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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Sarah Palin has her knickers in a twist again, taking to Twitter — having been out of politics for five years now, she has no other public platform left besides social media — after the White House Correspondents Dinner to complain, using very classy and dignified (she’s really presidential, isn’t she?) language, about not being invited to the ball:


Unfortunately for the half-term halfwit — who, it must be mentioned, isn’t working any body part off, as her main employment since helping President Obama get elected in 2008 has been embarrassing herself on reality shows and that income stream dried up a while ago — the intertubes have a long memory. Here she is looking quite pleased indeed to be part of the selfsame “pathetic” event (at the Vanity Fair afterparty, no less) in 2011:


Oh, and later that night she kicked up her saucy black heels at — wait for it — the MSNBC afterparty, where she happily mingled with bartender Rachel Maddow.

Perhaps if one of her so-called BFFs at Fox “News” had asked her to the prom this year, the former belle of the ball wouldn’t be reduced to sitting home eating ice cream in her sweats, pitifully whining on Twitter about how lame it is. Jealousy really is an ugly emotion.

H/T: Greg Mitchell 

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  • I guess participation in “nerdproms” isn’t pathetic when she, or former Republican presidents are invited. Only when an aberration to an otherwise pristine record of venerable looking Presidents happens to be a guest speaker.
    What amazes me is that the media, and a few neanderthals, still pay attention to what this person says. When is The National Memo going to stop paying attention to irritants like her and focus on those who have something positive to say about our country, to people who offer viable solutions to the problems we face, or whose discourse and opinions are worthy of attention?

    • sigrid28

      This had to be said, Dom. Would it have been too late to cover a topic like xxxxx’s “Half of the Sky,” a book presenting the scorecard for women’s rights world wide, perhaps in the context of North Carolina, a state that used to be blue which has recently become red and seems intent on setting women’s rights, not to mention voting rights, back fifty years? I’m just sayin’ . . .

      • I suggest sigrid28 you read up on North Carolina’s history and I don’t mean Google it either. As for it being a ‘red’ state now, I suggest you read up on North Carolina’s current history.

        • sigrid28

          I would so love to be wrong about this. Maybe we can both cross our fingers and hope that the spate of backwards initiatives of the current Republican legislature in North Carolina is an anomaly. This legislature’s record concerning bills to restrict access to reproductive health care for women is a matter of record. More recently the legislature took up religion. Please forgive the long citation:

          “In what can only be seen as the coup de grâce in a Republican rebellion against the U.S. Constitution which is sweeping the nation, legislators in North Carolina are preparing to take on one of the most fundamental notions upon which our nation was founded—the freedom of religion and the importance of that pesky wall that separates church and state.

          Meet North Carolina Representatives Carl Ford (R-China Grove) and Harry Warren (R-Salisbury), the primary sponsors of a bill introduced into the state’s General Assembly that would clear the way for the state to adopt an official, state religion.

          The proposed law, introduced earlier this week, states that the Establishment Clause in the First Amendment—which prohibits Congress from passing laws respecting the establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise of religion in America—simply does not apply to the states. The bill goes on to proclaim the sovereignty of the states in this matter while proclaiming that each state is free to make its own laws respecting an establishment of an official religion and that such an establishment cannot be blocked by either Congress or the judiciary. . . .

          We should not be overly surprised that such an effort to ‘break’ the Constitution—not to mention the will of the Founders—should come from the state of North Carolina. This is the same state that continues to have a provision in its State Constitution requiring that nobody may run for a public office in the state unless that candidate affirmatively states his or her belief in God. Never mind that such a requirement is, again, in direct contradiction to the U. S. Constitution’s prohibition against religion as a prerequisite for serving in public office or the many writings of the Founders expressing their strong feelings against religion as a disqualifying factor for holding office.

          And never mind that North Carolina has never removed this requirement from their Constitution despite the Supreme Court’s ruling in Torcaso v. Watkins, 367 U.S. 488 (1961) which held that such a law violate the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution. It was in theTorcaso case that the Court wrote—

          “We repeat and again reaffirm that neither a State nor the Federal Government can constitutionally force a person “to profess a belief or disbelief in any religion.” Neither can constitutionally pass laws or impose requirements which aid all religions as against non-believers, and neither can aid those religions based on a belief in the existence of God as against those religions founded on different beliefs.”

