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Friday, April 27, 2018
labor unions
Labor Day

#EndorseThis: On Labor Day, Angry Boss Asks What Unions Have Done For Us

Facing a unionization drive or a contract dispute, many an irritated boss has denigrated the labor movement. Far too many Americans swallow the anti-labor rhetoric spewed by management, which is why our middle-class is struggling, our living standards have declined, and our democracy is in danger from powerful plutocrats. “What have unions ever done for […]

September 4, 2017

Labor And Women’s Rights Activists Plan Mass Protests To Fight Trumpism

Sectors of the U.S. labor movement are throwing their weight behind an International Women’s Day call for mass actions to protest the gendered violence wrought by neoliberalism, from workplace harassment to environmental destruction to the gutting of welfare systems.

March 5, 2017

U.S. Communications Union Endorses Sanders’ Presidential Bid

The move could bolster Bernie Sanders’ campaign in early-voting states such as Iowa and New Hampshire

December 17, 2015
Fear of white working class people

5 Reasons White Working-Class Voters Are So Scared

Aging white voters — especially those who have no college education — feel an acute loss of status, opportunity, and security. To deflect their angry anxiety, they’re being encouraged to rage against ethnic minorities. Here are five reasons why scared white voters can be tricked into sucking up to a billionaire who thinks they’re overpaid.

December 7, 2015

Union Vote At Volkswagen’s U.S. Plant Being Carefully Watched

Chicago (AFP) – Workers at German auto giant Volkswagen’s plant in Tennessee were voting Wednesday on whether to form a union, a decision seen as a referendum on the health of the U.S. labor movement. The United Auto Workers (UAW) has never managed to organize in an American plant owned by a foreign manufacturer, and […]

February 12, 2014

Howard Dean, Dems And Unions Back Occupy Wall Street

Unlike the Tea Party on the right, the Occupy Wall Street protests have thus far lacked any supporters in Congress. But with labor unions and the Working Families Party getting on board, that may be about to change — and with it, just maybe, their ability to shape the agenda on Capitol Hill. “I think […]

October 5, 2011