You know that even Romney says it was wrong of him to say. So why do you still defend him on this stance? That makes it your stance not his.

      • lana ward says:


        • iowasteve says:

          The problem with Romney’s “half the population does not pay federal income taxes” is that those who he is referring to make up poor people making minimum wages, unemployed people, seniors only getting social security, and worse yet, active military personnel. Should this show him in a better light? No wonder he has been saying that wasn’t really what he meant to say and it was wrong to say that. It may have been wrong to say it – but the issue is that he did say it and this is what he believes. He has said in the past “I’m not concerned about the poor” – which absolutely goes directly in conjunction with what he said about half the population. This is what he believes – it was not a mistaken statement or something he said that came out wrong – it came out absolutely right as he truely believes this nonsense.
          He claims he isn’t going to hurt the seniors, but he says they are lazy, unwilling to take care of themselves, and live off the government because they were forced to pay into the social security system and demand that they get the money back as promised to them and every single other American who worked all of their life. I wouldn’t call them lazy and unwilling to take responsibility for themselves. They took responsibility for themselves their whole life and now expect to get what they were promised during the time they were working hard. Social security is NOT an entitlement, Mr. Romney and no matter how you spin it – it will not become one. And if you take that away from the Americans that paid into it by privatizing this system, then you ARE hurting those people you continued all night at the debate claiming you would never do. That was just ONE lie you told int he debate.
          Mr Romney is NOT good for America and those people he led in MA know full well what he is good for – absolutely nothing. He promised and pushed home the idea that he will create jobs, jobs and more jobs while criticizing the President for not doing it fast enough – why couldn’t he do that for the tiny state of MA? He couldn’t do it there, how do you expect him to do it for the whole country?? He can’t, he won’t, and he has no intention of doing so. His major plan is to bankrupt the states one by one so the federal government can take them over one by one and he will have his kingdom which he will have complete control over.
          The republicans in this country better be waking up before they have nothing as well. Remember, it doesn’t matter if you are a republican or not to Mitt Romney, it only matters if you are a rich republican. And it doesn’t matter if you are a democrat either – he will be your best friend if you are a rich democrat. It only matters if you are rich and can make him rich on the way. If you are poor, even a republican doesn’t matter to Romney. He will turn on his own family if he needs to in order to get what he is wants and he will walk over anything in his way. Remember, rules never stopped him in the past, and everything he was for in the past, he is now against. Why is that? Because he will say and do anything to get what he wants.

          • No objections to corporate welfare, farm subsidies and oil subsidies.

          • iowasteve says:

            Where did I say anything about that topic? Although Corporations are the largest non-payers of federal income tax including the oil companies. Although that only reason you don’t have skyrocketing food prices is because of the SMALL farm subsidies. Romney wants to eliminate the family farms anyway. What a waste that would be. Of course, then maybe he could drill for oil on the property after it is no longer good for anything else. Or build giant condos for the rich to make another fortune on.

        • Mike McLaughlin says:

          then that is your opinion, not the one espoused by the constitution, what part of “promote the general Welfare” do you not understand?

        • Justin Napolitano says:

          Lana, I sincerely hope you never need the safety nets because if Romney is elected they may be gone or have major holes in them. Do you know what happens if you fall and there are no nets to catch you; you fall to the ground and die. Good luck to you Lana, you will need it in life considering how you feel about people.

          • lana ward says:

            Two times I’ve had to have help from the Government. Romney will not take that away from those who really need it. Right now we have able bodied, lazy louts on it. under Romney that won’t be allowed

          • I’m surprised that it is okay for you, but not others. You should have turned it down and asked your church to help you.

          • lana ward says:

            You really are an idiot

      • That half of our population includes children under 18, seniors trying to make ends meet on a SS check, handicapped Americans, Disabled American veterans, and people making so little they can not put food on the table, let alone pay taxes. I realize that logic and compassion are evil attributes for the GOP, but there are still people who do care for the less fortunate, for our children and the elderly, and for those who can not fend for themselves.

        • BDD1951 says:

          And a lot of those lower income people who pay no taxes are actually handicapped and mentally challenged poeople who hold simple jobs that they can handle. I see the young man who sacks groceries at the super market who is so proud to be holding a job. Shame on Mitt Romney for making such a charge. Mitt Romney is just full of greed for himself.

          • BDD, how right you are! I worked for Health and Welfare and those, without what it takes to be highly competitive, worked much harder than a lot of other people.

        • Thank you Dominick, these religious people don’t realize it is God like to “care for the less fortunate, for our children and the elderly, and for those who can not fend for themselves.

      • Mike McLaughlin says:

        “Where in the constitution are “rights” such as welfare, food stamps, housing subsidies described?”

        If you had ever bothered to read the constitution, instead of just pontificating about it, you would know that the things you mentioned were contained in the preamble:

        We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

        • BDD1951 says:

          I remember that we had to memorize the preamble when I was in grade school. I was trying to recite it a few days ago. I wonder if they still have to do that. They should and it should be correctly interpreted as our fore fathers meant it to be. Not as right wingers would like it to be.

        • Mike, acutally when the constitution was being written, The wealthy landowners agreed to support those who could not support themselves. They also agreed to pay all the taxes. The problem was, that they also thought they should be the only ones to vote.

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            That’s right—If you don’t own anything or you don’t pay taxes
            you don’t deserve to vote!!! Your just taking up space.
            You are probably a foreign car driver that lives in an apartment and has never owned nothing in your life or paid taxes on anything!!! What are you doing to help our country? Getting another tattoo

      • Do you think Romney would not show us his tax papers if he paid his fare share?

        • chisolm says:

          And do you think Obama would spend several million dollars keep his school transcripts sealed?

          • That is just whacky. I want to see your transcripts. That should be interesting.

            Obama would not have been appointed to the National Law Review if he had bad grades.

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            Weirdo—Why would you ever say to Chisolm “let’s see your transcripts” is he running for president.

            That’s exactly what the libs do!!!! Just face the facts

            Obama has been placed everywhere is whole life.

            He has had everything given to him and set up for him.

            He has no legal birth certificate

            He has no transcripts—they can’t find ANYBODY that went to school with him!!!!

            It’s allll lies and you Libs are being hypnotized and believe it all.
            You will see

        • ALLLLAMERICAN says:


          Look into Obama’s Radical life!!!!!!

          Allllll YOU dems want EVERYONE to pay pay pay more taxes to give to you!!!!
          Work for your own money!!!!
          You get what you earn!!!

      • Justin Napolitano says:

        Our constitution says we have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Try to do that if you are elderly, handicapped, poor, a minority or female without help from the government. Try doing that without unions, bureaucrats, school teachers, police, fire departments and the military. Try doing that without roads, airports public transportation, railways and the internet. The things I mention are required in a modern society and would not exist without government and taxes that make them possible.
        Food stamps, unemployment benefits and welfare are the only things that separate us from having a complete disregard for those less fortunate than ourselves. Be thankful if you don’t have to take advantage of those safety nets.
        Be thankful because but for the grace of God Go you.

        • chisolm says:

          Millions of unborn children have been denied their right to live. Liberty diminishes everytime we allow government to intervene in our lives. We have the right to pursue happiness not the right to the equal result of our pursuits. Our country has always been committed to helping the less fortunate and always will. However, we can’t afford utopia even if we confiscate even more from taxpayers to give to those who refuse to help themselves.

