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Sunday, October 23, 2016

WASHINGTON — Mitt Romney is grinding his way to the Republican presidential nomination not by winning hearts but by imposing his will on a party that keeps resisting him. He is assembling the peripheral elements of the GOP as his rivals divide the votes of the passionate believers. His campaign is part John McCain, part Michael Dukakis, and part Richard Nixon.

In its way, Romney’s achievement is impressive. He is neither a natural politician nor a comfortable spokesman for an increasingly ideological, evangelical, Southern and enraged political coalition. Romney is a man of flexible views from the Northeast, a Mormon who wins votes from the least religious sectors of his party, a rather satisfied man who has to announce he’s angry because he doesn’t look it.

  • Howz 1

    The moderates in the GOP are more of a minority in the country itself than the Republican party at 28% How after making all the right wing statements in a media age is he going to come back to the center. Moderate independents and women feel abandoned by the new Romney who has disavowed their concerns. Will they forgive him for it? His statements first rejecting and then approving the Blount Amendment give little comfort. People whose rights are always threatened want someone who can stand there with conviction, not a flip/flop guy. If Romney tries to disavow his conservative statements in the general the Evangelicals or Tea party may sit it out. Why have a moderate from your own party(who betrayed you) that you can’t campaign against in the mid terms? People are far more polarized than in Nixon’s time. The right wing was not as strong then, the Evangelical movement was just starting. Nixon could appear more conservative in one part of the country, and more moderate in another, because he was only tracked by newspapers, not the 24/7news cycles, and cable blogs. If Obama wins, the right has a chance to win it after his term is over and Romney is discredited. It all depends if they are the real true believers. If Romney can’t come back to the center then Latinos, Women and independents are against him for the start. Romney is digging a deep hole. Santorum and Newt don’t have deep pockets but Obama does, and so do all the organizations that will beat the drums against him with their followers. If the economy dosen’t go in the tank again. What’s he even going to talk about?

  • PatrickHenry

    Gov. Romney has the integrity, knowledge, & experience to be a great leader and help our nation’s economy, slow the growth of the Fed. Gov. and cut deficit spending. He isn’t worried about a beauty contest or being patronizing to all to get votes, he is worried about this nation’s unsustainable Federal Government, and getting the F.G. out of all our lives and be better represented in our States & local governments. It is the F.G. that is the cause of many of our problems.

  • Followet

    I wouldn’t believe Mitt Romney if he placed his hand on the book of Mormon. I would believe him if he put his hand on a bible. I don’t believe that he is Christian. I don’t believe that Jesus and Satan were brothers. I do believe Romney passed Romney care in Massachusetts and it seems to be a pretty good plan. I think he needs to stand on his plan and say look it is working and working well. I think that Romney should bring his other wife forward and admit he is a true Mormon. We all know that most Mormon men have two wifes or at least want two.

  • wayneonly

    Folks, let’s get real. Do any of you think everything will be solved by a new President. The President is not the REAL problem. Congress is the real problem, and they are LTAO (laughing their a– off) as the American voter falls for the party line of either party. WAKE UP!!!! voters. Become informed by looking at what Congress does, not what it says. Three good books to read: Winner Take All Politics: How Washington Made The Rich Richer And Turned It’s Back On The Middle Class by Jacob Hacker and Paul Pierson, Throw Them All Out by Peter Schweizer, and Greedy Bastards by Dylan Ratigan. The will give you a real insight into what really goes on in Washington.

    We have a Congress that is bought and paid for by Wall Street, big banks, and multinational corporations. And that is OUR problem and that is OUR (the voters) fault. We have a Congress that we (the voter) have set up as THE PERMANENT POLITICAL CLASS. We have allowed them to think they are the “elite” class and are “entitled” to special privileges and are “above the law”(s) that pertain to the “masses” (that’s us, folks). We have done this by sending them back to Congress term after term until they think it is their due and right to hold their office. They have lost touch with the “real” American people because we have not held them accountable for following OUR wishes and have instead turned them loose with the cookie jar (taxpayer money) and no supervision (which allows them to pass legislation that helps nobody but Wall Street, etc.). It’s our fault because we let them do it.

    So how do we take back our Congress. We show them our disapproval by voting them out. As each incumbent Congressperson comes up for reelection, we simply vote them out of office. But we must let each newly elected Congressperson know what we expect of them when they take office. Congresspeople should be like new students being sent off to school. They should have an agenda that is set by the people of the state they represent. The problem now is that they set their agenda and they tell us what it is (but they only reveal the agenda they think we want to hear) not what their real agenda is. They are going to Congress to make themselves and their political cronies (campaign contributors) money. That’s not what we elected them for but that’s their real agenda. So we have to changed their agenda or change Congressperson. It won’t happen overnight, but with diligence and dedication by the voter, we will eventually be able to gain back our government.

  • dardyl

    I agree with you and can’t understand why it isn’t plain to everyone that the government is too much in our business. When we are taxed beyond reason, have trillions in debt, can’t fill up at the pump, and food is out the roof, why advocate more taxes and higher gas, and more bail outs? Those who agree with this stradegy are so blind. At the end of the day, after filling up with gas, does anyone find himself wishing that he had had to spend another $20? Or, do they intend to send an extra $1000 with their tax return this year to help the government sustain it’s practices? I’m leaning toward NO to both questions. If they don’t want to do this privately, why would we impose it nation wide? This is the road we are traveling. What is so hard to see? Obama said he would like our gas prices to be in keeping with Europe. ($8-$9 a gallon) Why? Our forefathers left Europe for oppression and America has been unique. She should remain unique. The Feds need to butt out.

  • Obozo Must Go

    The real issue in this election is the FAILED record of Barack Hussein Obozo. He is a radical leftist at heart, and he has been a complete disaster for America. Everything that could be good, he has failed to do. Everything that he has succeeded at (Obozocare) has been bad for America. OMG = Obozo Must Go!!!

  • dardyl

    I agree that Congress is the problem, but Obama has invoked his power to bypass the Congress more than any president. Also, he had all his consultants who weren’t part of the Cabinet as a first. He is dangerous. Washington must roll over in his grave when he thinks of the city named after him.

  • tjones1942

    It really is easy to see the Republicans commenting above. They are the people who supported Geroge W Bush, the president who got us into wars, created an economic crisis and left office with the country in a mess. Obama has brought the country back fro the brink of depression. It is the people above and the Republicans that are dangerous. They want to take away the civil liberties of women. they want to put things back to the 50’s and 60’s. It is the Republican congress that is dangerous. They have made a mess of governing. Blocking programs that would help everyone. We have 2 women Supreme Court Justices that were put there by Obama. Think about what Romney and his Republican buddies would do if during his term a Justice was needed.

    Republicans eliminate any and all regualtions regarding business, but invade the privacy of the bedroom with their law creation. They are there to try to put their values and beliefs on us all. that is NOT what this country was founded on andtakes away basic freedoms.

    Throw out the Republicans, Elect Obama in 2012

  • Charly1010101

    You know as long as all these no-it-all’s keep pointing at the president they simply show ignorance of the process. If the think he failed then how come their congrsess failed, after all the pres only gets to approve lawas and actions not create them. Our problem is congress, we need to simply vote heavily against incumbents. After a couple elections I think the message might start coming home. In the meantime any representative that signs an oath to some individual’s agenda is a traitor pure and simple. If they don’t abide by their oath of office to serve the country and their constituents they are traitors to the USA.