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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The Lie: Republicans have a plan to balance the federal budget and care deeply about fiscal responsibility.

The Truth: The last Republican president who ever balanced the budget was Dwight Eisenhower.

Between 1998 and 2000, President Bill Clinton’s Treasury Department paid off more than $360 billion in debt. As a result of 115 straight months of economic expansion that began after an increase in the top income tax rate — which was virulently opposed by the right —  the huge deficits left by 12 years of Republican rule had been transformed into a surplus.

Within months after taking office in the narrowest victory of nearly any U.S. president—by only one vote in the Supreme Court—George W. Bush had begun to turn that surplus back into deficits that grew and grew, despite funding two wars on emergency supplemental bills that were not figured into the budget.

Vice-President Cheney laughed off the promises that the Bush tax breaks would pay for themselves and the budget would be balanced:  “Reagan proved deficits don’t matter.” But deficits do matter to Republicans…whenever there is a Democratic president.

Since they woke up from a coma on the day President Obama was elected, Republicans have pushed two Big Lies: The President is responsible for the deficit, which is nearly entirely the result of Bush-era choices that the Republicans refused to abandon, and the deficit is responsible for the poor economy.

In both instances, the opposite is true.

Using the deficit as a battering ram, the GOP pushed for the rapid adoption of a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution, which would ignore the true causes of the deficit—tax breaks, the wars and an unfunded Medicare expansion—and demand huge cuts to Medicaid, Pell Grants and every service the government provides.

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162 Responses to The Big Lie of the Day: Republicans Balance Federal Budgets

  1. I have said, and I repeat now: The strategy for the republican corporate machine is to loot and pillage the national economy then make Democrats do the work to fix it as well as take the blame.

    They would have done so this last four years, if it wasn’t for the fact that Barack Obama is too black, too young, and too visible for them to get away with pulling this on.

    • How right you are, Tranz2! Republicans have nothing to use against our president in order to hide their multitude of failures in what they claim is their area of expertise — except wild accusations and lies.

  2. Republicans have not produced a Federal government balanced budget since Dwight Eisenhower was president. In fact, they are responsible for escalating deficit spending because of their insistence on irresponsible reductions in tax rates, increases in Defense spending, and the implementation of the discredited trickle down economics theory. The only budget surplus since Ike was president took place when Bill Clinton was in office and it was due to his decision to raise taxes and cut government spending, coupled with the very fortunate dot com boom, the creation of 23 million jobs, and subsequent decreases in unemployment benefits and increases in government revenues. The way to have a balanced budget is quite simple, you can not spend more than you earn. Since we are unwilling to pay for the things we need to guarantee our national security and maintain our standard of living, and our main outlays are Defense, Social Security, MEDICARE, MEDICAID and interest on the debt, the choice is pretty clear. The question is, do we want to retain our privileged position in the world and maintain our standard of living, or do we prefer to become a Third World nation as long as we have enough money in our pockets to replace our cell phone or buy an iPOD?

      • Jerpell, what do YOU think the facts (not opinions) are? Not the Republican “facts”, but the actual, documented, facts? History doesn’t lie.
        If you’re not making $200,000 or more income, you’ll lose if Romney becomes President, and you’ll lose BIG TIME. Romney, and the Republican party in general, cater to the wealthiest Americans. And these 2%ers are fixing to spend over a $billion by the time this election is over, because they know Romney is a tax evader. Move the Capital Gains tax to -0- like Ryan suggest and Romney, with his $200 million will pay ZERO in taxes. Sorry, ain’t buying it!

      • “Hurpa durp now watch me be a good little Republican sound-byte machine and make accusations of false facts while simultaneously not refuting ANYTHING in the article!

        Unfortunately I don’t realize that the only people who believe things without proof are diehard Republicans anyways, so my efforts are all in vain :(“

      • NO…that is Ann Coulter’s M.O. Except ONCE….I did see an interview either early this year or late last year…can’t remember, but I was astonished…she told the truth she said, “If the Republican’s don’t run Chris Christy, then the candidate will be Mitt Romney and he’ll lose.” Guess there is a first time for everything.

        • And Krispy Kreme Can’t Run Hell His Fat Ass Can Barely Walk!!!LOL And By The Way I Doubt People Would Buy Jabba The Thug Bullshit Anyway Since They Are All Working Out Of The Same Kit!!! All Are Koch Brothers Butt Kissers!!!

      • Gotta say, from outside your country, it looks like neither of your choices actually deals in facts. Repubs always call out Dems, and vice versa. Good luck folks, you seem more and more crazy every day!

        • Laura the Explora: Please flesh out your facts. I realize both parties are lying to us. (Osama was not involved in 9/11 so Obama gets no brownie points for killing him – he was probably already dead any way,. Furthermore, killing US citizens without a trial, or droning to death innocent Pakistani children does not befit a Nobel Prize winner.) Still, he does try to help people not corporations – oh, I forgot, Romney tells us corporations are people).
          What I want to know Laura, is where the Utopia is that has a government that does not lie. Maybe, if I believe you, I’ll consider leaving. But I guess not. I enjoy trying to bring some sense to some of the posters. It’s a hobby and I doubt if I can accomplish much.

        • Laura, the Explora. Looking from the outside in can be revealing. However, I also already know Obama lied. (Osama, contrary to popular myth, had nothing to do wih 9/11. Look up the side by side photos of the real Osama who denied involvement and condemned 9/11 with the video Obama supposedly found in Afghanistan. Any idiot can see they are not the same person.) Nor do I approve of killing US citizens without a trial as Obama ordered done. And droning innocent children to death in Pakistan is not my idea of appropriate conduct for a Nobel Peace Prize winner even if he did give the money to charity.
          Nevertheless, Laura, please tell me the name of the Utopia that has an honest government.
          Still, I will vote for Obama because Romney thinks corporations are people and his backers include Bush, Cheney, and Rove. Their atrocities dwarf Obama’s.

          • Maynard, remember, if Bush did not refused to give the order to kill Osama when was virtually encircled by the allied forces at something Bora, the Afgan war would have been over even before Obama came in. Why would Bush refused to kill Osama? What do you think it will be like, rounding-up the Afgan war without killing Osama? Obama deserves accolades for the clinical way he is winding-up the war in Afgan. Do not fall for the Republican propaganda, they will not give him credit for that because Obama has beaten them at every point of their strength and he will continue to.

          • And The Fact That Bin Ladens And Bushes Were Lifelong Friends!! And The Fact The bush Flew The Laden Family Out Of The USA Under A No Fly Zone Says It All!!! I’m Glad To See That All My Fellow American Is Not Buy And Drinking The Venom These GOP/Tea Party American Taliban Snake Oil Salesmen Are Selling!!

