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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Steady Jobs Growth Encourages More Americans To Seek Work In New BLS Report

The U.S. economy generated 171,000 new jobs in October, according to data released today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, indicating continued moderate economic growth. Today’s announcement showed  unemployment ticked up slightly to 7.9 percent last month – but that 0.1 percent increase, resulting from more Americans seeking to enter the workforce, suggests that a stronger  labor market is generating more optimism for potential job prospects. By contrast, the economy created an average of only 67,000 jobs per month last  spring, when growth had slowed markedly.

This month’s job creation data — based on information from business establishments — compares favorably with September’s number, just revised sharply upward by the bureau to 148,000. In the government’s October survey of households, nearly a million people entered the labor force while 1.3 million reported gaining employment during the past two months. The number of Americans either working or looking for work rose in October by 578,000, with 410,000 more people saying they were employed.

Campaigning in Ohio, President Obama hailed the new jobs report as further proof that the country is headed in the right direction and said, “We have made real progress.”

But GOP challenger Mitt Romney called the uptick in unemployment a sign that the economy is stagnating. “The economy is at a virtual standstill,” he said in a statement. “On Tuesday, America will make a choice between stagnation and prosperity. For four years, President Obama’s policies have crushed America’s middle class… When I’m president, I’m going to make real changes that lead to a real recovery, so that the next four years are better than the last.”

Still, if the Republican nominee cited a BLS figure today, does that mean there is no White House plot to “rig” unemployment data? Oh, sorry… that was last month’s conspiracy theory.

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  • sheilab2

    Romney would complain if he were hung with a silk rope.

    • yorve455

      I really do not know where Mitt Romney gets the balls to talk about his ability to create jobs. When he was govenor his state was 47th out of 50 states in job creation. I guess that is why he is trailing by 25 Points in a state that he was Govenor.

      • It Might Be Also That Romney As Of Today Is Still Shipping American Jobs To China!!! Here In Illinois Bain Owned Company Sensata!! Romney Still Has Over 8Million Dollars Invested In That Companies!!! There Even More That’s Why He Wont Show Those Back Tax Returns!!!!

    • Just had to tell you Sheilab, I like your word visual. And, you are oh so correct. Nothing is good enough for that man unless it’s someone handing him money, money, money! He complains that the progress we’ve made in hiring of people and lowering unemployment (when his Repub precursor placed us on that slippery slope) is too little and not helping, but giving big tax breaks to his buddies in the top 1% is? Now, I’m not a math genius, nor am I am economic wiz, but listening to this nutball makes me feel I am. He would only be happy if unemployement were going up, then he could pat himself on the back and say, ‘see, I told you that Obama was ruining the country, and I will bring it back (for all but those lazy 47% of you who make too little to help me out)’. After the re-election of President Obama, I would be more than happy to present Robme with the finest silk rope he has ever seen, and even help him tie it!

      • tobewan

        Thanks, Frogger. Makes one wonder if there is similarity to the Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz? at least until he’s been “discovered” he’s just an airhead that talks like he is the Wizard of Oz, but can’t fool most of us. Todo, like the fact-checkers who have ‘dogged’ him, was right!.

  • 1guy2

    If Romney was prez. He would fire all poor,and middle class people,give himself a big fat commission,then with nothing but the rich left, wouldn’t know what to do.He would be just like he is right now,lost as lost can be.

    • If Romney And His So Called Business Men Would Stop Shutting Down American Companies And Shipping Our Jobs Overseas There Would Be Even More Jobs Here In America!!! Romney Is A Liar He Knows Where His Money Is Coming From !! Blind Trust My Ass!!!!!

      • flipped54

        Exactly, Fern, the fairy tale about how he knows nothing about how his money is invested (blind trust) I have a really hard time believing. Anyone with that much money and who is sooooo business savy does not let someone else handle it entirely. Look what happened with Jamie Dimon. He lost 5 billion in a matter of hours.

