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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

“When considering top stories of 2013, who among us even considered Utah would be issuing same-sex marriage licenses at Christmas time?” The New York Times‘ Jonathan Weisman tweeted on Thursday afternoon.

U.S. District Judge Robert Shelby’s ruling that Utah’s Amendment 3 banning same-sex marriage is unconstitutional was announced on the Friday before Christmas. Gay couples lined up throughout the state to be granted marriage licenses, which were being offered in 22 of the state’s 29 counties by Monday.

The state’s appeal to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals was rejected on Christmas Eve and is now headed to the Supreme Court, where Justice Sonia Sotomayor will rule on the case that could resolve the huge question left open by the historic decision in United States v. Windsor, which found that same-sex couples could not be denied the federal benefits of marriage: Can a state ban same-sex marriage?

In the dissenting opinion on Windsor, Justice Antonin Scalia noted that it was inevitable that courts would come to the “same conclusion with regard to state laws denying same-sex couples marital status.”

“The court agrees with Justice Scalia’s interpretation of Windsor…” Shelby noted, likely with his tongue pressed against his cheek.

Since the decision in Windsor this June, the progress for same-sex couples has been sped up by an administration that has evolved from opposing marriage equality to now asserting that it’s a right inherent in the Constitution. Married LGBT couples now have equality with heterosexual couples when it comes to immigration, military benefits and Social Security, regardless of which state they reside in.

Despite this progress on the federal level, 32 states still prohibit same-sex marriage and many of those bans, like Utah’s Amendment 3, were approved by voters. If Shelby’s ruling stands these bans may be as useless as the 17-state anti-miscegenation laws banning interracial marriage that were still in effect when Loving v. Virginia ruled such restrictions were unconstitutional. “Marriage,” as Chief Justice Earl Warren wrote in Loving’s majority decision, “is one of the ‘basic civil rights of man,’ fundamental to our very existence and survival.”

As same-sex couples lined up for their licenses on Friday, fearful that a court would quickly stay Shelby’s decision, Scoutmaster Peter Brownstein and his son Michael, an Eagle Scout, passed out pizza to the soon-to-be newlyweds gathered throughout the Salt Lake City clerk’s office.

This June, Brownstein marched along with several other Scout leaders in Utah’s Pride Parade. The parade took place just days after the Boy Scouts of America decided to admit openly gay scouts, while maintaining its ban on openly gay leaders. He chose not to wear his Scoutmaster uniform as he marched this summer but he and Michael were in their official khaki shirts on Friday night as they handed out 10 Little Caesar’s pizzas.

Soon we’ll know if same-sex couples will be able to line up for marriage licenses in all 50 states with their allies cheering them on.  Or if they’ll just have to wait.

Photo: Fibonacci Blue via Flickr

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  • MrStoneheep

    Are you serious? Maybe Jason Sattler needs get his head out of the far left vacuum.
    The biggest news story of 2013 can be nothing but the debacle of the Affordable
    Care Act’s rollout. Is this an attempt to change the direction of view or WHAT?
    As for the POYUS’ “evolvement”, this is nothing more than a way to secure more
    votes and nothing more.

  • MrStoneheep

    Sorry, meant POTUS..

  • Raphaella13

    Dem libtards have ruined this country, along with their god obummer.

    • ThomasBonsell

      Let’s see what libtards have done over the years.

      Those dastardly Massachusetts libtards got a tad pissed at a king they called a tyrant and led the colonies to indepence. Righties of the time revolted against the War of Independence and followed right-wing hero Gen, Benedict Arnold to fight against those we now call patriots.

      Those northern Virginia libtards conspired to have us write and adopt a Constitution, then a Bill of Rights, after the libertarian Articles of Confederation failed. Upstanding righties wanted two or three separate nations in order to keep slavery alive forever.

      When righties tied to destroy this nation in the 19th Century, that libtard from Illinois suppressed an insurrection, kept the nation whole and eventually led to freeing all slaves.

