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Saturday, February 23, 2019

One month later, some of us fail to understand what this is about. One month later, some of us are using the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin to advance their own selfish aims or are throwing up smoke to divert our attention from what matters. One month later, a reminder seems sadly necessary.

Though, perhaps it is easier to explain what this is about by explaining what it is not about.

For instance, GOP presidential aspirants have sought to incorporate the tragedy into their Obama Always Does All Things Wrong narrative. As in Rick Santorum blasting a moving statement from the president — “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon” — as “divisive” and “tragic.”

But this is not about the furtherance of Santorum’s fading political hopes.

Meantime, an African-American hate group, the so-called New Black Panther Party, has put a price on the head of George Zimmerman, the white Hispanic police wannabe who shot the unarmed teenager.

But this is not about the promotion of some opportunist’s extremist agenda.

This week, someone leaked information that Martin had been suspended from school for possessing an empty marijuana baggie. It was also reported that Zimmerman claims Martin attacked him from behind, a version of events supposedly corroborated by witnesses. This would contradict other witnesses (the ones police initially blew off or never even bothered to contact) who paint Zimmerman as the aggressor who followed and shot a black kid he found “suspicious.”

And beg pardon, but if some armed, unknown person were stalking you for some unknown reason, might you not choose to hit first and ask questions later?

But this is not about Trayvon Martin being an angel.

Geraldo Rivera of Fox “News” said last week that Martin died because of his choice of clothing. “His hoodie killed Trayvon Martin as surely as George Zimmerman did,” he said, arguing that seeing a “kid of color” wearing a hoodie ignites certain feelings of “scorn” and “menace.”

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47 responses to “The Essential Truth Of Trayvon Martin”

  1. Dianrib says:

    Well said Young Trayvon died for nothing This Fla law is a disgrace to all

    • frharry says:

      As a fifth generation Floridian, I cannot tell you how shameful this is. Seems like we Floridians always feel the need to shoot ourselves in the foot: Bush v. Gore, Casey Anthony, Trayvon Martin. While I’d like to reassure folks that this is not the Florida I grew up in (and 3/4 of Floridians were born somewhere else), I am sad to say that this is the Florida we have devolved into. It absolutely breaks my heart.

    • lazycs says:

      hardly its the only way available for law abiding citizens to protect themselves

      • youmustgo says:

        Perhaps. But it leaves the door wide open for someone to go out and kill someone in cold blood, then SAY they felt threatened and get off. It’s not the law itself, but it was definitely a screwup to allow such language to survive to law.

        • lazycs says:

          prior to the law the only ones who were caught and prosecuted were the victims. The actual numbers of shootings since the law was put in place went from 26 to 42. However the number of killings have gone up by 500. Sounds like the law needs to be looked at and made more liberal so that if you look like a thug or dress like one its open season

          • rustacus21 says:

            … & for reference, there was no NEED 4 this law & was, in fact initiated by the gun industry. Does that tell U who stood & continues to stand to profit, as more of these types of laws proliferate nationwide? ‘ALEC Revealed’ is a wonderful expose on WHO is crafting these laws which makes their way thru the process, by way of the ‘mind-terror’ campaigns delivered nitely over the Fox network!!! When did Americans get so cowardly & terrified of each other anyway? When Conservatives got a majority…

      • rustacus21 says:

        I believe the proper thing, B4 making comments to create an impression of ignorance, is to at least know a bit of what U’r talking about. Obviously, much of the news of the last 72 hours wasn’t available when U posted, so U wouldn’t know that Zimmerman had not a mark on him when taken into custody & later released. Not only that, but that an arrest warrant was prepared but never acted upon. If U also didn’t hear the 911 tape or Trayvon Martins girlfriends’ description of the moments B4 Zimmerman ‘attacked’ Trayvon, I believe U will have a better idea that the very BEST way for law abiding citizens to protect themselves is to vote for Liberal/Progressive candidates first of all (who believe & conduct their offices according to the rule of law) & 2nd, let police handle ‘POLICE’ BUSINESS!!! The racist entitlement that pervades the behaviors of Zimmerman & the Sanford police is damning. Regrettably, we’ll never know if it was Zimmerman who was in fact suffering from mental impairment due to drugs &/or alcohol. From the sounds of the 911 recording & subsequent acts, his state of mind at the time, is highly suspect, reminding 1 of a crazed stalker – w/a gun no less…