        • And Guess Where Bush Was On The First Of The Month!! In The Cayman Islands Where Romney Got His Money Hidden, Talking To People About Investing Their Money Offshore, Hows That For A Former American President!!! Romney And Bush Don’t Give A Damn About America Nor The American People All They Care About Is Power, Control And MONEY!!! Romney Is Bush On Steroids!!!! 🙁

  • 1guy2

    You are right, yorve, and I don’t understand,why it was not brought up more often,in the campaign ads

  • Mimi2kool

    Romney can try to spin this into a negative, but he only looks more foolish and phony if he does. He is the first politician who could debate himself and lose.

  • johninPCFL

    GWB had about a million job growth across eight years (counting the losses in the last two years.) Obama has had about 3 million growth in four years (counting the losses in the first year.)

    Seems like we are going in the right direction.

    • cynthiakmg

      Cant understand why anyone would trust and vote for “Pinocchio” aka Romney – or anyone who would condone ads – which are lies or stretch the truth and fact checked by responsible organizations that just want to win the White House –
      what are they expecting in return for the millions they are spending on ads – which could help so many other people in the country – not to mention NY – NJ – and their Sandy problems.
      Not to mention supporting a party that has been out to dishonor and not support anything the President put forth – never did this for any other President – amazing – plus voter suppression to win States……this country condemns other countries for their tricks to fix elections – – look at the US…..doing the same…..Disgusting…..

    • Sandra

      Bush enlarged the Government(public sector jobs) to bring his rates up. Under PO, over 5 million private sector jobs have been created which proves he’s on the right track with his policies despite what lying Romney says. It certainly is a good start and shows people are having confidence in the job market which is illustrated in the stock markets as well.

    • 5 mil jobs under Obama More to come US is safer as well Bin Laden is dead

    • daves

      I think the net Growth since President Obama has been in office is more like 400,000. Four million jobs were lost in 2009.

  • DurdyDawg

    Neither nominees are correct, it’s large and small businesses that’s (trying to) generate growth. Romney indicated this months ago when he spoke (in quiet rooms) that if he becomes president he won’t have to do anything as the economy will improve by itself. This is a confirmation of a theory I (as well as others) believe that a deal between the GOP and big b’ness was reached shortly after Obama took office (it was one of many plans to make Obama a one term president). In it the GOP promised record profits and continued tax breaks IF big b’ness closed they’re doors (relatively) so that unemployment would continue to grow. Agreed, big b’ness give them four years to prove themselves and after that they would resume they’re expansions. This (grand) scheme insured that Obama would suffer politically and it almost worked except, during the election process, more pub dingbats played extremes in religious and self-serving dogma.. This actually stifled their progress, then the myths, lies and empty accusations created a rift from fact checkers that slowed the scheme even further.. so much so that big b’ness couldn’t see the promised progress so within the last three months they began to get antsy which helped kick start small business. Now B.B. is ready to expand (they’ve lost their confidence in the GOP).. The Pubs know this and they’re running scared that Obama is going to take their (deserved?) credit. This is why they must win by any means possible because the economy is ready to improve but again their using tactics that can easily be fact checked. They believe the voters they’ve already won over will be with them to the end and they’ve even told them that no matter what they hear (the flip flops, the lies, etc.) are just a means to gain as much of the 47% as they can and the independents that will believe their lies but it will be lies, that the GOP will remain conservative no matter whats said. This has been the vilest, most corrupt election on record.. I can only shiver as to what future elections will be like if we as Americans don’t put a stop to this moral (if not criminal) activity. So you must get out and vote as if you’re future depended on it because… It Does!!

  • rustacus21

    32 consecutive ‘STRONG’ month’s of job growth… While that sinks in America, understand just how much better & “STRONGER” the job growth – & subsequently, the economy, would have performed had American’s shown up for the 2010 MidTerms in support of President Obama? A Liberal/Progressive majority would certainly have kept the White House from capitulating on so many policy issues, as well as helping steer policy initiatives toward the 100% of American’s who needed to roll up their collective sleeves so the White House didn’t have to do ALL THIS HEAVY LIFTING ALONE! This is CLEARLY the most prominent indication that THIS President needs not only a 2nd term & our support, but a LIBERAL/PROGRESSIVE Congress & Senate majority to assist in disposing the entirety of the disaster of 2001-2009 policies once & for all & set the nation & the world back on the course it was on as of 12/11/00. The 99% owe it to themselves to redeem our nation from the nitemare that has pulled us ALL lower than it was in 1932. The 1% need to realize as this is their nation too, they have a responsibility to stand WITH – not APART FROM the rest of the nation & to STOP hogging all the opportunities & benefits our prosperity offers. It’s now time they show some patriotism & sacrifice & let the TRUE recovery proceed forward – the way it was scheduled to on 1/21/09, instead of being hi-jacked by conservative crazies & 21st century robber barons. It’s time American voters stand tall & decisively for this President & the Liberal/Progressive Congress needed to put the nation back together once & for all…

  • We are better off than three years ago when the Great Recession ended.

