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Monday, May 22, 2017

Tearful Obama Gives Statement On Connecticut School Shooting

Tearful Obama Gives Statement On Connecticut School Shooting

Responding to the horrific shooting at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, an emotional President Barack Obama lamented that “we’ve endured too many of these tragedies in the past few years.”

During a brief statement at the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room — named after the former press secretary who became a tireless gun control advocate after being shot in the 1981 assassination attempt on President Reagan — Obama told the nation that “our hearts are broken today.”

“As a country we have been through this too many times,” the president said, listing recent tragedies. “We’re going to have to come together to prevent more tragedies like this, regardless of the politics.”

The president’s statement came in response to a shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, which killed 27 people — including 18 children, according to the Associated Press. The apparent gunman is Adam Lanza, whose mother was a teacher at the school. According to Clifford Levy of The New York Times, Lanza killed his mother and 18 students in her class. The shooter was armed with two guns — a 9mm handgun and a .223-caliber rifle — and according to police, he was killed at the scene. NBC News is reporting that a second suspect is being held in custody, although his precise connection to the attack is unknown.

Connecticut State Police Lieutenant Paul Vance told reporters that Newton police were called about the incident just after 9:30am, and immediately responded to the scene along with state police and a SWAT team. Vance said that he could not provide information regarding the fatalities until all family members had been notified

The 27 fatalities would make this the second deadliest school shooting in U.S. history, behind only the Virginia Tech attack, which claimed 32 lives in 2007.

Earlier in the afternoon, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters that President Obama was notified about the incident at 10:30 am, and would “receive regular updates as the day progresses.” According to NBC News, the president has been briefed by Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy, Homeland Security Advisor John Brennan, and FBI Director Robert Mueller.

Carney refused to respond to the shooting with a strong statement on gun control, merely saying that renewing the assault weapons ban “does remain a commitment” of the president’s, but “today is not the day” to debate the issue.

The Newtown shooting is the latest in an alarming series of killings that have shocked the country in 2012. In July, 12 people were killed in a shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, and three people were killed on Tuesday night in a shooting at a Portland, Oregon mall. Of the 12 deadliest shootings in United States history, six have occurred in the past five years.

This post was updated at 4:50 to reflect reports that Adam Lanza, not Ryan, was the shooter.

AP Photo/Newtown Bee, Shannon Hicks

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237 Responses to Tearful Obama Gives Statement On Connecticut School Shooting

  1. I believe we all share the pain the families of those young victims that lost their lives today must feel. What happened to them could have happened to any of us, and it is likely to happen again, not because we don’t know how to mitigate the probability of heinous crimes like this happening again, but because we don’t have the courage to confront the evil interests that facilitate them.
    How many more tragedies like this are we going to endure before we decide to do something about the violence that take the lives of so many innocent Americans every single day in every city and town in America?

    • One way to do something about the violence is to take away the means by which mass violence is committed, No one should be able to purchase, legally, such a weapon of mass destruction. When will our politicians have the guts to stand up to the NRA and their supporters ?

      • It’s obvious you like many others when it comes to firearms don’t have a clue about what you are talking about.

        Limiting what you can buy doesn’t solve the problem of limiting WHO can buy now does it.

        And isn’t WHO the real problem here?

        • The facts about “how many” show that “who” has never been asked. Large numbers floating around makes them far more easily available to anyone with money or willingness to steal to get them.
          Both “who” and “how many” are important, the first being more important.

          Like most gun nuts (I’m not saying you are one), you haven’t a clue about the issue.

        • well as you can see, it is not the WHO that can buy that did the shooting but those that should not have been able to get them. “What about the Kiddies”. “What about the kids parents”. I sympathize with you.

    • This Is Another Sad Day Here In America Like So Many Another!!! And To Think Of Some Of The Crap That I Heard That Came Out Of The Mouths Of Our American Taliban Members Makes You Sick As Hell Of These Cold Heart Thugs!! Here’s One Example The Teachers Should Have Had Guns??? That Was The Problem The Teacher Had Too Many Guns And Her Mental Ill Son Killed Her With One Of Her Own Guns!!! And As Far As Gun Control Ban That Will Never Happen Not As Long As The NRA Keep Funding These People In Washington Who Can Make It A Law!! But Then That Will Be Very Hard To Enforce Just Like To War On Drugs!! Just Be A Whole Lot More Money Being Spent With Very Little Results!!! 🙁 I Say Raise The Price Of Bullets So High That One Would Need Another Job To Afford Them!!! And All Sold Money Go To The Families And Victims Of Shooters!! NRA Gets NOTHING!!

    • As you have always made logical and sensible statements in your post, what plan would you submit to address this issue? As long as anyone has access to a weapon, how do we prevent it?

      • We cannot prevent a nut with a gun, but we can give him less firepower. It won’t stop all the violence, but it isn’t necessary for a person to have a people killing gun or a 30-round clip. We need to study why our citizens are so violent.

          • Therein lies the problem, we know what the issue is, we have a logical/practical solution as to how to address it, the organizational stucture /framework has to be developed to allow the current outrage to fuel the process of change. We are becoming immune to this type of behavior as we have experienced this same thing to many times in the past five years and as recent as last week. We react and feel pain, grief, loss, outrage and then move on as usual until the next time. When will we decide enough is enough?

          • Puzzle, maybe we need to ask our congresspeople to consider the ban on assault weapons and clips that shoot multiple rounds.

          • Well, we definitely have been given a lesson and been provided with a proven blue print in the art of grass roots organizing by our President. It worked for him.

    • Families of individuals with developmental disabilities would add another issue to be considered here. News reporters are aglow with the power of this small Connecticut community to unite and heal. But what if this small Connecticut community united before this happened in isolating the family of this mentally ill shooter and perhaps bullying the shooter himself? What if, as a society, we contribute to violence of this sort by refusing to institute throughout our country mental health parity, the requirement that health insurance cover medication and treatment for mental illness just as health insurance covers heart treatment or brain cancer? The same party supporting the proliferation of gun violence nationwide also opposes a national health care program that could result in better care for individuals like this shooter–and by extension his whole family and his whole community. During the 2012 election, this was the same party that promoted an agenda of misogyny, xenophobia, and religious intolerance. It is a party ruled by callous billionaires yet enfranchised by voters throughout rural America, whose lives are endangered by the very legislators they ignorantly put in office. Incidents like this tragedy remind us that voting has consequences, for both the quick and the dead.

      • Sigrid28 Both sides of the aisles support the NRA. The crooked politicians including Obama want the votes of the NRA members. Most ‘billionaires’ favor more gun control! Guess it makes you feel better to blame the party you did not vote for.

        • Maybe you Republicans feel better when you blame someone. I don’t feel better until I can solve the problem that requires my attention. As a nation, we need to address the problem of unequal access to medical care, which is why Democrats support the ACA and greater services for those with neurological deficits and mental illnesses. As a nation, we need to become more inclusive and condemn the xenophobia that undermines our civility and leads to the kind of tribal mentality that makes rural Republicans grab for their guns and exclude those who are different from their midst. Democrats embrace differences while Republicans, so far, do the opposite. Billionaires don’t need to have opinions about gun control because their wealth insulates them from gun violence. They look down at poor and middle class Republicans. Meanwhile, they live in isolation on large, protected estates and hire security staff who use guns in authorized ways. When will you stop believing in their false promises and think for yourselves?

          • Love the way you feel ‘Republicans blame someone’ I wonder why Bush got so much ‘blame’ and who were his blamers? I am not a Republican but many I have met are very kind and considerate, and want to reach out to the deserving needy, but they do think some people need to develop the old fashioned ‘work ethnic’ that built this country and they are concerned that around 50% of the residents of America are now dependent on a government handout or check. I share their concern.

  2. Is it not long past time when Congress and States legislate meaningful gun control once and for all time. It is time to defang the National Rifle Association. Every state has a well armed “legal” militia via the State operated National Guard under the U.S. Constitution. We do not need every citizen patriot or wannabe Rambo to be personally armed unless there is a proven and justifiable need. If any parent or any gun owner wants to play with guns, let them join legal shooting clubs with secure storage for personal guns or the State militia. Then get the guns off the streets and out of reach of our children and misfits.

    • … a well-armed militia, it might be added, that is completely unnecessary in today’s age of technologically advanced warfare, making such hand-2-hand combat virtually OBSOLETE!!! There nothing ‘patriotic’ about shooting up a school, a movie theater or the mall!!! Those SIMPLETON gun fanatics are like our ancient ancestors who just loved hearing things go ‘BANG’ or sitting for hours, staring at the campfire, b/c ‘fire’ was a ‘novelty’. They’re SAVAGES & if they can’t adhere to civilized rules of conduct, they need to be in cages!!! I’m sorry 4 my anger, but this has been festering w/me 4 some time & I’ve been as ‘AFRAID’ as the next person in calling out ‘GUN-NUTS’!!! But we can’t do this anymore!!! We have the perfect right – even MORE SO than ‘perceived’ 2nd Amendment protections, to exist w/out fear of random MANIAC’S W/GUNS!!! It’s time our representatives start doing like working families DO EVERY DAY & MULTI-TASK legislatively & put gun control on the lame duck session agenda NOW!!! Not next session or next year – BUT NOW!!!!! Can I get an AMEN to THAT?!