    • Romney Whole Damn Campaign Is Built On A Wall Of Lies!!!! I Can’t Wait Till The Debates Where Those Walls Of Lies Come Tumbling Down On His Big Head!!! Cause There He Wont Be Able To Tell No More Lies cause He Will Be Face To Face With The Man He’s Been Lying On!!! LOL It’s Amazing That The GOP/Tea Party American Taliban Members Love To Tell Lies And Loves It When Their Member Tell Lies When They Know They Are Just Lies!!! When I See Any Of These Members I See Stupid Lying People!!!

    • Me too. I made less money but was just as broke. I make more money now, so if they went back to Clinton’s tax rates, we would all be better off.

    • OK old blu. Can you make Social Security take in more money than they are paying out, then count that as part of your surplus all while increasing spending 2.5%? If so that would be great but unfortunately those years are long behind us. Clinton never actually reduced any spending – his spending went up. He did, however, raise taxes and enjoyed a wonderful surplus in the SS budgets which allowed him to post most of his $236Billion dollar surplus when he left office. See thats the problem, the facts really do get in the way and these bloggers who post these stories never quite get to all that detail.

      • @Tom– You can spew all the crap you want, but the truth is I was doing better and the country was doing better. (just say’n)

        • Old Blu you can look at the world that way if you want, but using your logic then, GWB must have been a great president because during his tenure we had a housing boom, commercial and residential construction and development was through the roof, interest rates were at all time lows, unemployment was down and many many people were making good money, the stock market hit all time highs and many of his years were awesome. But I would think you wouldn’t give him the same credit you gave Clinton and I’m guessing that would be because you heavily favor one side. For the record, and before you blast me, I don’t support many of the things Bush did and am no big fan of his or his policies. He was a big government, big spending republican and takes a huge portion of the blame for the current debt – however Obama has gone in there and made it worse by much more. And Obama is making more promises to people that he can’t keep. But the biggest place I think Obama has failed is in his inability to unite the country. Sure the country is polarized and there are many on the far right that would never have accepted a thing Obama did. There are many on the far left that are not happy with him either. But he got elected by a huge portion of the population that is in the middle and bought into his speeches that we needed a new direction. We needed transparency, honesty, and accountability in our government and people agreed in masses. But when he got in there he has shown that he is anything but honest, transparent or accountable.

          • Tom, you hit the nail on the head: transparency. Where are Romney’s tax returns? Why won’t he show them to us?
            His wife said it best “you would find things in there to use against us”.
            Here are some facts about Obama spending:

            Here are the facts, according to the official government statistics:
            • In the 2009 fiscal year — the last of George W. Bush’s presidency — federal spending rose by 17.9% from $2.98 trillion to $3.52 trillion. Check the official numbers at the Office of Management and Budget.
            • In fiscal 2010 — the first budget under Obama — spending fell 1.8% to $3.46 trillion.
            • In fiscal 2011, spending rose 4.3% to $3.60 trillion.
            • In fiscal 2012, spending is set to rise 0.7% to $3.63 trillion, according to the Congressional Budget Office’s estimate of the budget that was agreed to last August.
            • Finally in fiscal 2013 — the final budget of Obama’s term — spending is scheduled to fall 1.3% to $3.58 trillion. Read the CBO’s latest budget outlook.
            Over Obama’s four budget years, federal spending is on track to rise from $3.52 trillion to $3.58 trillion, an annualized increase of just 0.4%.
            There has been no huge increase in spending under the current president, despite what you hear

          • Justin, unless you are Romney’s tax accountant and have perspective on what he was involved in during the last 10 years, no one will ever be able to do anything with those returns but speculate. That is a fact. And there are plenty in the media who are just licking their chops to get those returns and twist them into the new big MSM stories. And if there is anything illegal going on, don’t you think that is something the IRS should delve into rather than the media and leftwing blogs like this? I mean, really, they have all the information already. Until then, based on the law in this country, Romney is innocent until proven guilty of something. Other than that we all know he is rich and we all know that he has used the legal avenues afforded him in the tax codes to pay what he owes. I don’t suppose you have any problems with the tax shelters Obama has set up for his kids do you? I mean they are, technically, legal loopholes as well. Should we somehow hold him to some higher standard than any other rich American citizen? I don’t.

            As to your facts and figures, where exactly are you accounting for all the unfunded liabilities in your budgets? Oh………you are using the government’s statistics – gotcha. Those should be good then because we all believe those. You know, just like when Bush left the wars out of his budgets? Good one.

          • I’m sure his tax returns are perfectly legal. It’s what they will show that’s a mystery. Will they show that he was more involved with Bain longer than he wants to admit? That is what I believe.

          • BDD so what? Even if he had been at Bain longer what does that prove? He didn’t do anything illegal there either. Sure he may have shut down some companies but he also revived many. That’s not illegal. Yes jobs may have been shipped overseas and you may not like that. I don’t like it either but that is still not illegal. You can blame Obama for doing the same thing – just with different sectors of our economy. He’s crushed the coal industry and infused the green industry but none of it has been successful and jobs are being lost. He’s invested in oil drilling in other countries – isn’t that creating jobs elsewhere? He’s partnered up with GE who has just partnered up with China on the production of a new airliner that will produce more jobs in China. So what big scandals are you going to find with the returns – that you wouldn’t find with any other typical wealthy american?

          • Because he keeps saying that he left Bain when he went to run the Olympics. But other board members have said that he was at board meetings when he came back from the Olympics.

          • Romney, himself, said that he paid aroung 13% and always paid what was legal. The issue is not whether Romney paid taxes or not. The issue is the contrast in what we pay and what the rich pay.

          • @Tom– I do appreciate, at least you responding back to me, and doing it in a very good manner, sorry I was a little “snarky” but I’m used to others jumping on me when I have an opinion, I think GW did do some great things, I’m just saying that I’m an old man been living in the same house, and working the same job for 30 years, and the things he did didn’t help me at all, and the country was going in the tollett, so I just base this on my own experience, no doubt it helped some but not me.

            Do you think that Romney is “honest, transparent or accountable”? (I think it’s hard to tell this soon, I hope he shows his taxes.)

          • Hey guys. My guess is most of us don’t question Romney’s honesty. The IRS probably wouldn’t find anything illegal there. What bothers me about the guy is that he’s so darn out of touch with all us common folks. I like to think, if I made a lot more than I do, I wouldn’t be stashing it away in some foreign haven, no matter the legality. It’s more a moral thing. Pay your fair share please. I do!

      • I hate to admit it, Tom, but you are right. Clinton used the SS surplus to balance the budget. The only thing you omitted is so did every president from Lyndon Johnson to the present. Now, the time has come to pay back the IOUs, with interest, as the Baby Boomer generation starts retiring. Can you cite any president of that era to now who actually reduced spending? It’s easy to play the blame game. Not quite so easy to solve the problems. What would be your choice? To end SS? Or do what is necessary to pay back the surplus that was, basically, misused, by raising the cap on the SS security tax and restoring the funds to the level they should be?

