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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Since his inauguration in 2009, President Obama’s harshest critics — all Republicans — have grown increasingly disdainful, resentful, even hateful. The most bellicose among them question his legitimacy, doubt his birth certificate and impugn his patriotism. And, all the while, leading Republican politicians have pandered to those ugly impulses.

This week, that disrespect for Obama and his presidency reached a new low when 47 Republican senators wrote a letter to Iranian leaders suggesting that any deal with him will be overturned once he leaves office. According to experts, that action is without precedent in American history. And it will go down, perhaps, as the nadir for a Republican Party already deformed by an aging and bigoted base.

President Obama’s foreign policy team is attempting to negotiate an agreement wherein Iran gives up its ambition of becoming a nuclear state. The negotiations may fail, but it’s certainly worth a try.

But GOP hardliners are opposed to even trying to negotiate an agreement. Additionally, they’d welcome any opportunity to try to embarrass Obama on the international stage.

Speaker John Boehner had already crossed all sorts of boundaries when he invited Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address Congress — and didn’t bother to inform the president. Now, Boehner’s fellow partisans in the Senate have written a letter, dripping with condescension toward the Iranians, which suggests that the next president would likely overturn any agreement that Obama makes. (Since they don’t know who’ll be in the Oval Office in 2017, they can hardly make that prediction.)

This is outrageous — and a clear violation of the Logan Act, passed in 1799. It says that any unauthorized citizen “who directly or indirectly … carries on any correspondence with any foreign government … with intent to influence the conduct of that government … or to defeat the measures of the United States” may be imprisoned. In other words, the founders of the republic recognized the danger in allowing individual citizens to conduct their own ad hoc foreign policy.

Does Obama’s race have something to do with this level of hostility and disrespect for his office? If I may use a favorite phrase of Sarah Palin, one of the president’s most reliable haters, “You betcha!” There is a reliable, if aging, constituency in the GOP that simply cannot stomach a black president.

Sure, Republicans were hostile and unhinged when Bill Clinton was president. Some among them claimed he was tied to Arkansas drug dealers. Some insisted that his wife, Hillary, had killed Vince Foster, a White House aide who committed suicide. A GOP-led Congress impeached Clinton.

And, yes, there have long been bitter disagreements over foreign policy, going back to the beginning of the republic. (That helps to explain the passage of the Logan Act.) But politics generally stopped, as the cliche goes, “at the water’s edge.”

Thomas Mann, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and a longtime Congress-watcher, told Politico that this letter plows new ground in partisanship. “What’s unusual about this — but completely in tune with what’s happened in Washington in recent years — is the contempt with which it treats the president,” he said.

If those 47 Republican senators were engaged in an honest effort to forestall a nuclear Iran, they would never have written such a letter. Senator Bob Corker (R-TN), chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, pointedly didn’t sign the letter because, he said, he needed to reach across the aisle in order to strengthen the agreement. (Seven GOP senators did not sign it.)

Earlier, several Democratic senators had indicated a willingness to work with Republicans to pass legislation that would give Congress a vote on any accord with Iran. Now, those Democrats are fuming over the disrespect shown Obama and are unlikely to go along with any GOP legislation.

But that’s not the greatest damage done by this gesture of contempt for Obama. Since Republicans have shown themselves willing to threaten the nation’s credibility on the world stage in order to embarrass a sitting president, they’ve set a precedent. Those are the new rules of the game, and they’re likely to be followed by Democrats and Republicans in the future — no matter who’s in the Oval Office.

That’s bad news.

Cynthia Tucker won a Pulitzer Prize for commentary in 2007. She can be reached at [email protected]

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241 Responses to Senators’ Letter To Iran Leader Sets Dangerous Precedent

      • These 3 trillion dollar wars are starting to wind down. Thanks to Obama.

        The last thing these “military contractors” want to see is peace.

        But this letter, signed by the 46 SHEEPLE (anything to make Obama look weak) senators, should face some consequences and treason should head that list.

        These Quislings are consorting with the enemy.

        • All the servile, crazed members of the majority Plutocratic Party in both House and Senate will continue their unpredictable,mindless behavior. Harvard has been tainted by the conduct of Cotton, the author of the mutinous if not traitorous letter, and Cruz, who are as nutty as they come and clearly demonstrating that their degrees did not confer good judgment and wisdom on them. The country has the great community of ignorant, semi-literate redneck hicks and just plain aggressive crackpots to thank for the new gathering of these outlandish characters they voted into office in November.

          • Midway 54,Very nicely said.I would like to take this opportunity to direct a quote from an unknown individual,”those that would seek vengeance,should dig two graves,one for their enemy,and one for themselves.These 47 maniacs are eroding the legislative authority of the United States of America.Please A.G. Holder,take legal action now!

  1. Nothing but a bunch of little spoiled brats that unfortunately do not care or even think about the consequences of their idiotic act. The world already knows that we do not practice what we preach,we are more bigoted than many other countries,we step on the poor(specially if they are black, hispanic or any minority),we punish people for just being poor and out of work. The many good traits that we have trumpeted that the USA has better to any other country,yet we are one of the countries that subjugates their citizens more than countries we chastise. We have fallen in all categories from education,health care,pensions,unions and many many programs that would assist people to get out of poverty,yet we give the rich more and more and we are NOT ashamed of our idiotic mentality,when we should be ashamed,very ashamed. I know all our pleas will be in vain.

    • Hypocrisy notwithstanding, the issue that is being discussed is worse than everything you said. Keep in mind the sequence of events of the last few weeks. First, the U.S. Congress invited a foreign head of state, who may not be re-elected, to deliver a speech to both chambers of the Legislative Branch, thus breaking established protocol. When PM Netanyahu delivered a speech critical of President Obama’s policies, a speech that accused Iran of being a hub of terrorism and a potential threat to Western civilization – including Israel – Republican congressmen and Senators cheered him enthusiastically. Shortly thereafter, our beloved members of Congress declared that Iran was, indeed, the promoter of global terrorism. Perhaps not surprisingly, considering their record, the same politicians (47 GOP Senators) wrote and signed a letter to the very people they accused of being terrorists, encouraging them not to trust an incumbent U.S. President, and telling them that if that President signed an agreement with them on the issue of nuclear weapons development, the Congress of the USA will not ratify such treaty, and that if they did not do it, the next U.S. President will repeal the treaty. Hypocrisy does not describe what these people did. I doubt these idiots understood their act bordered on treason, they seem to be too stupid to consider the ramifications of their decisions, including the impact those decisions have on the credibility of the United States.
      Yes, we have made many mistakes, and there are many things that must be changed, but we still are the greatest country in the world. In spite of the scumbags that live among us, and who are doing everything they can to destroy us.