      • I just came in and logged on and am shocked and so saddened by this needless tragedy. I’m Canadian so forgive me if I don’t understand Americans’ love affair with guns and the nonsensical right to bear arms. What I do know of the American Constitution regarding this law, was back when there were no lawful militia, everyone was given the right to own a gun to protect themselves and their families. Times have changed, America now has all kinds of military/militias ie police, national guards, soldiers etc. and guns are now more sophisticated than centuries ago. Why is it still necessary for American to own a gun or guns? When will these types of tragedies end? We have had our share here in Canada also, but not on the mass scale and frequency as ocurrs in America. My heart and prayers go out to the families who have lost their children in such a terrible, unnecessary, heinous way.

      • I totally agree with you and John. A couple of days ago I posted that I support the 2nd Amendment as it was intended. I made that comment in reference to the Oregon mall shootings. Now I deeply regret those comments. I read the 2nd Amendment tonight before I decided to make this comment so that I would have a better understanding of it’s true intent and I have concluded that it was referring to the new nation and not individuals. As you have already stated, it is obsolete in today’s society. People always say that no matter how many laws are enacted, it is impossible to keep guns out of the hands of those who really want them but that is just a poor excuse to do nothing. After all, how many people are driving around in an Abrams tank? Seems to me that we do a pretty good job of keeping military grade weapons out of the wrong hands. It really does come down to will. Do our authorities have the will to do the right thing? That is the real question. Naturally the NRA will avoid any comments or they will act sanctimoniously and still tout the importance of their stance and I say Good luck to that! By the way, AMEN TO THAT!

          • No, it’s not. It is a brilliant document. but, like the Bible some interpret it different than it was meant to be. I don’t know whether it is interbreeding, or not, but we have a strong paranoid faction in our beautiful country that is destroying it.

          • You need to see a professional about your hostility. You might be the dangerous one we need stricter gun laws for. Save yourself.

          • I’maliar, You are a traitor to decency and have no clue what the founders meant when they wrote the Constitution. Better look out, the black helicopters are coming. Our power lines are rigged to hear everything you say. There are hidden cameras in trees by your house.

        • freda. If you had enough money you could own a tank. Some people do. They don’t go around shooting up the town. The constitution says “THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE KEEP AND BEAR ARMS SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” When you give up that right you will have nothing to keep the government fron taking away ALL your rights.

      • AMEN, AMEN, Brother!!!! We are all brothers and sisters and it is time protection is afforded to all Americans from the death and destruction of unnecessary weapons that exist only to kill others! These dear, precious lives are way more valuable than the thrill of owning or shooting a gun…these events are inexplicably unacceptable! The victims are 5-10 year old children. God help this country….we have allowed ourselves to fall deep in the indifference that only selfish desires can produce. It’s time for action NOW!!!! If I hear one negative comment to mine or rustacus21 or any others who want gun control action I will throw up!!! Give it up GUN-NUT HEADS!!! YOU go and tell the victims families that you and the gunman have every right to possess and own a gun. YOU go and help clean up the carnage at the scene. I am MAD AS HELL AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!

      • So you think that the military will ensure your safety? The police don’t carry a gun to protect you . They carry a gun to protect them selves. If the citizens are unarmed they will be slaves to the government. Ask anyone in a communist run country. If you don’t like guns please move to any one of those countries. Don’t come back!

        • Do you honestly believe that the military is out to get you??? Are you that crazy? When you gun crazies start opening your mouth to talk, it makes me scared of you. The government should take something away from you – YOUR GUN!

        • You GD idiot. This is my country, you have no business telling anyone to leave it and since you don’t trust the country, the people, or the government, you should be the one to take your worthless, selfish, cowardly body elsewhere.

      • When the Government takes away your right to bear arms rustacus, let me know how it works out for you when a criminal breaks into your home at 2am. Or when the Federal Government tramples your rights and Liberty. The problem rusty is liberal policies that lets sociopaths run loose to kill innocent people.

        You Liberal nuts don’t even wait till the dead are buried before you use this tragedy to try for gun control. p.s. It has been documented many, many times that when Citizens of good charater are armed, crime goes way down.

        • LOL – what about the “Citizens of good character” who open fire in a movie theatre with “LEGAL” guns??? You guys have been screaming that the government is going to trample your rights and liberties for decades – haven’t seen it happen yet. Of course, you guys aren’t concerned about liberties and rights – especially republicans – you are only concerned about keeping your guns. There are no statistics that crime goes away when everyone has a gun. These cities where the violence has happened in the past year – were cities where a lot of people ARE armed. Unfortunately, none of you gun maniacs are near the action when it happens. So, what the hell good are you?

        • Plznnnn, I don’t know what type of family you were raised in, but no one has ever tried to take the guns away. Give people a common fear and you own them. The NRA owns you. I have guns, but I worried about guns in the hands of paranoid cowards.

        • Plznnn….the only one taking away rights are the teathuglicans. They have tried to suppress voter rights, workers rights, women’s rights and do away with regulations that protect the enviroment and our health. They and the NRA have blocked any meaningful discussion on gun control. No one wants to take away your right to own a gun but there is no need for automatic weapons unless your a member of the military or law enforcement. We need to levy a heavy tax on guns and ammunition and close the loopholes that make it easy for criminals and crazy people to get ahold of them. If it was one of your children or loved ones massacred by this murderer would you still feel the same way or do you think it can never happen to you?

    • The Supremes just ruled that the citizenry has the right to individual arms under the Constitution, no militia required. One wonders why the word “militia” is used in the Constitution if membership is not required, but that’s the ruling.

      I’m waiting for the well-formed argument that says if militia membership is the linchpin, then why would we want a poorly-equipped one? If our best defense against federal government tyranny is the militia, how do you best go up against tanks, bombers, and aircraft carriers? If you’re in a militia, shouldn’t you rightfully be equipped with the best armament possible, even full-automatic military assault rifles, artillery, and hand grenades? Where do Rush and Glenn stand on this one?

      And finally, has the NRA released a statement yet claiming that if even one of those children had been armed, maybe the tragedy wouldn’t have occured?

      • Rush and Glenn stand on whatever is in the best interest of their donors. Your observations are logical, which is why a large number of Americans, and many of our elected officials, will continue to support the untenable argument that has allowed so many tragedies like this to happen. It would not surprise me if most of our politicians agree that the current situation is unsustainable, but as long their contributors continue to demand retention of the status quo they will continue to ignore what is happening, perhaps in hopes that it will go away. It will not go away, it is likely to get much worse before somebody has the courage to stand up and say we had enough!

      • Johnin, I knew it. All five-year-olds are to be issued AK-47s to go to kindergarten. These gun nuts are the dangerous ones, not the people who own guns.

        • The new Michigan gun law overrides all local ordinances and specifically allows CC permit holders to carry guns into schools and bars.

          ” “This kind of tragedy is hard to process, but if one person – a faculty member or a parent – could legally carry, at least it could have limited some of the mayhem,” said Rob Harris, media director for Michigan Open Carry Inc., on Friday. “This legislation has to be passed to at least have a fighting chance against the evil in this world.” ” from Detroit Free Press 12/14/2012

          That didn’t take long.

          • We in Ohio have this CC Law. However, every freaking Restaurant and places of public have signs; NO Guns in here of one type of the other. People in Bars are not allowed to carry while in the bar.

            So, state law don’t mean nada in most public situations.

    • Give me a gun and I will protece myself form you crazed commie and any criminal that tries to harm a family member or myself. You can die by the hand of the criminal that has the gun you wish you had to stop him from killing you. Don’t call me I can’t help you mostly I won’t help you.

        • If you take time to access Eyma Lyer’s net records and do a close up study of her photograph you will readily see the condition of the person with whom you are trying to reason. Rather than respond to her ramblings and ravings it is better to ignore her posts and if any thing – just hope she someday gets the Psychological help she so desperately needs. If you are a Religious person you may want to remember her in your prayers. She’s a pitiful case. Sad thing is – she actually believes all the stuff she is quoting.

          That’s right Eyma – we can see you on the internet and we know where you live, what you like, what you don’t like, and everything! Isn’t cyberspace wonderful. By the way – get someone to re-do your hair.

      • Anyone tries to invade my home, my DOG will know it way before I would. And, yes, my DOG will tear his/her throat to shreds.

        I have a few, but I actually don’t need them to defend my home. My DOG would do a better job anyway. Besides, my DOG’s barking will give me more than enough time to get whatever weapon I would need – if I would need one at all.

        Besides, if you’re in a deep sleep, you’re not going to hear anyone invading your home. By the time you wake up and find someone in your home, it’s already too late to do much about it if their intent is to harm you. You wouldn’t have time to get your gun unless you sleep with it under your pillow.

        And, another point, you better be dam sure the one you shoot has a weapon in their possession when you kill them. IF not, you could be up for murder. These laws about Self Defense is extremely clear about this. You can’t kill someone in your own home unless they pose a direct present threat to your life using physical force or a weapon of their own.

        Someone just stealing your jewelry, money what have you, without a weapon in their possession, is not a valid reason to kill someone. And, it would not hold up in any court on Self Defense grounds.

        In order to use deadly force, there must be deadly force used against you or a family member. Also, you better have some serious Battle Scars to prove that you were trying to defend yourself before you used deadly force.