        • No U R wrong. But it takes money to make money. Middle class do not have it now. The rich do. SS is doing fine and with ACA will do better – cuts overblown charges from Healthcare, pharmaceutical, Med. Equip. MFG and cut fraud. We all together in this ocean. Romney just announced that he looked at his taxes for the past 10 yrs and paid 13-13.5%. on his millions in earnings. I am fine with that – all legal but …. Now can you take a 100% write off for your vacation to Hawaii – NO, Romney – Yes . Legal for him – Yes if you do it – NO.
          Romney can buy a boat – write off – YES, You – NO. You have a horse – you- NO, Romney – YES. Entertaiment – Romney – YES – You – NO
          You wanted to have all the write off – create Corporation – they are the people my friend – you r just a taxpayer paying his short pays and your full charge. And now they want more from you. How much is enough for them??? How much they will take it with them??? What we need is new tax code and get rid off the loop holes for Corp.
          You waanna be the 2% or so – create nonprofit org. and make sure that you keep the books straight and put your self on high salary ( see how much Goodwill Pres/CEO is getting – for what??) or other so called non for profit. How do you think Gingrich got rich???? By the way his non prof. org. filed for Bankruptcy – we will be paying. It’s no secret, but Faux News will not tell you that. The Gingrich Group aka Center for Health Transformation, Chapter 7 – Complete bankrupcy.
          Taxation is a very poor way to distribute income. Here, income inequality is at the expense of middle class and the poor. If some people so hang up on SS, how long do you expect to live to collect?? How many people died and collected ZERO. Why some of you foaming and the mouth about SS status 30 yrs from now – most of us won’t be here or SS will not be here in 2 yrs if we get RailRoaded. Live today, hope for tomorrow and be happy if you see tomorrow. Think of your COuntry, Man without country is like a fish out of water. No country no SS, Medicare – Nothing.
          Maybe Moon Colony – anyone?? Some cheered Gingrich, maybe they already on their way?? Space suits anyone???? Not Armani. OMG.
          It’s only in America.

          • What am I wrong about? Clinton using SS money to balance the budget? I don’t think so. You may have misunderstood what I meant. I did not mean every president balanced the budget, but they did pilfer funds from Social Security and put it in the general fund. A large part of the deficit is the money they now owe the Social Security fund.

          • I really don’t remember where I got them, it was a long time ago. Lyndon Johnson signed the bill allowing Social Security funds to be used in the general fund which is why there is now a fund full of IOUs instead of cash. I guess with a little research, I could find sources to verify that information.

      • Stop spreading another GOP lie that the SS is underfunded and going broke. It will will take a huge hit when all the “boomers” retire, but right now it has surplus. The way it will surely go broke is if we turn it over to WALL Street, like Ryan wants to.

        • The truth is: Social Security has a 2.5 trillion dollar amount in the trust fund. To fix it, all we need to do is add $1.00 to FICA and make those making 150,000 dollars a year keep paying into FICA. Right now, when a person makes 150,000, he no longer has to pay into Social Security. Yet, he draws from Social Security based on his highest quarter so he takes more than the person who has to continue paying because he makes less than $150,000. Those two measures would make Social Security solvent. Right now, Social Security will sustain seniors until 2045. I thinks someone wants to get their hands on that 2.5 trillion dollars. They are telling seniors (they want to get their vote) that it won’t affect those presently on Social Security. I wouldn’t bank on that.

  3. Well said Tranz2deep…when Romney makes statements like this, he is only appealing to those whom he thinks are his followers. Those who are “Angered and Haters” of the fact that President Obama succeeded at becoming the 1st black American President.

    Thats the way of the Land…No Matter how genuine the “Efforts” made are.

    If Mr. President (BO) did/were able to “Eliminate” the Countries economic issues in (4) years, …Republican Anger and Hatred would still manage to produce much of the same traits.

    Anger, Hatred and LoopHoles are the source of energy for Romney/Ryans campaign…nothing less and nothing more!
    Like I mentioned…Its the Law of the Land…unfortunately!

    Clearly, there “Motivation”, is Control and Cash driven…And at anyone else’s expenditure!

    • And yet, they blame the president for mud slinging. What a joke. He is the most disrespected president ever. Shame on them. So good at pointing fingers. But, its like the pot calling the kettle black.

  4. The main Problem that I have is things like two years without a raise in social security and VA disability pension. Also, if I were in business and had employees working for me and depending on my business to take care of their famlies with the money they earned working, the government would say “I AM SORRY, BUT YOU DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH MONEY FOR ME TO WORRY ABOUT YOU AND YOUR EMPLOYEES”. You better declaire bankruptcy , WE DONT CARE ABOUT YOU AND YOUR EMPLOYEES. This government “SUCKS”. It is time to go to the polls in November and do what we can to replace the current administration and congress.

      • Be happy that you still have Social Security to get raises. The plan is to make Medicare a voucher program and privatize Social Security. Since they want the senior vote, they are over in Florida telling them it won’t affect anyone over 55. I wouldn’t bank on that one.

  5. I left the USA in 1993, just before Clinton took office. How well I remember his visits to Britain as he was a loved and respected man even on this side of the pond.. We (Americans) were nothing but a big joke once Bush was elected. When Obama won the election a British newspaper’s headline was “America is cool again”. I would really like to STAY COOL – and someday I would like to come home but not to the wreck and ruin the Republicans always leave behind!

  6. REPUBLICANS SPEND, do not tax the benefactors, their DEBT, they create, is the NATIONAL DEBT, which in turn accelerated the REPUBLICAN GREAT RECESSION of 2008!

    REPUBLICANS by and large are LIARS, Romney is a PATHALOGICAL LIAR.

    RYAN is a sneaky underhanded LIAR and a dangerous IDEALOGUE that is not compatible with DEMOCRACY.

  7. The deficits obviously don’t matter to the clowns in the white house now….
    This country is falling off a cliff…..
    Obama MUST fail so that America may succeed!

  8. Returning to the pre-Bush tax rate is not creating new taxes – it’s reinstating the tax rate. Why is
    this so hard for the GOP to understand. WE ALL PAY our fare share. I don’t think the Robber Baron days fared well in the past – I certainly don’t wnat to repeat them.

  9. Romney and Ryan with the backing of the Koch’s will destroy this country they are in for themselves and what serves them to make even more money. Disgraceful when a decent, honest American can’t run against these fellows because the American Prosperity tea party followers are backed by the very deep pockets of the Koch brothers…Our nation is in serious trouble, reminds me of the way France treated the non aristocracy and look what happen there.