          So, is this latest effort to subvert a fundamental premise upon which this nation was founded simply the work of a few misguided public officials in North Carolina looking to score some points with the electorate?

          Sadly, it is not.”–xxxxxxx

          • tjpride

            If by “reproductive healthcare” you mean having taxpayers subsidize random sex by paying for contraceptives, sure. Why the heck should we? If you want the freedom to have random sex, you should very well have the freedom to pay for it. For that matter, why should girls under the legal age for adult sex (18 in most states, 17 or 16 in a few) be able to buy contraceptives without the involvement of their parents? I’ll tell you why – because separating sex entirely from morality is the best way to destroy the family structure and promote a welfare state. It’s one of the many objectives of socialists and communists (or any Democrat who wants to perpetuate a population totally reliant on the government…) Contraceptives, by the way, are not completely effective (condoms) and increase sterility and cancer (birth control pills). They also increase the amount of sex, but do not prevent STD’s.

          • tjpride

            Incidently, “Congress shall pass no law…” obviously means the federal government can’t rule on religion, but says nothing about the states. Not that that has stopped the federal government from ruling on abortion, prayer in schools, gays, and a wide variety of other religious issues – invariably on the side of atheists / liberals / communists. Meanwhile, if a state tries to pass -anything- conservative, some federal judge somewhere blocks it as “Unconstitutional”. Here is Missouri, for instance, the voters tried to ban late-term abortion, but a federal judge shot it down. Kind of ridiculous, considering that even Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin knew the Bible well, considered Christianity valuable for society, and attended daily prayers. Thomas Jefferson, in his letter to the Danbury Baptist Association, was just reassuring them there would be no official national religion like in Britain. He would never have guessed that liberals would twist that into banning every last vestige of religion. Read the Northwest Ordinance. Look at what the Founding Fathers decorated their government buildings with.

  • I just got blocked by Sarah Palin on facebook for making a comment that was not derogatory nor hate filled …Just said she would have done the same if she were at the White House correspondence dinner..Thanks for allowing me my 1st amendment rights Sarah ..You bet cha!!!

    • sweetreat

      She doesn’t like anything that doesn’t kiss her butt and her mods delete anything.

      • LeftThePubsDuetaPalin

        Not to mention that her mods WRITE everything that has Sarah’s name signed to it on that page.

    • she blocked me too!! and I didn’t even curse!

    • America49

      She’s a HIP and a Big One at that. Just trying to get a fast buck without taking her clothes off. She’s much abliged by people paying to hear her speak OBAMA over and over thru-out her entire speechesss – Yes she Jealous and she would be anything to be in the White Houseeeeeeeeeeee

      • idamag

        Thank goodness she isn’t.

    • Laura

      You have no 1st amendment rights on somebody else’s facebook page.

      • Thank you!!!! Some people just assume they can spout anywhere anytime any thing they feel like spouting. It’s called ‘entitlement mentality’. But do it to them and the insults and law suits go flying everywhere.

        • ronnie

          Davida…you are a perfect example of why some people should be blocked from saying anything….just one stupid, uninformed partisan inane comment after another. You should just shut your pie hole….and go ask Pathetic Palin if you can do any work for her…would like to know just how she’s “working her a$$ off anyway”? Sitting at home and tapping away on a computer trying to get noticed?

          • idamag

            “We are working our a*** off..” That from a person who quit their job as governor because she was afraid of what the media was gong to turn up about her and her involvement in troopergate.

    • She cannot stand it if anyone disagrees with her, therefore, no post. LOL.

  • jcinco

    palin, hypocrisy is thy name…

  • midway54

    Now, we ought to think about Scalia sitting at the table next to the contemptible Bill O’Reilly. I was unable to watch the entire show, but at one point just after Ed Hill, the CNN man who turned stooge for Fox and in his role as president of the group,complimented Bill O’Reilly on something or other, whereupon BO saluted to Hill in acknowledgment. The TV camera at that point was behind O’Reilly in a three-fourths view that also showed the back and right side of what was clear to me Scalia’s head. I do not know whether any views of the crowd showed these two facing the camera scanning the attendees.