      • Something no one seems to remember is Israel developed nuclear weapons, why does that seem to be OK, Turkey and Pakistan have them. They even think North Korea has them, it just seems to me we’re awful selective when it comes to who can have them! In a perfect world no one would have them.

        • Are you sure Israel developed nuclear weapons? I would not be surprised if we gave them to Israel. The claims of underdog used to portray Israel as a tiny, defenseless, country surrounded by monsters is something that only the most naive can believe. We have the largest nuclear arsenal in the world, followed by Russia, China, the UK, France, and ISRAEL. BTW, India also has a nuclear weapons arsenal.

          • Did we give Israel nuclear weapons, I’m not sure, I only know its estimated they have 250 or more, which they will not conform or deny. I think most people would be surprised to know how many countries have them.

        • Yes. Israel has several nuclear warheads, With Israel waving their holy scriptures around to prove it is their country, all of the Mideast, including Iran, should be worried.

    • I’m afraid your pleas may be in vain. If you think so badly of America, why don’t you go live in Syria or China? Lots of freedom there.

      • I am going to disagree with your comment, I will not go live in Iraq or Syria due to either did not understand my rant or you are one of those idiots that either directly or indirectly will come to the defense of the fucking idiots that we call our politicians (mostly GOP) but does not give any constructive advice on how to either change our way of governing or what we can do to change it for the better. We as a country will not move forward if jerks like you can only say,”if you don’t like it .well just move” and that will solve it all. I and I am positive that the majority of American would rather fix the USA than just move,that is not our way,it might be yours but buddy,it’s not mine.

        • The majority of America spoke in the 2014 midterms. If you want to fix this country, you can start by not denegrating it and stop apologizing for it.

          • 37% of voters voted in the mid terms my friend..that is no mandate…and after two years of GOP BS…that will not happen again…Put it in your calendar…I said it today…2016 will produce the BIGGEST voter turn out ever…and we can finally say goodbye to the GOP

          • So in addition to having a BS meter, you also possess a crystal ball? Your party is expecting a coronation of Hillary. Good luck with that.

          • Thanks for the wish of good luck….but we won’t need luck…the GOP has another 2 years to completely destroy their chances…I have faith in the GOP…so far they have not let me down.


    it is one thing to do stupid things, it is quite another when your stupidity endangers others…in this case the world. The GOP keeps digging themselves deeper and deeper into a hole they will not be able to emerge from. Except for their base, they seem to have no idea what the American people expect or desire. The fact that they are so out of touch is no one’s fault but their own. But their base is a noisy lot…especially on these forums. The only good thing that will emerge from their antics and the volume of their supporters will be that the turn out in 2016 will be the biggest yet to ensure that these lackeys of the Corp/1% are defeated by a huge margin…so that they can finally see when true “mandate” of the people. God help us until then…because these people will surely kill us out of spite if they can.

    If I were President I would have them all arrested for violation of the Logan act. Unfortunately he is too much of a gentleman to do that. If he has a fault it is forgiveness and kindness. Kindness, unfortunately can be mistaken for weakness.

    • Let me ask you this-what is your opinion of the Sunset Clause? Do you think it wise or safe that Iran be allowed to build as many nuclear weapons as they please at the end of 10 years? And speaking of the corporations and their lackeys, the current occupant of the People’s House and your girl Hillary accept oodles of cash from big corporations and can boast the unions as their largest donors.

      • You are a right wing FOX NOISE fanatic and I do not bother arguing with your racist ilk. So Please do not bother to reply.

          • Alvin, this guy Towler, mocks everyone’s comments with a response of “hilarious” or “amusing”. He’s been a dupe of Fox News where everything they say and do is a lie but also “hilarious” and ‘amusing” because we all know they have no credibility.

          • Frank…thank you for that…but I have just had it with these people. I am sorry but there is NO EXCUSE to disrespect a sitting President in the way I see on these forums. In addition, what these Senators have done is treason…Period. So I will no longer put up with, argue or even listen to supporters of traitors to our country. They put the lives of MY family and friends in danger, and that I cannot just ignore.

            If Americans had ANY sense of what harm these people have done there would be a National call for their arrest and prosecution. WE as a people let this happen and it will not get better. When our lawmakers break the law and commit treason with impunity, a precedent is established and what was once inconceivable is considered acceptable behavior. I, for one, will no longer stand for it….everyone else can do what their conscience dictates. But for me, from here on out…this BS is finished.

          • Why should anyone respect this sitting president? He shows no respect for this country or its people.

          • Did somebody say something??? My BS meter went off…but luckily it protects my eyes and ears from crap from the supporters of traitors…

          • I ask you again, Alvin, how was your BS meter working when Barry assured us, many times, that we could keep our doctors and our current health insurance policies?

          • Now there you go, Frank. You and Alvin figure it all out. Go get that bad Fox News. You tell ’em, Frank.

          • Well that’s good, Alvin. I’m happy to know you’re not laughing about the traitor in the People’s house.

          • That damn BS meter keeps going off….sirens, alarms, flashing lights …but at least I am protected from the noise from Traitorville.

          • How was your BS meter working when we all found out we couldn’t keep our doctors or our current health insurance policies, Alvin?

          • Ohh boo hoo…so the the less fortunate in the land of the free have to go without so you can avoid annoying changes that mean you have to actually do something to be a part of the solution…when will people learn that if we are TRUELY going to be the country we say we are we might have to work and share a little….quit complaining… Black people were not real happy to be brought here to build this country, and if you even try to deny this fact I will slap you (figuratively of course)…but they deal with your ingratitude and injustice daily….so get a grip…so having to make a change to your current health care insurance seems a small price to pay for the betterment of everyone in the country….well …except to the greedy, lazy and selfish.

          • So now you want to figuratively slap me? Such an excitable little sheep you are. Obama lied to the people and continues to. And before you lecture me on civil rights, you silly sheep, my family were staunch abolitionists and actively took part in the Underground Railroad. I don’t begrudge anyone having health insurance. I do believe Barry Soetoro is a colossal liar. He could have been honest about the ACA, but instead he lied to the American people. But to you the end seems to justify the means. Poor little sheep.

      • Been less than educated for long? The agreement being negotiated may formally end in ten years but that doesn’t mean another agreement extending it for 10 more years, when the time comes, couldn’t be done.
        Many agreements of all shape and sizes have expiration dates but new ones are created and agreed upon before the old ones run out.
        We have a Congress in session many times of the year to create new laws that supersede the old ones; and to create new ones continually.
        We have a State Department that works endlessly with other countries around the world updating old agreements and creating new ones so just because we agreed on a ten year time frame on this agreement does not mean there will not be other agreements to come.
        Got it?