  10. So, you know what someone will do in the future because of what someone else did in the past? This whole article is sophistry. If people were trusting enough to give Obama a chance for four years, then Governor Romney deserves the same chance. Lord knows, he couldn’t do any worse than what we know we have now.

      • Rubbish. If you are willing to believe Obama’s promises versus his performance, then you should be willing to give Romney the same chance. Secondly, the thrust of the article is that because no Republican since Eisenhower balanced a budget (wrong anyhow, Nixon balance one out of his five in 1970) no subsequent Republican will in the future. The probability of any event happening in 50-50, no matter what has happened previously. Based on this premise, it can be predicted that you will rob Fort Knox tomorrow because Alexander the Great defeated Darius of Persia in battle 2300 years ago. One does not relate to the other.

        If you are unwilling to analyze what is said, as opposed to what you want to believe, YOU are confused. I stand by what I said.

        • Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it” – Sir W. Churchill. All the empires fell Including the last one Ottoman Empire and took the English, France, Italy to screw up even more.
          It is good to learn from history and somebody’s else mistakes than to learn on your own. They can be costly and deadly.

  11. I think that if you did not actual live in a responsable way in this era then you missed it Bush did destroy this country with debt and said in his own words that America was headed for a housing recesion and he was doing nothing to help curb it of he even went in the war after the one that threaten his father and got him and nothing was ever done toward the one that was responsable for killing all those poor people trapped in 911 again nothing was ever brought up about his treasonist actions and they try to say that Obama had nothing to do with getting the one we wanted and was guilty for hurting us not George Bush’s private America but they spent millions on attacking President Clinton because of a one time little whore in the hall way happening that had not one thing to do with running our country Clinton got us up and running and Bush did all he could do to tear us apart cause hundreds of thousands of people to loose their home’s and job’s and now Mitt Romney a proven business rapist want’s to be President he got started on his fathers money and destroyed family’s jobs and cause more suffering in order for him to make money ha they have the nerve to offer him for a chance at being the President .I can only hope that America does not fall for this man that is prepared to use out country as Bush did to do his dirty work .Mitt Romney has no leader ship skill’s and never served in the military or any other king of free heart giving serving to this country.They try to claim the Olympic’s for him that was not directly for his country and he was paid in many way’s and his leadership and life were never on the line only greatness .It does not work I was in very good shape as was my neighbor their was plenty of work and money was being spread around people were buying home that normaly couldn’t and Bush took in all from them and me at my age and position in life I will never have another home or live as good as I did pulling wrenches for a living isn’t that much but it paid the bill’s with a little left over now I wonder if I am gonna eat all month as the grocery store is gone to chain store’s and have their own price’s now at least Ma and Pa would make sure that I had food at a reasonable price but they were run out
    Johnny T.

    • You told it right from the heart Johnny….R and R have never had to decide, “I can buy milk and bread, or I can buy milk and eggs today…but I can’t buy all three.” Many of us have had those moments, and some are now. the PHAROAHS of today will have their day in the big court. Peace to you, I will put you on my personal prayer list.

  12. Republicans are bough by the rich, to benefit the rich. Get ready for another war, so that the industrial war corp. can make more money. They will balance the budget by cutting Social Security, Medicare, more interest on student loans, less money for student loans, doing away with medical care for our Seniors and poor, tax cuts for the rich, and no tax cuts for the middle class.

    • The Republicans are for the rich. The Democrats are for the rest of the country. Americans are a docile population and there have been laws that are passed from time to time to ameliorate the pressures on the poor and the middle class. These “safety valves” are the reasons we haven’t had a revolution to get rid of the rich oppressors.

      The current crop of Republicans are violating that scheme. They know no bounds. They want to give nothing to anyone but the rich, because they are the rich. Because the Republicans are removing these “safety valves,” I believe that we’ll have a revolution if they are successful.

  13. I am frankly amazed that so many people in this country continue to accept the lies and distortions promoted by right wing politicians. The only easy explanation for such blind allegiance is willful ignorance. The tea party particularly dwells in a fog of confusion sustained by ideological zealotry where clowns such as Grover Norquist and Paul Ryan pull the strings.

  14. This is a important story that should be on your website.

    Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is facing new scrutiny over revelations he founded the private equity firm Bain Capital with investments from Central American elites linked to death squads in El Salvador. After initially struggling to find investors, Romney traveled to Miami in 1983 to win pledges of $9 million, 40 percent of Bain’s start-up money. Some investors had extensive ties to the death squads responsible for the vast majority of the tens of thousands of deaths in El Salvador during the 1980s. We’re joined by Huffington Post reporter Ryan Grim, who connects the dots in his latest story, “Mitt Romney Started Bain Capital With Money From Families Tied To Death Squads.” “There’s no possible way that anybody in 1984 could check out these families — which was the term that [Romney’s campaign] used — and come away convinced that this money was clean,” Grim says. [Includes rush transcript]

    Guest:Ryan Grim, Washington, D.C. Bureau Chief for the Huffington Post. His latest story is “Mitt Romney Started Bain Capital With Money From Families Tied To Death Squads.”

  15. “Romney deserves the same chance”???? What in the world are you thinking? What has he ever DONE to show his concern for the middle class or the downtrodden? Everything in his background points to corporate greed and exploitation to fill his own overflowing coffers. He has shown no concern or understanding for the middle class. It’s become abundantly clear in the course of his campaign that he does not relate in any way to the people who actually WORK to make their way in this life. A vote for him is a vote for a new way of American life — it’s called corporate feudalism, and American democracy cannot withstand another onslought of this kind when we are just on the brink of recovery from the same kind of devastation during the Bush years.

  16. Ever since I was a youth and the Republicans were taking over Texas from the Dixiecrats, even before Johnson’s Civil Rights Bills, I cannot count the number of times I heard Republicans give lip service to balanced budgets at the national level. But they never did anything about it, Eisenhower had had two years of balanced budgets in 1956-57, but then, it was relatively easy and that was in the past.

    Actually ever since that time, the US has had only five years of balanced budgets, 1 year under Johnson, a democrat, and four years under Clinton, another democrat. However Republicans like to claim that he was able to do that because of the Republican Congress that he cooperated with. There was little cooperation. In fact, they spent over 80 million dollars trying to put the Clintons into jail, or impeach the president.

    Their continued attempt to invoke supply side, trickle down, or voodoo economics, their repeated playing with the tax code, their fearmongering the people into bloated defense budgets and their gifts to right wing idealogues and corporations precludes their ever reaching the balanced budget they profess to love. They, like all politicians, have raided social security, and now, blatantly refusing to pay back the fund, or repair medicare, they propose to materially change these funds, and give any surplus back to the wealthy whose taxes helped balance the budgets before and lead this country into periods of unprecedented prosperity.