        Personally, I think you’d run for the nearest window and take a nosedive out of it, closed or not. Most people like you like to talk a lot of crap. But, I doubt you know the law and I doubt you’d have the guts to really use it if you had to.

  3. It is time for us as a nation to stand up for stricter gun control and a larger budget for mental illness. This is just another symptom of a broken value system in our government where what is most valued is the lining of the pockets of the 1%. This tragedy is also matched with the families and children our country has slaughtered in Afghanistan and Iraq, the children killed by pollution and poisoning of the waters by our oil and mining companies in other countries as well as in the poorest communities here in America. What more is needed to wake this country up? More sacrificial lambs? Everyone, stand up and fight for what’s right! Sign petitions. Stop shopping at the 1% owned companies. Stop the credit cards and banking needs at the big and dirty banks. Use our power in this way to say NO MORE!!

    • You are a stupid commie hag. Shut up and eat your mush. More gun control will make it worse. Enforce the laws against criminals. Stop letting them run free. The less guns the law abiding citizens have the more vulnerable they become to the crazed criminal that will have a gun

      • You just don’t god damned LEARN, do you?

        Giving the rich more money does not make them hire us or pay us more.

        Giving the NRA more guns does not prevent even one shooting spree.

        EVERY gun-wielding maniac was a law-abiding citizen until he snapped and ceased to abide by the laws. Just get that through your granite-hard skull, once and for all.

        • No….YOU don’t get it. If you remove a weapon from someone’s hand, you save someone else’s life. Do you let kids play with knives? What do you do when they get one in their hands? Sane rational adults remove the weapon that can injure or kill…What is it about that gun nuts don’t get?

          Worse is that the most anger and rage over taking away their rights comes from the very source responsible for these 5 year olds deaths. Take your NRA lumps…The NRA last night told a news reporter they had “NO comments until all the facts were in.” Well? Those guns were bought legally and the 20 year old killed his own mother and those innocent with them…and now, jack that gun ownership ego…20 more kids 7 others are dead…Proud of yourselves?

        • Daniel, given her mental illness, you will not reach her. Just hope she doesn’t take her assault rifle to the mall, the theatre, McDonalds, or a school.

        • What have you ‘given’ to the ‘rich’ or has anyone ‘given’ to the rich.
          Many of them have worked darned hard to earn their money.

      • Name calling and poor behavior on your part only works against you and your opinions. Your name says it all. And you must feel quite afraid as well.

      • We don’t need to ban all guns. But, we do need to ban the ownership of semi-auto handguns, rifles and shotguns.

        Design weapons that will totally disallow modifing semi-autos into automatics. With some weapons, it’s very easy to do. Ban all aftermarket sales of said parts.

        There should also be a total ban on ownership of totally automatic weapons, especially though that mirror regular military weaponry.

        Also, ban all sales of any magazine which allows more ammo than what the weapon was originally designed to hold.

        In some states, you have to have a plug in a shotgun to limit the amount of ammo the gun can store at any one time. The same should be instituted for rifles and handguns.

        Yes, especially in schools, there should be at least a few teachers, extremely qualified and throughly vetted out who are allowed to carry a gun openly.

        We need to tighten up a lot of our gun ownership laws in this country. It’s too easy to get a gun, no matter what kind it is. I don’t know how to control the massive amount of guns that is already out here.

        In the United Kingdom, they’ve had very strict gun control laws for years. Their murder rates have dropped to almost nothing using guns.

        We should make the use of a gun in the act of committing a crime punishable by death, IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES, no exceptions. Put the offender against a wall and use em as TARGET PRACTICE, not meant to kill with one shot. Allow the family of the victim to shoot the SOB. Use 22s. That’ll make it last longer.

        • Micheal, the United States has ten times the gun violence of other civilized countries. Canada has 2.5 guns per capita. The United States has 1.9. Canada has 1/10 the gun deaths. There are 43 murders by guns in the United States every day.

          • Thank you.

            The problem is, is that the american public has never truely solved their deep-seated hatred and bigotry for of their own differences.

            What’s the solution? I don’t know, other than a full-fledge, people-killing revolution.

            We’ve tried just about everything else, at least half-ass.

            At the rate things are going, we’re not going to last a whole lot longer either. I’ve predicted that within the next 50 to 100 years or sooner, this country will disolve into state fiefdoms and you’re going to see massive amounts of people seeking citizenship in Canada and other countries.

          • Michael, you have the intelligence to see what is happening. If you try to explain it to most people, they will say “huh?”

          • Yea, if I spoke baby language, they’d probably understand.

            For some of these wackoos in here..

            Gaa Gaa Gooo Gooo.

            That stands for get the crap out of between your ears out there.

            This gun violence is just a symptom of something more serious going on.

            Total Gun Control or No Control at all is like throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

            Don’t solve anything, does it.

      • Eyma. I will attempt to make a point in a more civilized manner than your own.
        “Enforce the laws against criminals.” The Connecticut shooter had no known criminal record, so I’m not sure how you thought that the said enforcement would have prevented the situation. For that matter I’m not sure what laws you are referring to and how additional enforcement would change things or who we are “letting … run free.” For that matter I doubt that you could answer these questions either since that would involve actually thinking through your ideas rather than just spouting right wing talking points.
        “The less guns the law abiding…. blah blah blah.” I would like you to name one incident where an armed citizen has prevented something like this. Just one. As a matter of fact law enforcement officials commented on this very notion after the Aurora movie theater shooting. They believed that several armed citizens would only have made things worse. But I suppose you and your ilk think that all the “law abiding” citizens are crack shots that could never ever ever …ever miss the bad guy and hit an inocent bystander. Ever think that maybe these nut jobs that walk into schools and kill people subscribe to the same guns-solve-everything mentality that you do?
        Maybe you need to turn off the spaghetti westerns and come into the real world with the rest of us.
        I am not advocating taking away our 2nd amendment rights. but nancywang is absolutely correct in that we need to examine our gun culture in this country. I don’t propose to have all the answers, but what we need is a reasoned dialogue to see what can be done to attack the root cause of incidents such as this and make it more difficult for criminals and the mentally unstable to get firearms.
        So why don’t YOU and the other fascist idiots shut up and eat your raw meat until you can bring something constructive to the table.
        oops. sorry… failed in my attempt

        • Kevin, do you remember watching the news at the shooting that wounded Senator Gifford and killed a child? A person, in the crowd, was describing what he seen. He said he had been in the Walgreen Store when he heard gunshots. He took his safety off his pistol and ran outside. He saw a man with a gun in his hand and took aim. Someone yelled at him, “That is not the shooter.” The man with a gun in his hand was the hero who took the gun away from the shooter. People like I’m a liar, is not sane enough or rational enough to be going around with a loaded weapon.

      • Was the person who killed these babies and his mother, a criminal? Were any of the shootings over the past five years and act committed by someone with a prior criminal record? Do you own a weapon? Who has access to it who might have a grudge to settle? Do you have a child who might be getting bullied in school and knows that you have this weapon that you may think he or she is unaware of? It is always easy to point fingers in times like this and make irrational, basically stupid remarks as you have. Nancywang makes some good points in her post, your best response was to ridicule, call names and attack her in regards to weapons, failing to even address the balance of her post. A clear indication of the myopic view of those who think as you do, hence your inability to engage in discourse with any measure of intelligence or rational. Peace

      • That’s funny! I grew up in an era where only crimnals had guns but I don’t remember running around scared to death to go to a mall or to school!! Thanks to the NRA and all the macho press people out there, we have are one paranoid nation afraid to walk down our own streets!!

        • Yep, things were a lot better when the Mafia was in town.

          This mass-shooting type of crap would have never happened.

          Those were different times. Women and Children were never made targets. And, the only reason people did get shot was because they either stuck their noses in places they weren’t supposed to, or got too deeply involved and couldn’t pay back their debt.

          I had a friend many years ago who’s father ran with the Mob on occasion. Back then, he owned a Duesenburg with a solid steel back plate in back of the back seat which could be rolled up in an emergency and had space for a Tommy Gun.

          He said many times those were the best days of his life.

      • And your one of the reasons why people want guns! Listen to you for God’s sake!! Commie hag?? You don’t have better command of the English language or your mouth to say something intelligent?? I’d want a gun to if I had to listen you for very long!!

        • Yes, eymaliar is one of the reason we need gun control. Too many cowardly, scared and dangerous paranoids have assault weapons.

    • Stop with using a tragedy to bring up Government gun control. The problem is a mental psycopath being coddled and loose in a society by your liberal policies. HAd this crazy not got hold of a gun, he would have used a bomb or knife. Our Right to bear arms is to protect us from an excessive and controlling Federal Government.

      I knew you libs would before the dead are buried use it as an excuse for gun control. You are so wrong and uninformed.

      • If you are happy with a few gun deaths ever day of two, I can’t help you. One dy the rest of the world will build a fence around the USA so their violent society cannot contaminate normal people.