      Then there was that aristocratic libtard from New York who cured the Great Depression, saved capitalism, preserved democracy and prevented a Marxist revolution.

      Then there were two libtards, a Southern Baptist minister and a Texas cowboy, who combined to protect the rights our Constitution had promised to do so for a century while right-wing haters of all things good spent their time denying decency to all their citizens.

      Oh the horrors of the destruction brought on by libtards.

      • Raphaella13

        Just sad that you cannot see what is happening in this country now; to not see it and what is being lost is a great sadness for those of us who love this country as it was. Your extended sarcasm has absolutely nno humor. You have a good day, Tom.

        • ThomasBonsell

          I know what is happing in this county an it is a hell of a lot better than what happened under Reagan and the two Bushs.

          I spent several years in intelligence work defending this county. What have you done except whine and help put into power the three worst things to happen to this country since the previous three worst of the GOP created the Great Depression?

          You loved this country when it was losing 9 million jobs under Baby Bush or when spending and debt skyrocketed under all three GOP things? Perhaps you loved it when right-wing bigots denied basic human dignity to millions of American citizens because of their race. or when those same righties murdered 42 patriotic Americans who were trying to get the nation to honor the rights our Constitution promises to protect.

          • Raphaella13

            Another typical libtard dem liberal who avoids what Obama is doing. Another narrow whiner who cannot stand Truth. I am simply amused by you.

          • ThomasBonsell

            And what would you lower=-IQ things know aboutb truth? Try thinking.

          • Raphaella13

            I still think you are a sad, silly creature for whom I will pray.
            Poor baby. . .By the by, my IQ has registered at 135. What’s yours?

  • Raphaella13

    There is not one dem that I trust. Obama is the worst thing to happen ever to this once-great country.

    • ralphkr

      My, my, Raphaella, you either have an extremely short attention span or are completely brain-washed by FUBAR News (Faux). There is a veritable legion of US presidents who make Obama look like a knight in shining armor. How could you have forgotten G.W.Bush (one of the worst presidents in our history); or his father G.H.W.Bush (his greatest accomplishment was having his C.I.A. import drugs); Ronald Reagan (who started the US on the road to fiscal ruin); Nixon (I am not a crook because whatever a president does is legal); Hoover, Coolidge, & Harding whose combined efforts brought the US to the brink of bankruptcy and Communist revolution; U.S.Grant (an honest man surrounded by crooked cronies); Andrew Johnson (whose pro-slavery views would make a good Republican candidate today); and I must not leave out those who would be heroes of today’s Republican party James Buchanan, Franklin Pierce, Millard Fillmore, John Tyler, (all of whom did all they could to spread slavery).

      • Raphaella13

        Good try, Ralphie, but you obviously prefer socialism or even Marxism. I do not. Only Obama is taking this country to hell. Time will bear our my words; it has already begun. The problem with leftie is that they refuse to look at facts and stay with their tunnel vision and narrow-mindedness. That is why the word “liberal” does not apply to the situation. And, my, aren’t you so clever with your FAUX news. . .and by the way, Bush was and is a moral, good, and decent man, and his wife was a real First Lady, unlike what is in the WH now. Really bad. . .

        • ralphkr

          And you, Raphaella, have just given absolute proof that you are one of the sheeple who slavishly believe every stupid lie fed to you by the morons on the far right who are so busy trying to turn the US into a Fascist country.

          • Raphaella13

            You, sir, are pathetically brainwashed and have drunk the idiot Kool-Aid. . .The only morons on the earth are leftists democrat libtards. Want to keep going. Your ignorance is incredibly believable because you are one of those leftists.

          • ralphkr

            Actually, Raphaella, there is a difference between being a conservative with a brain that is still operational such as myself and an ignorant prattling buffoon and an embarrassment to the conservative cause such as you have proven yourself to be.

          • Raphaella13

            No, you have no working brain. You are an ignorant, silly, sad man.