  17. This is consistent with their overarching philosophy: Starve the Beast. In addition to opposing any and all tax increases (see: Grover Norquist), by loudly approving new expenditures like wars and MediCare Drug programs, they knowingly force the nation into a serious debt situation which, go figure, can only be dealt with by slashing Social Security, MediCare and MediCaid, Pell Grants, and every other federal expenditure ‘cept those made by the Defense Dept and Homeland Security. The sad thing is that Dems went along with this nonsense. Who insisted that Iraq and MediCare Drugs be paid for? Who went along with the Bush Tax Cuts even after they didn’t produce new revenues and growth? Now the moment is come–Paul Ryan and his plan to fix the deficit, on the backs of the middle class and the most vulnerable.

  18. | sed -e ‘s/Republican//’

    News Flash, Clinton did not balance the budget. It was a lie.
    Here are the actual numbers after Clinton’s alleged ‘balanced budget’ was passed in 1994… AT NO POINT has the national debt gone down or did the government spend less than it took in.

    Fiscal Period ———— National Debt ——– Deficit for that year
    FY1994 09/30/1994 $4.692749 trillion $281.26 billion
    FY1995 09/29/1995 $4.973982 trillion $281.23 billion
    FY1996 09/30/1996 $5.224810 trillion $250.83 billion
    FY1997 09/30/1997 $5.413146 trillion $188.34 billion
    FY1998 09/30/1998 $5.526193 trillion $113.05 billion
    FY1999 09/30/1999 $5.656270 trillion $130.08 billion
    FY2000 09/29/2000 $5.674178 trillion $17.91 billion
    FY2001 09/28/2001 $5.807463 trillion $133.29 billion

    But personally, I think going back to 100billion or so deficits sure would be nice compared to Obamas 1-TRILLION+ sized yearly debts.

  19. Between 1998 and 2000, President Bill Clinton’s Treasury Department paid off more than $360 billion in debt. As a result of 115 straight months of economic expansion that began after an increase in the top income tax rate — which was virulently opposed by the right — the huge deficits left by 12 years of Republican rule had been transformed into a surplus.//// IT WORKED BACK THEN AND THE COUNTRY GREW COME ON PPL. GET THOSE TIMES AND DAYS BACK . IT DIDNT HURT NONE OF THE PPL. THEN HECK EVEN THE RICH MADE MONEY BACK THEN BECAUSE THY WAS HIT WHERE THY HURT IN THE POCKET . WHEN YOU TAKE OR MAKE THE RICH 2% OF THE COUNTRYS GREEDY BASTARDS . THY CAN ONLY DO ONE THING TO GET THERE GREEDY FIX (ITS LIKE A DRUG TO A JUNKIE) THY STARTED PUTTING OUT MORE MONEY TO MAKE BACK WHAT THY WAS PAYING FOR THERE FAIR SHARE OF A % SIMPLE MATH PEOPLE

  20. THIS IS THE BRAINS OF THE GOP DING DONGS >>(Within months after taking office in the narrowest victory of nearly any U.S. president—by only one vote in the Supreme Court—George W. Bush had begun to turn that surplus back into deficits that grew and grew, despite funding two wars on emergency supplemental bills that were not figured into the budget.)) GET THE COUNTRY BACK FROM THE GREEDY BASTARDS . AND ITS NOT THAT BAD JUST WANTING THE RICH 2% PAY THERE FAIR SHARE ISNT THAT WHAT THIS COUNTRYS ABOUT FAIRNESS ?


  22. No Republicans are for some of the rich and Democrats are for the other half of the rich. Obama could have spent $500 million on the poor or the middle class but instead he gave it to Solyndra and tied to Solyndra is one of his big bundlers – ironic don’t you think? He could have bailed out homeowners upside down on their mortgages but instead he bailed out the banks and hired numerous ex-Goldman Sacs executives into his cabinet – you think there are any paybacks in that one? He burried all kind of fat into the healthcare bill to pay back all his union bosses for pensions they can’t afford to pay – by the way those guys are rich in case you didn’t notice. He made special concessions for his buddies at GE and guess what – they just partnered with China to develop the next generation of airliners – uh oh more jobs lost to overseas. He loaned millions to Mexico and Brazil to invest in deep water drilling off their coasts but stopped it all here – wow more jobs for those countries. And you could go on and on with this. Bush was just as bad, and congress is the worst.

    Career politicians were the worst thing that ever happened to this country. All politicians are corrupt and all of them are beholded to people with lots of money. Quit kidding yourselves that sticking with one party over another is the answer. We need to start picking people of character and we need to stop listening to the tainted media playing games with half truths. Do your own research and apply your own common sense. This country needs real reform but you will never get it with people who are playing the politics as usual game.

    • There is some truth in what you say. But not a lot. When people understand that the HOUSE particularly is now composed of fools and sycophant republicans, they say its because all politicians are bad. Look a little deeper and you’ll see the truth. The modern GOP is the worst enemy we face in this country. Its more of a threat than al-Qaida or the muslim brotherhood. Your worst enemy is the one you don’t recognize.

    • The worst thing that happened to this country are lobbyist. There must be a better way to get money to the states without bribing our officals.

  23. Vice-President Cheney laughed off the promises that the Bush tax breaks would pay for themselves and the budget would be balanced: “Reagan proved deficits don’t matter.” But deficits do matter to Republicans…whenever there is a Democratic president./// THIS STORY IS SO CLEAR ABOUT THE GOP AND WHAT THY WANT AND WHAT THY ARE DOING TO THIS COUNTRY THE QUESTION AND FUNNY THING IS WHERE WILL THE GOP GO WHEN THY BOTTOM OUT AND DESTROY THIS COUNTRY ? WELL THEN THE 2% OF THE GREEDY BASTARDS WONT HELP YOU THEN YOU WILL BE DISCHARGED LIKE THE REST OF THE 98% OF THE MIDDLE CLASS

  24. I don’t recall anyone throwing a shoe at him publicly yet so I think he’s probably not the most disrespected president.

  25. The only visible part of “trickle down economics” is what trtickles down the leg of the 1%. That has been shown several times since Reagan, and what trickles down is what the 99% get.

    Only a fool would think that the Repbublicans give a rat’s patootie for the working class. They are working on the assumption that a populace that is kept dumbed down and submissive is the best one to have.

    If you feel that you need to “Kneel before Zod” then by all means vote Republican. If you want to stand for Truth, Justice, and the American Way ( at least for the survival of the American Dream ) then you must vote Democrat.

    Get the Party of No out of here – we can’t survive any more of them. The entire House of Representatives is up for reelection every 2 years. Do we really need the people who downgraded our international credit score in charge any longer?

  26. This election is not merely about President Obama and Gov. Romney; it is about the future direction of this country. The Romney/Ryan camp promote Christian values by forgetting most of the New Testament. They have elevated greed and selfishness; you owe your fellow man nothing. President Obama says we are in this together and all of us need to pull together in this time of economic crisis.
    Each of us needs to examine what the candidates propose on issues that are important to us. I personally do not want to elevate the cardinals sins of the New Testament to governmental policy. I reject the notion that selfishness is a virtue or admirable.