        • lazycs says:

          sorry that’s according to Rev Al, if it was easier to tell the truth Al would still lie. I would love for the Dem’s and progressives to embrace the rule of law, but as barak and holder have shown the rule of law and the constitution mean nothing to them.
          the only racism that I’ve seen to date comes from the standard race baiting knuckleheads. Sarpton, jackson, NAACP, Congressional black caucus

          • rustacus21 says:

            PLEASE – review the FACTS which are READILY AVAILABLE – even 4 facts & information challenged Americans such as U’rself. I don’t LIKE Al Sharpton, but on this 1 he’s 100% correct! Conversely, the history of Sanford, if U care to review those FACTS as well, is long & unmistakably RACIST – a history that walked along side Mr. Zimmerman that very nite. But it’s Americans w/racist sentiments who ALWAYS sit in denial whenever events such as these transpire & ALWAYS give the benefit of the doubt to the ‘violator’ – who in this case, happens to be a murderer…

  2. majong13 says:

    As a person who practiced martial arts for 25 years, if a man was following me with a gun the only thing you can do is turn around and strike him and hope that you knock him out. If you run he could just shoot. I have a feeling this is what happened.

  3. Blue says:

    If Americans were arrested for smoking pot, the jails or prisons in American would resemble a Democratic and Republican conventions. Have you ever heard the Republicans refer to a Black or Bi-racial person like President, Barack H. Obama,, a White-Black American?

    It is not an item of clohing that makes a person look like a thug ( I bet no one ever sees the guys in: Always Sunny in Philadelphia, as thugs, while weraing hoodies) but the actions that are ongoing and committed while wearing them. Would you see a criminal if you saw a person wearing a crisp white shirt, tie and polished shoes? I would, if that individual worked for Wall Street, Big Oil, Big Banking!

    The law of Stand your Ground, were probably written because of the out of control burglaries, carjackings, personal assaults, small time thugs robbing you in the streets, while people gawk and do nothing to end these assaults when we have prisons and jails, full of people caught doing drugs and addicted to every possible stimulant known to people in need of escape from a nation of hypocritical Washington polices, that continue to support anything wealthy and rich, at the cost of hardworking Americans and the poor.

    Why is it so incomprehensible that we in the USA, would still see demons of minority youths, when the Founding Fathers, were the architects of a systemic war on anyone that were not White Engilsh, the progeny and male? We are still seeing the outcomes of those policies, in the size of our incarcerated Americans, and the stigma that follows those prisoners when they get released to a political policy of a revolving-door of incarceration of those same prisoners in America.

  4. Blue says:

    Rush Limpbaugh, SUCKS!

  5. montanabill says:

    Another set of ‘facts’ from someone who wasn’t there, doesn’t know what happened and has nothing to say about Black Panther bounties (and damage caused thereby), race baiting Sharpton and Jackson, black on black or black on white crime, but does have something to say about ‘white’ latinos, “the New Jim Crow” and what he, self-righteously, construes as to be extraneous, irrelevant information

    • chuck says:

      You attack others for providing their own version of the facts, and then do exactly the same thing by listing nothing but negatives.

      To borrow and paraphrase one of the far-right-wings’ favorite childish retorts:

      “Thanks for proving you’re a racist.”