          • You need them to be born so they can be killed and maimed in wars. If you really want to outlaw abortion, there is a legal way to do it. If you get enough signatures it can be put on the ballot for a referendem vote.

    • lana ward says:

      The Dems “Obama” have done nothing but vilify and lie about Romney for months. The American people saw Romney for the first time in the debate, and saw he is nothing like what Obama and the media have potrayed him as being–and they liked what they saw. I think Obama’s line of attack is turning voters off also.

      • darkagesbegin says:

        Republicans have villified and lied about President Obama for years, and now they boo-hoo about a fact based campaign about Romney and Ryan?

      • iowasteve says:

        Oh, I didn’t see anything different in Romney from what he has always been. Would you like to expand on what you mean by they saw that Romney was nothing like what Obama portrayed him to be? I’m curious what was new in the debate. There was still lies – there was still absolutely NO details on his plans – he still continued to say the same crap he has been saying without further information to make his claims – he did, however, claim that he is no longer in agreement with his VP choice on several items, including the budget, senior benefits, and tax breaks. But, as we all know, that was just a lie. Why would he be in full support of the Ryan budget plan, pick him for his running mate, and then go to a debate and blatantly state that he has no budget plan so nobody could possibly have studied it? The plan is in black and white and has been there for quite a while and Romney stated previously that he supported this plan.
        Every time Romney opens his mouth, lies come out – so what in this debate was different than he has been spewing previously? I heard nothing new. He was still rude to everyone around him – he still interrupted people whenever he wanted to and he still couldn’t follow the rules given to him by the moderator. Romney is still Romney and will never change. Obama has not lied about Romney – in fact most of his “negative” ads are ads made up of Romney’s OWN WORDS! Romney opens his mouth and creates another negative ad for the other side. Obama did not vilify Romney – he has been doing a great job of that himself. Romney’s issues are not caused by the dems or the media, they are caused by Romney and now, Romney/Ryan. And Romney even gets himself in trouble trying to showboat even in front of his own running mate!

        • Romney speaks in generalities that could mean more than one thing.

          • iowasteve says:

            That was his excuse during the debates – but unfortunately the American people want to hear specifics and details rather than generalizations and possibilities. Obama would never get away with that crap. Every place I see comments about Romney – the biggest complaint is that he doesn’t have details to share about his plans. A plan without details is a possible disaster to the rest of us later.

        • lana ward says:

          Romney is nothing like Obama and the Dems have potrait him as–The world saw the REAL Romney, and they LIKE what they saw. Obama should run on what he’s done, not what he thinks Romney is. The poles are showing, the people don’t like that

          • The world saw the real Romney when he didn’t know he was being taped.

          • lana ward says:

            Obama would be in prison if he were ever taped

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            He said the truth and the whole truth!!!!!!

            The Libs HATE to hear the truth—

            You people try to turn anything—anything at alll into a negative quote!!!!
            He of course was NOT talking about the disabled and the Soldiers fighting the war!!!!
            If you weren’t so block headed—he was talking about the minorities, illegal’s.
            It doesn’t matter what Romney says to these people because they all want the hand outs.

            They want the FREE health care—-Free phones—-Free food stamps—-Free Gas—-Free daycare–
            FREE FREE FREE

            And to be a Free American without going through the whole process.
            Of course the illegal’s want obama, he just Legalized 800,000 illegal’s.
            WHAT A GREAT PREDISNET—we have all these illegal’s running around killing and raping but no one knows who they are —No ID’s —No social security numbers NOTHING JUST HERE LIVING OFF OUR TAXES.

          • lana ward says:

            Mitt Romney LOVES America, all of this anti-America hate crap will end when he is President–at least as much as he can make end——-President Mitt Romney!!!!!

      • frivolous01 says:

        Are you serious? You mean the debate where Romney said that he wasn’t going to do anything of the things that he just spend months saying he would do? That debate?

      • lana, I think every day you go to your faux news and blogs to get things poured in your ear and they come out your mouth. You have never had an original thought on this board. If you want credibility, list the vilifications from the other party and I will fact check them.

        • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

          Maggie, Why would anyone EVER go watch any other Left wing channel?
          EVERY SINGLE NEWS CHANNEL is left.
          That’s why you alllll hate FOX!!!! The one news channel that tells the truth, says it like it is Fair and Balanced!!!!!!!!

          • all did I ever say to watch a left wing channel. I don’t need television to tell me how to think. I can do it myself.

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            I don’t think so!!!!
            Because you are thinking alll wrong. You need some help.

            Maybe you should do some research on the internet about your beloved terrorist president.

      • Justin Napolitano says:

        Lana, Lana, Lana, Romney repudiated everything he has been saying for years. He acted like that Romney didn’t even exist. I would call him a snake but that would make snakes look bad. The core Romney has not changed and if he is elected, which I believe is a long-shot, he will try to implement every program he has stated in the last few years and then claim he didn’t say any of the things he did in the debate.
        Once a liar always a liar; Romney has no integrity at all.

        • lana ward says:

          T he country will see what a BIG liar Obama is soon. That’s why he says Romney is a liar, he’s talking about himself! People have seen Romney now, and the poles show they like what they see!

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            Thank you Lana, Thank you!!!1

            I keep saying it—–They will see, they will see.
            Which they should ALREADY see it!!!! They are blinded
            by all the FREEEEE

          • I listen to all the speeches, all the interviews and all the rallies. I never heard Obama call Romney a liar. I do.

      • list the lies and don’t refer me to a right wing blog. I can think and I don’t need someone to do it for me.

  4. Tj Irish says:

    I am voting this morning in Indiana. Yes I know it won’t help Obama but it will help Joe Donnelly. BUT unfortunately unlike Obama in the first debate. I have to prepare for the worst case scenario. I am mentally prepared for Romney to possibly win the election. I won’t get into my feelings other than to say I am BITTERLY disappointed in Obama’s debate performance. I agree he likely would not have won the debate. But he could have at least refuted some of Romney’s claims. One being that companies get tax breaks by moving jobs overseas. According to Romney he never heard of this tax break. Obama let him make that claim without pointing out it is true. That’s just weak on Obama’s part. Now Romney is trying to appear as a populous forr the middle class which is absolutely ludicrous. Romney is an ex ceo worth over $200 million. He is the CEO at your corporate company who makes decisions like cutting your job to save a few pennies for investors. The silver lining in all this it’s still likely the Senate is controlled by the Democrats. This will stop a President Romney from pushing through the most extremist legislation pushed by the House.

    If Romney does win the DEMS need to pull a switcheroo and make sure any tax cuts etc… DO NOT raise the deficit and fight for any gov’t cuts demanding equal tax revenue increases. I feel very badly for some people in this country who will lose there voice in gov’t if Romney does win. Pray he won’t let the neo cons he most assuredly will put in foreign policy from getting us into a war with Iran.

  5. Good_Sam says:

    At this point in the campaign, 28 days out from voting,, a citizen has absolutely no idea what or where exactly Romney stands on issues. He has flip-flopped on so many issues, I do not trust one word that the man says. He is the ultimate used car salesman, say anything to get the sale.

    We the People have know idea what he will do if he is elected. We do not need a salesman, we need a leader, and Barack Hussein Obama is that leader.