    I value compassion and compromise. I value shared sacrafice and reward.

  27. why doesn’t the majority of the public ever get this? Why do the citizens of this great country ALWAYS want to believe the lies of the GOP and run to them in fear? Why do we still allow our politicians to repeat bold face lies and never really deal with the things that create the the problems/deficit? Are we only spectators? The politicians give no respect to anything but money and the richest of corporation. To think that anything will change while we are given lies and divisional tactics (mostly from the GOP side), is ridiculous. The truth is that tax rates NEVER have anything to do with jobs. All we have to do is look at history to see what the GOP ALWAYS does. They lie, cheat and walk away from anyone under them with real problems caused by their bad deeds. Truth….we have waged a war that no one ever planned to pay for. The GOP did that!! The current deficit WAS NOT caused by Pres. Obama. I’m not a blind supporter of Obama either but the lies must stop. Until then America will NEVER come back. If a ship is sinking you don’t waste time arguing about what size or color bucket to use. You bail water. It benefits the GOP to not bail and let United States sink. The rich all have their life rafts (thanks to the people), and the rest can sink. After all it is our own fault for not being heartless or rich. Screw us.

  28. Bush 2001 Budget = $ 2.0 Trillion
    Bush 2009 Budget = $ 3.1 Trillion

    And somehow Evangelical Republicans blame President Obama.

    • Not ALL Christians….some jumped the GOP ship after having seen too many trying to justify GREED…..straight up GREED. REPENT CHENEY…you evil SOB.

    • Evangelical’s spew hate,hiding behind religion,for anyone who does not follow their beliefs, hey just like ISIS.

  29. When Clinton balanced the budget and created a surplus, the financial experts said, at the time, that he was the first President since Nixon in 1969 to do it; Tricky Dick was a Republican; therefore, someone’s lying here…did Tricky Dick and a GOP Congress balance the budget in 1969 or not? And, the fact that, if Tricky Dick didn’t, Ike not only balanced the budget but used high taxes (91% was the top rate at the time) to pay off the Korean War debt AND build the interstate highway system, doesn’t bode well for the GOP. Since Ike, GOP presidents have essentially supported Reverse Robin Hood fiscal policies (I’ve written about that fact for more than a year on Facebook and Twitter, so, the Reverse Robin Hood or Robin Hood in Reverse is not new; RomneyHood is new). Bush 43, with the huge wealth-creating tax cuts passed in 2001 and 2003, was the biggest offender…in fact, those tax cuts are STILL the biggest offenders as the GOP have used political manipulation to keep them going…this is why Bush 43’s contribution to the national debt was ACTUALLY at $9 trillion at the end of last year and will exceed $10 trillion by the end of this year. The last three GOP Presidents ALONE have accounted for 90% of the nearly $16 trillion national debt we have now. Of course, the GOP will deny this until they’re blue in the face, but, the truth can’t be spun…the GOP are Fiscal Conservatives my pasty white ass! What’s even worse is that the GOP want to continue to make rich people and big corporations wealthier and try to balance the budget by making cuts to social service programs! VOTE DEMOCRAT on 6 November, 2012 and kick out the fascist corporate plutarchs and their GOP minions!

  30. Romney the crook must issue his Bain financial transaction and his past taxes!He can not con America twice!Ryan is another empty shell!he doesn’t talk about his wife’s $500M pocket money!Ryan likes to CUT except his own wallet!two Robin hoods Offshore together!two loaded empty arrogant wives especially Ann Imelda Marcos Romney,the “you people”,not issuing anymore taxes!because they are afraid what we’ll see,they profited during the 2007 Bush’s America’s financial destruction while many lost their jobs,Romney used every trick to avoid paying taxes!

  31. I don’t know blu but I pray that he is. I don’t know who else the people of this country can turn to anymore because all these politicians are so dirty. I wish he could show his taxes but know that in reality anything in it will be distorted into half truths and we will never know the honest truth.

    That is what I think the people in this country deserve – The honest truth. How bad are things really? What are the real numbers for entitlements? Taxing the rich is fine but the numbers show that it doesn’t solve anything – it’s convoluting the argument and lots of people are jumping on that bandwagon without understanding that there is not enough money there to solve even a fraction of the problems. How bad really are these pension problems. I believe they are much much worse than the politicians will tell us because they don’t want us to know. So while they play “kick the can down the road” again to pander for votes, we all suffer. And at some point it is going to all come to a screeching halt.

  32. Great comments. Now, please go to cites where the “conservatives” are dominating the discussion and give ’em the facts. I just learned here about Romney getting his start with money from the El Salvador situation. Let everyone know. Also MITT: Corporations are NOT People!

  33. Actually, it Was the Republican Party that tried several times to pass a Balanced-Budget Amendment, but it was defeated by the Democrat Party. Wish people would be informed on the issues before they spout off mis-information. This doesn’t do our country any good.

    • PaulCindy, You said one thing right: people should be informed on issues before they spout off and that includes you. However, a balanced budget amendment that takes from Social Security and Medicare should not be passed. The Bush Administration passed the trickle down measure in 2001. The jobs that the “job creators” created were all overseas and we are supposed to compete with 83 cents an hour wages. If the Republican Budget worked, we would all be on easy street since 2001. You need to get some facts. Trickle down and deregulation made the mess we have today and with a majority tea party house nothing is getting done for the people who are not in the 1%.

    • Paulcindy
      Balance the budget, balance the budget, reduce the deficit, reduce the deficit. Let me simplify economics for you.

      This is an analogy: joe loses his job because it was outsourced to India or some other country that has slave labor. His wife, Mary, worked for a small company that went bankrupt. They draw 900 dollars/mo in unemployment. Their mortgage is $1200/mo. They have three children who need food, education and medical care. They lose their house and move in with Mary’s parents. Mary’s parents are living on Social Security and a $1200/mo retirement. None of them can pay taxes or buy the things they want. When they cannot pay taxes, the tax base shrinks and the deficit grows. Since there are 8 million Joes and Marys who are not paying taxes and reducing the deficit and buying things, the entire economy is hurting. For a healthy economy you have to have consumers and taxpayers so the number one goal is not to reduce the deficit, but to put people to work and they will take care of the deficit and the economy. Your idea of balancing the budget is to make less taxpayers and consumers. That will not balance the budget.

  34. I have found it fascinating to learn that Romney’s three claims to fame – Bain Capital, Olympics & Governor of Mass. – all received significant infusions of Federal tax dollars while
    the former Governor, and his political party, are very vocal about reducing tax dollar spending.