          • Remember Reagan? He said trust but verify and it will be part of any agreement that the US has with Iran.
            Think about it, suppose Iran agreed to all of the ridicules terms Netanyahu wanted, it would still be necessary to trust but verify wouldn’t it?
            I think the Republicans want a war with Iran and are trying to start one.

          • It is possible that Iran sees that war would not be good. Their prime minister sounds intelligent. Do you think towler will put on

            a uniform and say, “Follow me to the front lines?” Or will he or she say, “Go get them and we really appreciate you in the military”?

      • So you are worrying about a Sunset Clause before the Sun even gets to rise …and yes I will take a ten year moratorium to gain some time to work out something better…but to do nothing is a recipe for disaster RIGHT NOW. As for accepting cash…how else does she fight the Koch brother 900 million dollar war chest they plan to bring to bear in 2016. Get a grip dude….the only FAIR way to run our elections is without outside funding from any source over $100 dollars in primaries and the winners then get equal amounts from a tax funded pool.

        • She’ll fight the evil Kochs with Soros money, union money, and money from corporations expecting favors from her. Surely even you can’t believe Hillary will get all her funding from little people. And Iran-do you truly believe Iran will honor the terms of any nuclear agreement set forth? Even you, Alvin, can’t be that misguided. Or can you?

          • Of course she will and have too….who said anything about getting all her money from the little people….Towler do actually read what I post….did I also not say that non of this corporate, union or favor currying money should be allowed….but since it issue will have to get money from them too.

            Now as for you belief that Iran will honor the terms of any agreement…well we will never know now will we. And does your mistrust of honoring agreements only apply to Iranians…or all people….If you do not say “all people” you will be proving another point I have made about you…cause the Russians who we made agreements with…broke them..Israel our good friends spied on us and we on them…hell we spied on all of our allies.

            So I guess we should not even try to make any agreements cause no one will honor them….Here is an agreement I will make with you….I will not counter any more of your replies…believe me…I will honor my agreement. Have a good day.

  3. I find the letter that came from the Party that still has not forgiven Jane Fonda for speaking with the enemy, ironic. What a sad day for the Country when one of its two political parties become the enemy within. I have always called the Right Wing of the GOP dangerous but now they have taken one step further to enemy status.

      • Your right it was not just the far right that signed the letter. I should have pointed that out. However, if you join into the craziness of the Right, does it make a difference how you label yourself? The GOP has become a group of thugs just holding down their jobs at the cost of their Country and everyone who voted for them. I want to throw-up every time I hear one of their excuses.

  4. If these morons were arrested and charged with stupidity it wouldn’t be enough to satisfy some people !! Actually,arresting them for treason would be a valuable lesson for ALL politicians,ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES !!!

  5. This political infighting HAS GOT TO STOP…..All Americans believe this is necessary for us to accomplish anything. “The 99” has a song called “Rough Times in America”…..this song is climbing the American Adult Contemporary charts right now!

    It entered the charts at #174 and has climbed an incredible 115 positions in 3 weeks to number 59…The songs speak DIRECTLY to this bipartisan BS our leaders are engaging in at the detriment of the people. and the people are listening!!! You can google the songs name if you are interested. it will give you a Facebook page…look to the left on the page and you will see a button that says “play”…If you believe in the message give us a like and share with others!

    • We have been a deeply divided nation since the dolt, Reagan, used his bully pulpit to demean a number of differen segments of society–teachers, air traffic controllers, farmers(keep the grain, export the farmers) and the mentally ill and voodoo economics that created class warfare. . The deep division has increased due to cable News(24/7), Radio, and print media controlled by those with political/economic interests and money to express their views.. Your plea for civility has merit but the die has been cast and the process escalating daily. However, your concern has credibility.

      • Frank…I for one will not just concede control of my country because the “die has been cast”. Please do not forget what our forefathers sacrificed to give us a free America. To just give up is to dishonor their memory and sacrifice. I for one will do what I can to deliver a message of the need for change.

        Do not think I have the support of a big record label …I do not. I am doing EVERYTHING on my own….and believe me the powers in music and radio are amazed at this records success. My one reward is that people are listening. Radio stations did not want to play this song….but once they did, the support from the people showed them the popularity of the message. This is what I know how to do…Music. If everyone contributed what they know how to do or assisted others with plan , we can change. An avalanche is made of many snowflakes…

        I know I may sound quaint or naive, but what is my choice. My dad was a Tuskegee Airman….I will not dishonor his service to this country by just shrugging my shoulders and giving up because the fight “looks” un winnable.

        • Tuskegee Airmen were/are an honorable group who served the nation with pride and glory. I had three brothers who fought in combat zones in WW2 and I served in the US Army. My comment related to the fact that the voters of this country have returned to control of the government and our lives to the remnants of the right wing bunch that created the mess at home and abroad we endure today. It is just frustration with the fact that they can continue their egregious mischief in disregard to the best interests of the nation and its citizens.

          • I whole heartedly agree with you…and I guess I took MY frustration out a little on you and it was completely misdirected….and for that I apologize. Frank…please accept it.

  6. At first it was a meeting to determine the methods to destroy the President and his administration in any way the right wing had at their disposal. Then they employed vitriol and hate to obstruct his plans to recover from the mess he and the rest of us inherited from the last right wing bunch who controlled the government and our lives. Now they use treachery and chicanery to undermine the President’s duty as desinated by the Constitution to conduct the foreign policy of the United States of America. What is the recourse for the nation when its congress is engaged in seditious activity?

    • Since when does Barry Soetoro follow the U.S. constitution? And just how long can you continue to blame the previous administration?

      • As long as the mess at home and abroad the last right wing bunch created that the curent right wing bunch wants to continue, the BLAME will continue.

      • In addition, when the right wing accepts accountability and responsibility for their gross criminal negligence prior to and during the attack on 9/11 in NY murdering 2983 of our people on their own soil while at work, then bungling the mission into Afghanistan allowing it to fester for another to confront, then using deceit, lies and chicanery to start a misguided, mismanaged venture into Iraq letting it to fester for another to confront while undermining a once viable economy, then you may have some credibility with your inane comments. These egregious right wing boondoggles will haunt this nation for years to come as they have for the past decade and more. so continue with your mindless babble and right wing hypocrisy.

          • Not excitement just disbelief that you right wing hacks keep blaming others for your own malfeasance/misfeasance and mismanagement of the country’s foreign and domestic affairs that create misery for everyone. A mind is a terrible thing to waste, but in your case, no problem. the first part is not original, I’ll leave the rest up to you.

          • Well Frank, by mismanagement of foreign policy do you mean describing ISIS as a JV team or the fantasy of an Arab Spring? And domestic policy? Americans are financially worse off under Barry. Maybe you’re referring to the false unemployment rate because it does not count the millions who have given up looking for work. Nice ad hominem attacks, though.