  • citizenmb

    Romney says the economy is stagnating when the numbers show that employment is on the rise. Talk about not knowing up from down!

  • a80a

    instead of bain securties, if flip and flop are elected it will be pain in the butt for america.
    OBama/Biden four more years

  • Tom Jacob

    I am Obama All the way. We have been gaining traction and now it’s time to put the pedal to the metal!

  • I am so sick when Romney is talking about middle class. Governor Romney get a life. Most of the 47% did not trust you to create jobs and please stop talking about middle class it look so stupid I feel like throw-up.

  • AdamMos

    I hope that on Tuesday the American public will puniush the Republicans for sabotaging this administration and the middle class. To think that they have purposely tanked our economy and refuse to do anything that would create new jobs in the private sector is horrendous. Over 600,000 public sector empolyees laid off during the last 4 yours so they could drive unemployment numbers up to fit thier narrative. These are hardworking people who have suffered needlessly. Fortunately we are watching the last gasp of the Republican party as we know it. Even with their voter suppression , constant lying and billions of secret campaign donations -we will prevail. Good triumphs over evil! Judgement day is coming.

    • Cairndance

      Remember that on the very night of Obama’s inauguration, 17 Members of the Senate,met for dinner to decide how they were going to Destroy this Presidency! 17 Members sworn to uphold the constitution discussed how to deny the newly elected President any victories!
      TREASON! Why haven’t these men been arrested?

  • montanabill

    This is a joke, right?

  • mitt romney LIES AGAIN !!! he simply cannot give any credit to a BLACKMAN !! OBAMA IS MY MAN FOUR MORE YEARS YEA !!!!!

  • montanabill

    Really great news! Here’s how the market reacted: The Dow is down 114 points.

  • Magginkat

    Romney ….what Cheney said to Patrick Leahy on the floor of the Senate!

  • Clinton was the best president we ever had! Obama
    is second! Why do you think the republicans “lost”
    their debt ceiling in 2000? The clock was running
    backwards! Debt don’t matter unless a democrat is
    in office! During the past four decades, Democrats
    occupied the White House for twelve years and the
    Republicans occupied it for twenty eight years.
    Data shows that national debt increased by 1.7
    trillion dollars during the twelve years of
    Democratic rule and created 34 million jobs. On
    the other hand with Reagan & both Bush’s tax cuts,
    the national debt increased by 7.7 trillion dollars
    during the twenty eight years of Republican rule
    and created no more than the same 34 million jobs.
    Obama for more years!

    • Cairndance

      Remember Chaney said “Deficits Don’t Matter”!
      I can’t remember if that was before or after he shot his friend in the face!

  • TheOldNorthChurch

    The job creation number needs to be at an average of 250,000 per month. These are the facts and they are undisputed. We have not seen anything like this. With falling incomes and raising prices we have entered a period of “Stagflation”. This is mathematics not arithmetic.

    This President understands community organizing not economics.

    • Sandra

      A troll still buying into the bs. The economy would have been vastly improved had R’thugs in Congress passed PO’s 2011 jobs bill which would have created an additional 2 million jobs or more. They also vetoed the previous jobs bills, both of which kept unemployment high. R’thug Governors have been firing police, firefighters, teachers, nurses an other public sector workers to keep unemployment high so their party could regain power. But of course you aren’t aware of these basic truths because you listen to Fcuk News for your stupid, factless talking points.

      • TheOldNorthChurch

        You seem to be incapable of understanding that the Government doesn’t create jobs. Job Bills by the Federal Government are glorified welfare programs. If you want to create jobs look at Kennedy, Reagan and Clinton.