  35. John
    Trickle down / supply side economics. Just more republican rhetoric. They harp on what Obama did not do. Who is responsible for our mess The republican congress. These traitors who have deliberately held back our recovery so that they could make sure President Obama is a one term President.

    Remember them stating they would do every thing in their power to see to it. That my friends is treason.

  36. Oh please….. POTUS can not spend a dime……. so they can NOT balance a budget either…… just ask Obama about getting any budget done……. his last one was voted down 97-0 in the Democrat Senate……. not ONE vote for his budget…… as well it has only been over 1,200 days since Obama/Reid have passed a budget in the Senate…… and lastly please, please, please go read the Constitution…… you will learn it is Congress who writes the checks and not the POTUS

  37. Dear all,
    As we understand that “A bad beginning makes a good ending” when an American leaders looks like Mitt Romney that he did not learn by heart this, he did not only make the rich but he also trembled the poor Americans down. For example, the poor Americans have been paying the tax for thirty percentages when Mr. Mitt Romney has only paid for thirteen percentages. If he will be become an American president, he could have many dogmatic games in order to cheat his people and his nation in order to protect for his financiers.
    second, if leader Mitt Romney was a talent leader, he could win senator MC.Cain in decision 2008.
    When Republican party did not seek out any talent leaders, it could choose a man that he will get a long life and he will be a national leader because leader Mitt Romney has been running for an electoral campaign for long times. He will be become a presidential campaign of Republican Party.
    Finally, if Mr. Mitt Romney will become an American president of 2012, he will trap many play games in order to make chaos in our nation and worldwide. Let him protect for his financiers.

  38. Korean Vet We need to pass a law that all elected official Democrats ,Republicans. Tea Party and all others to present their income taxes for six years, after all these people are to represent our needsand not that of big interest. or filling their own coffers at our expense.

  39. Why can’t this be explained in simple terms that everyone can understand? Economically, we and the rest of the world are here because of the republic (if I can aim the same weapon at them that they use to insult democrats-dropping of the last two letters of their party’s name) party’s policy in creating unregulated commerce during the Bush years, and now unregulated millions pouring into every state race; thank-you Supreme Court, for protecting the interests of the voter; as well as voter suppression tactics which are going to be effective in many states. Imagine what they will do if they win. And please, lets call them what they are-the republic party- and that is a government run by a small group of elected leaders who do whatever they please once elected by the rich, in our case.

  40. Why can’t this be explained in simple terms that everyone can understand? Economically, we and the rest of the world are here because of the policies of the republic (if I can aim the same weapon at them that they use to insult democrats-dropping of the last two letters of their party’s name) party creating unregulated commerce during the Bush years, and now unregulated millions pouring into every state race; thank-you John Roberts Supreme Court, for protecting the interests of the voter; as well as voter suppression tactics which are going to be effective in many states. Just yesterday, a circuit court Judge in Pennsylvania upheld the voter suppression laws. That justice was undoubtedly appointed by Bush whose packing of the circuit courts went pretty much unremarked during his admin, but really did lasting damage to impartial decisions-lifetime appointments of conservatives with an agenda across the board.

    Its maddening that they just lie about what Obama has done with impunity. They loudly proclaim that they are the fiscal conservatives. No one seems to have the ability to look beyond their comments or remember history, except those people who already know the truth and they don’t need to be convinced. The scariest part is that the uniformed and undecided are going to pick our next president. Imagine what the republics will do if they win. And please, let’s call them what they are-the republic party- and that is a government run by a small group of elite leaders who do whatever they please once in office, put there by the rich, in our case.

    I really do think we should call them the republic party. Since they made it up, it’s a form of insult which they will be able to understand.

  41. Unfortunately for Republicans, they spent 8 years undoing public trust in their party. Now, they are desperate to try and gloss over that. It’s not working and they know it. Middle Class Americans do not want a repeat of the Bush Era where one tax cut after another was confirmed by the GAO as making 1% of the population 11% richer. Nor, do Middle Class Americans intend to be stonewalled into 8 more years of Bushian austerity thanks to the Tea Party Twerps.

    Ryan is a bald faced liar. He bashes earmarks and then takes landfills of federal tax dollars other states pay to earmark for HIS state. How dare he? He bashed federal stimulus…while he took tons of that stimulus money and manipulated any loopholes he could to make sure HIS state got plenty of stimulus.

    It’s beginning to look like the Adelson/Koch/Ryan Regime is all too visible to taxpayers and Ryan is a deadly poison to the Middle Class who want anything but more hardship, more loss of employment, more hopelessness and more Republican Regimes that cut programs we pay for, earmark these payroll deductions to private profiteering cronies of the GOP and then all of the surplus ends up helping only 1% of the population and the Corporate Welfare state.

    Face facts. If corporations get federal taxpayer subsidies, it’s should be with the stipulation that they hire and create jobs immediately…Not 5 years from now after they’ve collected their own personal treasury of taxpayer subsidies in the trillions. All while the Middle Class fills in the gaps from the loss of revenue handed to these Too Big To Fail, Too Rich To Change geniuses.

    It’s time to stop handing money to companies who hand nothing in the way of reciprocity back to the people of this country. Why should we pay taxes to them when it only results in making them more profitable and not much else?

  42. Americans are being triple dipped by US Big Business…here’s how: First, they earn a tidy sum of profits through offshoring…think about it…no pensions or healthcare benefits to pay to workers offshore. Profit Number 1. Profit Number 2 comes when they get a fat profit from paying offshore workers a fraction of the salaries they’d ever be able to pay in the US. Kind of reminds of their plantation mentalities where labor is as near to free as they can get it?

    Profit Number 3…90% of US goods and services today are imported. So there’s a nice profit in that…They dump the cost of VAT taxes, customs fees etc into the prices they plaster on these goods and services and who’s to know what their real profit is? They force consumers not only to pay for the actual cost of goods but also importation costs as well.

    And isn’t it strange? These hotcha CEOs love the profits from offshoring …They just don’t want to be paid the kinds of salaries, bonuses and perks the offshore CEOs are paid…Pigs feeding at the trough? You bet.

    • Eleanore W…. I am sorry, but you are about the dumbest poster on this site there is. Every post is a stunning, and I mean STUNNING, display of supreme ignorance and downright foolishness. How do you get through a single day? You make such absolute ignorant comments and criticisms of free market economics that it makes one wonder how you can not see the immense benefits that have accrued to humanity through human freedom. And the irony of it all is that you are using the very examples of such benefits as the brilliance of a computer, the internet, and software that are provided you from free market capitalist economics. You use the benefits of our system to criticize it! Like I said… a STUNNING display of ignorance and foolishness!

      Sorry to be so harsh, Eleanor, but you need to wake up.

      Have a nice day!