      • You gun nuts all amaze me – Let me ask you something – where were the good guys with guns to protect us at the movie theatre? Where were the good guys with guns to protect us in the mall? Where were you do-gooders with your guns at this elementary school today??? I don’t remember anyone being there with a gun other than the bad guy. You all have a multi-million dollar 1% industry and the NRA is your mouthpiece. Where was the NRA today?? Pushing the “right” to have a gun. And how did that right work out for the past few shootings where the shooter actually had a legal gun? I don’t think we have to worry so much about those bad guys with illegal guns as we do about the “good” guys with LEGAL guns anymore. YOU are not a well regulated militia. The military and national guardsmen make up a militia. And that same amendment makes notice of “WELL REGULATED” in it’s description and at every turn when regulation is talked about – you guys and the NRA scream bloody murder. Where are the gun toting republicans at today? They were not too concerned about the killing of innocents – I guess it’s because it wasn’t abortion clinics. Give me a break – you guys spout off all of your nonsense but actually have no facts – NOT A SINGLE ONE – to back up all of your talk. Not a single gun supporter was there supporting those little kids. But you are the first to start screaming about gun control won’t work. Tell us again, what WILL work? The stupid lax gun control we have not isn’t working – in fact, when the legal guns are killing people – it doesn’t appear that anything will work very well. And all of that crap about he would have a knife if he didn’t ahve a gun is about lame. If you honestly believe this guy would have killed all of those people with a knife – then you honestly aren’t smart enough to carry a gun either.

        • f & f It is all just an act in frustration! It’s gone too far to do anythning about the guns now!! The NRA got what they wanted which is millions of dollars in their pockets and the devil take the hindmost!!

      • So what “policies” are you advocating? “The problem is a mental psycopath being coddled….” So are we supposed to start locking up people who we think might commit crimes? How about we start with you? You sound like an aggressive gun toting neaderthal. Sooner or later you’ll probably snap and shoot someone right?

          • No, they can’t lock you up for what you might do. We don’t live in a society where the Minority Report rules.

            But, the government can mandate Psychological Testing, the MMPI, that will point to current mental problems that will prohibit ownership of any firearm, which laws could be made against if the mental problem is severe enough.

            It is impossible to lie on this test unless you are a Pathological Lier, which points to a severe mental problem in the first place.

      • What makes you crazy people think you are going to defend yourselves from the absolute power of the Federal Government?

        Believe me, all these right wing hate groups, anti-government weekend warrior groups have been targeted by the feds, infiltrated long ago and still are today.

        And, what makes you think any of you is going to stand up to regular army troops?

        If you are fearful now, wait till you see regular army troops in front of your house, or wherever you like to meet.

        You’ll be pooping your pants just as much if not more than anyone else. Bravado is great, but try to carry it out. It won’t happen!

        Your fears are totally unfounded and pretty much useless in the face of what could take place.

        Instead of trying to promote revolution, people should be trying to solve our basic problems that lead to this type of crimes in the first place.

      • As this is something that has the ability to touch all of our lives without warning, I hope you won’t have occassion to change your opinion due to a personal experience.

      • You are soooooo wrong!! The 2nd amendment is not meant to protect us from our own government! You check YOUR facts!! I’m an Independant and am tired of being called a name because I don’t happen to agree with your so called facts fron Faux news!!

    • Nancy, my son travels. He was eating breakfast in a cafe in Boise, this morning. The news was about the tragedy. A truck driver sitting at the counter with him said, it was a conspiracy by President Obama to have an excuse to take people’s guns away. Because my son was upset by all those children getting killed, he swore at the man. Warning to people in Boise: There is a dangerous nut in your community.

      • Again Ida….so much hate by some for our President that no matter what happens it is a frigging “conspiracy”. There you have it. The root of the problem.

        • We either have mass mental illness and paranoia or all the scared paranoid people have banded together. A long time ago they started thinking ignorance was a virtue and have gone downhill from there.

          • I just read that every mass shooter was on some type of psychotropic/psychiatric medication and that the side efffects of some of these drugs play a part in the tragedy:
            “…the international drug regulatory warnings issued on psychiatric drugs causing violence, mania, hostility, aggression, psychosis, and other violent type reactions.”

            Again bottom line is making money no matter what the side effects are of so many western medications. A sorry state of affairs.

      • In addition, I just read that every mass murderer was found to be on psychiatric drugs and that “… the international drug regulatory warnings issued on psychiatric drugs causing violence, mania, hostility, aggression, psychosis, and other violent type reactions.”

        As for Pres. Obama, many people won’t see beyond his color. Everything wrong will be blamed on him for that reason. Hate is tragic to everyone including the hater.

  4. Now some states are allowing guns in their statehouses and stadiums! When will it end?? The NRA has done enough damage! I even read where someone suggested arming the children!! What have we become!! How did this happen!! Not only is the economy in the tank but so are our morals and consciences!! Greed rules this country!!

  5. I just got through reading an article that mentioned that we kill 19.5 times as many people with guns in the U.S. than in any other developed country. I think it IS times to talk about guns and the Second Amendment. We lived a long time without arming every other person with automatic weapons, and the country survived that.

  6. Also, as far as I’m concerned, you can take the 2nd amendment and shove it where the sun don’t shine! It has killed too many children!! Enough!!

    • highpckts, actually the second amendment wasn’t meant to arm every nut in the world. they were talking about a well armed militia.

  7. Can we stop the nonsense now? Please! I was an elementary school librarian. I cannot understand how anyone can shoot little children. What have we done to the young men of our nation that causes them to resort to such actions in a school, a theater, a mall, or anywhere? We need to forget the nonsense from the NRA and the politicians who love themselves and their parties more than they love America and gun makers who only care for money and take some bold steps….even if we have to modify the Constitution. Our children need to be safe.

  8. Condolences to the survivors of yet another pointless round of murder.

    To the NRA and the people who love it…. If now is not the time to have a discussion about controlling firearms….. When? If we have to wait until a respectful amount of time has passed after any one of these horror shows, when will that be? Especially since they seem to be happening abut once a week on average. When is it right to talk about controlling access to firearms? When is it the right time to talk about the 2nd Amendment and not just the part about the guns but the qualifier that the much vaunted founding fathers added about ….

    “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State,…..”

    Interesting how NRA and it various fellow travelers NEVER, EVER, EVER want to talk about THAT part of the 2nd amendment. Just about the right to own a gun. (Yes, I know, I know….D.C v Heller. The Supreme court finds that the militia part isn’t relevant to home protection. But isn’t that just the work of those liberal agenda driven judges, tyrants in black robes, unelected and unaccountable? Isn’t it?).

    When do we get to talk about having background checks and ongoing qualifying tests or some kind of firearm competency mandate to at least try and screen out the sociopaths?

    When is the NRA going to cease to be a shill for firearms manufacturers? When are those manufacturers going cease producing firearms far in excess of the demand of the American market? When are the cheapo manufacturers going to be forced to close shop and stop the flow of Saturday night specials? When do we get to say that an assault rifle is not necessary or even practical for home protection? When do we get to explode the fantasy that a well armed populace is the only hedge against a tyrannical government? (Interesting that the citizens most inclined toward authoritarian ideologies are also the most vocal about maintaining a free market for guns. And just in case you haven’t considered what a full scale insurrection would look like in this nation, does anyone think they are going to see a john boehner or a mitch mcconnell or your tea bagger neighbor, 85 lbs overweight, at the barricades wielding their AK against the National guard or US troops or blackwater or whomever it is that is supposed to be the storm troopers of this coming tyranny? That’s the way we’re going to insure our democracy?).

    When is popular culture, (I know how easy it is to slam pop culture, so I will do that now), including movies and TV and video games going to cease making guns an object of every adolescent empowerment fantasy? And folks it’s not just gangsta rap that is mining this cartoon bullshit, it’s every John Wayne western, every Dirty Harry movie, just about every movie with a contemporary setting climaxes (and the sexual innuendo IS most certainly intended), with a shootout…. The hero is triumphant and good is restored and the bad guys are all shot to pieces. The world is set right and god reflects on how the 2nd amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America is functioning to fulfill HIS will on this puny and debauched planet…….. Right?…….. Not just right……. but far right.

    I’m sure there is a group of parents tonight who will be aggrieved at the loss of their child, but comforted by the knowledge that our republic is safe because WE have the 2nd amendment.

  9. Now is the time to tell the NRA to go to h***. For too long they have used there money and influence in Washington to block meaningful and rational gun control laws. The have “bought” senators and representatives on both sides of the aisle who vote as the NRA tells them to rather than what is best for the country.

  10. 4get the 2nd Amendment – We NEED gun control NOW!!! Those who don’t understand why will understand soon enuff when their guns are stolen & used in crimes like this – or – God forbid, something like this happens to 1 of their loved ones!!! It’s time we get rational, get money out of politics NOW, clean up our electoral systems NOW & support gun control – NOW!!! These 3 – money, our corrupted electoral system & the gun lobby, are all intricately intertwined. It will only take Liberal/Progressive initiatives to undo the damage of 43 – going now on 44 years of conservative political lunacy & it’s time we realize it & put a stop to it B4 it destroys what’s still salvageable of our Democracy…

    • We need to go back to banning assault weapons and 30-round clips. People, who want those types of guns are not exactly the type people who should have them.

  11. Addressing violence and killing is much more than “gun control”. It is a moral issue that needs to be addressed by all our religious and civic leaders. It would be wonderful if we could just make a law, but violence lives in the hearts and minds of men, yes, I mean MEN. Guns are instruments of violence and evil and only a large part of the violence.