        Your last sentence shows your inability to do your own research on issues. By the way I listen to MSNBC, Fox, CNN and read the Washington Post and New York Times. What is your source?

    • tobewan

      Its the Republicans and THEIR Congress that have caused and stifled the job growth rate, NOT Obama, who has tried to overcome their obstacles and has outsmarted them – BEAT them at their own game!!!

  • kanawah

    Mittens only sees the negative, that will make Obama look bad.

    The RepubliSKUNKS are DISGUSTING.

  • MITT .. Corps are People Money is speech ? NO ! Mitt has switched his positions on every issue from far right to so called ‘ moderate ‘ Now he agrees with Obama’s successful foreign policies. SO Who is the REAL MITT / Mormon Bishop ?
    .. Mitt said ‘ 47 % of us are takers / victims ( peons he looks down on ) even though we pay loads of taxes and we paid for our SS benefits and medicare thru our taxes.
    Wall St got the welfare / TARP NOT us. Yes Jobs ARE coming back Many More to come Manufacturing is growing. US Exports are up Auto jobs are back
    Housing starts are way up too. US is NO longer losing 700 K jobs a month like
    under Bush Wars are coming to an end
    Bush gave up Obama didn’t Bin laden is dead as are 20 + top al qauda
    That made us safer NY NJ hurricane disaster is being dealt with quickly and efficiently

    • Cairndance

      Romney continues to say that the “Government doesn’t create jobs”, then he states that
      “I know how to create 12 million new jobs, if you elect me President”?

      • 345_719

        Maybe he’ll bring back the jobs he sent overseas!!

        • tobewan

          Or maybe Create 12 million jobs overseas??? Hmmm….

  • BruceyB

    4,000,000 babies a year (333,000/month) and we are proud to create 177,000 jobs at holiday season. We are losing ground! Yes I know they are not ready for jobs, but 18 years ago the US birthrate was higher.

  • This is excellent news! Its hard to understand why anyone would criticize this kind of news. The country’s economy is moving in the right direction. All the republicans want to do is regain the Whitte House so that they can loot, rape, and pillage like they did during the Bush years. They are a greedy lot of sociopaths who don’t care about the country, nor anyone in it. In the aftermath of the storm, there should be hundreds of thousands, if not millions of jobs created. The country must be repaired. Even thought the national debt is high, i.e., $16 trillion+ it is fortunate for us that interest rates are as low as they are. Imagine having to repair the country while interest on long-term securities are 5% or so, like during the Bush years! The repair will further stimulate the economy over the next couple of years. If we can avoid wasting money on war our chances are better than most. Europe has not had the huge burden of war debt foisted upon them… yet they struggle.

  • Despite obstruction from the Republican who have said in the past that their No.1
    priority is to remove Obama, and that the traitors Republican Congress last July
    BLOCKED a bill from the Democrat that would give Tax breaks to companies that
    want to bring home almost 1 millions Jobs from China, Obama policies is moving
    in the right direction, and I am happy that Obama will win again. He is the right
    president who cares for the working class not just play games & all talk !

  • America is coming back stronger and moving forward full steam ahead. Myth Romney reminds me of that iraqi general on Al Jazeera during the first iraqi war when smart bombs were popping all around him and he was dodging bullets and looking behind him saying “The infidels are fleeing for their lives! Their dead bodies are like carpeting in the streets! Their blood runs in the gutters! Allah hu akbar!” Remember him? Myth is just like him, man. Put a mustache, a black beret, and a green a military coat on him, and he’d be the spitting image of that guy, same mentality too. But we can’t sit on this good news. We are dealing with an evil that is incredible. We have to get out and vote in overwhelming numbers to make sure that no trickery or deception would propel Myth into the White House. Help anyone you can to go and vote, exercise your democracy. VOTE! OBAMA/BIDEN 2012.

  • You & Millions of American know it if Romney becomes president he will follow Bush
    policies and give the rich big Tax breaks and send even more Jobs to China which will
    turn many more Middle class American into Poor class, then we will have more riots,
    anarchy. Voting for Obama is the right thing to do because he cares ( I am the example
    I used to be a Middle class with a Full job +$20/hr, now I belong to the Poor class with
    a part time job of $10/ hr )

  • JohnRNC

    I can’t believe that anyone thinks that Obama is anything but a miracle-worker for bringing the economy back this far this fast. In 2009, no self-respecting economist thought that a significant recovery would occur during Obama’s 1st term.

