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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

It’s about time America has a president who will stand up to those greed-headed corporate executives who keep hauling our middle-class jobs out of country. Bring those jobs back home, Donald Trump bellowed, or I’ll slap you with a huuuge tariff when you try to sell your foreign-made products here.

Great stuff, Donnie. And to prove you mean business, I know just the CEO you should target first: Her name is Ivanka. Yes, your daughter!

Ivanka’s multimillion-dollar line of clothing and accessories are sold through major national retailers, ranging from Macy’s to Amazon, and she pitches her Ivanka Trump-branded dresses, handbags, boots, blouses, etc. to America’s working women. Yet, practically all of her products are made on the cheap in factories anywhere but America, with most coming from the low-wage bastions of China, Indonesia and Vietnam. Imagine the message it would send to runaway corporations and the integrity it would establish for The Donald if he slapped his first tariffs on Ivanka’s goods!

But neither Daddy Trump nor his daughter wants to discuss the embarrassing conflict between his political bluster and her ethic of runaway capitalism. Instead, she’s tried to dodge the issue by saying it doesn’t matter, since she’ll “separate” herself from the business if she becomes a White House advisor.

Nice try, Ivanka, but the stench of hypocrisy will only grow nastier if you’re at your father’s side while he castigates and punishes other corporations that have absconded from America. The only way to salvage even an iota of moral virtue is to repatriate the manufacturing of your brand-name apparel. And bringing those middle-class jobs home to the good ol’ US of A would also make a powerful political statement.

But no, showing that money trumps both political savvy and the morality of simply doing what’s right, Ivanka says her corporate brand will stay offshore. As a spokeswoman put it: “We want to make responsible business decisions.”

Really? How does that “Make America Great Again?”

But take heed, for I have good news, folks: our new president says he’s planning a tax holiday for you!

Well… not directly for you. Trump’s trillion-dollar whopper of a tax break will go to only a handful of multinational corporations, such as Apple, GE, Johnson & Johnson and Microsoft. However, Trump and Congress will push for cuts in your name, insisting that the trickle-down effect will be to create thousands of new jobs for America’s hard-hit working stiffs.

Here’s the deal: The giants of Big Pharma, Silicon Valley and other global industries have dodged paying the taxes they owe to our country by stashing about $2-trillion worth of their profits in offshore bank accounts. Now they want to bring this pile of loot back here to their homeland — yet they want to be rewarded for doing so by having the taxes they owe to us slashed. Enter The Donald, who has delighted those scofflaws by offering a better deal than even they’d proposed: an income tax rate of only 10 percent, versus the 30 percent you and I pay for America’s upkeep. Trust me, exclaims The Donald. They’ll expand their business here and generate jobs for you!

I was born at night, but it wasn’t last night. We’ve been suckered with this tax holiday scam before. In 2004, George W. Bush pulled it on us — and instead of creating jobs, the corporate tax-dodgers eliminated thousands more of our jobs!

Why’d that happen? Because they put their “repatriated” profits not into expanding business, but by buying back their corporation’s stock, which jacks up the payout to top executives and the richest shareholders, and by shrinking the number of businesses by buying up competitors and firing duplicate workforces.

The way to know whether or not Trump’s tax holiday will benefit workers is to see if it requires that corporations actually create the thousands of good jobs promised before they get the tax break. Anything less is just another swindle.

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IMAGE: Donald Trump speaks as his son-in-law Jared Kushner (L), daughter Ivanka listen at a campaign event at the Trump National Golf Club Westchester in Briarcliff Manor, New York, U.S., June 7, 2016.  REUTERS/Mike Segar/File Photo

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14 responses to “Searching For Integrity In Trumplandia”

  1. Integrity in Trumpland? That’s like trying to find Waldo from a satellite orbiting a moon swarming with Trump look-alikes wearing striped shirts and a cap.
    Integrity is a natural outcome of the spiritual quality called trustworthiness. And since Religion in Trump’s mind is irrelevant, as it is among those who align themselves with Trump, integrity is just a “politically correct” attribute no longer considered important and therefore not worth cultivating.

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  2. Jim Samaras says:

    What would you like to bet that before any “tax holiday” or reparations are granted that a clause goes into it demanding that a large percentage of it must be invested in the most needed areas like inner cities? This writer, like most here on the NM, take an awful lot for granted and rather than looking at the good that can be done instead try to discredit a man that hasn’t even taken the oath of office yet. It’s a damn shame…..

    • dbtheonly says:

      $10 to the homeless shelter of the winner’s choice.


      • Jim Samaras says:

        Ahh, a man who enjoys a gentlemanly wager….I’m in. Stay tuned

        • dbtheonly says:

          Suggest we ask Aaron to put specificity to the terms “large percentage” and “most needed areas”

          Do you want to contact him or shall I?