      • montanabill says:

        Just exactly what version of the ‘facts’ am I providing. Black Panther bounties: fact and caused a pair of seventy year olds to have to flee their home, thanks to Spike Lee. Race baiting Sharpton and Jackson: fact. Extremely high prevalence of black on black crime: fact. Black on white crime: see Mississippi story yesterday. Oops, sorry not reported on MSNBC. Thanks for not having a clue about whether I’m a racist or not. I send you some pix, but you’d be dumb enough to think they were photoshopped.

        • frharry says:

          The New Black Panther Party really doesn’t represent Florida well. That’s not the case with the Sanford Police Department and the Seminole County prosecutor’s office. They, sadly, reflect a history of Florida many of us Floridians hoped was long since behind us. The black spokespeople such as Sharpton and Jackson, on the other hand, are needed to give leadership to a community that is gravely injured and trying to deal with a long history of racism. That they seek to confront racism does not make them race baiters. The racism is already there, sadly. They are simply bringing it to consciousness. Trust me, I live just a half hour down the road from Sanford and have lived here the vast majority of my life. This problem did not arise a month ago. It simply took on a new life.

        • bellagram08 says:

          What does all the Black Panther bounties, race baiting Sharpton and Jackson, high prevalence of black on black crime or black on white crime, have to do with Trayvon Martin being dead?? The boy is dead and there seems to be some confusion about why that matters? The 911 tapes are fact, the video tape of Mr. Zimmerman being taken to the police station with no visible signs of any injury are facts. I do not think that anyone is saying that black on black or black on white crime is OK. In how many of those crimes has the victim been listed as a John Doe when they have a cell phone, and how many times has there been a person with a gun who admits to the shooting and yet no charges are filed. If you are referring to the Miss State Student who was murdered last weekend, and the three men who are suspected of doing it are now all in custody – those men have been arrested. Now, if you want to compare that to Trayvon and Zimmerman, you can do that IF the police had found one of those suspects at the scene, and decided not to press charges. You see, the problem people have is that Mr. Zimmerman was not and has not been charged.

        • youmustgo says:

          Well, it seems that just about everyone can agree with this fact: The guy is on the 911 tape, saying he was going after Martin. He was then told not to and he said OK. Then he went after him anyway, saying these a-holes always get away, then said, he’s running now, he’s running away. He had absolutely no credentials, no badge, no nothing to go after this kid. He couldn’t even say “stop! police!” because he wasn’t one. This kid had no way of knowing who he was or what he might have wanted with him. He wasn’t doing anything wrong! Nothing!

          • montanabill says:

            It appears he did follow him, but then he said he turned back. So what is the real truth? He was neighborhood watch for a neighborhood that had recent break-in’s, as do many neighborhoods in the Orlando area. Put yourself in his shoes and ask yourself whether you would have followed a young black man with a hood in your neighborhood when you didn’t recognize him.

        • rustacus21 says:

          I looked in2 this ‘Black Panther Bounty’ thing & even a bit further & it seems the ‘Panther’ party, the ‘Black Muslims’ & going back years, where other African American ‘resistance’ (to racism, that is) groups were infiltrated by the same type of spies which infiltrated the ‘peace’ activists, ‘environmental preservation’ groups, manipulating circumstances & sudden, internal conflicts, radicalization & violent outbursts occur, from groups only trying to (originally) get out a message of mutually ‘respectful’ existence, under law. In other words, it requires even a closer look than that being offered in the media Take Ronald Reagan’s California terms as governor: unable to deal in a forthright & honest way w/the Panthers, he simply instituted a bounty of his own, provoking conflicts (hmmm, gosh, where have we heard that B4…?) & murdering those who resisted. In fact, out of curiosity, I attended a speaking engagement featuring Angela Davis, who told this same story, how she was framed by the Reagan administration, but after all the evidence was reviewed, via an impartial higher court, the charges we dismissed, w/the judge admonishing the the state of CA & others of everything short of attempted & actual murder. In other instances, the FBI was inside of Dr. Martin Luther Kings inner circle, w/spies reporting his every move. Malcolm X, who denounced the ‘Black Muslims’, in favor of Orthodox, non-partisan Islam, was being spied upon as well, w/full knowledge by all prevailing authorities, that a plot against his life was underway- of which officers were present inside the bldg where he was killed. The Chicago Panthers, ‘eliminated’ by, well, police death squads; not to mention the most notorious of all – the hate group crimes during the Civil (or as I refer to it, America’s ‘Human’) Rights movement, where 1000’s of ‘Patriots’ – Americans, seeking the same thing young Mr. Martin was – to be free of the ‘old world’ America & fulfill his life dreams, were murdered & justice, as we see in FL, being determined by a sherrif who, himself, is gripped by bias & intollerence. The dialogue which was & remains missing is the reason so many Conservatives miss the point of Jackson’s, Sharpton’s, even pastor Wright’s anger & frustration – & taking it personal, when U personally, R in no way involved, why not stop for a moment & listen & learn what this ‘racism’ thing actually is…