    • sigrid28

      I saw that, too, on C-Span. I was astonished by this cutaway, especially because–was it President Obama himself or Fox News’s Ed Henry, president of the White House Correspondents’ Association, who had just mentioned O’Reilly’s two books, “Killing Kennedy” (xxxx) and “Killing Lincoln” (xxxx)? That sent a chill down my spine, given that there were two arrests this week of southerners accused of sending President Obama a letter laced with deadly ricin.

      • midway54

        Well, Hill is after all now a propagandist at Fox, where propriety and inconvenient truths are ignored.

        • sigrid28

          I hope we’re talking about the same guy, midway. I know we saw the same cutaway to Scalia sitting beside O’Reilly at the Correspondents’ Dinner. You remember it better visually than I do. I do not watch Fox News, except for amusement, so I didn’t recognize Ed Henry (I think it was “Henry” not “Hill” who was speaking) and had to google his name to be sure. He was the speaker, as you say, because he is just finishing up his year as president of the White House Correspondents’ Association. He made the comment about O’Reilly’s two books, which President Obama acknowledged, so that the C-Span cameras then turned to O’Reilly, who was sitting beside Scalia. And you are right again: Call him Hill, call him Henry, he is still a propagandist at Fox News.

          • midway54

            Yes, my error. It is Ed Henry who was formerly with CNN. I only see him now in press conferences on C -span. The last thing I have any intention of doing is watching the Fox “News” scoundrels. I learned my lesson some years ago, when it only took about 20 minutes or so for me to realize what a rancid outfit it is.

  • charleo1

    Partisan, tits, for tats, aside, the GOP seems determined to march off
    the deep end, and take the Country with it. Stop for a moment, and consider,
    if not for the GOP, we would have never heard of Louie Gomert, Joe Barton,
    Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin. The list literally goes on, one certifiable kook
    after the next. Steve King, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Todd Akin, Marsha Blackburn.
    I apologize to all the nut jobs I left out. (I have a few errands I must run.) But,
    seriously, it’s not so much where the GOP is heading. I think we can see that.
    But I worry, what kind of Country are we becoming, because of people like

  • Olivia

    Wasn’t that the same evening where her clothing had visible stains on it and it was observed that she was severely in need of a shower?

    • normandyso

      Your memory is altogether too good!!

  • Lynda Groom

    That woman is just plain stupid. I wonder if she even knows the meaning of pathetic…if not she just needs to look in the mirror. Go away lady for the good of the country.

  • Lynda Groom

    Hey Sarah…was CPAC a ‘nerdprom?’

  • bpai99

    Sarah Who?

  • K m

    Had she been invited, nothing would’ve stopped her from shaking the bugs out of her best wig, shaving her chin, pumping up her water bra, put on her sluttiest outfit complete with hooker heels and her “Wonder Woman” bracelets, washing down a few Adderall with a vodka/Redbull, and tottering on down for the event….

    • America49


  • Hell hath no fury like a woman who didn’t get an invitation to the nerdprom.

    • I don’t know who nicknamed this dinner a ‘nerdprom’, but I have always thought the word ‘nerd’ was given to people who were smarter than the average bear. Am I wrong here? If I AM correct, then this was no ‘nerdprom’ according to who I have been reading that was in attendance. If anti-American, Socialist/Communist, nanny-staters, no talent hack entertainers, and corrupt media Obama boot lickers is what we call ‘nerds’ these days, is it any wonder the country has went to hell in a hand basket? Scotty beam me up, quick!!!

      • Yes Scotty, please do beam Davida up.

      • I find it amusing that, while seeming to place yourself intellectually above those who Sarah Palin called “nerds,” you used the phrase “has went.”

      • Ooooh, aren’t we cranky? Barack Hussein Obama is the President of the United States, and we are delighted that you are so irritated!

  • DeeDEEthree

    She wasn’t at the WHCD IN 2011 MORON she went to the after party with Greta after she gave a PRO LIFE speech elsewhere earlier that evening.

    The country is going to HELL in a hand basket and they are yucking it up and joking around at the WHCD about that fact. It’s obvious that you don’t care about how our elected leaders and the media think it’s one big joke. The PPC ( Permanent Political Class) is destroying this country and I guess you support that from what I can tell.

    • K m

      You Do know that when she couldn’t attend in 2009 due to Guv duties, she sent TODD in her place right??