          • Jim Samaras says:

            I’d love to hear differing opinions! Mine would be 50% and the most needed areas off hand would be Detroit, Cleveland, Baltimore, Chicago in that order but let’s not forget communities that harbor less than 1 million people. No, Wall St would not count

          • I’ve “gently” impressed on Jim the importance of integrity, and of Trump’s dearth of integrity.

          • dbtheonly says:

            Sorry, was going to ask rather than demand, but he and I are betting,

            “before any “tax holiday” or reparations are granted that a clause goes into it demanding that a large percentage of it must be invested in the most needed areas like inner cities”

            So I’d appreciate it if you’d define the terms “large percentage” and “most needed areas”. Jim is saying “large percentage is 50%. I can live with that. It’s defining what goes to those most in need that I feel will allow too much wiggle room. Please give me whatever definition you feel best sets the parameters that he & I can both easily tell who wins the bet. I suspect, without any evidence at all, that Jim will claim a win if the companies spend the money on plant modernization, or some other income producing venue. But the bet is the law allowing the tax holiday, so I need to defer to your judgment.


            Just for it, I’m more than willing to see what Trump winds up proposing. I’ve never forgotten Lyndon Johnson’s advice, “Son, when dealing with people you don’t trust, keep your guard up and your hand out.”

          • Jim Samaras says:

            Plant modernization may count if it adds so many jobs but it also must be in an area of the country that needs it most

    • Say What? You dare to take offense at Trump being discredited given his abrasive and shameful behavior? How much evidence do you need, Jim, besides what has already been made abundantly clear about Trump.
      Let me give you some examples:

      a) A history of denying housing for the very people in the inner cities you’re concerned about now; b) A sordid history, which he himself bragged about; c) Numerous failed business ventures; d)Dealings with Russia, the extent to which we aren’t privy to because his majesty, Donald, thumbs his nose at requests for records which have always been forthcoming by previous Presidents; outright naked unadulterated bigotry—Need I go on, Jim?

      Your concern for Trump’s welfare is misplaced and naive. It’s a sign that you have little understanding of the importance of integrity. Integrity doesn’t come all of a sudden, Jim, it has to be developed over time. Trump has failed miserably to deliver, but you shamelessly wish that we would ignore the warts covering Donald—Warts which he festooned himself with like some demented tattoo-artist. Integrity doesn’t come all of a sudden by being elected, Jim, nor is it gotten by shafting those who labored on your projects, or stiff them out of wages owed, as Donald has done countless times.

      Jim, you live in a Twilight Zone world where virtues and good character count for little if anything. Your parents may have to give account to some extent for your lack of attention to integrity, although the responsibility once you reached adulthood fell solely on your shoulders.

      • Jim Samaras says:

        “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone” Are you familiar with that one Aaron? “And why behold you the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but consider not the beam that is in your own eye?” I’m certain a gentleman such as yourself are familiar with THAT one.

        Aaron, the man is our president. The right thing to do at this point is wish him and our nation well and stop the casting of stones!

        • Jim, you’ve got to get better acquainted with the Bible and its many inner meanings. That quote DOES NOT mean to stay silent in the face of brutality or bigotry. Why do you think that there is such a thing as being your brother’s keeper, protecting the poor and defenseless? The quote you cite is for the case of those who call someone out for a wrong-doing, while simultaneously committing the same offense—something that Trump is an expert at, for instance.

          If society took a strictly “See no Evil”, etc. as you suggest or imply, then the KKK would still be riding roughshod through the night with impunity. Where was your response to women denigrated? Were you silent because you were afraid you might be accused of having done the same denigrating, or were you silent because you didn’t give a damn about the plight of women being coempromised by the monster about to be your president?

    • Independent1 says:

      You’re moronic enough to suggest Trump is going to really do something great for inner cities when he has a history several decades long of not even following through on his promises to pay even charities? Or even his campaign staff during the election? Or even some of his transition team?

      Where to you get this concocted ideas of yours? From the same place your brains are? Your butt?

      Donald Trump has not donated one single dollar of his own money that can be substantiated to any charity since 2008; and he even shortchanged numerous veterans organizations that he said he would fund; and even his Trump Foundation got caught not even donating to organizations that it claimed on its tax returns it had donated to; IN OTHER WORDS, even his Trump Foundation LIES!!!

      And you have the nonsensical gall to question why people on the NM post comments that discredit Donald Trump?? When Donald Trump is the biggest bigoted, racist, pathological lying loser in all time history!!!!!

      USA TODAY exclusive: Hundreds allege Donald Trump doesn’t pay his bills

      Donald Trump’s fine art of losing

      Donald Trump’s Many Business Failures, Explained

      Trump’s lawyers testified they met with him in pairs to ensure he wouldn’t lie about their meetings

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