          • montanabill says:

            Outside of a torturous version of history, what did this have to do with a bunch of thugs offering a plain and simple illegal bounty that ultimately caused harm? They should have been arrested and yet they were not in deference to the situation. Am I to gather from your writing that these Panthers are owed a break because of the past?

          • rustacus21 says:

            1st of all, they aren’t THE ‘original”s (some ‘knockoff, wanna be’ kranks, out to get attention doesn’t count…) Black Panthers. 2nd, reciprocal violence is always going to happen, unless we stop it in the 1st place. Sanfords racism has a history longer than modern Americans COLLECTIVE awareness, which says alot about those trying – STILL 2 find sumthing, ANYTHING defensable about Zimmerman committing cold-blooded, open murder & the police just giving him the Sanford 1-2 (‘wink&nod’), letting him walk. Explore what happened to THE Jackie Robinson, in Sanford, in 1947, 4 U & others who think this racism thing there is something new. I’ve mentioned b4, but in ‘The Warmth Of Other Suns’ by Isabele Wilkerson, pg’s 150-154 contain some pretty stark incidents, in the same town, around the same time. Racism in America is HIDDEN for a reason. The end result – intense ignorance about it – all across America, makes it pretty obvious why…

          • montanabill says:

            Sanford’s history is irrelevant. You do not have enough facts to convict, as you have, Zimmerman. A special prosecutor is looking into it as is the Justice Dept. Let them determine whether there is enough evidence to arrest Zimmerman.
            Just guessing here. If the case went to Grand Jury and they no-billed, the demonstrations would continue and you would still think he got away with murder. I think Corey decided to not risk that outcome and issue an indictment regardless of the evidence available. That way, those demanding justice would get a trial, even if it wasn’t warranted. Consider that the demand for justice for Trayvon could turn into injustice for Zimmerman.

          • rustacus21 says:

            Pre-trial speculation here & only to the effect that the police failed miserably (as confirmed by the ‘recusal’ of key Sanford PD/Prosecutors offc personnel) in collecting elementary, fundamental, on-site details of what happened, again, allowing a ‘MURDERER’ to walk…

    • rustacus21 says:

      Unless U know the history of Sanford, U can’t accurately determine if the legacy of Sanford is tied to the Reagan administration pipelining drugs thru FL, en route to all major American metro area’s, or if the history of a racist region may be at the root of the discord there & why NATIONAL spokespersons have to go to a place like Sanford & make it necessary to speak for a population abused & marginalized (see the behavior of the Sanford police, in relation to their mandate in conducting investigations in such cases) by an obviously racist police dept? Too many Americans get sensitive & quickly dismiss talk of ‘racism’ b/c they think maybe they’re being singled out. Racism isn’t the crime is should be, or else it wouldn’t be perpetrated w/such casual disregard. This was the immediate aftermath of the murder of young Mr. Martin. A ‘narcotics’ unit would inevitably ‘BOTCH’ a homicide investigation… as their superiors assumed they would. Or maybe it was the influence of ‘Judge’ Zimmerman (George’s father) which suspended action on an immediate arrest & a flubbed investigation? The Conservative angle is always the most vile, but that’s what & who Conservatives represent – the biased, the bigoted, the racists… Oh & the monied elite, which 99% of their voter support are NOT… so what’s the facination? Could be the power of racism thing I guess…

