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Monday, December 5, 2016

The family of the suspect who confessed to murdering nine people in a Charleston, South Carolina church Wednesday night has issued a statement, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

In the statement, the family of Dylann Storm Roof expressed its “deepest sympathies and condolences” to the victims’ families.

The statement continues:

Words cannot express our shock, grief, and disbelief as to what happened that night. We are devastated and saddened by what occurred. We offer our prayers sympathy for all of those impacted by these events.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of those killed this week. We have all been touched by the moving words from the victims’ families offering God’s forgiveness and love in the face of such horrible suffering.

Our hope and prayer is for peace and healing for the families of the victims, the Charleston community, and those touched by these events throughout the state of South Carolina and our nation.

As you can imagine, words are hard to find and we would ask that the media respect our family’s privacy at this time.

At Roof’s arraignment Friday, family members and representatives of the victims offered prayers and forgiveness for the suspect.

Via Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Photo: Lydia Blessing, 4, from Charleston, sets out her handwritten note at the “Mother” Emanuel A.M.E. Church on Friday, June 19, 2015, in Charleston, SC. (Curtis Compton/Atlanta Journal-Constitution/TNS)

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9 Responses to ‘Shock, Grief, And Disbelief’ — Family Of Confessed Mass Shooter Releases Statement

  1. Even with this apology the father should be investigated for giving the gun to his son since the young man had been charged with felony drug charges in February.

    • I think he should be charged as an accomplice as should those whose children gain access to loaded weapons in their home and end up killing someone.

      • Does that mean if a child gets a knife and kills someone his parents should be responsible? The killer is the only one responsible. Lets let people be held accountable for their own deeds.

        • That’s an absurd comparison. I could list a number of reasons but for starters how many people have been accidentally killed by someone with a knife?

          • I was talking about someone that wants to kill, not an accident. If you use accident than we should ban cars, alcohol, all sharp objects, drain cleaner and the list would go on and on. The point is that the killer was the one that killed and no one or nothing else can be blamed. Put the blame where it belongs.

          • No point to this discussion when you equate the deadliness and potential for death, whether intentional or accidental, between household cleaners, sharp objects etc. and guns.
            When someone provides a hateful idiot like Roof with a gun they are an accomplice to the crimes he commits with the gun. It’s true that someone may not be able to prevent a criminal from stealing their gun and doing harm and so should not be accountable. But when their safeguarding of their guns is so lax that a child is able to access them then they are responsible for any harm that ensues.

    • I’ve heard conflicting reports about the dad and the gun, one version I heard said the dad claims that he assumes that the younger Roof bought the gun with money the dad gave him for his birthday and that he didn’t know he bought the gun until after the shooting.

      Not saying that the dad shouldn’t be investigated (he could be lying after all).

  2. This apology should be understood within the context the the rage and hatred of the young Roof did not come from a vacuum but was a product of the family, the culture, and the religious environment in which he was reared. Changing these is not a short term process. However we do know that people like Mr. Roof, Mr. McVeigh, Mr. Jim Jones, and so many, many others will continue to be produced if no effort is made to address these underlying causes.

  3. Everything can’t always be blamed on the family. People make up their own minds. We always look to place blame but in reality it is only he doer that is to blame. Let him take responsibility for being the terrorist that he is. Take him out and hang him in the town square as an example of what we do to terrorists. His relatives can not answer for him.

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