  6. frida says:

    I do not see any rise. It was polls taken after the debate and survived for only two days. Monday was a different story (Gallup poll tells all). Don’t forget that yesterday when he gave his so called “major speech on mid-east”, he gave a clue that he is warming up for taking the country to another war. Wait until these news cross ears of fellow Americans, Romney will regret why he gave such a speech.

  7. zollo says:

    Nobody seems to care that the debate performance by Mitt Romney consisted of stringing together a bunch of lies. The press covered style – aggressive and assertive Romney – v substance – Mr. Romney stating issues that are 180 degress from his previously stated positions

  8. latebloomingrandma says:

    It’s hard for me to fathom that after the candid camera moment of Willard caught actually being the true Self, and showing such contempt for almost half the country, this could be erased by one debate performance filled with half truths and some outright lies. Whatever the so-called strategy was by the Obama campaign, it bombed big time. This is much more serious than a down to the wire football game. The 3 things that terrify me the most by a Romney administration are: the Suppreme court picks, foreign policy, and the cuts to domestic issues, that effect real people.

    • That was when they pulled the curtain back on the willard of oz.


      I can’t fathom why anyone in their right minds would EVER want obama to stay in the White House!!!!!!!!


      He’s A Terrorists

      We want someone that LOVES their country

      • neece00 says:

        Where have you been these last 3 and half years. Barack has done plenty for this country and he does love this country. How could you be so blind.

      • hellowoman says:

        Spending???? You need some education on how the budget operates. The majority of the deficit is from Bush era spending.

        • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

          All obama has done is give more and more and more FOOOOOD STAMPS

          • When Romney was interviewing with Brian Williams August 16, he said four years would not be enough time for him to fix the economy. And your yelling is innature and showing that you are trying to convince yourself you are right.

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            What has obama done????
            He’s lost
            He has not created jobs and only spend the money

          • hellowoman says:

            Bush had one of the worst economic policies put into place and handed off an economic crisis over to this administration. Even Mittens has said he needs 8 years. There have been record fillubusters in congress. The Republicans vowed to halt progress, and you blame Obama? You are dilusional and expect miracles. Once again, the spending is not on Obama, it was inherited from your partie’s spending frenzy.

  9. William Deutschlander says:

    I have to beleive that the American electorate is smarter than to beleive you can have one position one day and another opposite position the next day, FLIP FLOP ROMNEY / RYAN.

    I assure each and every one of you that the ORIGINAL POSITIONS of Romney and Ryan are their core conviction positions that they would govern by. The NEW POSITIONS are to attempt to get voters to beleive what they now say and vote for them, that is called DECEIT!

  10. Plznnn says:

    That Romney was a very effective Governor of Liberal Democrat Massachusetts shows clearly that he can work well and sucessfully in a bi-partisan fashion. After all the negative ads, Americans got to finally see the leadership & knowledge of this man of integrity, head on with no media bias. Romney will get our economy strong again and people working in good jobs while balancing our budget and remaining a strong nation for National Security.

    • WhutHeSaid says:

      If Romney was such a success in Massachusetts, why do the voters in that state dislike him so much that he trails Obama by double digits? The only thing that you noticed was that the progressives in the media were more honest about Obama’s debate performance than the conservatives ever are about anything. It was still a lie-fest, everyone knows it, and Romney is simply the biggest liar in the history of Presidential candidates. With Paul Ryan (aka Lyin’ Ryan) on the ticket we have the beginnings of the Pinocchio Party.

      There is no evidence that Romney has any kind of credible plan for anything, and nobody could trust him to implement it if he ever came up with one. This man changes his position more often than he changes his underwear, and his biggest draw is still the drooling Tea-Bigot vote. His latest tactic is just to loudly denounce President Obama’s policies while pretty much adopting them for himself, as if Americans are stupid enough to see the difference in previous statements. Romney apparently considers Americans stupid, and it shows.

      Watch the fun begin as the Obama campaign holds him to his latest whoppers and presses him on social issues. If he fails to spew out rabid hate for minorities and the poor, the vile and despicable Tea-Bigots will abandon him. It’s harder to keep all of your lies straight than to have an actual position on an issue, and Romney has proven that he is fond of the taste of his own foot. Romney’s biggest enemy is himself, and the next few weeks will prove it.

    • Justin Napolitano says:

      Total BS plznn, Massachusetts legislature was 87% Democratic when Romney was governor and the programs he put forth, like Romneycare were program Democrats wanted so there was no compromise. Romney had a terrible record regarding employment in that Mass. was rated 47%.
      The simple question is; who is Romney and what would he do as president? He changes his position so often we have no idea what he would do. If he lowered taxes by 5 trillion dollars for the rich and raised them on everyone else would you be surprised? If he ended medicare, in its current form and then tried to make the change retroactive to current recipients would you be surprised. Once you are a liar you are always a liar because it is your modus operandi. Romney the liar personified!

  11. lincolnmark8man says:

    here in virgina, he went to a coal company, and all the workers had to be there, and listen to romney lie, they did not get payed that day, and if they didnot show up for the idiot, then they were going to get fired, that is a wrong thing to do, i think they need to go and get some good lawyers and sue romney for 200,000,ooo.oo dollars for making them do something they didnot want to do, it is a crime to make your workers stop working and not get payed for the daym when romney came, why could he just met with the owners and both of them could lie about everything President Obama has done since he took over from bush,s mess. so please read and add anything to it to make the coal company and romney pay a huge amount to the coal minors!

  12. Mitt Surges! Mitt lies but Mitt Surges! Mitt lies but Surges! Mitt lies Surges!

    Somehow you don’t find it relevant that this man lied 27 times in 38 minutes. If he surges in anywhere other than among the low-information Fox viewers or the bigots it is because sites/organizations like you go out of you way to AVOID INFORMING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

    Sure, it would be nice if some of the brain-dead were able to read and comprehend facts but then there would be no need for you.

  13. old_blu says:

    “They cooked the numbers, they cooked the numbers” LOL

    • Justin Napolitano says:

      The numbers were not cooked so stop saying that. If you do not have any faith in the agencies that report information you obviously do not have faith in your country. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has no reason to distort the number because it doesn’t matter who is president they still have a job to do and have been doing it since 1884.
      If you don’t like their numbers use your own; I know you have a workforce of thousands that can compile this information, right?

  14. Flora22 says:

    With all the incompetence and flip flops of Mitt Romney, it behooves me to think that just because he did well in the debate (in some peoples mind), that his numbers are so high.
    Since republicans claim that the job numbers were rigged, it causes you to wonder if they are not rigging the data as to who is ahead. Normally when people claim that someone else is doing wrong, they are normally the ones committing the acts.

  15. bud2011 says:

    I am shocked that after four failed years, massive debt, rioting against US embassies, the death of a US ambassador, continued high unemployment, that both candidates are listed as even in the media polls. In fact I believe that this comming election will be a landslide for Romney.

    • There have been attacks on US embassies during each administration. The middle east does not trust us as we send arms to Israel. I read in the New York Times this morning that several mideastern countries are not helping Syria because they do not want to offend the US.

    • neece00 says:

      Where were you on Friday when the job numbers came out?

      • bud2011 says:

        Since when is 7.8% unemployment a good thing to celebrate, unless you are Obozo or one of his sycophants.

