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Tuesday, October 25, 2016
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    And McConnell is one of the current Republicans that Bob Dole has made some pointed comments about – without actually embarrassing the State of Kentucky by using his name. McConnell represents the entire obstructionist movement current among today’s Republicans. They have not produced a single coherent thought without working in a committee with Democrats, and then those proposals are denounced by the rest of the Republican Party as that dreaded option – COMPROMISE!

    Here is the Democratic version of “Compromise”: “I am willing to forgo this option if you are willing to put something on the table.” An example is their willingness to look at a reduction in entitlement programs if the Republicans are willing to be flexible on some tax increases.

    Here is the Republican (as influenced by the Tea Party) version of Compromise: “We want YOU to forgo this option. What else are YOU planning on giving up?” The counter example is they demand the Democrats not only look at a reduction in entitlement programs, but demand tax cuts as well. However they want to maintain if not increase military spending and aid to “friendly” countries.

  • ObozoMustGo

    And now…. The REAL Cartoon Of The Day!

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    Have a nice day!

    “Part of being president is there’s so much beneath you that you can’t know because the government is so vast,” – David Axelrod announcing his agreement with the Tea Party that the government is too big, and not even the messiah Obozo can control it. May 15, 2013

    • Robert P. Robertson

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      • DurdyDawg

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