          • Towler, are there any interesting people in your life that you should be socializing with? Or is offering one-liners of empty thoughts on your computer your only joie de vivre?

          • Oh I’m signing off now. This has become boring. This site was entertaining for awhile. Thanks.

          • ISIs, they’re getting more than they bargained for by the President and other nations in the ME. The economy shouldn’t even enter your mind because the economic indicators were forecasting an economic-fiscal-financial trainwreck during the second administration of the Bush/Cheney debacle when Bush/Coulson were begging congress for bailouts and stimulus packages to avoid a deep recession or worse–we got the worse. The mess created by the right wing “enroned” the country into economic chaos and what remains may never be resolved by this President or his successors. You started it with the “huckleberry” tag and living in a “bubble”. As stated before “if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the Kitchen”. My so-called ad-hominem comments relate to your political/economic views which need to be challenged because they have no credibility, just more right wing hypocrisy.

          • Frank, you may be blaming Bush until the day you die. And you tell me you’re not living in a bubble? Thanks for all your input. Interesting viewpoint.

          • Our treatment of the Mideast is what spawned ISIS. This morning, in our paper, Netanyahu said he will keep on with the settlements until there is no longer a Palestine.

          • If you “think” the comment relating to recent history amd right wing incompetence is amusing, then your right wing humor has been a tragedy for the country.

        • Bush and his cabinets are convicted war criminals. Advanced interrogation is still torture, just as advanced flatulence that comes of some of these trolls mouths is still what it is.

    • Hi Frank. Tell me, what is the recourse for a nation that has a pathological liar and traitor for a president? And please, no blaming Bush because Obama is nothing more than a liar and a flim flam man. He’s a joke, Frank, a joke.

    • Remember the day of President Obama’s inauguration? Mitch McConnell, and I quote, “The Republicans’ number one goal is to make Obama a one-term president.” When they failed, at that goal, the next one was to make him look bad. They are liars and bullies and I am not a Democrat so the ill-informed can’t throw that out with spittles of hate running down the corners of their mouths.

  7. WHERE are consequences or, any ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of Wrong-doing for this treasonous act? Since Reagan’s Regime there have been NO penalties for outrageous and/or treasonous behavior committed by ReTHUGlicans! The Morons lately elected to our Congress have made us a Laughing Stock among other Free World Nations and there MUST be judgments handed down so this type of treacherous behavior NEVER happens again! When the likes of Sara Palin, Louis Gohmert, Joanie Ernst and others of their insane ilk, rise to positions of power in our Government something is DEFINITELY wrong with our system! Citizens United is to blame for most of this incompetence. Allowing Mega-Wealthy individuals the ability to BUY their chosen morons to do their bidding in Congress is not only morally wrong it is DESTROYING everything this Nation was founded on! God help us, THIS Congress certainly WON’T!

      • No towler, you are the laughingstock of this posting because you make stuff up to fulfill the racist quota you have in your mind.

        • So, in your bubble, anyone who disagrees with this administration and its policies is a racist? I have several African-American friends who are disgusted with this President. Are they racists, Wedge?

          • The usual comeback of a closet racist…”I have several Afro American friends”…OMG you people never cease to amaze me…my BS meter is clanging loudly…

          • What a silly individual you are. So now your telling me I have no African-American friends because I disagree with your drivel? Your BS meter is reacting to you, Alvin. Very funny.

          • I did not say you do not have any “Afro American friends”…but heres a hint….they prefer to be called “Black”….you would know that if they were close enough friends that they would even bother correcting you. But I am your friend…. so I will tell you…please do not call us Afro American….we are “Black” ok?

            But I do love your comeback to being labeled a closet racist…
            “I have several Afro American friends” …. now THAT is funny.

            Take a lesson from Towler White people. NEVER say “I have several Afro American friends”….it just comes off as insincere to Black people….Actions speak louder than words anyway.

          • Poor Alvin, you see a racist behind every bush. Now you’re going to parse words. One of my African-American friends is sitting right here on my couch. She says she doesn’t care if she’s referred to as African-American, nor does she mind being referred to as black. You are preoccupied with race, Alvin, and that is divisive. Give it up, you silly man. You’re the racist.

          • And they have dinner with these friends all the time and they are invited to their kids’ weddings. Yeah – right.

          • What a kind suggestion, Aaron. It was not me who brought up race. This discussion is about a President who expects respect and adherence to the U.S. Constitution when he does not respect this country’s people and tramples on the Constitution regularly. Your friend Alvin is obsessed with race, and that is how the subject came up. Does that clear YOUR cobwebs for you, Aaron?

            Not everyone who disagreeing with the president is a racist. A lot of them are lying hypocrites and morons, too. If the country is a laughingstock, you and all your fellow lunatics are at least as much to blame.
            Bet Obama is still more respected than his predecessor.

          • Partisan rage? You’re practically foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog. Ask the Military whether Obama is more respected than his predecessor. You’re ridiculous.

          • You have never experienced racism from a person of the same race? The Republicans have made it an art form.
            All black people do not like every other black person anymore that all white people like every other white person. To disguise their racism the Republicans call them white trash and the 47% of the population as takers. The blacks call the black group that is not part of the elite, takers as well and also criminals, and welfare recipients and people that have kids just to get more benefits.
            All of this is racist and all of it should be condemned.

      • Thanks to you and your ilk the country is the laughingstock of the planet for now. North Korea isn’t nearly as fetid and moribund in its decision-making procedures as we are for the time being.

        • Germany’s Angela Merkel has expressed how outrageous our Congress is and the London Times , also. You don’t see Boehner saying to the world, Follow me, I am going to invade Iran personally. His offspring won’t serve either.

      • He wasn’t in the Gallery sitting next to Sheldon Adelson during Bibi Netanyahoo’s speech, THAT’S for sure!

          • Both Parties have their favorites. Hillary is NOT the only game in town. The ReTHUGlicand have NO ONE who can beat her, but she is NOT the favorite by any manner of means! She’s too closely associated with the Big Money Interests. We need Young, Progressive candidates who will fight for the People, NOT just the Rich!

          • I totally agree! Hillary is better by far than any corporate boot licker the GOP offers up. The candidate they’ll be running, and the Obama haters will be voting for, is being decided for them by a few billionaires, as we speak. But my thoughts are, why elect another Clinton, when what the Country needs is another FDR?

          • I’d LOVE to see Elizabeth Warren run but she is SO needed in Congress where she really holds the ReTHUG’s feet to the fire. I’d also love to see Bernie Sanders in the White House . My only reservation is his age, however, for an older American, he’s one of the MOST Progressive Politicians I’ve ever seen, as well as being compassionate towards less fortunate Americans. There’s also Sherrod Brown, Al Franken, Ron Wyden and several others who WOULDN’T be shills for the Mega-Wealthy!