    • rustacus21 says:

      I don’t believe there’s any such thing as a ‘black panther’ bounty, but I will, however, look into, as it sounds like Conservatives ‘fear & terror’ mongering, courtesy of the Fox network (I’ll post my results HERE…). As for the ‘White’ Latino thing – it’s a fabrication, designed to splinter loyalties among Hispanics in the same fashion – I’m told, was done to Black people during/after slavery (‘house’ v. ‘field’ negroes/light skinned v. dark skinned Blacks, dividing the whole, as a result). If U’r a ‘White’ Hispanic, U get preferential treatment like… HEY, WADDAYA KNOW, in the ‘peculiar’ treatment/behaviors of the Sanford P.D./chief (not acting on a prepared WARRANT that very NIGHT!!!), allowing a MURDERER to walk…

      • montanabill says:

        Have you been paying any attention at all? You are also probably unaware of the doctored MSNBC version of the 911 call and the admission by ABC, that by golly, Zimmerman does have a wound on the back of head.

  6. banyardi says:

    George Zimmerman claims exemption from prosecution under the “Stand Your Ground” law. Would you “Stand Your Ground” if an armed belligerant stranger, drove up to you on the street, got out of his SUV and started harrassing you for just walking down the street? Trayvon “Stood His Ground” against George Zimmerman who was threatening him. Trayvon was entitled to take the gun away from George Zimmerman and shoot him with it because he wasn’t the one who initiated the conflict, Zimmerman was the initiator. Arrest the SOB, try him, lock him up, and throw away the key.

  7. Josh Grube says:

    in fact (something people tend to ignore when people post cutesy pics of thugs), trayvon was the aggressor – he threw the first punch and slammed zimmerman’s head against the pavement – if i had a gun and that happened to me, i’d make a target out of his chest, too – and his parents have sunk so low as to try and patent his image so they can supplement their welfare checks with t-shirt money – how sad is that! sharpton and the new black panthers are, as usual, making niggardly remarks

    • “trayvon was the aggressor – he threw the first punch and slammed zimmerman’s head against the pavement”
      You seem to be ignoring the fact that Trayvon was the one being followed by a person who was advised by law enforcement to stand down. Seems to me that it was Zimmerman who was the aggressor not Trayvon. As for throwing the first punch I ask you this; What would you do if I, an unknown and unidentified person followed and confronted you?

  8. lazycs says:

    take heart you could always live in NY< MA or CA

  9. Biblebasics1 says:

    I am 59 years old. Iwear a hoodie! A hoodie is one of the cheapest less expensive method for many people black, white, brown to purchase to keep themselves warm. Only a bigot would find a hoodie as threatening! And Bigotry is rampent now in our politics and in our public discourse.

  10. Terry says:

    Now that the State Attorney Angela Corey is involved, I have absolute confidence that things will get settled with an arrest warrant issued for Treyvon Martin.
    For what it’s worth, I’m a 76 year-old white man who has been stopped here in Cowford, Fl by local police as I walked in early evening hours two blocks from my home,
    for wearing a hoodie.
    IN WINTER !!!
    Is this a great country or what !?!?!

