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Wednesday, March 21, 2018
Republican ideology

How The Right Is Turning ‘Political Correctness’ Into Another Tool Of The 1 Percent

You may have noticed that when the right isn’t busy being outraged at the left for being outraged by comments by Republican reality stars, radio hosts and elected officials, they’re busy being outraged at the left for “offensive” comments about Republicans. The current target is MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry, who featured a brief segment on her […]

December 31, 2013

Who Had A Terrible Year? History Will Remember The GOP’s Miserable 2013

It would be easy to imagine President Mitt Romney’s first year-end press conference beginning with a question like, “Mr. President, which do you consider your greatest accomplishment, the record stock market, the nearly unprecedented deficit reduction or the best year for job growth since 2005?” Instead, President Obama’s last press conference of 2013 was mostly […]

December 22, 2013

“With Television You Just Sit—Watch—Listen. The Thinking Is Done For You.”

Sometimes the archives disgorge clear and convincing documentation proving what everyone already knows: in the latest case, a series of official memos revealed how media strategist Roger Ailes conspired with top Nixon White House officials to create a television enterprise that would directly promote Republican politicians and ideology — something very similar to what Fox […]

July 1, 2011