        • Justin Napolitano says:

          Bud, since the entire world is having economic problems an improvement in our unemployment numbers is a very good thing. Perhaps you would like to go back to 2008, under Bush, when we losing 750,000 jobs a month. The US is the only country, besides China that, is growing. Europe is in a recession and many countries around the world are having serious economic problems. The US is the one bright spot and you can thank Obama for that.

      • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

        According to the Washington Post Fact Checker:
        The number of overall jobs has declined by 1.9 million since Obama’s stimulus bill was passed into law more than two years ago.

        Obama is on track—–
        to have—–
        the WORST——
        job record of ANY U.S. president since World War II.

        He may even become the first president with
        NO NET JOBS CREATED during his first term.


  16. I will be surprised if Americans elect someone who has proven to be a chameleon, changing colors every time just to win. If Americans can settle for dishonesty, then it will speak volume about this country. An authentic transformational leader should be truthful and honest. Romney’s chameleonic character disqualifies him as someone to lead the “greatest democracy” on earth! I hope President Obama can aggressively take on him in the next two debates, forcefully pointing out his lies and inconsistencies.

  17. howa4x says:

    The real question is which Romney is rising? The centrist, the conservative, the progressive? He has more positions than the kama sutra. Now he is ok with Healhcare reform, He renounced his own 20% tax cut. Soon he will anounce he is pro choice, and in support of Gay marriage Immagration reform, contraception, and concerned with Global warming. He realizes the only way to win is to turn himself into Obama

    • In order for Bain Capital to succeed, Romney had to be a high powered salesman to sell his product.

      • howa4x says:

        True but being a high powered salsman dosen’t mean your good at governace. George Bush was an oil man. Was he a good president?

        • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

          And what did obama do?????

          OH YEAH—he was a community organizer!

          Let’s see;

          a community organizer


          A Man that has run several Businesses???

          WOW—that’s a hard one.

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            Apparently for you it is. Go back to your own country and finish school. Pay attention this time.

          • latebloomingrandma says:

            Obama was a community organizer for a few years in his early 20’s. Romney was a Mormon missionary in France in his early 20’s, and converted no one. so what’s your point?

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            My point is:
            Romney knows how to run a company and make money!!

            obama knows nothing about nothing and has never done anything—EXCEPT TO SPEND MONEY!!!!!!

            THAT’S MY POINT!!

          • BDC_57 says:

            make money for him and his rich buddies. he don’t give a rats ass about you. you brain dead moron.

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            I don’t NEED the hand outs!!!!!!!

            You’ll see Romney will do it!!!!!!!

            Yes, people usually work and keep their own money MORON!!!!
            But you lazy Dems want everyone to work their butts off and give give give it to you!!!!

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            Really, what are people going to want to take from a drooling, redneck Tea-Bigot? Your beer can collection? Your favorite T-shirt? Get a life, loser.

          • As president, would he expect 6 million dollar bonuses?

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            What does obama take

          • howa4x says:

            Sure he ran Bain capital that specialized in exporting jobs, and he exported his money instead of paying taxes. Wow what a patroit he is. When he was Governor he declared himself a moderate/progressive. he was in support of Gay marriage, Global warming and was pro choice. Mass Was 47th in Job creation during his governorship. What a great guy he is right to call 47% of americans lazy leeches including soldiers fightinng the war, seniors and the disabled. You must be a complete fool to vote for him

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            You people try to turn anything—anything at alll into a negative quote!!!!

            He of course was NOT talking about the disabled and the Soldiers fighting the war!!!!

            If you weren’t so block headed—he was talking about the minorities, illegal’s.

            It doesn’t matter what Romney says to these people because they all want the hand outs.
            They want the FREE health care—-Free phones—-Free food stamps—-Free Gas—-Free daycare—
            Look it up on youtube—-they get EVERYTHING free
            and it comes out of your pockets!!
            And to be a Free American without going through the whole process.
            Of course the illegal’s want obama, he just Legalized 800,000 illegal’s.
            WHAT A GREAT PRESIDENT—we have all these illegal’s running around killing and raping but no one knows who they are —No ID’s —No social security numbers NOTHING JUST HERE LIVING OFF OUR TAXES.

          • howa4x says:

            I can tell you’re a racist right away. People like you make broad generalities about different ethnic and racial populations. Not every latino is Illegal and most have fraudulent SS numbers but have payroll deduction taken from their pay. They are not running around the country raping anyone and mostly stay within their own populations. The colorado movie shooter was White. Romney didn’t differenciate who the 47% was and the disabled and seniors on SS don’t pay fed taxes, and eihter do soldiers in the battlefeild.
            We have 12 million Illegals and most of them work in low level jobs like landscapers, some are students. We have to come up wiiht a logical immigration policy and a pathway to citizenship. You are not going to march 12 million back across the border so stop living in a fantasy world. Remember is was big agri business that started this by bringing illegls here to pick your food. IGA the largest meat producer fired all its butchers and brought illegal workers directly from Mexico to work in their salughterhouses. Food stamps were started as a way for the govt to buy agricultural surplus. Why don’t you do some research. YOu sopund like you come from Ariz

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            Still—-47% want obama and his hand outs.

            Why does the truth hurt??

            Just admit it and say YES they do!!!

          • howa4x says:

            This is all right wing claptrap. there are people making over 200k who don’t pay taxes and we still don’t even know if Romney paid all of his. Obama didn’t make social security FDR did, He didn’t make ADFC(welfare) LBJ did, Obama did create disability payments, other presidents did. you are accusing him for what other presidents did in the past. Now if you are so concerned with this renounce you right to social security, give it up so you don’t become one of the 47%

        • How, salesmen are taught to pander to the people they want to buy their product. My thrust is this is what you are seeing.

    • CAThinker says:

      What’s even scarier to the independents and undecideds is the question of which NitMitt is going to govern in the off-chance he gets elected. If the undecideds drink the kool-aid and decide that NitMitt is just like Obama, only white, and decide to vote for him, which NitMitt will govern? Will it be conservative NitMitt? If so, lookout Roe v. Wade, if not his administration, the next few may collect up enough judges on SCOTUS to overturn it. Us middle-class folk – do the math, just because our tax rates go down does not mean we’ll pay less taxes… Oh yeah, and look for your health insurance premiums to go up, since NitMitts alternate health plan is to take the indigent to ERs… Look for cancer clusters to increase – heck, those pesky regulations just hold back job creation and really don’t help anyone… And the hits just keep on coming…

    • BDC_57 says:

      only to get votes. he big liar.

  18. Ed Mays says:

    Finally an admission that The One is not so great after all…somebody get Obama his teleprompter pronto!!

    • Ed, the crap about the teleprompter is just more hate talk. I do a lot of public speaking and I have note cards. All speakers use notes. The teleprompter is just one more example of notes. I would like to see you give a credible speech for 45 minute without notes. You, ass, find something else to harp on.

      • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

        Yeah, a note card here and there to remind you of what you were going to say!!!
        BUT, obama has to be told every single word to say.
        If you know your stuff you don’t have to read every single word.

        He has to read “GOD BLESS AMERICA” because he doesn’t want to say it and he hates to say it!!! He wants to say ALLAH!!!!!!!! ALLAH!!!!!!!! ALLAH!!!!!!!!