    Romney has no choice but to downplay any positive economic news. What’s he gonna say? “Ol’ Barak has really done alright when you look at the facts”



    Same Old Story

    And, RoMoney continues to blow smoke and spread bull crap.

    Mittens knows no bounds when it comes to lies, deceit and deception. This noncombatant, pacifist Mormon should go and hide.

    • tobewan

      ExPAVIC: A lady in Pontiac MI called it “Bull-jivin” – another descriptive word for what Mitt Romney says.
      He changes tunes to be liked by each crowd, until he is NOT liked by ANY crowd.

  • It seems to me that Romdummy and the Rebooblicans need to stick to one story first the country was moving in the wrong direction, now it’s moving too slowly well which is it? Seems to me that any growth no matter how fast is a sign that the country is moving in the right direction.

  • tobewan

    Its NOT only jobs that the Repubs have suppressed over four years, but also talk and decisions to confront global weather change, making them responsible for the Sandy Hurricane and Katrina as well. Its NOT the Dems, but THEM – the party of NO!
    Obama has set the good example, and will continue to do so, given four more years!

  • ridemybroom

    people please vote these peeps out of office on tuesday
    Michele Bockman
    John Baehner
    Eric Cantor
    Paul Ryan
    Allen West
    any Rep from Minn
    any Rup from Mich
    any Rep from Ohio
    any Rep from Fla
    any Rep from Pa.


  • Another line of BS from the mittster. He hasn’t given any details to what his plans are. There is no rhyme or reason to this phony. All he cares is about himself, his money and supporting his 1% monsters who are currently sitting on billions of dollars in tax free off shore accounts.

  • I am amazed at the repubs method of governing. First of all they vote NO to every bill the president sends for helping the american people. They claim that the president had a democratic House and Senate. However they fail to mention that the repubs used the filibuster to make it impossible for the president to get a supermajority in the Senate, so those bills also were not passed. Now, after 4 years of NO they now claim that the president’s term was a bust. He was a failure to fulfill all of his programs. The repubs plan was to impede every bill. They did not compromise or work with the president.
    Now romoney comes out and states he will fix everything that was wrong with the Obama presidency. He will work with Dems across the aisle and make everything right. He will wave his magic wand and the dems will come flocking to his magic and work with him. I got a word for the mittster. Don’t count on a second term. The dems will do the same that you repubs did to our president. LOL mittster. Go home wherever that is. Get on your elevators and count all of your money that is sitting in all of those offshore accounts. And don’t forget the rape job you and your hedge fund buddies did with the auto bailout. You stole billions of dollars from the workers and from the government. I hope you all can sleep at night. But watch out for the grim reaper. He;s got your numbers.

  • BDC_57

    Romney lies out his back side. he does not have a honest bone in his body.

  • irishtap

    As I see it, the essential strategy of both campaigns is to message in a way that is consistent with primary core beliefs regarding the voting public. Romney in his revolving policy door shows me there is a serious absense of integrity toward taking a principled stand on ‘a n y t h i n g’. His refusal to open his tax records to public perusal is the exclamation point in saying we would find items within those records that would turn a close election into a landslide for President Obama. In essence, this man has zero respect toward the people he seeks to lead, not to mention the legacy of his own father. His campaign machinery has defined us as idiots. His M.O. the entire time is to ‘trick us’ into making him our next president.
    President Obama has been consistent, forthright and speakes to us as equals. Our president trusts us and believes in us. He knows that his supporters are usually better informed than republican voters, but he respects ‘a l l’ voters just the same, even with so much vitriol and unabashed hatred of him from Tea Party members.
    President Obama has demonstrated a spine of granite in turning this ship around despite exhasperating and unrelenting obstruction to forward progress by republicans. Not because they disagree so much with his methods, but only because they have never accepted him as the President of the United States.

  • Hey Joe, must piss you off Matt Drudge makes so much more money than you do.