          • What exactly do you mean when you say, “progressive”? Just more forced Socialism from you “enlightened” ones? We have seen the many disastrous results of failed Socialist policies, like i creased poverty, illiteracy & food stamp increases, huge unpayable debt, broken families, unemployment & government dependency, on & on……..

          • What this country NEEDS is Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren, but he is getting OLD and she is SO needed in congress where she keeps the ReTHUGlican feet to the fire! Sherrod Brown, Al Franken and Ron Wyden also come to mind as well as several more progressive politicians who would NOT be shills for the Rich!

          • I am not that fond of Hiliary, but she has the name recognition and the background. I don’t hate her.

          • I agree. We don’t need Hillary, and we don’t need any of the possible candidates the Republicans have trotted out, either. Dr. Ben Carson is interesting, but he is against Women’s choice on abortion, and that’s a problem. We shall see.

          • So we shall, however, talented Neurosurgeon that he is, Ben Carson has lost touch with REAL America. He would be a DISASTER in the White House!

  8. I shudder to think that this may be setting a precedent. I have signed petitions, and added comments to blogs to show my outrage. I think if enough citizens make calls, write letters, and sign petitions, we will be sending a loud message that these disrespectful acts are shameful behavior for elected officials and will not be tolerated. One signer, Mark Kirk, from Illinois, will be running against Tammy Duckworth, an outstanding legislator who lost her legs in the Middle East while serving. I imagine that Kirk has damaged his credibility, and this may give a huge boost to Duckworth’s campaign. I am more determined than ever to have Tammy Duckworth representing my state in the Senate.

    • I wrote to both of my “senators” and John McCain. I told McCain that i once admired him and planned of voting for him before he selected the queen of hate for his running mate.

  9. Hmmm was’ the Logan Act in place when Kerry met with Daniel Ortega?? Or Ted Kennedy meeting with North Korea or Peelosi meeting with Saddam Hussein??. Dem’s have been undermining our Republican presidents since time immemorial

  10. All Obama has to do to avoid divided government, is to stop violating OUR Constitution’s most basic Separation of Powers. He acted without Congress on his unlawful Executive Amnesty, while trying to make foreign policy deals without Congressional approval, all required by our Constitution. Congress is the representatives of all the States, and they legislate, the President executes, very basis of our Government of the People. This act alone behavior by ANY President, is very dangerous, as we have seen from results of many dictatorships.

    • “He acted without Congress on his unlawful Executive Amnesty, while
      trying to make foreign policy deals without Congressional approval, all
      required by our Constitution..” ..unless he’s white.
      Paul, that requirement sounds all fine and condemning but it does not exist. The black man is not a “furringer”, is not a “secret Muslim”, and is not beholden to Congress for the execution of his actions, as he is, in fact, the head of the *EXECUTIVE BRANCH*.

      • Yes, the Executive Branch, they “execute” the Laws passed by our representatives, not “legislate” them. Even President Obama stated many, many times, he is not an Emperor, & doesn’t have the authority under OUR Constitution to give Amnesty to Millions of Illegals. What is so hard to understand about that? Get your racist blinders off, what the hell does “unless he’s White” have to do with our Laws & Constitution?

      • Race card declined, Daniel. It’s long past time to stop accusing anyone who disagrees with Obama of being a racist.

          • So, Alvin, according to you, I’m a racist because I don’t agree with this administration and its policies? Even you can’t be that misguided, or can you?

          • No, you’re a racist because you hate the president and disagree with policies you wouldn’t if they were done by a white, male Republican.

        • Why don’t you just be a man and admit what you truly feel inside about the President. If you espouse a racist ideology and you believe it is correct, then accept it and don’t be ashamed. Stand up for what you feel and don’t hide it from the world.

          • So I am a racist because I don’t agree with this President and his policies? Is that what you’re saying, Aaron? I do not espouse a racist ideology, but you would know that if you could read. That’s it–shriek racist at anyone who disagrees with this administration. Very intelligent, Aaron. Impressive.

          • Name a policy and why you don’t agree with it. I will go first. I didn’t agree with amnesty as historically, it has never solved the problem.

          • I did not agree with the early stimulous package-it produced practically no shovel-ready jobs and gave taxpayer funded loans to solar companies that later went bankrupt. Did not agree with the amnesty move. Amnesty after amnesty has not solved the problem. Do not agree with Common Core. I feel states should have more input into education. Do not agree with the nuclear agreement he is currently working on with Iran. I don’t believe they will honor ary agreement set forth. Do not agree with the ACA and how it was passed. Certainly all citizens deserve healthcare, but I believe that could have been achieved in a different manner and without all the lies. His policy of being the most transparent administration? He’s no better, in fact worse, than his predecessors in that regard. Anyway, there are some of the reasons I disagree with Obama’s policies. Thanks.

          • Okay, the stimulus worked differently in different states as it was administered by different state governments. Perhaps there shouldn’t have been so much trust and safeguards put in it. Could we have come up with a better plan if everyone was working on it, instead of trying to make the President look bad? Now, find me some statistics to prove it was a bad move.

          • It is funny that those with Medicare, Medicaid and company provided healthcare wish to deny it to others. If Romney had been the one to present the plan, you would have embraced it. Common core? According to your hate groups it is bad. All it does is list things like math and science that must be taught so we can keep up with the world. It is only wrong because Obama selected the bi-partisan group to come up with it. Do I trust the states? Absolutely not. You will have states, like Mississippi, who could care less about academic standards. You will have states, like Texas, who re-writes the history books to favor their racism and promote their religion. How did you feel about “no child left behind?” Talking with Iran – how should we pay for a war if we goad them into one? A. Take it from Social Security and Medicare. B. Raise taxes on everyone? C. Raise taxes on the middle-class? D. Borrow from China if we still have credit? E. Put it on a credit card and let the next administration and future generations worry about it? Who shall we send to come home in a box? A. Those dumb enough to join the service (and when they see we are in perpetual war, they might not join)? B. Middle class and poor kids? C. Senators’ kids? D. You or your kids? If you want war bad enough Israel pays their mercenaries very well.

          • “To thine ownself be true, and it follows thou canst be false to any man.” – Shakespeare. If they would admit the real reason behind their feeling, it would be refreshing to them. Some of them already know what they are, but they want you to think they aren’t.

        • It’s not what the Right is objecting to that points to the racism. Even as, they have objected to their own policies, just to object to
          Obama agreeing them, doesn’t get us there. It’s how they are choosing to object to Obama, that closes the case for racism. The mere fact that one is a Republican, and objects to the policies, and decisions of a Black President doesn’t necessarily make them a racist. Not at all. But if one is a racist, and that is the sole reason for objecting to everything Obama says. And is looking for Party that doesn’t distinguish between the two…that lets that stand, that consistently encourages, and promotes, and accommodates that. It’s the Republican Party of the U.S. Now, if occasionally being labeled as a possible racist disturbs you, find a different crowd to hang out with, or get used to it. Your choice.