      • The problem is, is that someone who is perfectly sane for years can own as many guns as they wish, any type, any type of ammo, auto or not.

        What happens though when they start having serious mental/job/family/social problems and have access to these weapons?

        Society has taken it for granted that someone who is sane will stay sane. And, this IS the biggest RUB of them all.

        I believe anyone who owns large amounts of weapons has a Paranoid Yellow Streak in them already built in a mile wide. With a little push here or there, it wouldn’t take much for them to go totally wacko.

        I know a few people who are as such. Overly Paranoid, reclusive, not very socially adept, very poor interpersonal relationship skills and own lots of guns. And, these people are classified as perfectly sane, at least sane enough where they’re not required to see a shrink.

        These are they type of people I worry about more than anyone else.

        Just because someone is sane now doesn’t mean that person is going to stay sane for the rest of their life.

        But, in the mean time, they keep acquiring weapons, usually more deadly ones as time passes.

    • True, but I rather face a man wielding a knife or a 2×4 than someone carrying a .223 caliber assault rifle. You have a good chance to defend yourself or run away from the former, you are as good as dead if the latter decides to shoot.

    • Guns allow the cowardly to act blindly and irreparably. It is people at the end of a trigger that decide to pull it, but guns are too volatile, dangerous and indiscriminate in their lethality. If a flare up of confrontation were limited to fists or bludgeons or knives even, I would wager that the deaths/harm to innocent bystanders(children) would be negligible.
      Unfortunately guns are great equalizers; where the ignorant, cowardly and deranged get to have their day in the sun. I am no fan of them nor the NRA.

  12. This is another example that we need greater Gun Control and much better mental screening for gun owners current and potential, especially for Conceal and Carry Licenses.

  13. That was a sincere speech. I believe Pres. Obama is genuine in his empathy and grief. BUT ENOUGH PLATITUDES! UNLESS THE 2ND AMENDMENT ZEALOTS ARE WILLING TO LET THEIR CHILDREN BE SHOT BY PSYCHOTIC SCUM, WE NEED TO REDUCE THE AMOUNT OF EASILY AVAILABLE GUNS IN THIS COUNTRY! And the President needs to set that tone and start talking to these arsenal fiends who collect these weapons by the dozens and help to drive the market for them because they feel the Feds are going to come and take their guns away! There are as many guns in the U.S. as people! WTF?! It’s a virtual armed camp! How many more mass shootings must we tolerate by those who feel empowered to act as Devil and God and the Angel of Death largely because they can too easily find and buy the hardware to make it so!

  14. Violence in video games has become all but feeling less murder over, over, and over again. The excuse to defend this brutality is protection of the planet or the country. No matter the reason for this aggression in electronic games it is turning all are children in thoughtless unfeeling killers without even realizing it. As a nation we generally save this thoughtless killing to professional killers (soldiers). We train are armed forces to be this way so as to detour any aggressive action by foreign nations that wish us ill. Must we let video games decide the next senseless mass killings by simply hardening the hearts of those that would do these things by letting them execute people randomly and realistically over and over in some damn video game. Come on people what are we training are children to become? As a nation we owe are children a much better example of life than an over aggressive, realistic computer game that immortalize thoughtless murder.

      • Whatever happened to the day when TV taught basic moral lessons and did it in a fun way.

        Now, TV and Video Games teach how to kill faster and greater fighting techniques. All these Cop shows on Cable isn’t family Entertainment either.

        Or, how about these sleezy Soaps now during the evenings.

        IF anything, Parents should send their kids out to play instead of babysitting them in front of a Monitor or TV all day long.

        Yes, TV, Cable and Computers have had an impact on society. Overall, not a good one either.

        There is some light at the end of the tunnel though. There are fantastic cartoon shows on now that teach basic science lessons in a fun way, Sid the Science Kid is great as well as a program with Dinos teaching the same subject. There are a few more I can’t remember at the moment too.

        • Michael, there were TV shows I did not let my children watch and there were toys they were not allowed. We learn about love in church and then buy them kill-other-people-toys. We let them watch and play violence until they are inured to it.

          • My Congrats to you:)

            You sound like a parent that actually took full responsibility for your children:)

            Very rare these days.

  15. And STILL, even after this, the gun fetishists think that MORE guns are the answer; “arm teachers” is what one sub-moron told me.. Arm teachers??? Are you f’ing KIDDING me??? Do you REALLY want every teacher to carry a gun???

    Because 62 year old Miss Smith who is on 14 different types of medication and is a blind as a bat, should have a gun in her classroom; what could possible go wrong THERE?

    The first time a gun goes off accidentally and kills a child in the class, let’s see what happens.

    • Moron Mort

      Like Thumper’s mother told him, “If you don’t know what you are talking about, fut the shuck up.”

      If Miss Jones or the principal had a gun and knew how to use it, and that isn’t hard to learn, the shooter would have been dead BEFORE he got to the kids.

      Think before you spout off moron Mort.

      • Hey ExPavic, are you SERIOUSLY saying that all teachers would be model gun owners? If you are then you are UTTERLY delusional!

        Next time you drive on the Freeway, look around you and count how many useless drivers are out there; not paying attention, texting, putting makeup on, following too close, not using their turn signals, creating accidents, fender benders etc. Those people would be even MORE dangerous with guns.

        I’m ex Military and I can tell you one thing; under-trained, scared, adrenaline filled civilians are a DISASTER.. Give all teachers guns and the first week there will be dead children from some teacher who’s a drunk, or just has an addled brain, or is on too many meds.

        I have seen first hand what happens when someone who has a gun, gets scared; their hands shake, their heart rate goes up and they can’t hit a barn door, let alone a moving target that’s trying to kill them.

        The Internet is FULL of wannabe Rambos like you son and none of you has a clue.


          Did that simple posting confuse you? I said people trained to use the firearm. The Army trains people to use guns every day and they aren’t nearly as intelligent as the teachers and administrators that were slain.

          I guess you just want to lie down and wait for other people to do the job FOR YOU. You probably voted for Romney too didn’t you?

          • Even with the best training in the World, some people are just incapable.. Know any bad drivers? I know TONS; they got training… I also know plenty of idiotic gun owners (P.S. I own a Mossberg 930 SLX, so I’m not against guns, I’m against people who have no business owning guns).

            Republicans have been vilifying teachers for years; calling them leeches and belittling them for being Union members, saying they are overpaid.. And yet you want them to be trained and armed???? NUTS… how expensive would it be to arm all teachers, train them, where would they get the money for one thing?

            You guys are literally crazy, because you just don’t think things through logically. Go ahead, arm all techers and wait for the lawsuits to come rolling in when one shoots a child becasue they are incompetent with firearms, or because they were drunk, or because their meds made them woozy and they mistakenly shot a 7 year old.

            CRAZY, you really are.. No wonder there are so many shootings with people like you proposing such insanity.

    • Moron Mort

      Your Miss Smith scenario is tilted and unreal. Teach her how and when to shoot, and her students will be better off.

      If you knew anything about guns, they don’t just go off by themselves. Why don’t you try informing yourself before spouting off.

      You sound like a Romney Republican

      • People are killed all the time by guns that are supposedly unload like the toddler whose Dad accidently shot him while getting in his vehicle with a gun that he THOUGHT HE HAD UNLOADED BUT IT WASN’T UNLOADED and he killed his child. People do snap and start shooting others for no reason than the fact that they have a gun to shoot others with and they don’t care who they shoot. There are to many guns out there and are to accessible to people with mental problems, hate problems and drinking problems. No one knows when they might snap and see criminals everywhere and just start firing their weapon. All you people that say it is your right to own and carry guns where ever you want to should have to have military type training on handling a gun before being allowed to have a carry permit and a gun. Along with the gun training you should have to have your eyes and minds examined to make sure they are in good condition to be to have a gun.

    • Mort, in the paper, recently, a man accidentally killed his toddler with a gun. Not everyone should have a gun, especially scared, paranoid people.

  16. My heart goes out to the families. How could someone be that mean to take little person life. How much more do we need to take before we stand up and say enough is enough. I don’t know if tighter gun control will stop this nations fetches with guns. We are the most powerful nation in the world and we are to lead. Some how we will get thru this but we must stop this. The innocent my God the innocent.

  17. Today’s tragic events follow a series of similar tragic events, the one variable being that so many victims were so young and should have had their whole lives ahead of them. There are too many guns and too many crazy people with access to guns. I am so sick of the NRA and their advocacy of even more guns in the hands of Americans. I say “F)$ck the NRA. Enough is enough!”

    • Hogwash

      If any of the dead adults had a gun, like the principal of the school, the shooter wouldn’t have gotten to the kids.

      • I have heard that tired argument over and over. I believe that if anything, there would have been more people shot in the crossfire. We have too many guns in the hands of too many crackpots who see themselves as judge, jury, and executioner for imagined offenses against them.

        • Old Say

          When guns are outlawed, only the outlaws will have guns.

          I’ll just keep my .357 Magnum Taurus and let the crooks and bad guys beware.

        • If my loved one had been in that school, I would have been grateful if someone had been there to mow the shooter down. You don’t know that more people would have been shot in the crossfire, and killing all those people could not be considered an “imagined offense”..whoever killed him before he got to that classroom of children would have deserved a medal of honor in my opinion!!!!