  19. Romney & Ryan is Bring it Home for the Kill !

  20. You know all these people that’s against Mitt Romney because he is the man for the new PRESIDENT ! They have nothing on him that’s bad it’s only what they add on him. We have a good God Loving man that does care about our country and American a man than can turn American around and your doing your hardest to keep Obama in office for another four years to do what ? to destory us more then what he already has until there is no us.

    Wake up before it’s to late ! I’m behind Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan a 100% With them we have hope and a way better chance then with Obama the destoryer and Failer.
    Thank You.

    • Justin Napolitano says:

      Romney care about only one thing, money. He needs the Presidency to validate his otherwise useless self serving life.

      • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

        Romney know’s how to make money NOT SPEND!!!!!!!!!

        • BDC_57 says:

          thats he shipped the jobs over seas

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            He shipped the jobs over seas because nobody here would work for a low pay—they would rather set at home a draw unemployment.
            The people here are greedy and will go on strike!!!

          • And to put your money where your mouth is, you would work for 83 cents an hour and in some cases they hire slave labor, and pay your bills and eat.

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            He does what he has to do to make his companies run!!!! You don’t keep paying out the butt a bunch of payroll and go bankrupt.
            Have you EVER tried to run a business?
            DON’T CONDEM UNTIL YOU HAVE!!!!!!!

            Again—-You have no idea what your talking about

    • neece00 says:

      Are you serious Darlene, I am asking you to wake up before it is too late. Romney does not care about you or me, we are not in his 500k yearly wage catagory to matter. Your God loving man is a mormon who loves Joseph Smith and Moroni and when he dies he will become the leader of his own planet and then he won’t have to deal with anyone else. Yes, I will do my hardest to keep Obama in for another 4 years because that is what is good for the country.


      Way to go Darlene!!!!!

  21. one_veteran says:

    Romney trails by 30 points because Massachusetts knows what he says running for office is NOT what he plans to do! (or will do,) flip flopper Romney “says” he will reduce the deficate, while cutting taxes (for the rich) by half a Trillion a year (5 Trillion over 10 years) and adding 2 Trillion to Defense spending. Ryan says the tax cuts will be “Revenue neutral” (but dosen’t have time to do the math) Message to Romney supporters… 2+2 does NOT = 1 even in Algebra. Don’t like the math? just shake your etch a sketch 40 or so times and try again.

  22. Gilbert says:

    When there is a poll shift, it is important to consider what has happened. Those who were influenced to vote for Romney on th basis of last week’s debate have not been paying attention. Had they been paying attention it would be obvious even to them that Gov. Romney said nothing we don’t already know. It would also be obvious to them that, for the most part, Gov. Romney was lying. He lied about his knowledge of “any tax credit for off-shoring business” {Google the following: “IC-DISC TAX BENEFIT” sic., Interest Charge Domestic International Sales Corporation Tax Benefit}. This legislation has been in place since 1972 and absolutely does limit tax on dividends so earned to 15% for companies with annual sales between $100,000 and $300,000,000. When you have finished reading this it will be clear that Mitt Romney has some explaining to do. Also Romney lied about the tax cuts for the wealthy, i.e., $5.2 trillion. He also lied about such a tax-cut being revenue neutral. Romney also lied about President Obama’s plan to raise taxes on the wealthy would destry small businesses. It is amazing that Romney and the republicans always go with this particular argument against raising taxes yet never point out that: all most Small Businesses would have to do is “INCORPORATE” to escape an escalation in the taxes they pay. No business that is trying to grow should rely on the “Pass-through” tax entities. Sure, they require less paper-work than a C-Corporation… BUT… that is where the advantage ends… as they carry none of the benefits. HealthCare Insurance, for example, is completely deductible from pre-tax earnings through the corporate entity. So by representing otherwise, Romney is misrepresenting reality. Such a misrepresentation by someone with Romney’s business experience is clearly A LIE. Romney has the character of a Used-Car-Salesman who is good at unloading lemons. He is also vey DANGEROUS. In his speach in Virginia yesterday, this fool actually called-out Vladimir Putin. If George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, and Dick Cheyney could not sway Vladimir Putin… What reason would anyone have to believe that Mitt Romney can??? Because he promoted the Olympics 20 years ago??? Does this qualify him? Really? Or because he managed Bain Capital and made a few dollars as a vulture capitalist? Khordokofsy is reputed to have amassed a fortune 20 times the size of Mitt Romney. He was caught by the Putin Regime in a “transfer pricing” scheme to avoid tax on oil. To this very day he sits in a Russian prison, stripped of all earthly possessions, including his multi-billion dollar oil company… thanks to Vladimir Putin. George Bush looked into Putin’s eyes and was hypnotized. I don’t see how a loud-mouthed liar like Mitt Romney would intimidate the likes of Vladimir Putin. Where are we going to get the trillions of dollars it would cost to implement Romney’s “Global Policeman” agenda? Russia and China are making money hand-over-fist. They haven’t squandered their treasuries fighting wars over the past 11.5 years. Nor have they had the ranks of their armies decimated, 40,000 wounded and disabled, 6,000-7,000 killed. So those who are easily moved by the rhetoric and falsehoods that Romney uttered, have no real clue as to what is really going on in the world. The Russians and the Chinese have greater influence than we do. We owe the huge debt, not them. China, the banker of last resort, has slowed a little… but so what? They don’t anyone $16 trillion, nor the interest on $16 trillion, and they are not beholden to Israel. So they don’t have to fight if they choose not to, but are in a position to stir the “sh*t-pot” forcing us to fight. President Obama is keenly aware of where things stand in the world. Mitt Romney’s millions don’t impress anyone outside the USA. He is not respected and he knows he is not respected… so he is trying to PROVE what cannot be proven. He is not fit to govern and cannot prove otherwise… certainly not with a single debate, and his speeches prove just how full of sh*t he is.

  23. raymond says:

    People Massachusetts knows him well? all Obama needs to do is run the 47% add up untill election and people will see who Mitt Romanie really is?a corporate, bottom line, busness man, with the only care of helping his rich friends such as Dick Chaney, and the Bushes. We have to have controll of these people they have already distroyed most of the unions and workers rights are going to hurt.

  24. TheOldNorthChurch says:

    The most telling number comes from the Debate Performance Polls. Romney 75% to Obama 20%. If Romney continues to impress in the next poll its all over for the Dreamer.

    • WhutHeSaid says:

      But of course we all know how Romney likes to stick his own foot in his mouth. He may have raised lying to an art form, but he is bound to do or say more stupid and clueless things — he can’t help it. Don’t get yourself all worked up because your boy told a fistful of whoppers on national TV — the chickens will come home to roost before it’s all over.

      Get used to it: Obama will be your leader for 4 more years, and….

      …he’ll be BLACK the WHOLE TIME!!


      Have a nice day!

      • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

        OMG—-You RETARDS!!!!!!!!!

        The color of your skin has NOTHING to do with it!!!!!!!!!!

        It’s what you stand for—-

        The American People want a President they are proud of and a President that LOVES his country and is willing to fight for his country and looks out for his country!!!!!!!
        A good American does NOT want a terrorist for a president!!!!!!!!!!

        If ANYONE is still voting for obama after all he has done, you’re only wanting him for his hand outs!!!!!


        • WhutHeSaid says:

          Well, we certainly don’t need to hear an immigrant like you come here and shout. You aren’t American — go back to your cesspool of a country and stay there!