          • So what do you have to say to Black Republicans? And thank you for your rational comment. No sarcasm intended.

          • I’m sure that 2% of African Americans who support the GOP can speak for themselves. There are Gay Republicans after all. And they have their reasons, I’m sure. But the facts are, the further Right the GOP finds itself on the issues. The fewer percentages of minorities will support them. And the more racially divisive they must become to cater to, and motivate their mostly, (98%) White constituencies. The more their narrative must describe to their dwindling base an us, versus them presentation, in order to win. And this formula, will have the demographics of an already diversifying electorate, burying them Nation wide, in a few cycles. This is not my prediction, but comes straight from a speech given by Reince Priebus, after the Party’s losses in the 2012 general election cycle. Have the GOP as a Party acted racist toward the Nation’s first Black President? Large percentages on the Right say not. While overwhelming percentages on the Left, minorities, and young people, believe there’s no doubt racism has not only played a huge part in the way Republicans have chosen to oppose Obama, but it’s played a substantial role in the way in which they have tried to demonize him as a person.

          • Your full of yourself, besides, it was the Democrat Party that promoted racism and tried to keep Blacks down, and the Republican Party that emancipated slaves.

          • Come on! The Democratic Party, “was,” the Party of racists. The operative word is, “was.” All those Dixiecrats went some where after Johnson signed the Civil Rights Bill in ’64. And 98% of the Black community that belong to the Democratic Party today, do not do so, because they fail to appreciate Lincoln. And it’s not the Democratic Party that’s opposed to raising low income wages, or President Obama’s college bill, or trying to destroy trade unions, that’s making it harder for everyone, now in poverty, to make a living wage. That would be the GOP.
            By the bye. Do you think the GOP is holding down Wall Street to maintain enough votes, without ever addressing their greed, and their gambling addiction? Do you think Walmart is mired in gov. dependency, because their payroll is being subsidized with Medicaid, section 8 housing, and food stamps? Do you really believe the Right is trying to alleviate poverty? Or that their economic policies don’t work for the majority, in order to make the rich richer at the expense of everyone else? That the GOP is not rife with promoters, and protectors of the White power structure? That the Southern Strategy, designed by Lee Atwater to lure Southern Whites over to the GOP, after the Civil Rights Bill, didn’t work? That it wasn’t the reason the GOP carried the South for the first time since Lincoln emancipated the slaves? That you know better than 98% of African americans? Because they aren’t smart enough to figure out which Party’s policies are lifting them up, providing pathways out of poverty. And which Party is advocating against their best interest? That’s being full of oneself right there.

          • After decades of Democrat “help”, where did it get Blacks? Many Black leaders say, “Liberals, please quit helping us.” How does allowing even more Illegals here help Black Americans when they have already an extremely high unemployment rate? The Illegals are the new government dependent Democrats.

      • When Liberals haven’t good reasons for their changing principles, they always play the race card. It doesn’t even mean anything anymore, they overplayed their losing hand.

        • I agree. Dr. Ben Carson comes to mind. We know he has more brains than the POS who occupies the Oval Office. Barry should stick to late night comedy shows. That’s where he really shines.

    • Hey stupid, the President can issue executive orders. He doesn’t need your advise or consent. Bush issued hundreds of executive orders so how about getting an education before posting.

      • We will see how you like future Presidents making executive decisions when they are not to your liking. Why is it that you Liberal loonatics like Amnesty after amnesty when it just leads to more illegal entry and then screams for another amnesty? Then you complain about unemployment and low wages. Real geniuses.

      • Since I remember Reagan’s speech when he gave them amnesty, trying to say it wasn’t him is just dumb. Was Reagan bad for it? No, he thought it was a good thing to do. Was bush bad for offering amnesty? No he thought he was doing a good thing. Is Obama bad? No, but I don’t agree with the decision as it hasn’t solved the problem in the past. Do I hate Obama for making that decision? No.

    • Some conservatives forget, however, that despite the anti-amnesty fervor on the right, the grandfather of amnesty happens to be one of the Republican Party’s most beloved heroes: President Ronald Reagan.

      • Also the Grandfather of making secret pre-election deals with Ayatollah so that there would be no October Surpise; the Grandfather of trading Arms for Hostages, the Grandfather of asking Iran to help him out with arming the Contras. The GOP doesnt have a problem with negotiations, secret or otherwise with Iran.

      • How often do you need to be informed that it was NOT Reagan’s Amnesty, it was the bi-patisan Simpson-Mazolli congressional “legislation”, that was then signed by President Reagan. It was also a (one-time) Amnesty, that would have solved the Illegal problem, but all we got was the Amnesty, the enforcement LAWS were ignored. President Obama on the other hand, all on his own, against the will of the People represented by Congress, proclaimed his own Amnesty, when Congress had previously denied it.

        • That is all rubbish.

          But there is a way to fix this. All’s Boner has to do is bring up S.744 , approved by Senate 68-32 including 14 Republican seats.

          The bill will pass, Obama will sign it into law, and then the t-baggers will have to shut the f()ck up.

          • Why should we pass “another” comprehensive Amnesty when the enforcement measures of the ONE-TIME Amnesty of 1986 were violated. The same will happen with a “new” one-time solution. If our government really wanted this problem solved, they had many years to really secure the border, pass mandatory E-verify, & stop visa overstays, they haven’t. Indeed, the Democrats, Obama, & some Republicans OPPOSE these measures.

          • So why didn’t dubya seal the borders after 9/11 instead of doing nothing? It would have been the perfect opportunity to do it…but what did he do…nothing.

            You should read S44. It includes everything that you like…except for that amnesty thing. But the amnesty proposed in the bill is pretty extreme. It could take a Mexican that already lives here ten years to complete.

            There are fines to be paid, learn english, American history classes. In fact it is a pretty tuff deal.

          • Bush should have sealed the borders the day after 911, but I am sure he would have been opposed. Like I mentioned many times before, any “comprehensive” Amnesty never worked as we have seen, why we must as a 1st. & Separate Bill, fully secure border along with mandatory E-verify & stop & track all visa overstays. Only after that is actually completed can we solve other immigration issues. Congress & Presidents have had Many years to enforce those Laws, but haven’t & won’t.

          • No matter how much damage they do to this country.

            That traitorous letter proves it.