      • Re: Our last few verbal clashes on this forum. It brings out two things – we are both Veterans and we both have tempers. Let’s lay it aside.
        I commend you for your service in Vietnam. That was a hell of a conflict and everyone returned to derision rather than respect. Hopefully no other Combat Vets will be treated in that manner again.

        We have differences of opinion on Guns and concealed weapons license. As a Veteran I think you would agree that in Training we were all dumb as a box of rocks concerning weapons. Most all knew how to fire a weapon but none of us knew the basics – how to respect our weapon, when to use our weapon and how to effectively use our weapon.

        A half-baked idiot can pass the requirements and “training” required for a concealed permit. I have yet to find any course that teaches owners the basics of knowing the weapon, Respecting the weapon, knowing how to use it and when to use it.

        I am not anti-gun. I too believe we need to protect ourselves especially in this day and time. But I am against the laxity of loosely allowing weapon assess to everyone without documented training to make them competent and responsible.

        Again – thank you for your Combat service in Vietnam.

        Have a good day

  18. Listen folks. This type of tragedy happens only in places where gunmen know they have no opposition. Disarming the populace makes them a sitting duck for any anal orifice to do the same thing anywhere. If a criminal knows you have no protection, your house is on the list for criminals to do their dirty deeds.

    So, what would you rather? To be able to protect yourselves and your families when an intruder decides to strike or would you rather that evil creep in unawares and slaughter your whole family while you sleep? If anything, I see a case for having armed guards and metal detectors at the doors.

    Do you think a hunter would go hunting if he thought his prey was armed?

    You will never prevent criminals from getting guns. They buy their guns off the street. Not from a gun store where you have to wait to be approved. Taking guns from law abiding citizens is absolutely not the answer.

    You may not like the idea of guns in your house, but neither does the criminal. His whole hope is that you DON’T have a gun. This makes you easy pickin’s for a criminal with a firearm.

    • The best defense against home intrusion is a in-the-house DOG, a big and loud one. A dog that is trained to attack anyone that is not allowed in the house. And, one that is trained to know the difference between friend or foe.

      Hell, even a dog’s Water Dish, a long dog leash outside a door is enough to make anyone suspicious that would want to invade your home.

      As far as public places, there really is no absolute way of protecting it. The only option is to lock all the doors and screen everyone coming and going with metal detectors.

      Granted, I would fully approve of a few teachers inside the school be qualified to carry openly the weapon of their choice, former police personnel or former military people would even be better.

  19. I know! Pretty silly right! Even our local and state police are more armed and better prepared for such a contingency. Our best protection against governmental tyranny is free and open elections. After all, in spite of what conservatives would have us believe, it has worked pretty damn good so far.

    • Fred there are some who don’t even believe in the American way of free and open elections. There are even weapons out there that overpower what our law enforcement has. These people who don’t like our way of life should go to Brazil and start a colony there.

  20. Those who think gun control is the answer are wrong. There are more guns in America than people. You really think some sicko who shoots up an elementary school couldn’t find a gun? You think that miraculously all gun would be erased? No, 99% of gun owners won’t give up their guns. So will you become NAZI’s and search all homes for the hidden guns that 99% of people use to protect themselves and/or hunt with because .00001% of people die from gun shots?

    • Jon, get with the program. You are not a good listener and probably not a good reader. No one is going to take your guns away. No president has ever advocated that. We are talking about banning assault weapons and multipleshot clips. These are things that are bought by people with questionable sanity anyway. The NRA lies and lies and lies and are supported by gun manufacturers. The scare (easily scared) people into arming themselves. If they ban the guns cowards seek, like assault weapons, they won’t be going into homes and taking guns way. Ex Post Facto doesn’t allow that.

  21. I too share deeply the grief these parents, teachers and everybody connected with Sandy Hook Elementary school. As a mental health advocate and being treated for a mood disorder I am very much concerned concerning stigma. That people will equate mental illness as violence. Fact is with effective treatment mentally ill persons are no more dangerous than anyone.

    • Thats IF they stay on their meds!

      Also, you can have an undiagnosis mental disorder and get a gun. Even if you are seeing a shrink and have serious problems, you can still get a gun because seeing a shrink does not become public record.

      Currently, in Ohio, all it takes to get a Conceal Carry Permit is a clean background check, a few hours of minor training and your armed. They don’t even require that you take a test for mental stability.

      The only time something like this comes into play is if the affected person has been in a mental facility which is public record and only available to police forces, court systems and said firms that check backgrounds prior to buying a gun at a dealer.

      Other than these, you could be a total wacked-out SOB and still get a gun. Nothing prevents it. As long as you have a clean background check and the money, you can get any weapon you desire except for weapons where you have to possess a federal firearms license and these types of weapons are usually fully automatics.

      Yes, there are a lot of dangerous mental cases walking around our society that have guns.

      • Excellent points concerning how easy it is for a person with mental illness to obtain a gun. It seems really easy to get a gun in OH except for exceptions. Paragraph3.
        I think what is even worse in PA where I liove, there’s been some times they don’t even bother to check someone’s background.

        • By rights, the process to get a gun should be a Federal Process.

          With each state comes 50 different rules governing the process of obtaining a weapon and use of it, as in obtaining Conceal Carry Permits.

          This is one area among many more where States Rights should be abdicated in favor of greater control by the Feds.

          One Standard for ALL. One source for all mental health records, backgrounds to clear someone for ownership of any weapon. The Feds already hold all the information in regards to anyone with a Felony.

          So, why not combine all this information into one agency that could instantly vet anyone that wants to purchase a gun? It would be fast, accurate and equal to all.

          Sounds perfectly logical to me…………………

  22. Point of Order

    If one of the deceased adults had a gun, including the school principal, the shooter would have been dead before he had a chance to shoot the kids.

    Any questions?

    • Bullshit!
      Any person that hears what is perceived as gunfire is NOT going to rush through the door with guns blazing. The reaction is to check the source and THEN take action. In a “SECURE” environment such as an Elementary School chances are you would be dead before you had a chance to react.

      Unless your handle is ExPAVIC that is. I’m sure you would have been like Matt Dillon and quickly killed the perpetrator and saved the world. Big Hero.

      Nah – never happen. From what you reveal in your posts – at the sound of gunfire you would shit your britches and been a pile of shaking nothing.

      If you ever served in the Military I hope it was in support far away from combat.

      • Ramble On

        You know nothing about this writer yet you go on like a Rush Limbaugh fan without knowledge or premise.

        I am a Vietnam combat vet, so there goes your shit premise and your other ramblings only indicate that your primary physician should increase your Alzheimer’s medication. Or, you are an incomplete moron.

        • I just replied Moron. Crawl back in your sack somewhere. Were you around in the TET offensive? I had a friend that damn near lost his life there because his ammo bearer shit his pants and ran – wouldn’t have been you would it. His name was Sammy – USMC. Another hometown boy, Thomas E. Creek – USMC Medal of Honor hero. Don’t regale me about Nam or your service. You are what you are – and that doesn’t appear to be much.

      • Oldtack, as an ex veteran, you probably know what guns in the hands of amateurs would be like. Oh, they probably took a course in gun safety and go out to the shooting range and shoot targets, but looking a killer in the face takes some time to process and by the time you process your actions, a lot of people are dead.

    • Ex, The principle comes in. She checks her daily calendar. 1. Meeting with the parenting group and that reminds her, needs to schedule a meeting with Shelden’s parents. Shelden is acting up again the the meetings with the teacer weren’t fruitful. She needs to encourage them to attend the parent group meetings. 2. Call and see if she can get a punch bowl for the Christmas Party Friday. 4. Meet with the PTA president. 5. Needs to give the custodian a list of things to be done. 5. Prepare report for the state education department. Does this on the computer. 6. Send an answer via e-mail to the president of the board. 7. Lunch with the mayor. 8. Problem with the buses. Call the supervisor in. 9. Meet in the multi-purpose room with the children to rehearse their parts in the Christmas program.

      A shadow falls across her desk. A person with a gun. Oh, darn, she should have been sitting here all the time with a gun between her two hands pointed at the door.

    • That’s IF that person was trained enough to use it. Most people aren’t.

      Studies show, even with police, in the heat of a battle, accuracy is comprimized.

  23. enough with this crap about no one can grow a set and talk about gun control
    YEA guns don’t kill people –people kill people–
    but when people can get guns to kill people than there is a problem…and if you so believe differently think about holding the lifeless body of your 5 yo daughter in your hands dead and mangled due to some nut having unlimited access to guns..and than bring up your right to bear arms–wake up people

  24. Do you suppose that Lanza read about the recent stabbing of 22 children and 1 adult in China and decided to show the world that he could do better in the US with guns (gotta keep us number 1 in violent deaths)? In China the weapon of choice is either a sharp or a blunt instrument since firearms are relatively rare (compared to the US) and attacks upon schools happen so frequently that security guards have been stationed at schools since 2010 when 70 school children were killed or wounded. In the latest attack in China the security guards were the ones who subdued the attacker but not before he was able to stab 23 people.

    • Eyma, I decided to forward your post to an FBI friend of mine. You didn’t exactly say you were going to do the killing, but my friend says that type of attitude makes you one of the people they will be watching. They have probably already located your URL and name and address. I feel safer knowing they will be watching you.