        • You have no right to tell people who disagree with you to move to another country. This is my country, I love it more than political party, and I like it that Whuthesaid is here.

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            You DON’T love your country—–You voted and still want an Islamic for the President of the United States!!!!

            The Islamic people are trained to do anything and say anything to make the IDIOT people believe in them so they can destroy them. All they pray to is ALLAH!!! ALLAH!!!!!!!!
            Islamic believe —DEATH TO ALL AMERICANS—-The Islamic bible is the Quran.
            They are slowly coming to the U.S. to take over!!!
            The President of the United States of America that you alllll Love and have been hypnotized by is an Islamic and pray’s to Allah!!!!

            Sooo, YES—-You love his believes you move to another country

      • TheOldNorthChurch says:

        Wow what an argument, racism.

        • WhutHeSaid says:

          Yes, funny how people can distill the core motivations behind painstakingly embellished arguments. Must be frustrating at times, yes?

          • TheOldNorthChurch says:

            In my life there is “No Room for Racism”.

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            Perhaps you simply dislike the term. Anyone who supports the voter ID laws being rolled out in an attempt to disenfranchise minorities is either a cheat or a bigot, and perhaps both. Are you claiming to merely be a cheat?

          • TheOldNorthChurch says:

            If Voter ID laws disenfranchise minorities then I am against them. If they prevent cheating then I am for them. Are you claiming to be merely a cheat? Or, are you a bigot?

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            I oppose the thinly-veiled voter ID schemes, so I guess your question is rhetorical. Are you now claiming to oppose these laws, or are you merely formulating another inscrutable argument in support of a bigoted practice? I can see that your last answer wasn’t really an answer, so perhaps you are evaluating how to publicly support a racist practice without getting dirty. I’m all ears.

          • TheOldNorthChurch says:

            You also did not answer my questions.

            Here is my take on this subject. If ID Laws are needed to prevent “Voter Fraud” then it means that the Voter Registration process is flawed. So why not fix the problem at the source? That would be my solution to this entire issue. Strengthen the Voter Registration process to insure integrity. If you are a citizen of a City, State etc. and get registered as such then you have right to vote.

            Here is another common problem. Lobby and campaign funding. Here would be my solution:

            A House of Representative can only be lobbied by a citizen of their District in their Office located physically in the District they represent.

            A House of Representative can only accept campaign donations from an individual citizen of their District, given at their Office located physically in the District they represent. They can not accept donations from any group or corporation.

            A simple solution to a big problem.

            What is yours?

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            I’m certain you don’t really expect me to answer a rhetorical question. Since I don’t support laws designed to disenfranchise voters (i.e., voter ID laws) it’s a moot point. But just to humor you, I’m not a bigot and I believe in fair elections. If you have to cheat you don’t deserve to win.

            Let’s skip the discussion on lobbying and campaign finance for now, as it has nothing to do with my original point.

            Unless you can cite where in-person voter ID fraud is a problem, then your argument for the prevention of fraud is, well, fraudulent. We don’t create laws that address nonexistent problems, and neither is that the reason for those laws being enacted by Republicans all over the country. If in-person voter ID fraud WAS a problem, then you would expect it to be a problem for both Democrats and Republicans, and both parties would want to address it accordingly, yes?

            But it’s NOT a problem, and that nullifies the stated reason for the laws. We all know what this is about — it’s nothing new. Perhaps the bigots during the Jim Crow era thought that their laws were clever, and that people didn’t understand what they were about. Perhaps they thought poll taxes were a clever mechanism that nobody would realize was designed to disenfranchise minority voters. But people DID understand what they were all about despite the lies and elaborate justifications. Bigots are never as clever as they believe themselves to be, and others aren’t that stupid.

            So now we have a modern-day, bigoted voter disenfranchisement effort taking place with all of the same lies and excuses as before. The problem is, as it was back then, that bigots aren’t that clever and others aren’t that stupid.

            I noticed that you qualified your answers by using “if ID laws are needed”. Now I’m going to call you on it: You name a SINGLE voter ID law that has been enacted in the last 2 years that solves a demonstrable problem with voter ID fraud. When you can’t do it, you may drop the ‘voter fraud’ excuse because it is clear even to you that no fraud exists to correct.

            Now there remains only 2 logical reasons for supporting such laws: One is bigotry and one is cheating. Since I know you support these laws (as evidenced by your own previous posts) you simply must be one or both of these — unless I’m missing another logical explanation. If I’m missing some logical explanation, please enlighten me. If not, please let me know if you support these laws because you are a bigot, a cheat, or both. It’s that simple.

          • TheOldNorthChurch says:

            I do not believe you can show me a single post where I supported voter ID Laws.

            As I stated I do support Improved Voter Registration Laws that require proof of citizenship. Today it is very easy to register in some States by just submitting a utility Bill from a residence with your name on it. I know this to be a fact in California and Nevada. In California, I knew of three individuals who have registered to vote and are not legal citizens. Two did this at in person registrations at Safeway and one did it via mail-in registration.

            Voter ID would not solve this problem because they have ID’s. How would you solve this?

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            Really? Does the following sound familiar?

            “What college student doesn’t have an ID or Drivers License? This law will have no impact on Voter Turnout.”

            “Another case for positive voter identification laws.”

            “When I first started voting in California it was always necessary to show a DL or ID. Needing and ID does not stop anyone from voting. What it does do is stops any notion of impropriety, which is very American.”

            So much for your memory.

            BTW, there ARE, in fact, college students who do not have drivers licenses. Aside from this, many of the voter suppression laws (a.k.a. voter ID laws) specifically disallow things like student IDs while accepting concealed carry permits for firearms. If this isn’t obvious pandering to ‘right wingers’ at the expense of likely liberal youth I’ll eat my hat. Also, many senior citizens who have voted in the same place for decades are now being forced to prove their eligibility, as anyone who pays even cursory attention to the daily news can see.

            There is no voter ID fraud problem. With respect to the 3 individuals that you claim voted illegally, unless you notified local election officials and they confirmed your claim I will remain skeptical. Anybody can CLAIM people are ineligible, as thousands of legitimate voters are finding out when they become the latest victim of these bigoted ‘purges’. There is no credible evidence that there exists a voter ID fraud problem in our elections — period. Even the architects of these suppression attempts have admitted as much in court.

            Lastly, my answer to your last question is that I do not propose any solution for a problem that doesn’t exist — it’s a waste of time. Now I have a question for you: Why would somebody who posts in public all the time about corrupt politicians and overly-intrusive government suddenly want said politicians and government to create new laws that don’t solve anything but disenfranchise individual rights? Explain that away — if you can.

          • TheOldNorthChurch says:

            Thanks for refreshing my memory. I did make those statements, but as in all areas I do modify my thoughts as new information is available. I agree that this issue is a waste of time as there are many issues that are more compelling to the future of our country.

            I stand by my post regarding corruption and overly intrusive government. I do not want new laws. If we enforced laws that have been on the books twenty years ago (1992). We most likely would not be having this discussion.

            The size of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) in 2008 weighed in at 157,974 pages, having increased by 16,693 pages since the start of the George W. Bush Administration. In 2011, the page count hit a record high of 169,301. It only significantly decreased in 1985 and 1996.

            You and I probably broke a law during this discussion.