  11. Let me see if I read these accusations correctly? It was dark and Martin could see a racist, Hispanic, would be, self proclaimed night watchman that was a volunteer following him with a drawn gun? With his, Martin’s, seeing all this out of the back of his head and while talking on his cell phone to his girlfriend? I know that if I could see a big dude like Zimmerman, with a drawn gun that no one else saw, I damn sure wouldn’t be stopping to throw his butt down and commence beating his head on the freaking side walk in front of witnesses, especially if I had no gun? What seems so peculiar about this whole ordeal is, witnesses saw and heard Zimmerman calling out for help and Martin reaching for Zimmerman’s gun? The cops show up, see Zimmerman’s bloody face and head and Zimmerman admitting he shot Martin in self defense. As shown on national news, Zimmerman was handcuffed, taken to police headquarters, questioned, as were witnesses and released because he was a Hispanic racist? This is the most absurd BS that has been orchestrated by a bunch of uneducated individuals that are still fighting a war that ended over 150 years ago.
    Being a father, grandfather and Christian, I have feelings for loved ones, fellowman, regardless of culture and education, I also feel Mr. and Mrs. Martin’s loss. I don’t think I could endure it myself, God Bless them and their son Trayvon. May his sole rest in peace. However, truth, common senses, facts, witnesses’ testimony, investigation and patience will prevail. If Zimmerman is guilty it will be proven and he will face charges. If he is innocent then so be it. If he is lynched and executed then more innocent people will be arrested and perhaps killed? It won’t bring this young man back.

  12. Jon says:

    I’m not a vigilante.. I do not ‘point’ fingers.. Let the judicial system do their jobs.. Lt the investigators collect FACTUAL evidence. Forget about the past, the screw-ups and assumptions.. Lawmakers pled to get to the bottom of things, don’t confuse everything with innuendos and rumors and concentrate on the court’s final judgement.

  13. ottokristen says:

    Just recapturing one of the last week’s happenings, the tragedy here in Florida, when sort of a “captain of home owners watch” shot and killed a young 17 years old unarmed black kid.
    Yes, I don’t know all the circumstances of this tragedy, only what I and everybody can see on TV,but again it comes down to America’s love of guns and have this “love” blessed by the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution of the United States. Just see for yourself how stale this almost 300 years old law is:
    Stipulations of the 2nd Amendment:

    The Second Amendment was developed as a result of the tyrannous rule of the British parliament. Colonists were often oppressed and forced to pay unjust taxes at the hand of the unruly parliament. As a result, the American people yearned for an Amendment that would guarantee them the right to bear arms and protect themselves against similar situations. The Second Amendment was drafted to provide for the common defense and the general welfare of the United States through the ability to raise and support militias.
    So you see, we in United States are still fighting the British.(and blacks and Latino and so on).
    Back to this tragedy of last week.Why this guy George Zimmerman had to chase this hooded young kid,when he was told not to by the 911 operator?Because he did not make it in to police academy,or his application to police force was turned down?Why let a guy with this complex be in this position of power?He was not even an employee of any legal security company.Why he has to carry an automatic hand gun instead of a stunt gun which would be more than sufficient?
    Or how about this Florida specialty:
    Florida Statute 776.013 states that a person defending their home or occupied vehicle from an “unlawful” forceful entry or attempted forceful entry by another, may use deadly force to stop the invasion or attempted invasion of the property. In such instances they need not retreat before using deadly force, they need not warn the intruder of their intent to shoot,.
    So, some vigilante who wants to even up an account with somebody, has more law on his side than a licensed policeman who has to warn the felon before shooting. Twenty first century.Hallo!!!!!

    • youmustgo says:

      Also of note: the guy is the son of a judge. Hmmm. Wonder why the police were so casual with him, and changed the police report to reflect Zimmerman’s first story in the first place?