      • DeeDEEthree

        You do know that was 4 years and about 7 TRILLION DOLLARS ago.
        It’s no time to party and joke about it when the country is going down the crapper.

        The Permanent Political Class and their Media enablers are destroying this country and all you get out of it is that Todd went in her place.

        No wonder the country is in the shape it is it’s because of people like you who are clueless.

        • Dana Es

          Oh yes, you’re absolutely right. Things are not perfect in our country so we shouldn’t find humor in anything. We should don our mourning clothes, cancel any kind of planned celebration or party, and just be glum because that will fix everything for sure.

          • LeftThePubsDuetaPalin

            Miserable people can’t stand anyone else laughing.

        • idamag

          You know, a sense of humor got us through some bad times in the past. We can be serious and enjoy a laugh sometimes. I feel sorry for anyone who has no sense of humor. Please accept my condolences.

          • This is NOT humor what these people are doing to us. It’s called diversion. ‘Let’s laugh at ourselves so the people will find us human and in the sinking boat with them’. They are not laughing at themselves, they are laughing AT us and NOT with us. They are doing this to us and our country because we are letting them and that’s why they find it funny. It’s called bourgeoisie vs. protagonist.

    • sassysticks

      President Bush told the nation to “go shopping” after 9/11 and he was right. As another poster stated, what are we supposed to do – don mourning clothes and hang our heads? We need some humor. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Pres. Obama and Conan. Even Bill O’Reilly laughed. Lighten up.

      • Of course Bill O’Reilly laughed, he’s one of them. There’s a reason he is #1 on cable news. He is not ‘looking out for the people’. He wants the sheeple’s money. Like Glenn Beck said, if he didn’t leave MSM he was going to lose his soul. He witnessed what was happening to his pal O’Reilly’s soul. This is NOT a time to ‘lighten up’.

        • Hilarious. You down out O’Reilly but are all for Beck. Simply put, you’re as pathetic as Palin. LOL.

  • magistralatina

    Why does everyone assume that Palin herself actually bothers to key in her own tweets? It’s far more likely that The Half-Term Quitter from Alaska pays obnoxious assclown Rebecca Mansour to do that for her, too, as part of the package deal for managing her FB page.

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  • If she hates government so much, why did she run?

  • sassysticks

    Sarah, you are the Queen of Pathetic. Quitting your job as Gov. of Alaska was pathetic. Go get a real job and a life and stop being a jealous hater. You had your shot and you FAILED!

  • America49

    I saw through this Womans Motives when she quit the Governorship for $$$$ gain. Very obvious that she is a opportunist and will yell whatever whoever has the rubber bands to throw at her. No different than a stripper and she is pretty enough to be one. That’s all this woman has is the old trick of a Beautiful Lady……Bend Over B _ _ _ H !!!!!!!!!! LOL

  • I agree with Sarah Palin–Nothing but a “I Love Me” show by Obama–They did invite Fox News. Thats a start–

    • idamag

      The Correspondence dinner has been held annually for some time. I remember watching it when Reagan spoke. I also remember Colbert MCing President George W, Bush’s dinner. Sarah Palin’s stupidity shows through and her language proves she is no lady.

      • Having Colbert MC a dinner under the ‘leadership’ of GWB shows me right there the elite in this country (politicians, Hollywood, MSM) are flipping off all of us (voter, protagonist) and calling all of us stupid. Bill Maher?????

    • R.C.


  • Edna Hirsch

    Who gives 2 s.#ts about Palin. Really, is this news media starving for news? Is this news? Yawn.

  • disqus_OIhw8TU8Yn

    She is the epitome of pathetic.

  • She is just pissed she wasn’t invited. I LOVE NERD PROM! I wish I could go to a WHCD just once.

    • plc97477

      Me too. Especially Obama’s. He is pretty funny.


    Hey Laurie in Queens, if you headline an article about a tweet from Palin, why don’t you address the content of the comment instead of insulting the woman who wrote it? And if you want to make goofy little comments about acting “presidential”, do you really want to get into that with your god, Hussein Soetero?

    “Special olympics”, “if I had a son he would look like…”, “cling to guns and religion”… just a few off the top of my head, but there are hundreds more. So who’s pathetic, Laurie in Queens? Robb in Queens says it’s YOU.