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            OK, I accept that you have changed your position on this issue. I could pursue the original reason(s) for you to support it in the fist place (they would still be valid), but I’ll let it go at that. I think you get my point.

            I don’t know of any law that we broke during the discussion, unless the Republicans have managed to very recently pass a law against democracy — I’m sure they’re thinking about it.

  25. bwmconst says:

    Romney is just another pretty face, as selfish as they come…, kissing anyones ass for a greenback….,and as far as Christian values, all talk and no walk…something about a rich man and heaven, and the big one no one seems to get, “we are all one”….whether we like it or not….

  26. jwuor111 says:

    Well ,Obama messed up big time during the debate. Too bad for him. I’ll still vote for him though. I don’t know about others out there.He really disappointed a lot of people. Maybe there is hope out there. He was on probation, and he failed. He should blame himself for it.

    • vlcpolitics says:

      jwuor111, I’m sure the republicans are betting on disappointed voters staying home and not standing with the President. The President is an honorable man and was just floored by Romney’s dishonesty. I was too. I tend to believe the President was giving Romney the rope that he needs to hang himself. Take heart and know that Romney will NEVER be president. I can say that with confidence because I get that from someone who knows.

  27. Romney is still behind 55-45 percent in the new polls because he did not think before hand that his tax figures would be correct and all those who did their tax figures found he would have very little money to run the country and no money for the armed forces.

  28. vlcpolitics says:

    How anyone can vote for Romney despite his dishonorable character is a mystery to me. I am surprised by how many people enjoy being lied to. I think you would have to disrespect yourself a lot to allow someone who is such an artful liar treat your intellect with such disrespect. I say that because you really have to be stupid to fall for what Romney is selling. Etch a sketching assumes one has no discernable intellect and can’t trust their own ears and eyes to hear and see his massive contradictions. I am flabbergasted by the lying train people are willing to ride.

  29. ridemybroom says:

    Romney Rising ?….where ? OMG !…The Anti-Christ is here already…thats not good news…and we have who with him…did you say Ryan The Atheist as well ?…we have who else…the troll tele tubbie…Christie…?…Oh My….The Imps too….would that be the Koch Brothers ?…i bet it is…the seven headed beast you say….would that be Bachman…McConnell…Cantor…Boehner…Walker….Bush…Rove….sounds like a full plate to me…lets get the party started…let the war begin !

  30. vlcpolitics says:

    Agreed. I do wonder how they respect him seeing him contort himself into so many differing positions. I could not respect a parent that showed himself to be outright liar. Where is the measure of good character? Romney’s no holds barred stretch for the presidency makes me believe he can’t be trusted on anything.

  31. vlcpolitics says:

    The debate had the same effect on me.

  32. vlcpolitics says:

    I agree with you bud2011, Romney is quite the liar. This is why he will NEVER be president.

  33. Statistics always scores better then hope and change.
    Doing always exceeds nice words.
    Sacrifice is true love, squandering and abundance resembles a Bull in a china shop.
    Which candidate does this sound like to you?

  34. vlcpolitics says:

    Oooh Amadal, I really like that “Bible stands for Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.” I’ve got to commit that one to memory. Thanks!

  35. Sacrifice exceeds hope and change which never arrived.
    Past Statistics show truth, hope and change with no results adds up to zero.
    True love and compassion compared to show and tell with no do adds up to zero.
    Which qualities really describe each candidate for President?

    • vlcpolitics says:

      Mickey, the middle class is tired of being the sacrifice. The trick us now theory of those mythical job creators have proven to fail. The President has already created more jobs in the last 3 years than bush ever did in his 8 years. And, if it was not for republican obstructionism, even more jobs would have been created. We might have 6% or lower unemployment now instead of 7.8%.

  36. vlcpolitics says:

    lana, get past the Dems convention. What you need to understand is Romney will NEVER be president. Embrace the truth dear.

  37. james says:

    The poles dont mean much. If you look hard you can find a pole that will put who ever you are for a head. It is a long time before this election is over and you will see both men gain and lose points.
    Best is yet to come because this election will end. No matter who wins we need to support the winner.

  38. vlcpolitics says:

    Dominick V, I like how your explain stuff. Great job!

  39. vlcpolitics says:

    chisolm, you of all people should be insulted by Romney’s dismissal of yourself. You must be on the receiving end of all the programs you name because you don’t want anyone else to get the benefits you enjoy. Everybody, even Romney pays taxes, however, some are paying more than they should while others are not paying enough. The President wants to continue bush tax cuts for everybody up to the $250,000 level. He only wants to increase taxing the 1% over the $250,000 level. I hope that is not too complicated for you to understand…after all you do support Romney.

  40. vlcpolitics says:

    chisolm, you are beginning to show a racist slip. Are you a true “conservative”?

  41. vlcpolitics says:

    chisolm, I hope you don’t support murder. How dare you pontificate about abortion. Conservatives seem to be ok with murdering doctors who perform abortions, just like they think rape is legitimate. How can any of you call yourselves christians with those kinds of beliefs!

  42. vlcpolitics says:

    Look lana, it is exhaustive trying to explain to a pea brain that Robme is the liar, not the President. The only voters turned off are the “conservatives” that don’t want a black man in the white house.

  43. vlcpolitics says:

    TJ Irish, don’t feel too disappointed in the President. Trying to nail Romney down on any issue is an exhausting task. The President did not fail all together because I am voting for him now. I saw Romney was the biggest liar that walks on two feet and I would not trust him now, no matter what he says. He is an empty suit and a bottomless pit of lies.

  44. vlcpolitics says:

    ALLAM, get used to the FACT that Romney will NEVER be president!

  45. vlcpolitics says:

    AllM are you anticipating he will hire you? Don’t you remember he likes to fire people?

  46. vlcpolitics says:

    AllM you are showing that you are ignorant and prejudiced. Get made with bush about the spending! and by the way how much of the government’s money have you enjoyed so far? Your point is only proves Romney will NEVER be president.

  47. vlcpolitics says:

    Foeday, I hope you plan to vote and not depend on “people” using their intellect with respect to Romney. Romney is a shameless chameleon and indescribably dishonest, yet as evidenced by postings here from rightwingers, their aim is to install this empty suit in the whitehouse because they hate the President. Their logic does not make sense and they will vote against their own interest. This is why everyone going to vote matters. I witnessed a fraud and thief being installed in the governor’s mansion in Florida because of rightwing big bucks buying that seat. Don’t sit back and watch the game – get in the game.

  48. vlcpolitics says:

    Romney regrets nothing. He is never sorry and he never apologizes. He will do all that he said he would in that 47% video. Count on it!

  49. i have no idea what’s wrong with some people to believe the lies that romey is telling them and they believe it that man is such a lier

    • Lutrell, it is what is wrong with this country and can destroy it. The founding fathers were against political parties. Many of these posters are rabid party people. We can’t work together for the benefit of America, we must work for the party and against anything that comes out of the other party. Because of this unhealthy division it is going to be easy for someone to destroy one party and take over the other one and eventually take over our government.