    • You are one wacked out SOB.

      I think I”m going to contact the FBI, maybe even InterPol which will include all of these crazy comments you’re making in here (especially this last one). I hope the FBI investigates your pen name.

      Hopefully they’ll have you posted on their Domestic Terrorist watch list.

      With a little luck, ours not yours, your worst fears will be realized. THEY will come for you because as of now, you are posing a threat to the President’s Family!

      I’d like to see you try and defend this last comment in court.

  25. Why do you connect gun control to ‘liberals’? Are ‘conservatives’ happy with a few kids getting killed? EVERY thinking person will be in favor of more controls.

    • The bunt, the first gun control bills were submitted by Republicans. That is before the subversives took over the Republican Party. The Brady Bill was introduced by a man who had currency in the mix. He was permantly crippled by a shooter with a handgun.

  26. Let me know when the federal government has tried to trample your rights and liberty and you have fought them off with your guns.

  27. i want to coment , on this horrible tradgeies, it made me feel sad , and mad to the shooter who done this . we need to buckle down harder on this issue , there has been two many of these shootings , this year , my support goes out to the familes in conneciut. god bless them and we the peaple , of this great country give are love tothem as well . and lets be strong and defeint , not give up and get back on track this great nation. god bless to all amen .

  28. Enough with the staging, theatric, lip service, grand standing, double speak, gamesmanship, press manipulation, talking points catch phrases. It is time for action. polices, practices and procedures that insures the safety and security of the citizens of this country!!! the house, the senate and the president has failed this country and are responsible for the death of the nations children. They all have blood on their hands. we don”t need tears ,we need action now… Everyone in the house, senate and presidency should resign immediately. You are all baby killers and you must live with that fact every day for the rest of your lives. and for all you suppose to be christian you must know that if there really is a God you must face severe punishment on judgement day for your sins.
    The concentrated bigotry demonstrated in the past few days by john mcCain, Lindsey Graham, susan collins, kelly Ayotte will have devastating consequences for years to come in the most unusual ways from god and man alike. History and Rome tells us that racism, bigotry, hypocracy is a cancerous rot that eats from the inside out with debilitating consequences.

  29. EYMA LYER….you need to take a break and get back on your meds…Wong has the right idea…and we have did exactly as she says we did…and we did it as a nation …not as an individual…i wouldnt talk about being a commie…take a look in the mirror and see ther real commie…
    just remember what Jesus said in the book of Matthew i believe it was…you will know the latter days by the days of Noah….how was the days of Noah…the whole world was full of violence…maiming and killing and volcanoes and floods……im just sayin….

  30. Better to discover why a country would need guns to protect themselves. What is wrong with the American culture? Why don’t people in other countries need guns to protect themselves? How have we created such a violent society? By all means, if you actually need a gun, have one. But in the long run, someone must work on the source of the problem. And the first step is to admit something is wrong with the ‘American Way’.

  31. It amazes and saddens me that in the face of such a devastating tragedy that the people leaving comments here are touting political issues, calling each other names and generally being rude to each other. Democrat, Republican…gun control/not gun control , really has no place here. When I heard this news, my stomach clenched in knots. I actually threw up. It totally shattered me to think that so many young children had lost their lives..for what? The killer was insane, that is clear. How many of us have sent our precious child to school in the morning secure in the knowledge they would return home that afternoon? It could have been any one of our children and I for one, share in the loss of these innocents, and the adults as well. Instead of fighting with each other, we should be consoling one another and working together to find a real solution to end the senseless murders that seem to be on the increase. Thank God our families are safe and pray for the families that have lost irreplaceable members of theirs. And please stop fighting with each other!

  32. I still have to wonder; how did a 20 year old get a hold of these guns?

    Did he get them legally? I thought you had to be 21 to buy a gun anywhere in this country.

  33. Mr. President,
    It is no secret that since the founding of Our Country that – – the complex history of American Society has always involved both good and evil; alternating always some where between the two; and depending quality of executive leadership at Federal, State, and Local levels. So one can easily make the case that unfortunately America again is lacking in the quality of leadership that sets the conditions for safe Individuals and Communities across this Country. And this American dilemma
    involving allowing Guns in the streets, and public spaces is inexcusable at best, and calls for some immediate presidential action towards outlawing, and preventing same. It’s sad even when gun murders occur in one’s home, but because of our constitution, we will have to live with it, but I fail to see the constitutional legality of allowing lives to be lost at the hand of a Gun in public space

  34. It’s high time for some real honesty and realism among our elected Ones, from the top down. And for them to stop placing their individual egos, self importance, political careers and special interest servings above their sworn duty to uphold the Constitution; rather than continuing to hoodwink most of the unsuspecting Electorate into believing that – – such behavior is acceptable, and should not challenged.

  35. It was so horrible. I automatically think of the children and those who lost children. What is their lives like now? The paranoid type of person who has guns because he is afraid is the dangerous person. I am not against guns. My family and my spouse’s family had many guns, but they weren’t loaded because we were afraid of “them.” Cowards with guns are not safe. Neither are nuts with guns.

  36. Kevin – I don’t know. There sure seems to be some real psycopaths on this forum that I wouldn’t trust with a gun! You going to lock everyone up??

  37. It’s not the government we have a problem with! It’s people like you that don’t seem to understand that no matter how many guns you put out there it won’t matter! If a person is intent on killing,they will get off the first shot and you will be dead! Go ahead and carry your your macho weapon, you will still be dead!

  38. Pleas stop taking things out of context!!! Quote it as it is!! IN ORDER TO FORM A MORE ORGANIZED MILITIA, THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO KEEP AND VBEAR ARMS SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!! Are you part of an organized militia????

  39. . Its sad day when those who are on the front lines to protect us .The police have to worry about if the bad guy has better fire power than them IT,S STUPID AND DAMN WRONG WHEN BADIES ARE KILLED .BECAUSE OF THE N.R.A. and the gun lobby

  40. First of all, when a thug breaks into your house at 2:00am you will be sound asleep and if that same crimnal has the intent to kill you, you will be dead before you get your gun out of the safe place, get it loaded and shoot!! Secondly, the government trample rights all the time and that is why we have due process!! You don’t take the law into your own hands unless you want to go to prison!!! Thirdly, I am NOT a liberal nut just because I believe in gun control!! Get over yourself, oh, and by the way, you Repubs LOST!! get a life!!

  41. Go by the contitution it does not give us the right to bare a gun. It give us the right to bare arms. If the govt. can deny you granade it can deny you an a.r.15 or a m16 simple. The n.r.a. says that my right well I say bullsh;;;

  42. Unfortunately when he read the teleprompter it told him to pause and wipe his eye. There wasn’t a word there that he wrote nor believed. He is getting to be a better actor then BJ Clinton.

    As to the victims in Ct may they rest in peace .

    • You don’t know what you are posting about. The President is also a parent and didn’t need a teleprompter to say what he said his words came from his heart not some writers pen. So stop making this about your misdirected political beliefs and really show that you really do feel sorrow for the children murdered and their parents.

      • Hill, the idiot doesn’t know what he is talking about. The posters, on this board, are way over his stupid head. He should go on one of the hate rants that reinforces his idiocy. His, was the kind of person that helped take down Germany’s democracy.


    • Rodney 40% of guns sold at gun shows are sold without criminal background checks. Dealers are required to do them, but some nut who has acquired 50 assault rifles does not have to adhere to that requirement.

    • Yes, you are right, but only partly.

      Even at a Gun Show, you still have to pass a background check. Yes, there some private sales, but not many.

      I been there many times myself. What scares me the most is the massive amount of people that were buying guns before Obama got elected the first time. The Fire Marshall almost closed it down because of too many people being in the building.

      Many of these Gun Dealers were complaining they couldn’t keep enough guns on the tables.

      And, with some of these people I wouldn’t sell on BB Gun to. I wasn’t a Gun Dealer though. I sold other products.

  44. First, heartfelt condolences to the families of victims who lost their lives and those injured. May God grant the courage and the patience to them to bear the burden of another great tragedy. If we are to minimize such mass murders in the future, I suggest the following.

    Since families of victims have to bear the burden of their losses for the rest of their lives, the families of these killers should be held accountable, responsible and liable for these losses. Instead of sympathizing with the families of these criminals, their privileges such as “Right to Vote”, ” Right to own the guns”, Social Security payments, food stamps, and other taxpayer funded benefits should be taken away from them for life. 100% excise/import duty should be imposed on all guns sold in the US or brought in from outside. The taxes collected should be distributed to police precincts based on the number of gun homicides committed in the precincts in the previous year.

  45. The NRA has blood on its hands once again. If these weapons weren’t so readily available, sick minds would not be able to act on their impulses to do such dastardly things. But since the
    NRA has so successfully made it possible for virtually anybody to get their hands on these weapons, we continue to see these massacres occur with disturbing frequency.

    • If that guy hadn’t of killed his own mother to get these guns, there wouldn’t have been this incident.

      One question I have is why does an older lady have to have all these guns in the first place?

      And, what drove this guy to kill is own mother?

  46. The American Constitution second amendment allowing people to bear and own guns was meant to allow people to protect themselves two hundred years ago when;
    (i) the Police force was not well organised,
    (ii) there was no organised motor transport to bring security agents to scenes of crime,
    (iii) the road network was not well developed as it is today,
    (iv) there were no telephones,
    (v) there were no mobile phones and
    (vi) there was no organised army as it is today.