      • rustacus21 says:

        No 1 knew this, obviously, but yes, it now makes perfect sense – the entitlement behaviors & his (Zimmerman) obvious obsession w/not letting this one ‘…get away…’ What of his crazed obsessions is the result of his father – the judge, who’s seen enuff to know also, that ‘…they always get away…’ as well? The fact that he fabricated his is bad enuff. Now the Sanford police house vid shows Zimmerman w/out any marks (from his head being slammed into the sidewalk), no blood stains (from being punched in the nose), no scratched knuckles from ‘needing’ to defend himself B4 shooting this 140 lb, scrawny, 17 yr old kid…

  14. After all is said and done, has anyone stopped to think about Poor Zimmerman. About what he has done to his life. That Poor Man’s life is not worth a plugged nickel anywhere in the United States, not even jail. See what Racism gets you.

  15. Roger Morris says:

    Imagine yourself as a 17 year old kid. You’re walking down the street at night. Suddenly, a Hispanic guy comes starts following you with a gun. You don’t know what he wants, or why he is following you. What would you do?

  16. SaneJane says:

    “Stand Your Ground” doesn’t that mean they both had this right. Doesn’t that also puts us back to the way it was in the “Old West”?

  17. George Zimmerman transformed himself in an instant into the boogey man he professed to safeguard his neighborhood against. Everyone within earshot was terrorized. Trayvon’s parents and parents everywhere are terrorized by George Zimmerman’s actions. Now George Zimmerman’s family are in hiding…

  18. Michelle says:

    ????? The so called “innocent” picture of Treyvon, does not look like a 17 year old teenage boy who just got suspended from school for having marijuana in his book bag. I would love to see the real Treyvon before he died with a tupac shirt on (of course a pot leaf picture in the back round) and a joint in his mouth. You know, the way people claim to be thugs and ghetto.

  19. lou1011 says:

    Nothing’s changed here A thug assaulted a guy on the streets, who defended himself.One less thug in this world..thank you Zimmerman

  20. rustacus21 says:

    This is what’s wrong w/America – thoughts & comments like THIS, w/no awareness of the environment of a town/region like Sanford, FL. U don’t read. U aren’t educated. U don’t travel. U can’t ‘SEE’ the America NOT shown on the Fox network, where every person of color is ‘bad’, all White people are ‘good’ & we must always be on guard against ‘those’ people, who ‘always’ tend to ‘get away’ w/stuff. Teens ALL experiment w/… whatever. U did I’m sure. But demonizing a victim is vile, racist & an example of why we’re still ‘STUCK’ in 16th century thinking, thinking that’s the answer for 21st century challenges. Maybe NOT saying anything at all would be the best thing 4 U. & while U’r at it, try reading ‘The New Jim Crow’, by Michelle Alexander, which explains why we view youth – particularly African Americans, the way we do, in contemporary America. Enlightenment is sometimes blinding at 1st, but once U can ‘SEE’ the world in full, U’ll realize its better than smackin U’r head against cave walls in the darkness…

  21. rustacus21 says:

    Zimmerman was NOT bloodied. He had no marks on him. We all know that now. He STALKED Mr. Martin. He killed Mr. Martin. After being told ‘NOT TO FOLLOW HIM’ (4 his own protection, no doubt). He could have followed him until the police arrived & then he would have discovered what we all now know – Mr. Martin was minding his own business, not bothering ANY 1 & on his way 2 & from the store, talking 2 his girlfriend, which is what 17 yr olds do every day/every nite. But he was Black & thus, had to register at the ‘Apartheid’ check-points, where ALL Black people are to ‘report’ their comings & goings. Is that the Sanford, of the 1920’s – the 1870’s – that U’r referring 2? He didn’t ‘know’ the difference between S. Florida & Apartheid S. Africa, but the mirror reflection thereof is what tells the TRUE story…

  22. rustacus21 says:

    U’r sure of that? U didn’t listen 2 the tape very well then. Nor must U B aware of Mr. Martin’s girlfriend being on the phone w/Treyvon @the ‘EXACT MOMENT’ he was ‘ATTACKED’ (the phone fell to the ground & cut the call…) by Zimmerman. But stay tuned. The entire story is still unfolding & it won’t B pretty. Sanford will change as a result. & so will America…

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