  50. Angel says:

    KEEPING IT THOUGHTFULLY: I thought elections were supposed to be based on a candidate’s positions based upon factual substance? This was the case, I took Speech/debate class in college! I have a question. What value is a debate and a so-call professionally responsible national press that gives a PASS to a candidate to tell lies or distort his past positions statements and /or views without being held responsible or at least asks to explain his conflicted statements? THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH: Many of us feel our intelligence is being insulted by this lack of ethical focus on responsible reporting of facts! Water Cronkite, Edward R. Morrow, Michael Wallace, Tim Russert, Peter Jennings, Howard K. Smith, Ed Bradley, all of them are probably rolling-over in their graves! Hey, Bob Schieffer, Jorge Ramos, Jose Diaz Balart, Brian Williams, Eliot Spitzer, Scott Pelly, Ted Kopple, Bill Moyers, Fareed Zalaria, Wolf Blitzer, Candy Crowley, Dan Rather, Leslie Stahl, Tom Brokaw, Barbara Walters, Chris Wallace how about it? Since the reporting political pundits seemed more concerned about being politically correct, I guess us, Middle Class Citizens will have to stay up late and watch Saturday Night Live to get the factual truth in order to vote for the Presidency of the United States! Does anyone remember the “50”TV show Dragnet and Det. Joe Friday’s line? Just the Facts, please!

  51. blueclouds123 says:

    So we are being told their Romney is taking a more central or middle of the road stance, he has become a new person. Who was the other person who was being led by the nose by the tea party? His contributors must really be putting the heat on Romney, I wonder if he loses does he have to pay them back? Pls do not fall for this tatical manoever, he is and always was a middle of the road representative, but I wonder how long it will last if he is elected. Do you really believe Ryan will go along with Romney if he wins, no way, he is a tea party conservative and if you vote for Romney that is who will rule the country. If you thought Bush was bad, wait until you see Romney in action. You might as well enjoy your children, your husbands, mothers and fathers now as Romney will have continuous wars . He himself as stated this fact. I have never seen an electtion where the person running for President portrays himself as a tea party, then realizes he is loosing so he switches to the middle. Who is this man? Will the REAL Romney pls come forward and start being honest with the people. A play on Romney’s words, the devil is in the running, but the angel is in his defeat. Do any of you know what his tax plan is, Medicare plans, Social Security plans, come on stop being silly. Why would you elect someone who will not tell you the DETAILS.
    Do you get a loan without knowing the details, I think not, so why now during this important election are you not DEMANDING DETAILS OF ROMNEYS PLANS!!!!

  52. elw says:

    However, by the time we all get the polls, they mean nothing. A bounce is just that a bounce, what goes up comes down. Romney cannot run from who he is and what he has been saying, as the new Romney sinks in – his number will sink as well.

  53. blueclouds123 says:

    Ryan who professes to be catholic christian believes and follows Ann Rand theories. Just the opposite to what the catholic bible states. How can he be a catholic christian bible believer and follow an atheist like Ann Rand. No wonder the catholic nuns are saying that Ryan’s budget goes against biblical teachings of taking care of the poor and people who can no longer take care of themselves. You people who call yourselfs christians and support the Republican party, so called conservatives, had better take an account of themselves and decide if they are christian or a pharisee.

  54. anyasnote says:

    Like I said before , Romney (MONEY _ will win, Americans are pretty much vote against themselves because they are LAZY, IGNORANT AND JUST DON”T CARE, and Republican’s know it, use it by promising the moon. Most people do not care to think for themselves but others to run their lives. Just look at the clip they showed, woman was protesting and screaming, when the reporter asked her does she knows what is going on, she said she doesn’t know the details but will protest against it whatever it’s is. Sort of like ROmney I stand by what I said whatever Isaid….. Now you kno WHY we are in trouble. Not many of us outhere who truly cares about OUR COUNTRY not party. Parties come and go and they ALL for the MONEY and FAME, NONE for YOU and THE COUNTRY.
    World is watching and Russia is watching with a finger on the red button in Romney Presidency. After all they are #1 enemy. NOT. VOTE WISELY.

  55. onedonewong says:

    The only poll worth watching is the most accurate one for the past 12 years…Rasmussen. When all the sate run media polls show Scott walker in a dead heat or losing only Rasmussen had him coasting to victory.
    The fact that have had Romney ahead since May tells the real story that even the stat run media can’t cover up

  56. ExPAVIC says:


    I think the number crunchers are crunching so much that the numbers are falling apart in their hands.

    There is no known political explanation for leading in a few select states and not doing well overall. In other words, the parts add up, but the whole cannot be justified using the same questions (?). And, the margin of error exceeds the amount of leads in those polls and it is pure, unadulterated BULLSHIT to declare a leader in those cases.

    Sleep well, there are not enough crazies in this country to elect RoMoney as POTUS, just make sure you tell your friends.

  57. lana ward says:

    Go to the site—WND— the ring Obama wears is NOT a wedding ring. It shows pictures of it on his finger–it is an Islamic ring with the inscription THERE IS NO OTHER GOD BUT ALLAH

  58. Rex Remes says:

    I think the VP debate and the following Presidential debate will define who will win the election.

    If Ryan doesn’t come off as cold and unlikeable, and Romney stays mostly on top of the key issues, Obama’s time may be up.

  59. old_blu says:

    I’m sorry lana, I’m just not that fired up about this subject, I see people (from both sides) say bad things about all different kinds of religon.

    I think alot of people only believe in God when there is something in it for them.


      The Islamic people are trained to do anything and say anything to make the IDIOT people believe in them so they can destroy them. All they pray to is ALLAH!!! ALLAH!!!!!!!!
      Islamic believe —DEATH TO ALL AMERICANS—-The Islamic bible is the Quran.

      They are slowly coming to the U.S. to take over!!!

      The President of the United States of America that you alllll Love and have been hypnotized by is an Islamic and pray’s to Allah!!!!

  60. jaybird says:

    There is only one poll that matters : Election Day

  61. David says:

    I guess there maybe something to that Elisabeth. I can agree that the people of Massachusetts would or should know the guy more than most. Well…accept for the people who lost their jobs due to the BAIN CAP cut backs

  62. Suzan Oliver says:

    You’re right…America should never make Romany President…but, unfortunately, alot of Americans are NOT smart, but gullible and its amazing to observe. God help us at this point in our country’s history…Romany will destroy the very foundation of this country because he is the worst”outsourcer” of them all!!

  63. Suzan Oliver says:

    You are absolutely right about the real differences between Obama and Romany and you expressed it in an intelligent and factual manner. Lana, from the beginning it has been the Republicans and Romany who are basing their entire platform on misinformation and covert omissions to avoid having the public really recognize what and who they really are. They vowed to obstruct Obama from the beginning and in my book that is treason and an absolute disregard what is best for the country. Obstructionist!!

  64. Suzan Oliver says:

    Your comments iowasteve are the true reality of the situation…and Lana you need to learn to accept the reality of the lack of character and ethics that Romany does not possess. Your denial is obvious about him but absolutely confusing considering the evidence and “iowasteve’s” comments which are accurate!! Wake up are being conned and open your eyes and see that you are being duped by a man who will say and do anything to get elected!! God help us because he is the bridge to nowhere and that is where will take us!!

  65. Suzan Oliver says:

    Maggie, tha’ts exactly right!!! Lana, you are right about one thing and that is that Romany is nothing like Obama – thank God for that! The only REAL thing about Romany is his instinctive talent for appearing to be what he is not, depending, of course, on who he is talking to at the time and what he wants to convince them to believe about him. That is the only thing that he has been consistent about – his deceit to the people of this country.

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