      “Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first.” – Mark Twain

  43. For all their talk of “adult conversations” and “shared sacrifice” how come all of that means cut to programs for those who are poor, unemployed, disabled or CHILDREN while they cut taxes for corporations and the wealthy?

  44. Name the last DemoncRATic Congress to pass a balanced budget for a president to sign into law………………………

    crickets……………………………….. crickets …………………… crickets ………………………

    crickets……………………………….. crickets …………………… crickets ………………………

    crickets……………………………….. crickets …………………… crickets ………………………

    Yeah… that’s what I thought.

    Unfortunately, the old GOP was dominated by too many progressives. In 4 years, they will be about as rare in the party as a real tooth is in Willie Nelson’s mouth, or as rare as someone with an IQ over 35 in the entire DemoncRATic party. Now, the new GOP is much more inclined toward fiscal responsibility. It’s why you leftist freaks hate them so much. You don’t want fiscal responsibility. Don’t even act like you do.

    Have a nice day!

    As William Voegeli put it in Never Enough: America’s Limitless Welfare State, “Liberals don’t want the government to grow indefinitely. They just want it to be bigger than it is right now. The corollary of this stance is liberals’ refusal even to entertain questions on the dimensions of a welfare state that is exactly the right size.”


      Obozo you fool, did you know that 85% of the current deficit resulted from Bush tax breaks for the RICH in 2001 and 2003? Throw in $5 trillion each for Iraq and Afghanistan and you have the deficit today from the American Taliban Republicans and not the current administration.

      Get your figures straight before you rant and rave.

      Better, go to townhall.daily to rant and rave like an idiot.

    • I have a question for any middle class republican, What has the republican party done for the middle class and poor in the last 20-30 years ? Why do you vote against your own best interest ?

  45. The ONLY times, when the Republicans even speak, about deficits, is in regards to social programs. If the subject is Social Security, MediCare, MedicAid, school lunches, energy assitance, etc, the Republicans are the first to scream “We MUST cut the deficit, no matter how much it hurts”.

    Yet, when it comes to invading foreign nations, such as Iraq, and Afghanistan (Things which BENEFIT Republican supporters), then talk is only of reaching “goals”. No defined goals. Just trillions more, in national spending, for what the party, and its financiers, want.

    Where has the “alarming”, national debt, come from? approx. $5 trillion, for the invasion of Iraq, and other $5 trillion (and counting), for Afghanistan.

    And let us not forget the so-called “job-creation” tax-cuts, for the top 0.001%. I find these just so hilarious since these “welfare checks” are to be issued, RIGHT NOW, for work which might not be done, for centuries to come.

    THIS is what the Republicans endorse, and believe in. Pure and Simple.

    • Former CEO of a major multinational corporation became vice president of the United States. When war was started with Iraq and Afghanistan, subsidiaries of that company got no=bid contracts. They were caught charging mileage for their trucks to haul goods and supplies for trucks that were running empty back and forth. They charged $100 a load to do troops’ laundry. They charge ten dollars a six pack for Coca Cola which is supplied free to fighting troops. They lied us into a war that we did not have the money to pay for. They killed over 10,000 civilians in the bombing of Bagdad. Now, the Mideastern countries do not trust us and are developing atomic bombs in self-defense.

      If you love your children, you can see where they need improvement and take measures. I love my country. I want it to be a country for all the people.

    • NAFTA Has nothing to do with the Chinese. Christ when when you right wingers realize that China isn’t in North America?

  46. Who is this Fern Woodfork and what does she read or not read?. Certainly not the stuff I read. When will these ignorant people quit blaming Pres. Bush? Who has been in charge trying to make changes he promised and it hasn’t happened? Truth lies in the eyes of the beholder. Philanthropists who happen to be rich certainly have spread their wealth. They have helped build institutions like hospitals, universities to name a few–look it up, and many of these rich were democrates like the Kennedy family, Rosevelts, Steve Jobs, etc. Many rich tithe but do not brag about it–that’s 10% of their income by the way. It would be so nice to have the liberals quit whining and get out there helping the non-rich succeed in life, put down the “alms for the poor” signs and find something to do to help their fellow man.

  47. we, the American people, have been paying enough, if we are lost one penny, we are sent to jail by the American court. However, Mr. Mitt Romney has paid with the lowest tax, let he earned the seventy million dollars, but no one court judges him because the American constitutions has been protecting for the powerful leaders as like Mr. Mitt Romney.

    Second, the American economics have bankrupted by the Mitt Romney that he has supported many American financiers that moved their companies to foreign countries as like Red Chinese when the American people are jobless but paid taxes fully.

  48. how will the election turn out! … this much i know for a fact…
    Republicans controlled both houses of congress and the W.H. 1st. 6 yrs of G.W. Bush!
    RAN THIS NATION ON …NO TAX INCREASES!…$5.95 T. Deficit to $11.315 T. by end of 2008
    TAX cuts do not pay for themselves!…added $1.812 T. to deficit…only jobs created was increase in government. no trickle down economics!
    DEREGULATION……. created 2007 Sub prime mortgage crises…how!…..freed up all financial institutions to ‘buy/sell/trade/**bundle mortgages between them…….. fact is the republicans sat in Washington for 6 yrs with complete control of all 3 branches SEEN THE 2007 CRISES COMING AS EARLY AS………..2004….SAT THERE WITH COMPLETE CONTROL OF THIS COUNTRY AND DID NOTHING…..THINKING IT WOULD TURN ITSELF AROUND……….
    ……………………AND MR. ROMNEY….as he stated in front of his ‘PEERS” behind closed doors ..
    he has no use for the 47% and Ryan in 2005 voted Yes! privatize our tax paid S.S…and in 2011 also stated a remark about the 30% ……………………………NO THANKS ROMNEY, NOT THIS WHITE RETIRED LADY’S VOTE…………as for the color of one’s skin, doesn’t matter to me…nor does ‘religious conservative republicans view’s on religion, women’s rights, ……….WE ARE NOT A CONSERVATIVE REPUBLIC…………AS THEY WOULD LIKE TO MAKE US! …..

  49. Many leading Democrats in Washington these days like to point to the fact that the federal budget was balanced for part of the time that President Bill Clinton was in office. What they do not mention is that those balanced budgets occurred only when Republicans controlled both houses of Congress.

    In fact, according to the historical data published by the Office of Management and Budget in the Obama White House, no Congress in which the Democrats controlled both the House and Senate has balanced the federal budget since fiscal 1969–more than 40 years ago.

    • And when is the last time that the Republicans had both houses of Congress and the White House and balanced a budget exactly? Oh wait they never have.

  50. Those of us who possess intelligence and sanity know that the opposite is true. In fact, the GOP’s fiscal policies can be put into three categories: running deficits; driving up the national debt and upward wealth redistribution to the wealthy and big corporations (wrongly referred to by the GOP as the “Job Creators”)

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