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Monday, March 25, 2019

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s top communications aide resigned from the Virginia Republican’s congressional office this past weekend in a cloud of controversy after he got in a fight with another staffer. They were arguing over Cantor’s failure to get bipartisan support for a bill that he said would cause job improvement, and things got physical. (Cantor, of course, was the leader of the Republican attempt to drag the debt ceiling negotiations to the brink this past summer, and has pioneered a brass-knuckle style of rapid-response partisanship that mainly focuses on stopping Obama’s agenda.)

The fighting aide, Brad Dayspring, was sentenced to leave his boss and serve his time in pleasant exile — he immediately signed up with the Young Guns Action Fund Super PAC, an outside political organization that cannot coordinate with Cantor’s office but can take unlimited donations. The group was started by another former top Cantor advisor — and Young Guns was the title of a political book that Cantor co-authored with fellow Republican House members Rep. Kevin McCarthy and Rep. Paul Ryan.

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3 responses to “Super PACs: Prison For Fighting Congressional Staffers?”

  1. DebbieKiesel-Ryan says:

    Eric Cantor’s top communication aide going to a Super PAC, who would have thought????? He is so far in bed with the lobbyists it’s going to take grease to rip him out. I don’t know why the repukenics think they are the party of the people when they are clearly the party of corporate America. If they ever took the average citizen’s rights into their thoughts, it’s not shown by their actions. Now Eric will have a straight into this Super PAC.

  2. Dub says:

    In exchange for the super PACs contribution superdollars, these Republicans obligate themselves to protect these wealthiest Americans and big businesses by signing the Taxpayer Protection Pledge in which they will oppose any increase in the marginal income tax rate on these contributors and will oppose any attempt to reduce existing deductions and credits that could eliminate the loopholes in the existing tax code. Instead of these tea party politicians representing the American people that voted them into office, they represent those that contribute the superdollars to their re-election campaigns. We now see our government as being run by the super PACs and for the super PACs. The time to stop this attack on the American people will have to wait until November.

  3. concernedusa7 says:


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