    Today there are:-
    (i) police officers everywhere,
    (ii) there are vehicles of all types including Ambulances and other Emergency rescue vehicles everywhere
    (iii) the roads network is very well developed,
    (iv) there are telephones everywhere,
    (v) almost everybody in America has a mobile phone,
    (vi) there are marshals, marines, the army, Air force, the navy and other security agencies.

    Everyone’s security is protected by the state and the Federal government. Why do people need to bear and own guns? Guns ownership has become a liability and a risk even to the owners of those guns. These guns are used to kill the same people who own them, they are used to kill the children of the people who own those same guns, and they are used to kill parents by their own children and many other people. There is no justifiable need for individuals to bear and to own guns any more. Congress, the Senate and the President should work together to control and reduce gun ownership

    • Exactly. The Second Amendment is the only part of the Bill of Rights that places a limit on government power conditionally. The condition was that a “well-regulated militia” be necessary for the defense of the country. Things to be noted about this:

      1) The right to bear arms was protected because this was a necessary part of defending the country against foreign enemies; it was not protected to give citizens a defense against their own government, or for any private purpose.

      2) The condition on which the right to bear arms no longer exists. We have a standing army, navy, and air force to defend us — by far the largest military organization in the world. We don’t need militias. The condition on which the power of government to restrict gun owner no longer holding true, the restriction no longer applies.

      3) Even though the Second Amendment guarantees the right of private individuals to own guns, it also acknowledges not only the right but the necessity of government regulation of fire arms. It is not just a militia that is called upon to defend our country — it is a “well-regulated” militia.

  47. My heart goes out to all the families its was horrific event But its past time for people like barak and the radical left to start accepting the blame for these events. They have debased the value of life and even ran their campaign that life has no value. When the democratic party funds unlimited abortions that murder 1 MILLION innocents every year human life has no value.

        • Sheeeesh, get a life.

          One is not murdering anything since it’s not classified a human being. The other is murdering actual thinking human children that were at least 8 or better years old.

          In your Analogy, you’re trying to make a comparison similar to your brain to Einsteins.

          You’d loose on all counts…………………

        • Get real, Terrorism, Guns, and Family Responsibility are the issues here.

          As for killing children, sanctions against and Shock & Awe bombing of Iraq killed 25,000 children for each of the children killed at the elementary school, and you paid for it.

          • There wasn’t that many killed in total during shock and awe. And I still am paying for the 1 million babies murdered every year thanks to the democrats and planned parenthood

    • As for your usual line of BS, you make no sense. And, besides, what’s abortion got to do with Gun Control. That’s of course one might consider a man’s Penis as a Gun.

      By the way, there is a certain amount of Penis Envy, since the bigger the gun, they think the bigger the Penis.

      Usually it works out the opposite, hehe…………..

  48. It’s nice to express our sympathy to these families but the question is what will anyone do to prevent more of this? Politicians want to get elected and re-elected and this seems to be more important to them than the lives of people. The NRA gets support from both sides of the aisles including Obama’s side. Demand action – and now!

    • Here is the suggestion to address the problem. If you agree, send to your Senators.

      Since families of victims have to bear the burden of their losses for the rest of their lives, the families of these killers should be held accountable, responsible and liable for these losses. Instead of sympathizing with the families of these criminals, their privileges such as “Right to Vote”, ” Right to own the guns”, Social Security payments, food stamps, and other taxpayer funded benefits should be taken away from them for life. 100% excise/import duty should be imposed on all guns sold in the US or brought in from outside. The taxes collected should be distributed to police precincts based on the number of gun homicides committed in the precincts in the previous year.

      • Sorry you cannot always blame the family for the actions of one individual. That would be wrong. Don’t think the right to vote much means anything any more when votes are ‘bought’ by entitlements bought with other peoples money. Food stamps and many benefits are scams and abused anyway and would still be obtained somehow. Many police are already overpaid and over-pensioned. A better solution: Make guns harder to obtain! Hard to get a gun in U.K., Europe and Japan and a lot less shootings!

        • This is an act of terrorism. So why not hold the families responsible? Israel has been doing that to the Palestinians for sixty years, at our expense, and we held Iraq responsible for 9/11/01 and killed half a million of them in that shock and awe bombings.

          • This tragedy was NOT an act of terrorism, it was the act of a deranged very sick young male. Punishing members of his family wound cruel and stupid.

  49. As I sit here reading all the comments, I couldn’t help but notice one single person advocating for the right to bear arms has even mentioned the tragedy in Newtown. 20 precious babies had their lives taken from them for no reason at all and the gun nuts can only think of their own rights. It is an addiction with you people. Grow up and wise up and stop being so paranoid about life. You are your own worst enemy. FYI, most of the people who commit these crimes have no criminal records, are usually white males in their teens and 20’s (with some rare exceptions ) and almost always take their own lives.

    • Fred, I do think about it every day. In 20 households the Christmas trees are already up. Santa has probably been visited and the children have gone shopping with first one parent and then the other to buy presents. The kids were excited. Thier gifts are probably already bought and hidden. In all the Christmases to come, Christmas lights, Christmas music and Christmas shopping will bring horrible pain.

      • This is the worst time of the year for many people.

        I AM one of these people who has a lot of emotional pain during this time of year. I been this way since I was a kid. Since adulthood, I go through a very severe depression, severe drinking binges (when I used to be able to tolerate it) all the way from Thanksgiving to after Christmas.

        I’ll be very happy when it’s all over New Years Day.

      • I hope you didn’t think I was including you and some of the other more thoughtful persons on this site. But not one single 2nd Amendment supporter has said anything even resembling condolences. All I hear from them is “hands off my guns” you liberal scum. They can’t even fathom the scope of this madness. What they don’t seem to understand is that sometimes their very own actions cause the authorities to start paying closer attention to them. I get what your saying about the kids being excited for Christmas and Santa in all but now an entire community will forever be scarred.

  50. I wanted to thank you for shutting up that moron Eyma Lyer for me. Honestly though, I laughed when they called me a traitor. I guess to him/her, the definition of a traitor is anyone with a difference of opinion. It is hard to imagine that some people are so insecure that they bristle at the very notion that someone doesn’t think like them. Personally, I had no interest in arguing back and forth with a nut job like that. Ignore them and you deny them of their greatest reward and that is to get under your skin. I don’t play those childish games with anyone. By the way, the comment that I made regarding the power of weapons our law enforcement have was actually a reply to someone else referring to the fact that if we ever did decide to rise up against our government, the state and local police are much better armed than we are which is how it should be. We may not always like the laws but the police are expected to enforce them. I don’t have a problem with that because i’m not suspicious and paranoid like Eyma Lyer.

      • You are in some rare form today (not that i’m complaining). What I don’t understand is why someone would choose a user name that denotes dishonesty! Perhaps this person truly is bat shit crazy. My problem is that I tend to trust everybody until they betray that trust. I believe that sincerity and honesty are the way to bridging the gap to a healthy and productive dialogue. I’m finally starting to realize that some people seem to be threatened by such a gesture of goodwill. That’s very sad but it isn’t going to change my approach or who I am.

        • Fred, me, too. I take a person at face value until they change my mind. However, this board has shown us that there are many nut jobs out there who don’t think normal.

  51. You can’t ban guns, there are too many & way too many gun owners that would obect & rightfully so. Legal SANE resposible gun owners are not the problem.

    The problem at least me is keeping guns out of the hands of nuts.

    When will someone start a dialog on just what is necessary to prevent guns from getting into the crazies possession?

    There is a way to begin this process that will keep just about everyone happy but until the problem is discusses for what it is nothing will happen. SOme bozos will sponser gun control laws that have no effect, just like the other 22 THOUSAND (really) laws on the books did nothing to stop this massacre.

    It requires action & resolve but the end result will be a reduction in gun violence.

    Shall we begin now? Anyone?

  52. The president was criticized for showing sympathy for “Trayvon Martin” earlier this year and the gun worshipers were praising the “stand your ground laws” of Florida. These poor children and adults died needless deaths. The problems is not with guns though, its the minds of people, its true”No God, No peace” a persons mind will be influenced by good or evil, simple as that.

  53. That doesn’t mean they have to persecute the poor does it? or have to stop giving back to the country that gave them the opportunity to thrive, does it? And none of these hardworking ‘rich’ didn’t have success without help from all the people who worked for him/her so that he/she could become the 1%. Are you kidding? Have you never heard the saying ‘on the backs of the poor’?

  54. A comment by Alan Abel posted on the Internet

    The tragic Newtown massacre, a reprehensible crime perpetrated by a lonely loser, a demented scumbag who should have survived and been hung upside down to suffer in the public square.
    All those beautiful children deserved to live, along with their brave principal and teachers. Will our politicians rise to the occasion and ban all assault weapons? Probably not. The NRA has invested millions with their Congressional favorites to prevent such an action.
    And what about all the educational programs designed to help emotionally damaged kids? Well, those millions of dollars were siphoned away by General Bush to support his war in Iraq and destroy weapons of mass destruction. The troops couldn’t even find Waldo!
    Now, how about all those babies and pre-schoolers being killed by the war in Syria? Never mind.

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