    • My God man! You make a great case for a pre test before being allowed to have access to the net. You probably vote too I’m afraid. And we wonder why this Country is doing, a “Hindenburg?” So, just curious, what part of the deal that doesn’t yet exist, do you think Congress needs to first approve? Or, maybe all 535 members of Congress, with their wives, and entourage in tow should go over to Zurich, and join in the talks all at once. How’d that be? Impose the entire Bagger contingent of, Cotton, Cruz, Louie Gohmert,, on the Iranians, and our Allies. Who have worked like dogs on these talks for years. While the choir sings, “Hail Hail the Gang’s All Here!,” and, “Welcome to our Crazy World!”

      • Talk about a devastating upper cut from the floor to his jaw (concerning the protocols and practice surrounding executive treaty making power under the relevant Constitutional provisions)!! That one did him in.

      • Yup, I vote, early and often. Just like Millions of people that are sick of Obama & the Democrat/Socialist Party, that you embrace so much, and voted them out in droves.

  11. Hmmm was’ the Logan Act in place when Kerry met with Daniel
    Ketter?? Or Ted Kennedy meeting with South Korea or Reegan
    meeting with Saddam Hussein??. Repub’s have been undermining our Democratic presidents since time immemorial

    • This open letter, signed by 90% of the GOP Senate Republicans, is far different than a politician simply meeting with a foreign head of State. There is literally no precedent. Unless we look at Nixon trying to undermine the peace talks with the N. Vietnamese, prior to the ’68 elections. Intimating by backchannel he would give them a better deal, if they backed out on Johnson. Which was pretty close to, if not out, and out, traitorous. Do you believe in Karma? There you go!

      • And there is no precedent for a pesident who has had such contempt for the citizens of this country and trampled the Constitution as much as Obama. What goes around comes around. Why should he expect respect when he has given none? To even expect Iran to abide by any agreement is foolish at best and dangerous at worst.

        • Maybe you should research the Bush/Cheney administration….they overrode the Constitution pretty much on a daily basis! Cheney had no respect for the Constitution and allowed our presidency to override it on many occasions.

          • @dpaano So, by your reasoning, it’s ok for Barry to do it because Bush did it? But wasn’t Barry supposed to be the antithesis of Bush? Wasn’t the cornerstone of his 2008 campaign supposed to be “the most transparent administration in history “? Come now. He’s just as bad, if not worse. At some point, you’ve got to step into the present. Bush hasn’t been in office for 7 years. Face it, Barry is a complete and utter failure. And I did not vote for Bush.

          • I never said at…..but President Obama has never done anything against the Constitution…’s just the opinion of the GOP, who apparently hasn’t read the Constitution lately!

    • There are active anti-government groups, in wonderful Country, that want to destroy our Democratic Government and there are uninformed dolts that will let them. The will probably help them.

    • All of which were, at the time of those meetings, allies with the US.

      Iran is the perceived enemy. And that is the difference.

    • Meeting is one thing telling a foreign power that no matter what the President does the Senate will override it and that any agreement made by the President is not valid. That is traitorous and sends a message to the world that the United States can not be trusted.

      • I thought I had acted in good faith and made the best decision I could with the information I had,” she writes “And I wasn’t alone in getting it wrong. But I still got it wrong.”

        Hillary Clinton

        • My son was in the front lines on the march to Baghdad, along the way they found hundreds of thousands of gas masks. The huge worry of the military was that we could lose many Marines to gas attacks, why they were required to wear full protection even in the stifling heat & dust storms. They had chemical weapons of mass destruction & were working on germ warfare. As for nuclear, no physical evidence was discovered. Before the inspectors were allowed in, there were large convoys of trucks from Iraq to Syria. We see now how the terrorists have again gained control after we pulled out. Now, with the growth & violence of ISIS, we now are going back. Meanwhile, Iran is working on completing nuclear weapons.

          • Iraq of course HAD chemical weapons, they gassed to death thousands of Kurds. They were forced to either remove or destroy them because of the inspectors entering Iraq for breaking UN sanctions.

          • They gassed the kurds in 1988.

            They did NOT have WMD when dubya lied to us and invaded on false pretenses.

            We were lied to, bamboozled. Just like his court appointment to the White House.

          • Government intelligence at the time showed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Chemical & germ warfare are weapons of mass destruction, not just nuclear. Like I mentioned, hundreds of thousands of gas masks were found plus Sadam had already used them, so our government, including Hillary agreed with inspectors. The reason for invading Iraq was because they violated UN sanctions. I personally wanted to give the inspectors more time, but as we have now seen with ISIS, terrorism was NOT defeated like Obama tries to tell us, like just before his last election. Now, we are back over there. Wishful thinking won’t defeat these savages.

          • The first 3/4 of your post are lies that Cheney dubya and rumsfield have convinced you to believe. And you are still buying it.

            Again I ask, If Saddam had WMD when would a better time be to use them then against an invading US military.

            When did Obama try to tell us “terrorism was defeated”?

            I can’t wait to hear your answer.

          • The real evil trio, Cheney, Rusfeld, and Bush are convicted war criminal. There were tried and convicted, in absentia, in Malaysia and Norway. Several other countries have warrants for their arrest if they ever go to those countries. I remember a reporter asking Bush what was the worst thing that ever happened in his administration. His answer: “That no weapons of mass destruction were found.” Now with all this inside information that pz has, Bush would love to have it.

          • The first 3/4 are lies? Everyone knows there were many thousands of gas mass & when the U.S. first went in, there was much nervousness by the American people that our troops would be killed in large numbers by chemical weapons. Sadam took a great deal of time before he even let the inspectors in, apparently to fool those inspectors that he was following sanctions. Hillary and other Democrats all believed this as so. Still stuck on the BS Cheney/Bush war for oil money I see, unbelievable. You seem to forget that under Obama the price of oil was at super high levels for over 6 years. Maybe Obama was in cahoots with Chenry, LMAO! !

          • I will ask you again.

            If Saddam had WMD on March 20, 2003 why didn’t he use them on US troops invading his country?

          • Nice try. This post is about the 47 Senators that sent a letter to Iranian leaders, explaining how our Constitution is by the People & Separation of Powers. In other words, they can’t just make deals like 3rd. World Dictatorships. Liberals always sway from the topic by always going back to Bush, or others, to excuse their failings.

          • I will point out to you pauly that YOU are the one that started this thread with your story about your son and the gas masks.

            That was the post I responded to so you are the one doing the “swaying”.

            But I will ask you again.

            If Saddam had WMD on March 20, 2003 why didn’t he use them on US troops invading his country?

          • And I was responding to all the Leftie talk on here bringing up Bush as usual for Obama’s failures. I had already explained about the chemical weapons, learn how to comprehend. The entire point of this Post is the unlawful violation of Separation of Powers. Had the Republicans stooped to Harry Reid’s level, they couldve just used the nuclear option. Newsflash, Obama named the Least transparent President.