    • People like Laurie in Queens prefer to use the strawman argument because that’s all they have to ‘comeback’ with. It’s easier to do because it requires little thought and accuracy. Cutting down the person is much more fun too; especially if you don’t like that person. ‘Their man’ will always do everything right and his faux pas will be quickly forgiven and forgotten. I wonder how his followers would feel if they had THEIR feet blown off at an innocent family oriented marathon by radical religious extremists whom the ‘annointed one’ sympathizes with? Talk about people who ‘cling to their guns and religion’? And our great all knowing leader, who is an abortion sympathizer as well, calls pregnancies a mistake. Oh how I wish his mother would have felt that way…….

      • RDEEE

        That’s right, I wish his mother hadn’t been “punished with a baby”, so that patriotic Americans wouldn’t be punished from his intentionally destructive policies.

    • turtle244

      oh shucks Rob – I think it’s you.

      • RDEEE

        Good one turtle… hmmmm, turtle… that reminds me, I have to go take a sh!t….

        • idamag

          You are about as classless as Sarah.

          • RDEEE

            Thanks. I try to model my behavior after the class and grace displayed by Democrats and their servants in the media.

  • revlw

    How can someone/anyone who “QUIT” their job…not fast food manager, not school crossing guard,not Wal-mart greeter…BUT GOVERNOR OF AN ENTIRE STATE.even twist her lips to speak of ANYONE..and/or their WORK ETHIC?

  • smalt

    Why is she relevant?

    • plc97477

      Because a lot of tea party people still think she is.

  • El Coyote

    Pathetic and classless little woman she has become of late hasn’t she.

  • WASHINGTON—President Obama left attendees of the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner in stitches Saturday night after delivering a hilarious speech repeatedly telling the entire room to “fuck off.” “No, seriously, each and every one of you cocksuckers can go fuck yourselves; I fucking hate all of you,” Obama said to the uproarious laughter and applause of the assembled politicians and media personalities. “Stop laughing. I’m not fucking kidding, idiots. All of you gathered here today are a bunch of spineless, hypocritical pieces of shit, and I have absolutely zero respect for anyone in this room. So, fuck you all, and may you and your families go straight to fucking hell.” Critics have praised Obama’s performance at the annual dinner, saying the president’s jokes were sharp and his timing has “never been better.”

    • Wow. You just made my day. That works on several levels. Even those easily offended could find something to like, if they could bring themselves to read it.

  • Ron Hicks

    Does anyone really give a flip what Sarah Palin says or does? She was, is, and always will be a nobody.

  • fred

    Truth is it is all you who keep paying attention to “news” about her and comment that keeps her in the news. So to you people she must be in some way worth watching…..

    • Nope, we just enjoy mocking her because she’ so pathetic. LOL.

  • Poor Sarah. So pathetic. So irrelevant. Too old to pop out another kid. Too old for Dancing with the Stars. Just a punchline in American history, and she knows it.

  • phneutral


  • Jim W Statesville

    Why would anyone want to pay attention to what this dimwit has to say? She, Ann Coulter, Rush Limpbag, etc. are just blowhards that use the media to drum up big cash payoffs for their coffers and keep their faces in the news.

  • sara palin is one super jealous and bitter old sorry ass loser. For every jealous loser comments she makes, she receives 60 to 100 real comments from real americans about how much they are tired of her and wish she’d just go away! Loser u lost ,now learn how to get lost and don’t nobody want to find you and don’t get found! “JUST GO AWAY sara palin”!

  • James

    Political history, allegiance, jealousy, or hypocrisy have nothing to do with facts. I don’t care for her…but I agree wholeheartedly with her statement!

  • RobertCHastings

    Who gives a rat’s ass about that has-been bitch

  • Go fuck yourself, @-hole. Another juvenile liberal with Palin Derangement Syndrome. She nailed it when she used the word pathetic. That word describes you, too. Grow the hell up already.

  • Newsflash, idiot who wrote this piece: The picture of Palin in the Vanity Fair picture is PHOTOSHOPPED. DUH! Any amateur can see it’s fake. She’s clearly been superimposed in front of everyone else. If you’d taken the time to zoom in on the photo you’d see it. And why on earth would Palin be sitting down when everyone else is standing?! Didn’t that seem just a bit odd to you? Good grief, this isn’t rocket science.