          • Again I ask, If Sadam had WMD on March 20, 2003, why didn’t he he use them on US troops invading his country?

          • He’s not going to answer you because he doesn’t know the answer and can only “assume” that what the Bush/Cheney liars told the American people was the truth….we know now that it wasn’t!

          • WHAT “failures”! Obama has had NO failures! Bush declared ILLEGAL War against the Wrong enemy at the Wrong time for ALL the Wrong reasons, ALL UNPAID for! He left this President awash in debt from which we are recovering fairly well. Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Ladin are NO MORE and we are TRYING to avoid another Costly Mistake of a War with Iran, no thanks to the Treasonous TeaTHUGlicans who couldn’t pour out P*ss out of a boot with the directions written on the heel! I’m NOT a “Leftie” I’m an American that is FED up with the Hard Right-Wing Lunatics who have over-taken the Party of Lincoln and turned it into a Clown Show! They are THE most Dangerous people to have EVER sat in our Congress and will DESTROY this country IF we let them. Thankfully, it won’t happen because there are TOO many Americans with Hearts, Minds and Souls who will prevent them from giving EVERYTHING to the Mega-Wealthy Koch Bothers, Sheldon Adelson and the other 1% elite! President Obama is NOT perfect, however he DOES care about average Americans which is more than you can say for ANY current ReTHUGlican Office Holder!

          • The GD senate has zero power under our constitution to conduct or interfere in Foreign Relations. Here is a law, the Logan Act, that explains it to you.

            § 953. Private correspondence with foreign governments.

            Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commences or carries on any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, with intent to influence the measures or conduct of any foreign government or of any officer or agent thereof, in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States, or to defeat the measures of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

            This section shall not abridge the right of a citizen to apply himself, or his agent, to any foreign government, or the agents thereof, for redress of any injury which he may have sustained from such government or any of its agents or subjects.

            Constitutional authority for foreign relations[edit]

            Article II, Section 2, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution includes the ‘Treaty Clause,’ which empowers the President of the United States to propose and chiefly negotiate agreements, which must be confirmed by the Senate, between the United States and other countries, which become treaties between the United States and other countries after the advice and consent of a supermajority of the United States Senate.

            “[T]he President alone has the power to speak or listen as a representative of the nation. He makes treaties with the advice and consent of the Senate; but he alone negotiates. Into the field of negotiation the Senate cannot intrude; and Congress itself is powerless to invade it. As Marshall said in his great argument of March 7, 1800, in the House of Representatives, ‘The President is the sole organ of the nation in its external relations, and its sole representative with foreign nations.’


            Please: Repeating a lie does not make it true.

          • The “government intelligence” you refer to, in this case, has already been shown to be “manufactured” by the G.W.Bush administration. That also resulted in the “outing” of Valery Plame as an undercover CIA operations officer because her husband, abbassador Joseph Wilson blew the whistle on the erroneous allegations of “weapons of mass destruction.”

          • The CIA sent Joe Wilson to Niger to ascertain whether, or not, they did have the purported amount of yellow cake uranium and were planning on selling it to Iraq. He was sent because he spoke the language and had contacts to high places. He reported back that it was not true and cheney’s office outed Joe Wilson’s wife as a covert CIA agent. It destroyed her career. Also, not very well reported (of course) was the fact that a contact that Valerie Plame was working with lost his life over that fiasco. Saddam Hussein had already invited the UN inspectors in and the UN asked that administration to wait until the inspections were done. Cheney wanted war and went in against the advice of other countries. Strange, that Halliburton and subsidiaries were awarded no-bid contracts after that crime to Iraq.

          • If you objective is to fight a war with a country you will find or make up things to accomplish it. Bush wanted a war with Iraq because he Iraqis when after his father.

          • What government intelligence? All we got were lies from the Bush/Cheney administration. As far as that administration was concerned, “government intelligence” was an oxymoron!

          • Before we invaded Iraq, Sadam’s armies were battling their mortal enemy, the armies of Iran. Between the two, almost a million soldiers were killed in the Shat-al-Arab (the swampland area between Iraq and Iran).

            We decided to invade Iraq, and thereby removed Iran’s worst enemy. Iran, no longer under attack, was then free to focus it’s attention in other areas, such as developing its nuclear program.

            Can you imagine how things could have turned out if we had not invaded Iraq? Could they have still been at it today?

          • Iran had already started enriching Uranium in the 90’s, and stated their desire to wipe Israel of the face of the Earth.

          • I wonder if that is true. In the ’40’s the US only took three years to enrich enough uranium to build and explode TWO bombs, using the most primitive equipment.

            So why is it taking Iran so long using the most modern equipment?

            Join me in demanding that Israel comes forward with all their nuclear bomb technology and sign the non-proliferation agreement as Iran already has.

          • invaded on lies no matter what lies pz and son try to perpetuate. The babble about Hiliary is like this analogy: Tony is driving down the road and starts to wood gather. He runs a stop sign and gets a ticket. Ted stalks and kills a young woman. At his trial, his lawyer says, “What about Ton?

          • What a pile of crap. The gas masks would have been for old types of chemical warfare that never happened against our armed forces. The Weapons of mass destruction were supposed to be nuclear and none of those were ever found.

        • That was an honest reply. Republicans made an art form of lying and just don’y understand an honest reply because they have never done it.

          • On the contrary, Liberals don’t want the truth to be told, those are the ones they try to discredit. Just like Obama with his constant blaming others for his failures & refusing to ever accept responsibility, just like a 3 year old.

          • What failures? We have 16 million people that have health insurance that didn’t before, we have a stock market that doubled, we have record low unemployment, we finally have companies raising the minimum wage,.we have a military that is trying to disengage from being the primary fighters in both Afghanistan and Iraq.
            All of you people that complain offer no ideas at all about what should be done and if you support Netanyahu are traitors to your own country. if you like Netanyahu so much move to Israel, you will find out real quick what living under a dictator is like.
            The Republicans want a war with Iran, they want more dead American soldiers. The Republicans have zero ideas about anything and are nothing but complainers. In fact the Republicans are so bad 47 of them in the Senate violated the Logan Act and interfered with the State Department efforts even before an agreement with the US and 5 other countries is worked out . They have zero ideas and went all the way to Israel to get someone to speak for them because they lack the balls to do it themselves.

  12. The current rabble in both chambers are a lot like one-celled creatures that react first and then wait to see what the results are. They might want to reverse their modus operandi and think first, consult, then act. That may be a tall order and a bit unrealistic given the group mentality which is akin to lemmings about to plunge over a high ledge.

  13. Question is WHY isn’t the Justice Dept. doing anything to these 47 individuals for going against the Logan Act….maybe they need to be reminded that they aren’t above the law!

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